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  • 1. Travel Agent Denise Meikle Technology and Multimedia Spring 2010
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  • 3. Spain was dubbed the most powerful empire in the 16th and 17th centuries. The countrys control ranged from islands in the Americas to European countries. After years of being on top, however, Spain fell because of political instability. In 1986, Spain joined the EU and practices a democracy. (CIA- The World Fact Book) Clip of Spains National Anthem
  • 4. Springtime is the most beautiful time in Spain. From the blooming flowers to the festival season, there are many things to see and experience. In March, a traveler can see Las Fallas which literally translates to the fires where floats depicting various scenes combine with crazy pyrotechnics. (Lowell, Hurd 130)
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    • Palma de Mallorca
    • Sights to see: Es Trenc considered this islands most famous beach
    • Barcelona
    • Sights to see: La Boqueria a market located in Las Ramblas sells everything from fish to locusts to unique fruit.
    Click to hear narration (Geographia Europe)
  • 6. Spaniards are people who value honor and making good impressions. When first meeting a person of this country, using usted shows respect and creates good relations. The people of Spain also view punctuality and set rules in a relaxed way resulting in a lack of stress and tension. (Grolier Online) The family I stayed with when I went to Salamanca
  • 7. Paella Ingredients: Rice Seafood- muscles, shrimp, cuttlefish Vegetables-onions, peppers, artichoke, tomatoes Spices -saffron, red pepper, salt -The seafood found in the paella is unique to each of Spains different regions. (Clawson 48)
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    • -One of worlds largest economies
    • After the Cold War in 1949, Germany formed two states, East Germany and West Germany.
    • -After years of an icy relationship, tensions fizzled when East Germans were allowed to travel into West Germany through open points in the Berlin Wall and around the country. In 1990, Germany reunited and entered the EU.
    (CIA- The World Fact Book) Clip of Germanys National Anthem
  • 10. The summer months or Christmas will keep any traveler entertained for weeks. The weather will be the warmest all year from June to August and the perfect setting to visit all the sights Germany has to offer. During Christmas, the Christkindle Market in Munich offers shopping and a unique cultural experience. (Lowell, Hurd 130)
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    • Berlin
    • Sights to see: Brandenburger Tor- It is the only remaining gate in the country that was once situated behind the Berlin Wall. It is now the only remaining symbol of the division Germany once suffered from and is illuminated at night to be seen from all over the city.
    (Geographia Europe)
  • 12. Germans are people with high values. Having a rich education in the arts, history, music, science, and language shows the standards these people strive to achieve. Germans appreciate punctuality and intelligence when fist meeting a new person. Regional pride is a big part of Germanys culture so insulting a Germans county or city is never recommended. (Grolier Online) A foreign exchange student (on the left) from Germany who schooled in Westborough for a year.
  • 13. Gegrillte Bratwurst Ingredients: Onions, peppers, cloves, beer Bratwurst Sandwich rolls (Clawson 50) -Bratwurst is most commonly sold on the streets by vendors as sandwiches for those on the go who need a quick meal.
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  • 15. - After being ruled by a monarchy, in 1946 democracy took over and pleased Italys citizens. -Economic reform created a prosperous economy for the people of Italy and can still be seen today. -Regional pride is a big part of the culture in this country and as a result most people identify themselves as Sicilian or Venetian rather than Italian. (CIA- The World Fact Book) Clip of Italys National Anthem
  • 16. Springtime offers to best travel experience in Italy. Whether youre looking for warm and sunny weather or the best shopping in the world, this country offers both at this time. During the summer, shop owners take their own vacations and essentially shut down the shopping centers. In the spring however, the stores are open and offer great deals to make room for the next seasons clothes. (Lowell, Hurd 130)
  • 17. Venice Sights to see: The Grand Canal- This is the largest canal whose banks are lined with some of the most famous buildings Venice has to offer. (Geographia Europe) Florence Sights to see: Piazzale Michelangelo- This plaza is ringed by many outdoor cafs and adorned with more than 2,500 types of blooming flowers in the spring.
  • 18. Italians are very social people and enjoy gatherings of family and friends. They value their family traditions and always protect their family name. These people usually have warmer personalities and exude friendliness. Punctuality is also valued and is the first part in making a good impression. (Grolier Online) My neighbors in New Jersey, an entire Italian family together celebrating a new birth.
  • 19. Trenette al Pesto Ingredients: Trenette pasta (long, narrow, flat, dry noodles) Basil, garlic Pine nuts Ewe cheese, Parmesan cheese (Clawson 53) 19
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  • 21. -Celtic tribes arrived on this island between 600-150 BC and lived freely until the United Kingdom conquered its people and took control. -12 th century, Ireland tried to break away from English control to form an independent country. -1949, part of Ireland withdrew from the British Commonwealth and joined the EU leaving Northern Ireland still part of the United Kingdom. (CIA- The World Fact Book) Clip of Irelands National Anthem
  • 22. From May to August, Ireland experiences their best weather. Minimal rain and beautiful blooming flowers gives the landscape a luscious feel. Travelers can take a trip to Rosses Point where they can enjoy the beach, take a look at monuments and stay in 5 star accommodations. (Lowell, Hurd 130)
  • 23. Dublin Sights to see: Guinness Storehouse- the most popular tourist attraction in Ireland, Guinness offers guided informational tours, tasty free samples, and a unique look into Irelands most famous export. (Geographia Europe) My sister snapped this picture waiting for her free pint on her visit to Dublin.
  • 24. The people of Ireland of most likely pictured as red headed families who like to drink. While some of this may be true, the Irish are also very easy going, light hearted, and good humored. Their family traditions are very important and often are extremely unique to Irelands culture. (Grolier Online)
  • 25. Colcannon Ingredients: Potatoes Bacon Leeks, garlic, green cabbage Milk (Clawson 42) -Potatoes are a staple in the Irish diet and can usually be seen on both the lunch and dinner menus. 25
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  • 27. -One of the most modern countries of Europe. -Experienced some hardships to reach this point including the harsh rule of Louis XVI and fighting in world wars. -In 1958, Frances government switched to a presidential parliament and they were the first country to introduce the Euro as a form of currency. (CIA- The World Fact Book) Clip of Frances National Anthem
  • 28. The spring or fall is the best time to visit this country. No over crowding, like in the summer, and travelers can enjoy multiple events. The Grandes Eaux Musicales from April to October allows visitors to experience the fountains as they were during the time of Louis XVI, with flowing water and classical music singing through the air. (Lowell, Hurd 130)
  • 29. Paris Sights to see: Eiffel Tower- This infamous monument offers great views of the city, informational tours, and even a chance to go on the elevator to the top. (Geographia Europe) Loire Valley Sights To see: Chateau dUsse- One of the most beautiful castles in France, it contains luscious gardens, scenic views, and was the castle that inspired Charles Perraults Sleeping Beauty.
  • 30. The people of France are very proud of their culture and will go to great lengths to defend anything French. Their family reputation is also very important as well as a superior education. (Grolier Online) 30
  • 31. Bouillabaisse Ingredients: Monkfish, Sea bass, Red snapper, or Halibut Sea scallops Celery, leeks, garlic, tomatoes Clam juice Saffron, cayenne pepper, white wine, anise seeds -This would most commonly be eaten during dinner (Clawson 44) 31
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  • 33. -Once the most powerful empires in the world covering almost of the earths surface -After fighting in both WWI and WWII, their force was horribly depleted causing their control to collapse. -Great Britain still refuses to join the EU and remains the British Commonwealth. (CIA- The World Fact Book) Clip of Great Britains National Anthem
  • 34. May through September offers the best time to visit Great Britain. Unlike the usual rainy weather in the late fall and winter, late spring and summer has the warmest and least rainy season. This weather gives travelers the best time to visit the monuments and historical cities this country contains. (Lowell, Hurd 130)
  • 35. London Sights to see: Abbey Road- No money required to get a snapshot of this Beatles landmark. This crosswalk is also located near EMI, the studio the Beatles did most of their recordings at. The London Eye- Based on the bank of the River Thames, this giant observation wheel will give a traveler a panoramic view of the city. (Geographia Europe)
  • 36. Within Great Britain a great deal of importance is still put on social class and family. Traditions are also valued and are seem throughout the holidays. Not to be misinterpreted as arrogant, Brits usually have a wry sense of humor. (Grolier Online) 36
  • 37. Yorkshire Pudding Ingredients: Eggs Milk Flour Lard, beef dripping, or vegetable oil (Clawson 76) 37
  • 38. Works Cited Barrientos, Miguel. "Country Facts." Index M...