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The April 2015 issue of our ChatBout eZine. We have opened the Fellowship Hall Police Post; hosted our 'Give Love, Give Blood' drive; highlight our NUTRAMIX farmers and as always, have great recipes to share.







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    7 a new face in farming5 copperwood sausages: making a big splash3 cb chicken at toss and roll

    1 welcome



    well wishes for mr. foster

    fellowship hall police post

    a day in the life of davia graham and jason tracey

    planning for pension

  • welcome 1

    WELCOMEAs we start a new financial year, we must

    acknowledge and prepare for the challenges

    that lie ahead, but also give thanks for our

    successes. In this highly competitive environment,

    we continue to move from strength to strength,

    and have closed the 2014-2015 financial year

    on a high note.

    On behalf of the senior management team, I thank each and every member of our CB Group family for their dedication and commitment.

    I am also extremely proud that as we continue to work hard, and achieve in business, we remain committed as a Group to the communities in which we work, their development and that of Jamaica. In particular, I must note the recent opening of the Fellowship Hall Police Post, made possible by CB Group. As a company that truly believes in sustainable agriculture, it is only fitting that we contribute to the largely agricultural community of Fellowship Hall, St. Catherine, home of our own agro-campus, Imagination Farms.

    In March, the CB Group also hosted the second Give Love, Give Blood drive an initiative which is working to tackle the critical blood shortage facing the National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS). Those whose circumstances allowed them to participate in this initiative deserve special acknowledgement for their demonstration of a self sacrificing spirit.

    As we go through the Easter Season and the rest of the year, lets work together to continue in this spirit, dedicating ourselves to our work and our fellow citizen, to build a better company and through it, Jamaica.

    Best Regards,

    Dr Velton Gooden Velton Gooden

  • 2

  • Opened in May 2013, Toss & Roll Salad Bar provides healthy meal options for all those preparing for their carnival body, summer body or overall healthy lifestyle!

    Whats really cool is that your food is prepared right in front of you so you choose what you want to add to your delicious salad, sandwich or wrap. Our fave is the Honey Jerk Chicken Wrap. They also make refreshing green tea coolers in a variety of flavours, served with slices of hand-cut natural fruits which are good for diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure.

    So if youre ever in the Hope Rode area, be sure to check them out.

    CB Chicken on the table Honey Jerk Chicken WrapIngredients: Honey Jerk CB Chicken, lettuce, tomato, bell pepper, jalapenos, cheese and lemon aioli dressing wrapped in a spinach wrap.

    Grilled Herb Chicken SandwichIngredients: Grilled CB Chicken, lettuce, onion, bell pepper, tomato, cucumber and cheese served in whole wheat sub bread.

    Honey Jerk Chicken SaladIngredients: Honey Jerk CB Chicken, lettuce, beet root, carrot, tomato and onion

    Toss and Roll is located at 75 Hope Road in Kingston. They also deliver to the Kingston metropolitan area, which is great for those days when you just cant leave the office. We all have them.

    3around the brand in 30 days cb chicken

    Honey Jerk Chicken Wrap

    Chef Tevin Riley shares 3 dishes made with CB Chicken

    Grilled Herb Chicken Sandwich

    Honey Jerk Chicken Salad

    Customer Highlight

    Your Brand on the Table:CB Chicken at Toss and Roll

    Toss and Roll - Salad Bar, 75 Hope Road, Kingston

  • 4around the brand in 30 days caribbean passion

    Easter Holiday is a time to reflect, relax, and for some, to revel. But most of all it is a time to get out of the kitchen and enjoy the season with family and friends. Our Hams are ready to eat whenever you are and is the perfect choice, any time of year.

    Whether youre having family over for dinner during Easter, heading to the beach and need to make a quick sandwich or need a quick bite in the morning after a night out. A fully cooked and ready to slice Caribbean Passion Ham is just what you need; simply, heat, slice and serve. A Caribbean Passion Ham Sandwich is perfect for a yummy meal in a hurry.

  • After a soft launch at Mega Mart in December, 2014, weve rolled out the new Copperwood sausages in a big way island wide.

    Available in delicious Jerk, made with spur Tree Spices; Bacon (yes, Bacon!); and savoury Smoked flavours, these sausages are a must for any Pork Lovers shopping basket.

    In March, we were featured in the Food Section of the Gleaner, demonstrating how to deconstruct a sausage and experiment with delicious recipes like Mushrooms Stuffed with Copperwood Smoked Sausages, or Copperwood Jerk Sausage and Roasted Potato Salad. Stay tuned to upcoming ChatBouts for these great recipes.

    5around the brand in 30 days copperwood

    Our Premium Copperwood Sausages are making a


    Find them at: MegaMart (All Locations)CarihomeEmpire LiguaneaSovereign LiguaneaBrooklyn, Twin GatesBrooklyn, Clock TowerJohn R WongSupervalue, Mannings Hill Road LoshusanLees Food Fair The Pork Store

  • around the brand in 30 days smart eggs 6

    Smart Eggs sponsored the American international School of Kingston (AISK)Easter Egg Hunt & Fun Day which was held on Sunday, March 23rd. At 3 oclock sharp, kids and parents flocked the fun day to take advantage of the various activities that were being offered. The arts & crafts station provided by Smart Eggs allowed the kids to get creative by painting and decorating the eggs.

    We also hosted the Easter egg hunt where over 400 candy filled eggs were spread across the lawns of AISK and kids scrambled to scoop up as many as they could find. The Smart Cart was also on hand to make sure everyone was well fed, serving up our popular BELT (bacon, egg, lettuce, tomato) sandwiches.

    It was a great day for kids and parents alike!

    AISK Easter Egg Hunt & Fun Day

  • Our NUTRAMIX Farmers:

    Deleen POWELLa new face in farming

    Deleen and Tina Hamilton, Nutramix Brand Manager discuss her piglets

    Deleen Powell is a very busy woman; she works full time in Kingston at the National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA), is pursuing her Masters Degree and she commutes every week to her pig farm in Braes River, St. Elizabeth. Deleen is definitely changing the face of farming.

    How does she find the time? As one of our newest contract farmers, you cant help but notice Deleens electric smile. A woman whos clearly not afraid of a challenge, Deleen is also grateful for the support from the NUTRAMIX team for her farm.

    Walking us through her lush green property, Deleen tells us that she purchased 4 impregnated gilts (female pigs) through NUTRAMIX in November 2014, and a few months later had a whopping 43 piglets. Though the farm is small, it is modern: the whole operation is off the grid, using solar energy and has a river and spring for water supply.

    Farming with Nutramix All of Deleens animals are fed NUTRAMIX feeds, which she says has helped yield a high survival rate for her piglets.

    She first met our NUTRAMIX sales team at the Denbigh Agricultural show, where she gathered information about getting the animals and feed all in one place.

    7around the brand in 30 days nutramix

    Deleen Powell, off to a great start with her pig farm

  • 8around the brand in 30 days nutramix

    Deleen speaks highly of the Nutramix teams post sales support, which is now common knowledge across the farming industry and a component to her early success.

    The support from CB Group has been amazingthe fact that I can call Mr. Hunt at Newport Genetics and Andre Williams, my NUTRAMIX sales rep, it really is a great help to

    have the assistance. Its more than just a business relationship; they seem to genuinely care about the animals, their health, and our success.

    We went forward with Copperwood and NUTRAMIX because we can guarantee a market for the pigs; Newport Genetics had proper record keeping for the animals all the data we needed to make a sound investment. Our needs are even anticipated, I get calls to say did you think about X and I say to myself, oh wow no, I didnt even think about that, and I have received support from Dr. Gabrielle Young as well.

    Were happy to have you as a member of the Nutramix family Deleen. Welcome home!

    Deleen also grows sweet peppers, corn and other cash crops on her small farm

    Its more than just a business relationship; they seem to

    genuinely care about the animals, their health, and our success.

  • in OurCreating Bonds


  • our community well wishes for mr. foster 11

    After 16 years of dedicated service as our as Credit and Collections Manager, the CB Group family wished Verley Foster the very best as he left us to enjoy the fun years in retirement. Mr Fosters closest and dearest colleagues came together at the Courtleigh Hotel in Kingston to break bread and wish him bon voyage. He says he is looking forward to spending more time with his beloved wife Viviana, and will be dearly missed by all those he worked with.

    Mr Foster who is known to be a kind and wise guiding hand, also remained with us as Ms. Deanne Whitley, our new Credit and Collections Manager became acclimated to her post, ensuring a smooth and seamless transition.

    Verley, thank you from the entire CB Group for your years of hard work and commitment.

    Pictures from top left:

    Deanne Whitley, incoming Credit and Collections Manager, Verley Foster, outgoing Credit and Collections Manager, Kareen Bryan, Credit and Collections Administrator, Francois Ayers, Accounts Clerk and Donalyn Morgan, Accounts Receivable Coordinator

    Toni-Ann Williams, Customer Care Specialist; Claudette Wynter, Regional Sales Manager (South); Admarian Davis-Myers, Sales Representative; Verley Foster, outgoing Credit and Collections Manager; Sharmika Lloyd; Customer Care Specialist; Karen Weir Customer Care Manager; and Customer Care Specialists, Yanique Simpson and Alicia McKenzie

    Chirstopher Stephenson, Financial Account, Pork; Amoree Wilson, Sales Accounting Manager, Verley Foster, outgoing Credit and Collections Manager; Andrea Adams, Group Financial Controller; Latoya Thompson, Financial Accountant, CB Foods; and Garth Channer, Chief Financial Officer

    Windford Reid, Office Attendant; Sharine Bonner Training Officer; Verley Foster, outgoing Credit and Collections Manager; Paulette Hollingsworth; Personnel Admin. Manager; Lester Johnson, Payroll Clerk.

    Susan Dixon, Sales Representative; Claudette Wynter, Regional Sales Manager; Verley Foster outgoing Credit and Collections Manager; Donna Clarke, Sales Representative; Admarian Davis Myers; Sales Representative

    Lori-Ann Lyn, Director, Verley Foster, Rose Miller, Administrative Assistant; Garth Channer, Chief Financial Officer; Fay Malcolm, Executive Assistant to the CEO.

    Verley Foster gives Deanne Whitley, our new Credit and Collections Manager best wishes and a hug of encouragement.

    Verley Foster receives a gift of appreciation on behalf of the CB Group from Director, Lori-Ann Lyn

    Well Wishes for Verley Foster

  • our community fellowship hall police post 12

    CB Group leads initiative to open Police Post in Fellowship Hall, St. CatherineWe recently led a team of donors to build a new Police Post in Fellowship Hall, St. Catherine.







  • our community fellowship hall police post 13

    The Police Post was built on property that is part of our own Imagination Farms agro-campus as a response to growing concerns by residents and farmers about threats to personal safety and continued theft of their livestock.

    Officially opened on March 18th by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the entire project valued is valued at over $10.5 million. The post has all the modern comforts the Police will need and includes security and communication capabilities. CB Group also donated a Ford Ranger Pickup to the Police to help patrol the communities.

    We must thank our partners: Atelier-Vidal Ltd, Cool Connection Ltd, Digicel Jamaica Ltd, Hylton & Hylton, Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd, National Outdoor Advertising Ltd and Zoukie Trucking Services Ltd for their contributions to making this possible.

    Citizens that wish to contact the Fellowship Hall Police Post can do so at: 618-2404 and 618-2407.


    1. National Security Minister, Peter Bunting, CB Group Director Lori-Ann Lyn and Assistant Commissioner of Police, Derrick Knight cut the ribbon marking the official opening of the Fellowship Hall Police Post in St. Catherine.

    2. The Ford Ranger Pickup donated to the JCF by CB Group for servicing of the Fellowship Hall and Hill Run communities.

    3. Minister of National Security Peter Bunting speaks about the importance of public private-partnerships at the opening of the Fellowship Hall Police Post.

    4. Matthew Lyn (centre), Chief Operating Officer of CB Group hands over the keys to a Ford Ranger Pickup to Minister of National Security, Peter Bunting (second left) as Assistant Commissioner of Police, Derrick Knight (left), Dr. Andrew Wheatley, Member of Parliament St. Catherine South Central (second right) and SSP Marlon Nesbeth (right) look on.

    5. Students of St. Catherine High School perform at the opening of the Fellowship Hall Police Post in St. Catherine.

    6. Students of the St. Jago High choir sing at the opening of the new Police Post

    7. Minister of National Security, Peter Bunting (fourth from left), shares a photograph in front of the Police Post with project partners, from left: Vidal Dowding of architect and design firm Atelier Vidal Ltd; Kerri-Ann Mew of Hylton & Hylton attorneys at law; Racquel Williams of National Outdoor Advertising; Tishan Lee, Head of Marketing, JPS; Mark Haskins, CB Group CEO, Michelle Henry of Zoukie Trucking Services Ltd; Neil Hendrickson of Cool Connection Ltd; Michael Davis, Operations Manager St. Catherine, JPS; Ative Ennis, Head of Enterprise Solutions, Digicel; and CB Group Director, Lori-Ann Lyn.

    8. Minister of National Security, Peter Bunting shares a snap with some members of our Senior Management team, from left: Lori-Ann Lyn, Director; Dr. Keith Amiel, Corporate Affairs Manager; Mark Haskins, Chief Executive Officer; Audley Raymore, Head, Poultry Processing and IF Projects; Mathew Lyn, Chief Operating Officer; Garth Channer, Chief Financial Officer; Eaton Barrett, Divisional Manager, Live Production; and Hans Muller, Divisional Manager, Feed


  • our community our new sales support team 14

    Our New Sales Support TeamCB Group is excited to announce a new change to our CB Foods Sales and Marketing Team!

    In order to service our customers and consumers better and grow our fresh business, we are restructuring the way the company merchandises our products in the supermarkets and how we manage this function.

    The following changes were made in March:

    The Merchandising Team will now be called the Sales Support Team (SST) to better describe their complete job function.

    The title of Merchandiser has been changed to Sales Support Specialist.

    The SST will become part of the Marketing Team, whic...