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Cavalry in WWI Drew Altman

Cavalry in WWI

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Cavalry in WWI. Drew Altman. Definition. Men that fight on horseback. Cavalry Weapons. Advantages. Disadvantages. =. “An American Soldier”. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cavalry in WWIDrew AltmanDefinitionMen that fight on horseback

Cavalry Weapons



An American SoldierIm an American Soldier, just trying to get by.Sometimes I wish I could break down and cry.I'm over here protecting your freedom,Yet I feel you have forgotten me.Over here across the sea,I hear the words spoken to me,Words of hatred and of pain.It makes me feel there is nothing to gain.I try to hold on and keep strong,Thinking of home and how I'm not alone.I keep on thinking how I hate to be away -yet I know how much I want to stay.Being here is more than war - it is a time to let the Eagle soar.Freedom doesn't come naturally, it comes with time, and with me.It comes with people standing up - it comes with hope - not with luck.I will never think of war the same - I won't always give Bush the blame.I can not promise the date when I am home.But I promise you one thing, I won't leave you alone.Bibliography""An American Soldier"". 04/29/10 . Imageshack. 04/29/10 . "Cavalry and WW1". 04/29/10 . 04/29/10 . "Cavalry". 04/29/10 .