Challenges for College Faculty 2011 and Beyond

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Challenges for College Faculty 2011 and Beyond. A Conversation. Co- Conspirators . Roberto Muffoletto , Professor of New Media Appalachian State Resides in Holland Patrick Keough, Director of Distance Learning, Carteret Community College. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Challenges for College Faculty 2011 and Beyond

Challenges for College Faculty 2011 and Beyond

A Conversation

Co- Conspirators Roberto Muffoletto, Professor of New Media Appalachian State Resides in Holland

Patrick Keough, Director of Distance Learning, Carteret Community College

The following challenges were submitted to me when I asked my faculty what their main concerns and obstacles are with online teaching.

New Demands on DL FacultyMust Constantly Learn New TechnologiesNo Longer a 9-5 Career (on call 24/7)High Level of Computer Literacy a Must Less Prep Time and More Administration Demands.any others???

Is there an Administration / FacultyDisconnect? For exampleif all your courses are online why are many faculty expected to be in an office on campus when virtual office hours are sufficient to address students questions. Where else is there a disconnect?

Industrial Revolution Educational Model

Is it still hanging on for dear life on college campuses?Share some examples.Disconnect with Accrediting Agencies like SACS Is there a higher bar for online vs. classroom? Does SACS take into account the true nature of online learning or is it evaluating e-learning as if it were the traditional classroom environment. Do accrediting agencies apply a 20th Century notion of teaching and learning to 21st century dynamic online instruction.

Faculty expected to also teach theirstudents how to use the LMS

Before online faculty can move forward teaching their course content they must also orient their students to the technology used in the class itself which can be time consuming and many times frustrating.

Replicating the classroom environment online?The goal for online instructors is making their online courses as dynamic and engaging as being in the traditional classroom.

What are the challenges and/or obstacles keeping us from doing this???

Online Attendance

Did I hit a nerve here?LLOs PLOs & CLOS and Data Collection

Do they Just add More Stress or do they really make us better more effective Instructors? Im just asking??? Software and Browser Compatibility Issueswith LMS

How many e-mails and announcements have you had to send to students addressing this issue and problem solving software and browser incompatibilitywith Blackboard or Moodle? Learning New LMS

Just when you get comfortable and proficient on one LMS you are told your institution is switching to another more cost effective one.Delivering and Assessing Certain Types of Course Material Some courses (like algebra) are much more difficult to teach online or (or hybrid) than others and demand a high level of technical proficiency with specialized software to do a viable job.

Challenge of Teaching the Digital Generation

This is an impatient generation with short attention spans in many cases. Long hours sitting in classrooms reading textbooks are out. This is a technologically savvy generation, unafraid of new technology and therefore very capable of achieving great things, however they learn differentlyand dont necessarily embrace traditional teaching methods.

Your Thoughts???Questions, Observations, Thoughts, Concerns and Frustrations

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