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Find out about movie ads - they can save you big money over Network TV or Cable TV ads. media buyers and media planners should see this.

Text of Cinema Ads Vintage

  • Cost Effective - Less than $1 per spot about 3 cents/viewer High Frequency, High impactUnsurpassed Recall RatesGeographic TargetingLarger than life visuals

  • Old Ways of Advertising Do Not Work Ask any Newspaper if the world has changed

  • After 24 hours of exposure to theatre advertising, 72.6% of moviegoers recalled one or more advertisersAfter 1 week 64.3%After 1 month 49.4%1-3 months 31.8%3-12 months 18.6%Over 1 year 5.7%Source: K. Johnson Cinema Advertising Journal of Advertising

  • Only pennies per viewerHUGE VISUALS 40x 20, 15-second spots in High DefintionLow CPMLess expensive than most media yet more impactful No one can forget King Kong!

  • Last year (2008) US movie box office admissions were nearly ten times greater than admissions for all 4 professional major sports leagues combined. -Ed Hepner The Properties Group New York 2 billion moviegoers each year!Source Nielsen Media Research

  • 75% are ages 18-4947% are ages 18-3446% are college educatedAverage household income is $75,00054% of moviegoers are female46% are male

    Sources: Exhibitor Relations, Motion Picture Almanac, Nielsen Media Research

  • Indexed Against Population Agree / Strongly AgreeIt's important to have a full social life123I like to be with a crowd of people119I love to do as many sports as possible115I look for new experiences every day112I was born to shop130If I could eat out every night I would120I wear clothes that will get me noticed132It's important to look fashionable116I will buy a product because of the label119Computers and technology give me more control 124 over my lifeSource: Roy Morgan Jan 2008 - Dec 2008

  • Movie-going is year-round entertainmentSeveral new films debut each FridayAn average of $22 million is spent advertising each new film release, driving the crowds to the theatresUtilize their millions to promote your brandAssociate your company with the attraction of HollywoodDifferentiate your brand!Source: Exhibitor Relations

  • DisneyState of OregonGeneral MillseBayState of VirginiaFood & Drug AdministrationChicago Crime CommissionNordstromNational Association of Neighborhoods, Washington D.C.Dept. of Justice, Washington D.C.State of FloridaLeukemia & Lymphoma SocietyFred Astaire Dance StudiosCity of Los AngelesLiberty UniversityNew BalanceJanet Sartin Salons NYCSunshine Group of Donald Trump Properties

  • Why place your media buy through us?We are not limited to certain theatre circuits.We can place your advertising campaign on any screen nationwide.We negotiate the lowest advertising rates because of volume buying.We are trained specialists with experience in marketing & advertising.We make it easy! We handle all the details. One call. One proposal.

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