Cell Phone Technology Cell Phone Technology. ► Cell technology is changing fast  Phones  Tablets  Computers

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  • Cell Phone Technology Cell Phone Technology
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  • Cell technology is changing fast Phones Tablets Computers
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  • Providers are many and changing Some are new Some are being consolidated
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  • Common Offerings Individual plans Single Line Family plan Up to 5 lines Business Plans No Contract Plan
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  • Voice Sometimes plans include free calls to other phones from the same provider There are also family & favorites plans Messaging or Text Usually sold by the message or unlimited Includes text, picture, video and instant messages. Data (Web & Email) Includes Web, email and any other Internet use.
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  • Voice Sold by the minute, or in packages, or unlimited Messaging 20 per text or packages from $5.00/month Data (Web & Email) Pay per MB or monthly rate packages. Data Packages
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  • Data Usually sold by the Megabyte/Gigabyte or unlimited Hot spot WIFI usually free Recent Changes: AT&T eliminated unlimited new offerings, measured at $15.00 for 200 Megabytes/month and $25.00 for 2 Gigabytes/month Verizon offering both measured service 150 Megabytes/month for $15.00/month and $29.99/month for unlimited TMobile offering measured for $10.00 a month for 200Megabytes/month or $30.00/month for unlimited
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  • Device Type Monthly Access Per Line Data Allowance Rate After Allowance Email Service Feature Phones Pay per use $1.99 per MB $5 $5 Feature Phones with data requirement $10 75 MB $10 per 75 MB Included Feature Phones, 3G & 4G Smartphones (email and web for BlackBerry/Smartphone) $29.99UnlimitedIncluded Data package of $29.99 or higher required for 3G and 4G Smartphones VERIZON OFFERINGS
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  • Speeds Speeds 3G cellular technology brings wireless broadband data services to mobile phones. Speeds from 144Kbps (roughly three times faster than a 56K dial-up modem connection) to 2.4Mbps (close to cable- modem speed) 4G faster and coming
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  • Operating Systems I Phone I Phone APPLE Android Google Blackberry RIM Windows Microsoft
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  • Apps Small Programs that can run on a Smartphone Written for an Operating System Can use GPS TaskKiller
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  • Future Multi CPU Phone - quad processors are coming Better batteries Better screens Faster data transfer Better software
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  • Things to Consider Design Features Bluetooth Cameras Still and Video MP3/MP4 players GPS Email/Browser APPS Expandable Memory Java Games Mobile TV Texting Ringtones Mobile Roaming SIM Card Speakerphone Battery Life


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