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    Today I quit to... AT A TIME

    Youre independent, right? You make your own money, you dysfunction for men under 40, and increases the risk of decide how to live your life and you choose to defend your infertility and miscarriage for women trying to become country. But youre dependent on one thing: nicotine. pregnant.

    If you cant get through the day without using tobacco and We know that quitting tobacco is tough, and the reason its you become irritable, anxious and have difficulty so tough is because of nicotine. Once you decide to quit concentrating when you go too long without smoking or tobacco and become independent from nicotine, there will dipping, youre addicted to nicotine. You might not realize it, be a withdrawal period. That period varies greatly but nicotine is a dangerous drug thats as addictive as depending on a variety of factors - from how long youve cocaine and heroin. been using tobacco, to how many milligrams you use in a

    day. Learn how to navigate this withdraw period by Nicotine is in cigarettes, cigars, cigarillos, chew, dip, snuff, conquering your cravings.hookah and electronic cigarettes. No matter the form of tobacco youre using, youre ingesting nicotine. This is your summer to become independent from nicotine. Visit UCanQuit2.org to chat live 24/7 with a tobacco Wondering whats so bad about being dependent on cessation coach, sign up for SmokefreeMIL, a text nicotine? Nicotine affects every major system in your body message program, read fact sheets about nicotine, learn and leads to weakened immune function, fatigue, decreased how to get through the withdrawal period and tips on how healing time and cancer. Nicotine even harms your to quit nicotine for good.reproductive system: it is the leading cause of erectile

    To access any of the campaign resources or order free materials, visit www.ucanquit2.org.