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the Oceania region and I search upon cell phones using a mixture of humour, contempt , irritation and


  • Cell Phones - What Do You Think ?

    Cell Phones : or Mobile Phones, determined by which part of the world you reside in. I speculate , is itpossible to go all over the world without seeing one of these simple instruments. I am a resident ofthe Oceania region and I search upon cell phones using a mixture of humour, contempt , irritation andI suppose , a little admiration.This technology permits people to communicate with each other from almost any place on globe. Solong as you pay the cash to your provider you possibly can make a call for a landline home phonefrom anywhere, using "agents" within the country you are visiting.As with everything, technology improves(?) every day. So it is with cellular phones. I am sure it won'tbe well before we can put them on an integral ring! It doesn't look such a long time ago that my sonwere built with a phone that was concerning the size of half a house brick, and if you had been goingto try to clip it to your buckle buckle, there was a likelihood that your jeans would finish up round theankles.Pricing, normally , has made cell phones far more accessible to the general public and evidently thisaccommodates the younger members individuals society. Although it nonetheless somewhat amazesme that even with prices becoming quite reasonable, how's it possible for schoolchildren to affordwhat is fundamentally still an accessory ?From an aggravating point of view, and not desperate to sound pedantic, i find it somewhat widespread to overhear a conversation on a cellphone , say in a restaurant , while enjoying a pleasantmeal, the receiver informing the mystery caller where they are and what they are eating. Which saidthe art of conversation is dead?On a more serious notice , cell phones can also be a lethal weapon inside the wrong hands. Just howso I hear you say? How many times are you currently driving and witnessed the "one-handed newdriver " with cell phone inside the other hand having an lengthy conversation while travelling at thespeed limit for the freeway? Thankfully, many civilised societies have banned this nuts practice.Don't believe by reading this content that I am anti-cell cell phone. I most certainly are not. I see thathaving the phone at hand can be more than valuable in emergencies. I am simply making tongue incheek remarks like a little nudge inside the ribs of the world regarding cell phone users.Which brings me to be able to my conclusion, you know that this type of cell phone , as with all otherbusiness products, is there to generate money for the manufacturers, retailers , providers and giveenjoyment and convenience for the users. And so be it.My final and that i consider the most humorous thing I have seen very recently with cellular phones ,concerned an advertisement for the Nokia phone (or even was it talkabout ). Anyway, a list ofadvantages for this particular model ended up proffered for the community : camera, messageprogram , make a cup of tea, all kinds of things. What was evident was that the SIXTH item one ofmany the selling factors was the first reference to actually making a mobile call !!Ah, what amazing times we reside in !!

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