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<p> 1. Environmental Technologies<br />Advanced Elective Module.<br />3rdJune 2010 9thJune 2010<br /> 2. Aim<br />To have better knowledge of advanced environmental technology <br />To be exposed to various environmental technologies.<br />To carry out laboratory analysis for water quality and solid waste.<br />To have a feel of what polytechnic life is about.<br /> 3. Learning outcomes<br />Appreciation of how environmental technologies help environmental problems.<br />Understanding of how membrane bioreactor technologies.<br />Use tests, analyze and propose solutions to solve specific real life environmental problems.<br /> 4. Course Duration &amp; Schedule<br /></p> <ul><li>Total duration: 40 hours (5 days) 5. 8 problems of 5 hours each.</li></ul> <p>Daily Assignments<br />Presentations.<br />Experiments (Practical)<br />Understanding Test (UT)<br />Reflection Journals. <br />Quizzes.<br /> 6. DAY 1<br />3rdJune 2010<br />Yuying Secondary School<br /> 7. Tian Jin Eco-city<br />Sino-Singapore project to improve the living environment and build an eco-culture.<br /> 8. Organisms &amp; Eco-System<br />The eco-system is made up of organisms and physical factors of the environment to create a stable system.<br /> 9. DAY 2<br />4th June 2010<br />Republic Polytechnic<br /> 10. Food &amp; Municipal Waste<br />The energy produced by food (biodegradable) waste is much more than municipal (non-biodegradable) waste. <br /> 11. DAY 3<br />7thJune 2010<br />Yuying Secondary School<br /> 12. Membrane Bioreactor Technology<br />With microfiltration, this technology makes the production of NEWater shorter and faster.<br /> 13. Algae used as bio-diesel <br />Green Algae are converted into energy then used as bio-diesel.<br />One hectare of micro-algae can produced up to 80000 kg of oil per year! <br /> 14. DAY 4<br />8th June 2010<br />Republic Polytechnic<br /> 15. Waste Management<br />Several methods to manage solid waste landfill, recycling &amp; incineration.<br /></p> <ul><li>Landfill being the most affordable. 16. Recycling being the most environmental-friendly. 17. Incineration creating the most energy.</li></ul><p>Wastewater Treatment<br />2 different treatments Physical &amp; Biologiocal<br />2 experiments Mixed Liquor Suspension Solids (MLSS) &amp; Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)<br /> 18. DAY 5<br />9th June 2010<br />Republic Polytechnic<br /> 19. Getting closer to the nature<br />A fun outdoor experience to the Admiralty Park<br />- A 20 hectares nature area comprising of 2-km nature trail to appreciate its rustic surroundings and observe different flora and fauna.<br /> 20. 21. Video<br /> 22. THANK YOU<br />Done by: Oh Chin Keong<br />Ho Wei Ting<br />Jiang Yuan Hui<br />Sun Xiao Jun<br />Dilon Ho<br />Yong Jie<br />S. Ashwini<br />Theresa May<br />Isabel Neo<br />Cheryl Tan<br /></p>


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