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Edward Glasser is a highly accomplished, results driven senior accounting and finance management executive with more than 20 years of progressive experience in finance and operations management with multi-million dollar organizations.


<p>EDWARD H. GLASSER Certified Public Accountant Chartered Global Management AccountantP.O. Box 106Stanton, New Jersey 08885-0106 Cell (908) 303-9193 Member American Institute of Certified Public Accountants New Jersey Society of Certified Public Accountants Highly accomplished, results driven senior accounting and finance management executive with more than 20 years of progressive experience in finance and operations management with multi-million dollar organizations.Demonstrated ability to streamline business operations that drive growth and increase efficiencies and bottom line profit.Strong qualifications in developing and implementing financial controls and processes in addition to productivityimprovements.Possessessolidleadership,communicationandinterpersonalskillstoestablish rapport with all levels of staff and management. CORE QUALIFICATION AND AREAS OF EXPERTISE Accounting and Financial ManagementBudgeting and ForecastingControllership and Decision Support Financial Analysis and ReportingGenerally AcceptedAccounting Principles Profitability and Cost Analysis Resource ManagementRisk ManagementStrategic Planning Systems and Technology UtilizationTaxationTreasury Management ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ Chief Financial Officer - Daybreak Express, Inc. Newark, N.J. 2001 to 2015NationwideTransportationandLogisticsenterpriseoperatingthroughouttheUnitedStateswithlocationsin Newark, NJ and Selma, NC with revenues from $20M to $50M.Held full accountability for all financial operations includingallfinancialplanningandanalysis,regulatoryandtaxcompliance,treasury,cash,acquisitions, accounting and executive reporting.Managed adirect staff of 8, and the IT area, as well as an indirect staff of approximately 180. Helped contribute to the growth from 65 pieces of revenue equipment to in excess of 360.Revenue growth of 250%, EBIDTA increase of 452%. Keymemberinthedevelopmentandexecutionoftheshortandlongtermstrategicplanningandthe allocation of resources in pursuit of the strategy.Monitored and reviewed expenses and costs to consistently target a 30+% gross profit margin as well as controlling all other expenses to maximize profit. Helped with the culture and development of safety and loss control to mitigate risk.Consistently controlled theinsurancecostsandannualpremiumsfarbelowourpeers.In2014completelyoverhauledthe insurance portfolio thereby realizing a $480,000 bottom line savings.Preparedandpresentedfulldisclosuremanagement'sreporttotheBoardofDirectorsforamulti-entity environment,whichaidedindecisionmakingprocesses.Communicatedresultstobanksandother stakeholders. DevelopedanddirectedfinancialdatatoolstoprovideaccurateinformationtotheCEOandthesenior management team. Coordinated proper and timely fulfillment of tax returns and various audits. Remainedincontactwithstafftoensureopenlinesofcommunicationasanopenandinvolvedleader.Developed a cross training program to create a positive and efficient working environment.Acquired and developed talent by constantly challenging them and pushing them beyond what they believed they could accomplish thereby building their confidence and value.Negotiatecashcreditlinesforcompany'smajorbanks.Familiarwithaccountsreceivablefinancingasa sourceforcorporateworkingcapital.Alsogeneratedlettersofcredittosecurecertainrisks.Iwasalso successful in persuading bank to release personal guarantees. Controller, Director of Operations - Chicco USA, Inc, Bound Brook, N.J. 1999 to 2001As a controller and director of operations of a US subsidiary for a multibillion dollar worldwide toy and juvenile distributor, I was completely responsible for all accounting, planning and operational activities of over a dozen individuals.Actedasliaisonwithparentcompanyincommunicatingfinancialresultsandmanagement objectives. Developed and implemented strategies that increased product awareness, market share and profitability. Effectivelymanagedinventorywithcloseattentiontobudgets,timeframes,orderfulfillmentquantityand product specifications. Spearheaded the consolidation of two separate warehousing operations thereby reducing overall inventory costs by approximately 35%. Reorganized and streamlined the functional responsibilities of six employees in the accounting department inordertoprovidethemwithabetterunderstandingaboutthewaytheirjobresponsibilitiesfitintothe overallobjectivesofthedepartment.Thisimprovedthemoraleofalltheemployees,whichmaximized productivity and provided more timely information to management. Controller - Catco Overseas Enterprises, Inc, Port Reading, N.J. 1994 to 1999 Nationwide marble and granite distributor operating throughout the United States with revenues of $20M.Held full accountabilityforallfinancialoperationsincludingallfinancialplanningandanalysis,regulatoryandtax compliance, treasury, cash, acquisitions, accounting and executive reporting. Establishedpoliciesandproceduresformeasuringcreditworthinessandexpendingcredittonew customers.Implementednewaccountingsystemandcashmanagementpolicyresultinginincreasedcashflow thereby eliminating over $600,000 in short term debt. Established procedure for measuring the float time of disbursements exceeding 1 million dollars per month which generated over $300,000 of cash for working capital purposes. In reviewing corporate insurance portfolio for the year prior to my tenure, discovered that the company had significantlyoverpaidinsurancepremiums,resultinginsubstantialrefunds.Additionally,Isuccessfully controlled the replacement of improved group insurance at lower costs. Significantly reduced annual audit costs by preparing full disclosure financial statements and work papers, and presenting them for audit.Also took on personal accounting and tax responsibilities of principals. Controller - Cathy Daniels Ltd, New York, N.Y.1993 to 1994 As controller for a manufacturing corporation, direct the activities of 6 accounting employees in the handling of the financialrecordsof 7separate corporations.Fullyresponsibleforcorporateinsuranceportfolioincluding group health coverage and all corporate policies. Installedaproductcostingprogramforamanufacturingcompany,utilizingbillsofmaterialsforfinished productsthatinterfacedstandardcostvalueswithactualcoststodetermineprofitabilitybyproductand product line. Various Local and Regional Public Accounting Firms 1983 to 1993 Robert A Goodman &amp; Co CPA's, New York, N.Y. Trien Rosenberg Felix Rosenberg Barr &amp; Weinberg CPA's Morristown, N.J. Armus Harrison &amp; Company CPAs, Mountainside, N.J. Smolin Lupin &amp; Co CPA's, West Orange, N.J. Supervisedanddirectedtheactivitiesoflowerlevelstaffmembersinfieldauditsofvariousbusiness entitiesincludingmanufacturing,construction,non-profitorganizations,serviceindustriesandemployee benefit and pension funds. Designed new accounting system for a non profit client of major CPA firm, and played a key role in guiding the client's personnel in the installation of the new procedures which reduced audit time by 20%. FamiliarwithvariousSECfilingsofpubliclyheldcompaniesincludingquarterlyandannual10Q&amp;10K filings. EDUCATION Bachelor of Science Accounting, Rutgers UniversityCertified Public AccountantChartered Global Management Accountant 2012 </p>


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