Cause and effect essay

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<ul><li> 1. Goals: You will be writing an essay that effectively showsthe cause and effect relationships between Marksactions and his friends misery. This will be a 5 paragraph essay due Monday 11/12</li></ul> <p> 2. Qualities of a Great Essay Good Cause/Effect: Clearly distinguishes between a cause and an effect. Establishes a clear thesis statement. Presents information in an effective order. 3. Introduction Your introduction should introduce the character ofMark. Tell the reader some character traits that you thinkare important and that explain why he hurts hisfriends. Examples: 4. Introduction cont. Your introduction should also explain the quoteNothing bad ever happens to me, showing youraudience how you will prove it wrong. This is your thesis statement.Example: 5. Body Paragraphs Each paragraph will focus on one person Mark endsup affecting with his decisions. You will need to find quotes or textual evidence tosupport your reasoning. example: 6. Conclusion Explain what Mark or his peers have learned. Describe the theme and how the reader knows that isthe theme. 7. Pages for textual evidence Charlies death Pg 86. Bryons emotional pain -148, 158, 159 M&amp;Ms experience with drugs.- 106,117 ***Be sure to explain how your quote shows Marksselfishness and impacts others ***</p>


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