Cause and Effect Writing

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Cause and Effect Writing. A Model. Prompt. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Cause and Effect Writing

Cause and Effect WritingA ModelUsing the information presented, your own experiences, observations, and/or readings, write a speech to present to your communitys elementary and middle school Parent/Guardian Associations in which you examine the harmful effects of children watching too much television.PromptBrainstormGood Afternoon Parents,Did you know that the average child in the United States spends about 25 hours a week in front of the television? Spending this much time in front of the television can have harmful effects on the mental and physical health of your children. Although television has brought new ideas and information into our homes, the negative effects of television on your children far outnumber the positive effects. The negative effects of excessive television viewing include less quality time spent with family members, depression and pessimism, and the development of unhealthy habits.Write an Opening ParagraphAdd ElaborationThe first negative effect of excessive television watching is less quality time spent with families.The second negative effect of television viewing is that children may develop depression or become pessimistic.The third negative effect, and perhaps the most important, is that children may develop unhealthy habits that may lead to obesity.Add TransitionsAdd examples and evidence that support your topic sentence. Be sure that each example that you use connects to your topic sentence.Integrate the quotes and information provided on your prompt sheet.Vary your sentence structure and word choice.

Develop Body ParagraphsIn conclusion, when television is used properly, it is both educational and beneficial to society; however, when television use is abused, it has negative and detrimental effects. Overuse of the television by children can infringe on family time, cause depression and pessimism, and result in unhealthy habits. As concerned parents, encourage your children to find new things to do after school such as athletics or reading and help put an end to this destructive cycle.Add Your Conclusion


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