Choosing a Qualified Contractor and Choosing

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This book cover the rule of thumbs of Mechanical engineer.

Text of Choosing a Qualified Contractor and Choosing

  • Choosing a Qualified Contractor andChoosing a Qualified Contractor andSurface Preparation & Coatings

    P t d bPresented by: David Van Zee

    NACE Certified Coating Inspector # 9285NACE Certified Coating Inspector # 9285 SSPC CCI # 21145

    Brian HuffmanProtective & Marine Coatings Rep

    Sherwin-Williams Protective CoatingsSSPC CCI # 21154

  • What is corrosion?What is corrosion?According to the National Association of Corrosion g

    Engineers, (NACE):

    Corrosion is the deterioration of a material, usually a metal, because of a reaction with its environmentenvironment.

    The cost of corrosion in the United States wasThe cost of corrosion in the United States was estimated at $300 Billion in 1994, representing 4.5% of the GNP.

  • Causes of corrosion in W&WWCauses of corrosion in W&WW

    A corrosion cell on steel in comprised of 4A corrosion cell on steel in comprised of 4 components and all must be present for corrosion to take placecorrosion to take place Anode

    Cathode Cathode Metallic Pathway

    Electrolyte Electrolyte

  • Causes of corrosion in W&WWCauses of corrosion in W&WW

    Since an anode and cathode can exist onSince an anode and cathode can exist on the same piece of steel, the only protection mechanism is to remove theprotection mechanism is to remove the electrolyte from the equation. Coatings protect by three basic principlesprotect by three basic principles. Barrier Protection

    Inhibitive Protection Inhibitive Protection Sacrifical Protection

  • Causes of corrosion in W&WWCauses of corrosion in W&WW

    Concrete degradation can take placeConcrete degradation can take place through many different factors. Some of the key factors are:the key factors are: Chemical Attack

    Erosion Erosion Microbial Induced Corrosion

    Poor Construction Poor Construction

  • Causes of corrosion in W&WWCauses of corrosion in W&WW

    Concrete degradation can be reduced orConcrete degradation can be reduced or stopped by protecting the structure from it environment through barrier protectionenvironment through barrier protection methods

  • Rust issues in a pipe galleryRust issues in a pipe gallery

  • More close up examplesMore close up examples

  • Steel tanks and corrosionSteel tanks and corrosion

  • Concrete issues on a clear wellConcrete issues on a clear well

  • Close up of concrete tanksClose up of concrete tanks

  • Concrete degradation on a clarifierConcrete degradation on a clarifier

  • You have corrosion now what?You have corrosion now what?

    Have project specified by a qualifiedHave project specified by a qualified professional

    Manufacturer / material supplier Manufacturer / material supplier Engineering group

    Qualified industrial painting contractor Qualified industrial painting contractor Previous coating specification

  • What is a written specification?What is a written specification? Websters 20th Century Dictionary defines a y y

    Specification as:

    A particular and detailed description of a thing: specifically a statement of particulars describing the dimensions details or peculiarities of anythe dimensions, details, or peculiarities of any work about to be undertaken as in architecture, building, engineering, etc.

  • A typical specification includes:A typical specification includes: General description Substrate preparationp Reference standards

    and codes

    p p Repairs / remediation Material selection

    Scope of work Safety / Insurance

    Coating application Mil thickness

    Pre-job conference Coating materials

    S li i

    Work schedule Inspection

    Sampling coatings Workmanship


  • Why is the specification important?

    When developing or writing anyWhen developing or writing any specification, the goal should be to produce a clear concise and technicallyproduce a clear, concise and technically correct document. This goal is seldom more difficult nor the risk so great asmore difficult, nor the risk so great as when writing specifications for High-Performance Coatings Tank Linings orPerformance Coatings, Tank Linings or Corrosion Protection Systems for steel and concrete surfacesand concrete surfaces.

  • Why is a specification so important h f ili ?to the facility owner?

    Shifts responsibility to a professional moreShifts responsibility to a professional more qualified to access problems and solutions

    Most important step toward a qualityMost important step toward a quality completed project

    Allows for apples-to-apples proposalAllows for apples to apples proposal comparison

    Outlines to contractors exactly what isOutlines to contractors exactly what is required to complete the job

    Guarantees a predictable end resultGuarantees a predictable end result

  • How to choose a quality contractorHow to choose a quality contractor

    Certifications: NACE Coating Inspector Program, g p gSociety for Protective Coatings program

    Experience level references from other municipalities Insurance coverage Insurance coverage Quality Assurance program What does the contractor

    do to ensure a quality end-result Safety program Compliance with OSHA and EPA

    standards Request list of approved industrial contractors fromRequest list of approved industrial contractors from


  • What to consider in managing a i jcoatings project

    Timing / scheduling / down timeTiming / scheduling / down time Budget / pricing Service life of assetService life of asset Disruptions to operations Environmental impact Environmental impact

    Removal of existing coatings facility owner disposal or contractor disposal p

    Lead concerns is there lead present? Safety

  • When things go wrong da case study

    Neutralization tank at WWTP needed repairNeutralization tank at WWTP needed repair Plant manager received multiple proposals

    to fix problems internal and externalto fix problems internal and external Different solutions were offered Bids were approximately $1,000 apart Contractor was chosen, repairs were , p


  • Tarboro NC -- February 2008Tarboro, NC February 2008

  • Steel tank with concrete floorSteel tank with concrete floor

  • A leak was noticed; the tank was d i d li h f il d li idrained revealing the failed lining

  • 6 months later summer 20086 months later summer 2008

  • Failure: 100% - floor 50% - wallsFailure: 100% floor, 50% walls

  • Exposed aggregate on tank floorExposed aggregate on tank floor

  • Wholesale failure of lining systemN h ?Now what?

    Plant manager requested new proposalsPlant manager requested new proposals based on current situation

    NACE certified coating inspector consulted NACE certified coating inspector consulted to conduct failure analysis and manage projectproject

    Original contractor currently on site i ti d t tiremoving coating and starting over

  • Impact of these problems:Impact of these problems: Headaches for plant manager to deal with p g

    problem again Additional expenses:

    Down time to take tank out of service again Charges for coating inspector to consult and manage

    projectproject Expenses to repair exterior damage

    Fortunately the rake arm and other equipment was not damaged with the failure of the system

    Potential legal issues

  • Benefits of hiring a quality contractor

    Partner to help solve maintenance problemsPartner to help solve maintenance problems Anticipate possible issues Manage project around your operationManage project around your operation Long-lasting, quality finished project Assume some of the risks Assume some of the risks Stand behind their workmanship You get the project done right the first time You get the project done right the first time

    saving you time, money, etc.

  • Painting: Its all in the prep!Painting: It s all in the prep!

    60% - 80% of premature coating60% - 80% of premature coating failures are due to poor / substandard

    f tisurface preparation

  • Surface preparationSurface preparation

    Purpose ConsiderationsPurpose

    Clean surface


    Exposure conditions Remove rust Provide anchor profile

    Generic type coating Economics

    Promote adhesion Environmental and safety

  • Surface prep noteSurface prep note

    Paints adheres to the surface by mechanicalPaints adheres to the surface by mechanical and / or chemical bond

    Whatever interferes with that bond will also i t f ith dh iinterfere with adhesion

  • Surface preparation standardsSurface preparation standards

    The basic standards for preparing metalThe basic standards for preparing metal substrates are a joint effort between:

    The Society for Protective Coatings, (SSPC)(SSPC)

    National Association of Corrosion Engineers, (NACE)

  • Standards and MethodsStandards and MethodsSSPC-SP 1 Solvent cleaningSSPC-SP 2 Hand tool cleaningSSPC-SP 3 Power tool cleaningSSPC-SP 5 / NACE 1 White metal blast cleaningSSPC SP 6 / NACE 3 Commercial blast cleaningSSPC-SP 7 / NACE 4 Brush-Off blast cleaningSSPC-SP 8 PicklinggSSPC-SP 10 / NACE 2 Near-white blast cleaningSSPC-SP 11 Power tool cleaning to bare metalSSPC-SP 12 / NACE 5 Surface preparation and cleaning p p g

    of steel and other hard materials by high and ultra-high water jetting

    SSPC-SP 13 /NACE 6 Surface Preparation of Concrete


    Solvent CleaningSolvent CleaningRemoval of oil, grease, dirt, soil an