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  • 1. Hello and welcome to chapter 15 . Yes I mean 15 . This is not a proper OWBC chapter because none of the sims from the main OWBC household are involved inthis little mini-story. Firstly Id better introduce the main characters:

2. Alicia is the daughter of Joel Thomason(ex-Greek House placeholder) and Uni-townie Melanie King. Mediocre is the alien daughter of AveragegamerO (simself).Chisel Jersey is the daughter of Olf Pinch(1st gen. Bad Apple spare) and Caffie (simself). Bower is the youngest son of Sanjay and Priya Ramaswami. Fry is my simselfs son, his dad is Brandon Lilliard. (Yeah, I have a thing for men in kilts) Bit is the son of Bushel Pinch(1st gen. spare) and Meadow Thayer. Now; let the story begin! 3. From chapter 15 But I shant be put off, there must be another way to get what I want. 4. Now *tweet tweet* 5. ... .. 6. Hey, papergirl, why did you go all the way up there? I was waiting for you here at the gate. Sorry kiddo, its just the way I am programmed. 7. Stupid papergirl, and here I was trying to make life easier for her. 8. And there are still no puppies for sale. Ugh! 9. Eat up Chisel Jersey, your mum just learnt how to make pancakes yesterday andthe least you can do to show your appreciation is to eat them. 10. Bye Chisel Jersey, have a nice day at school. 11. Hey CJ, why so glum? Did you get out of the wrong side of bed? 12. Do me a favour Fry and at least spare me the clichs. 13. Children! Lessons will start in five minutes, come in and take your seats. 14. Come on CJ, tell me whats up. Maybe I can help? 15. Its just I want to get a puppy, but I dont think my dad wants to haveanimals in the house, so I have to secretly get it myself somehow. 16. The pet adoption agency wont let me adopt one because Im too young, and Ive looked in the paper everyday for weeks but there arent anyone in Greenhill with puppies for sale. 17. Alright, that sucks. But dont worry CJ, Ill help you. 18. Uuh let me see. Your house has a garage, hasnt it? We could try and get a maleand female stray to live there and see if you can get them to mate. 19. Then theyll have puppies and you can keep one for yourself and sellthe rest and earn some Simoleons!Yeah well. 20. Is it a puppy you want, Chisel Jersey? My neighbour has three puppies and Iknow he isnt keeping all of them for himself; he might let you have one. 21. Who is your neighbour Mediocre, is it a simself? No, its Mr. Roseland, hes a sim-bin sim who became a playable when hewas hosting a chapter. Thats ages ago, long before we were born. 22. We can all go over and speak to him after school if you like, and see if Chisel Jersey can have one of the puppies. I know Bower is really keen tosee the puppies too. 23. Mediocre! Youre brilliant. I didnt know you could think asexcellently as that with your little green head. Its ok Fry, Im just happy to help my friends. 24. But we arent taking Alicia, she is just too weird to take anywhere. 25. OK, settle down all of you. Chisel Jersey, go to your seat please, andyou too Fry. First up today is Maths. I hope you all practiced your 5 times table over the weekend. 26. (Butterflies - a daisy meadow, sweetie pies and poppies yellow) 27. Later Mediocre, do Mr. Roselands dogs bite? I shouldnt think so Fry, only if youre a burglar or a baddie. 28. #Ding-dong. 29. Hello Mediocre, what a pleasant surprise. 30. Hi Mrs. Roseland, my friends and I were wondering if we can come inand see the puppies?Of course you can, come in come in. 31. Porthos and Suzie love to show off their adorable offspring. 32. OK Bit? You remember your part if we have to go to plan B? Sure, Im not stupid Fry. 33. They are brown; just what I want! 34. Look Mediocre, Im holding one. I think its my friend now. 35. Hmm, thats nice Bower. Hey, hello Suzie, your babies are getting so big. Hope you dont mind my friends and I coming to see them. 36. Ha ha, nothing in this hand and nothing in that hand. Thishand that hand. Ha ha ha! What a stupid dog. 37. Mr. Roseland, I really want to get a puppy, can I adopt one of yours? Sure you can, you just need to get your parents to call me so we can arrange it. 38. But my mum and dad are too busy to call. They recently becamefully controllable and now they are always skilling, and when they are not skilling they are spending their time fulfilling the wants they roll, so you see, they dont have time to call you, and if I want a puppy I have to arrange it myself. 39. Unfortunately I cant let children adopt the puppies, that would be irresponsible of me. You will have to get your mum or dad to call me to arrange it. 40. But, it would be so much easier if I could just have one now. I dont want to have to hassle my mum and dad about this. In fact, they willbe proud of me if I do this all by myself 41. Im sorry, you are just too little for such a big responsibility. Excuse me, I am not little; I am definitely big enough to look after a puppy. 42. Well, perhaps youre not that little, but you are still too young to adopt a puppy by yourself. Im sorry, no can do. 43. ... 44. ... 45. Right Bit, plan B is in action. You know what to do.No problem Fry, easy-peasy. 46. Mr. Roseland, do you want to see how awesome I am at doing a head-stand?Alright, let me see. Erm, I think wed better go out in the hallway, I dont want to accidently break something in here. 47. Bower. You really want to see Bits headstand too, dont you?! N..no, I want to stay and play with the puppies Scram Bower, out in the hallway with you! Alr...alrigt Fry. 48. Is the coast clear CJ? Yep, they are all watching Bit. 49. Wow! You really are amazingly good at head-standing. 50. Come here you. Dont worry, this wont hurt. 51. Woops I have to hurry up, Bit has finished his head-stand already. 52. Better take a bone for him to eat too. 53. CJ, come on. Were leaving now. 54. Goodbye Mrs. and Mr. Roseland, thank you for letting us see thepuppies, I think my friends really enjoyed it. 55. You know Fry, you really are my best friend. Sure I am CJ, but youd better get home before that puppy pees onyour homework. 56. Annie, have you seen Icarus anywhere? 57. I wonder what is keeping Chisel Jersey? Perhaps I should give Shadey a call. Olf? Are you listening?Mmmm.Hmm? 58. Oh nevermind, here she is. 59. There you are young lady, why are you so late?.Oh I was just playing with Fry. You should have called us, we were getting worried about you. 60. Yeah, you were so worried you had to sunbathe and drink wine.Yip! 61. Did you hear that Olf? If thats another stray digging up the garden IllDont worry darling, Ill go and check. 62. Crikey, you nearly got me into trouble there, you must learn to stay quiet. 63. You are beautiful though and I forgive you. What shall I call you? How about Broom? Yeah? You like that? 64. Woah, haha, you can jump! Are you a hungry little Broom? 65. Lookie here, a bone just for you. 66. oh, cant you eat bones? 67. Dont worry, you just stay here on my bed while I go and get you something. 68. Left-over Chilli con carne? That should do, its got meat in it. 69. Aww, he has gone to sleep. 70. Better let him get a rest, he can have this when he wakes up. 71. Just hope mum and dad wont ever find out about him. 72. Mum, dad, I think its high time I got a puppy, especiallynow that CJ has one. 73. What?! Chisel Jersey has been given a puppy? 74. Olf never mentioned that to me when I spoke to him earlier. 75. Oh but he doesnt know anything about it, CJ stole it from Mr. Roseland. 76. I wonder if Uncle Olf will spank her when he finds out? Dont be silly Bit, you know sims cant spank their children. 77. But she actually stole the puppy? Thats terrible. 78. I must speak to my brother. 79. *Beep-beep beep-beep-beep.* 80. *Diiiip-diiiip Diiip-diiip Diiip-diiip * 81. *Diiiip-diiiip Diiip-diiip Diiip-diiip * 82. > Ring-ring Ring-ring Ring-ring < 83. Oh Olf, how wonderful that you had enough aspiration points to purchase a love tub.Hmm isnt it, Caffie darling. When I saw that purple want yourolled I wanted to fulfil it in a special way. 84. Hm. Better give the Roselands a call then. 85. Hello, Mr Roseland? This is Bushel Pinch. I believe you had a visitfrom some of my sons school friends today? 86. Yes, I had some children over here, can I ask you what this is about? 87. I am calling because my son has just told me that he witnessed one of the children, Chisel Jersey, take one of your puppies. 88. So thats what happened to Icarus. We have been searching for him everywhere. 89. The girl in question is actually my niece and I have tried contacting my brother but there is no answer at the house. 90. Thank you for letting me know about this. Any chance you can give me your brothers address? . 42 Green Close? Thank you for your help Mr Pinch. 91. *Beep-beep beep-beep-beep.* 92. > Ring-ring Ring-ring Ring-ring < 93. Hello? GamerO house, Average speaking. 94. Hello Average, Cyd here. Im calling to let you know that the puppy you were going to pick up today has unfortunately been stolen, but I know where it is and I was wondering if you and Mediocre would come with meto fetch it, I can then hand it straight over to you without having to put it through the stress of taking it to my house first. 95. Hm, alright. Well come over right away. 96. Right Mediocre; put your book away, youre coming for a littlewalk with me. 97. A walk dad? Where are we going? I have a little surprise for you. A surprise? Wow, let me just get my bookmark. 98. I hope this novel of mine will sell well once I get it finished, I have just rolled a want to write a best seller. Im sure itll sell well Caffie sweetie, youre a very smart simself.Oh look, someone is coming. 99. Hello Mr. Pinch, Im sorry to disturb you like this but I have reason to believe that your daughter has taken one of my puppies without permission. 100. You have a nerve to come here with accusations like that, you... Olf dearest! Lets go and ask Chisel Jersey if she knows anything about it. 101. *Thud-Thud-Thud-Thud-Thud-Thud-Thud!* 102. WHAT?!! You do have a puppy in here?! Explain yourself at once! Dad I Did you steal it from Mr Roselands house?! What were you THINKING?! 103. I cant believe a daughter of mine would DO such a Hush Olf! Chisel Jersey, that puppy isnt yours, you must give it back to Mr Roseland immediately. 104. The puppy belongs to Mr GamerO now, he bought it a a few weeks ago and he was due to come and collect it today. 105. *sniff* Here you are Mr. GamerO.Actually, the puppy isnt even for me... 106. Its for Mediocre, she gets so lonely when I am at work. 107. oh here you are Mediocre *sniff* heres your puppy. 108. . I named him Broom. 109. Oh dad, thats what the surprise was! Is this puppy really all mine? It sure is Mediocre.Thank you so much dad, he is lovely, but 110. if he is all mine, then he is all mine to give away. Chisel Jersey,I want you to have this puppy, I know how much you want him. 111. *gasp* Do you mean that? Can I have him after all? You can if your dad agrees. 112. Do you agree Mr Pinch? Err, well yes yes I suppose so. Thank you. 113. Well Mediocre, that was very kind of you but, I thought you would have loved to have a puppy? I really do appreciate it dad, but the truth is 114. Id rather have a kitten. 115. All together now: Awwwwww. 116. Thats it! Hope you enjoyed that little story. Now all there is left is to say cheerio for now and keep a look out for the proper chapter 16 of A Measure of Things which should be up in about a couple of weeks. 117. Mum, you havent told the readers the moral of the story.Oh, what do you suggest that should be Fry? OK listen here: If you want something, just take it. You are nevergoing to get it by just asking politely. 118. Fry! Thats a terrible moral, I cant tell the readers that! Awayyou go outside to play. 119. Kids eh? What can you do? Many thanks to the creators of the CC I use, both the seen and the unseen, and thank you to my dear readers, old and new, who make the simming community a wonderful and fun place to be.See you all very soon. Until then happy simming.