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  • Christs Mission in the Palos Verdes Peninsula

    A report byMonte SahlinSenior ConsultantCenter for Creative MinistryOctober 2010

    Who is Monte Sahlin?An ordained Seventh-day Adventist minister for 40 years who has done assessments of more than 1,000 local churches. He is currently employed by the Ohio Conference after spending two decades at the General Conference and union conference level directing research and development. He teaches in the Doctor of Ministry program at Andrews University and the urban studies program at Eastern Baptist University. He is the author of 20 books, 50 research monographs and many articles.

  • What is the Center for Creative Ministry?

    One of the research and information centers affiliated with the North American Division, the center provides information, resource materials, training and consultants to help local churches develop new approaches to outreach, evangelism and church growth. It provides the Sharing Scripture small group Bible study guides, Friend2Friend training videos and other materials.

    Goals of this Study

    Understand the status of the Adventist mission in this areaProfile the spiritual life and vitality of the Rolling Hills ChurchFind effective ways to reach the communityProvide information for future planning and problem-solving

  • Outline

    Background & trendsThe mission fieldCongregational surveyAnalysis & recommendations

    BackgroundIn the late 1950s Glenn Goffer, pastor of the Torrance Church lived in Rolling Hills Estates (before it was incorpor-ated as a municipality in 1967)In 1955 Bible worker Marjorie Siplestarted a Bible Discussion Luncheon Club on Wednesdays in the home of Bernice Moshus in Rolling Hills Estates

    By 1958 attendance averaged 25 to 30 and there had been 22 baptisms

  • Background

    In 1960, when Marjorie Siple died, Pastor Goffer promised here that a church would be built in Rolling Hills

    Four acres were purchased

    The San Pedro and Wilmington congregations voted to merge and form the new Rolling Hills Church


    First Sabbath: September 16, 1967Rented the Methodist Church at 26438 Crenshaw & Palos Verdes Drive North, Rolling HillsStarted with 175 members

    Pastor: Robert TomlinElders: Dr. Charles Tam, Dr. Ken Steck

  • Background

    By mid-1969 attendance was over 300 and the group moved to the Baptist Church at 28 Moccasin LaneIn 1970 moved to the Unitarian Church at 5621 Montemalaga Drive and Joseph Apigian becomes pastorBegan building a physical plant of its own

  • Background

    Church member Helen Sahlbergspoke at California Federation of Womens Clubs on May 6, 1970

    Mrs. Ronald Reagan (governors wife) was in the audience of 1,000

    Groundbreaking for church building on September 27, 1970

    Mayor A. M. Shemet participated


    Two young adults go as student missionaries in 1972-73

    Larry Apigian in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)Wayne Kablanow in Cambodia

    Church member Owen Peterson named Jaycees Outstanding Young Man of Torrance in 1972

    City attorney for Torrance and faculty at El Camino College

  • Background

    Open house for completed building on December 20, 1975

    Speaker: Dr. Graham Maxwell, chair of the School of Religion, Loma Linda Univ

    1977 Member Fred Chang chosen for California Young Artists Guild1980 East-West Language School opens second campus at church


    1982 Cindi-Sue Berth becomes youth pastor (one of the first women in the Adventist ministry in the current era)1992 Member Janet Lui becomes leader of prayer ministries for Southern California Conference during Mega LA campaign

  • Membership & Accessions

    Total Yearly Tithe



    $176,600 $182,936

    $164,702 $165,599







    1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009

  • Membership Audit


    Shut-in or away4%


    Attend regularly


    Rolling Hills Estates as a Mission Field

    Rolling Hills Estates is a suburb of Los Angeles incorporated as a municipality in 1967It has a population of 26,552 people who live in about 10,000 householdsOne Adventist for 530 people

    USA: 1 to 305New Guinea: 1 to 25Zambia: 1 to 22Jamaica: 1 to 14Belize: 1 to 10

  • Who are the people living in this community?

    Gray area = 5 other segments with very small


    Traditional Affluent Families

    These are the wealthiest households in America with a median household income three times the national average. Most heads of households are 40 to 64 years of ageeducated professionals.Highly rated community needs: Social justice, aging parents, time for recreation, finding life direction and retirement opportunities.Involvement in religion is average, although belief in God is significantly below average. High percentages of Presbyterians, Jews, Episcopal, Unitarian, United Church of Christ, Orthodox.Want churches with art, music, etc.; theological discussions, thoughtful worship style.

  • Secure Mid-Life FamiliesThese are well-educated middle management, professors, etc., who own high-value homes. They travel a lot and own a video camera.Below average in religious involvement & belief. More likely to be New Age, Episcopal, Jewish, Presbyterian or United Church of Christ.High areas of need: friendship, social justice, substance abuse, retirement opportunities. They like churches that offer Marriage Enrichment, Divorce Recovery, Spiritual Retreats, traditional music, cultural programs.

    Educated Mid-Life Families

    Middle-aged, well-educated, higher incomes; mostly two-career families with working wives.Less likely to be involved with religion or believe in God, but with above average percentages involved in Eastern religions, Unitarian, Jewish, Presbyterian and United Church of Christ.High need areas: fulfilling marriage, aging parents, good schools, parenting issues, time.Prefer a traditional, formal and intellectually-stimulating style of worship, as well as churches that provide Marriage Enrichment, cultural programs, sports or camping.

  • 2015 is an estimate

    Population Growth

  • Age Groups

    Ethnic Profile

  • Immigrants


  • Education


  • Special Needs

    Median Household Income

  • Poverty

    Cost of Housing




    Median monthlymortgage

    Median monthlyrent/lease

    Rolling HillsNational

  • Source: Percept Group, Inc.

    Religious Preferences of Local Residents





    No religion24%

    Religious Involvement of Local Residents



    Strongly Involved SomewhatInvolved

    Not Involved

    Rolling Hills National

    Source: Percept Group, Inc.

  • Religious Involvement of Local Residents







    Increased Involvement inLast 10 Years

    Decreased Involvement inLast 10 Years

    Rolling Hills National

    Source: Percept Group, Inc.

  • Top Needs in the Community

    56% Achieving financial security42% Maintaining personal health34% Dealing with stress32% Finding time for recreation27% Neighborhood crime & safety26% Obtaining better quality health care25% Finding good schools24% Achieving a fulfilling marriage

    Source: Percept Group, Inc.

  • Needs in the Community

    22% Caring for aging parents22% Getting health insurance21% Day-to-day financial worries19% Planning retirement opportunities18% Finding friends17% Dealing with social injustice17% Finding a satisfying job/career17% Finding direction in my life

    Source: Percept Group, Inc.

    Needs in the Community

    17% Dealing with racial/ethnic prejudice16% Alcohol/drug addiction15% Problems with school15% Developing parenting skills13% Finding any job11% Dealing with neighborhood gangs

    Source: Percept Group, Inc.

  • Low-priority Needs in the Community

    9% Abusive relationships9% Finding affordable housing8% Finding a good church8% Finding spiritual teaching7% Getting an education5% Affordable child care3% Dealing with divorce3% Obtaining adequate food

    Source: Percept Group, Inc.

    Church Programs People Want

    33% Family activities & outings33% Youth activities33% Music/art/drama programs32% Active retirement program29% Bible study & prayer group21% Doctrinal study group16% Family & personal counseling13% Marriage enrichment seminar12% Care for the terminally ill10% Spiritual retreats

    Source: Percept Group, Inc.

  • Church Programs People Want

    8% Sports or camping7% Food & clothing for the needy6% Parent training class5% Church school (day school)4% Day care2% 12-step group for addictions2% Divorce Recovery program

    Source: Percept Group, Inc.

    Church Program Preferences Index




    Recreation Personaldevelopment


    Social services

    Source: Percept Group, Inc.

  • How I prefer for churchesto contact me

    0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80%










    Source: Percept Group, Inc.

    Survey of CongregationA standard questionnaire was distributed during worship on three Sabbaths in October 2009.A total of 111 usable questionnaires were returned which represen