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Cisco Meraki - Syracuse University · report specifically targets Cisco-Meraki for ... Meraki’s product line ... those efforts in order to take a more “holistic” approach to

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CISCO MERAKI Company Profile Project Report

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg

Abstract Company Profile project is an attempt to analyze technology, products, services, management and financial position of a public corporation involved in the enterprise wireless industry. The

report specifically targets Cisco-Meraki for evaluation for the above specified parameters.

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 1

Company Histories Cisco Systems is a multinational company that designs, manufactures, and distributes networking techn

ologies. The company was started in 1984 by a group of computer scientists from Stanford University an

d its name was derived from the city in which the company was founded, San Francisco.

The company received its first venture capital investment of $2.5 million from Sequoia Capital in 1987 a

nd went public in 1990. That initial investment by Sequoia for $2.5 million in exchange for a 32% stake in

Cisco was worth about $225 million when the company first debuted on the NASDAQ only three short ye

ars later.

While Cisco was not the first to develop dedicated networking devices, it was one of the first companies

to create and sell commercial routers that supported multiple protocols simultaneously. Ciscos first pro

duct lines were successful because they were CPU-based hardware coupled with an operating system th

at allowed for frequent software upgrades in order to keep up with ever-changing technology needs. W

hile the Internets growth changed the telecommunications landscape in the mid 1990s, the Internet Pro

tocol (IP) was widely adopted, making Ciscos other supported protocols, such as Token Ring, less import

ant. Though, as the Internet grew, the architecture and Service Provider landscape changed as well and s

olidified Ciscos importance and dominance in the market.

Much like its parent company, Meraki was also a start-up founded in 2006 in San Francisco by a group of

MIT PhD candidates. Meraki was a company who provided scalable, distributed wired and

wireless networking solutions and, like Cisco, Sequoia Capital also first funded it.

In 2012, Cisco announced its official plan to acquire Meraki and its 330 employees for an estimated $1.2

billion. This acquisition was a part of Ciscos plan to expand its scalable, cloud-based solutions and boost

its mid-market business offerings.

Merakis product line is focused around cloud-based networking. This type of networking eliminates the

need for central Wi-Fi controllers and many kinds of hardware that Cisco might have provided to the buy

er otherwise. The Meraki line allows the IT managers to provision and manage all of the necessary Wi-Fi

hardware through one, cloud-based platform. Then, all the user needs to do is plug in the AP. For Cisco,

a company that has much of its value in centralized networking, Meraki fills the distributed network gap.

Company Management Sanjit Biswas was the co-founder and former CEO of Meraki. He received hisbachelors degree in comput

er science and electrical engineering from Stanford as well as his masters in computer science from MIT

. He now serves as the Vice President and General Manager of Ciscos Cloud Networking Group. Sanjit ha

s received multiple awards for his research on network computing and recognized as a TR35 honoree by

the MIT Technology Review

John Bicket was the other co-founder and CTO of Meraki. Since being acquired by Cisco, he has become

the Vice President of Engineering in the Cloud Networking Group. As a Masters and PhD student at MIT,

he wrote extensively about wireless mesh networks and even won the Best Paper Award for his

authoring the paper entitled Architecture and Evaluation of an Unplanned 802.11b Mesh Network. His

focus at Meraki, much like the paper, was to allow people to deploy cloud-managed wireless networks

with little to no planning or operational management.

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 2

John Chambers has served as the CEO of Cisco since 1995 and the Chairman of the board since 2006.

Though he briefly attended Duke Universitys School of Engineering, he went on to gain his MBA from

Indiana University. He has always held a career in technology starting with his technology sales role at

IBM. He went on to work for Wang Laboratories and moved to Cisco in 1991, just after the IPO in 1990.

Since he joined the company, Cisco has seen a growth in annual revenue from $70 million to its current

$48.6 billion and currently has 75,136 employees.

Frank Calderoni has been Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer of Cisco since 2008. From his

background, it is very clear that Mr. Calderoni has a strong grasp of financial management. Prior to

joining Cisco in 2004, he spent 21 years holding various CFO responsibilities at IBM, was the CFO and

Vice President at QLogic Corporation, and the CFO of SanDisk. He received his B.S. in Finance and

Accounting from Fordham University and his MBA from Pace University.

Blair Christie became the senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer at Cisco in 2011 after having been with

the company for over 10 years prior. Her responsibilities span all of Ciscos global marketing efforts,

corporate communications, and government relations. The company decided to harmonize all three of

those efforts in order to take a more holistic approach to their brand strategy in 2011. Before joining

Cisco, she held various roles in public relations, government affairs, investor relations, and corporate

giving at PECO Energy, Aqua America, and InterDigital Communicationsa company that focuses on

wireless technologies. She received her B.S and MBA in Business Administration from Drexel University.

Rebecca Jacoby is a Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Cisco and has been with the

company since 1995 where she has held various positions in operations, manufacturing, and now, IT.

After receiving her bachelors degree in economics from the University of the Pacific and an MBA from

Santa Clara University, she held various similar positions in Silicon Valley based organizations. Having

previously served as Ciscos Vice President of Customer Operations, Jacoby has played a huge role in

making Ciscos IT department a strategic business partner for producing value in customer satisfaction,

financial performance, and overall company productivity.

Cisco Meraki Products Even though Meraki merged with cisco, the product line of both of these firms fairly remained distinct.

Cisco has been having its own line of products as before and Meraki sustained its products too as

before. However, both of these suit of products were fairly similar and can be categorized as:

Cisco: While Cisco has been a long known name in the field of networking field, it has an extensive range of

products, solutions and services in all fields of networking which would be hard to mention all in this

paper. However, it has also been providing wireless products which includes:

Access Points Cisco provides access points of the category Aironet, which provides solutions for both indoor and

outdoor wireless environment and out of devices only 2700 and 3700 AP series provide 802.11ac

support. However, the rest access points support 802.11n technology and are state of the art products

supporting Cisco CleanAir Express technology.

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 3

Mobility Services and Management Cisco provides a wide range of service and management products which include:

Mobile Workspace Solution

Enterprise Mobility Services Platform

Connected Mobile Experiences

Mobility Services Engine

Cisco Prime Infrastructure

All of these products designed for the network administrators to control and manage users and their

devices across the network to provide a hassle free administrator and control.

Wireless LAN Controllers Cisco provides a huge range of wireless controllers for the deployment of network and includes

8500/5760/5500 series of latest controllers to provide complex deployment solution products for highly

skilled network administrators to control specific requirements of the network and deploy such

demands using these solutions.

Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Wireless These products include simplified solutions for network deployments across networks mean one place-

manage all cloud solutions. These products are designed for specifics of network such as networks that

are spread across various locations, provide a solution for management of network even at application

and user level and others like ease of deployment and use.

Outdoor Wireless Access Points These are access point intended for specific outdoor deployment requirement for campus wide wireless

connectivity to provide network access not only inside buildings but also out in open with low amount of

reflections and unbounded spaces.

However, the latest products delivered by Cisco are from the category of Cisco-Meraki cloud products

which are described in the next segment of the paper.

Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Wireless:

Wireless LAN Meraki specifically targets its various access points in this category which can provide cloud

management services. The area they specifically stress about are performance, dedicated security radio,

management of users and services at almost all levels of TCP/IP layer, the cloud based management of

network and ease to use 4 step deployment which can be summarized as:

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 4

1. Configure wireless network settings in


2. Mount and plug in access point

3. APs automatically pull configurations

from the cloud

4. APs self-optimize RF for peak


They also highlight the mobile app to monitor

these devices and automatic upgrades which

make the products up-to date for deployment

in real time.

Security Applications The next important thing Meraki concentrates on is cloud managed security applications to be deployed

on the wireless network. Since the devices are managed across the cloud, management of security can

be performed for multiple/all sites by any network administrator from any location for delivering

flexibility and control of management from any place on the globe. Other features include:

Auto VPN for site-to-site VPN connections to provide a secure tunneling access across networks

providing high security configuration as default.

Application-aware firewall to provide security even at application layer without any complex


WAN (Wide Area Network) optimization technique to provide LAN (Local Area Network) like

connectivity even on WAN.

Control over Applications, users ad devices to provide total control over the complete network

all at once.

Control Filtering to block/allow categories of content to be flowing in or out of the network

Smart Link Bonding to provide a complete connectivity solutions for various internet backbones

to be utilized for flow of traffic outside the networks.

Bonjour Gateway to provide Media content forwarding across the network for ease of use QoS

on the network.

Switches Meraki provides its cloud managed Switches set of devices which can be used to deliver the switching

requirement of the network using latest PoE+ technology. The features provided by Meraki products

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 5


Central Management from cloud to provide complete control of all local and remote devices not

accessible physically.

Virtual stacking which allows all the devices spread across various geographical locations to be

configured all at once without the complexity of traditional CLI configuration to be made

individually across all the devices in the network.

Layer 7 application and client visibility to monitor the traffic over the network to identify and

monitor each individual device across the complete network.

QoS for voice and video to control the priority of traffic managed from one single point for the

complete network.

PoE and PoE+ to not only power devices connected access point devices but also monitor such

device power consumption. With delivery of over 30W per port these switches have a total

budget of 740W.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) Meraki also supports Mobile Device Management services to control Mobile Devices Connected to the

network. This variety of services include:

Remote Deployment of Software and apps to install applications on variety of operating systems

including iOS, Android, MAC and Windows for free and paid enterprise apps deployment.

Enforcing restrictions and deploying network settings to develop a unified system for advanced

features like deleting enterprise data from lost or stolen devices.

Meraki supports Asset and Inventory Management to track laptops and mobile devices

anywhere in the world, and even monitor the softwares and apps installed on such devices.

The products can also deliver enterprise connectivity in order to provide configuration for

wireless network connectivity, VPN, exchange email service right from systems Manager to

reduce hazel to configure such on each mobile device individually.

Rapid Provisioning of devices can be done by downloading the MDM app from the respective

store and assigning it to a user to be managed via active directory of the network for complete

control of the device.

Other services like remote troubleshooting & live tools make Meraki products as one of its only

kind Networking vendor to provide such a complete and efficient suit of products

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 6

CISCOs Documentation After much insight about Ciscos company overview, products, an analysis of these products in

the form of the supporting documentations, and posts published with reference to the working of

the same is an important aspect of consideration. Though one of the major areas of concentration

of Cisco lies in fabrication, testing and deployment; a detailed analysis of the same too provides

a cutting edge advantage to not just the company but the environment at large. It helps the

company in a way by which it can formulate its short comings and make revisions based on

discussions and test runs carried out. Some of the most commonly found documentation which

vaguely seems quite confusing at first glance is what constitutes the matter of my discussion.


To start with: (CISCO Downloadable Documentation)

User Manual Guides These are nothing but technical communication documents that provide assistance to people who use specific equipment.

Lab Guides These are similar to tutorials with step by step guidance that may be used to run software and PC aspects of the equipment.

Student Guides: These are simpler, edited guides that contain only relevant information required for basic setups.

Expert Structuring Guides: These are carefully articulated guides that are written only after a lot of research by experts. They talk about the possible implementations which

could not have easily been thought of.

Advanced Design Manuals: These talk about the specifications of the design particulars of the equipment.

Troubleshooting Handbooks: These cite the various common problems or challenges faced in addition to providing solutions that were tested and helped.

Implementations Manuals: These may be considered as project guide for budding engineers who may be enthusiastic in implementing equipment in different possible


Configuration Manuals: These are most commonly found simple configuration texts.

All of the above mentioned forms of documentation are quite commonly found in hard copy

formats in addition to .pdf (software) versions that can be easily downloaded and accessed.

Besides these some of the other common online help documentation that may be found

specifically on CISCOs company websites include: (CISCO HELP DOCUMENTATION)

Bug Search Tools: This is a very easy to use convenient tool whereby bugs that crop up during any stage of implementation of testing can be looked up online directly by simply

type-entering the exact error message that has been encountered.

DocWiki: This is a copyright version of CISCO which could quite similarly be compared to an open sourced Wikipedia help site.

Icon Library: This is one of the most recent additions to CISCOs documentation database collection. This functionality provides quick and instant look ups of products in

detail, by simply providing the image format (icon of product) as an input parameter. One

of the striking features of this kind of help documentation is the content precise

structuring which relates every aspect of information of the product, right from help for

implementation to the problems faced to probable solution recommendations.

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 7

Idea Forums: This is a distinctive forum that allows idea inputs from researchers, young tech savvy enthusiasts world over.

International Websites: This is the basic web page that provides the latest and greatest news and updates.

Discussion Blogs: This is a very productive form of help CISCO provides where Technical writers pen down thoughts, assumptions, and researched results in detail. A

key feature of consideration with discussion blogs is the discussions that follow post the

blog paste.

Demonstration Videos: These are effective demonstration videos that may be easily accessed on wither CISCOs website or simply Google on YouTube.

SWOT Analysis: This is a documentation that is constantly updated depending on results achieved from projects. The four main areas that define the company profile depend on

Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats faced. An in depth analysis on this

discussed in the sections to follow. (CISCO OFFICIAL WEB PAGE)

White Papers: These are highly beneficial documentations that talk in length about every aspect of product detail, environment in which it was tested, the test and lastly the result

drawn conclusion with a little insight on the scope of improvement. (CISCO)

The areas covered under the white paper section can be quite distinctively categorized as


Figure 1: (CISCO)

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 8

Within the scope of this Company Profile Report, though it was not possible to cover every

white paper research, some of the white papers I did focus and take time to study included papers


Business Consulting: These papers talk about the improvement of the organizations performance, analysis of existing problems and the plans of how to implement

improvements. (CISCO)

Design Consulting: The primary focus of this topic dealing paper talks of the improvements in the designing considerations of the equipment. The faults found the

improvements that need to be made for redesign.

Product related services: Many papers relevant to this area concentrate on the different services the product offers.

System Integration: These are detailed, researched discussion papers of how different products can be integrated to work in coexistence.

Custom Development: Traditional methods of implementation, how they can be modified and more importantly why they should be implemented are clearly the focus of

discussion in this category of white papers.

Outsourced Operations: A very few white papers talk about the projects and results researched upon in collaboration with network service companies and other smaller joint


Hosted Managed Services: Testings where a clear Cisco product environment was used for testing contribute to some of CISCOs papers of discussion.

Owing to the size of the database with a plethora of white papers written by CISCO, and others

by young aspiring tech savvy enthusiasts, engineers and researchers, there is a lot of scope of

discussion and in detail description of as to what is contained in the white papers published. Over

the course of summer break, I plan to document a compressed summary of all these papers. Until

then, a brief understanding of the content of the other sections and categories of CISCO white

paper discussions may be assumed self-explanatory. (CISCO)

Some of the commonly cited areas of testing involved the use of Cisco MDS switches and core

routers that were used for common testing in the Data Centers and Network System

environments. Majority number of white papers and journal article discussions and blogs focus

around Ciscos strengths- Mobility and Security. Two of the recent projects under way are Tele

Presence and 6net. (6Net) (Cisco TelePresence) (CISCO TelePresence)

Tele Presence is a project which has gained much recognition in smaller environments. However

as per the most recent release, CISCO claims to redefine the phase of telecommunications by

taking Project Tele Presence to a whole new level. As can be seen, some of the highlights in the

scope of implementation of this project include Travel Reduction, Maximizing employee

productivity in addition to creating newer business models thereby developing continuity in the

sense of business at an affordable price.

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 9

Figure 2 (CISCO TelePresence)

6Net is another new big project CISCO has set foot into to create an environment capable in

supporting a capacity based on the growing user demands with specific accommodation for fast,

reliable and secure internet connectivity. (6Net)

Both these projects are hand in hand being researched alongside the implementation of creating

an Internet Backbone whereby a very dynamically closely meshed and connected smarter world

is in developmental stages. (CISCO)

The Internet Backbone

Figure 3 (IOT trends CISCO)

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 10

As can be seen, CISCO plans to implement this big project in phases of deployment by using as many

switches and routers self-fabricated by CISCO and its converged sister companies.

In the view of a complete Company Profile Analysis, it would be wrong to miss out the last but one of

the most important considerations of an ever changing piece of documentation- THE SWOT ANALYSIS.

Figure 4

In conclusion, the chart documents the areas of description when it comes to Strengths,

Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats in the interest of CISCO with an in depth analysis of

every aspect pertaining to all departments involved be it manufacturing, sales, research or for

that matter pricing. Every contributor (in the smallest way possible or associated to a project or

involved in its implementation or testing) is assessed and then a 4 point evaluation

documentation is chartered to quite simply learn of most striking key distinctions of the

highlights touched, the areas of potential improvement, a detailed relation that links the

implementation to the user demand, and lastly the hard to implement scopes of improvement, the

challenges that will be faced etc. (CISCO OFFICIAL WEB PAGE)

Ciscos Stock Performance

Cisco Financial History, Acquisitions, and Current Situation Market capitalization - Definition: The total dollar value of all outstanding shares. The number of shares times the current market price. Capitalization is a measure of corporate size.

Within 10 years of its initial public offering of stock, in the year 2000, Cisco had the highest

Market Capitalization in its history - 400 Billion US Dollars. This value changed dramatically

after the onset of the 2000 recession and the subsequent bursting of theDotCom bubble.

Many financial analysts believed the value of the stock in from 1998 until 2000 was irrational

and over-valued. As a comparison, Apples current Market Capitalization in 2014 is

approximately 515 Billion US Dollars.

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 11

It was during the years 1998 to 2000, the years that Cisco was over-valued, that it was able to

acquire or purchase 43 companies alone. From 1993 to 1998 Cisco acquired or purchased a

total of 30 companies at an aggregate cost of 7 Billion US dollars. From 1999 to 2013 Cisco

acquired or purchased 135 companies for an aggregate cost of 65 Billion US Dollars. In

summary, from 1993 to 2013 Cisco absorbed 165 companies for 72 Billion US Dollars. Cisco

currently sits atop the market share in its industry with a 65% market share. Its nearest

neighbor is Juniper Networks with a 10% market share. Both companies have a de facto

duopoly in the industry.

Financial Analysis from Three Sources The Street Ratings April 11th, 2014. The Street Ratings Recommends Cisco Stock as a BUY The Street Ratings analysts believe that that Cisco should be bought based on the following reasons.

Cisco has competitive products to offer cable companies right now. Many cable companies can use Ciscos DOCSIS 3.0 solution to enhance their networks for voice, data, and video services. The DOCSIS solution allows companies to get more bandwidth over their

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 12

existing infrastructure with little or no upgrade and expand triple play capabilities. Many of these companies cannot invest capital dollars to upgrade or replace their coaxial media now although they need to eventually. When that time comes, Cisco has the next generation IPTV & Passive Optical Network (PON) technology available for infrastructure upgrades and replacement.

Ciscos Gross Profit Margin is high and even though their Price to Earnings ratio (P/E) is low. Ciscos Liquidity is high they have the ability to cover short term cash needs. Stockholders Equity or Net Worth remains unchanged for the last 12 months.

The S & P Capital IQ Ratings April 11th, 2014. The S & P Ratings Ratings Recommends Cisco Stock as a HOLD

The S & P Capital IQ Ratings analysts believe that that Cisco should be held based on the following reasons.

According to S & P Capital analysts, Ciscos Risk Assessment is only medium or slightly below medium. Cisco does well in a highly competitive industry and has 50 Billion Dollars in Cash & Investments. The analysts also believe that Cisco is still a little like traditional data networking companies and lacking somewhat in innovation and new ideas. They recommend that Cisco begin to acquire new technologies and/or partner with other companies. Although Cisco has been doing exactly those things, the analysts believe it is not sufficient. They have a wait and see approach to Ciscos performance and, therefore, recommend a hold.

The Ford Equity Research Ratings April 11th, 2014. The Ford Equity Research Ratings Recommends Cisco Stock as a BUY

The Ford Equity Research Ratings analysts believe that that Cisco should be bought based on the following reasons.

They project that Cisco will outperform the market over the next 6 to 12 months. This projection is based on their analysis of four key factors that influence common stock performance: earnings, strength, relative valuation, and recent price movement.

Based on Operating Earnings Yield, Ford Equity Research believes Cisco is currently undervalued compared to other companies. This would indicate that the long term price of the stock should increase significantly in time. They also state that Ciscos Operating Earnings Yield of 8.3% ranks above 90% of other companies and that the 12 month Relative Return Forecast will be above average.

Ciscos Recent Press Releases

Press Releases from 12th March 2014 to 23rd April 2014 The last 20 press releases from Cisco were chiefly about video, (6 stories), security (3

stories), and Ciscos concept of the Internet of Everything, (4 stories).

April 23rd 2014 Cisco announces that they would be providing WebEx enabled

Telepresence Technology for Claras Big Ride, a national tele-video conference to raise

awareness about youth and mental health. Cisco has donated their support and equipment for

this educational event which is set to begin on May 2nd 2014. Rider participants will bicycle

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 13

across Canada visiting schools willing to participate and Cisco will be there to connect the

schools via video conferencing.

April 22nd 2014 - Cisco announces the launch of their new expert-staffed Security

Operations Centers (SOCs) located throughout the world called Managed Threat Defense.

These centers will provide security solutions for wired, mobile, and cloud-based networks used

by businesses and governments. These SOCs will use Ciscos proprietary Advanced Malware

Protection (AMP) as well as its newly acquired Sourcefire FirePOWER for threat detection. The

SOCs will detect attacks and malware across networks using real-time protective analytics.

April 17th 2014 Cisco announces that Bright House Networks, the 6th largest cable

provider in the US, has chosen their Network Convergence System (NCS) solution, a software

directed network technology to manage its network transport, Wi-Fi, security, and traditional

voice and data services to businesses. Ciscos NCS solution will allow Bright House Networks

to offer cloud-based, managed services for businesses as well.

April 14th, 2014 Cisco announces it will be deploy an IT infrastructure solution to the

new construction going on at the world-famous Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg, Russia.

Cisco will also provide an IT infrastructure solution the older Mariinsky Theatre building

scheduled to undergo renovations in the next few years. This infrastructure deployment

includes data networks, wireless connectivity (Wi-Fi), VoIP systems, and video conference


April 10th, 2014 Cisco announces that it will host an Internet of Things Innovation

Grand Challenge at the Internet of Things World Forum (IOTWF) to be held in Chicago, IL in

October 2014. This Grand Challenge is open to start-up businesses and entrepreneurs who will

be able to compete and showcase their new products and innovations, the new ideas that will

facilitate the implementation of the Internet of Things and Ciscos own concept of the Internet of

Everything (IoE). Cisco defines the Internet of Everything as the networked connection of

people, process, data and things. Ciscos own research has estimated that by the year 2022

nearly 50 Billion things will be connected to the internet and this could have an economic

impact of 19 trillion US Dollars.

April 10th, 2014 Cisco announced the launch of a new report at its CiscoCREATE

Internet of Everything Innovation Centre in Greenwich, England. This report, titled The Internet

of Everything: Bringing the Future to Life shows how the UK can take part in the estimated

economic stake of 19 Trillion US Dollars that could be created by the addition of 50 billion

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 14

things to the internet by 2022. The report focused on 5 key areas that the Internet of

Everything will affect the economy of the UK: healthcare, retail, transport, energy and

manufacturing. The CiscoCREATE Centre exists to provide businesses and governments in the

UK and Ireland with the tools and solutions necessary to harness the power of the Internet of


April 4th, 2014 Cisco announces that NSS Labs, an independent testing lab, has given

Ciscos Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) a recommended rating as a Breach Detection

System for networks. AMP was developed by SourceFire, a company recently acquired by

Cisco in October 2013. According to NSS, AMP achieved a 99% success rate in detecting

breaches as well as being low in cost compared with other systems tested. NSS Labs is an

information security research and advisory company based in Austin, TX.

April 7th, 2014 Cisco hosted a live Tech Talk via teleconferencing to discuss their

Software Directed Network solution called Application Centric Infrastructure.

April 7th, 2014 Cisco announced their new Videoscape Virtualized Video Processing

solution at the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention held in Las

Vegas, NV. This new video solution will allow and facilitate the processing and transporting of

the new 4K Ultra High Definition Video. 4K Ultra HD television is the next step beyond the

current 720p & 1080p HD television in use today. 4K Ultra HD pictures are 3840 pixels wide by

2160 pixels tall - 8K Ultra HD also being developed. Ciscos solution enhances AnyRes

encoding, supports full-frame rate 4K/Ultra High Definition content and High Efficiency Video

Coding (HEVC) standard.

April 7th, 2014 Cisco, along with Sony, demonstrated a live 4K Ultra HD video stream

at the annual National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) convention in Las Vegas. The live

feed was streamed from New York City to the convention in Las Vegas using Ciscos hardware

and software.

April 7th, 2014 Cisco demonstrated their new Videoscape TV Service Delivery Platform

at the NAB convention. At its booth on the convention floor, Cisco showcased their new video

products to show how video processing can be simplified and provided at a lower costs.

April 3rd, 2014 Cisco announced that the largest water and sanitation company in

Moscow, Russia, Mosvodkanal, has chosen their video-conferencing solution to conduct weekly

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 15

meetings with its employees and supervisors. The solution will provide HD videoconferencing

for 33 sites and 65 end-points.

April 2nd, 2014 Asianet, a large cable and internet provider based in New Delhi, India

has chosen Ciscos DOCSIS 3.0 next-generation enhanced broadband solution for its

subscribers. Ciscos DOCSIS 3.0, defined as Data over Cable Service Interface Specifications,

and allows cable providers to process faster data rates (up to 300 Mbps) and High Definition

Television over their existing infrastructure. Asianet current uses a hybrid Fiber/Coaxial media

to bring video, voice, and data to its customers in India.

April 2nd, 2014 Cisco announces that it launched Connected north to connect

education and healthcare services in the remote northern Communities. The Canadian

provincial government of Nunavut has chosen Ciscos two-way HD video solution to connect

schools and health centers in Inuit and aboriginal communities.

April 2nd, 2014 Cisco announces its new Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI)

protocol called OpFlex. This new protocol was co-authored by Citrix, IBM, Microsoft, RedHat,

and Sungard Availability Services and allows a network controller to apply network policies to

specific clients across different systems. This protocol shows Ciscos commitment to have open

technologies and standards for enhanced interoperability and policy enforcement.

April 1st, 2014 Cisco expands the integration of video surveillance, IP Cameras, and

Incident Response with analytics and open platform applications. Cisco has partnered with

Intuvision, Live Action, AgentVi and iOmniscient, AGT International, S2 Security, Etherstack,

Tait, IP Trade, and Technuf to create new safety and security solutions for its customers.

March 31, 2014 Cisco announce that MULTIMEDIOS REDES, a Mexican Cable

company providing triple play services has chosen their DOCSIS 3.0 solution. MULTIMEDIOS

REDES made DOCSIS their choice due to the projected growth of IP traffic to grow seven fold

between 2010 and 2015. Ciscos DOCSIS 3.0 provides a solution to enhance data traffic

speeds over existing cable infrastructures.

March 27th, 2014 - AT&T, Cisco, GE, IBM and Intel announced today the formation of

the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC). The purpose of the consortium is to break down

barriers of technology and to support better access to big data and to integrate the physical and

digital worlds. It will also facilitate the Industrial Internet applications, which is in accordance

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 16

with Ciscos vision of the Internet of Things. The IIC will have an open membership and will

develop solutions towards interoperability in industrial environments.

March 26th, 2014 Cisco hosted a live Tech Talk via teleconferencing to discuss the

Future of Analytics and the Internet of Things.

March 26th, 2014 Cisco provided both wired and wireless network infrastructure to the

Nuclear Security Summit hosted in The Hague, in the Netherlands on March 24th and 25th, 2014.

The network provided data traffic, voice, and video for both the delegates and the press. All the

network hardware used in the summit will be used in the future by the Dutch government.

IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 17

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IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 18

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IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 19

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IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 20

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IST648 Company Profile - CISCO MERAKI Spring 2014

Bhavik N. Patel, Dionne Barretto, Mark Cavanaugh, Max Greenberg 21


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