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<ul><li><p> launches Canvas Printing from Facebook and Instagram </p><p> Denver, Colorado - March 13th, 2014. Shop Canvas Print is pleased to launch the feature in its website to Print Canvas from pictures that a customer has in Facebook and Instagram. This unique application is seen in its website where customers can create their own customized canvas prints. Shop Canvas Print already allowed the customer to upload pictures from their desktop or tablets and customize it by the size of the canvas, the panel style, the border option and the wrap. Now customers can do the same for the photo they upload via facebook or instagram. In order to create a canvas print a customer can go to the Create section of and click on Upload via Facebook or Upload via instgram. The customer can then customize the print by selecting the size, wrap style, panel style and border option by a simple interactive process. Once the order is placed with the relevant shipping and payment information ShopCanvasPrint promises a fulfillment time of 3-7 business days upon which it will shipped directly to the address of the customers choice. The new cool ways to upload your picture via instagram and facebook will provide the greater flexibility in making a canvas print for a customer. Shop Canvas Print has yet again established itself as a strong force in the canvas printing industry valuing the needs of the customers and using interactive technology to provide a great shopping experience for its customers.Visit Media Contact About Shopcanvasprint is a leading service for printing on canvas. Online since 2013 </p><p>Shopcanvasprint has attracted the attention of many leading photographers, artists due to </p><p>genuine quality and affordable prices. Shopcanvasprint also sells the prints of other artists </p><p>and photographers on its online platform. </p></li></ul>