Cause Effect and Classification Essay

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The description and examples of Cause Effect and Classification Essay


<p>Writing a Cause or Effect Essay</p> <p>Cause Effect and Classification EssayFatimah Tul Zahra (13320095)Nur Farah Dziba (13320103)Nimatul Muyassaroh (13320123)What is Cause &amp; Effect? A cause makes something happen.An effect is a result of a particular cause or event.Cause and effect essays identify causes or predict effect; sometimes, they do both.How to write good an effective Cause EffectWhen writing this essay, writers who decide to write from the perspective of a cause need to focus on what happened before a specific event. Writers who decide to write from the perspective of an effect need to focus on what happened after a specific event. </p> <p>EVENTCausesEffectsOptions For Organizing Cause and Effect EssayIdentifying CausesIntroduction (Identifies effect)First CauseSecond CauseThird (and most important) causeconclusionPredicting EffectIntroduction (identifies cause)First effectSecond effectThird (and most important) effectConclusion.Transition for Cause and EffectAccordinglyAnother CauseAnother EffectAs a resultBecauseConsequentlyFor</p> <p>For this reasonSinceThe first (second,third) causeThe first (second, third) effectThe most important causeThe most important effectthereforeExample of cause effect essayClassification EssayClassification is the act of sorting items into appropriate categories. Classification Essay divide a whole (your subject) into parts and sort various items into categories.How to write good and effective Classification EssayIdentify the ideaTell the categories are importantThe body identifies, in separate paragraphs, the various categories, with examples.The conclusion restates the categories of the thesis and re-emphasize the significance things.</p> <p>Organizing a classification essayIntroductionThesis statementBody Paragraph 1Description and Illustration of category 1Body Paragraph 2Description and Illustration of category 2</p> <p>Body Paragraph 3Description and Illustration of category 3</p> <p>Concluding ParagraphTransitions for Classification EssayPurposeConnect two independent clausesConnectors of ExampleFor ExampleFor instanceConnectors of ConsequenceAs a consequenceAs a resultConsequentlyFor this reasonThereforeExample of classification essay</p>


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