1 Welcome to this version of the new Lichfield Cathedral Catalogue of Printed Books. CONTENTS Frontispiece Page 2 Introduction Page 3 Foreword Page 4 The Development of the Library Page 5 A Note on Older catalogues Page 7 Catalogue Page 9 Enquiries should be made to: The Librarian, 19A The Close, Lichfield WS13 7LD. Telephone: 01543 306100 or 01543 306175

Catalogue of Printed Books

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Page 1: Catalogue of Printed Books


Welcometo this version of the new Lichfield Cathedral Catalogue of Printed Books.


Frontispiece Page 2Introduction Page 3Foreword Page 4The Development of the Library Page 5A Note on Older catalogues Page 7Catalogue Page 9

Enquiries should be made to:The Librarian, 19A The Close, Lichfield WS13 7LD.

Telephone: 01543 306100 or 01543 306175

Page 2: Catalogue of Printed Books



PRINTED BOOKSIn the library of

Prepared by

Dr. B.S. Benedikz

Assisted by

Canon A.N. Barnard and Mrs P.BancroftComputer layout and input by Mr & Mrs R.J.Tetley

Introduction by Canon A. N. BarnardForeword by Her Grace the Duchess of Somerset

Essay on the Development of the Library, by the lateReverend E. C. C. Hill

With a note on Older Catalogues, by Dr. B. S. Benedikz

Published by

The Dean and Chapter of Lichfield


Page 3: Catalogue of Printed Books



It is now nearly 15 years since the Chapter published the first new catalogue of printed books since the nineteenth century. Like all such publications, it rapidly became out-of-date, both because of new additions, and because the manner of recording books and the means of sharing the information moved on. This new catalogue is based on a new card index prepared by Dr Ben Benedikz, and has been produced using the UNESCO computer program CDS/ISIS, which has a powerful search facility. Making additions will be easier in future. The next step will be to make a version of the catalogue available on the Cathedral website.

So important was the original benefaction of the Duchess of Somerset that we have retained the 1984 Foreword. We have also retained, with minor amendments, the short articles by the late Prebendary Eric Hill and Dr Benedikz who, together, did so much to restore, renovate and develop the Library.

The Dean and Chapter of Lichfield Cathedral are immensely grateful to the present Librarian, Mrs Pat Bancroft, and to Richard and Claire Tetley, who have worked together to produce the new revised catalogue.

Canon A.N. BarnardOctober 1998

Page 4: Catalogue of Printed Books


Foreword by Her Grace

The Duchess of Somerset

It gives me great pleasure to know how the gift of a thousand books made

in 1673 by my predecessor Frances, Duchess of Somerset has grown into a

substantial and much valued Cathedral library. This new catalogue is evidence

of the generosity of many benefactors and the skill of successive librarians, not

least Prebendary Eric Hill and Dr. Ben Benedikz who have worked for many

years to bring it to its present pitch of excellence. I should mention too the

generous grants from the British Library which have made possible a great deal

of re-binding and other repair work.

I have a particularly happy memory of a visit to Lichfield in 1982 when I

was asked to open the permanent exhibition of the Cathedral Library's greatest

treasure, the wonderful eighth century illuminated manuscript of the Lichfield

Gospels. It is good to know that more people are able to see it to-day than ever

before in its long history.

4th July, 1984.

Page 5: Catalogue of Printed Books



Lichfield Cathedral Library now occupies the original Treasury, the upper storey of the Chapter House, built in 1249. The floor is the one of decorated tiles that was laid down at the end of the 13th century. For some years (1490 - 1758) there was a separate detached Library building on the north side of The Close, completed by Dean Yotton in 1500 at his own expense. It had been started by the Chapter and Dean Heywood, who was a munificent benefactor of the Cathedral. During the Civil War the Cathedral was under siege three times. The Library was desolated, and its contents, both books and fittings, dispersed and destroyed by the Parliamentarians. It was refitted by Dean Smallwood to house the 1000 books bequeathed to the Library by Frances, Duchess of Somerset, in 1673. These books, the collection of her husband, William, the second Duke, form the basis of the present Library.

Not until 1714 did the Library have any funds specially set apart, but in that year it was decided, on the proposal of Dean Kimberley and Canons Horton and Goodwin, that when a new Prebendary was installed, in lieu of the expensive “Entertainment” then in vogue, he should pay a certain sum of money to be expended on books, the amount varying according to the value of the Prebend. In the first seven years this produced £55 from 17 Installations. This system lasted for 160 years, supplemented since 1824 by annual contributions of £3 from the Dean and £1 each from the six Canons Residentiary. In 1876 a new system came into force with an annual allotment of £15 from General Accounts.

The Library has had many benefactors. Samuel Pegge, the Antiquary, in 1796, left 100 volumes. He was Prebendary of Bobenhall in 1757, and Prebendary of Whittington and Berswych from 1763 till his death in 1796, in the ninety-second year of his age. Andrew Newton in 1803 gave his library to the Cathedral. He was the founder of Newton's College for widows and daughters of the Clergy. Frederick Martin, Prebendary of Lincoln, gave large benefactions to Lichfield Cathedral Library in 1865. In this century, the Reverend Thomas Barns, Vicar of Hilderstone, gave his collection of books in 1925, including many German works and books on Liturgy and Hymnology. His bequest is contained in cases I and Q. Hugh Bright, Archdeacon of Stafford and Treasurer of the Cathedral gave many valuable volumes, including several Incunabula. Ernest Richard Orlando Bridgeman, Prebendary of Flixton and Rector of Blymill for 57 years gave rare books and manuscripts including Wycliffe's New Testament, a manuscript of about 1410.

At the turn of the century expansion became necessary and in August 1900 the Library was closed for a year, during which time the Annexe above the Vestibule was prepared to receive the great increase in the number of books. Books in the Annexe have the prefix letter Z. Then in 1928 a generous anonymous donation enabled the Library windows to be glazed with clear glass; previously they had been filled with a peculiar kind of bottle-glass.

Since 1973 the Library has been associated with the Birmingham University Library, and this association has been mutually beneficial. For our part we have had the invaluable help of the University Library Staff, their expertise and resources. Over

Page 6: Catalogue of Printed Books


one thousand volumes have been rebound, some with the aid of private individual donors, whose names are inserted in the appropriate books, but many more from generous grants made available by the British Library. This important work is continuing, and recently work has started on rebinding and repairing the valuable music library. A music catalogue is also in preparation, by Dr Percy Young, our Music Consultant.

The Library contains books on a wide variety of subjects, not only theological. Geography and travel take up several shelves. Saxton's Maps of England and Wales are there, together with Mercator's Atlas Novus (1638) and Blaeu’s Theatre du Monde of 1645. Case V is almost entirely Historical; English literature occupies S and T, while Classics are to be found in 0 and P, with dictionaries filling N. There are many Bibles, including Cranmer's Great Bible of 1540, the "Breeches Bible" of 1611 and the "Vinegar Bible'' of 1717. There is a fine Baskerville edition of 1763 and Walton's Polyglot.

Of Incunabula there may be mentioned Saint Jerome’s Epistolae (Rome, 1470), the Nuremberg Chronicle (Latin, 1493), Aeneas Silvius (Nuremberg, 1481), Origen (Rome, 1481), the Vulgate (Jenson, 1479) and Leonardo Aretino (Venice, 1476).The Manuscripts, the most famous of which is the Lichfield Gospels (c.730), form the subject of a separate catalogue (by Dr. B.S. Benedikz of Birmingham University). Mention should be made of a Justinian, Codex Juris Canonici (of c. 1200), Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (c.1420), Gregory IX's Decretals (c.1300), and Wycliffe's New Testament (c.1410).

Since the publication of the 1984 catalogue, the Cathedral has received, on loan, a fine selection of early bibles belonging to Mrs Judith Fyffe, and several other donations of books which continue to add to its value to scholarship and the community.

Note: The Dean Savage Library, which was bequeathed and endowed by the Dean in 1939, and contains many recent books on theology for the use of theological students, is situated in the Close. This, too, is being catalogued, and expanded to serve as a reading and reference library for those studying theology in the area and diocese.

Written by the late Prebendary E.E.C. Hill and revised by Canon A.N Barnard

Page 7: Catalogue of Printed Books



The oldest surviving note of any holdings in Lichfield Cathedral Library is a battered sheet of paper in the hand of Patrick Young, Librarian to King James I, whom his master had sent on a search for MS material in church libraries in 1622-23. This document (now MS Lich. 39) shows that the Cathedral had 79 mediæval codices: ten of these were eventually identified by Dr. Neill Ker as still extant (Mediæval and Renaissance Studies II, 1950, 151-168). Young does not refer to printed books, and no pre-Civil War record exists of what the Library held before the two sieges.

The Civil War's shattering destruction left the Library in a desolate state: only scraps of paper and vellum were found when Precentor Higgins returned to re-start the corporate life of the Cathedral. During Bishop Hacket's reign, the rebuilding of the fabric was the first priority of the Chapter. In 1672, however, a noble gift came to Dean Matthew Smallwood and his Canons, for Frances Seymour, widow of William, 2nd Duke of Somerset and already a good friend to Lichfield bequeathed "my husband's Great Library" to the Cathedral, and the books which form the true re-foundation of the Cathedral Library were delivered next year.

Dean Smallwood was a business-like man, and the Catalogue of Her Grace Ye Dutchesse of Somersett's Great Library (now MS Lich. 60) forms the first record of the present collection. It is a curious document by modern cataloguing standards, being formed in two sections, the second being a revision of the first made in 1681 by Canon Henry Greswold. Its last pages were used as the oldest Borrowers' Register.

Dean Smallwood's catalogue served, with various interpolations, for nearly a century, but thanks to the unselfish act of Dean Kimberley and his Chapter in providing a Library income from the payments of incoming bishops, deans and canons, books were added regularly. In 1768 an attempt at a new catalogue was made. This must have proved an unsatisfactory compilation, for in 1774 a much fuller author-and-subject-catalogue was provided, which was to serve, with many interpolations, until 1838, when ordinary acquisitions, and a generous bequest from Andrew Newton, necessitated a new catalogue being produced. This was to serve in turn until the MS catalogue of 1868. All these catalogues were compiled on the same general principles; an author and title file in a single alphabet, with greater or lesser attempts at subject-division. (These Catalogues are now MSS Lich 61, 62, 36 and 37).

In 1871, however, a radical change took place. The Dean and Chapter decided for the first time to issue their Library Catalogue in print. This printed catalogue was clearly not regarded with much favour, for in the 1880s Dean Bickersteth and his Chapter decided to "go professional", and in 1888 there appeared a catalogue which has been the basic Library finding-list for almost a hundred years. Compiled by the distinguished bookselling firm of Henry Sotheran & Co, it is an author and title list with a number of large subject-headings (Bible, Book of Common Prayer etc) used to gather material available in those fields.

Numerous additions over the next quarter-century led Dean Savage and his Chapter to commission a Supplement on similar lines in 1911, also from Henry Sotheran, into

Page 8: Catalogue of Printed Books


which were gathered relocations of books and a number of corrections to shelf-marks in the main catalogue.

In the 1970s renewed activity in the Cathedral Library brought the first catalogue of the Cathedral MSS since Patrick Young's list. A preliminary list was drafted and issued in 1974 to a few scholars and librarians: with the corrections and helpful notes provided by them it was issued in 1978, and a further revision made in 1985. In the meanwhile the mediaeval MSS were treated fully by Dr. Neil Ker in volume III of his Mediaeval MSS in British Libraries (1983), and Dean Savage's personal muniments and MSS were listed by the present writer with the aid of Prebendary E C C Hill and Dr. Susan Brock.

This note surveys the efforts made at cataloguing the Library since Patrick Young called in on his journeys round England. The successive endeavours demonstrate the growth of the printed riches since Duchess Frances's generous bequest. The new catalogue published in 1984 revealed how total was the destruction of printed pre-Civil War books, for only one ewe-lamb, a sadly mutilated copy of Bromyard's Summa Predicantium (1484, B M Inc. III, 747) now remains here, the gift of Dean John Yotton in 1505. The new catalogue also revealed the generosity of the Library's three “big B’s” (Archdeacon Bright, Prebendary Bridgeman and the Rev. Thomas Barns) of the twentieth century.

Dr. B.S. Benedikz

Page 9: Catalogue of Printed Books


A , M Z120/9 Speculum Baxterianum: or, Baxter against Baxter. 20cm. London. for Richard Chiswell. 1680 Wing A19.A , R P79C An English-Latin table wherein are contained many English words... 18.5cm. London. (n.p.). 1719 Bound with: KER - Selectarum...libri duo (1708/19)à KEMPIS, St Thomas C49 The imitation of Jesus Christ (translated by T.F. Dibdin) 21cm. London. Pickering. 1828ABBEY Charles John Q1 Religious thought in Old English verse. 18cm. London. Sampson Low. 1892ABBEY Charles John and OVERTON John Henry Z26/2-3 The English church in the eighteenth century. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Longmans. 1878ABBOTS BROMLEY Z11 St Anne's School - History, 1874-1924, by V M MacPherson.. Shrewsbury. . 1924ABERNETHY John H4-5 Sermons on various subjects. 2 vols 20cm. London. D. Browne. 1748ABINGDON CHRONICLE Z63/1-2 Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon, ed. J.Stevenson. (Rolls Series). 2 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1858ABINGDON Thomas Z77X/16 The antiquities of the cathedral church of Worcester. 20cm. London. E Curll. 1717ABNEY John Z77X/16 St Mary's, Leicester.. . . ABNEY John Rutledge Z81/40 The vestry book and accounts of the churchwardens of St Mary's, Leicester, 1652-1729. 22cm. Leicester. Clarke and Satchell. 1912ABOLISHING UA36/2 The abolishing of the Booke of Common Prayer by reason of above fifty grosse corruptions in it. 18cm. (London). Reprinted...by Samuel Satterthwaite. 1641 Wing A97.ABRIDGMENT J57 An abridgment of the prerogatives of St. Ann. 19cm. London. Robert Chiswell. 1688 Wing A108.ABU JAAFAR IBN TOPHAIL T153 The improvement of human reason. 18cm. London. Edmund Powell. 1708ACCADEMIA DELLA CRUSCA N60 Vocabolario. 2nd edn. 35cm. Venice. Jacapo Sarzina. 1623ACCIAIOLI Donato (translator) I114. . . see ARETINO Leonardo - Historia fiorentina...(1476)ACHON Johannes de AA7B Legatine seu constitutiones legitime cum summariis...impresse. 34cm. Paris . Wolfgang Hopsyl. 1506

Page 10: Catalogue of Printed Books


Adams 2114. Bound with: LYNDEWODE W - Opus...(1505).ACOSTA Christoval T142 Tratado en loor de las mugeres. 21cm. Venice. Giacomo Cornetti. 1592ACTON John Emerich Edward Dalberg . . . see CAMBRIDGE - The Cambridge modern history...(1902-11)ACWORTH George* Z120/19 De visibili Romanarchia contra Nich.Sanderi Monarchiam prolegomenom libri duo. 21.5cm. London. John Day. 1573 STC 99.5.ADAM Melchior T229 Vitae Germanorum jurisconsultorum et politicorum. 19cm. Heidelberg. Haeres Jonae Rosae. 1620ADAM Melchior T228 Vitae Germanorum medicorum. 19cm. Heidelberg. Johann Georg Geyder. 1620ADAM Melchior T230 Vitae Germanorum philosophorum. 19cm. Heidelberg. Jonas Rosa. 1615ADAM Melchior M54 Vitae Germanorum theologorum. 19cm. Frankfurt. Johann Roses Witwe. 1653ADAM, of St Victor Q113-15 The liturgical poetry...with translations...and notes by Digby S Wrangham. 3 vols. 19cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1881ADAMNAN Z52/13 The life of St Columba...(edited by) William Reeves. 23.5cm. Dublin. Dublin University Press. 1857ADAMS C N Z9/1 Serve God and be cheerful: St Chad's Cathedral School, Lichfield. 30cm. Wolverhampton. Technical Teachers College. 1976 Typescript.ADAMS Edward Z118/4 The polychromatic ornament of Italy. Part I. 32cm. London. G W Nickisson. n.d. (18--?)ADAMS John M32Z A sermon preached before the Queen at Windsor, September 9, 1705 22cm. London. for T. Bennet. 1705 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711).ADAMS Percy Walter Lewis YA23 Wolstanton (Wolstan's town): a brief history. 2nd edn. 18cm. Tunstall. Edwin H Eardley. 1908ADAMS Rice M32N The excellency, wisdom and usefulness of an upright and sincere conversation. 22cm. London. for J. Churchill. 1708 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711)ADAMS William E6 An essay on Mr. Hume's essay on miracles. 20cm. London. E.Say. 1752ADDENBROOKE John J274K A short essay upon free-thinking. 19.5cm. London. Josiah Bowyer. 1714 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)ADDINGTON Henry K192 Some account of the abbey church of St. Peter and St. Paul at Dorchester,

Page 11: Catalogue of Printed Books


Oxfordshire. 22cm. Oxford. J.H. Parker. 1845ADDISON Joseph T67-68 Essays from the Spectator. 2 vols. 14cm. London. John Sharpe. 1830ADDISON Joseph T281-84 The works. 4 vols. 24cm. London. J Tonson. 1721ADDISON Lancelot X92 The Christian's manual. 5th edn. 16.5cm. London. John Crook. 1718 Supplementary tps dated 1719.ADDISON Lancelot X138 The present state of the Jews (more particularly relating to those in Barbary). 17cm. London. J.C.for William Crooke. 1675 Wing A526.ADDITIONAL HYMNS Q13 Additional hymns for use with any other church hymnal. 12cm. London. Novello. 1904ADDLESHAW George William Outram and ETCHELLS Frederick Z47/11 The architectural setting of Anglican worship. 22cm. London. Faber. 1948ADLARD John Z10/27 The Lichfield elegies. 21cm. Kent: Aylesford. Aylesford Press. 1991ADOLPHUS John Z30/18-20 The history of England from the accession of King George the Third... 3 vols. 4th edn. 22cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1817ADOLPHUS John Leycester T133 Letters to Richard Heber Esq., M.P. 2nd edn. 20cm. London. Rodwell and Martin. 1822AECHYLUS P90 Prometheos desmotes: the text of Dindorf with notes...by John Griffiths. 23cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1834AENEAS, Tacticus P274 Commentarius de toleranda obsidione...adiecit Jo. Conradus Orellius. 21.5cm. Leipzig. Weidmann. 1818AESCHINES Z89/21 Opera. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica: Prose, vol 1). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1817AESCHINUS P179 Ho Kata Ktesiphontos kai Demosthenous ho peri stephanou logos. 4th edn. 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1820AESCHYLUS P93 Aeschyli quae supersunt, ed. R H Klausen: Vol I (in 2) 20cm. . Gotha and Exford. 1833AESCHYLUS P80 Aeschylus: recensuit Jacobus Scholefeld. 2nd edn. 23cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1830AESCHYLUS P91 Enchiridion Aeschyleum: sive notae in Aeschyli tragoedias... 22cm. Cambridge. W P Grant. 1832AESCHYLUS P84 Eumenides...recognovit...Gulielmus Linwood. 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1844

Page 12: Catalogue of Printed Books


AESCHYLUS P82 Prometheus Vinctus...adjecit Carolus Jacobus Blomfield... 4th edn. 22cm. London. J Maurman. 1825AESCHYLUS P92 The Agammemnon...translated...by John S Harford 20cm. London. J Murray. 1831AESCHYLUS O94-97 Tragoediae quae supersunt....intertexuit Samuel Butler. 4 vols. 29.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1809-16AESCHYLUS P86-89 Tragoediae superstites et deperditarum fragmenta ex recensione G Dindorfii. Ed. secunda. 3 vols (in 4) 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1841-51 Vols I and III are 2nd edn; Vol II,1-2 1st edn.AESCHYLUS Z89/1 Tragoediae. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vol 1). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1817AESOP P249 Fabulae Aesopicae...cura ac studio Francisci de Furia. 23cm. Leipzig. Jo.Aug.Gottl. Weigel. 1810AESOP T44 Select fables. 18cm. Birmingham . John Baskerville. 1761 Straus and Dent 44.AESOP T295 The fables of Aesop paraphras'd in verse...by John Ogilby. 22cm. London. T Warren for A Crook. 1651 Wing A689.AGATHIAS Scholasticus . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 3,(1729)AGRIPPA Camillo Z113/18 Trattato di scientia d'Arme. 24cm. Rome. Antonio Blado. 1553AINGER William UA24/8 A farewell discourse, delivered in...Beccles...1813. 22.5cm. Cambridge. James Hodson. 1813AINSWORTH Henry C78 Annotations upon the First Book of Moses called Genesis 33cm. London. M. Parsons for J. Bellamie. 1639 STC 220AINSWORTH Robert N26-27 Thesaurus linguae latinae compendiarius. New edn,...ed. Thomas Morell. 2 vols. 26cm. London. J. Pote et al. 1783 Lacks t-p of Part II.AKENSIDE Mark T122 The pleasures of imagination. 5th edn. 22cm. London. R Dodsley. 1754ALBERTI Joannes G49 Observationes philologicae in sacros Novi Foederis libros. 19cm. Leiden. Johann Arndt Langerak. 1725ALBERTUS MAGNUS St. X112 The treatise De adaerendo Deo. 14cm. London. Charles Gilpin. (1850)ALBIN Eleazar Z119/2 A natural history of English song-birds. 2nd edn. 17.5cm. London. for R Were . 1741

Page 13: Catalogue of Printed Books


ALCUIN CLUB Q141 A directory of ceremonial. (Alcuin Club: Tracts 13) 20cm. London. Mowbray. 1921ALCUIN CLUB Q138-39 A survey of the proposals for an alternative Prayer Book, parts 1-2 (Prayer Book Revision Pamphlets, 12-13). 19.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1923-24ALCUIN CLUB Z101/17-21 Collections (Folio Series), vv 1-4. 5 vols. 43cm. London. Longmans. 1899-1901 Two copies of Vol 1.ALCUIN CLUB Q222-23, 225-44, Z101/17-21 Collections, vv.1-21, 24-27. 27.5cm. London. Longmans and Mowbray. 1899-1924 Two copies of vol. 1. Second set of vv.14-16 held at Z87/21-23.ALCUIN CLUB Q128-39 Prayer Book revision pamphlets, vv.1-8, 10-13. 12 vols. 19.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1912-24ALCUIN CLUB Q140-41, Q245-55 Tracts, vv.1, 1a-4, 7-13 (no.10 misnumbered 11), 16. 20/27cm. London. Mowbray. 1897-1924ALDRICH Henry* F51A A reply to two discourses...concerning the adoration of the Blessed Savior in the Holy Eucharist. 23.5cm. Oxford. at the Theater. 1687 Wing A899. Bound with four other tracts.ALEXANDER William Z12/2 The witness of the Psalms to Christ and Christianity. (Bampton Lectures 1877). 2nd edn 22cm. London. J Murray. 1878ALFORD Henry (editor) . . . see BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. - The Greek testament...(1856-61).ALFORD Henry (reviser) Z119/25 THE NEW TESTAMENT, revised by Henry Alford DD. 17.5cm. London. Strahan. 1869ALFORD, alias Michael GRIFFITH M126-129 Fides regia Britannica. 4 vols. 36cm. Liège. Johannes Mathias Hovius. 1663ALFRED, King of England V2 The will of King Alfred, reprinted...with a preface and additional notes. 22.5cm. London. Pickering. 1828ALFRED, King of Wessex V75 The will of King Alfred. 29.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1788ALISON Sir Archibald Z30/1-11 History of Europe from the commencement of the French Revolution in MDCCLXXXIX to the restoration of the Bourbons in MDCCCXV. 10 vols and Atlas vol. 3rd edn. 22cm. Edinburgh. Blackwood. 1839-48ALLEN Fifield Z129/12E A charge to the clergy belonging to the Archdeaconry of Middlesex. 21cm. London. J Shuckburgh. 1749 Bound with CHANDLER E - A charge...(1740).

Page 14: Catalogue of Printed Books


ALLEN Fifield Z129/12F A sermon preahed before...the House of Commons...on...January 30, 1750.(51). 21cm. London. J Shuckburgh. 1751 Bound with CHANDLER E - A charge...(1740).ALLEN John J351 Modern Judaism. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Seeley and Burnside. 1830ALLEN John Romilly Z18/1 Early Christian symbolism in Great Britain and Ireland. 23cm. London. Whiting and Co.. 1887ALLEN Nicholas . . . see ARATUS of Solis - Phaenomena...(1561)ALLEN William Z131/8 The works. 32cm. London. W.B. for Walter Kettilby et al.. 1707ALLEN Willoughby Charles Z4/9 A critical and exegetical commentary on the Gospel according to S.Matthew. 2nd edn. (I.C.C.) 20.5cm. Edinburgh. Clark. 1907ALLESTREE Richard E97 Fifty sermons. 31cm. Oxford. at the Theater. 1684 Wing A1114ALLESTREE Richard* X109 The art of contentment. 15cm. London. James Burns. (18 ?)ALLESTREE Richard* J56 The whole duty of man. 17cm. London. William Pickering. 1842ALLESTREE William* X125 The whole duty of man. 17cm. London. William Pickering. 1842ALLIBOND John UA3/12 A ballad in macaronic Latin entitled Rustica descriptio visitationis fanaticae. 21cm. Oxford. W Baxter. 1834ALLIX Peter* G7 The Book of Psalms, with the argument of each Psalm..., by a Divine of the Church of England. 19cm. London. for John Taylor. 1701ALSTONFIELD XA1-5 Alstonfield parish register, 1 vol.in 5. (Staffordshire Parish Register Society). 23cm. . (for Staffordshire Parish Register Society). (1902-06)ALTIERI Ferdinando N29 Dizionario Inglese ed Italiano. 24cm. London. William and John Innys. 1727ALTIERI Ferdinanto N29 Dizionario Inglese ed Italiano. 24cm. London. William and John Innys. 1727AMADESIUS Joseph Aloysius I67-69 In antistitum Revennatum chronotaxim. 3 vols 30cm. Faenza. Joseph Antonius Archius. 1783AMAMA Sixtinus G3 Anti-Barbarus biblicus. 19.5cm. Frankfurt-a-Main. Isdardus Albertus for D. Elsevier. 1656AMBROSE St. Z38/1-2 Opera...studio et labore monachorum Ordinis S. Benedicti e Congregatione S. Mauri.

Page 15: Catalogue of Printed Books


2 vols. 41cm. Paris . Jean-Baptiste Coignard. 1686AMBROSIAN BREVIARY Q59-62 Breviarium Ambrosianum S. Carolo Archiepiscopo editum...4 vols. 15cm. Milan . L F Cogliati. 1896AMES William H139 Lectiones in CL Psalmos Davidis. 21.5cm. Amsterdam. Joannes Jansson. 1635AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS Q83-84 Quae supersunt...editionem absolvit Car. Gottlob Aug. Erfurdt. 3 vols (in 2) 21cm. Leipzig. Weidmann. 1808AMMONIUS C47 De differentia adfinium vocabulorum; vulgavit Ludovicus Casparus Valckenaer. Nova editio. 23cm. Leipzig. J.A.G. Weigel. 1822AMORT Eusebius L20-21 Vetus disciplina canonicorum regularium et saecularium. 2_vols. 22.5cm. Venice. Giovanni Batista Recurti. 1717AMUNDESHAM John Z67/4-5 Annales monasterii S.Albani...ed. H T Riley. (Rolls Series) 2 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1870-71AMYOT Jacques . . . see PLUTARCH - Les oeuvres...(1618)ANACREON Z89/5 Anacreontica cum aliis lyricis. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vol 5). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1817ANACREON P14 Odaria...cura Edvardi Forster. 19cm. London. G Bulmer for the Editor. 1802ANASTASIUS, Bibliothecarius . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 19,(1729).ANASTATIC DRAWING SOCIETY J250-252 (Drawings and engravings), 1855, 1857-63. 7 vols (in 3) 28cm. [Ashby de la Zouch]. W. & J. Hextall for the Society. 1856-63 Another set, 1855-63. 11 vols. YA69-79ANASTATIC DRAWING SOCIETY YA69-77 (Proceedings), 1855-63. 9 vols. 29cm. Ashby-de-la-Zouch. John Barker for the Society. 1856-66ANDERSON and GARLAND, Auctioneers. Z116/9 Catalogue of the extensive local library of Richard Welford of Gosforth. 25cm. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Anderson and Garland. 1920ANDERSON James V134 Royal genealogies. 2nd edn. 40.5cm. London. James Bettenham for Charles Davis. 1736ANDERSON James S M H289P Christian submission. 20cm. London. Rivington. 1843 Bound with: BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor...(1843)ANDERSON John W Z81/8 The manner pointed out in which the Common Prayer was read in private by Mr Garrick for the instruction of a young clergyman. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1797ANDREWES Lancelot U1-11 (Life and works). 11 vols. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, vv.1-11). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1841-54

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ANDREWES Lancelot H57C A sermon preached before the King's Maiestie at Hampton Court... 18cm. London. Robert Barker. 1606 STC 615. Bound with BARLOW W - The first of foure sermons....ANDREWES Lancelot F16 Apospasmatia sacra: or a collection of posthumous and orphan lectures. 29cm. London. R. Hodgkinson. 1657 Wing A3125ANDREWES Lancelot E30 Opuscula quaedam posthuma. 21cm. London. Felix Kyngston for R.B. & Andrew Hebb. 1629 STC 629ANDREWES Lancelot C3 The pattern of catechistical doctrine at large. 29cm. London. Roger Norton. 1650 Wing A3146ANDREWES Lancelot E75 XCVI sermons. 4th edn 33cm. London. Richard Badger. 1641 Wing A3142ANDREWS E J . . . see PERRING John Shae and ANDREWS E J - The pyramids of Gizeli...(1839-42).ANDREWS William (editor) Y168 Ecclesiastical curiosities. 22cm. London. W Andrews. 1899ANGLERIUS Petrus Martyrius* X236 The famous history of the Indies. 2nd edn. 17.5cm. London. for Michael Sparke. 1628 STC 652. Attributed on tp to Richard Hakluyt. Binding Covers have arms of Charles, Prince of Wales (Charles II).ANGLO-SAXON CHRONICLE. Z66/1-2 The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle...edited...by Benjamin Thorpe. (Rolls Series). 2 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1861ANGUS William K170 The seats of the nobility and gentry in Great Britain and Wales...vol.I. [no more published] 22cm. London. W. Angus. 1787ANNA Commena . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 11,(1729).ANNALES CAMBRIAE Z67/9 Annales Cambriae, ed. J.Williams ab Ithel. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1860ANNALES MONASTICI Z62/1-5 Annales monastici...ed. H.R.Luard. (Rolls Series). 5 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1864-69ANNUARIO Q165 Annuario pontificio 1869. 17.5cm. Rome . Tipografia della RCA. 1869ANON UA9/8 Cathedral wealth and cathedral work. 22.5cm. London. Soc for Liberation of Religion fr. State Patronage & Control. 1861

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ANON P291 Les Gémissements d'un Coeur Chrétien. 17cm. Paris. Lottin. 1733ANON. P52 A review of Lord Brougham's translation of the Oration of Demosthenes on the crown. 20cm. London. Whittaker. 1840ANSELM St. Z38/3 Opera nec con Eadmeri...Historia...labore et studio Gabrielis Gerberon. 41cm. Paris . Louis Billaine and Jean du Puis. 1675ANSON Peter F Z17/7 Abbot Extraordinary: Memoirs of Aelfred Carlyle OSB. 22cm. London. The Faith Press. 1958ANTHON Charles . . . see LEMPRIERE John - A collection...(1837)APOLLINARIUS G36 Metaphrasis ton Psalteros...Graeca recensuit F. Sylburcius. 16cm. [Heidelberg]. Jerome Commelin. 1596APOLLODORUS Atheniensis P34-35 Bibliothecae libri tres...curis...Chr.G Heyne. 2 vols. 21.5cm. Göttingen. Heinrich Dieterich. 1803APOLLONIUS RHODIUS Z89/6 Argonautica. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vol 6). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1817APOSTOLIC CANONS Z97/14 Canones SS Apostolorum, Conciliorum Generalium et Provincialium...commentariis Theodori Balsamonis... 35cm. Paris . Imprimerie Royale. 1620APPEAL J355F An appeal to legislature and public... 2nd edn. 22cm. London. L.B. Seeley. 1821 Bound with: MARSH H - A charge...(1820)APPIAN of Alexandria O59 Appiani Alexandrini Romanorum historiarum...omnia per Sigismundum Gelenium interpreta...additus est...index copiosissimus. 30.5cm. Basel. Froben. 1554APPIAN of Alexandria O60 Appiani Alexandrini Romanorum historiarum...ex Bibliotheca Regia. 31cm. Paris. C. Stephanus. 1551APPLEYARD Ernest Sylvanus# K37 Welsh sketches, chiefly ecclesiastical to the close of the twelfth century. First series. 3rd edn. 18.5cm. London. J. Dorling. 1853APSINES of Gadara P129 Apsinis et Longini Rhetorica...recensuit Joh. Bakius. 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1849APTHORP George Frederic K177 A catalogue of the books and manuscripts in the library of Lincoln Cathedral. 22cm. Lincoln. W.and B. Brooke. 1859APULEIUS Lucius S215 The metamorphoses...translated...by Sir George Head. 19cm. London. Longman . 1851AQUAVIVA DI ARAGONA Belisarius T77A De principum liberis educandis. 16cm. Baseln. Peter Pernae. (1578) Bound with one other volume.ARATUS of Solis O8 Ad illustrum et inclytum principem Edvardum Semaurum, Hertfordiae Comitem et

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Bellocampum Baronem, Nicolai Aleni Essentiani Angli, Arati Phaenomena. 22cm. Paris. Audié Wechsel. 1561ARBER Edward Z87/1-3 The term catalogues, 1668-1709. 3 vols 29cm. London. E Arber. 1903-06ARBUTHNOTT MISSAL J282 Liber ecclesia Beati Terrenani de Arbuthnott: missale secundum usum ecclesiae Sancti Andreae in Scotia. 26.5cm. Burntisland. Pitsligo Press. 1864ARCHAEOLOGIA K274-275 (Miscellaneous articles extracted from various volumes of 'Archaeologia' and bound to match the set at K276-282. 27.5cm. [London]. [Society of Antiquaries]. [1760-1840c.]ARCHAEOLOGIA K276-282 Archaeologia, or miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity, vols.16-20, 23-25, 28, 30. (in 7 vols). 27.5cm. London. Society of Antiquaries. 1809-44ARCHAEOLOGICAL Z113/10-14 The archaeological journal. Vols 1-5. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1846-48ARCHBISHOPS' COMMITTEE ON CHURCH AND STATE Z111/7 Report with appendices. 21cm. London. SPCK. 1916ARENSBERG Walter Conrad Z95/28 The burial of Francis Bacon and his mother in the Lichfield chapter house. 27cm. Pittsburgh. (The Author). 1924ARENSBERG Walter Conrad Z95/29 The magic ring of Francis Bacon. 26cm. Pittsburgh. (The Author). 1930ARENSBERG Walter Conrad Z81/18 The secret grave of Francis Bacon at Lichfield. 20cm. San Francisco. John Howell. 1923ARETHAS Explanationes in Apocalypsis.. . . see OECUMENIUS - Commentariorum....(1631)ARETINO Leonardo I114 Historia fiorentina... (translated by Donato Acciaioli) 30.5cm. Venice. Giacomo de Rossi. 1476 GKW 5612. Hain* 1562.ARINGHI Paolo (editor) R105-106 Roma subterranea novissima. 2 vols. 39cm. Rome . Blasio Diversini and Zanobio Masotti. 1651ARIOSTO S323 Orlando furioso. 25.5cm. Venice. Vincenzo Valgrisi. 1560ARIOSTO Lodovico S144-151 The Orlando furioso, translated...by William Stewart Rose. 8 vols. 19cm. London. J Murray. 1823-31ARISTOPHANES P181 A metrical version of the Achamaris, the Knights and the Birds. 26cm. London. Pickering. 1840ARISTOPHANES P182-84 Comeodiae...ex recensione G Dindorfii. 4 vols (in 3) 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1822-37 Vol I is the text of the plays (1835) P182 Vol II is the text of the fragments (1835) P183B

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Vol III is the Annotationes (1837) P184 Vol IV is Caravellae Index Aristophanicus (1822) P183A.ARISTOPHANES Z89/10-11 Comoediae. 2 vols. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vols 10-11). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1818ARISTOPHANES P189 The Birds...translated by Henry Francis Cary 22cm. London. Taylor and Henry. 1824ARISTOPHANES P185 The Clouds. 21.5cm. Oxford. Francis MacPherson. 1852ARISTOPHANES UA37/11 The Clouds...translated by R Cumberland. 23cm. (London). (n.p.) . (1797)ARISTOPHANES P187-88 The comedies of Aristophanes, by T Mitchell. 2 vols. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1820-22ARISTOPHANES Z81/30 The frogs. (translated and annotated by John Hookham Frere). 25cm. London. W Nicol. 1839ARISTOPHANES P186 The Wasps...with notes...by T Mitchell 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1835ARISTOTLE P166 Animadversiones variorum in Aristotelis De Rhetorica. 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1820ARISTOTLE Z114/29 Aristotle's Politiques...translated out of Greek into French...by Loys Le Roy. (from French into English by I.D.) 28cm. London. A Islip. 1598 STC 760.ARISTOTLE P167 De poetica liber...illustravit Thomas Tyrwhitt. 5th edn 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1827ARISTOTLE UA37/4 De rhetorica...altero volumine...animadversiones variorum. 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1820ARISTOTLE P165 Ethicorum Nicomacheorum libri decem...ornavit Edvardus Cardwell...vol II (only) 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1830ARISTOTLE P12 Ethikon Nikomakheon biblia deka...illustrati a Guilielmo Wilkinson. 19.5cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1716ARISTOTLE P162-164 Opera, ex recensione Immanuelis Bekkerii, vols 9-11. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1837 Vol 11 lacks main tp.ARISTOTLE O109 Organon...Jul. Pacius recensuit... 2nd edn. 24cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Heredes Andr.Wechsel et al.. 1697ARISTOTLE P168-69 Politicorum libri octo...recensuit...Jo. Gottlob Schneider. 21cm. Frankfurt-am-Oder. Taberna Librariae Academicae. 1809ARISTOTLE P170-71 Treatise on poetry, translated...by Thomas Twining. 2 vols. 2nd edn. 21cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1812

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ARMINIUS Jacobus et al. D87 Epistolae ecclesiasticae et theologicae. 2nd edn 31cm . Amsterdam. Wetsten. 1685ARMITAGE XA6 Armitage parish register (1623-1812). (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society) 23cm. Willenhall. Albert Cartwright for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. (1948)ARNALD Richard C69 A critical commentary upon the Book of the Wisdom of Solomon... 35cm. London. for the Author by W. Bowyer. 1744ARNAUD Henri Y132 The glorious recovery of the Vaudois. 21cm. London. J Murray. 1827ARNOBIUS Q264 Disputationum adversus gentes libri vii. 2 vols (in 1) 16.5cm. Paris . Marc Orry. 1605ARNOBIUS AFER X256 Adversus gentes libri VII. Editio novissima. 20cm. Leiden. Johannes Maire. 1651ARNOLD Thomas (editor) . . . see HENRY of Huntingdon - The history...(1879).ARPE Peter Friedrich P67 Theatrum forti. 17cm. Rotterdam. Fritz and Böhm. 1712ARRIAN P152 Expeditionis Alexandri libri septem...Georgii Raphelii accedunt. 20cm. Amsterdam. Wetsten. 1757ARROWSMITH Aaron W33 A compendium of ancient and modern geography. New edn, rev by C G Nicolay. 22.5cm. London. E P Williams. 1856ARROWSMITH Aaron W63 Index to the Eton comparative atlas of ancient and modern geography. 26cm. London. by the Author. 1828ARROWSMITH Aaron W62 Orbis terrarum veteribus noti descriptio. 34cm. London. by the Author. 1828ARROWSMITH John E43 Tactica sacra. 19cm. Cambridge. John Field. 1657 Wing A3777ARROWSMITH Samuel K257 The Bible atlas. 28.5cm. London. Arrowsmith. 1835ART Z130/1-6 L'art de vérifier les dates, des faites historiques...continué...par Viton de St Allais. 6 vols. 29cm. Paris . Moreau. 1818-20ARTEMONIUS Lucas Mellierus L14 Initium evangelii S. Joannis Apostoli (by Lucas Artemonius, i.e. Samuel Crell). Pars prior. 21.5cm. [n.p.]. [n.p]. 1726 No more published.ARTHUR, King AA9 (The storye of the most noble and worthy Kynge Arthur...) 26.5cm. (London). (Thomas East). (1585?) Defective, lacking tp, sigs. P4-5, Oo1 and all after Oo5. ?STC 805.

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ARTICLES OF RELIGION UA5/7 Reasons humbly offered for composing a new set of Articles of Religion. 21.5cm. London. for R Griffiths. 1751ARUNDELL MARBLES . . . see SELDEN John - Marmora...(1628)ASCHAM Sir Roger T224 Epistolarum libri quatuor. Ed. novissima. 19cm. Oxford. L Lichfield. 1703ASHMOLE Elias Z77X/19 The diary and will...ed....R T Gunther. 17cm. Oxford. (Ashmolean Museum). 1927ASHMOLE Elias R108 The institution, laws and ceremonies of the most noble order of the Garter. 39cm. London. J Macock for N Brooke. 1672 Wing A3983.ASHMOLE Elias K142 The lives of those eminent antiquaries Elias Ashmole, Esquire and Mr. William Lilly...and lastly the life of Elias Ashmole...by Charles Burman. 21cm. London. T. Davis. 1774ASKIN Ralph Z52/24 The Quoniam, Book of Kells. 28cm. California. The Author. 1995ASTELL Mary* T151C Some reflections upon marriage. 4th edn. 18.5cm. London. William Parker. 1730 Bound with: MILLER J - Mahomet...(1744).ATCHLEY Edward George Cuthbert Frederick (co-author) . . . see HOPE Sir William and ATCHLEY Edward George Cuthbert Frederick - English liturgical colours (1918).ATCHLEY Edward Godfrey Cuthbert Frederick (editor) . . . see ORDO ROMANUS - Ordo...(1905)ATCHLEY Edward Godfrey Cuthbert Frederick Q232 A history of the use of incense in divine worship. (Alcuin Club: Collections 13). 27.5cm. London. Longmans. 1909ATCHLEY Edward Godfrey Cuthbert Frederick Q140 The parish clerk. (Alcuin Club: Tracts 4). 20cm. London. Mowbray. 1924 (repr)ATHANASIUS St. Q75 St Athanasius on the incarnation, edited...by Archibald Robertson. 22cm. London. D Nutt. 1882ATHANASIUS, St. I141-143 Opera...opera et studio monachorum Ordinis St. Benedicti e Congregatione Sancti Mauri. 2 vols (in 3) 39cm. Paris . Jean Anisson. 1698ATHENAEUS O139 Deipnosophistarum libri quindecim...Isaacus Casaubonius recensit. Ed. postrema. 35cm. Lyon. Veuve Antoine de Harsy. 1612ATKINSON John Christopher . . . see WHITBY ABBEY - Cartularium...(1879-81).ATKINSON Robert (co-editor) I11-12. . . see LIBER HYMNORUM - The Irish Liber Hymnorum...(1898)

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ATTERBURY Francis H30-33 Sermons and discourses on several subjects. 4 vols. 8th edn 21cm. London. L. Davis et al . 1766ATTERBURY Francis* F51D An answer to some considerations on the spirit of Martin Luther... 23.5cm. Oxford. at the Theater. 1687 Wing A4146. Bound with ALDRICH H* - A reply to two discourses...(1687)AUBERTIN Edme E92 L'eucharistie de l'ancienne église. 34cm. Geneva. Pierre Aubert. 1633AUBIGNÉ Théodore Agrippa, Sieur d' V130 Histoire universelle comprise en trois tomes. 3 vols (in 1). 2de édn. 33cm. Amsterdam. Les Héritiers de Hier.Commelin. 1626AUDEN Thomas Z82/23 St Julian's, Shrewsbury: the church and parish of St Juliana in Salop. 22cm. Shrewsbury. Adnitt and Naunton. 1887AUGUSTINE St, Bishop of Hippo C14 St Augustine of the Citie of God; with the learned comments of Jo. Lod. Vives 29cm. London. George Eld. 1610 STC 916AUGUSTINE St, of Hippo . . . see TRENCH Richard Chenevix - Exposition of the Sermon...(1881).AUGUSTINE St. Z38/4-12 Opera...opera et studio monachorum Ordinis Sancti Benedicti e Congregatione Sancti Mauri. 12 vols (in 9). Ed. nova. 41cm. Antwerp. Sumptibus Societatis. 1700-03AUGUSTINUS CURIO Caelius V327 Sarracenicae historiae libri tres. 14.5cm. Basel . Froben and Bischoff. 1547AURELIUS VICTOR Sextus Q180 Historia Romana ex recensione Joannis Friderici Gruneri. 17.5cm. Erlangen. Johann Jacob Palme. 1787AUSTERBERRY Jennie Gospel Case Chad: bishop and saint. 23cm. Derby . English Life Publications. 1984 Another copy Z134/22.AUTOGRAPH PORTFOLIO K258 The autograph portfolio: a collection of facsimile letters from eminent persons. 28cm. London. Richard Glynn. 1827AYLESBURY Thomas* UA16/2 (Paganism and papism parallel'd.) 17.5cm. (London). (George Eld for Leonard Becket). (1624) Lacks tp. STC 998.AYLIFFE John M92 Parergon juris canonici Anglicani. 33cm. London. D. Leach for the Author. 1726AYMON V318 Aimoini monachi...historiae Francorum lib. V. 17.5cm. Paris . Andreas Wechsel. 1567AYRE John (editor) . . . see SANDYS Edwyn - The sermons...(1842)

AYRE John (editor)

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. . . see WHITGIFT John - The works...(1851-53)AYRE John (editor) . . . see JEWELL John - The works...(1845-50)AYRE John (editor) . . . see BECON Thomas - (Works)...(1843-44)AYSGOUGH Samuel S240 An index to the remarkable passages and words made use of by Shakespeare. 24cm. London. John Stockdale. 1790 Spine-Title: Shakespeare's Dramatic Works, III.AZORIO Juan L61-63 Institutionum moralium - tomus primus (-tertius). 3 vols 35cm. Lyons. Jacques Cardon and Pierre Canellat. 1616-25 Vol.I, 'Editio postrema'. Vv.II-III, Ist editions.BABER Anne Francis Claudine (editor) Z82/35 The court rolls of the manor of Bromsgrove and King's Norton. (Worcestershire Historical Society). 28cm. Warwick. Roundword Press (for Worcestershire Historical Society). 1963BABER Henry Hervey (editor) . . . see BIBLE. New Testament. English. 1380. - The New Testament...(1810)BABER Henry Hervey (editor) . . . see BIBLE. New Testament. English. - The New Testament...(1810).BABINGTON Churchill J229 Mr. Macaulay's character of the clergy... 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1849BABINGTON Churchill (editor) . . . see PECOCK Reginald - The repressor...(1860).BABINGTON Gervase F82 The workes. 34cm. London. G. Eld and M. Flesher. 1622 STC 1079BACKHOUSE Janet Z11/18 The Lindisfarne gospels. 28cm. Oxford. Phaidon Press. 1981BACKHOUSE Janet (co-editor) . . . see WEBSTER Leslie and BACKHOUSE Janet - The making...(1991).BACON Francis T272 Of the advancement and proficiencie of learning. 29cm. Oxford. Leonard Lichfield. 1640 STC 1167.BACON Francis T273 Operum moralium et civilium tomus. 28.5cm. London. Edward Griffin. 1638 STC 1109.BACON Francis T271 Resuscitatio, or bringing into publick light severall pieces of the works...hitherto sleeping...by William Rowsley. 29cm. London. Sarah Griffin for William Lee. 1657 Wing B319.BACON Francis T274 Sylva sylvarum. 8th edn.

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28.5cm. London. J.F..and S.G. for William Lee. 1664 Wing B330. Engraved tp and frontisp. bound in upside down.BACON Francis T103-109 The works...New edn. by Basil Montagu. 7 vols. 22.5cm. London. Wm. Pickering. 1825-27BACON Francis, Viscount Verulam V56 The historie of the reigne of King Henry the Seventh. 28cm. London. Printed by I.H. and R.Y.. 1629 STC 1161.BACON Nathaniel V48 An historical and political discourse of the laws and government of England...from some MS notes of John Selden... 5th edn. 29cm. London. D Browne and A Millar. 1760BACON Roger Z62/6 Opera quaedam hactenus inedita, ed. J.S.Brewer. (Rolls Series). 25CM. London. Longmans. 1859 No more published.BAEUMER Suitbert Q315-16 Histoire de bréviaire. Traduction...par Réginald Biron. 2 vols. 23cm. Paris . Letouzey. 1905BAGOT Richard UA27/4 A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Oxford...1842. 21cm. Oxford. J H Barker. 1842BAGOT, Family Z107/15 Memorials of the Bagot family compiled in 1823. 29cm. Blithfield. W Hodgetts. 1824BAGSTER Samuel* G204 The Bible in every land: a history of the Sacred Scriptures in every language and dialect into which translations have been made. 26cm. London. Samuel Bagster. [1848]BAILEY Henry J207 Rituale Anglo-Catholicum; or the testimony of the Catholic church. 22cm. London. J.W. Parker. 1847BAILEY James . . . see HERMESIANIX - Hermesianactis poetae...(1839)BAILEY James P262 Comicorum graecorum fragmenta...pars prior. 22cm. Cambridge. Pitt Press. 1840 No more published.BAILEY James UA22/2 Diatribe de voce aielouros cum epimetro. Pars prior. 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1848 Lacks Part 2.BAILEY Simon Z134/15 Chad: Norton miracle play: the book about the play. 21cm. Sheffield. (n.p.). (1981)BAILEY Thomas John (editor) Z85X/17 Ordinum sacrorum in ecclesia Anglicana defensio. 42.5cm. London and Oxford. James Parker. 1870BAK Johann . . . see APSINES of Gadara - Apsinis et Longini...(1849)BAKER Andrew J273D An analysis of the experiment in education made at Egmore, near Madras. 3rd edn 19cm. London. T. Bensley. 1807 Bound with: BAKER R - Remarks...(1779)

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BAKER David Erskine S196-97 Biographica dramatica. New edn. 2 vols. 20cm. London. Rivington et al. 1782BAKER Robert J273A Remarks on the English language. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. The Etheringtons for J. Bell. 1779 Bound with eight other pamphlets.BAKER Sir Richard V108 A chronicle of the Kings of England...unto the death of King James. 33cm. London. for George Shoebridge. 1679 Wing B508.BAKER Thomas T220 Reflections upon learning. 7th edn. 20cm. London. John and Paul Knapton. 1738BALE John U93 Select works, ed. H Christmas. (Parker Society). 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1849 BALFOUR Robert . . . see GELASIUS of Cyzica - Commentarius...(1599)BALGUY John H28-29 Sermons. 2vols. 3rd edn 20cm. London. Edward Jeffery. 1790BALGUY Thomas H264-265 Discourses on various subjects and charges delivered to the clergy;...edited by James Drake. 2 vols 22cm. Cambridge. J. Smith for J. Mawman. 1822BALL John . . . see GYLL Peter - The antiquities...(1729)BALL John Thomas Z26/7 The reformed church of Ireland (1537-1886). 22.5cm. London. Longmans. 1886BALL John* A15A A short catechisme to prepare Young ignorant People for the Sacrament. 28cm. Oxford. L(eonard) L(ichfield) for Edward Thorne. 1657 (28cm: is cut down to upper headline). Bound in front of A15 (Book of Common Prayer, 1669). Wing B570.BALSAMON Théodore . . . see APOSTOLIC CANONS - Canones...(1620).BALTUS Jean François F47 Défense des SS.pères accusez de Platonisme. 25cm. Paris . Le Conte et Montalant. 1711BALUZE Etienne de I95-98 Stephani Baluzii Tutelensis miscellanea...opera et studio Joannes Dominici Mansi. 4 vols 34cm. Lucca . Vincenco Giusta. 1761-64BALUZIUS Stephanus Q. . . see SALVIANUS of Marseilles - Sanctorum...(1684)BALUZIUS Stephanus (editor) . . . see CYPRIAN St. - Opera...(1726).

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BAMBURGH CASTLE. Library. Z116/7-8 Catalogue of the library at Bamburgh Castle. 2 vols. 24cm. London. Crewe Trustees. 1859BAMPTON LECTURES . . . see Z105/11-26BANCROFT Richard J54 A survey of the pretended holy discipline. 18cm. London. John Wolfe. 1593 STC 1552.BANDELLO Matteo T147 Il primo (-terzo) volume delle novelle. 3 vols (in 1). 20cm. Venice. Camillo Francechini. 1566BANDINEL James Z105/21 Eight sermons. (Bampton Lectures 1780). 21cm. Oxford. D Prince et al.. 1780BANDURI Anselmo . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vv 23-24,(1729).BANGOR. Antiphoner I100 The Antiphonary of Bangor...edited by F.E. Warren. 2 vols. (HBS 4,10) 32cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Bosicty. 1892-95 Lacks Vol I (HBS 4)BANNISTER Arthur Thomas Z116/12 A descriptive catalogue of the manuscripts in the Hereford Cathedral Library. 26cm. Hereford . Wilson and Phillips. 1927BANNISTER Arthur Thomas Z134/30 The Cathedral Church of Hereford. 19.5cm. London. SPCK. 1924BANNISTER Henry Marriott I45-46 Missale Gothicum: a Gallican sacramentary. 2 vols. (HBS 52,54) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1917-1919BARBEYRAC Jean (translator) . . . see GROTIUS Hugo - Le droit de la guerre...(1724).BARBOUR John . . . see JAMIESON John (ed.) - The Bruce...(1820)BARBOUR John S167-69 The Bruce...edition...by J Pinkerton. 3 vols 18cm. London. H Hughs for G Nicol. 1790BARCLAY John T90 Argenis. Editio novissima. 12.5cm. Leiden. Elsevier. 1630BARCLAY John T91 Argenis. Editio novissima. 12.5cm. Amsterdam. Elsevier. 1659BARCLAY John T92 Euphormionis Lusinini, sive Joannis Barclaii Satyricon. 12.5cm. Amsterdam. Eliseus Weyerstraete. 1664BARCLAY Robert F18 An apology for the true Christian divinity... 8th (English) edn 29.5cm. Birmingham. John Baskerville. 1765 Gaskell *30. Straus and Dent 71.BARDENHEWER Otto Q208-10 Patrologia. Versione italica...per...Angelo Mercati. 3 vols. 22cm. Rome . Desclée, Lefebure. 1903

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BARDI Francesco L82 Selectae quaestiones ex universa morali theologia. 32cm. Palermo. Giuseppe Bisagni. 1653BARDSLEY Joseph UA6/3 The teaching of the Church of England on confession and absolution. 21.5cm. London. Hatchard. 1859BARHAM Thomas Foster . . . see HEPHAESTION of Alexandria - The Enkheiridion...(1843)BARKER Edmund Henry UA11/7 The claims of Sir Philip Francis to the authorship of Junius disprov'd. 22.5cm. (Thetford). (Mills). (1827)BARKER# Edmund Henry UA20/6 The claims of Sir Philip Francis to the authorship of Junius disproved. 22.5cm. Thetford. (Mills). (1826?)BARLASTON XA7 Barlaston parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Register Society). 23cm. . (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 1905BARLOW 350Thomas J304 Brutum fulmen, or the bull of Pius V. 23.5cm. London. S. Roycroft for R. Chiswell. 1681 Wing B826.BARLOW Thomas X204 Exercitationes aliquot metaphysicae de Deo. Ed. 2a. 17.5cm. Oxford. A Lichfield. 1658 Wing B830.BARLOW William H57E A brand, titio erepta on the fifth day of November last... 18cm. London. John Windet for Mathew Law. 1607 STC 1447. Bound with BARLOW W - The first of foure sermons....BARLOW William H57A The first of foure sermons preached before the King's Maiestie at Hampton Court.... 18cm. London. John Windet for Matthew Law. 1607 STC 1452. Bound with four other tracts.BARLOW William UA19/6 The summe and substance of the Conference...(The Churchman's Remembrancer IV). 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1805BARNARD Edward William . . . see FLAMINIO Marco Antonio - Fifty select poems...(1829)BARNARD Edward* N101 Catalogi librorum manuscriptorum Angliae et Hiberniae in unum collecti. 38cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1697 Wing C1253.BARNARD John . . . see HEYLYN Peter - Ecclesia restaurata...(1849)BARNBY Sir Joseph (editor) . . . see HYMNARY - The hymnary...(1872)BARNES Arthur Stapylton (editor) Q69 The Pope and the ordinal. 21cm. London. R Browning. 1896

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BARNES George UA39/4 A sermon preached in St.Thomas's church, Bombay, on Thursday April XXVIII, MDCCCXXV 21cm. London. Rivington. 1826BARNES Ralph K63G The papal brief considered with reference to the laws of England. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1850 Bound with: BURGESS T - Tracts...(1815)BARNES Wilfrid J Q254 Russian observations upon the American prayer book, ed. W H Frere. (Alcuin Club: Tracts 12). 27cm. London. Mowbray. 1917BARNS Thomas Q279B Early Christianity in North Staffordshire. (repr. from Staffordshire Advertiser). 21cm. Stafford. . 1911 Xerox copy.BARNS Thomas Q279A Wolstanton in the earliest days. (repr. from Staffordshire Advertiser). 21cm. Stafford. . 1909 Xerox copy.BARNS Thomas* Q198 MS notebook containing notes on 1) St Athanasius, 2) Bp F E Ridgway 20cm. . . (c.1880)BARNS Thomas* Q199 MS Notebook containing notes for lectures on Ephesians. 23cm. . . (c1890)BARNS Thomas* Q201 MS notebook of notes taken at lectures on Romans, given by H P Liddon in Hilary Term 1880. 23cm. . . (1880)BARONIO Cesare Q147 Martyrologium Romanum. 21.5cm. Venice . Fioravanti Prato. 1602BARONIUS Caesar L123-134 Annales ecclesiastici...editio postrema. 12 vols. 35cm. Mainz. Johann Gymnach and Anton Prest. 1601-08 Vol.XI is 37cm.BARRETT Richard Arthur Francis G185-186 A synopsis of criticisms. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. Longman. 1847BARROW Isaac E102-103 The works; published by...John Tillotson... 3 vols (in 2) 5th edn. 35cm. London. for Robert Knaplock and Daniel Midwinter. 1722BARROW Isaac Z105/8 Twenty two sermons on various subjects. 21cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1798BARRY Alfred Z128/23 What is natural theology? 17cm. London. SPCK. n.d. Boyle Lectures, 1876.BARTAS Gilbert de Saluste, Sieur du T260 Du Bartas divine weekes and workes. 29cm. London. Humphrey Lownes. 1621 STC 21653.BARTAS Gilbert de Saluste, Sieur du T246 Les oeuvres. Dernière édn. 32cm. Paris . Claude Rigaud. 1614BARTER William Brudenell U179 Tracts in defence of the Christian Sabbath, the Church, her priesthood and her

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sacraments. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1851BARTHOLIN Caspar X165 De tibiis veterum et earum antiquo usu libri tres. 16.5cm. Rome . Paolo Moneto. 1677BARTHOLIN Thomas X93 De latere Christi aperto dissertatio. 15.5cm. Leiden. Johann Maire. 1646BARTHOLOMEW Alfred K180 Specifications for practical architecture. 22.5cm. London. John Williams. 1840BARTOLUS of Saxoferrata Z96/10 Bartoli, interpretum iuris civilis coryphaei, in duodecim libros codicis commentaria, studio et opera Jac.Concenatii. 37.5cm. Baseln. Froben. 1562BARTOLUS of Saxoferrata Z96/7-9 Bartoli, interpretum iuris civilis coryphaei, in ius universum civile commentaria, studio et opera Jac.Concenatii... 3 vols. 37.5cm. Baseln. Froben. 1562BARTON-under-NEEDWOOD XA8 Index to Barton-under-Needwood parish register (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society) 23cm. . (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). (1907)BARUH Raphael J50 Critica sacra examined. 18cm. London. W. Hay for the Author. 1775BARWICK Peter K90 Vita Johannis Barwick, S.T.P. 18.5cm. London. William Bowyer. 1721BASIL St, of Caesarea Z101/5-7 Opera omnia...studio Juliani Garnier. 3 vols. 42cm. Paris . Jean-Baptiste Coignard. 1721BASIL St, of Seleucia X184 Opera quae extant. 16.5cm. (Frankfurt-am-Main). H Commelin. 1596BASKERVILLE Geoffrey and GOODMAN Arthur Worthington Z82/32 Surrey incumbents in 1562. 22cm. Frome . Butler and Tanner. 1937 Offprint from Surrey Archaeological Collections, vol XLV.BASNAGE Samuel M35 De rebus sacris et ecclesiasticis. 19.5cm. Utrecht. Willem van de Water. 1692BASNAGE Samuel X275 De rebus sacris et ecclesiasticis exercitationes historico-criticae. 20cm. Utrecht. Willem van de Water. 1692BASNAGE Samuel M112 The history of the Jews from Jesus Christ to the present time... 37.5cm. London. J. Beaver et al. 1708BASSAEUS Eligius L91 Flores totius theologiae practicae. Editio novissima. 31cm. Venice. Giunta. 1655BATE George* X47 Elenchus motum nuperorum in Anglia. 12cm. Parisn. Pro R.R.. 1649BATES William F125 The works.

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39cm. London. B. Aylmer and J. Robinson. 1700 Wing B1100BATHER Edward H131 Sermons, chiefly practical. 2 vols. 2nd edn 21.5cm. London. J. Hatchard. 1829BATHER Edward UA16/9 Thoughts on parochial ministrations: a charge. 22cm. London. Hatchard. 1837BATHER Edward UA2/1 Thoughts on the demand for separation of church and state. 18.5cm. London. Hatchard. 1834BATIFFOL Pierre Q266 Etudes historiques et de théologie positive. 2e édn. 17.5cm. Paris . Victor Lecoffre. 1902BATIFFOL Pierre Q53 Histoire du bréviaire romain. Nouv. édn. 18cm. Paris . A Picard. 1895BATSFORD Harry and FRY Charles Z133/1 The greater English church of the Middle Ages. 21cm. London. B T Batsford. 1940BATTIE William M32U A sermon preached at Sudbury...at a Lecture set up there. 22cm. London. for Samuel Carr. 1680 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711) Wing B1159.BAUDIER Michel V120 Histoire du Mareschal de Toiras. 33cm. Paris . Sebastien Cramoisy. 1644BAUDOIN Jean . . . see VEGA Garcilaso de la - Le commentaire...(1633).BAUMSTARK Anton Q306 Liturgia romana e liturgia dell'esarcato. 24cm. Rome . F Pustet. 1904BAXTER Richard BB35 A paraphrase on the New Testament. 23cm. London. for B and T Simmons. 1685 Wing B1338.BAXTER Richard Y134 A treatise of self-denyall. 18cm. London. Robert White for Nevil Simmons. 1660 Wing B1431.BAXTER Richard J53 A treatise of the knowledge of God. 18cm. London. Francis Tyton. 1664 Wing B1254.BAXTER Richard E79 Methodus theologiae Christianae. 31cm. London. M. White and T. Snowden. 1681 Wing B1308BAXTER Richard* E50 An accompt of all the proceedings of the Commissioners...for the review of the Book of Common Prayer etc. 19.5cm. London . for R.H.. 1661 Wing B1176BAXTER Richard* Z120/8 Mr Baxter's vindication of the Church of England.

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20cm. London. for Walter Kettilby. 1682 Wing B1449.BAXTER William R54 Reliquiae Baxterianae, sive...opera posthuma. 20cm. London. G Bowyer. 1726BAYLAY Atwell Mervyn Yates Q130 A century of collects (Prayer Book Revision Pamphlet 3). 19.5cm. London. Mowbray. (1913)BAYLE Pierre N108-112 The dictionary historical and critical...5 vols. 35cm. London. J.and J. Knapton et al.. 1734-38BAYLE Pierre* T78 The life of Joseph Addison Esq, extracted from no.III and IV of the General Dictionary. 15cm. London. N Prevost. 1733BAYLEY Jonathan Y162 The divine word opened. 2nd edn. 18cm. London. James Speirs. 1888BAYLIS Harry YA53 Christ Church, West Bromwich, 1829-1929. 22.5cm. (West Bromwich). (n.p.). (1929) Copious MS addenda by Prebendary H Baylis.BAYLIS Harry YA54 The Hospital of Saint John Baptist without the Barrs of the City of Lichfield: some notes on its history. 18cm. Lichfield. Lomax. (1959)BAYNARD Edward . . . see FLOYER Sir John - Psychrologia...(1709).BAYNES Ralph N3 Compendium Michlol, hoc est absolutissimae grammatices Davidis Chimni. 21.5cm. Paris. Charles Etienne. 1554BEALE Lionel Smith Z54/6 Bioplasm: an introduction to the study of physiology and medicine. 17cm. London. J and A Churchill. 1872BEALE Lionel Smith Z54/10 How to work with the microscope. 5th edn 22cm. London. Harrison. 1880BEALE Lionel Smith Z54/2 On life and on vital action. (Lambian Lectures). 19cm. London. J and A Churchill. 1875BEALE Lionel Smith Z54/9 On progress at King's College and on the nature of life. 21cm. (London). Harrison. 1893BEALE Lionel Smith Z54/3 On slight ailments and in treating disease. 3rd edn. 21.5cm. London. J and A Churchill. 1890BEALE Lionel Smith Z54/4 Our morality and the moral question. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. J and A Churchill. 1893BEALE Lionel Smith Z54/5 Protoplasm: physical life and law. 4th edn. 18cm. London. Harrison and Sons. 1892BEALE Lionel Smith Z54/7 The machinery of life: a lecture. 19cm. London. J and A Churchill. 1875

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BEALE Lionel Smith Z54/8 The mystery of life: an essay. 19cm. London. J and A Churchill. 1871BEARDWOOD Alice VX.1 Records of the trial of Walter Langeton, Bishop of Coventry and Lichfield. 22cm. London. RHS. 1969BEATSON Benjamin Wrigglesworth P98 Index in Graecitatis Sophocleae. 22.5cm. Cambridge. W P Grant. 1830BEATTIE James H127 An essay on the nature and immutability of truth. 20cm. Edinburgh. A. Kincaid and J. Bell. 1770BEAUMONT Francis and FLETCHER John S124-131 The works...with notes...by (Lewis) Theoball. 10 vols (lacking vols.5-6). 20cm. London. J & R Tonson and S Draper. 1750BEAUMONT William John (co-editor) . . . see CAMPION William Magan & BEAUMONT William John (editors) - The Prayer Book interleaved (1868).BECCADELLI Lodovico* U172 Vita Reginaldi Poli, Britanni. 20cm. Venice. Domenico and Gianbattista Guerreio. 1563BECK Christian Daniel P106 Index graecitatis Euripideae. Ed. accuratior. 22.5cm. Cambridge. W P Grant. 1829BECKET St Thomas Z63/3-7 Materials for the history of Thomas Becket...ed. J.C.Robertson. (Rolls Series). 5 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1875-81BECKETT J H YA24-25 Old church towers of Staffordshire. 2 vols. (Offprint from Transactions of the North Staffordshire Field Club, vols 45-46. 21.5cm. (Stafford). (Staffordshire Field Club). (1911-12)BECKETT William UA35/5 A free and impartial enquiry into the antiquity and efficacy of touching for the king's evil. 21cm. London. J Peele. 1722BECKFORD William W5-6 A descriptive account of the island of Jamaica. 2 vols. 21.5cm. London. T and J Egerton. 1790BECON Thomas U190-92 (Works), ed. J Ayre. 3 vols. (Parker Society) 26.5cm. Cambridge . Cambridge University Press. 1843-44BEDE St Z134/16 St Chad, bishop of Lichfield: an extract from the `History of the English church and people'. 21cm. West New Plymouth. P.C.C.. (n.d.)BEDE St. M7 Ecclesiasticae historiae gentis Anglorum libri quinque. 27cm. Antwerp. Johannes Gravius. 1550BEDE St. Z25/21 Ecclesiastical history of the English nation...trsl. L Gidley. 19cm. Oxford. James Parker. 1870BEDE St. Z38/13 Historiae ecclesiasticae gentis Anglorum libri quinque...cura et studio Joannis Smith. 39.5cm. Cambridge. Typis Academicis. 1722

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BEDESMAN, pseud. Z77/32 Kemsing church and parish. 18cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1914BEDFORD Francis Russell, 7th Duke. K256 Plans and elevations of cottages for agricultural labourers, designed and executed for the Duke of Bedford's Bedfordshire estate. 29cm. London. Ackermann. 1854BEDFORD Hilkirk* J181 A vindication of the Church of England. 19cm. London. R. Wilkin. 1710BEDFORD William Campbell Riland Z95/3 The blazon of episcopacy. 2nd edn. 25cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1897 Extensively annotated in MS.BEDFORD Williiam Kirkpatrick Riland W73 The blazon of episcopacy. 22cm. London. John Russell Smith. 1858BEEVERELL James W50-55 Les délices de la Grande Bretagne. 8 vols (in 6). Nouvelle édn. 16cm. London. Pierre Van de Aa . 1727BEKKER Immanuel . . . see PLATO - Scripta graeca...(1826)BEKKER Immanuel . . . see ARISTOTLE - Opera...(1837)BEKKER Immanuel P116 Scholia in Platonem 22.5cm. London. R Priestley. 1824BEKKER Immanuel (editor) . . . see PLATO - Platonis dialogi...(1816-23).BELL Sir Charles Z40/5 The hand, its mechanism and vital endowments as evincincing design. (Bridgewater Treatise IV). 21cm. London. Pickering. 1837BELLARMINE Robert Q173 De scriptoribus ecclesiasticis. 6th edn. 15cm. Louvain. Jerome de Gosin. 1678BELLARMINO Roberto P78 Institutiones linguae hebraicae... 17.5cm. Antwerp. Plantin. 1606BELLAY Martin du, Seigneur de Langey V125B Les mémoires. 34cm. Paris . Guillaume Auvray. 1582 Bound with: COMMINES P - Les mémoires. (1580)BELLAY Martin du, Seigneur de Langey V310 Les mémoires. 17cm. Paris . Olivier de P l'Huillier. 1571BELLEFOREST François . . . see BONISTEAU Pierre - Histoires...(1566).BEMBO Pietro T72 Epistolae omnes quotquot extant. 15.5cm. (Venice?). (n.p.). (1535)BEMBO Pietro BB2 Gli Asolani. 21cm. Venice . Aldus Manutius. 1505

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Renouard 48-49. Binding: Elaborate 19th century imitation of 16th century vellum: gauffered edges.BEMDEN Yvette van den and KERR Jill Z114/28 The sixteenth-century glass from Herkenrode Abbey (Belgium) in Lichfield Cathedral. 30cm. London. Society of Antiquaries. 1986 Offprint from Archaeologia, vol CVIII.BENEDICT of Peterborough Z67/7-8 Gesta regis Henrici secundi...ed. W.Stubbs. (Rolls Series). 2 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans . 1867BENEDIKZ Benedikt Sigurdur Z134/21 St Chad: patron of Mercia. 17cm. (Birmingham). (AECA). (1977) Offprint from ECNL n.s.4.BENGEL Johann Albert . . . see JOHN CHRYSOSTOM St. - De sacerdotio...(1872)BENGEL Johann Albert Z15/7 Gnomon Novi Testamenti. Ed. 2a. 21cm. Ulm. Joh.Friedrich Gaum. 1763BENGEL Johann Albert Z15/10 Gnomon of the New Testament. 5 vols (in 3). 7th edn. 22.5cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1877BENHAM William Z27/14 Winchester. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. 1884BENNET Thomas J9 A brief history of the joint use of precompos'd set forms of prayer/ 18cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1708BENNET Thomas J141 A paraphrase with annotations upon the Book of Common Prayer. 19cm. London. James Knapton. 1708BENNET Thomas J4 An essay on the thirty nine articles. 19.5cm. London. W. Innys. 1715BENNETT Thomas J182 A confutation of Quakerism. 3rd edn. 19cm. London. M.J. for A. Bettesworth and C. Hitch. 1733BENNETT William Sterndale (editor) Z21/16 The chorale book for England. 21.5cm. London. Longman. 1865BENSON Arthur Christopher Z49/24 The life of Edward White Benson, sometime Archbishop of Canterbury. New edn. 21cm. London. Macmillan. 1901BENSON Christopher UA4/11 A theological enquiry into the sacrament of baptism. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1817BENSON Christopher J338 The chronology of Our Saviour's life. 22.5cm. Cambridge . Cambridge University Press. 1819BENSON Edward White Z16/14 Addresses on the Acts of the Apostles. 26cm. London. Macmillan. 1901BENSON Edward White Z44/15 Cyprian, his life, his times, his work. 22.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1897 Another copy - Z50/30.

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BENSON Edward White Q163 The cathedral: its necessary place in the life and work of the church. 19cm. London. J Murray. 1878BENSON Thomas . . . see SOMNER William - Vocabularium Anglo-Saxonicum...(1701)BENTHAM James R70 The history and antiquities of the conventual and cathedral church of Ely. 31cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1771BENTHAM Jeremy* UA16/13 Truth versus Ashhurst, or law as it is. 22.5cm. London. T Moses. 1823BENTIVOGLIO Guido V321-323 Della guerra di Flandra. 3 vols. 16cm. Köln . (?printed in Italy). 1635-40BENTIVOGLIO Guido V20 Histoire de la guerre de Flandre, traduite...par Antoine Oudin. 22cm. Paris . Anthoine de Sommaville et al.. 1634BENTIVOGLIO Guido V107 The history of the warrs of Flanders...trsl. Henry, Earl of Monmouth. 29cm. London. for Humphrey Moseley. 1654 Wing B1912.BENTLEY James (co-author) . . . see RODWELL Warwick and BENTLEY James - Our Christian heritage. (1984)BENTLEY Richard Z135/19 Atheism. 21cm. London. Mortlock. 1693BENTLEY Richard UA25/1 Dr.Bentley's emendations on the twelve books of Milton's Paradise Lost. 18cm. London. J and J Knapton et al. 1732BENTLEY Richard P61 Notae atque emendationes in G. Horatium integrae...curante Joanne Friderico Sachse. 17.5cm. Guedlinburg and Leipzig. Gottfried Basse. 1825BENTLEY Richard T111-112 The correspondence. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. J Murray . 1842BENTLEY Richard U139-141 The works, ed. A Dyce. 3 vols. 22.5cm. London. F Macpherson. 1836-38BENTON Rita Z133/6 Directory of music research libraries: Canada and the United States. 23cm. Iowa City. University of Iowa. 1967BEOWULF S65 The Anglo-Saxon poems of Beowulf...(ed. by) Benjamin Thorpe. 20cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1855BERESFORD John George, Lord UA23/2 A charge delivered at his annual visitation (in) 1845. 20cm. London. J W Parker. 1846BERESFORD William Z27/15A Diocesan Histories - Lichfield 17cm. London. SPCK. (duplicate copy)BERESFORD William Z81/5 English bells and bell lore. 23cm. Leek . T Mark. 1888

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BERESFORD William Z27/7 Lichfield. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. (1879)BERESFORD William Z81/1 Memorials of old Staffordshire. 22cm. London. George Allen. 1909BERESFORD-COOKE Ernest Q249 The sign of the cross in the Western liturgies. (Alcuin Club: Tracts 7). 27cm. London. Longmans. 1907BERKELEY George . . . see HOWARD Henrietta, Countess of Suffolk - Letters...(1824).BERKELEY George T253-54 The works. 2 vols. 31cm. London. G Robinson and J Exshaw. 1784BERKSWICH with WALTON XA9 Berkswich w. Walton parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society) 23cm. Exeter. Southwood & Co (for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 1905BERNARD Edward . . . see HUNTINGTON Robert - Epistolae...(1704).BERNARD John Henry (co-editor) I11-12. . . see LIBER HYMNORUM - The Irish Liber Hymnorum...(1898)BERNARD Jonathan UA22/9 God's providence the support of government. 19cm. London. for R Wilson and R Wellington. (1706)BERNARD St, of Clairvaux D37-40 Opera omnia...curis D. Joannis Mabillon. 4 vols. 4th edn 26cm. Paris. Gaume. 1839BERNARD St., of Clairvaux Z38/14-15 Genuina Sancti Doctoris opera...tertiis curis...Joannis Mabillon... 2 vols. Nova editio. 41cm. Paris . Montalban. 1719BERNARD, J H, D.D. Z27/15C The Cathedral Church of Saint Patrick: a history and description of the building, with a short account of the Deans. (Bell's Cathedral Series) 19cm. London. George Bell & Sons. 1903BERNHAM David de . . . see WORDSWORTH Christopher (ed.) - Pontificale...(1885).BERNI Francesco T32 The Orlando Innamorate translated...by William Stewart Rose. 19.5cm. Edinburgh. W Blackwood. 1823BEROLDUS of Milan Q71 Beroldus, sive Ecclesiae Ambrosianae Mediolanensis kalendarium et ordines saec. XII, ...edidit...Marcus Magistretti. 22.5cm. Milan . Giuseppe Giovanola. 1894BERRIMAN John G103 Theos ephanerothe eu sarki, or a critical dissertation upon I Timothy, iii, 16 19.5cm. London. W.Innys. 1741BERRIMAN William J186 An historical account of the controversie...concerning the doctrine of the...Trinity. 19cm. London. T. Ward. 1725BERROW Capel* J267C Deism not consistent with the religion of reason and nature.

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20cm. London. J. Robinson. 1751 Bound with: LOWMAN M - An argument... (1735)BERRY Mary T1-2 A comparative view of the social life in England and France. New edn. 2 vols. 18cm. London. R Bentley. 1844BERRY Norman F Z10/26 The Wilson run: the first 100 years. 24.5cm. Kendal. Westmoreland Gazette (for the Author). (1981)BERTIE Henry UA27/6 The temple of Jerusalem. 21.5cm. London. Rivington. 1838BERTIN Chrestien Henry UA26/11 Discours sur la sainte épine de la couronne de Nre. Seigneur. 21cm. Grenoble. R Philippes. 1672BERTRAMI Bonaventura Cornelio N32 Comparatio grammaticae Hebraicae et Aramaicae. 24cm. [Geneva]. Eustace Vignon. 1574BESANT Sir Walter Z93/32 London. New edn. 21cm. London. Chatto and Windus. 1904BEST FENCE J278A The best fence against Popery, or a vindication of the power of the King in ecclesiastical affairs. 19cm. London. T. Johnson. 1686 Wing B2057. Bound with one other pamphlet.BEST Geoffrey Francis Andrew Z52/4 Temporal pillars. 23.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1964BEST Samuel UA30/1 A manual of parochial institutions. 18.5cm. Salisbury. Bennett. 1848BETHELL Christopher H289B A charge delivered to the clergy of the peculiar jurisdiction of the Dean of Chichester. 20cm. London. Rivington. 1816 Bound with: BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor....(1843)BETHELL Christopher UA23/5 A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Bangor...1852. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1852BETHELL Christopher UA23/9 A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Bangor...1849. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1850BETHELL Christopher UA26/6 A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Bangor...1856. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1856BETHELL Christopher J337 A general view of the doctrine of regeneration in baptism. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1821 Same, 4th edn. London: Rivington 1845 J344BETHELL Christopher H289H A letter to the clergy of the county of Anglesey. 20cm. London. ("Not published"), J.B. Nichols. 1837 Bound with: BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor...(1843)BETHELL Christopher H289D A sermon preached before the clergy of the deaneries of Catterick and Richmond... 20cm. York . W. Blanchard and Son. 1811 Bound with BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor...(1843)

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BETHELL Christopher H289C A sermon preached...at the visitation...of the Arch-deaconry of Richmond. 20cm. London. Hatchard. 1810 Bound with: BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor...(1843)BETHELL Christopher H289E An apology for the ministers of the Church of England... 20cm. London. Rivington. 1816 Bound with: BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor...(1843)BETHELL Christopher H289A Charge to the clergy of the diocese of Bangor... 20cm. London. Rivington. 1843 Bound with 16 other tracts.BETHELL Christopher H289F Expostulatory remarks on Mr. Faber's reply to the Dean of Chichester. 20cm. London. Rivington. 1817 Bound with: BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor...(1843)BETHUNE-BAKER James Frankton Z37/15 An introduction to the early history of Christian doctrine. 22cm. London. Methuen. 1903BETLEY XA10 Betley parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society) 23cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1916BETTS John* Z54/12 (De ortu et natura sanguinis). 17cm. (London). (E.T.for W Granthay). (1669) Wing B2087. Lacks tp.BEVAN John* J307 A vindication of the authenticity of the narratives...of the gospels of St. Matthew and St. Luke....by a Layman. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1822BEVAN William Latham Z27/12 St David's. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. 1888BEVAN William Latham Z77/33 The past and present of a Welsh diocese. 17.5cm. London. SPCK. 1907BEVERIDGE William X231 Institutionum chronologicarum libri II. Ed. altera. 19cm. London. Samuel Roycroft. 1705BEVERIDGE William M120-121 Sunodikon, seu pandecta canonum S.S. apostolorum et conciliorum ab ecclesia Graeca receptorum. 2 vols. 40cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1672 Wing B2115.BEVERIDGE William Y108 The thirty-nine articles of the Church of England. 3rd edn. 19cm. London. for Richard Smith. 1716BEVERIDGE William H95-103 The works...edited by T. H. Horne. 9 vols. 21.5cm. London. James Duncan. 1824BEVERIDGE William U22-33 Theological works. 12 vols. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, vv.22-33). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1842-48 Another set, vol.9-10 (only) -see Z34/9-10.

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BEWES Wyndham Ansti Z47/9 Church briefs. 22cm. London. Adam and Charles Black. 1896BEZA Theodor B3. . . see BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. - Jesu Christi D.N. Novum Testamentum...Theodori Bezae...(1565)BEZA Theodore G31 Confession christianae fidei. 18cm. [Geneva]. Joannes Bonae Fidei. 1560BEZA Theodore, attrib.* M55-57 Histoire ecclésiastique des églises reformées au royaume de France. 3 vols. 17cm. Anvers. Jean Remy. 1580BIANCHINI Giuseppe Z101/13-16 Evangeliarum quadruplex Latinae versionis antiquae seu veteris Italiciae. 40cm. Rome . Antonio de Rubeis. 1749BIBLE X316 King James. 17cm. London. . No title page.BIBLE, English. S264B The Holy Bible. 21cm. London. Bonham Norton and John Bull. 1619(20) STC 2258. Bound with: Book of Common Prayer (1613-18).BIBLE, New Testament, French and German Q148A Le Nouveau Testament...d'après la version révue par J F Ostervald. 22cm. London. BFBS. 1856 Parallel Texts. Second tp in German.BIBLE, Old Testament, Song of Solomon Q341 The book of canticles, or the Song of Solomon 22cm. London. Wertheim and Macintosh. 1851BIBLE, Psalms. Metrical. S264D The whole booke of Psalmes collected...by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins... 21cm. London. Company of Stationers. 1617 STC 2557. Bound with: Book of Common Prayer...(1613-18).BIBLE. Apocrypha. G65 The Holy Bible...the Apocrypha. 16.5cm. London. John Reeves. 1802BIBLE. Apocrypha. English. Z111/2 (THe Apocrypha). 26cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (n.d.) Lacks tp.BIBLE. Apocrypha. English G65B The Apocrypha...edited by Bruce M. Metzger 21.5cm. New York. Oxford University Press. 1965BIBLE. English BB24C (The Holy Bible). 20.5cm. (London). (Robert Barker). (1615) STC 2242. Bound with: BOKK OF COMMON PRAYER (1615). Lacks general tp.BIBLE. English A52-53 see A38-39

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. . . [Lacks engraved t-p of vol I of Bible and t-p and first 2 leaves following of Book of Common Prayer]BIBLE. English A17A The Bible, that is the holy scripture... 32cm. London. Robert Barker. 1611 'she' version. Bound with: Booke of Common Prayer...(1611). Another copy (imperfect) Z124A. Darlow & Moule 309. STC 2217.BIBLE. English AA10 The Byble in Englyshe...with a prologe therinto made by ...Thomas archbysshop of Canterbury... 39cm. London. Edward Whitchurch. 1540 STC 2070.BIBLE. English G55B The Holy Bible 18cm. London. John Cawood. 1561 or later Bound with: Book of Common Prayer (post 1559). Lacks t-p and last leaves. STCBIBLE. English G133B The Holy Bible 19cm. London. Jo. Bill, Thos. Newcomb and H. Hills. 1679 Wing B2307. Bound with: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER(1680)BIBLE. English BB16-17 The Holy Bible (illustrated by engravings of J.C.Visscher). 2 vols. 44cm. Cambridge. John Field. 1660(59) Wing B2255. Darlow and Moule 668. Lacks printed tp of vol I.BIBLE. English B59-63 The Holy Bible (in 5 bound fascicles) 41cm. Cambridge. Thomas Buck and Roger Daniel. (1638) STC 2331. Darlow & Moule 520BIBLE. English AA19 The Holy Bible containing the Old Testament and the New... 49cm. Cambridge. John Baskerville. 1763 Straus and Dent 65.BIBLE. English A7B The Holy Bible, containing the Old and New Testaments... 27 cm. Oxford. John Baskett. 1715 Bound with: Book of Common Prayer (1715)BIBLE. English G16-20 The Holy bible, translated from the Latin Vulgate...by the English College at Douay... 5 vols 17cm. [n.p.]. [n.p]. 1750-52BIBLE. English A36 The Holy Bible. 48cm. Oxford. John Baskett. 1717 Lacks all after Song of Solomon. Darlow & Moule 942.BIBLE. English A37 The Holy Bible. 48cm. Cambridge. John Baskerville. 1763

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Gaskell 26. Darlow & Moule 1146. Donated by Andrew Newton, 1805.BIBLE. English A38A-39 The Holy Bible. 2 vols. 48cm. Cambridge. John Field . 1660 (59) Vol I bound with Book of Common Prayer, 1660 [Cambridge: John Field]. The Bible is divided after Job. Engraved tp of whole Bible dated 1660, sub-tp of NT dated 1659. Engravings by Wenceslaus Hollar and John Ogilby. ...second set (seeA40-41);...third set (see A52-53). Wing B2255.BIBLE. English A42 The Holy Bible.... 43cm. Oxford. John Baskett. 1727 Darlow & Moule 982BIBLE. English A43 The Holy Bible.... 43cm. Cambridge. John Smith. 1827BIBLE. English A16 The Holy Bible...newly translated...by His Majesties speciall command. 35cm. London. R. Barker and assigns of Jo. Bill. 1638/9 Engraved t-p at front by T. Buck and R. Daniel, Cambridge. STC 2335. Bound in purple morocco with engraved brass corner pieces and donation plate for Basil Fielding, 2nd Earl of Denbigh.BIBLE. English A20-22 The Holy Bible...prepared and arranged by...George d'Oyly and ... Richard Mant. 3 vols. 29cm. Cambridge. C.U.P. (for SPCK). 1823BIBLE. English A1-6 The Holy Bible...with explanatory notes...by Thomas Scott...A new edition...with ten maps 27cm. London. L.B.Seeley (et al). 1830BIBLE. English. BB23C (The Holy Bible). 22cm. (Cambridge). (Printers to the University). (1637) STC 2326. General tp missing. Bound with: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER (1638).BIBLE. English. Z8/1 The English Hexapla. 30cm. London. S Bagster. 1841BIBLE. English. Z124/1 The Holy Bible 39cm. London. Robert Barker. 1611 Darlow and Moule 309. STC 2217. 2nd printing, with Ruth iii, 15 as `she'. Lacks tp and all before B2, also all after Rev.xviii, 12. See also A17A.BIBLE. English. Z22/21 The Holy Bible containing the Old and New Testaments. 26.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1862BIBLE. English. BB29C The Holy Bible. 20.5cm. London. Bonham Norton and John Bill. 1627 STC 2280. Bound with: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER (1627).

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BIBLE. English. Z134/12 The Holy Bible. 16.5cm. London. Robert Barker. 1632 STC 2302. Remnants of old binding in envelope - Z134/12A.BIBLE. English. Z6/1-12 The Holy Bible...with a...commentary...edited by F C Cook. 10 vols (in 12). 24.5cm. London. John Murray. 1871-81 The so-called 'Speaker's Commentary'.BIBLE. English. Z107/11 The Holy Bible...with annotations. 27cm. Birmingham. Knott and Lloyd. 1804BIBLE. French B57 La Bible, qui est toute la Sainte Escriture.... 37cm. Geneva. (n.p.). 1588 Darlow & Moule 3737BIBLE. French B58 La Bible, qui est toute la Sainte Escriture... 42cm. Geneva. pour Pierre et Jacques Chouët. 1638 Contains French Metrical Psalter of C. Marot & Th. Beza. Not in Darlow & MouleBIBLE. German F25 Die Bibel oder die ganze Heilige Schrift. 26.5cm. Köln. [British and Foreign Bible Society]. 1884BIBLE. Gospels. Arabic C82 Sacrosancta quatuor evangelia Jesu Christi...arabica scripta... 30.5cm. [Rome]. [Typographia Medicea]. [1591] First four leaves of text missing; text and illustrations copied in ink. Darlow & Moule 1636BIBLE. Gospels. Gothic C2 Sacrorum Evangeliorum versio Gothica ex Codice Argenteo...cum interpretatione Latina...Erici Benzelii...edidit...Edwardus Lye. 29cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1750BIBLE. Gospels. Gothic and Anglo-Saxon. Z107/16 The Gothic and Anglo-Saxon gospels in parallel columns...by...Joseph Bosworth. 28cm. London. J Russell Smith. 1865BIBLE. Gothic. Pauline Epistles. Romans A12 Ulphilae versionem Gothicam nonnullorum capitum epistolae Pauli Romanos...eruit...Franciscus Antonius Knittel... 25 cm. Brunswick/Wolfenbuttel. Johann Wilhelm Bindseil. (1762) Note: Old shelfmark (191.B2.71) on first flyleaf; MS note.BIBLE. Greek. Old Testament A8 He palaia diatheke kata tous hebdomekonta...summa cura edidit Lambertus Bos 25.5 cm. Franequerae. Franciscus Halina. 1709 Note: Ownership plate. Roukens (with coat of arms) on front coverBIBLE. Greek. Old Testament A9-10 He Palaia Diatheke kata ton hebdomakonta...olim..Joanne Ernesto Grabe...nunc...summa cura edidit Joannes Jacobus Breitinger. 4 vols (in 2) 25.5 cm. Zürich. Johann Heidegger. 1730BIBLE. Hebrew G121 (Biblia Hebraica) 22.5cm. [Geneva]. [n.p]. 1650 Not in Darlow & MouleBIBLE. Hebrew A50-51 [Biblia Hebraica...operis Joannis Buxtorfii] 2 vols 41cm. Basel. Ludovicus Koenig. 1618-19 Darlow & Moule 5120

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BIBLE. Hebrew. Z1/12 Biblia Hebraica...ex recensioni Aug.Hahnii expressa. 17cm. Leipzig. Tauchnitz. 1838BIBLE. Hebrew. Z105/1 Biblio Hebraica...Johanne Leusden denno recognita. 22.5cm. Amsterdam and Utrecht. Boom, Waesberge et al.. 1705BIBLE. Hebrew. Old Testament BB19-20 (Biblia Rabbinica). 2 vols. 16.5cm. Antwerp. Christopher Plantin. 1566 Darlow and Moule 5099.BIBLE. Illustration. English G30 The history of ye Old and New Testament in cutts. 17cm. London. Wm.R. for John Williams. 1671 Wing H2173B. Engraving by F.H. van Houe.BIBLE. Isaiah. English C19 Isaiah. A new translation with a preliminary dissertation and notes...by Robert Lowth. 2nd edn 28cm. London. J. Nichols for J. Dodsley and T. Cadell. 1779BIBLE. Italian. A18 La Sacra Bibbio tradotta...de Giovanni Diodati. 2nd edn. 30.5cm. Geneva. Pietro Chouët. 1641 Apocrypha and Metrical Psalms at end of N.T. Darlow & Moule 5600.BIBLE. Latin B56 Biblia interprete Sebastiano Castalione 37cm. Basel. Joannes Oporinus. 1554 Not in Darlow & MouleBIBLE. Latin B36-54 Biblia maxima versionum ex linguis orientalibus...additis amplissimis prolegomenis...authore Joanne de la Haye. 19 vols 40cm. Paris. D.Bechet (et al). 1660 Not in Darlow & MouleBIBLE. Latin A11 Biblia Sacra vulgatae editionis Sixti Quinti Pont. Max. iussu 24.5 cm. Rome. ex Typographia Apostolica Vaticana. 1693BIBLE. Latin AA11 Biblio sacra quid in hac editione a theologis Lovaniensibus praestitum sit... 41.5cm. Antwerp. Plantin. 1583 Darlow & Moule, see II, 965.BIBLE. Latin BB7 Biblio sacra...ab Im.Tremellio et Fr.Iunio ex Hebraeo Latine redditum. 15.5cm. Amsterdam. Johannes Facobus Schipper. 1669 Magnificent 18-19th century binding: gilt foreedge painting.BIBLE. Latin AA5-6 Incipit epistola sancti Hieronymii ad Paulinum...(1 vol in 2). 33.5cm. Venice. Nicolas Jenson. 1479 Bound in 2 vols by T J Cobden-Sanderson. GKW 4238. Hain *3073. B M Inc L,180. Goff B563.BIBLE. Latin A13-14 Testamenti Veteris biblia sacra...Latine...illustrati ab I. Tremellio et F. Junio. 3rd edn. 35cm. Hanover. Andreas Wechsel. 1596

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BIBLE. Latin. Z2/1 Biblia sacra vulgatae editionis...Clementis VIII auctoritate edita. 21cm. Paris . Mequignon Jr. and Leroux. 1844BIBLE. Latin. Z60X/8 Biblia sacra vulgatae editionis. 26.5cm. Lyon . Bruyset Frères. 1727BIBLE. Matthew. Latin G66 Vulgata antiqua Latina et Itala versio Evangelii secundum Matthaeum...labore D. Johannis Martianay. 16cm. Paris . Antoine Lambin. 1695 BIBLE. New English 30cm. Oxford & Cambridge. OUP & CUP. 1971BIBLE. New Testament. Armenian. X26 Astuacashunch Nor Ktakaran. 2 vols. (in 1). 14.5cm. Amsterdam. Tomas Vauandect. 1698-1700BIBLE. New Testament. English. Z4/12 The beginning of the New Testament, translated by William Tyndale 1525. Facsimile of the unique fragment. 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1926BIBLE. New Testament. English. 1881. Z15/3 The New Testament of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ translated... 1881. 24cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1881BIBLE. New Testament. English. 1380. Z15/2 The New Testament translated...by John Wiclif, D.D.,...(ed.) by...Henry Hervey Baber. 26.5cm. London. T Hamilton et al.. 1810BIBLE. New Testament. English. Z122/13 The New Testament translated...by John Wiclif, D.D....(ed. by) Henry Hervey Baber. 30.5cm. London. R Edwards for T Hamilton et al.. 1810BIBLE. New Testament. English G64 The New Testament...a fac-simile reprint of the celebrated Genevan Testament MDLVII 16.5cm. London. S. Bagster. [n.d.]BIBLE. New Testament. English G6B The New Testament...Cambridge stereotype edition. 21cm. Cambridge. J. Smith. n.d. Bound with: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. Lectionary...(1808)BIBLE. New Testament. French. G27 (Le Nouveau Testament de Notre Seigneur...) 17cm. [Lyons] . [Jaques Fore]. [1566?] Rest of work lacking; signatures begin at AA. Not in Darlow and Moule.BIBLE. New Testament. French G237 Le Nouveau Testament, c'est à dire La nouvelle alliance de nostre Seigneur Jesus Christ. 23.5cm. Charenton. Pierre des Hayes. [c.1650] Not in Darlow & MouleBIBLE. New Testament. Greek B4 D.N. Jesu Christi Testamentum Novum... Theodoro Bezae interprete,...Latina translatio Immanuelis Tremellii...quam Franciscus Junius recensuit... 34cm. Hanover. E Typsis Wechelianis. 1623 Interleaved copy. Not in Darlow & MouleBIBLE. New Testament. Greek. Z1/23 He kaine diatheke. 15.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1881BIBLE. New Testament. Greek G21B & G42 He kaine diatheke. 2 copies 17cm. London. Richard Whittaker. 1633

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Bound with: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER...(1637). STC 2798.BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. Z129/11 He kaine diatheke. The Greek Testament with English notes by ...Edward Burton. 5th edn. 21cm. Oxford. Parker. 1856BIBLE. New Testament. Greek G45 He Kaine diatheke...accedunt parallelae S. Scripturae loca... 16cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1830 Darlow & Moule 4821BIBLE. New Testament. Greek G140-141 He kaine diatheke...by Edward Burton. 2 vols 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1831BIBLE. New Testament. Greek G60 He kaine diatheke...in sectiones divisit...Christianus Schoettgenius. Edita nova. 17cm. Breslau. Joannes Michael Gampertus. 1765BIBLE. New Testament. Greek B10 He kaine diatheke...opera et studio Joannis Gregorii 38.5cm. Oxford. e Theatro Sheldoniano. 1703 Darlow & Moule 4721BIBLE. New Testament. Greek G138-139 He kaine diatheke...with notes...by S.T.Bloomfield. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Longmans 1839. BIBLE. New Testament. Greek B1 He kaine diatheke: Novum Testamentum...studio et labore Joannis Mill. 36cm. Oxford. Theatro Sheldoniano. 1707 Darlow & Moule 4725BIBLE. New Testament. Greek B21-22 He kaine diatheke: Novum Testamentum graecum...opera et studio Joannis Jacobi Wetstenii. 2 vols 30cm. Amsterdam. ex Officina Dommeriana. 1751 Bound in at end of vol II; CLEMENT St. of Rome - Duae epistolae... Darlow & Moule 4753BIBLE. New Testament. Greek X1 He Kaine diatheke: Novum Testamentum. 16cm. Amsterdam. Wetsten. 1711BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. X2 He Kaine diatheke: Novum Testmentum. 16cm. Amsterdam. Blaeu. 1685BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. X35 He kaine diatheke: Novum Testamentum. 10.5cm. London. Excudebant Regii Typographi. 1592 STC 2794.BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. Z135/6 He Kaine diatheke: Novum Testamentum juxta exemplar Millianum, typis Joannis Baskerville. 23cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1763 Straus and Dent 12.BIBLE. New Testament. Greek B3 Jesu Christi D. N. Novum testamentum... Theodori Bezae recognita 33cm. [Geneva]. Henricus Stephanus. 1565 Darlow & Moule 4629BIBLE. New Testament. Greek B5 & B6 Jesu Christi Domini Nostri Novum Testamentum...cujus graeco contextui respondent interpretationes duae...altera Theodori Bezae...accessit etiam...Joachimi Camerarii...commentarius. 2 copies. 35cm. Cambridge. Roger Daniel. 1642

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Darlow & Moule 4686. Wing B2728BIBLE. New Testament. Greek B7 Jesu Christi Domini Nostri Novum Testamentum...Th. Bezae annotationes... 33cm. [Geneva]. [sumptibus haered. Eustachii Vignon]. 1598 Darlow & Moule 4654BIBLE. New Testament. Greek G54 Novum Testamentum graece...praemisit Constantinus Tischendorf. 2nd edn 19cm. Leipzig. Adolph Winter. 1849BIBLE. New Testament. Greek B2 Novum Testamentum graecum... Ben. Ariae Montanis Hispalensis opera... 35.5cm. [Strassburg]. Petrus de La Rouière. 1619 Darlow & Moule 4667BIBLE. New Testament. Greek and Latin G38 Novum Testamentum Jesu Christi, graece et latine. 15.5cm. Basel . Nicolaus Bryling. 1564BIBLE. New Testament. Greek C23 Prolegomena ad Novi Testamenti graeci editionem accuratissimam 25cm. Amsterdam. R. & J. Wetsten and G. Smith. 1730BIBLE. New Testament. Greek B74 Tes kaines diatheke apanta. 29.5cm. Paris. Robertus Stephanus. 1550 Darlow & Moule 4622BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. X34 Tes kaines diathekes apanta. Novum Testamentum ex Bibliotheca Regia. 12cm. Paris . Robert Estienne. 1569BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. X39 Tes Kaines diathekes apanta. 12.5cm. (Geneva). Johannes Crispinus. 1564BIBLE. New Testament. Greek and English. Z107/20-22 The English Hexapla...six important English translations of the New Testament...(with) the Greek original. 3 vols. 28.5cm. London. S Bagster. (1841)BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. Z3/6-7 The Greek testament with notes...by William Webster and William Francis Wilkinson. 2 vols. 21cm. London. J W Parker. 1855BIBLE. New Testament. Greek G137 The Greek Testament...by William Webster...and William Francis Wilkinson. vol 1 (only) 21cm. London. Parker. 1855BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. Z3/1-5 The Greek testament...by Henry Alford. 4 vols (in 5). 3rd edn. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1856-61BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. Z1/1-2 The New Testament in the original Greek: the text revised by Brooke Foss Westcott and Fenton John Anthony Hort. 2 vols. 19cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1881BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. Z1/21 The New Testament in the original Greek...edited ...by F H A Scrivener. 18cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1881BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. Z7/1-3 The New Testament...in the original Greek, with notes and introductions by Chr.Wordsworth. 3 vols. New edn. 27.5cm. London. Rivington. 1859-60BIBLE. New Testament. Syriac G107 Liber Sacrosancti Evangelii de Jesu Christo...

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21cm. Vienna. Michael Cymbermann. 1555 Darlow & Moule 8947BIBLE. New Testament. Syriac. X5B Novum domini nostri Jesu Christi Testamentum Syriace. 16cm. Hamburg. Typis et Impensis Autoris. 1664 Bound with: GUTBER - Lexicon...(1667)Bible. Old & New Testaments. English. Aal (1 & 2) William Tyndale's [translation of] the Old & New Testaments: modern spelling edition...introduction by David Daniell. 28cm. New Haven:Connecticut,& London. Yale University Press. 1989 and 1992 2 vols. in slipcase Vol 1 published 1989; vol 2 published 1992BIBLE. Old Testament. English G142-143 Reeves' edition of the Old Testament MDCCCII. 2 vols 21.5cm. [London]. [J. Crowder for J. Reeves]. [1802] Part of Darlow & Moule 1458BIBLE. Old Testament. English. Z7/4-9 The Holy Bible with introductions and notes by Chr.Wordsworth. 6 vols. New edn. 27.5cm. London. Rivington. 1880-83BIBLE. Old Testament. Greek G28 He palaia diatheke kata tous hebdomakonta. 17cm. London. Roger Daniel. 1653 Wing B2731BIBLE. Old Testament. Greek. Z5/7-9 He palaia diatheke kata tous hebdomekonta: Vetus Testamentum graece iuxta LXX interpretes...instruxit Constantinus de Tischendorf. 3 vols. 7th edn. 21cm. Leipzig. Brockhaus. 1887BIBLE. Old Testament. Greek B55 Septuaginta interpretum...edidit Joannes Ernestus Grabe. 4 vols (in 1) 36cm. Oxford. e Theatro Sheldoniano. 1707-20 Darlow & Moule 4733BIBLE. Old Testament. Greek. Z3/8-10 The Old Testament in Greek, edited...by Henry Barclay Swete. 3 vols. 19cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1887BIBLE. Old Testament. Greek B75-76 Vetus Testamentum graece juxta LXX interpretes...reformavit...Fridericus Field. 2 vols 25cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1859 Darlow & Moule 4865BIBLE. Old Testament. Greek A59-63 Vetus Testamentum graecum...edidit Robertus Holmes...editionem...inchoatam continuavit Jacobus Parsons. 5 vols 42cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1798-1827 Darlow & Moule 4806BIBLE. Old Testament. Hebrew B2B Biblia Hebraica, corundem Latina interpretatio... Benedicti Ariae Montani...studio 35.5cm. Strassburg. Petrus de la Rouiere. 1619 Bound with BIBLE. New Testament. Novum Testamentum Graecum... Benedicti Aria MontaniBIBLE. Old Testament. Hebrew/English. Z4/2 The holy scriptures of the Old Testament, Hebrew and English. 20.5cm. Vienna. BFBS. 1877BIBLE. Old Testament. Psalms. Y141 The book of Psalms according to the Authorized Version. 18cm. London. Religious Tract Society. (18 ?)BIBLE. Old Testment. Greek. G41 He Palaia Diatheke. 16.5cm. London. Samuel Bagster. [n.d.]

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BIBLE. Pentateuch. Hebrew X313 Hamisha humshe Torah. 11cm. (Antwerp). (Plantin). (1566)BIBLE. Pentateuch. Hebrew C24 Pentateuchus Hebraeo-Samaritanus...editus cura ab studio Benjamini Blayney 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1790BIBLE. Polyglot A54-58 Biblia sacra, Hebraice, Chaldaice, Graece et Latine [ed. B Ario Montanus] 5 vols. 40cm. Antwerp. Christophe Plantin. 1569-72 Darlow & Moule 1422BIBLE. Polyglot A44-49 S.S.Biblia polyglotta...edidit Brianus Walton. 6 vols 43cm. London. Thomas Roycroft. 1657 Wing B2797BIBLE. Psalms. P29N The Psalter...divided for chanting...in the Cathedral Church of Lichfield. 12.5cm . London. Robert Cocks & Co. 1859BIBLE. Psalms. Z24/3-4 The Psalter...divided for chanting, according to the present use in the Cathedral Church of Lichfield. 2 copies. 11cm. London. Robert Cocks. 1859BIBLE. Psalms. English. Z5/10-11 The Book of Psalms: a new translation...by J J S Perowne. 2 vols. 3rd edn. 20cm. London. Bell and Daldy. 1873BIBLE. Psalms. English. Metrical A7C The whole book of Psalms collected into English metre by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins and others... 27 cm. London. W Peascough for the Company of Stationers. 1715 Bound with: Book of Common Prayer (1715)BIBLE. Psalms. English. Metrical. X240 The whole booke of psalmes collected into English meeter by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins and others. 8cm. London. for the Company of Stationers . 1627 STC 2603. Silver-decorated green velvet binding. In box.BIBLE. Psalms. Greek. X177A Psalterion propheton kai basileos ton David. 9.5cm. Strassburg. Wolfgang Haupt. 1524BIBLE. Psalms. Greek. A35 Psalterium graecum e Codice MS Alexandrino...typis ad similitudinem ipsius codicis...cura et labore Henrici Harveii Baber, A.M.... 48cm. London. Richard Taylores Wechsel. 1812BIBLE. Psalms. Hebrew. X314 Sefer Tehilim. 11cm. (Antwerp). (Plantin). (1566)BIBLE. Psalms. Metrical J122. . . see DENHAM Sir John - A version of the Psalms...(1714)BIBLE. Psalms. Metrical G21C The whole book of psalmes collected into English meeter by Thomas Sternhold... 17cm. London. G.M. for Company of Stationers. 1639 STC 2686. Bound with: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER... (1637).BIBLE. Psalms. Metrical B68 & B68A The whole book of Psalms, collected into English metre by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins... 2 copies 41cm. London. C. Say for the Company of Stationers. 1772 Bound with: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER.

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BIBLE. Psalms. Metrical C17 The whole booke of Psalmes collected into English meeter by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins and others... 27.5cm. London. Company of Stationers. 1606 STC 2519BIBLE. Psalms. Metrical. BB23D The whole book of Psalmes...by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins and others. 22cm. Cambridge. Thomas Buck and Roger Daniel. 1638 STC 2683. Bound with: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER (1638).BIBLE. Psalms. Metrical. English. Z134/27 The whole book of Psalmes collected into English meeter. 16cm. London. G.M. for the Companie of Stationers. 1633 STC 2642.BIBLE. Psalms. Metrical. BB24E The whole booke of Psalmes collected into English meeter by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins and others... 20.5cm. London. Company of Stationers. 1615 STC 2551. Bound with: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER (1615).BIBLE. Psalter. Arabic C25 [The Psalter (in Arabic)] 23.5cm. . . Darlow & MouleBIBLE. Psalter. English. Metrical A17B The whole booke of Psalmes collected into English Meeter by Thomas Sternhold, John Hopkins and others... 32cm. London. for the Company of Stationers. 1612 Bound with: Booke of Common Prayer (1611). STC 2539.BIBLE. Romans . . . see PEILE Thomas Williamson - The epistle...(1858).BIBLE. Song of Solomon. English. UA35/3 The Song of Solomon newly translated from the original Hebrew. 19.5cm. London. R and J Dodsley. 1764BIBLE. St. John's Gospel. English G207 The Gospel according to St. John...newly compared...by Five Clergymen. 2nd edn 25cm. London. J. W. Parker. 1857BIBLE. St. Matthew. Greek. A19 Evangelium secundum Matthaeum ex codice rescripto in bibliotheca Collegii SSae Trinitatis juxta Dublin...opera et studio Johannis Barrett... 29cm. Dublin. ex Aedibus Academicis, excuderat R.E. Mercier. 1801 Darlow & Moule 4777.BIBLE. Welsh B77 Y Beibl cymraeg newydd. 26cm. [Swansea]. Cymdeithas y Beibl. 1988BIBLE. Welsh Z116/29 Y Beibl cysse gr-lan sef yr hen destament a'r newydd. 29cm. London. BFBS. (n.d.)BIBLIOTHECA CLASSICA Z89/1-20 Bibliotheca Classica Poetarum Graecorum. 20 vols. 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1817-25 Individual authors catalogued separately.BIBLIOTHECA CLASSICA Z89/21-42 & Z93/1-17 Bibliotheca Classica Scriptorum Prosaicorum Graecorum. 40 vols.

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19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1817-26 Individual authors catalogued separately.BICKERSTETH Edward Z24/10 Questions illustrating the thirty-nine articles of the Church of England. 18cm. London. Rivington. 1845BICKERSTETH Edward Z128/1-2 Questions illustrating the thirty-nine articles of the Church of England. 6th edn. 2 copies. 17cm. London. Rivington. 1877BICKNELL Alexander* Z24/5-6 Prince Arthur: an allegorical romance...from Spenser. 2 vols. 18cm. London. for G Riley. (1779) Prose retelling of Edmund Spenser's Faerie Queene.BIDDING PRAYER J29 Forms of bidding prayer, with introduction and notes. 15.5cm. Oxford. John Henry Parker. 1840BIGGS Charles Richard Davey Q51 Public worship in the Book of Common Prayer 18.5cm. London. Longmans. 1907BIGGS Louis Coutier Q2 Hymns ancient and modern...with annotations, originals and references. 18.5cm. London. Novello. 1867BILEY Edward U197 A supplement to the Horae Paulinae of Archdeacon Paley. 22.5cm. London. Seeley, Burnside and Seeley. 1845BILLINGS Robert William K261 Architectural illustrations, history and description of Carlisle Cathedral. 28.5cm. London. T. and W. Boone. 1840BILLINGS Robert William* K269 (Baronial and ecclesiastical antiquities of Scotland). 28.5cm. Edinburgh. W. Blackwood. 1847 Lacks t-p.BILLON François de T290 Le fort inexpugnable de l'honneur. 24cm. Paris . Jean d'Allyer. 1558BILSTON XA11 Bilston parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society) 23cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1938BINCKES William E33N A sermon preach's on January the 30th, 1701/2..before...the Lower House of Convocation. 20cm. London. R. Clavel. 1702 Bound with TURNER J - A brief vindication...(1702)BINCKES William UA27/1 The Christian synagogue. 18.5cm. London. Jonah Bowyer. 1710BINCKES William* UA10/8 A prefatory discourse to an examination of a late book.... 20.5cm. London. Robert Clavell. 1702BINFIELD Clyde (editor) Z51/35 Sir Francis Chantrey, sculptor to an age, 1781-1841. 21cm. Sheffield. University of Sheffield et al.. 1981BINGHAM Joseph U130-38 Origines ecclesiasticae. 9 vols. 22cm. London. W Straker. 1843-45

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BINGHAM Joseph F80-81 The works. 2 vols 33cm. London. Robert Knaplock. 1726BIOGRAPHIA R131-137 Biographia Britannica. 6 vols (in 7). 34cm. London. W Innys (et al). 1747-66BION . . . see THEOCRITUS - Theocritus, Bion...(1817).BION X137 The idyllia and other poems..of Bion and Moschus...translated. 17cm. London. Longman. 1825BIRCH Andreas G57 Auctarium codicis apocryphi N.T. Fabriciani. 16.5cm. Havniae. Arntzen and Harter. 1804BIRCH Andreas G228 Variae lectiones ad textum Apocalypseos. 21cm. Copenhagen. Proft and Storch. 1800BIRCH Andreas G229 Variae lectiones ad textum IV Evangeliorum 21cm. Copenhagen. C. G. Proft. 1801BIRCH Thomas K107 The life of...Dr. John Tillotson, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. 2nd edn. 21cm. London. J.and R. Tonson [et al]. 1753BIRCH Thomas Z105/2 The life of...John Tillotson... 2nd edn. 20.5cm. London. J and R Tonson et al. 1753BIRCH Walter de Gray Z52/8 Fasti monastici aevi Saxonici. 22cm. London. Trübner. 1873BIRCKBECK Simon J302 The Protestant evidence taken out. 27.5cm. London. John Sheater. 1657 Wing B2945.BIRD Charles Smith J252 A defence of the principles of the English Reformation. 22.5cm. London. Hatchard. 1843BIRD Charles Smith UA12/9 Commemoration of the fifth of November. 22cm. London. Hatchard. 1843BIRMINGHAM LIBRARIES COOPERATIVE MECHANIZATION PROJECT Z116/14 BLCMP marc manual. 30cm. Birmingham. BLCMP. 1972BIRMINGHAM UNIVERSITY. Library. Z115/27(1- Librarian's reports, 1974/75-- Varying heights.. Birmingham. Birmingham University Library. 1975--BIRMINGHAM. Diocese. Z111/9 Special forms of service for use in the diocese of Birmingham. 17cm. London. SPCK. (1908)BISCOE Richard G72 The history of the Acts of the Holy Apostles. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1840BISCOE Richard* UA24/5 Remarks on a book lately published entituled A plain account...of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. 2nd edn. 21.5cm. London. for J Roberts. 1735BISHOP Edmund

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. . . see GASQUET Francis Aidan and BISHOP Edmund - Edward VI...(1890)BISHOP Edmund Q35-36 On the history of the Christian altar. (offprint from Downside Review, 71, July 1905). 2 copies 22.5cm. Stratton-on-the-Fosse. St. Gregory's Society. 1905 Bound with Q34.BISHOP Edmund Q274A The genius of the Roman rite. 2nd edn. 18cm. London. T-E Robinson. 1902BISHOP SKELTON'S ENTHRONEMENT CC7 Scrapbook collected by Prebendary Eric Hill on the occasion, 22 February 1975. 37cm. Lichfield. (n.p.). 1975BISHOP WOODS' ENTHRONEMENT CC6 Scrapbook of cuttings etc. from the event, 22 September 1937. 32cm. Lichfield. (n.p.). 1937BISHOPS UA7/2 The bishops manifest. 18cm. London . for W R. 1641 Wing B3029.BISSE Thomas J60 The beauty of holiness in the Common Prayer. New edn., revised by F.P. Pocock. 17cm. Cambridge. T. Stevenson. 1842BISSE Thomas Q120 The beauty of holiness in the Common Prayer. 8th edn. 19.5cm. London. W & J Innys. 1728BLACKBURNE Francis H178-184 The works, theological and miscellaneous. 7 vols. 22cm. Cambridge. B. Flower. 1805BLACKBURNE Francis* J248 An historical view...concerning an intermediate state... 2nd edn. 22cm. London. W. Goldsmith . 1762BLACKSTONE Sir William Z61X/19 The great charter and charter of the forest. 35cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1759BLACKWALL Anthony G127-128 The second classics defended and illustrated. 2 vols. 2nd edn. 20cm. London. Rivington. 1727BLAEU Willem and BLAEU Jan W85-88 Le théatre du monde ou nouvel atlas. 47cm. Amsterdam. Jan Willenszoon Blaeu. 1645 BLANEFORD Henry . . . see TROKELOWE John and BLANEFORD Henry - Chronica...(1866).BLEECK VAN RYSEWYK Frans Gosewijn Beatr. UA30/6 Dissertatio literaria de Crantore Solensi. 23cm. Arnhem. C G Thieme. 1837BLEEK Friedrich Z2/4-5 An introduction to the Old Testament. 2 vols. 18cm. London. G Bell. 1875 Another set Z2/6-7, 1882 repr.BLEEK Johannes Friedrich Z15/11-12 An introduction to the New Testament. 2 vols. 22.5cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1883BLISS Frederick Jones Z5/4 Excavations at Jerusalem 1894-1897. 22.5cm. London. Palestine Exploration Fund. 1898

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BLISS Frederick Jones Z5/5 The mound of many cities: Tell-el-Hesy excavated. 21cm. London. Palestine Exploration Fund. 1894BLOMFIELD Charles James . . . see AESCHYLUS - Prometheus...(1825)BLOMFIELD Charles James J343 A dissertation upon the traditional knowledge of a promised redeemer. 22cm. Cambridge. J. Smith. 1819BLOMFIELD Charles James UA36/5 A sermon preached at the coronation of...Queen Victoria. 4th edn. 21cm. London. B Fellowes. (1838)BLOMFIELD Charles James H289L Three sermons on the church. 20cm. London. B. Fellowes. 1842 Bound with: BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor...(1843)BLOMFIELD Charles James* P83 An index to the glossaries contained in Bishop Blomfield's edition of Aeschylus (by 'a graduate of the Univerity of Oxford') 22.5cm. London. B Fellowes. 1829BLONDEL David E91 De la primauté en l'église. 34cm. Geneva. for Jacques Chouët. 1641BLOUNT Thomas K34 Animadversions upon Sr. Richard Baker's chronicle. 15.5cm. Oxford. H(enry) H(ills) for Richard Davies. 1672 Wing B3327.BLOXWICH XA12 Bloxwich parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society) 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1984BLUME Clemens Q30 Der Cursus S.Benedicti Nursini und die liturgischen Hymnen des 6-9 Jahrhunderts... 22.5cm. Leipzig. O R Reisland. 1908BLUME Clemens Q29 Die Hymnen des Thesaurus Hymnologicus H A Daniels...1) Die Hymnen des 5-11 Jahrhunderts. 22.5cm. Leipzig. O R Reisland. 1908BLUNT Alfred Walter Frank (editor) YA19 The see of Derby. 25cm. Derby. Bemrose. 1927 Another copy - Z114/15.BLUNT John Henry U147 Dictionary of doctrinal and historical theology. 27.5cm. London. Rivington. 1870BLUNT John Henry Z21/19-20 The annotated Book of Common Prayer. 2 vols. 27.5cm. London. Rivington. 1866BLUNT John Henry Z21/21 The annotated Book of Common Prayer. Rev edn. 27.5cm. London. Rivington. 1885BLUNT John Henry Z26/5-6 The reformation of the Church of England. 2 vols. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1885BLUNT John James Z28/27 A history of the Christian church during the first three centuries. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1857

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BLUNT John James K33 A sketch of the church of the first two centuries after Christ. 19.5cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1836BLUNT John James Z34/18 Essays contributed to the Quarterly Review. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1860BLUNT John James Z37/7 Five sermons preached before the University of Cambridge. 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1847BLUNT John James K73 On the right use of the early fathers. 22cm. London. J. Murray. 1857BLUNT John James K56 On the right use of the Fathers. 2nd edn 22cm. London. J. Murray. 1858BLUNT John James Z119/6 Sketch of the Reformation in England. (Family Libray, vol XXVI). 16cm. London. J Murray. 1831BLUNT John James Z32/24 The duties of the parish priest. 20cm. London. J Murray. 1856BLUNT John James K81 Two introductory lectures on the study of the early fathers. 2nd edn. 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1856BLUNT John James T182 Vestiges of ancient manners and customs. 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1823BLUNT Rev. John Henry H307 Directorium Pastorale. 19cm. London. Rivingtons. 1872BLUNT Walter UA21/1 The English church and the Romish heresy. 17.5cm. London. Burns et al.. 1843BLYMHILL XA13 Blymhill parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society) 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1914BOADEN James K200 An inquiry into the authenticity of various...portraits of Shakespeare. 23cm. London. Robert Triphooke. 1824BOBBIO MISSAL I48, 52-53 The Bobbio missal: facsimile, text and Notes and studies. 3 vols (HBS 53,58,61), edited by E.A. Lowe (et al) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1917-24BOCCALINI Traiano S278 I ragguagli dal Parnasso, or, advertisements from Parnassus...put into English by ...Henry, Earl of Monmouth. 27.5cm. London. Humphrey Moseley. 1656 Wing B3380.BOCHART Samuel E138-140 Opera omnia. 3 vols. 4th edn 39cm. Leyden. C. Boutesteyn and S. Luchtmans. 1712BODDINGTON Charles Y124 The twelve gates of the Holy City and other sermons. 18cm. London. Skeffington. 1907BODEN S E Z114/24 Blurton and its neighbourhood down the ages. 21cm. Blurton. The author. 1985

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BODIN Jean . . . see LUCIAN of Samosata. - Les oeuvres...(1613)BODIN Jean Z61X/20 Les six livres de la république. 34cm. Lyonon. Jean de Tournes. 1579BODIN Jean X151 Methodus ad facilem historiarum cognitionem. 15.5cm. Paris . Martin le Jeune. 1672BODIN Jean Z60X/5 The six bookes of a commonweale. 28.5cm. London. G Bishop. 1606 STC 3193.BODIN Jean* . . . see TACITUS Publius Cornelius - Les oeuvres...(1610)BODINGTON Charles . . . see "ROUND THE ROUND WORLD" .....(1885-86).BODINGTON Charles Q178 A gospel of miracles. 17cm. London. SPCK. 1912BODINGTON Charles Z32/16 Books of devotion. 18.5cm. London. Longmans. 1903BODINGTON Charles Z32/17 Devotional life in the nineteenth century 18cm. London. SPCK. 1905BODINGTON Charles Z24/21 Jesus the Christ. 17cm. London. SPCK. 1892BODINGTON Charles Z32/15 The twelve gates of the Holy City, and other sermons. 18cm. London. Skeffington. 1907BODINGTON George Z54/11 An essay on the treatment and cure of pulmonary consumption. 17.5cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1906 (repr).BODINGTON, Family Z81/23 Pedigree of the family of Bodington. Broadsh't 61x 92cm. Birmingham. C Cooper. 1895BOECKLER Johann Heinrich . . . see HERODIAN - Historiarum..(1694)BOECLER Johann Heinrich X274A Historia universalis...illustravit Joh.Gottlieb Möller. 19cm. Rostock. Johann Weppling. (1695) Bound with 12 other volumes.BOETHIUS Anicius Manlius Severinus T293 Consolationis philosophiae libri v. 22.5cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1698 Wing B3429.BOETHIUS Ariccius Manlius Torquatus O1 De consolatione philosophiae...ex editione Vulpiano...accurate recensite. 22cm. London. A.J Valpy. 1823BOETHIUS Hector V298-299 The history and chronicles of Scotland...translated by John Bellenden. 2 vols. 25cm. Edinburgh. W and C Tait. 1821

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BOGGIS Robert James Edmund Z77/27 A history of the diocese of Exeter. 21cm. Exeter. William Pollard. 1922BOHUN Edmund . . . see SLEIDAN Jan - The general history ...(1689)BOHUN Edmund* Z120/6 An address to the freemen and freeholders of the nation. 20cm. London. for George Wells. 1683 Wing B3445A.BOISSONADE Johann Friedrich (editor) . . . see PROCLUS - Eis ton Proklou scholion...(1820).BONACINI Martino L92 Operum de morali theologia - tomus secundus (only). 30.5cm. Venice. Matteo Levi. 1659BONAR Horatius Q98 Hymn of faith and hope. 2nd edn. 17cm. London. J Nisbet. 1857BONARTI Olivera F103 In Estheram commentarius literalis et moralis. 33cm. Köln. Cornelius von Egmond. 1647BOND Francis Z86/10 Gothic architecture in England. 26cm. London. Batsford. 1905BOND Sir Edward Augustus and THOMPSON Sir Edward Maunde AA16-18 Facsimiles of manuscripts and inscriptions (The Palaeographical Society). 3 vols. 50cm. London. (British Museum). 1873-83BONISTEAU Pierre and BELLEFOREST François X45-46 Histoires tragiques. 2 vols. 11.5cm. Paris . Gilles Robinot . 1566BONNER Gerald Gospel Case Ireland and Rome: the double inheritance of Christian Northumbria. (Offprint from Saints, Scholars and Heroes: studies ...in honour of Charles W Jones). 25cm. Minnesota; Collyeville. Hill Monastic MSS Library. 1979BONNEY Henry Kaye* UA33/9 A short dissertation upon the monuments at the upper end of the North-Eastern part of the presbytery...in the Cathedral of Lincoln. 23cm. Lincoln. Archaeological Institute. 1848 Reprint from the Proceedings of the Archaeological Institute, 1848.BONWETSCH Georg Nathaniel Q207 Die Geschichte des Montanismus. 23cm. Erlangen. Andreas Deichert. 1881BOOK OF ARMAGH Z36/32 Liber Ardmachanus: the Book of Armagh, edited...by John Gwynn. 32cm. Dublin. Hodges, Figgis (for R.I.A.). 1913BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER BB29A (The Book of Common Prayer) 21.5cm. London. Bonham Norton and John Bill. 1627 STC 16370. Bound with two other vols. Lacks tp (f.A1).BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER S264A (The booke of common prayer and administration of the sacraments). 21cm. (London). (n.p.). post 1612, ante 1619 Lacks tp. Bound with three other items.

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BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER Z127/12 Fac-simile of the block-letter prayer-book containing manuscript alterations...made in the year 1661. 41cm. London. Longmans. 1871BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER Z86X/15 Facsimile of the original manuscript of the Book of Common Prayer signed...December 20th 1661. 38cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1891BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER Z107/8-9 Facsimile of the original manuscript of the Book of Common Prayer. 2 copies. 36.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1891BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER A7A The Book of Common Prayer, and administration of the Sacraments... 27cm. Oxford. John Baskett. 1715 Bound with: Bible (1715) and Metrical Psalter (1715). Note: Inscription on t-p, Susanna Bennett. At end: short family tree of Bennett family.BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER A15 The Book of Common Prayer and administration of the sacraments. 34cm. London. His Majesty's Printers. 1669 In box. Bound with one other item. Wing B3635.BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER A23 The Book of Common Prayer...with notes...by...Richard Mant. 5th edn. 29cm. London. Rivington. 1840BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER A38 The Book of Common Prayer... 48cm. [Cambridge]. [John Field]. 1660 Bound with: BIBLE,1660 (59) [typeface is identical]. Red morocco binding with arms of Charles II on covers. Wing B3619. See also notes on A40-41 and A52-53.BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER A40-41 The Book of Common Prayer... 44cm. [Cambridge]. [John Field]. 1660 Bound with BIBLE 1660 (59), as A38-39. Bound in dark brown leather with arms of Charles II on covers. Second set. Wing B3619BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER B23 The Book of Common Prayer printed by Whitchurch, March 1549, commonly called the First Book of Edward VI 35cm. London. William Pickering. 1844BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER B24 The Book of Common Prayer printed by Whitchurch, 1552, commonly called the Second Book of Edward VI 35cm. London. William Pickering. 1844BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER B25 The Book of Common Prayer commonly called the First Book of Queen Elizabeth, printed by Grafton 1559 35cm. London. William Pickering. 1844BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER B26 The Book of Common Prayer, King James, Anno 1604, commonly called the Hampton Court Book 35cm. London. William Pickering. 1844BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER B28 The Book of Common Prayer as revised and settled at the Savoy Conference Anno 1662,

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14 Charles II 35cm. London. William Pickering. 1844BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER B29 The Book of Common Prayer and administration of the Sacraments 30cm. London. Robert Barker and assigns of John Bill. 1633 STC 16392BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER B64 & B65 The Book of Common Prayer. 2 copies 43cm. London. John Baskett. 1715BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER B67 & B67A The Book of Common Prayer. 2 copies. 41cm. Oxford. W Jackson and A Hamilton . 1788BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER G21A The Book of Common Prayer... 17cm. London. Robert Barker. 1637 STC 16408. Bound with 2 other volumes.BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER G55A The Book of Common Prayer 18cm. [n.p.] . [n.p]. (post 1559) Bound with: BIBLE. English (John Cawood's printing? 1560/61). Lacks t-p and preface. STC ?BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER G133A The book of common prayer... 19cm. London. John Bill, Thos. Newcomb and Henry Hills. 1680 Wing B3658+. Bound with: BIBLE (1679)BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER G191D The Book of Common Prayer...of the Church of England. 17cm. Cambridge. John Baskerville. 1762 Bound with: A New Version of the Psalms of David (Baskerville, 1762) and interspersed with engravings from E. Ryland (ed.) - The Liturgy of the Church of England illustrated (1755), (drawn by S Wale). Gaskell 20. Straus & Dent 53BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER G205 The Book of Common Prayer 22.5cm. Cambridge. John Baskerville. 1762 Gaskell 19. Straus & Dent 51BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER J33 The Book of Common Prayer...with explanatory notes. 14cm. London. G. and W. Nicol. 1832BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER J221 The Book of Common Prayer...and other rites and ceremonies of the Church of England. 19cm. London. Robert Barker. 1639 STC 16417BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER X67 The book of common prayer. 15.5cm. London. John Baskett. 1735BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER Y110 The Book of Common Prayer. 18cm. Oxford. John Baskett. 1716BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER BB15 The book of common prayer and administration of the sacraments. 40cm. London. Printed by His Majesties Printers. 1662 Wing B3622.

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Lichfield Cathedral's "Sealed Copy" of the 1662 revision of the Book of Common Prayer. Signatories include Dean William Paul.BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER BB23A The Book of Common Prayer, and the administration of the sacraments. 22cm. Cambridge. Printers to the University. 1638 STC 16412. Bound with three other vols.BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER Z22/18-19 The Book of Common Prayer...with the Psalter or Psalms of David... 2 copies. 27.5cm. Cambridge. J Archdeacon. 1788BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER Z127/13 The book of common prayer...and the form and manner of making...bishops, priests and deacons. 40cm. London. Charles Bill et al.. 1687 Wing B3679.BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER A17 The Booke of Common Prayer...appointed to be used in Churches. 32cm. London. Robert Barker. 1611 Ownership Note: Henry Smythe, pret. xviii S(inked over) 1620. Bound with BIBLE English (1611). STC 16336.BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER BB24A The Booke of Common Prayer. 20.5cm. London. Robert Barker. 1615 STC 16344. Bound with four other vols.BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER Z134/26 The Booke of Common Prayer..and other rites and ceremonies. 16cm. London. R Barker and J Brill. 1632 STC 16388.BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER Z20/3 The first prayer-book of Edward VI compared with the successive revisions. 2nd edn. 19cm. Oxford. Parker. 1883BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER Y150 The form and manner of making, ordaining and consecrating of bishops, priests and deacons. 24.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett. 1748BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER Y104 The order of daily service, the litany and order of the administration of the Holy Communion with plain-tune (ed. William Dyce). 22cm. London. James Burns. 1843BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. 1559. U108 Liturgical services: liturgies and occasional forms of prayer...ed. W K Clay. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1847BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. 1549 Q145 The first book of Edward VI compared with the successive revisions...2nd edn. 18.5cm. London. Parker. 1883BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. 1549 and 1552 Q287 The two Books of common Prayer set forth...in the reign of King Edward the Sixth compared with each other. 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1838BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. 1549 and 1552. U107 The two liturgies, AD 1549 and AD 1552...ed. J Ketley. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1844BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. 1936 Z24/13 The Book of Common Prayer...

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10cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. (1936) State Prayers for King Edward VIII.BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. Communion Office. Y143 The order for the administration of the Holy Communion. 23.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. (1937)BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. Greek J133 Biblus tes demosias euches. 20cm. London. Rivington. 1820BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. Lectionary G6A The lessons of the Church of England, taken from the Old Testament as appointed...in the Morning Service. 21cm. London. for F.C. and J. Rivington. 1808 Bound with: BIBLE. New Testament. EnglishBOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. Scotland B27 The Book of Common Prayer as printed at Edinburgh 1637,commonly called Archbishop Laud's 35cm. London. William Pickering. 1844BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. Scotland AA13 The booke of common prayer and administration of the sacraments. 27.5cm. Edinburgh. Robert Young. 1637 STC 16606.BOOK OF FEES Z87/20 Liber feodorum: the book of fees commonly called Testa de Nevill, reformed...Part I (only). (Ed. H C Maxwell Lyte) 26cm. London. HMSO. 1920BOOK OF HOMILIES I114A Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches in the reign of Queen Elizabeth... 33cm. Oxford. at the Theatre. 1683 Wing C4091N.BOOK OF HOMILIES B30 Certaine sermons or homilies appoynted to be read in Churches 29cm. London. John Norton for Joyce Norton and Richard Whitaker. 1633 STC 13660BOOK OF HOURS. Rome Use. BB9 Les présentes heures sont a l'usaige de Romine tout au long sans rien requérir. 18cm. Paris . Gilles Hardouyn. (1520-25) Printed on Vellum: Woodcut illustrations clumsily coloured by hand.BOOK OF MORMON Z43/32 The book of Mormon... 18cm. Salt Lake City. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. 1989BOOKER John X100 A scripture and prayer-book glossary. 4th edn. 15.5cm. Dublin. Hodges, Smith. 1859BOOTH Paul Howson William (editor) Z114/18 Burton-in-Wirral: a history. 25cm. Burton. Burton and Sth Wirral Local History Society. 1984BOREHAM Frank William Z49/14 George Augustus Selwyn, D.D.: pioneer bishop of New Zealand. 19cm. London. S W Partridge. (1911)BOS Lambertus G104 Observationes miscellaneae. Ed. altera. 19cm. Leeuwarden. Tobias van Dessel. 1731BOSCAWEN William St Chad Z3/11 The first of empires. 2nd edn. 20cm. London. Harper. 1906BOSSES CC24 Photographs of Lichfield Cathedral.

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. . . BOSSUET Jacques-Bénigne J265 An exposition of the doctrine of the Catholic church in matters of controversie. 19cm. London. Henry Hills. 1686 Wing B3784.BOSWELL James S257 The journal of a tour to the Hebrides with Samuel Johnson, D.D. 2nd edn. 21cm. London. Henry Baldwin for Charles Dibley. 1785BOSWELL James K166-167 The life of Samuel Johnson, D.D. 2 vols. 27.5cm. London. Henry Baldwin for Charles Dilly. 1791 Pottle 79.BOSWELL James Z133/9-13 The life of Samuel Johnson, LL D., and the Journal of his tour to the Hebrides. ed. H Morley. (Sir Joshua Reynolds edition) 5 vols. 26cm. London. Routledge. 1885 No.40 of limited edition of 500 copies.BOSWELL John, of Taunton* J159 Remarks upon a treatise entituled Free and candid disquisition... by a Presbyter of the Church of England. 20cm. London. for the Author. 1750BOSWORTH Joseph . . . see BIBLE. Gospels. Gothic and Anglo-Saxon - The Gothic...(1865).BOTFIELD Beriah K238 Notes on the cathedral libraries of England. 25cm. London. Pickering. 1849BOTFIELD Beriah P265 Praefationes et epistolae editionibus principibus auctorum veterum praepositae. 28.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1861BOTFIELD Beriah K168 Stemmata Botevilliana: emeorials of the families of de Boteville, Thynne and Botfield. 28.5cm. Westminster. J.B. Nichols. 1858BOTT Thomas J162 An answer to the Reverend Mr. Warburton's Divine legation of Moses. 20cm. London. R. Manby. 1743BOUCHER Jonathan* N80 (Glossary of archaic and provincial words) 27cm. [London]. [Black, Young and Young]. [1832-33] Parts 1-2 (all published) minus t-p.BOUCHOT Henri Z95/1 The book, its printers, illustrators and binders. 26cm. London. H Grevel and Co.. 1890BOURCHIER Jane Z52/19-20 Memoir of the life of Admiral Sir Edward Codrington. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Longmans. 1873BOURDELOUE Louis . . . see LUCIAN of Samosata - Opera...(1615)BOURNE Vincent S77 Poematia. 17.5cm. London. William Pickering. 1840BOUSFIELD Henry Newman UA34/1 Sermon of one syllable on..."We use great plainnes of speech". 17.5cm. London. Hamilton, Adams. 1858

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BOUTELL Charles Z86/1 Christian monuments in England and Wales. 25cm. London. G Bell. 1854BOUYER Louis Z17/6 The Cistercian Heritage; a translation of "La Spiritualité de Citeaux" by Elizabeth A Livingstone. 22cm. London. A R Mowbray. 1958BOWLES John* UA17/10 The claims of the Established Church considered as an apostolical institution. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1815BOWLES William Lisle K63E Pudens and Claudia of St. Paul. 3rd edn. 22.5cm. Bristol. Gutch and Martin. (1837c.) Bound with: BURGESS T - Tracts...(1815)BOWMAN Thomas Y136 A review of the doctrines of the Reformation. 21cm. Norwich. J Crouse. 1768BOYCE Edward Jacob Z19/26 A memorial of the Cambridge Camden Society. 21.5cm. London. G Palmer et al.. 1888BOYCEAU Jacques Z63X/1 Traité du Jardinage. 43cm. Paris . Michel Vanlochom. 1638BOYER Abel N25 Dictionaire royal françois-anglois et anglois-françois. 26.5cm. Amsterdam. R. & G. Wetsten. 1727BOYER Abel X288 The compleat French master for ladies and gentlemen. 16th edn 17cm. London . for R Wall et al.. 1750BOYLE Robert Z120/12 The works. Vol I (only). 19cm. London. for J Phillips. 1699 Wing B3921.BOYS Thomas G215 A key to the Book of Psalms. 23cm. London. L. B. Seeley. 1825BOYS Thomas G197 Tactica sacra. 31cm. London. T. Hamilton. 1824BRADFORD John U94-95 The writings...ed. A Townsend. 2 vols. (Parker Society). 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1848-53BRADLEY-in-the-Moors . . . see CROXDENBRADSHAW Henry (editor) . . . see LINCOLN CATHEDRAL. Statutes - Statutes of...(1892-97).BRADWARDINE Thomas F83 De causa Dei contra Pelagium. 32cm. London. Officina Nortoniana. 1618BRADY John J208-209 Clavis calendaria: or, compendious analysis of the calendar. 2_vols. 3rd edn. 22cm. London. for the Author. 1815BRAMHALL John G33 A just vindication of the Church of England. 16.5cm. London. for John Crook. 1654 Wing B4226

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BRAMHALL John X19-20 Romphaia disomos Oxeia, or, the Church of England defended. 2 copies. 15cm. Hague (published in London). (n.p.). 1659 Wing B4230.BRAMHALL John F87 The works. 31.5cm. Dublin . Benjamin Tooke. 1677 Wing B4211BRAMHALL John U17-21 Works. 5 vols. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, vv.17-21). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1842-45BRAMLEY Henry Ramsden and STAINER Sir John Z21/13 Christmas carols new and old. 19cm. London. Novello. (1872)BRAND John T40-42 Observations on popular antiquities. 3 vols. 18cm. London. Charles Knight. 1841BRANDON John Raphael* and BRANDON Joshua Arthur* K271 An analysis of Gothick architecture. 30.5cm. [London]. [Pelham Richardson]. [1847] Lacks t-p.BRANSFORD Wulstan de Z82/34 A calendar of the register of Wolstan de Bransford, ed. R M Haines. (HMC/JP6) 25cm. London. HMSO. 1966BRASBRIDGE Joseph X271 The fruits of experience. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. for the Author. 1824BRAY Thomas* C84 A course of lectures upon the Church Catechism. Vol I [all published] 31cm. Oxford. Leonard Lichfield. 1696 Wing B4292BRAYLEY Edward Wedlake, ed. K240 The graphic and historical illustrator. 25cm. London. J. Chidley. 1834BREREWOOD Edward T59 Enquiries touching the diversity of languages and religions through the chief parts of the world. 17cm. London. S.M.J.M. and H.H.. 1674 Wing B4379.BREVIARUM MONASTICUM Q52 Le bréviaire monastique...partie d'este (only). 20cm. Paris. Denis Bechet and Louis Billaie. 1660BREVIARUM ROMANUM J214-215 Breviarii romani...pars hyemalis (aestivalis). 2 vols. 17cm. Salamanca. Guilhermo Foquel. 1589BREVINT Daniel J155 Saul and Samuel at Endor. 20cm. Oxford. at the Theater. 1674 Wing B4423.BREVINT Daniel J233 The Christian sacrament and sacrifice. New edn. 22.5cm. Oxford. for J. Vincent. 1847BREWER John Sherren Q164 The endowments and establishment of the Church of England. 2nd edn, rev. Lewis T Dibdin. 18cm. London. J Murray. 1885

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BREWER John Sherren Z35/13-14 The reign of Henry VIII. Ed. James Gairdner. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1884BREWER John Sherren (editor) . . . see GOODMAN Godfrey - The court...(1834).BREWER John Sherren (editor) . . . see BACON Roger - Opera quaedam...(1859).BREWER John Sherren (editor) . . . see GIRALDUS Cambrensis - Opera...(1861-77).BREWER John Sherren (editor) Z67/11 Monumenta Franciscana. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1858BREWOOD XA14 Brewood parish register, vol.1. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society) 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1906 No more published.BREWSTER John UA32/7 A sketch of the history of churches in England. 23cm. London. Rivington. 1818BREWSTER Mary B Z12/20 St Michael's parish, Litchfield, Connecticut, 1745-1954. 22.5cm. Conn: Litchfield. St Michael's Parish. 1954BRIDOUL Toussaint U203 The school of the Eucharist. 19cm. London. Randall Taylor. 1687 Wing B4495.BRIGGS Charles Augustus . . . see BROWN Francis, DRIVER Samuel Rolles and BRIGGS Charles Augustus - A |Hebrew and English lexicon...(1906).BRIGGS Thomas (editor) P30-31 Poetae bucolici graeci, sive Theocriti, Bionis et Moschi quae supersunt. 2 vols. 21cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1821 Vol 2 lacks tp.BRIGHT Hugh Z9/8(1-3) The Herckenrode windows in Lichfield Cathedral. 3 copies. 22cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1932-50 Copy 1: first edition. Copies 2-3, 2nd edn, rev by Sir Eric Maclagan. Second edition has title: The Lady Chapel Windows.BRIGHT William . . . see EUSEBIUS Pamphili - Historias...(1872)BRIGHT William Z27/19-19a A history of the Church from the Edict of Nantes...to the Counmcil of Chalcedon. 4th edn. 20cm. Oxford. Parker. 1881 Two copies.BRIGHT William Q44 Ancient collects and other prayers. 5th edn. 17cm. Oxford. James Parker. 1875BRIGHT William Z26/4 Chapters of early English church history. 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1878

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BRIGHT William Z27/27 The canons of the first four general councils of Nicaea, Constantinople, Ephesus and Chalcedon. 2nd edn. 19cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1892BRIGHTMAN Frank Edward Z19/3-5 Liturgies eastern and western. Vol I. Eastern liturgies (only). 3 copies. 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1896BRIGHTMAN Frank Edward Z40/13-14 The English rite. 2 vols. 23cm. London. Rivington. 1915BRIGHTMAN Thomas G13 A revelation of the Revelation. 18.5cm. Amsterdam. [n.p]. 1615 STC 3735BRIGHTON Fred YA37 Pattingham. 21.5cm. Dudley. E Blocksidge . 1942BRINSHEAD Edgar Z21/14 The history of the pianoforte. 19cm. London. Simplin Marshall. 1889BRITISH & FOREIGN BIBLE SOCIETY Z54/20-23 Volumes for 1918, 1919, 1920 & 1925. 21cm. London. . 1918-1925BRITISH ARCHAEOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION Z30/30-39 Conference transactions, 1975-82, 1987 (2 copies). (10 vols.) 25cm. London. British Archaeological Association. 1978-93 Vol XIII (1987) covers Lichfield.BRITISH CHRONOLOGIST V207-209 The British chronologist. 3 vols. 2nd edn. 20cm. London. Lackington. 1789BRITISH CRITIC UA33/12 The British critic (new series), May 1823. (vol.XIX no.v). 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1823BRITISH MUSEUM Z99/7 Schools of illumination. Part I (only). 38cm. London. British Museum. 1914BRITISH MUSEUM. Cottonian Collection. Z63X/11 A catalogue of the manuscripts in the Cottonian Library. 43cm. London. (By Command of the King). 1802BRITISH MUSEUM. Dept. of Manuscripts. Z39/3 Facsimiles of ancient charters in the British Museum; part II (only). 55cm. (London). British Museum. 1876BRITISH MUSEUM. Harleian Collection. Z63X/3-6 A catalogue of the Harleian manuscripts. 4 vols. 44cm. London. (By Command of the King). 1808-12BRITISH MUSEUM. Lansdowne Manuscripts. Z126/5-6 A catalogue of the Lansdowne manuscripts in the British Museum. 2 vols. 44cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1812-19BRITTAIN Frederick Z9/6 Latin in church. 17cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1934BRITTON John K263 Illustrations, graphic and literary, of Fonthill Abbey, Wiltshire. 29.5cm. London. The Author. 1823BRITTON John K259 Picturesque antiquities of the English cities. 27.5cm. London. M.A. Nattall. 1836

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BRITTON John AA15 The history and antiquities of the see and cathedral church of Lichfield. 48cm. London. Longman. 1820 Another copy Z95/7. Another copy Z95/26. Another copy Z111/5A-C.BRITTON John Z95/6 The history and antiquities of the see and cathedral church of Lichfield. 29cm. London. M A Nattali. 1836BROCKEDON William H65-66 Illustrations of the passes of the Alps. 2 vols. 29.5cm. London. for the Author. 1828BROCKEDON William Z77X/11 Journals of excursions in the Alps. 20cm. London. James Duncan. 1833BROCKEDON William W1 Road-book from London to Naples. 22cm. London. John Murray. 1835BROCKLEBANK Philip* K229 Swythamley and its neighbourhood past and present. 22cm. London. Robert Hardwicke. 1874BRODERIP William John W37 Zoological recreations. (?3rd edn.) 18.5cm. London and Glasgow. Richard Griffin. 1860BROGDEN James Z20/7-9 Illustrations of the liturgy and ritual of the United Church of England and Ireland. 3 vols. 20cm. London. J Murray. 1842BROME Richard Z8/6 The English Moor: a critical old-spelling edition...by Sarah Jayne Steen. (Ph.D thesis, Bowling Green State University 1978) 27cm. Bowling Green. Bowling Green State University. 1978BROME Richard Z8/7 The English Moore, or the Mock Marriage. Ed. by Sarah Jayne Steen. 22.5cm. Columbia. University of Missouri Press. 1983BROMSGROVE. Manor. . . . see BABER Anne Francis Claudine (ed) - The court rolls...(1963).BROMYARD John M130 [Summa predicantium]. 35cm. [Basel]. [Joannes Amerbach]. [1484] Vol.I only (of 2). Defective at end. BMC Inc III, 747, Goff J260, Hain-Copinger* 3993.BROOKE Robert Greville, Baron BB10 Englands losse and lamentation occasioned by the death of...Robert Lord Brooke... 19.5cm. London. for L Chapman. 1642(3) Wing E2992.BROOKE Stopford Augustus (editor) . . . see ROBERTSON Frederick William - Life...(1883).BROOKES Christopher, and SAINT Andrew (editor) Z11/24 The Victorian church: architecture and society. 24cm. Manchester. Manchester Univ. 1995 SAINT Andrew (editor)BROTIER Gabriel X227 Paroles mémorables. 18cm. Paris . Ph-D Pierres. 1790

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BROUGHTON Thomas E26 A prospect of futurity. 22cm. London. for T. Cadell. 1768BROUGHTON Thomas M62-63 Bibliotheca historico-sacra. 2 vols. 35cm. London. R. Reily for Stephen Austen. 1737BROUGHTON William Grant J250 An examination of hypothesis...entitled 'Palaeormaica'. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1823BROWN Abner W UA33/2 The law of church bells. 17.5cm. Uppingham. John Hawthorn. 1856BROWN Douglas Gospel Case The Lichfield gospels. 22.5cm. London. Pitkin Pictorials. 1982BROWN Edward D2-3. . . see GRATIUS Ortuinus - Fasciculus rerum....(1690)BROWN Francis, DRIVER Samuel Rolles and BRIGGS Charles Augustus Z22/22 A Hebrew and English lexicon...based on the Lexicon of Wilhelm Gesenius. 25cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1906BROWN Langton E G (co-editor) I24-26. . . see HEREFORD BREVIARY - The Hereford Breviary....(1904-15)BROWN Michelle P Z11/26 The Book of Common Prayer: Patronage and Power in Ninth-Century England. 25cm. London & Toronto. The British Library (and) University of Toronto Press. 1996BROWN Thomas T110 Lectures on the philosophy of the human mind. 22.5cm. Edinburgh. William Tait. 1830BROWN Thomas Julian Gospel Case Northumbria and the Book of Kells. (Jarrow Lecture 1971). 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 197BROWNE Edward Harold J298 An exposition of the thirty-nine articles. 6th edn. 22cm. London. Longman. 1864BROWNE Edward Harold Z37/11 An exposition of the thirty-nine articles. 13th edn. 22cm. London. Longmans. 1887BROWNE Edward Harold UA8/4 The Pentateuch and the Elohistic Psalms. 22cm. London. Parker, Son and Bourn. 1863BROWNE George Forrest Y127 On what are modern papal claims founded? New edn. 17cm. London. SPCK. 1897BROWNE Henry G145 Ordo saeclorum: a treatise on the chronology of the Holy Scriptures. 22cm. London. W. Parker. 1844BROWNE Isaac Hawkins H104 Essays on subjects of important enquiry. 21.5cm. London. T. Cadell. 1822BROWNE John, Quaker UA25/17 Kedarminster-stuffia: a new piece of print... 20.5cm. London. for Randal Taylor. 1681 Wing B5121.

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BROWNE Peter T221 The procedure, extent and limits of human understanding. 2nd edn. 20cm. London. Wm.Innys. 1729BROWNE Peter* J191 Things divine and supernatural conceived by analogy with things natural and human. 20cm. London. William Innys and Richard Manby. 1733BROWNE Sir Thomas Z105/31 Posthumous works. 20cm. London. E Curll. 1712BROWNE Sir Thomas T266 Pseudoxia epidemica. 27.5cm. London. T.H. for Edward Dod. 1646 Wing B5159.BROWNE Sir Thomas J61 Religio medici...edited by Henry Gardiner. 16.5cm. London. William Pickering. 1845BROWNE Sir Thomas T250 The works. 31cm. London. T Basset et al.. 1686 Wing B5150.BROWNE William S310 Original poems, never before published. (4 parts in 1). 30cm. (Lee Priory). (Privately printed). (1815-17) Edition of 80 copies.BROWNLIE John Q20 The hymns and hymn writers of the Church Hymnary. 18.5cm. London. Henry Froude. (1899)BROWNLOW William Robert . . . see NORTHCOTE James Spencer and BROWNLOW William Robert - Roma sotterranea...(1879).BROWNRIGG Ralph E98A Sixty-five sermons...published by William Martyn. 2 vols (in 1) 31cm. London. Thomas Roycroft for John Martyn. 1674 Wing B5211. Bound with one other volume.BROWNRIGG Ralph E98B Twenty-five sermons...published by William Martyn. 31cm. London. Thomas Rycroft for John Martyn. 1674 Wing B5213. Bound with BROWNRIGG R - Sixty-five sermons....(1674)BRUCE John (editor) . . . see HUTCHINSON Roger - The works...(1842)BRUCE John (editor) . . . see PARKER Matthew - Correspondence...(1853)BRUCKER Jacob X308 Institutiones historiae philosophicae. Ed. 2a. 20.5cm. Leipzig. Bernhard Christopher Breitkopf. 1756BRUNO Vincenzo Q169-71 Meditationes. 3 vols. 12.5cm. Köln . Burckmann. 1598-1624 Vol I is reprint of 1624.BRYANT Jacob R80-82 A new system, or, an analysis of ancient mythology. 2nd edn. 3 vols. 29.5cm. London. T Payne. 1775-76

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BRYANT Jacob Z114/9 Observations and inquiries relating to various parts of ancient history. 26cm. Cambridge. J Archdeacon. 1767BRYANT Jacob G199 Observations upon some passages in Scripture which the enemies to religion have thought most obnoxious. 27.5cm. London. J.Maurman. 1803BRYANT Jacob J340 The sentiments of Philo Judaeus. 22.5cm. Cambridge. John Burges. 1797BRYCE James Z25/26 The Holy Roman Empire. 7th edn. 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1884BUCER Martin BB28 Metaphrasis et enarratio in epistolam D.Pauli Apostoli ad Romanos. 33cm. Basel . Petrus Perna. 1562BUCER Martin BB27 Scripta Anglicana fere omnia. 31cm. Basel . Petrus Perna. 1577BUCHANAN George V104 Rerum Scoticarum historia. 28.5cm. Edinburgh. Alexander Arbuthnot. 1582 STC 3991.BUCKERIDGE John J291 De Potestate Papae in rebus temporalibus. 20cm. London. John Bill. 1614 STC 4002.BUCKERIDGE Kpjm H57B A sermon preached at Hampton Court before the King's Maiestie.... 18cm. London. Robert Barker . 1606 STC 4003. Bound with BARLOW W - The first of foure sermons....BUCKLAND William Z40/8-9 Geology and mineralogy considered with reference to natural theology. (Bridgewater Treatise VI). 21cm. London. Pickering. 1837BUCKNALL-cum-BAGNALL XA15 Bucknall-cum-Bagnall parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1920BUDGE Sir Ernest Alfred Thompson Wallis (translator) . . . see PALLADIUS St. et al. - The book of Paradise...(1904).BUILDER Z71/1-9 The builder: journal for the architect, engineer, operative and artist. 9 vols. 32cm. London. The Builder. 1847-55BUILDING NEWS Z9/9(4) Building news and engineering journal, vol XLII, no 1417. 31cm. London. Building News. 1882 Contains drawings of Southwell Minster.BULENGER Julius Caesar X248 Liber de spoliis bellicis. 16.5cm. Paris . Bartholomeus Macaeus. 1601BULKELEY James T36-37 La Hougue bie de Hambie. 2 vols. 19cm. London. Whittaker. 1837

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BULL George U12-16 (Works). 5 vols. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, vv.12-16). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1842-55BULL George F66 Opera omnia. 37cm. London. Samuel Bridge for Richard Smith. 1703BULL George H13-15 Some important points of primitive Christianity. 3 vols. 19cm. London. W.B. for Richard Smith. 1713BULL George J274B The divinity of our Lord Jesus Christ. 19.5cm. London. J.W. for W. Lewis et al. 1714 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)BULL George U88 The English theological works.. 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker Issued as part of the Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, but without the distinguishing binding.BULL Henry (editor) U202 Christian prayers and holy meditations. (Parker Society). 16cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1842BULLET Jean Baptiste K29 The history of the establishment of Christianity...trsl. William Salisbury. 21cm. London. Charles Bathurst. 1776BULLEY Eleanor A Z43/26 George Augustus Selwyn. 22cm. London. Wells Gardner. 1909BULLEY Frederic J118 A tabular view of the variations in the Communion and Baptismal offices of the Church of England 22.5cm. Oxford. John Henry Parker. 1842BULLINGER Ethelbert William Z16/3 A critical lexicon and concordance to the English and Greek New Testament. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1877BULLINGER Heinrich U89-92 The decades. Ed. Thomas Harding. 5 vols (in 4). (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1849-52BUNSEN Christian Karl Josias V304-306 Analecta Ante-Nicaena. 3 vols. 22.5cm. London. Longman. 1854BUNSEN Christian Karl Josias V300-301 Hippolytus and his age. 2 vols. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Longman. 1854BUNSEN Christian Karl Josias V302-303 Outlines of the philosophy of universal history, applied to language and religion. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. Longman. 1854BUNYAN John J320 The pilgrim's progress, with life...by Robert Southey. 22.5cm. London. John Murray. 1830BUNYAN John J105A The pilgrim's progress. 59th edn 14cm. London. J. Osborne and T. Griffin. 1785BURCKHARDT Johann Ludwig R35 Travels in Syria and the Holy Land. 26cm. London. J Murray. 1822

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BURCKHARDT Johann Ludwig Z91/5 Travels in Syria and the Holy Land. 27cm. London. J Murray. 1822BURDER George . . . see WATTS Isaac - The works...(1810-11).BURGES Cornelius* UA2/10 Reasons shewing the necessity of reformation of the publick doctrine, worship, rites and ceremonies, church government and discipline... 2nd edn. 19.5cm. London. Ja. Cottrel. 1660 Wing B5679.BURGESS Cornelius* UA29/3 Some of the differences and alterations in the present Common-Prayer-Book. 19cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (1660) Lacks tp. Wing B5686.BURGESS Henry . . . see EPHRAIM St, of Syria - Select metrical hymns...(1853)BURGESS Henry . . . see EPHRAIM St, of Syria - The repentance...(1853)BURGESS Thomas T99 A letter to the Reverend Thomas Beynon... 22.5cm. Salisbury. Brodie and Dowding. 1829BURGESS Thomas UA25/12 A letter to the Right Honourable Lord Viscount Melbourne. 5th edn. 21cm. Salisbury. J Hearn. 1836BURGESS Thomas J231 The Bible, and nothing but the Bible. 22cm. Carmarthen. . 1813BURGESS Thomas H288B The divinity of Christ. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1792 Bound with:M'CAUL A - Christian education...(1840)BURGESS Thomas K63A Tracts on the origins and independence of the ancient British church. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1815 Bound with 7 other tracts.BURGESS Thomas* K63B A discourse delivered at the Anniversary Meeting of the Royal Society of Literature 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1831 Bound with: BURGESS T - Tracts...(1815)BURGON John William Z14/11 The last twelve verses of the Gospel according to St Mark. 22cm. Oxford. James Parker. 1871BURIAL SERVICE UA24/2 The burial service question. 21.5cm. London. Rivington. 1863BURKE Arthur Meredith Z86/26 Key to the ancient parish registers of England and Wales. 27cm. London. Sackville Press. 1908BURKE Edmund T179 The epistolary correspondence of...and Dr French Laurence. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1827BURMAN Charles . . . see ASHMOLE Elias - The lives...(1774)

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BURMANN Pieter, Jnr. . . . see VIRGILIUS MARO Publius - Opera...(1746)BURN Andrew Ewbank Z37/24 An introduction to the creeds and to the Te Deum. 22cm. London. Methuen. 1899BURN Andrew Ewbank I103 Facsimiles of the creeds from early manuscripts. (HBS 36) 32cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1909BURN Andrew Ewbank Z42/32 Niceta of Remesiana: his life and work. 18cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1905BURN Andrew Ewbank Q45 The apostles' creed. 15cm. London. Rivington. 1906BURN Richard M20-23 Ecclesiastical law. 4 vols. 6th edn. 22cm. London. A. Strahan for Cadell and Davies. 1797BURNET Gilbert I114B An exposition of the thirty-nine articles. 4th edn. 30.5cm. London. J. Walthre et al. 1720BURNET Gilbert Z37/6 An exposition of the thirty-nine articles of the Church of England. Revised...by James R Page. 22.5cm. London. Henry Washbourne. 1836BURNET Gilbert V128A-129 History of his own time. 2 vols. 33.5cm. London. Thomas Ward (vol.1);for the Editor by Joseph Downing (vol.2). 1724 (vol.1); 1734 (vol.2)BURNET Gilbert K91 Lives, characters, and an address to posterity, ed. John Jebb. 2nd edn. 16.5cm. London. James Duncan. 1833 Same, 1st edn, 22.5cm. London: James Duncan 1833. K96BURNET Gilbert UA10/7 Remarks on the examination of the exposition of the second article of our church. 20.5cm. London. Richard Chiswell. 1702BURNET Gilbert M93-94 The history of the Reformation of the Church of England. 2 vols. 2nd edn. 31cm. London. T.H. for Richard Chiswell. 1681 Wing B5798.BURNET Gilbert* E33E An enquiry into the measures of submission... 200cm. [n.p.]. [n.p]. [1687-88] Lacks t-p. Wing B5807, 08, 09 or 10. Bound with TURNER J - A brief vindication...(1702)BURNET Gilbert* J296 The history of the persecution of the valleys of Piedmont. 22cm.. London. for Thomas Newborough. 1688 Wing B5796.BURNET Gilbert, Bishop of Salisbury B31 An exposition of the thirty-nine articles of the Church of England 31cm. London. R. Roberts for R.Chiswell. 1700 Wing B5792BURNET Thomas Z122/12 The theory of the earth. 30.5cm. London. R Norton for Walter Kettilby. 1684 Wing B5950.

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BURNET Thomas* Z118/6 The theory of the earth...the two last books. 31cm. London. R Norton. 1690 Wing B5954.BURNETT George T235-37 Specimens of English prose-writers. 3 vols. 19cm. London. Longmans. 1807BURNEY Charles S268-271 A general history of music. 4 vols. 27.5cm. London. for the Author. 1776-89BURNEY James T252 History of the buccaneers of America. 30.5cm. London. Payne and Foss. 1816BURRINGTON Gilbert G195-196 An arrangement of the genealogies of the Old Testament and Apocrypha. 2 vols 29cm. London. C. and J. Rivington. 1836BURROW Edward John UA19/7 A second letter addressed to the Rev. William Marsh. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1819BURROW J, and Co. Y156D The Cathedrals of Old England: Lichfield Cathedral. 16cm. Cheltenham. J Burrow . (n.d.)BURSLEM XA16-18 Burslem parish register. 3 vols. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society) 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1913BURTHOGGE Richard X205 An essay upon reason and the nature of spirits. 17cm. London. for John Dunton. 1694 Wing B6150.BURTON Edward UA5/8 An attempt to ascertain the chronology of the Acts of the Apostles and of St Paul's Epistles. 22.5cm. Oxford. Samuel Collingwood. 1830BURTON Edward H236 An inquiry into the heresies of the apostolic age. (Bampton Lectures, 1829) 22.5cm. Oxford. Samuel Collingwood. 1829BURTON Edward J342 Testimonies of the Ante-Nicene fathers to the doctrine of the Trinity. 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1831BURTON Edward K72 Testimonies of the Ante-Nicene fathers to the divinity of Christ. 2nd edn. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1829BURTON Edward UA1/8 The theological works... 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1837 Offprint of vol.I, pp.(1-31), 1-51 and titlepages of vols.I-VBURTON Edward (reviser) . . . see PEARSON John - An exposition...(1833).BURTON Robert T261 The anatomy of melancholy. 5th edn. 28.5cm. Oxford. Henry Cripps. 1638 STC 4163.BUSHE-FOX Joscelyn Plunket Z82/28 Third report on the excavations on the site of the Roman town at Wroxeter, Shropshire, 1914. 26cm. Oxford. Society of Antiquaries of London. 1916

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BUTLER Alban Z24/26-37 The lives of the Saints. 12 vols. 12.5cm. Derby . Thomas Richardson. (1850)BUTLER Charles V4 A succinct history of the geographical and political revolutions of the Empire of Germany. 22.5cm. London. Longman. 1812BUTLER Charles T180-81 Reminiscences. 4th edn. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1824-27BUTLER Dr Samuel, Bishop of Lichfield . . . see BUTLER Samuel (Novelist) - The life and letters...(1896).BUTLER Joseph Z134/3 Fifteen sermons preached at the Rolls Chapel. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. W Botham for J and J Knapton. 1729BUTLER Joseph Z42/33 The analogy of religion. 18.5cm. London. Religious Tract Society. (1855)BUTLER Joseph H274 The works. 22cm. London. J.F. Dove. 1828BUTLER Joseph J315-316 The works. 2 vols. 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1826BUTLER Samuel . . . see AESCHYLUS - Tragoediae...(1809-16)BUTLER Samuel X303 A praxis on the Latin prepositions. 3rd edn. 22cm. London. Longman. 1829BUTLER Samuel W34 A sketch of modern and antient geography. New edn. 20.5cm. London. Longman. 1847BUTLER Samuel UA40/5 An address delivered in the chapel of Shrewsbury School on Sunday, September 3, 1837. 21cm. London. A Spottiswoode. 1837BUTLER Samuel X118 Christian liberty: a sermon. 19.5cm. Shrewsbury. W Eddowes. 1811BUTLER Samuel S137-38 Hudibras...corrected...by Zachary Grey. 2 vols. 19cm. Cambridge. J Bentham. 1744BUTLER Samuel UA15/5 Thoughts on church dignitaries. 20.5cm. London. Longman. 1833BUTLER Samuel (Novelist) Z50/25-26 The life and letters of Dr Samuel Butler, Head Master of Shrewsbury and....Bishop of Lichfield. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1896BUTLER Samuel* X304 A key to Dr Butler's praxis on the Latin prepositions. 22cm. London. Longman. 1831BUTT Thomas H283 Sermons preached in the parish church of Trentham. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1838

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BUXTORF Joannes G29 Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum. 6th edn 16.5cm. London. Jacob Junius. 1646 Wing B6348BUXTORF Johannes N14 Lexicon Hebraicum et Chaldaicum. 3rd edn. 17cm. Basel. Ludwig König. 1621BUXTORF Johannes N13 Thesaurus grammaticus linguae sanctae Hebraeae. 17.5cm. Basel. Ludwig König. 1615BUZZARD Frank Z10/28 Lichfield Cathedral: a poem. 21cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1992BYFIELD Nicholas Z141/21 An exposition upon the Epistle to the Colossians. 29cm. London. T.S. for Nathaniel Butter. 1615 STC 4216.BYNG John Z61X/6 The trial of Admiral John Byng.... 35cm. London. for R Manby et al.. 1757BYRON George Gordon, Lord S326 The works. 23.5cm. Paris . Galignani. 1826BYRON John* R21 A voyage round the world in His Majesty's ship the Dolphin...by an Officer on Board the same ship. 20cm. London. J Newbery. 1767C , J , B . Z120/21B A Venice looking-glasse. 20cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1648 Wing C79B. Bound with HOWELL J - The instruments of a King (1648).CABALA V93 Cabala, sive scrinia sacra. 30cm. London. for G Bedell and T Collins. 1663 Wing C185.CAEREMONIALE EPISCOPORUM J216 Caeremoniale episcoporum Clementis VIII...nunc...Innocentii Papae X...recognitum. 22cm. Rome. Camera Apostolica. 1651CAERNARVON RECORD Z125/8 Registrum vulgariter nuncupatum "the Record of Caernarvon" ea codice MS to Harleians 696 descriptum. 50cm. London. (Eyre and Strahan). 1838CAESAR Caius Julius . . . see ROHAN Henri de - Le parfaict capitaine...(1638)CAESAR Caius Julius X61 C Julii Caesaris quae extant. 12cm. Leiden. Elzevier. 1635CAESAR Caius Julius P68 Commentariorum De Bello Gallico...Civili Pompeiano...Alexandrino...Africano...Hispaniensi... 17cm. Lyon . Sebastian Gryphius. 1556CAESAR Caius Julius P73-74 Commentariorum de Bello Gallico...(de Bello Civili)... 2 vols. 16cm. Paris. Joseph Barbou. 1755

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CAESAR Caius Julius P266-67 Opera omnia. 2 vols. 22cm. London. M Ritchie and J Sammells. 1790CAGIN Paul Q305 L'euchologie latine: 2: : L'eucharistia. (Scriptorium Solesmense 2). 28cm. Paris . A Picard. 1912CAGIN Paul Q305A L'euchologie latine: I, 1 : Te Deum ou illatio. (Scriptorium Solesmense I, 1). 28cm. Solesmes. L'Abbaye. 1906CAGIN Paul Q302 Les noms latins de la préface eucharistique. (Offprint from Rassigna Gregoriana, 1906). 25cm. Rome . Desclée, Lefevre. 1906CAIRD John UA13/10 Religion in common life. 22.5cm. Edinburgh. Wm. Blackwood. 1855CAIRD John Z32/27 University sermons preached before the University of Glasgow, 1873-1898. 20cm. Glasgow. MacLehose. 1898CAJETANUS Thomas de Vio UA4/5 The judgment...against the immaculate conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 21cm. Canterbury. Thomas Ashenden. 1858CALAMY Benjamin M32F A sermon preached...at Guild-Hall Chappel. 22cm. London. for W. Kettibly. 1683 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711) Wing C218.CALAMY Edmund et al.* Y135 Farewel sermons preached by Mr Calamy (et al). 19cm. London. (n.p.). 1663 Wing C243.CALAMY Edmund, the Younger* UA10/10 A discourse concerning the rise and antiquity of cathedral worship. 20cm. London. A Baldwin. 1699 Wing C299.CALASIO Mario de E112-115 Concordantiae sacrorum bibliorum hebraicorum (ed. William Romaine) 4 vols 45cm. London. J. Ilive. 1747-49CALDECOTT Alfred Z47/5 The philosophy of religion in England and America. 22cm. London. Methuen. 1901CALEPINE Ambroise N100 Dictionarium, quanta maxima fide...ed. novissima. 39cm. Lyons. Philippe Borde et al. 1656CALFHILL James U98 An answeer to John Martiall's Treatise of the Cross, ed. R Gibbings (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1846CALLENDER H Z115/31 City and County of Lichfield: a handbook. 24cm. Lichfield. Lomax. (19--?)CALLIGRAPHY AND ILLUMINATION Z39/6 (A folder of miscellaneous leaves of reproductions of MS. and printed sources). 41cm. (n.p.). (n.l.). (n.d.)CALLIMACHUS O98 Hoi toi Kallimachou Kurnaiou Humnoi te kai epigrammata. 32cm. Glasgow. Robert and Andrew Foulis. 1755

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Gaskell 283. Lacks plates.CALLIMACHUS Z89/4 Hymni et epigrammata. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vol 4). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1817CALLIMACHUS P124-25 Hymni, epigrammata et fragmenta...recensuit...Jo. Augustus Ernesti. 2 vols. 20cm. Leiden. Luchtmans. 1761CALMET Augustin B71-73 An historical, geographical, chronological and etymological dictionary of the Holy Bible. 3 vols 38cm. London. J.J. and P. Knapton (et al). 1732CALVIN Jean C88 Commentarii in Isaiam prophetam. 3rd edn 32cm. Geneva. Joannes Crispinus. 1570CALVIN Jean C92 Commentarii in omnes Pauli Apostoli Epistoles atque etiam in Epistolam ad Hebraeos. 32.5cm. Geneva. ex Officina Crispiniana. 1572CALVIN Jean G37 In librum Josue brevis commentarius. 17cm. Geneva. François Perrin. 1564 T-p missing; replaced in MS facsimile.CALVIN Jean E86 Institution de la religion chrestienne. 34cm. Geneva. Jacob Steer. 1609CALVIN Jean N55 Lexicon juridicum iuris Romani simul et canonici. 34cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Haeredes Andreae Wechselii. 1600CALVIN Jean C91 Praelectiones in duodecim prophetas (quos vocant) minores. 31.5cm. Geneva. Joannes Crispinus. 1567CALVIN Jean C89 Praelectiones in Ezechielis prophetae viginti capitula priora... 31.5cm. [Geneva]. Petrus Sanctandreanus. 1583CALVIN Jean C90 Praelectiones in librum Prophetiarum Jeremiae et Lamentationes. 2nd edn 32.5cm. Geneva. Eustathius Vignon. 1576CALVIN Jean C93 Sermons...sur le V livre de Moyse. 31.5cm. Geneva. Thomas Courteau. 1567CALVIN Jenu* UA17/14A The whole doctrine of Calvin about the Sabbath and the Lord's day: extracted...by Robert Cos. 22.5cm. Edinburgh. MacLachlane and Stewart. 1868 Bound with one other pamphlet.CALVIN John C87 Commentarius in librum Psalmorum 31cm. Geneva. Joannes Vignon. 1610CALVIN John C86 In quinque libros Mosis commentarii. 3rd edn 31cm. Geneva. Petrus Santandreanes. 1583CAMBRIDGE Z29/10-22 The Cambridge modern history, planned by the late Lord Acton. 13 vols. 23.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1902-11CAMBRIDGE CAMDEN SOCIETY K264 Transactions...a selection from the papers read...1834-41 30cm. Cambridge. T. Stevenson et al. 1841

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CAMBRIDGE CAMDEN SOCIETY* k266 (Monumental brasses). 30cm. [Oxford]. [J.H. Parker]. [1845c.] Lacks t-p.CAMBRIDGE CAMDEN SOCIETY* K265 Specimens of ancient church plate, sepulchral crosses, etc. 30cm. Oxford. J.H. Parker. 1845CAMBRIDGE ESSAYS T101 Cambridge essays, contributed by members of the University 1857. 22cm. London. J W Parker. 1857CAMBRIDGE Richard Owen V63 An account of the war in India between the English and French. 25cm. London. for T Jefferys. 1761CAMBRIDGE Richard Owen S277 The works. 27cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1803CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY S162 Irenodia Cantabrigensis ob paciferum serenissimi regis Caroli e Scotia reditum. 21cm. Cambridge. Roger Daniell. 1641 Wing C340.CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY T135 Sostra, sive ad Carolum II reducem...gratulatio. 19cm. Cambridge. John Field. 1660 Wing C333.CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. Corpus Christi College. Z116/22 Matthew Parker's legacy. 24cm. Cambridge. Corpus Christi College. 1975CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. Selwyn College. Z114/23 Selwyn College, 1882-1973: a short history. 20cm. Cambridge. Selwyn College. 1973CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY. Statutes. UA21/9 Excerpta e statutis Academiae Cantabrigensis...ad scholarium officia pertinentia. 22cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1770CAMBRIDGE. University Press Z39/7 Cambridge church books. (Prospectus portfolio of various church-use sets of Bibles and Prayer Books). 49cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. (c.1930)CAMDEN SOCIETY: Miscellany Z19/27 1301 Account Roll for the Diocese of Coventry and Lichfield. 22cm. London. CUP. 1997 5th Series, Vol 10.CAMDEN William V105 Annales rerum Anglicarum et Hibernicarum regnante Elizabetha ad annum salutis MDLXXXIX. 28.5cm. London. William Stansby for Simon Waterson. 1615 STC 4496.CAMDEN William R86 Britannia sive florentissimorum regnorum Angliae, Scotiae, Hiberniae...descriptio. 32cm. London. George Bishop and John Norton. 1607 Lacks pp.299-302 STC 4508.CAMDEN William R107 Camden's Britannia, newly translated...by Edmund Gibson. 38cm. London. F Collins for A Swale. 1695 Wing C359.CAMDEN William S94 Remaines concerning Britain. 6th impression.

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17.5cm. London. Simon Watson and Robert Clavell. 1657 Wing C374ACAMDEN William V106 Tomus alter annalium rerum Anglicarum...regnante Elizabetha...sive pars quarta. 28cm. London. William Stansby for Simon Waterson. 1627 STC 4496.5.CAMDEN William Z129/13 V. Cl.Gulielmi Camden et illustrium virorum ad G.Camdenium epistolae. 19.5cm. London. R Chiswell. 1691 Wing C361.CAMDEN William T298 Viri clarissimi...et illustriorum virorum ad G Camdenum epistolae. 20cm. London. Richard Chiswell. 1691 Wing C391.CAMERON John G112 Myrothecium evangelicum. 22cm. Geneva. Pierre Aubert. 1632CAMOENS Luis de S223 The Lusiad, books I-V. 20cm. London. Moxon. 1853CAMPBELL Archibald E10 The necessity of revelation. 20cm. London. for William Bowyer. 1739CAMPBELL Augustus UA9/9 The rights of the English clergy asserted. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. Liverpool. G F Harris's Widow and Brothers. 1823CAMPBELL George J339 A dissertation on miracles. New edn. 22.5cm. London. T. Tegg. 1834CAMPBELL John R31-32 A political survey of Britain. 2 vols. 27cm. London. Richardson and Urquhart. 1774CAMPBELL John K110-113 Lives of the Admirals. 4 vols. 3rd edn. 19.5cm. London. T. Osborne [et al]. 1761CAMPION William Magan and BEAMONT William John (editors) Q48 The Prayer Book interleaved. 16.5cm. London. Rivington. 1868CANAL Pierre* N16 Dittionario Italiano e Francese. 16cm. [Geneva]. Jacques Chouët. 1598 Lacks all after 'Vesta'CANAYE Pierre, Sieur du Fresne Z61X/7-9 Lettres et ambassade. 3 vols. 35cm. Paris . Etienne Richer. 1635-36CANDIDO Vincenzo L60 Disquisitionum moralium tomus tertius (-quartus). 2 vols (in 1). 35cm. Rome. Typis Vaticanis. 1643 Lacks tt.1-2.CANINIUS Angelus P76 Hellenismos, copiosissimi Graecarum Latinarumque vocum indicis accessione... 15cm. Amsterdam. Thomas Myls. 1700CANTELUPE Thomas, St . . . see JANCEY Maryl (ed.) - St Thomas Cantelupe...(1982)CANTERBURY AND YORK SOCIETY Z78/30-42, Z79/1-33 & Z82/1-22 Publications, vols.1-38, 39 pt 2, 40-42, 44, 46-48, 51, 53 pt 1, 54-55, 57, 59,

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61-62, 65, 67-72, 74-82. 22cm. (London etc.). Canterbury and York Society. 1909-- In progress.CANTILUPE Thomas, St. Z26/28 The register of Thomas de Cantilupe...transcribed by R G Griffiths...introduction by W W Capes. 24cm. Hereford . Wilson and Phillips. 1906CAPACCIO Guilio Cesare I145 Antiquitates et historiae Neapolitanae. Novissima editio. 39cm. Leiden. Pieter Vanderaa. (1723)CAPES William Wolfe . . . see CANTILUPE Thomas, St. - The register...(1906).CAPPELLI Lodovico E145 Critica sacra. 36cm. Paris. Sebastien Cramoisy. 1650CAPRIATA Pietro Giovanni V319 Dell' historia...libri dodici...del MDCXIII fine al MDCXXXIV. 17cm. "Genova" (i.e.Geneva). (Pierre Chouët). 1639CARADOC of Llancarwan X234 The history of Wales...augmented and improved by W.Wynne. 19cm. London. for John Senex. 1702CARAVELLA Giovanni P183A Index Aristophanicus ex codice Bodleiano...nunc primum editum. 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1822CARDWELL Edward J206 A history of conferences...with the revision of the book of Common Prayer. 2nd edn. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1841CARDWELL Edward J235-236 Synodalia. 2 vols. (2 copies) 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1842 Another set J237-238CARDWELL Edward K63D The supposed visit of St. Paul to Britain. 22.5cm. Oxford. S. Collingwood. 1837 Bound with: BURGESS T - Tracts...(1815)CARE Henry J22 Utrum horum: or, the nine and thirty articles. 17cm. London. R. Janeway. 1682 Wing C535.CAREW Thomas S226 A selection from the poetical works. 19.5cm. London. Longmans. 1810CAREY Patrick S319 Trivial poems and triolets. 26cm. London. J Murray. 1820CARION Joannes X71 Chronicorum ab orbe condito...libri III. 11cm. Paris . Officina Puteana. 1563CARLETON George J137 A thankfull remembrance of God's mercy. 3rd edn. 18cm. London. M. Flesher for Robert Mylbourne. 1627 STC 4642.CARLETON George K87 The memoirs. 19.5cm. London. Thomas Astley. 1743

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CARLETON George D Z17/2 The English Psalter, with a devotional commentary by G D Carleton. 20cm. London. A R Mowbray. 1953CARLOS Edward John* W115 Oxonia antiqua restaurata. 2nd edn. 35cm. London. J B Nichols. 1843CARPENTER Lant J314 Dissertations on the duration of Our Saviour's ministry. 22cm. London. Rowland Hunter . 1836CARPENTER Spencer Cecil Z27/32 Church and people, 1789-1889. 22cm. London. SPCK. 1933CARPENTER Spencer Cecil Z133/8 Winnington Ingram. 22cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1949CARPENTIER Pierre N94-95 Glossarium novum ad scriptores medii aevi...seu Supplementum ad auctiorem glossarii Cangiani editionem. 4 vols (in 2). 40cm. Paris. Le Breton et al. 1766CARPZOVIUS Johannes Benedictus G106 Sacrae exercitationes in S. Pauli epistolam ad Hebraeos. 20cm. Helmstadt. Weygaud. 1750CARR Samuel (editor) . . . see HOOPER John - Early (later) writings...(1843-52)CARSON Thomas G Z42/34 Man's responsibility. 19cm. New York. G P Putnam's Sons. 1906CARTLIDGE John Edward Gordon Z95/15 Newbold Astbury and its history. 25cm. Congleton. Thomas Gordon. 1915CARTWRIGHT Thomas C52 Harmonia evangelica. 22cm. Amsterdam. Louis Elzevir. 1647CARY George and CARY John Z119/1 New plan of London and its vicinity, 1831. 22cm. London. G and J Cary. 1831CARY Henry Francis . . . see PINDAR - Pindar in English verse...(1833)CARY Henry Francis . . . see ARISTOPHANES -The Birds...(1824)CARY Henry Francis . . . see DANTE ALIGHIERI - The vision...(1844)CARY Henry, Earl of Monmouth . . . see BOCCALINI Traiano - I ragguagli...(1656).CARY John W39 Cary's traveller's companion, or, a delineation of the turnpike roads in England and Wales. 16cm. London. John Cary. 1784CARY John (co-author) . . . see CARY George and CARY John - New plan...(1831).CASA Giovanni della T77B Galateus, seu de morum honestate...interprete Nathanae Chytraeo.

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16cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Haemedes Andreae Wechselii. 1596 Bound with: AQUIVIVA DI ARAGONA B - De principum....(1578)CASAUBON Isaac . . . see ATHENAEUS - Deipnosophistarum...(1612)CASAUBON Isaac . . . see THEOPHRASTUS - Notationes...(1617)CASAUBON Isaac O140 Adversaria in Athenaei Dipnosophistos... 34.5cm. Lyon. Veuve Antoine de Harsy and Pierre Ravaud. 1621CASAUBON Isaac D15 De rebus sacris et ecclesiasticis 28cm. London. Norton and Bill. 1614 STC 4745CASAUBON Isaac F46 De rebus sacris et ecclesiasticis. 22.5cm. Geneva. I.A. and S. de Tournes. 1655CASAUBON Isaac I65 De rebus sacris et ecclesiasticis. 24cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Johann Bring. 1615CASAUBON Isaac C119 Epistolae incertis ad eadem responsionibus. 3rd edn 37cm. Rotterdam. Caspar Fritsch and Michael Böhm. 1709CASE Thomas Z86/13 St Mary's clusters: an historical enquiry. 28.5cm. Oxford. James Parker. 1893CASON Ronald Arthur Z4/20 Time and the place: the parish of Stoke-upon-Trent. 21.5cm. Walsall. W J Ray. 1980CASSIODORUS Marcus Aurelius Q257 Opera omnia quae extant. 22.5cm. Geneva. Samuel Chouëy. 1663CASTELL Edmund E116-117 Lexicon heptaglotton. 2 vols. 45cm . London. Thomas Roycroft. 1669 Wing(rev) C1225CASTELLIO Sebastien X91 Defensio suarum translationum Bibliarum. 16cm. Basel . Johannes Oporinus. 1562CASTLE CHURCH, STAFFORD XA19-20 Castle Church, Stafford (register). 1 vol (in 2) (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society) 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1903CASTRO PALAO Ferdinand de L56-59 (Opus moralis) de virtutibus et vitiis contrariis. 7 vols (in 4) 34cm. Lyons. Jean-Baptiste Devenet. 1649-56 Vols.I-II: Third edition, 1656. Vols.III-VI: Second edition, 1649. Vol.VII: First edition, 1651.CASWALL Edward Q95 Hymns and poems, original and translated. 2nd edn. 17.5cm. London. Burns, Oates. 1873CATALOGUE Z116/1A Cathedral Libraries, Vol 1. 28cm. London. British Library. 1984

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CATALOGUE, Cathedral Libraries Z116/1 B&C Cathedral Libraries Catalogue. Vol II, pts 1 & 2. Edited by David J SHAW. 28cm. London. British Library. 1998CATANEO Giovanni Maria . . . see PLINIUS CAECILIUS SECUNDUS, Caius - Epistolarum libri X...(1625)CATECHISM Z77X/15 The catechism for the curats, compos'd by the decrees of the Council of Trent. 17.5cm. London. Henry Hills. 1687 Wing C1472.CATHEDRAL SCAFFOLDING 1983 CC8 Folder of photographs of scaffolding placed in 1983 for the restoration of the Cathedral. 35cm. (n.p.) . (n.p.). 1983CATHEDRALS ADVISORY COMMITTEE Z116/28 Cathedral treasuries and museums. 21cm. London. Epic Publishing. 1979CATHERINE St., of Siena* Z45/19 Saint Catherine of Siena and her times. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Methuen. 1907CAUMONT Arcisse de K196-197 Statistique monumentale du Calvados. 2 vols. 21cm. Paris. Derache. 1846CAUNTER J S P29I A new and enlarged edition of Anthems...sung in the Cathedral Church of Lichfield. 18.5cm. Lichfield. J S Caunter. 1839CAUSSIN Nicolas N37 De eloquentia sacra et humana. 24cm. Paris. Mathurin Henault et al. 1630CAVE Charles John Philip Z81/46 The roof bosses of the Cathedral Church of Christ, Canterbury. 22cm. Canterbury. Friends of Canterbury Cathedral. 1934CAVE William L35 Antiquitates apostolicae. 30.5cm. London. R. Norton for R. Royston. 1676 Wing C1587+.CAVE William B35A Apostolici, or the history...of those contemporary with...the Apostles. 2nd edn 30cm. London. [n.p]. 1682 Extensively indexed in MS on flyleaves. Wing C1591.CAVE William L36 Apostolici: or the history...of the primitive fathers. 30.5cm. London. A.C. for Richard Chiswell. 1677 Wing C1588.CAVE William B35B Ecclesiastici: or the history of the...fathers of the church.... 31cm. London. J.R. for Richard Chiswell. 1683 Wing C1596CAVE William R110-111 Scriptorum ecclesiasticorum historia literaria. Editio novissima. 2 vols. 39cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1740-43CAXTON William* V296-297 The byrth, lyf and actes of Kyng Arthur...with introduction and notes by Robert Southey. 2 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1817CAZENOVE John Gibson UA35/6 Universalism and eternal punishment: a theological essay.

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22.5cm. London. John and Charles Mozley. 1863 Reprinted from Christian Remembrancer, April 1863.CEDRENUS Georgius . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vv 7-8,(1729).CELADA Diego de F100 Commentarius litteralis et moralis in Tobiae historiam. 34cm. Lyons . Pierre Prost (et al). 1644CELADA Diego de F97 De benedictionibus patriarcharum electa sacra. 35cm. Lyons . Philippe Borde. 1657CELADA Diego de F98 De ornatu et vestibus Aaronis. 2nd edn 34cm. Lyons . Laurent Anisson. 1660CELADA Diego de F99 In Rutham commentarii. 34cm. Lyons . Jean Gregoire. 1652CELADA Diego de F102 In Susannah Danielicam commentarii. 34cm. Lyons . Philippe Borde (et al). 1656CELADA Diego de F101 Judith illustris perpetuo commentario... 3rd edn 34cm. Lyons . P. Prost (et al). 1647CELLARIUS Christophorus T168 Programmata varii argumenti oratoriis exercitiis...praemissa. 17cm . Leipzig. Johann Friedrich Gleditsch. 1689CERVANTES SAAVEDRA Miguel de T3-7 The history of the ingenious gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha. 5 vols. 19cm. Edinburgh. Hurst, Robinson. 1822 Vol I missing.CHALLONER Richard Q282 Martyrs to the Catholic faith. 2 vols (in 1). 27.5cm. Edinburgh. T C Jack. 1878CHALMERS Alexander K185-186 A history of the University of Oxford. 2 vols. 20.5cm. Oxford. Collingwood and Co. for J. Cooke and J. Parker. 1810CHALMERS George K173 The life of Daniel Defoe 25cm. London. J. Stockdale. 1790CHALMERS Thomas U143-46 Lectures on the epistle of Paul...to the Romans. 4 vols. 22.5cm. Glasgow. W Collins. 1837-40CHALMERS Thomas Z40/1-2 On the power, wisdom and goodness of God. (Bridgewater Treatise I). 2 vols. 21cm. London. W Pickering. 1839CHALMERS Thomas L32 On the use and abuse of literary and ecclesiastical endowments. 22cm. Glasgow. Collins. 1827CHALMERS Thomas U142 Sermons preached in Tron Church, Glasgow. 4th edn. 22.5cm. Glasgow. William Collins. 1834CHAMBERLAIN Houston Stewart Z103/11-12 The foundations of the nineteenth century. 2 vols. 22cm. London. John Lane. 1911CHAMBERLAYNE John X315 Magnae Britanniae Notitia. 20cm. London. Midwinter, Tonson, Motte, Bathurst, Ward, Wotton etc. 1735

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CHAMBERS Ephraim N46-47 Cyclopaedia, or an universal dictionary of arts and sciences. 2 vols. 7th edn. 39.5cm. London. W. Innys et al. 1751 Supplement. 2 vols. 39.5cm. London: W. Innys et al, 1753, N48-49.CHANDLER Edward Z129/12A A charge delivered to the Grand-Jury...on...16th of July 1740. 21cm. Durham. Isaac Lane. 1740 Bound with 7 other pamphlets.CHANDLER Edward E8 & E9 A defence of Christianity from the prophecies of the Old Testament. 19.5cm. London. for James Knapton. 1725 Two copies.CHANDLER Edward E19-20 A vindication of the defence of Christianity... 2 vols 20cm. London. James and John Knapton. 1728CHANDLER Edward Z43/8-9 A vindication of the defence of Christianity...2 vols. 19.5cm. London. J and J Knapton. 1728CHANDLER John Q18 The hymns of the primitive church. 17cm. London. J W Parker. 1837CHANDLER Richard R36 Travels in Asia Minor. 25.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1775CHANET Pierre T157 Considérations sur la sagesse de Charron. 2nde édn. 17.5cm. Paris . Claude le Groult. 1644CHARGES Z60/3-15 (Charges by bishops and archdeacons collected by Dean Bickersteth). 13 vols. 22cm. various places. various printers. 1836-1880 Each volume had MS index of contents.CHARITY COMMISSIONERS Z77/34 Lichfield (from vol.7 of the Commissioners' Report). 21.5cm. (London). (Eyre and Strachan). (1822) Interleaved and elaborated with MS notes.CHARLES I BB1 A message with a letter sent by his Majesty to Prince Rupert, at or before the time of the taking or surrendering of Litchfield and the close. 19cm. (London). I Underwood. 1643 Wing C2493.CHARLES I UA27/5 His Majesties finall answer concerning episcopacie. 18.5cm. London. for R.E.. 1648 (repr.1660)CHARLES I, King of England. Z77X/20 Reliquiae sacrae Carolinae: the workes of that great monarch and glorious martyr King Charles the Ist. 18cm. Hague . Samuel Browne. 1650 Wing C2072.CHARLES I, King of Great Britain V126 Basilika: the works of King Charles the Martyr. 2nd edn. 35cm. London. for Ric.Chiswell. 1687 Wing C2076.CHARLES I, King of Great Britain BB9A Eikon basilike: the pourtraichure of his sacred majestye in his solitudes and sufferings. 20cm. ( ? ). ( ? ). 1649 Madan 26, 2nd Issue, with portrait.

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Wing E304. Bound in Mearnesque style, 1660-75 in green morocco.CHARLES I. King of Great Britain Z119/17 Bibliotheca regia or, the Royal Library...a collection of such of the papers of his late Maiesty King Charles. 18cm. London. for Henry Seile. 1659 Wing C2151.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8D By the King. A proclamation...24 November 1675. 27cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1675 Wing C3378. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8F By the King. A proclamation...28 September 1674. 26cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barber. 1674 Wing C3295. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8G By the King. A proclamation...8 September 1674. 26cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1674 Wing C3414. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8H By the King. A proclamation...8 February 1667/8. 26cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barber. 1668 Wing C3597. Bound with Z114/8A. Most of imprint guillotined.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8I By the King. A proclamation...26 April 1665. 26cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1665 Wing C3596A. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8J By the King. A proclamation...14 July 1662. 26cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1662 Wing C3282. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8OO His Majestie's declaration...concerning ecclesiastical affairs. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1660 Wing C2997. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8QQ His Majestie's declaration...26 December 1662. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1662 Wing c2988. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8RR His Majestie's declaration for encouragement of seamen and mariners. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1664 Wing C2964. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8SS His Majestie's declaration touching his proceedings for reparation...the United Provinces. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1664

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Wing C3007. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain Z114/8UU His Majestie's declaration against the French. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1666 Wing C2952. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8VV His Majestie's declaration...15 March 1671/2. 27cm. Savoy . Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1671/2 Wing C2990. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8WW His Majestie's declaration against the States Generall. 27cm. Savoy . Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1671/2 Wing C2953. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8YY His Majestie's declaration for enforcing a late Order in Council. 27cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1674/5 Wing C2965. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8PP His Majestie's gracious declaration for the settlement of his kingdom of Ireland. 27cm. London. J Bill. 1660 Wing C3013. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain Z114/8WWA His Majestie's gracious declaration...12 June 1672. 27cm. Savoy . Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1672 Wing C3011. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8BBB His Majestie's gracious letter...to pass the bill for confirming the Act of Oblivion and Indemnity. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1661 Wing C3032. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8N His Majestie's gracious speech together with the Lord Chancellor's...29 December 1660. 27cm. London. J Bill. 1660 Wing C3074. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8O His Majestie's gracious speech to the Lords and Commons...8 May 1661. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1661 Wing C3071+. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8R His Majestie's gracious speech...20 November 1661. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1661 Wing C3045. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8S His Majestie's gracious speech...18 February 1662.

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27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1662 Wing c3048. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8T His Majestie's gracious speech...19 May 1662. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1662 Wing C3170. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8Z His Majestie's gracious speech...24 November 1664. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1664 Wing C3051. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8AA His Majestie's gracious speech...10 October 1665. 27cm. Oxford. Leonard Lichfield. 1665 Wing C3052. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8KKB His Majestie's gracious speech...4 November 1673. 27cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1673 Wing C3153B. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8LL His Majestie's gracious speech...7 January 1673/4. 27cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1673/4 Wing C3075. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8MM His Majestie's gracious speech...12 January 1673/4. 27cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1673/4 Wing C3056. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8NN His Majestie's gracious speech...13 April 1675. 27cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1675 Wing C3078. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8M His Majestie's most gracious speech together with the Lord Chancellor's....13 September 1660. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1660 Wing C3073. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8U His Majestie's most gracious speech...8 March 1672/3. 27cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1672/3 Wig C3153A. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8V His Majestie's most gracious speech...27 July 1663. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1663 Wing C3136. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8Y His Majestie's most gracious speech...5 April 1664. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1664

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Wing C3049. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8CC His Majestie's most gracious speech...18 January 1666(7). 27cm. Savoy . Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1666(7) Wing C3140. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8DD His Majestie's most gracious speech...8 February 1666(7). 27cm. Savoy . Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1666(7) Wing C3142. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8EE His Majestie's most gracious speech...21 September 1666. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1666 Wing C3139. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8FF His Majestie's most gracious speech...10 October 1667. 27cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1667 Wing C3145. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8GG His Majestie's most gracious speech...19 October 1669. 27cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1669 Wing c3148. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8JJ His Majestie's most gracious speech...5 February 1672/3. 27cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1672/3 Wing C3172. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8KK His Majestie's most gracious speech...8 March 1672/3. 27cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1672/3 Wing C3153A. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8KKA His Majestie's most gracious speech...27 Ocotber 1673. 27cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1673 Wing C3177. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8Q His Majestie's speech to both Houses of Parliament...8 July 1661. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1661 Wing C3043. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8K His Majesty's gracious message to the House of Commons. 26cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1660 Wing C3038. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8L His Majesty's gracious speech to the House of Peers...27 July 1660. 27cm. London. C Barker and J Bill. 1660 Wing C3070. Bound with Z114/8A.

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CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8CCC To the Most Reverend Father in God, William, Lord Archbishop of Canterbury. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1662 Wing C3613. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES II. King of Great Britain. Z114/8AAA Two letters from His Majesty. 27cm. London. E Husbands and T Newcomb. 1660 Wing C3624. Bound with Z114/8A.CHARLES Robert Henry Q161 The apocalypse of Baruch. 19cm. London. A & C Black. 1896CHARLES Robert Henry Z8/2-3 The apocrypha and pseudepigrapha of the Old Testament in English. 2 vols. 29cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1913CHARLES Robert Henry (editor & translator) Q185 The assumption of Moses, translated...edited by R H Charles. 19cm. London. A & C Black. 1897CHARLES Robert Henry (editor) Q277 The book of Enoch. 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1893CHARRON Pierre T88 De la sagesse. 13.5cm. Leiden. Elsevier. 1646CHARRON Pierre T150 Of wisdome: threee bookes. 19cm. London. E Blount and W Aspley. 1630 STC 5054.CHARTRES René . . . see HIPPOCRATES - Hippocratis...opera...(1679)CHASE Frederic Henry Q262 Chrysostom: a study in the history of biblical interpretation. 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1887CHASE Frederic Henry Q90 The Old Syriac element in the text of Codex Bezae. 22.5cm. London. MacMillan. 1893CHASE Frederic Henry Q260 The Syro-Latin Text of the Gospels. 22.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1895CHASTELET Paul Hay, Sieur de* Z121/1 Recueil de diverses pièces pour servir à l'histoire. 23.5cm. (Paris). (n.p.). 1639CHASTELET Paul Hay, Sieur de* Z121/2 Recueil de diverses pièces pour servir à l'histoire. 23.5cm. (Paris). (n.p.). 1640 Contains all the pieces in Z121/1.CHATFIELD Allen W Q101 Songs and hymns of earliest Greek Christian poets...translated by Allen W Chatfield. 17.5cm. London. Rivington. 1876CHAUCER Geoffrey S308-309 The Canterbury tales...together with notes...by...Thomas Tyrwhitt. 2nd edn...2 vols. 31.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1798CHAUFEPIÉ Jaques George de N50-53 Nouveau dictionnaire historique et critique, pour servir de supplément ou de

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continuation au Dictionnaire...de Mr. Pierre Boyle. 4 vols. 40cm. Amsterdam. Z. Chatelain et al. 1750-56CHAUVIN Etienne Z97/6 Lexicon rationale, sive Thesaurus philosophicus. 34cm. Rotterdam. Peter van der Slaart. 1692CHAVASSE C M, The Rt Rev Dr, Lord Bishop of Rochester Z17/4 The Meaning of the Lessons and of the Psalms. 19cm. London. SPCK. 1942CHAWNER William Z11/14-15 Prove all things (and) A supplement to...Prove all things. 2 vols. 22cm. (Cambridge). Privately printed. 1909CHAWNER William Z11/13 Truthfulness in religion. 22cm. Cambridge. Bowes and Bowes. 1911CHEBSEY XA21 Chebsey parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society) 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1965CHEETHAM Samuel . . . see SMITH Sir William and CHEETHAM Samuel - A dictionary of Christian antiquities...(1875-80).CHEETHAM Samuel Z25/20 A history of the Christian church since the Reformation. 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1907CHELSUM James UA33/11 A reply to Mr Gibbon's vindication. 20cm. Winchester. Robbins and Gilmour. 1785CHELSUM James J82 Remarks on the two last chapters of Mr. Gibbon's History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 2nd edn. 17.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1778CHEMNITZ Martin M90 Examinis Concilii Tridentini...scripti. 34cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Haeredes Sigismundi Feyeraband. 1596CHERRY John Law and CHERRY Karl Z86/34 Historical studies relating chiefly to Staffordshire. 24cm. Stafford. J and C Mort. 1908CHERRY Karl . . . see CHERRY John Law and CHERRY Karl - Historical studies...(1908).CHERUBINI Flavio M64 Canonici compendium bullarii. 3 vols (in 1). 33cm. Rome. Typographia Camerae Apostolicae. 1623CHESNE André du V113 Histoire d'Angleterre, d'Écosse et d'Irlande. 2de édn. 34cm. Paris . Guillaume Loyson. 1634 Another copy, 3ème édn, 34cm, Jean Petit, 1641 - V114.CHESTER ANNALS. Z86/20 Annales Cestrenses...edited...by Richard Copley Christie. 22cm. London. Wyman & Sons (for Lancs.and Ches.Record Society). 1887CHESTERFIELD Philip Dormer Stanley, Earl of, attribibuted* W41 The oeconomy of human life. 18cm. London. T Richaby for S and E Harding. 1795CHETWYND-STAPLETON Henry Edward Z81/4 The Chetwynds of Ingestre. 23cm. London. Longmans. 1892

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CHEVALIER Casimir Q294 Les fouilles de Saint-Martin de Tours. 25cm. Tours . L Pericat. 1888CHEYNE George Z121/4 The natural method of cureing the diseases of the body and the disorders of the mind. 3rd edn. 20cm. London. Strahan and Knapton. 1742CHEYNELL Francis J80 Chillingworthi novissima. 18cm. London. Samuel Gillibrand. 1644 Wing C3810.CHICHESTER. Cathedral Library Z86/22 Bibliothecae Ecclesiae Cicestrensis librorum catalogus in duas partes divisus. 33cm. Chichester. Wilmshurst. 1871CHIFFLET Pierre François . . . see VICTOR Vitensis - Victoris...opera...(1664)CHIFFLETIUS Joannes Jacobus C46 De linteis sepulchralibus Christi servatoris crisis historica. 22cm. Antwerp. Officina Plantiniana. 1624CHILLINGWORTH William H170-172 The works. 3 vols. 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1838CHIMNIUS David . . . see BAYNES Ralph - Compendium Michlol...(1554)CHOUL Guillaume du R79 Discours de la religion. 30.5cm. Lyon . Guillaume Rouille. 1556CHRISTIAN Ewan Z105/27 Report...on the state of the fabric of the Cathedral Church of Lichfield. 21cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1880CHRISTIE Richard Copley (editor) . . . see CHESTER ANNALS - Annales...(1887).CHRISTMAS Henry (editor) . . . see BALE John - Select works...(1849)CHRISTMAS Henry (editor) . . . see RIDLEY Nicolas - The works...(1843)CHRISTOPHERSON John M87 Hoi tes ekklesia stikhis historias... 33cm. Köln. Pierre de la Rouière. 1612CHRONICON ORIENTALE . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 17,(1729).CHRONICON PASCHALE . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 4,(1729).CHRYSOSTOM St. John Q343 De sacerdotio libri sex, e recensione Joannis Alberti Bengelio. Nova impressio. 20cm. Leipzig. Ernst Bredt. 1872CHURCH BELLS ALBUM Z9/8(17) 'Church Bells' album of notable Midland churches. 27.5cm. London. Church Bells Office. (18--)CHURCH EXTENSION SOCIETY Z54/24 67th Report of the Society for promoting Church Extension and Pastoral Efficiency

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within the Diocese of Lichfield. 21cm. Lichfield. A C Lomax's Successors. 1902CHURCH OF ENGLAND Z20/19(3) A form of prayer with thanksgiving...upon the first day of August... 19.5cm. London. John Baskett et al.. 1725CHURCH OF ENGLAND Z77X/23 House of Laymen for the Province of Canterbury: proceedings and reports of committees 1896-99. 21cm. London. National Society. 1899CHURCH OF ENGLAND Z68/1-10 Official yearbook, 1911, 1929, 1933-37, 1939, 1941-42. 10 vols. 21cm. London. Church Assembly. 1911-42CHURCH OF ENGLAND Z77X/31-32 Report of the Commission of Enquiry into the Property and Revenues of the Church. 2 vols. 33cm. London. Church Assembly. 1924CHURCH OF ENGLAND Z119/21 The alternative service book 1980. 17cm. London. Clowes. 1980CHURCH OF ENGLAND UA14/7 The Church of England vindicated from the rigid notions of Calvinism. 20cm. London. B White and T Cadell. 1770CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Articles and Canons. J299 A collection of articles, canons, injunctions. 21cm. London. Charles Bill. 1699 Interleaved: copiously annotated. Not obviously any of the editions/impressions recorded in Wing or New Wing.CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Articles of Religion. J281 Articles of religion of the Church of England in the reigns of King Edward VI and Queen Elizabeth. 28cm. London. J. Nichols. 1811CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Book of Homilies. J289 Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches in the time of the late Queen Elizabeth... 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1840CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Book of Homilies. J288 The two books of homilies appointed to be read in churches. 23cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1859CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Cathedrals Enquiry 1836-37. K74 Memorials and communications addressed to his late Majesty's Commissioners of Inquiry...from the Cathedral and Collegiate Churches... 22cm. London. Rivington. 1838CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Church Assembly. Z103/13-20 Report of proceedings, vols 11-18. 8 vols. 20cm. London. Church Assembly. 1930-37CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Church Congress. Z70/12-23, Z71/14-33 & Z74/1-27 Reports, 1870-1928. 56 vols. 22cm. London. Rivington et al.. 1871-1929CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Commission on Christian Doctrine. Z12/16 Report. 21.5cm. London. SPCK. 1938CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Convocation of Canterbury. J274J A full account of the late proceedings in Convocation relating to Dr. Clarke's writings... 19.5cm. London. John Baker. 1714 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)

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CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Convocation. Z65/28 Analytical index to the Chronicle of Convociation...from 1847 to 1892. 21cm. London. National Society's Depository. (1892)CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Convocation. Z65/27 Report of the joint meeting...on July 9 and 10, 1903. 21cm. London. National Society's Depository. (1903)CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Convocation. Z60X/9-24 & Z65/1-26 The chronicle of Convocation...1847-...1910. 42 vols. 20cm. London. National Society's Depository. 1889-1910 Vol. for 1908 in unbound parts.CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Convocation of Canterbury. Z76X/1-31 & Z77X/1-4 The chronicle of convocation...1867-77, 1882-1904, 1907. 35 vols. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1867-1909CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Ecclesiastical Commissioners. Z98/4-5 First (third) report of Her Majesty's Commissioners appointed...to inquire into the state and condition of the cathedral and collegiate churches in England and Wales... 2 copies. 32cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1854CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Ecclesiastical Commissioners. Z98/6 First report...with the minutes of evidence. 32cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1856CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Ecclesiastical Commissioners. Z103/21-38 Orders in Council, vols 1-15 (in 18). 21cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode (for Commissioners). 1843--CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Ecclesiastical Commissioners. Z99/10 Report (on ecclesiastical revenues). 34cm. London. Clowes. 1835CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Form of Consecration of Church or Chapel. UA16/7 A form of consecrating a church or chapel. 21.5cm. (Nottingham). (W Dearden). (n.d.)CHURCH OF ENGLAND. National Assembly. Z50/1-21 Report of proceedings, vols 1-21. 21 vols. 21cm. London. SPCK. 1921-41CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(1) A form of prayer and humilitation for God's blessing upon His Majesty and his dominions. 19.5cm. London. (n.p.). Printed in the Year 1690 Wing C4121B (var). Bound with thirty-one other tracts.CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(4) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...on Thursday the Seventh day of June... 19.5cm. London. John Baskett et al.. 1716CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(13) A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God...on Tuesday the twenty-fifth day of April... 19.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett . 1749CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(16) A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God...on Sunday the twentieth day of August... 19.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett. 1758CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(18) A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God...on Sunday the eighteenth day of February 1759... 19.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett. 1759CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(19) A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God...on Thursday the twenty-ninth day

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of November... 19.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett. 1759CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(20) A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God...on Sunday the ninth of December 1759. 19.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett. 1759CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(22) A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God...on Sunday the twelfth of October 1760 19.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett. 1760CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(25) A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God...on Sunday the fifteenth of August 1762... 19.5cm. London. Mark Baskett. 1762CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(26) A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God...on Thursday the fifth day of May... 19.5cm. London. Mark Baskett. 1763CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(28) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...on Sunday the twenty-ninth of October 1797... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strachan. 1797CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(29) A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God...on Sunday the twelfth of March 1797... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1797CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(31) A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God...on Thursday the twenty-ninth of November 1798. 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1798CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(3) A form of prayer and thanksgiving for his great mercy in the providential detection...of the late, atrocious and treasonable conspiracies... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1803 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(4) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...on Sunday the 26th of February 1804. 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1804 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(12) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...on Sunday the twenty-third day of August 1812. 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1812 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(14) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...on Sunday the twenty-fifth day of July 1813... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1813 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(16) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...on Thursday the thirteenth day of January 1814... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1814 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(17) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...on Thursday the seventh day of July 1814. 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1814 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(18) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...on Thursday the eighteenth day of January 1816.

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19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1816 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(25) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...upon Sunday the fourteenth day of April 1833... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Spottiswoode. 1833 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(26) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...on Wednesday the 10th of June 1840. 19.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1840 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(27) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...on Sunday the 5th of this instant June. 19.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1842 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. OccasionaL Prayers. Z20/20(29) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...on 30th day of April instant... 19.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1843 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(30) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...upon Sunday the 12th of this instant April... 19.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1846 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(32) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...on Sunday the seventeenth day of October 1847. 19.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1847 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(33) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...on Thursday the fifteenth day of November 1849. 19.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1849 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(34) A form of prayer and thanksgiving...upon Sunday the 10th day of April... 19.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1853 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(20) A form of prayer on account of the troubled state of certain parts of the United Kingdom... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1830CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(2) A form of prayer to be used on Wednesday the three and twentieth day of this instant May... 19.5cm. London. Charles Bill and Executrix of Thomas Newcomb. 1694 Wing C4157.CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Papers. Z20/19(5) A form of prayer...on Friday the sixteenth day of December... 19.5cm. London. John Baskett et al.. 1720CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(6) A form of prayer...on Friday the eighth day of December... 19.5cm. London. John Baskett et al.. 1721CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers Z20/20(2) A form of prayer...on Friday the thirteenth day of February... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1801 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800)CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(31) A form of prayer...on Sunday the 11th October... 19.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1846 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).

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CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(37) A form of prayer...on Sunday the 8th of October... 19.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1865 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(8) A form of prayer...on the ninth of January next... 19.5cm. London. John Baskett . 1739CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(9) A form of prayer...on the fourth of February... 19.5cm. London. John Baskett. 1740CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers Z20/19(7) A form of prayer...on Thursday the twenty-fifth day of April... 19.5cm. London. John Baskett et al.. 1723CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Papers. Z20/19(12) A form of prayer...on Thursday the ninth day of October... 19.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett. 1746CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(1) A form of prayer...on Wednesday the twelfth day of March... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1800 Bound with thirty-six other pamphlets.CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(6) A form of prayer...on Wednesday the seventeenth day of February 1808... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1808 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(7) A form of prayer...on Wednesday the eighth day of February 1809. 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1809 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(9) A form of prayer...on Wednesday the twenty-eighth day of February 1810... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1810 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(11) A form of prayer...on Wednesday the fifth day of February 1812... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1812 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(13) A form of prayer...on Wednesday the tenth day of March 1813... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1813CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(24) A form of prayer...on Wednesday the twenty-first day of March 1832... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Spottiswoode. 1832 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(35) A form of prayer...on Wednesday the twenty-sixth day of April 1854. 19.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1854 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(14) A form of prayer...upon Friday the eleventh day of February... 19.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett. 1757CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(15) A form of prayer...upon Friday the seventeenth day of February... 19.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett. 1758CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(17) A form of prayer...upon Friday the sixteenth day of February... 19.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett. 1759

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CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(21) A form of prayer...upon Friday the fourteenth of March 1760... 19.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett. 1760CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(23) A form of prayer...upon Friday the thirteenth day of February 1761... 19.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett. 1761CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(24) A form of prayer...upon Friday the twelfth of March 1762... 19.5cm. London. Mark Baskett. 1762CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(5) A form of prayer...upon Friday the twenty-fifth of May 1804... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1804 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(10) A form of prayer...upon Wednesday the ninth day of January... 19.5cm. London. Thomas and Robert Baskett. 1744CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Papers. Z20/19(11) A form of prayer...upon Wednesday the eighteenth day of December... 19.5cm. London. Thomas Baskett. 1745CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(27) A form of prayer...upon Wednesday the eighth of March... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1797CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(30) A form of prayer...upon Wednesday the seventh of March... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1798CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/19(32) A form of prayer...upon Wednesday the twenty-seventh of February... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1799CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayer. Z20/20(8) A prayer and thanksgiving...on Wednesday the 25th October 1809... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1809 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(10) A prayer and thanksgiving...on Sunday the eighteenth of November... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1810 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(23) A prayer and thanksgiving...for...favourable harvest. 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Spottiswoode. 1832 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(28) A prayer and thanksgiving...on Sunday the second of October inst... 19.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1842 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(15) A prayer of thanksgiving...on Sunday the tenth day of October 1813. 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1813 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1813).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(36) A prayer of thanksgiving...on Sunday the first of October... 19.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1854 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(19) A prayer to be used...during His Majesty's present indisposition... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Strahan. 1830 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(21) Prayers to be used...during the continuation of our danger from the pestilence...

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19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Spottiswoode. 1831 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Occasional Prayers. Z20/20(22) Prayers to be used...during the continuance of that grievous disease... 19.5cm. London. George Eyre and Andrew Spottiswoode. 1832 Bound with: A form of prayer...(1800).CHURCH OF ENGLAND. Ordinal G130-132 The form and manner of ordaining deacons and priests according to the order of the United Church of England and Ireland. 19.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1836 and 1840 3 copies, one 1836 and two,1840CHURCH OF IRELAND Q11 Church hymnal. 930th thousand. 10cm. Dublin. Assn.for Discountenancing Vice, etc.. (n.d.)CHURCH OF IRELAND UA27/7 Draft of an act of constitution 21cm. Dublin. Hodges, Foster. 1870CHURCH OF IRELAND UA18/5 Statutes passed at the first session of the General Convention, 1870. 21cm. Dublin. Hodges, Foster and Co. 1870CHURCH OF SCOTLAND UA25/6 Notices regarding the metrical versions of the Psalms...of the Church of Scotland. 19cm. Edinburgh. (n.p.). 1842 Reprinted from BAILLIE J - Letters and Journals (18 ?)CHURCH OF THE PROVINCE OF NEW ZEALAND G252 A New Zealand Prayer Book 20cm. Auckland, N.Z.. Collins. 1989CHURCH PEWS UA3/5 The wooden walls of England in danger: a defence of church pews. 20cm. London. J Ridgway. 1844CHURCH QUARTERLY REVIEW as above 22cm. London. . 1901 Volume LIII, October 1901.CHURCH RATES UA20/7 The case of church rates, and the way to settle it. 22cm. (Chichester). (W Hayley Mason). (18 ?)CHURCH Richard William Z44/6 The Oxford movement: twelve years, 1833-1845. 22cm. London. Macmillan. 1891CHURCH Thomas J165 A vindication of the miraculous powers... 20cm. London. Rivington. 1750CHURCH WORK UA12/11 Church work: the monthly paper of the Guild of Saint Alban, vol.IV, no.LXXIX, July 1862. 22cm. London. J T Hayes. 1862CHURCHILL Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough V336 An account of the conduct of the Dowager Duchess of Marlborough from her first coming to Court to the year 1710. 20cm. London. James Bettenham for George Hawkins. 1742CHURCHMAN J246-247A The churchman armed against the errors of the time. 3 vols. 22cm. London. J.J. Stockdale. 1814CHURCHMAN'S REMEMBRANCER UA24/7 The Churchman's Remembrancer, no.V. 22.5cm. London. Rivington et al. 1806

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CHURCHYARD Thomas V317B A letter in commendation of the tryumph of archery. 13cm. . . 4pp. (no signature, place, printer or date). On page 4 a poem "Behold this golden age/See how time excels" by T.W. Bound with GENT T - Historia...(1741).CHURTON Ralph J154 A short defence of the Church of England. 20cm. Oxford. Fletcher and Hanwell. 1795CHURTON Ralph UA17/11 A short defence of the Church of England. 22.5cm. Oxford. Fletcher and Hanwell. 1795CHURTON Ralph Z105/20 Eight sermons on the prophecies respecting the destruction of Jerusalem. (Bampton Lectures 1785). 21cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1785CHURTON Ralph K140 The life of Alexander Nowell, Dean of St. Paul's. 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1809CHURTON Ralph (editor) H161-162. . . see TOWNSON Thomas - The works....(1810)CHURTON William Ralph S213 Remains. 21cm. (n.p.). (London: A R Spottiswoode). 1830 Privately printed.CHYTRAEUS Nathan . . . see CASA Giovanni della - Galateus...(1596).CIBBER Colley K158 An apology for the life of Mr. Colley Cibber, comedian...written by himself. 28cm. London. John Watts for the Author. 1740CIBBER Colley S301-302 Plays. 2 vols. 29cm. London. J Tonson et al. 1721CIBBER Colley S267 The character and conduct of Cicero considered. 28cm. London. John Watts for the Author. 1747CIBBER Colley* T151E The egotist: or Colley upon Cibber. 18.5cm. London. W Lewis. 1743 Bound with: MILLER J - Mahomet...(1744).CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/19 Academica; recensuit...Joannes Davis. Editio secunda. 19cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1736CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/18 Ad quintum fratrem dialogi tres de oratore...illustravit Zacharias Pearce. Editio tertia. 19cm. London. J and R Tonson. 1746CICERO Marcus Tullius BB13 Cato Major, or his discourse of old age. 21.5cm. Philadelphia. Benjamin Franklin. 1744CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/32 De finibus bonorum et malorum...ex recensione Joannis Davis. 19cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1728CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/14 De legibus...recensuit...Joannes Davis... Editio secunda. 19cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1745

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CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/13 De natura deorum...recensuit Joannes Davis. Editio tertia. 19cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1733CICERO Marcus Tullius P72 De officiis ad Marcum filium libri tres. 15.5cm. Glasgow. Foulis. 1757 Gaskell 332.CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/24 De officiis,...ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii. 19cm. Amsterdam. Blaeu. 1688CICERO Marcus Tullius P137 De oratore libri tres, ex editione Jo. Aug. Ernesti. 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1809CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/33 De oratore...dialogi...tres...edidit Jacobus Proust. 19cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1723CICERO Marcus Tullius P136 De republica...auxit Georgius Henricus Moser. 22cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Brönner. 1826CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/34 Epistolarum ad Quintum fratrem libri tres, et ad Brutum liber unus. 19cm. Haguen. Isaak Vaillant. 1725CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/22-23 Epistolarum libri XVI ad familiares ut vulgo vocantur, ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii. 2 vols. 19cm. Amsterdam. Blaeu. 1693CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/15-16 Epistolarum libri XVI...ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graeviis. 2 vols. 19cm. Amsterdam. Blaeu. 1684CICERO Marcus Tullius X48 Les oraisons de Cicero contre L Catalina. 13cm. Paris . Veuve Jean Camusat. 1641CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/21 Liber de claris oratoribus qui dicitur Brutus...edidit Jacobus Proust. Editio secunda. 19cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1716CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/17 Libri de divinatione et de fato...emendavit Joannes Davis. Editio secunda. 19cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1730CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/20 Omnes qui ad artem oratoricam pertinent, libri...ed. Jacobus Proust, vol I (only). 19cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1718CICERO Marcus Tullius O86-87 Opera quae extant omnia...recognita ab Jacobo Gronovio. 2 vols. 24cm. Leiden. Peter van der Aa. 1692CICERO Marcus Tullius O76-79 Opera quae supersunt...Isaacus Verburgius...recensuit. 4 vols. 25cm. Amsterdam. Wetsten. 1724CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/26-31 Orationes, ex recensione Joannis Georgii Graevii. 6 vols. 19cm. Amsterdam. Blaeu. 1735-39CICERO Marcus Tullius O70 The life and letters. 24cm. London. E. Moxon. 1840CICERO Marcus Tullius Z92/25 Tusculanarum disputationum libri V, cum commentario Joannis Davis. Editio quarta. 19cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1738

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CID V275 Chronicle of the Cid, from the Spanish by Robert Southey. 1st American edn. 24cm. Lowell. Daniel Bixby. 1846CIMRI UA39/1 Oral records of the Cimri, part II (only). 18.5cm. London. John Russell Smith. 1855CITY AND GUILDS OF LONDON ART SCHOOL Z10/18 (Report on conservation of) Lichfield Cathedral Reredos Cross. 30cm. London. City and Guilds Art School. 1989CITY REMEMBRANCER . . . see (HARVEY Gideon) - The City remembrancer...(1769).CLAGETT William J176 A discourse concerning the worship of the Blessed Virgin and the saints. 20cm. London. Thomas Bassett and Thomas Newborough. 1686 Wing C4384+CLAGETT William Z24/8 Eleven sermons preach'd upon several occasions. 2nd edn. 18.5cm. London. for William Rogers. 1693 Wing C4385.CLAGETT William J177 The difference of the case. 19.5cm. London. Thomas Basset and Fincham Gardiner. 1683 Wing C4377.CLAGETT William* H291D A discourse concerning the pretended sacrament of extreme unction... 18.5cm. London. Richard Chiswell. 1687 Wing C4383. Bound with: PATRICK S* - The Virgin Mary misrepresented...(1688)CLAGETT William* H291E A second letter from the author of the Discourse concerning extreme unction... 19cm. London. Richard Chiswell. 1688 Wing C4395. Bound with PATRICK S - The Virgin Mary misrepresented...(1688)CLARE John S61 Poems, descriptive of rural life and scenery. 17cm. London. Taylor and Hessey. 1820CLARENDON Edward Hyde, Earl of . . . see HYDE Edward, Earl of Clarendon - The history...(1702-04).CLARK Frederick Le Gros Z42/4 Paley's natural theology. 17cm. London. SPCK. 1885CLARK John Willis Z133/18 The care of books. 26cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1901CLARK Samuel K85 The marrow of ecclesiastical history. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. T.V., sold by William Roybould. 1654 Wing C4544.

CLARKE A (editor) . . . see FOXE John - Foxe's book of martyrs....(1888).CLARKE John (editor) . . . see COTELER Jean-Baptiste - SS Patrum...(1724).

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CLARKE John* X176B Formulae oratoriae in usum scholarum concinnatae. 6a ed. 13.5cm. London. Impensis W.B. et H.J.. 1647CLARKE Joseph* J2 The Athanasian creed, a preservative against heresies. 19.5cm. London. John Crownfield. 1735CLARKE Samuel . . . see HOMER - Homeri Ilias...(1729-32)CLARKE Samuel . . . see GROTIUS Hugo - Synopsis compendiaria...(1751)Clarke Samuel H40-49 Sermons, edited by John Clarke. 10 vols. 2nd edn 19cm. London. James and John Knapton. 1730CLARKE Samuel X90 Three practical essays on baptism, confirmation and repentance. 4th edn. 15.5cm. London. W Botham for James Knapton. 1721CLARKE William Branwhite UA26/13 The sign of the times. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1838CLARKE William Kemp Lowther (editor) Z27/33 Liturgy and worship. 21.5cm. London. SPCK. 1932CLARKSON Thomas Z135/16-18 A pourtraiture of Quakerisms. 2nd edn. 3 vols. 21cm. London. Longmans. 1807CLAUDE Jean F5 The Catholick doctrine of the Eucharist 31cm. London. for R Royston. 1684 Wing C4592CLAY William Keatinge J139 The Book of Common Prayer illustrated. 19cm. London. J.W. Parker. 1841CLAY William Keatinge (editor) . . . see BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. 1559 - Liturgical services...(1847)CLAY William Keatinge (editor) Q323 Liturgical services: liturgies and occasional forms of prayer set forth in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1847CLAY William Keatinge (editor) U115 Private prayers put forth by authority during the reign of Queen Elizabeth. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1851CLAYTON Howard Z10/13 Chantrey's sleeping children. 21cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (n.d.)CLAYTON Howard Z134/14 St John's Hospital, Lichfield. 21cm. Derby . J M Tatler. 1984CLEAVER William H1 Seven sermons on select subjects. New edn 21cm. Oxford. J. Parker. 1808CLEAVER William UA39/10 The time of our Saviour's coming consider'd... 22cm. Oxford. at the Theatre. 1743

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CLEAVER William* J273G A list of books recommended for the younger clergy... 2nd edn 19cm. Oxford. J. Fletcher. 1792 Bound with: BAKER R - Remarks...(1779)CLEAVER William* P39A De rhythmo Graecorum liber singularis. 18.5cm. Oxford. J Fletcher. 1789 Bound with one other tract.CLEAVER William, (editor)* P39B Decretum Lacedaemoniorum contra Timotheum Milesium. 18.5cm. Oxford. (n.p.). 1777 Bound with: CLEAVER W* - De rhythmo Graecorum.CLEMENT of Alexandria D55-56 Opera omnia, ed. R. Klotz. 3 vols (in 2) 17.5cm. Leipzig. Schwickert. 1831-32CLEMENT St, of Rome X178 Ad Corinthios epistolae duae...praemisit Henricus Wotton. 19cm. Cambridge. Typis Academicis. 1718CLEMENT St, of Rome B22A Duae epistolae...quas ex codica...Novi Testamenti Syriaci...edidit Jo. Jacobus Wetstenius. 30cm. Leiden. typis Eliae Luzac,jun.. 1752 Bound at end of B22CLEMENT St, of Rome Q80-81 St. Clement of Rome (Apostolic Fathers, Part I), ed. J B Lightfoot. 2 vols. 22cm. London. MacMillan. 1890CLEMENT XIV, Pope S21-24 Interesting letters. 3 vols (in 4). 17.5cm. London. T Becket (vv.1-2), T Durham (v.3). 1777CLEMENT, of Alexandria Z38/16-41/1 Opera quae extant, recognita et illustrata per Joannam Potterum. 41cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1715CLENARD Nicolaus N38 Institutiones ac meditationes in graecam linguam. 23.5cm. Hannover. Wechel. 1617CLERGYMAN OF THE DIOCESE OF LINCOLN UA22/4 Reasons for not answering Mr.Gisborne's letter to the Bishop of Gloucester. 23cm. London. R and A Taylor. 1816CLERGYMAN'S INSTRUCTOR J232 The clergyman's instructor, or a collection of tracts on the ministerial duties. 4th edn. 23cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press . 1827CLIFTON A B Z27/15B The Cathedral Church of Lichfield. (Bell's Cathedral Series) 19cm. London. George Bell & Sons. 1988CLINTON Charles John Fynes . . . see CLINTON Henry Fynes - Literary remains...(1854)CLINTON Henry Fynes O66-67 Fasti Hellenici. 2 vols. (2nd edn.) 28cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1827-51CLINTON Henry Fynes K84 Literary remains, ed. C.J. Fynes Clinton. 19.5cm. London. Longman. 1854CLIVE Robert Henry V79 Documents connected with the history of Ludlow. 28cm. London. John van Voorst. 1841

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CLUVER Philipp R113-114 Italia antiqua...ejusdem Sicilia, Sardinia et Corsica. 2 vols (of 3). 35cm. Leiden. Elzevir. 1624 Lacks vol. 3 of this edition.CLUVER Philipp R115 Sicilia antiqua...item Sardinia et Corsica. 35cm. Leiden. Elsevir. 1619COBB Sir Cyril Stephen Q237 The rationale of ceremonial 1540-1543. (Alcuin Club: Collections 18). 27.5cm. London. Longmans. 1910COBDEN Richard UA9/4 1793 and 1853, in three letters. 21cm. London. James Ridgway. 1853COCCEIUS Joannes C97 To dodekapropheton...versione latina et commentario illustrati. 30.5cm. Leiden. Elsevier. 1652COCKBURN James K273 Swiss scenery. 29cm. London. Rodwell and Martin. 1820COD LIVER OIL UA14/2 Cod liver oil: its medical use, kinds and varieties. 18.5cm. London. Ansor, Harford and Cox. 1860CODEX SINAITICUS Z77X/36 Printed ephemera concerning its purchase for the nation. 30cm. London. British Museum . 1934CODEX THEODOSIANUS Z131/4-6 Codex Theodosianus cum perpetuis commentariis Jacobi Gothofredi...ed.nova. 6 vols (in 3). 35cm. Leipzig. M G Weidmann. 1736-45CODINUS Georgius . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vv 17-18,(1729).CODINUS Georgius P50 De officialibus Palatii Constantinopolitani. 16.5cm. (Frankfurt-am-Main). Jerome Commelin. 1596CODSALL XA22 Codsall parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1963COEFFETEAU Nicolas de V132-133 Histoire romaine. 2 vols. 42 cm. Paris . Nicolas & Jean de la Coste (vol.1);Chez Robert Foüet(vol.2).. 1630-1637 Vol.I 'Dernière édition', 1637: Vol.II, 1630.COETLOGON Charles Edward . . . see WALLIS John - Sermons...(1791)COGGAN Frederick Donald Z115/29 Three spires. (Lichfield Cathedral Divinisty Lectures 1972). 27cm. Lichfield. Dean and Chapter. 1973COLEMAN Edward V45N The tryal of Edward Coleman, Gent, for conspiring the death of the King... 30cm. London. for Robert Pawlet. 1678 Wing T2185. Bound with OATES T - A true narrative...(1679).COLERIDGE Henry Nelson S57 Introductions to the study of the Greek classic poets. Part I (only). 2nd edn. 16cm. London. J Murray. 1834

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COLERIDGE James Duke UA12/2 Joshua's choice. 5th edn. 21cm. Exeter. E Woolmer. 1819COLET John* . . . see LILLY John* - A short introduction...(1714)COLLECTION E41-42 A collection of cases and other discourses. 2 vols 19cm. London. for T. Basset. 1685 Wing C5115.COLLET Stephen T127 Relics of literature. 23cm. London. Thomas Boys. 1823COLLIER Arthur T196 Clavis universalis, or a new enquiry after truth. 24.5cm. Edinburgh. (Ballantyne). 1836COLLIER Jeremy M105-106 An ecclesiastical history of Great Britain, chiefly of England. 2 vols. 37.5cm. London. Samuel Keble. 1708COLLIER Jeremy* UA16/4 A defence of the reasons for restoring some prayers and directions of King Edward the Sixth's first liturgy. 21cm. London. for John Morphew. 1718COLLIER Jeremy* UA17/13 The office of a chaplain enquir'd and vindicated from servility and contempt. 19cm. Cambridge. John Hayes for Henry Dickinson. 1688 Wing C5258.COLLINS Thomas* J300 The rubric of the Church of England examin'd and consider'd. 19cm. London. T. Astley. 1737COLLINS Thomas* UA1/4 The rubrick of the Church of England examined and considered. 21.5cm. London. for T Astley. 1737COLLINS William S228 The poetical works...(ed.) by Alexander Dyce. 19.5cm. London. W Pickering. 1827COLOM Jacob W108 The fyrie sea-colomne. 43cm. Amsterdam. Jacob Colom. 1671 Wing C5401+.COLUTHUS Z89/19 Coluthi Raptus Helenae et Tryphiodori Expugnatio Trojae. (Bibliotheca Classica, vol 19). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1823COMBER Thomas B32 A companion to the Temple. 4th edn 31cm. London. for Robert Clavell, Samuel Rycroft etc. 1750COMBER Thomas B33 A companion to the Temple. Vol 2 (only) 31cm. London. for R Clavell. 1702COMBER Thomas Z15/14-20 A companion to the Temple. 7 vols. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1841COMBER Thomas Q346 A discourse upon the form and manner of making, ordaining and consecrating bishops, priests and deacons according to the order of the Church of England. 18.5cm. London. Samuel Roycroft. 1699 Wing C5464.

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COMBER Thomas E39 Roman forgeries in the Councils... 19cm. London. S. Roycroft for R. Clavell. 1689 Wing C5490COMBER Thomas Z24/7 Short discourse upon the whole Common-Prayer... 2nd edn. 18cm. London. Samuel Roycroft for Robert Clavell. 1688 Wing C5495.COMBER Thomas* UA33/7 Dr Comber's exhortation to the Communion humbly recommended to the clergy for distribution. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1811COMBER Thomas, of Jesus College, Cambridge (editor) K105 Memoirs...of Thomas Comber, D.D., sometime Dean of Durham. 21cm. London. for the Editor. 1799COMES Natalis X172 Mythologiae, sive explicationis fabularum libri decem. 16.5cm. Geneva. Jacques Crespin. 1636COMINES Philippe de, Seigneru d'Argenton V311 Chronique et histoire. 16.5cm. Paris . Oudin Petit. 1549COMMINES Philippe, Sieur d'Argenton V125A Les mémoires. 34cm . Paris . Thomas Perier. 1580 Bound with one other volume.COMMITTEE OF CLERGY Q270 Metropolitical jurisdiction so far as it relates to the trial of bishops. 18cm. London. W Knott. 1890COMMON PRAYER, BOOK OF P292 The Book of Common Prayer together with the Psalter. 19.5cm. London. Hills. 1729COMMON PRAYER, BOOK OF Z119/26 The Book of Common Prayer, 1928 version. 18cm. London. Oxford University Press. n.d.COMPANION X157 A companion to every place of curiosity and entertainment in and about London and Westminster. 4th edn. 14.5cm. London. for J Drew et al.. 1774COMPER J Ninian Z27/38 Of the Christian Altar and the building which contain it.. London. SPCK. 1950COMPLAYNT Z141/16 The complaynt of Scotland written in 1548... (ed. J Leyden) 22cm. Edinburgh. A Constable. 1801COMPLAYNT OF SCOTLAND . . . see (LEYDEN John (ed.)) - The complaynt....(1801)CONCENATUS Jacobus . . . see BARTOLUS of Saxoferrata - Bartoli interpretum...(1562).CONDE Joseph V15-17 Histoire de la domination des Arabes et des Maures en Espagne et en Portugal, rédigé...par M. de Marlès. 3 vols. 20cm. Paris. Alexis Eymery. 1825CONEN George Z129/12H A sermon preach'd at the parish-church of St George the Martyr, Southwark on...October 13, 1745.

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21cm. London. H Kent. 1745 Bound with CHANDLER E - A charge...(1740).CONFORMITY UA6/8 Conformity with the national church. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1831CONON UA35/4 Narrationes de rebus mythicis...ed. Ludovicus Henricus Teucherus. 20cm. Leipzig. Christoph Carl. Klanbarth. 1794CONRAD of Lycothene . . . see VALERIUS MAXIMUS - De dictis...(1822-23)CONSERVATION SPECIALISTS LTD Z10/15 Lichfield Cathedral: South Choir Aisle image niche conservation repairs. 30cm. London. Conservation Specialists Ltd. 1991CONSERVATION SPECIALISTS LTD Z10/16 Lichfield Cathedral: South-West Spire conservation repairs. 30cm. London. Conservation Specialists Ltd. 1991CONSERVATIVE* UA4/4 An historical summary of the title of the Popes to the patrimony of St.Peter and their temporal possessions. By a Conservative. 21cm. London. Hatchard. 1861CONSTANTINE VII, Emperor of the East P62 Opera...Joannes Meursius collegit... 18cm. Leiden. Elsevier. 1598CONSTRUCTIVE QUARTERLY Z115/25-26 The constructive quarterly, vol I, nos 1-4; vol II, nos 1-3. 24cm. London. Humphrey Milford. 1913-14CONYBEARE John E11 A defence of reveal'd religion. 20cm. London. for S Willmot. 1732CONYBEARE John H26-27 Sermons. 2 vols 20cm. London. Samuel Richardson. 1757CONYBEARE John UA6/1 The nature, possibility and certainty of miracles set forth. 2nd edn. 19.5cm. Oxford. L Lichfield for S Wilmot. 1723CONYBEARE William John and HOWSON John Saul Z14/22-23 The life and epistles of St Paul. 2 vols. 27.5cm. London. Longman. 1852COOK Frederick Charles . . . see BIBLE. English - The Holy Bible...(1871-81).COOK James and KING James R22-24 A voyage to the Pacific Ocean. 3 vols. 28.5cm. London. W and A Strahan. 1784 Idem, with Chart and plates (54cm), see W78.COOKE John and MAULE John R34 An historical account of the Royal Hospital for Seamen at Greenwich. 27cm. London. for the Authors. 1789

COOKE William I18-19. . . see DIRECTORIUM SACERDOTUM....(1901-1902)COOKE William Z107/23-24 The medallic history of Imperial Rome. 2 vols. 27cm. London. J Dodsley. 1781

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COOKESLEY William Gifford UA5/9 Thoughts on the admission of Jews to Parliament. 22.5cm. London. James Ridgway. 1852COOLEY William Desborough . . . see LARCHER Pierre Henri - Historical...(1844)COOLEY William Desborough Z119/9-11 The history of maritime and inland discovery. (Lardner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia, vols II, XI, XVI) 3 vols. 16cm. London. Longmans. 1830-31 First state (2 vols) of engraved tp of vol I.COOPER Basil UA4/6 The hieroglyphical date of the Exodus in the Annals of Thotmes the Great. (Repr. from the British Quarterly Review). 21cm. London. Williams and Norgate. 1860COOPER Charles Purton Z113/1 A brief account of...the...proceedings in Parliament relative to the defects...of the Court of Chancery... 21.5cm. London. J Murray. 1828COOPER Charles Purton Z113/2-3 An account of the most important public records of Great Britain. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. Baldwin and Cradock. 1832COOPER J Meadows Z43/24 The lives of the Deans of Canterbury, 1541-1900. 22cm. Canterbury . Cross and Jackson. 1900COOPER John Gilbert P32 The life of Socrates. 4th edn. 21cm. London. J Dodsley. 1771COOPER Thomas J190 An admonition to the people of England against Martin Mar-Prelate. (Puritan Discipline Tracts). 19.5cm. London. John Petheram. 1847COOPER Thomas U201 An answer in defence of the truth...ed. W Goode. (Parker Society) 16cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1850COOPER Thomas N62 Thesaurus linguae Romanae et Britannicae. 32cm. London. [John Charlewood?]. 1573 STC 5687.COOPER William Durrant (editor) . . . see UDALL Nicholas - Ralph Roister Doister...(1847)COPELAND William John* Q103 Hymns for the week and hymns for the seasons. 17cm. London. W J Cleaver. 1848COPLAND Alexander U170 Mortal life. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Smith, Elder. 1834COPLESTON Edward J223 An enquiry into the doctrine of necessity and predestination. 2nd edn 22.5cm. London. J. Murray. 1821COPLESTON Edward H141 Remains. 21.5cm. London. John W. Parker. 1854COPLESTON Edward H290E Remarks upon the objections made...in the Enquiry concerning necessity and predestination.

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21cm. London. J. Murray. 1822 Bound with: WHATELEY R - The right method...(1822)COPLESTON Edward UA13/5 Who are the persons authorized to preach the Gospel? 21.5cm. London. Rivington. 1839COPLESTON Edward* J259B A letter to the Right Hon. Robert Peel... 3rd edn. 21cm. Oxford. J. Murray. 1819 Bound with: COPLESTON E - A third reply...(1811)COPLESTON Edward* J259H A reply to calumnies of the Edinburgh Review against Oxford... 2nd edn 21.5cm. Oxford. for the Author. 1810 Bound with: COPLESTON E - A third reply...(1811)COPLESTON Edward* J259E A second letter to John Coke of New College, Esq. 21cm. Oxford. J. Parker. 1810 Bound with: COPLESTON E - A third reply...(1811)COPLESTON Edward* J259C A second letter to Sir Robert Peel... 2nd edn. 21cm. Oxford. John Murray. 1819 Bound with COPLESTON E - A third reply...(1811)COPLESTON Edward* J259F A sermon, preached at the Anniversary of Devon and Exeter Hospital, August 25, 1818. 2nd edn. 21.5cm. Oxford. W. Baxter. 1819 Bound with: COPLESTON E - A third reply...(1811)COPLESTON Edward* J259A A third reply to the Edinburgh Review.... 21.5cm. Oxford. J. Cooke and J. Parker. 1811 Bound with seven other tracts.COPLESTON Edward* J259G Advice to a young reviewer... 21.5cm. London. N.J. Chevrey. 1825 Bound with: COPLESTON E - A third reply...(1811)COPLESTON Edward* J259D The examiner examined, or logic vindicated. 21cm. Oxford. for the Author. 1809 Bound with: COPLESTON E - A third reply...(1811)COPLESTON William James K109 Memoir of Edward Copleston. 22.5cm. London. J.W. Parker. 1851CORNARUS Janus . . . see DALDIANUS Artemidorus - De somniorum interpretatione...(1544)CORNWALL Barry S174-76 The poetical works. 3 vols. 16cm. London. H Colburn. 1822CORONATION SERVICE, Edward VII. Q32 The form and order ...in the coronation of...King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra. 23.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1902 Inserted various ephemera concerning coronation and death of the King, 1902-10CORONATION SERVICE, George V. Q33 The form and order...in the coronation of...King George V and Queen Mary. 23.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1911CORPORATION OF SS MARY AND NICOLAS Z111/10 Services and liturgical forms for special occasions. 22cm. London. H Milford. 1918

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CORPORATION OF SS. MARY AND NICOLAS YA22 Kalendar...for the year...MCMXIX. 18cm. London. Charles Gill. (1919)CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE Z100/1-21 & Z101/1-4 De Byzantinae historiae scriptoribus. 2a.ed. 25 vols. 39cm. Venice. Bartolomeo Javarina. 1729-33 See references for individual authors.CORPUS INSCRIPTIONUM SEMITICARUM Z99/8 Pars prima, tom.1, fasciculus 2 (Tabulae 15-36) only. 38cm. Paris . Imprimerie de l République. 1883CORPUS JURIS CIVILIS Z96/1-6 Corpus iuris civilis Iustinianei...studio et opera Joannis Fehi. 6 vols. 38cm. Lyon . Claude Landry. 1627CORPUS JURIS CIVILIS Z120/10-11 Corpus juris civilis. 2 vols. 20cm. Amsterdam. Elsevir. 1681CORRIE George Elwes (editor) . . . see LATIMER Hugh - Sermons and remains...(1844-45)CORRIE George Elwes (editor) . . . see NOWELL Alexander - A catechism...(1853)CORVINUS Antonius BB30 A postill or collection of moste godly doctrine upon every gospell through the yeare. 19cm. London. Reynold Wolfe. 1550 STC 5806.COSIN John J30 A collection of private devotions. 10th edn 15.5cm. London. Tho. Horne et al. 1719COSIN John G117 A scholastical history of the Canon of the Holy Scripture. 21cm. London. R. Norton for Timothy Garthwait. 1657 Wing C6361.COSIN John X203 Historia transubstantionis papalis. 18cm. London. Thomas Roycroft. 1675 Wing C6358.COSIN John U34-38 Works. 5 vols. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, vv.34-38). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1843-48COSIN Richard* L12 An apologie for sundrie proceedings by iurisdiction ecclesiasticall... 19cm. London. Deputies of Christopher Barker. 1593 STC 5821.COSSART Gabriel . . . see LABBE Philippe - Ad sacrosancta...apparatus (1672)COSSART Gabriel . . . see LABBE Philippe - Sacrosancta concilia...(1672)COSSET François AA12A Missa quatuor vocum ad imitationem moduli Eructavit cor meum. 40.5cm. Paris . Christopher Ballard. 1687 Bound with five other scores.COSSET François AA12C Missa quinque vocibus ad imitationem moduli Gaudeamus omnes. 3a ed.

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40.5cm. Paris . Christophe Ballard. 1686 Bound with: COSSET F - Missa...Eructavit..(1687).COSSET François AA12D Missa sex vocum ad imitationem moduli Super flumina Babilonis. 2a ed. 40.5cm. Paris . Christophe Ballard. 1673 Bound with: COSSET F - Missa---Eructavit..(1687).COSTE Peter . . . see MONTAIGNE Michel de - The essays...(1759).COTELER Jean-Baptiste (editor) Z55/16-17 SS Patrum qui temporibus apostolicis floruerunt...opera, vera et supposita...ed.altera...recensuit Joannes Clericus. 2 vols. 39cm. Amsterdam. Wetsten. 1724COTGRAVE Randle N20 A dictionarie of the French and English tongues. 29cm. London. Adam Islip. 1632 STC 5831.COTIN Charles F43 Traité de l'âme immortelle. 23cm. Paris . Antoine de Sommaville. 1655COTTERILL Thomas Z77X/5 An assize sermon...preached at Stafford, March 15, 1816. 21cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1816COTTON Bartholomew Z67/6 Historia Anglicana (A.D. 449-1298)...ed. H.R. Luard. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1859COTTON Charles Z27/37 The Saxon cathedral at Canterbury and the saints buried therein. 21cm. Manchester. Manchester University Press. 1929COTTON Henry UA31/6 Memoir of a French New Testament. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Bell and Daldy. 1863COTTON Sir Robert T56 Cottoni posthuma. 17cm. London. Francis Leach for Henry Seile. 1651 Wing C6485.COTTON, Vere E Y171. . . see LIVERPOOL CATHEDRALCOULTON George Gordon Z4/21 Medieval studies. (First series). 25cm. London. Simpkin Marshall. 1915COUNTESS OF HUNTINGDON'S CHAPELS Q12 A select collection of hymns universally sung in all the Countess of Huntingdon's chapels. 9x10½cm. London. W Smith. 1799COVEL John M84 Some account of the present Greek church. 33cm. Cambridge. Cornelius Crownfield. 1722COVENTRY'S First Cathedral Z11/33. Stamford. Paul Watkins. Edited by George Demidowicz.COVERDALE Myles U96-97 (Works). ed. G Pearson. 2 vols. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1844-46COVERDALE Myles UA17/12 Wiclieffes wicket faythfully overseene...ed. R.Potts. 22.5cm. London. J W Parker. 1851

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COWLEY Abraham T161 Poemata latina in quibus continentur sex libri plantorum. 18cm. London. T Roycroft for Jo.Martyn. 1668 Wing C6680.COWLEY Abraham T234 Select works. 2 vols (in 1). 19cm. London. T Cadell. 1772COWLEY Abraham S312 The works. 6th edn. 30cm. London. J.M. for Henry Herringman. 1680 Wing B6654. Lacks all after sig. Zzz1.COWPER Benjamin Harris J172 Syriac miscellanies. 22cm. London. Williams and Norgate. 1861COWPER William* and NEWTON John* Q105 Olney hymns, in three books. 15.5cm. London. W Oliver. 1779COX (COCUS) Robert C58 Censura quorundam scriptorum 18.5cm. London. William Barret. 1614 STC 5469COX Frances Elizabeth Q109 Sacred hymns from the German. 15cm. London. William Pickering. 1841COX James Charles Z99/15 Catalogue of the muniments and manuscript books pertaining to the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield. in MS. 32cm. . . (1881-83) MS of printed Catalogue (see K235).COX John Charles Z9/8(19) Benefactions of Thomas Heywood, Dean (1457-1492) to the Cathedral Church of Lichfield. 30cm. Westminster. Society of Antiquaries. 1891 Offprint from Archaeologia, vol LII.COX John Charles K231-234 Notes on the churches of Derbyshire. 4 vols. 22.5cm. Chesterfield. Palmer and Edmunds. 1875-79COX John Charles Z81/52 On some popular archaeological errors and fictions. 19cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (1895) Reprint from the Antiquary, 1895.COX John Charles and HARVEY Alfred Z4/17 English church furniture. 21.5cm. London. Methuen. 1907COX John Charles and HARVEY Alfred Z19/16 English church furniture. 22cm. London. Methuen. 1907COX John Charles and HOPE Sir William Henry St John Z105/28 Sacrist's roll of Lichfield Cathedral AD 1345 (reprinted from Transactions of William Salt Society). 21cm. (Stafford). (William Salt Society). (1886)COX John Edmund (editor) J16. . . see JAMES Thomas - Bellum papale...(1840)COX John Edmund (editor) J149. . . see JAMES Thomas - A treatise of corruptions...(1843)

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COX John Edmund (editor) . . . see CRANMER Thomas - Writings...(1844-46) COX Thomas Z81/25 Staffordshire. (extract from his Magna Britannia). 22.5cm. (London). (Caesar Ward & Richard Chandler). 1738COXE William J24 Office for the visitation of the sick. 2nd edn 16cm. London. John W. Parker. 1836CRACKANTHORP Richard Z120/1 Logicae libri quinque. 3rd edn. 21cm. Oxford. L Lichfield. 1670 Wing C6740.CRADOCK Zachary UA26/1 Two sermons first preach'd before King Charles II... 18cm. London. W and T Payne. 1742CRAGIUS Nicolas X154 De republica Lacedaemoriorum libri IV. 15cm. Leiden. Johann à Gelder. 1670CRAKANTHORP Richard U39 Defensio ecclesiae Anglicanae. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, v.39). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1847CRAMER Andreas Wilhelm (editor)* UA18/10 Ars consentii V.C. de barbarismis et metaplasmis. 22cm. Berlin. Dummler. 1817CRAMP John Mockett J234 A text-book of Popery. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Houlston and Stoneman. 1841CRANAGE David Herbert Somerset K238-286 An architectural account of the churches of Shropshire; illustrated...from photographs by Martin J. Harding, with ground plans...by W. Arthur Webb. 2 vols (in 4). 28cm. Wellington. Hobson & Co. 1901-1912 Another set (in 2 vols only) Z118/18-19 Another set (in 10 original parts) YA/59-68CRANAGE David Herbert Somerset (editor) Y169 Thirteen hundredth anniversary of the diocese of East Anglia. 25cm. Norwich. Jarrold and Sons. 1930CRANMER Thomas H157 A defence of the true and Catholick doctrine of the Sacrament...edited by Henry John Todd. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1825CRANMER Thomas I44 Cranmer's liturgical projects...edited by J. Wickham Legg. (HBS 50) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1915CRANMER Thomas U188-89 Writings and disputations, ed. J E Cox. 2 vols. (Parker Society). 26.5cm. Cambridge]. Cambridge University Press. 1844-46CRANMER Thomas* Z120/16 Reformatio legum ecclesiasticorum ex authoritate primum Regis Henrici 8 inchoata. 19cm. London. T.H. and R.H. for Daniel Fiere. 1640 STC 6008.CRANWELL Edward Ka76 An index of such English books printed before the year MDC as are now in the library of Trinity College, Cambridge. 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1847

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CRAVEN Elizabeth, Lady R109 A journey through the Crimea to Constantinople. 27.5cm. London. G G J and J Robinson. 1789CRAWFORD Alan Z11/19 C R Ashbee. 27cm. New Haven and London. Yale University Press. 1985CRAWFORD William Saunders Q276 Synesius the Hellene. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1901CREECH Thomas . . . see LUCRETIUS CARUS Titus - De rerum natura...(1818)CREIGHTON Louise Z49/18 G A Selwyn, D.D.: Bishop of New Zealand and Lichfield. 18cm. London. Longmans. 1923CREIGHTON Louise Z49/22-23 Life and letters of Mandell Creighton. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Longmans. 1905CREIGHTON Louise (editor) . . . see CREIGHTON Mandell - The church...(1901).CREIGHTON Mandell Z26/8-12 A history of the papacy during the period of the Reformation. 5 vols. 22cm. London. Longmans . 1882-91CREIGHTON Mandell Z33/13 The church and the nation...ed. Louise Creighton. 19cm. London. Longmans . 1901CREIGHTON, M VX10-14 A History of the Papacy. 22.5cm. London. Longmans, Green & Co. 1882CRELL Samuel . . . see ARTEMONIUS Lucas MellierusCRESSWELL Beatrix Feodore Q239 The Edwardian inventories for the city and county of Exeter. (Alcuin Club: Collections 20). 27.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1916CRESSWELL David J8 The Psalms of David. 19cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1843CRESSY Hugh Paulin de L100 The church-history of Brittany. 37cm. [Rouen]. [(n.p.)]. 1668 Wing C6890CRESSY Hugh-Paulin X25 Exomolegesis, or a faithfull narration of the conversion unto Catholique unity... 15cm. Paris . (n.p.). 1647 Wing C6894.CRÉVECOEUR Michel Guillaume de* W15 Letters from an American farmer. 21cm. London. T Davies and Lockyer Davis. 1782 Published under pseudonym of J Hector St John.CRISP Tobias J107 Christ alone exalted. Vol. III (only) 14cm. London. M.S. for Henry Overton. 1646 Wing C6959.

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CRISPIN Jean* N34 Lexicon graeco-latinum nunc recens nesti tutum et auctum. 23.5cm. Geneva. Jean Vignon. 1615CRITICI SACRI . . . see [PEARSON John] - Critici sacri...(1660)CRITICI SACRI C117-118 Criticicorum sacrorum, sive lectissimarum in Sacro-sancta Biblia utrius foederisque annotationum...theologico-philologicorum supplementum. 2 vols. 37.5cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Joannes Philippus Andreas. 1700-1701CRITICUS . . . see (ORME William) - Memoir...(1830).CROCKFORD Z99/20A Crockford's clerical directory. 25cm. London. Crockford. 1911-- In progress: defective, vols only 1911, 1915, 1951/52, 1971/72, 1975/76, 1985/86.CROFT George Z105/17 Eight sermons. (Bampton Lectures 1786). 21cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1786CROFT Herbert J273B An unfinished letter to the Right Honourable William Pitt... 19cm. London. "neither finished nor published". 1788 Bound with: BAKER R - Remarks...(1779)CROFT Herbert J84 Some animadversions upon a book intituled the Theory of the earth. 17cm. London. Charles Harper. 1685 Wing C6979.CROIUS Joannes G8 Sacrarum et historicarum in Novum Foedus observationum. Pars prior. 21cm. Geneva. Pierre Chouët. 1645CROKE Sir Alexander S229 An essay on the origin, progress and decline of rhyming Latin verse. 20.5cm. Oxford. D A Talboys. 1828CROKE Sir Alexander (editor) S153 Regimen sanitatis Salernitatum: a poem. 19cm. Oxford. D A Talboys. 1830CROKER John Wilson V295 Essays on the early period of the French revolution. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1857CROLY George UA26/7 The Reformation a direct gift of divine providence. 22cm. London. Hatchard et al.. 1839CROMBIE Alexander H165-166 Natural theology. 2 vols. 22cm. London. R. Hunter and T. Hookham. 1829CROMPTON William Henry Z115/32 Illustrated plan of Lichfield. 26cm. Lichfield. Eggington. 1862CROSS F L (translator) H301 Synopsis of the first three Gospels/ by Albert HUCK. English edition by F L Cross. 25cm. Oxford. Blackwell. 1957CROSSLEY Frederick H Z86/12 English church monuments, A.D.1150-1550. 25cm. London. Batsford. 1921

CROSSLEY Frederick Herbert

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. . . see HOWARD Frank E and CROSSLEY Frederick Herbert - English church woodwork.(1917).CROSTHWAITE Charles V273 Synchronology. 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1839CROSTHWAITE John Clarke J86-87 Modern hagiology. 2 vols. 17cm. London. Jo. W. Parker. 1846CROUCH Nathaniel* W25 Winter evening entertainments: or curious amusements. 20cm. London. J Rowland and T Wright. 1741CROWE Eyre Evans V333-335 France. (Cabinet Cyclopaedia: History) 3 vols. 17.5cm. London. Longman. 1830-31CROWE William W27 A treatise on English versification. 17.5cm. London. J Murray. 1827CROXDEN XA23 Croxden parish register...also Bradley-in-the-Moors parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1912CRUDEN Alexander G198 A complete concordance to the Old and New Testament 26.5cm. London. James Dinnis. 1833CRUTTWELL C C1 A concordance of parallels. 29cm. . [n.p] Printed for the author. 1790CUCHUS Antonius X40 Institutionum iuris canonici libri quatuor. 12.5cm. Lyon . Guillaume Rouilli. 1565CUDWORTH Ralph J263 A treatise concerning eternal and immutable morality. 19.5cm. London. J. and J. Knapton. 1731CUDWORTH Ralph E94 & E119 The true intellectual system of the Universe. 2 copies 31cm. London. for Richard Royston. 1678 Wing C7471.CUFFE Henry X50 The differences of the ages of a man's life. 14cm. London. B.A. and T.F. for Lawrence Chapman. 1633 STC 6104.CUMBERLAND Richard . . . see ARISTOPHANES - The Clouds...(1797)CUMBERLAND Richard T73 The observer, being a collection of moral, literary and familiar essays. 2 vols (in 1). 16cm. London. Lackington and Co.. 1817 An 'edited' collection, put together by cutting up the volumes and striking out unwanted passages of The Observer before binding up.CURCELLAEUS Stephanus F88 Opera theologica. 30cm. Amsterdam. Daniel Elsevier. 1675CURETON William J329 Vindiciae Ignatianae. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1846

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CURETON William UA18/3 Vindiciae Ignatianae. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1846CURSORY UA39/19 A cursory examination of Dr Johnson's strictures on the lyric performances of Gray. 22cm. London. S Crowder. 1781CURTEIS George Herbert Z49/15-16 Bishop Selwyn of New Zealand and Lichfield. 2 copies. 19cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1889CURTEIS George Herbert Z44/13 Dissent in its relation to the Church of England. (Bampton Lectures 1871). 22cm. London. Macmillan. 1872CURTEIS George Herbert Z42/3 The scientific obstacles to Christian belief. (Boyle Lectures, 1884). 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1885CURTEIS Mrs George Herbert Z43/33 In memoriam: a sketch of the life of...George Augustus Selwyn. 18cm. Newcastle (Staffs.). C Hickson. (1878)CURTIUS Cornelius X29 De clavis dominicis liber. 14cm. Antwerp. Andreas Frisius. 1670CURTIUS RUFUS Quintus . . . see VALERIUS Julius - (Res gestae...(1819))CURTIUS RUFUS Quintus P269-70 G. Curtius Rufus ad codices Parisinos recensibus...addidit N E Lemaire. 2 vols. 22.5cm. Paris . Nicolas Elie Lemaire. 1822-23CURTIUS RUFUS, Quintus O16 Historia Alexandri Magni. 18.5cm. Amsterdam. Elsevier. 1664CUTTELL Colin Z43/28 Philip Carrington, pastor, prophet and poet. 21cm. Toronto. Anglican Book Centre. 1988CUTTS Edward Lewes Z24/18 Turning points in general church history. 18cm. London. SPCK. 1886CUTTS Edward Lewes Z24/19 Turning points of English church history. 18cm. London. SPCK. 1887CYPRIAN MS103 Epistles of (in English).. . . CYPRIAN St Z131/7 The genuine works...done into English...by N Marshall. 37cm. London. W Bowyer for W Taylor. 1717CYPRIAN St, of Carthage Q91 Tracts of St. Cyprian, in two parts. 21.5cm. Leeds. Hernaman and Perring. 1832CYPRIAN St. Z48/4 Opera...studio et labore Stephani Baluzii...post Baluzium...adornavit unus ex monachis Congregationis S.Mauri. 43.5cm. Paris . Typographia Regia. 1726CYPRIAN St., Bishop of Carthage K80 Epistles...and The Council of Carthage on the baptism of heretics (Library of the Fathers, vol.III, pt.II). 22.5cm. Oxford. J.H. Parker. 1844

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CYPRIAN St., Bishop of Carthage K79 The treatises (Library of the Fathers, Vol.III, pt.II). 22.5cm. Oxford. J.H. Parker. 1846CYPRIANUS Ernestus Salomonis UA26/14 Dissertationum ecclesiasticarum pentas. 19cm. Jena . Bielck. 1704CYRIL St, of Alexandria Q85 The three epistles...edited by P E Pusey. 22cm. Oxford. J Parker. 1872CYRIL St., Archbishop of Jerusalem K78 Catechetical lectures. (Library of the Fathers, vol.II, pt.II). 22.5cm. Oxford. J.H. Parker. 1845CYRIl St., of Jerusalem Z48/5 Opera quae extant omnia...cura et studio...Antonii-Augustini Touttée. 42cm. Paris . Jacques Vincent. 1720D'AVENANT Sir William S236 Gondibert: an herrick poem. 21.5cm. London. T Newcomb for John Holden. 1651 Wing D326.D'AVITY Pierre* R138 Les estats, empires et principautez du monde (par le Sieur D.T.V.Y., i.e. Pierre D'Avity). Nouvelle édn. 33cm. Paris . Mathurin Herault et al.. 1630D'HELFER Charles AA12B Missa quatuor vocum ad imitationem moduli Laetatus sum. 2a ed. 40.5cm. Paris. Christophe Ballard. 1688 Bound with: COSSET F - Missa...Eructavit..(1687).D'HELFER Charles AA12F Missa sex vocum ad imitationem moduli In aeternum cantabo. 40.5cm. Paris . Robert Ballard. 1658 Bound with: COSSET F - Missa...Eructavit..(1687).D'ISRAELI Isaac VX.15 Curiosities of Literature. 18cm. London. George Routledge & Sons. 1848D'OYLY George J225 Letters to the Right Honourable Sir William Drummond. 22.5cm. London. W. Bulmer. 1812D'OYLY George J226 Remarks on Sir William Drummond's Oedipus Judaicus. 22cm. London. W. Bulmer. 1813D'OYLY Robert J193 Four dissertations. 2nd edn. 19.5cm. London. Robert Gosling. 1729DAHLMANN Friedrich Christoph K82 The life of Herodotus. 19.5cm. London. J.W. Parker. 1845DAILLE Jean X97 De la créance des pères sur le fait des images. 16cm. Geneva. Jean de Tournes. 1641DAILLÉ Jean F49 De usu patrum ad ea definienda religionis capita quae sunt hodie controversa. 22.5cm. Geneva. Pierre Chouët. 1656DAILLE Jean X195 & X196 Sermons - de la Naissance, de la Mort, Résurrection et Ascension de notre Seigneur. 2 copies 17cm. Charenton. Samuel Perier. 1651

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DAILLE Jean X194 Sermons sur l'Epistre de l'Apôtre Paul aux Colossiens. Première partie (only). 16cm. Charenton. Louis Vendosure. 1648DAILLE Jean X198 Vint sermons prononcés à Charenton sur certains jours et certains temps de l'année. 16.5cm. Geneva. Pierre Chouët. 1657DAILLE Jean X197 Vint sermons sur divers textes d'Écriture. 16cm. Geneva. Pierre Chouët. 1653DALBY William H290F A defence of some passages in Dr. Copleston's Enquiry... 21cm. Oxford. W. Barker. 1822 Bound with: WHATELEY R - The right method...(1822)DALBY William UA13/19 A sermon on Titus II, 6. 23cm. Oxford. W Baxter. 1831DALDIANUS Artemidorus P70 De somniorum interpretatione...Jano Cornario...latina lingua conscripti. 16.5cm. Basel . Froben. 1544DALE R W Z3/12 The epistle to the Ephesians: its doctrine and ethics. 3rd edn. 20cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1887DALLAEUS Johannes J317 De duobus Latinorum ex unctione sacramentis...disputatio. 22cm. Geneva. J.A. and S.de Tournes. 1659DALLINGTON Sir Robert (arranger) . . . see GUICCIARDINI Francisco - Aphorismes...(1613).DALRYMPLE Alexander S222 A collection of English songs. 18cm. London. W Bennett. 1796DALRYMPLE David, Lord Hailes* K40 Disquisitions concerning the antiquities of the Christian church. 15.5cm. Glasgow. Andrew Foulis. 1783 Gaskell 656.DALRYMPLE Sir David, Lord Hailes* X103 Account of the martyrs at Smyrna and Lyons in the second century. 15.5cm. Edinburgh. A Murray and J Cochran. 1776DALRYMPLE Sir David, Lord Hailes J91 Inquiry into the secondary causes which Mr. Gibbon has assigned for the rapid growth of Christianity. 2nd edn. 16.5cm. Edinburgh. J. Ritchie. 1808DALRYMPLE Sir David, Lord Hailes* X132 Remains of Christian antiquity. 16cm. Edinburgh. A Murray and J Cochran. 1780DALTON John Neale (editor) I35-36 Ordinale Exon...edited by J.N. Dalton. 2 vols. (HBS 37,38) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1909DAMASUS St. I152 Opuscula et gesta. 30.5cm. Rome. Angelo Rottilo. 1754DANIEL Evan Z20/18 The prayer-book: its history, language and contents. 12th edn. 18cm. London. Well, Gardner, Dalton. (n.d.)DANIEL Hermana Adalbert Q31 Thesaurus hymnologicus. 22cm. Hallen. Eduard Anton. 1841

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DANIEL Samuel V99 The collection of the history of England. (Revised edn). 29cm. London. Thomas Cotes for Simon Waterson. 1634 STC 6252.DANIEL-THYSSEN Amherst K208 The church bells of Sussex. 22.5cm. Lewes. G.P. Bacon. 1864DANNEAU Lambert X210 Traité de l'Antechrist. 17cm. Geneva. Eustace Vignon. 1577DANSEY William J144-147 Horae decanicae rurales. 2 vols. 21cm. London. Bohn et al. 1835 Another copy, 2 vols, 2nd edition, 21cm, published London: Rivington 1844DANTE ALIGHERI Z43/21 La divina commedia; testo critico...rifatto da Giuseppe Vandelli. 17.5cm . Milan . Hoepli. 1946DANTE ALIGHIERI Z43/7 The Purgatorio and Paradiso...translated...by C Potter. 18cm. London. Digby, Long. 1904DANTE ALIGHIERI S327 The vision, or Hell, Purgatory and Paradise...translated by...H F Cary. New edn. 24cm. London. William Smith. 1844DARLING James Z15/1 Cyclopaedia bibliographica: a library manual of theological and general literature. 26cm. London. James Darling. 1854DARWIN Erasmus Z43/16 The essential writings...chosen and edited...by Desmond King-Hele. 22cm. London. MacGibbon and Kee. 1968DARWIN Erasmus Z43/19 The letters...ed. D King-Hele. 23cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1981DARWIN Erasmus Z54/13-16 Zoonomia; or, the laws of organic life. 4 vols. 3rd edn. 22cm. London. for J Johnson. 1801DARWIN Erasmus* Z54/17-18 The botanic garden, a poem. 2 vols. 4th edn. 22cm. London. for J Johnson. 1799DARWIN Erasmus* Z110/14 The botanic garden. 2 vols (in 1). 27cm. London. J Johnson. 1790-91 Vol II, 2nd edn, 1790 by J Nichols. Vol I, no edn statement, 1891.DASENT Sir George Webbe . . . see SNORRI Sturluson - The Prose...Edda...(1842)DAUBENY Charles J305-306 A guide to the church. 2 vols. 3rd edn. 23.5cm. London. Rivington. 1830DAUBENY Charles UA20/10 Reasons for supporting the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge in preference to the New Bible Society. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1812DAUBENY Charles UA20/5 Remarks on a bill for the better regulating and preserving parish and other registers. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1811

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DAUBENY Charles J249 Vindiciae Ecclesiae Anglicanae. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1803DAVENANT John F13 Determinationes quaestionum quarundam theologicorum. 28.5cm. Cambridge. T.& J. Buck & R. Daniel. 1634 STC 6294DAVIDSON Allan K Z45/22 Selwyn's legacy: the College of St John the Evangelist, Te Waimate and Auckland. 25cm. N Z:Auckland. College of St John. 1993DAVIDSON Benjamin* Z16/16 The analytical Hebrew and Chaldee Lexicon. 24cm. London. Samuel Bagster. 1848DAVIDSON Randall Thomas (editor) . . . see LAMBETH CONFERENCE - The Lambeth Conferences...(1896-1988).DAVIES George Collis Boardman Z51/34 The first Evangelical bishop. 22cm. London. Tyndale Press. 1958DAVIES John Llewellyn Z32/10A Faith aided by difficulties of belief. 21cm. London. H Sotheran. 1889 Bound with one other item.DAVIES John Llewellyn Z32/10B Words of farewell. 21cm. London. J Martin and Sons. 1889 Bound with:DAVIES J L - Faith aided by difficulties...(1889).DAVIES Sir John J278B England's independency upon the Papal power. 19cm. London. E. Flesher et al. 1674 Wing D397. Bound with: The best fence against Popery...(1686)DAVIES Wendy Z114/22 Wales in the early Middle Ages. 24cm. Leicester. Leicester University Press. 1982DAVILA Henrico Caterino V10 Historia delle guerre civili di Francia. Ultima impressione corretta dell'istesso autore. 23.5cm. Lyon . (n.p.). 1641DAVIS ?* UA8/3 An explanation and vindication of the rubricks before the new office for the eleventh day of June. 20.5cm. Oxford . for S Wilmot. 1731DAVIS Henry Edwards X230 An examination of the fifteenth and sixteenth chapters of Mr Gibbon's History. 19.5cm. London. J Dodsley. 1778DAVIS William W20 A journey round the library of a bibliomaniac. 19.5cm. London. W Davis. 1821DAVISON Francis S230-31 The poetical rhapsody. 2 vols. 20cm. London. William Pickering. 1826DAVISON John G122 Discourses on prophecy. 2nd edn. 21cm. London. John Murray. 1825DAVISON John G210 Discourses on prophecy. 6th edn. 22cm. Oxford. Parker . 1856

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DAVISON Sandra Z10/19 Lichfield Cathedral: conservator's report on fourteenth century library tiled floor. 30cm. Thame . Sandra Davison. 1992DAVITT Pierre R117 Description générale de l'Afrique. 33.5cm. Paris . Claude Sonnius. 1637DAVITT Pierre R118 Description générale de l'Europe. 34cm. Paris . Claude Sonnius. 1637DAWES Richard P222 Miscellanea critica...Ed. secunda. 22cm. London. Deighton and Whittaker. 1827DAWSON Edwin Collas Z49/21 James Harrington...first Bishop of Eastern Equatorial Africa. 20cm. London. Seeley. 1887DAWSON William Francis Z81/3 Christmas, its origin and associations. 23.5cm. London. Elliot, Stock. 1902 Contains elaborate donation inscription by author.DAY Maurice K178 A catalogue of the printed books in the Worcester Cathedral Library. 21cm. Oxford. E. Baxter. 1880DAY Maurice Z116/11 A catalogue of the printed books in the Worcester Cathedral library. 22cm. Oxford. E Baxter. 1880DE MILLE George Z11/17 Pioneer cathedral: a brief history of the Cathedral of All Saints, Albany. 21.5cm. (N.Y.:Albany). (Dean and Chapter). 1967DE MORGAN Augustus Z119/4 The book of almanacs. 13cm. London. Taylor, Walton and Maberly. 1851DE QUINCEY Thomas* T173 Confessions of an English opium-eater. New edn. 17.5cm. London. John James Tallent. 1853DE SAULCY F K11-12 Narrative of a journey round the Dead Sea and in the Bible lands. New edn. 2 vols. 22cm. London. R. Bentley. 1854DEALTRY William H273 Primitive tradition recognised in Holy scripture. 3rd edn....by John Keble. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1837DEARDEN Henry Woodhouse Z43/6 Modern Romanism examined. 2nd edn. 18cm. London. J Nisbet. 1899DEARMER Percy . . . see GOUDE Ghent van der - De boeken...(1903)DEARMER Percy Q230 Fifty pictures of Gothic altars. (Alain Club: Collections 10). 27.5cm. London. Longmans. 1910DEAVILLE Malcolm* Z114/26 The parish of St Philip's, Penn Fields, its church and people 1859-1981. 21cm. (Penn Fields). (n.p.). 1981DECK Norris* J25 The Calendar of the Anglican Church illustrated. 17cm. Oxford and London. J.H. Parker. 1851

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DECRETUM GRATIANI L97-99 Decretum Gratiani emendatum et notationihbus illustratum...editio ultima. 3 vols. 37cm. Lyons. Jean Pilehotte. 1613DEE John Z61X/15 A true and faithful relation of what passed...between Dr John Dee....and some spirits. 32.5cm. London. D Maxwell for T Garthwait. 1659 Wing D811.DEEDES Cecil Z81/2 Report on the muniments of the bishopric of Winchester. 21cm. Winchester. Warren and Sons. 1912DEGGE Sir Simon . . . see ERDESWICKE Sampson - A survey...(1723).DELANY Patrick* K114-115 An historical account of the life and reign of David, King of Israel.... 2 vols. 3rd edn. 20cm. London. J. Osborn. 1745DELITZSCH Franz Q290 Commentar über den Psalter. 2 Theil (only). 23.5cm. Leipzig. Dörffling und Franke. 1860DEMOSTHENES . . . see AESCHINUS - Ho Kata Ktesiphontos...(1820)DEMOSTHENES P172-77 Demosthenes ex recensione Guilielmi Dindorfii. 7 vols. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1846-49 Lacks Vol II.DEMOSTHENES Z93/11-15 Quae supersunt opera. 5 vols. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica: Prose, vol 34-38). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1821-22DEMOSTHENES P178 The orations...translated by Thomas Leland. 22.5cm. London. Baynes. 1825DEMOSTHENES P37 Translation of select speeches...by Charles Rann Kennedy. 19.5cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1841DEMPSTER Thomas R6 Antiquitatum Romanarum corpus absolutissimus. Ed. nova. 23.5cm. Geneva. Pierre and Jacques Chouët. 1620DENHAM Sir John J122 A version of the Psalms of David fitted to the tunes used in churches. 21cm. London. J. Bowyer (et al). 1714DENIS Valentin . . . see EYCK Jan van - The adoration...(1964)DENISON Edward Beckett Z52/23 The life of John Lonsdale, Bishop of Lichfield. 18cm. London. J Murray. 1868 Xerox copy, 21 x 30cm.DENNEY Edward and LACEY Thomas Alexander Q215 De hierarchia anglicana dissertatio apologetica. 22cm. London. C J Clay. 1895DENNY Sir Edward Q104 Hymns and poems. 15cm. London. J Nisbet. 1848

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DERBYSHIRE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY Z77/1-23 Journal, 1879-1902, vols.I-XXII, XXIV. 23 vols. 22cm. Derby . Bemrose. 1879-1902DERING Sir Edward UA15/1 A most worthy speech...spoken in Parliament... 18cm. London. for J.W.. 1642 Wing D1113.DES MAIZEAUX Pierre K116 An historical and critical account of the life and writings of Wm. Chillingsworth. 20cm. London. T. Woodward. 1725DESCARTES René Z120/22 Opera philosophica. Ed.4a. 20cm. amsterdam. Elzevir. 1663DEWICK Edward Samuel I4. . . see PROCTER Francis and DEWICK Edward Samuel - The Martiloge...(1893)DEWICK Edward Samuel I102 Facsimiles of Horae de Beata Mario Virgine. (HBS 21) 32cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1902DEWICK Edward Samuel I101 The coronation book of Charles V of France (HBS 16) 32cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1899DEWICK Edward Samuel (editor) I104-105. . . see LEOFRIC - The Leofric collector...(1914-21)DIANA Antonino L76-81 Resolutiones morales. 12 parts (in 6 vols). 31cm. Venice. Giunta and Bada. 1647-56DIBDIN Thomas Frognall P54 An introduction to the knowledge of rare and valuable editions of the Greek and Roman classics. 18.5cm. Gloucester. H Ruff. 1802DIBDIN Thomas Frognall S281 The bibliomania; or, book-madness. 22cm. London. Longman. 1809DICKINSON Francis Henry (editor) Q224 Missale ad usum insignis et praeclarae ecclesiae Sarum 24cm. Burntisland. e Prelo de Pitsligo. 1861-83DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY Y1-70H Dictionary of National Biography, ed. Leslie Stephen et al. 63 vols plus supplements 1901-70. 23.5cm. London. Smith, Elder (London:OUP). 1885-1981 Supplements added as published.DIDACHE . . . see SPENCE Henry Donald Morris (ed.) - The teaching...(1885)DIDACHE Z42/31 The teaching of the twelve apostles: a translation...by Canon Spence. 2nd edn. 18cm. London. J Nisbet. 1888DIDACHE Z128/9 The teaching of the twelve apostles...ed. H de Romestin. 2nd edn. 16cm. Oxford. Parker. 1885DIETELMAIR Johann Augustin D53 Historia dogmatis de descensu Christi ad inferos literaria. 2nd edn. 19cm. Altdorf. Lorenz Schupfel. 1762DIGBY Sir Kenelm Z121/6 Two treatises; in the one of which the nature of bodies, in the other, the nature of man's soul.

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18cm. London. John Williams. 1658 Wing D1450.DIGGES Sir Dudley Z118/14 The compleat ambassador. 32cm. London. Thomas Newcomb for Gabriel Bedell and T Collins. 1655 Wing D1453.DIMOCK James Francis (editor) . . . see HUGH St, of Lincoln - Magna vita...(1864).DIMOCK James Francis (editor) . . . see GIRALDUS Cambrensis - Opera...(1861-77).DINDORF Wilhelm O106 Poetae scenici Graeci. 26cm. London. Black, Young and Young. 1830DINDORFF Wilhelm . . . see AESCHYLUS - Tragoediae...(1851)DINDORFF Wilhelm . . . see DEMOSTHENES - Demosthenes ex recensione...(1846-49)DINDORFF Wilhelm . . . see ARISTOPHANES - Comoediae...(1822-37)DINDORFF Wilhelm P180 Scholia graeca in Aeschinem et Isocratem. 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1852DIO CASSIUS P250-258 Dionis Cassii Cocceiani historarum romanarum quae supersunt...adiecit Fridericus Gulielmus Sturzius. 9 vols. 22cm. Leipzig. Kühn. 1824-36DIO NICAEUS O110 Rerum Romanarum...epitome authore Joanne Xiphilino. 25cm. Paris. Robertus Stephanus. 1551DIODATI Giovanni C15 Pious annotations upon the Holy Bible. 3rd edn 28cm. London. for Nicholas Fussell. 1651 Wing D1507DIOGENES LAERTIUS O100-101 De vitis, dogmatibus et apophthegmatibus clarorum philosophorum libri X...emendavit Marcus Meibomius. 2 vols. 26cm. Amsterdam. Wetsten. 1692DIONYSIUS Areopagita D94-95 Opera. 2 vols 36cm. Amsterdam. ex Officina Plantiniana, Balthasar Moretus. 1634DIONYSIUS Carthusianus D101-126 Doctoris ecstatici...opera omnia...cura et labore monachorum Sacri Ordinis Cartusiensis...vol.1-14, 14 bis,15-42. 43 vols (in 26) 27cm. Montreuil and Tournai. Typis Cartusianis. 1896-1913 Note:vv.21-24 misnumbered on vol.label 3-4,5-6.DIONYSIUS of Halicarnassus O133-134 Libri quotquot supersunt. 2 vols. 37cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1704DIONYSIUS of Halicarnassus I153 [Antiquitates Romanae] 30.5cm. Reggio Emilia. Franciscus de Mazalis. 1498 GKW 8424.

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Hain* 6240. First leaf damaged at top, last leaf at bottom.DIRECTORIUM SACERDOTUM I18-19 Ordinale Sarum sive Directorium Sacerdotum,.... transcribed by...William Cooke...edited by C. Wordsworth. 2 vols. (HBS 20, 22) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1901-1902DISCOURSE UA17/8 A discourse shewing the beneficial effects of the established religious worship of England. 22cm. Norwich. J and C Berry. 1783DISNEY John UA9/13A Reasons for resigning the Rectory of Panton and Vicarage of Swinderby, in Lincolnshire, and quitting the Church of England. 22cm. London. J Johnson. 1782 Bound with one other pamphlet.DISRAELI Isaac T131 Curiosities of literature. 2nd edn. 20cm. London. Bentley. 1838DITTON Humphry E14 A discourse concerning the resurrection of Jesus Christ... 2nd edn 19cm. London. J Darby. 1714DIVES AND PAUPER Z4/13-14 Dives and Pauper, ed. Priscilla Heath Barnum. 2 vols. (EEB 275-280). 21.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1975-80DIVINE OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND J274L Some brief remarks on a late pamphlet...by a Divine of the Church of England. 19.5cm. London. Andrew Bell. 1714 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)DIVINE OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND J274M The equality of the Son and Holy Ghost with the Father...by a Divine of the Church of England. 19.5cm. London. W. Mears. 1714 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)DOANE George Washington UA30/7 The edification of the church for the salvation of souls. 23cm. N.J:Camden. Josiah Harrison. 1833DOANE George Washington UA15/14 The education of the church for the salvation of souls. 22.5cm. New Jersey:Camden. Josiah Harrison. 1833DOBREE Peter Paul P199-200 Adversaria...edente Jacobo Scholefield. 2 vols. 23.5cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1843DOBSON Austin . . . see HOLBEIN, Hans - The dance of death...(1892)DODD C H Z17/9 History and the Gospel. 20.5cm. London. Nisbett. 1938DODD William UA39/16 The prisoner released. 22cm. London. W Foden. (1772)DODDRIDGE Philip Z77X/14 Practical discourses on regeneration. New edn. 17cm. London. for W Baynes. 1805DODDRIDGE Philip G203 The family expositor, or a paraphrase and version of the New Testament. 26cm. London. Frederick Westley and A. H. Davis. 1831

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DODGSON Charles UA25/3 What do the wicked eat and drink in the Lord's supper? 18cm. Leeds . T Harrison. 1853DODINGTON George Bubb, Lord Melcombe Z113/15 The diary... New edn. by H P Wyndham. 20cm. Salisbury. E Easton. 1784DODSLEY Robert S261 Trifles. 20cm. London. (R Dodsley). 1745DODSLEY* S238 A select collection of old plays...vol 12 (only). 22.5cm. London. Septimus Prowett. 1827DODSON William Stephen P226-241 Oratores Attici...opera et studio...(16 vols) 22cm. London. J F Dove. 1828DODSWORTH Roger and DUGDALE Sir William R65-67 Monasticon Anglicanum. 3 vols. 33/34cm. London. Richard Hodgkinson, Alice Warren, Thomas Newcomb. 1655-73 Wing D2484, D2486, D2483.DODSWORTH William UA25/13 A letter to the Rev.E B Pusey D.D. 3rd edn. 21.5cm. London. Pickering. 1850DODWELL Edward* K272 (Views in Greece, drawn by S. Pomardi) 28cm. London. Rodwell and Martin. 1819DÖLLINGER Johann Joseph Ignaz um Z28/28-31 A history of the church. 4 vols. 22.5cm. London. C Dolman and T Jones. 1840-42DOMENICY Marc Antoine X272 De sudario capitis Christi. 22.5cm. Cahors. Andreas Rousmens. 1640DOMESDAY BOOK Z63X/13-17 (Liber censualis vocatus Domesday Book). 5 vols. 48, 45cm. London. (By Command of the King). 1811-16 Vol.I-II, type-facsimile of the MS. Vol II-IV, Indices. Vol V, Introduction.DOMINIS Marcus Antonius de F8 De republica ecclesiastica libri 4. 31cm. London. Officina Nortoniana. 1617 STC 6994DONALDSON John William . . . see PINDAR - Pindar's Epicinian odes...(1841)DONALDSON John William* J336 A vindication of Protestant principles by Phileleutherus Anglicanus. 22cm. London. J.W. Parker. 1847DONATISTS UA14/9 A short history of the Donatists. 21cm. London. T Cooper. 1741DONATUS Hyacinthus L44 Additionum ad practicam tomus quartus. 30cm. Naples. Novello de Bonis. 1661DONATUS Hyacinthus L43 Rerum regularium quadripartita praxis resolutoria. 2 vols. (in 1) 30cm. Naples. Giocomo Gaffaro. 1652DONGWORTH Richard M32D The necessity of reformation: an assize-sermon. 22cm. London. for Richard Sare. 1708 Bound with WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711)

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DONNE John E88 Fifty sermons. 32cm. London. James Flesher for M.F. (et al). 1649 Wing D1862DONNE John E87 LXXX sermons. 34cm. London. for Richard Royston and Richard Marriot. 1640 STC 7038DONNE William Bodham S35 Essays on the drama. 19cm. London. J W Parker. 1858DONNE William Bodham* UA36/3 (Review of) A memoir of the life and works of the late William Taylor of Norwich. 22cm. London. Richard and John E Taylor. 1844 Reprint from: British and Foreign Review, no.XXXIII.DÖRNER Isaak August Z35/18-19 History of Protestant theology, particularly in Germany. 2 vols. 22cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1871DORRINGTON Theophilus J269 A view of the principles of the Lutheran churches. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. John Wyat. 1714DORT, Synod of G9 The collegiat suffrage of the divines...in the Synod of Dort... 17cm. London. for Robert Milbourne. 1629 STC 7070. Imperfect: lacks all after p.168.DOUGHTY John X6 Analecta sacra: sive excursus philologici...pars posterior (only). 16cm. London. R.W., sumptibus Joannis Baker. 1660 Wing D1960.DOW Alexander V54 The history of Hindostan from the death of Akbar to the complete settlement of the Empire under Aureingzebe. 26cm. London. T Becket and P A de Houdt. 1772DOW Alexander V52-53 The history of Hindostan. 2 vols. 2nd edn. 26cm. London. T Becket and P A de Houdt. 1770DOWDEN John Z50/29 The bishops of Scotland. 22.5cm. Glasgow. MacLehose. 1912DOWLING John Coulter (editor) D48 Notitia scriptorum SS Patrum.... 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1839DOWLING John Goulter K77 An introduction to the critical study of ecclesiastical history. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1838DOWNAME George F19 A treatise of justification. 28cm. London. Felix Kyngston for Nicolas Bourne. 1633 STC 7121DOWNAME John* C70-71 Annotations upon all the books of the Old and New Testament... 35cm. London. John Legatt. 1651 Wing D2063DOWNES Henry M32J A sermon preach'd at Christ's Church, Dublin. 22cm. Dublin. Aaron Rhames. 1721 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711)

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DOWNES Samuel J194 Lives of the compilers..... . . see SPARROW Anthony - A rationale,...(1722)DOWNES Theophilus* E33D An examination of the arguments drawn...in Dr. Sherlock's Case of Allegiance. 20cm. London. [n.p]. 1691 Wing D2083. Bound with TURNER J - A brief vindication...(1702)DR. WILLIAMS'S LIBRARY Z116/6 Author catalogue of additions in the years 1900-1921. 22cm. Cambridge. Heffer. 1923DRAKE Samuel . . . see PARKER Matthew - De antiquitate Britanniae...(1729)DRAKE Samuel J79 Vino eucharistico aqua non necessario admiscenda. 17cm. London. Gul. et John. Innys. 1719DRANE Augusta Theodosia Z45/18 The history of St.Catherine of Siena and her companions. 22cm. London. Burns, Oates. 1880DRAYTON Michael S329 The battaile of Agincourt. 25cm. London. William Lee. 1627 STC 7190.DRELINCOURT Charles M37 Les consolations de l'âme fidèle contre les frayeurs de la mort. 20cm. Paris. Louis Vendosine. 1651DREPANUS Juniperus L119 De casibus reservatis sive de regularum praelatorum iure reservationis. 30cm. Venice. Torrini. 1652DREVES Guido Maria (editor) Q28 Lateinische Hymnendichter des Mittelalters. Zweite Folge. 22.5cm. Leipzig. O R Reisland. 1907 Lacks: Erste Folge.DREXEL Jeremias F106-109 Opera. (ed. Petrus de Vos). 4 vols 35cm. Lyons . Jean-Antoine Huguetam and Marc-Antoine Ravaud. 1658DRIVER Samuel Rolles . . . see BROWN Francis, DRIVER Samuel Rolles and BRIGGS Charles Augustus - A Hebrew and English lexicon...(1906).DRIVER Samuel Rolles Z4/8 A critical and exegetical commentary on Deuteronomy. 3rd edn. (I.C.C.). 20.5cm. Edinburgh. Clark. 1902DRIVER Samuel Rolles Z5/6 The book of Genesis with introduction and notes. (Westminster Commentaries) 2nd edn. 21cm. London. Methuen. 1904DRIVER, Auctioneers, of Whitehall Z111/3 Illustrated particulars, with plans, of the Tong Castle estate. (Auction catalogue). 44cm. London. J Davy. 1855DRUE Thomas* UA34/3 The life of the Dutches of Suffolke. 17cm. London. A Mathewes for Jasper Emery. 1631 STC 7242.

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DRUMMOND Henry Z128/5 Natural law and the spiritual world. 20th edn. 18cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1887DRUMMOND Henry Z42/26 Natural law in thes spiritual world. 14th edn. 19cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1884DRUMMOND MISSAL Q319 The ancient Irish missal in the possession of the Baroness Willoughby de Eresby...edited by...G H Forbes. 22.5cm. Burntisland. Pitsligo Press. 1882DRUMMOND William . . . see JONSON Benjamin - Notes...(1842).DRUMMOND William V57 The history of Scotland from the year 1423 until the year 1542. 27cm. London. Henry Hills. 1655 Wing D2196.DRURY Henry (editor) S66 Arundines Carni sive Musarum Cantabrigiensium lusus canori. Ed. quinta. 18cm . Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1860DRYDEN John S141 Fables ancient and modern. 19cm. London. J Tonson. 1713DU BOIS Edward UA5/3 The wreath. 19.5cm. London. T Bensley. 1799DU CANGE Charles du Fresne, Sieur . . . see FRESNE Charles du, Sieur du Cange - Historia...(1680).DU FRESNE Charles, Sieur de Cange . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 22,(1729).DU MOULIN Louis J81 The last words...being his retractation... 18.5cm. London. Richard Royston. 1680 Wing D2542.DU MOULIN Pierre . . . see MOULIN Pierre du - Nouvauté du papisme...(1627)DÜBNER Johann Friedrich P264 Scholia graeca in Aristophanum. 26.5cm. Paris . Didot. 1842DUCANGE Charles . . . see DUFRESNE Charles - Glossarium...(1733)DUCAS Michael . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 19,(1729).DUCATUS LANCASTRIAE Z126/2, 2A, 3 Ducatus Lancastriae:...calandarium Inquisitionum post mortem... 3 vols. 44cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1823-34DUCHESNE Louis Q295-96 Fastes épiscopaux de l'ancienne Gaule. Vols.1-2 (only). 25cm. Paris.. Albert Fontemoing. 1900-07 Vol.I, 2nd edn (1907)DUCHESNE Louis Q196 Histoire ancienne de l'église, tom.I (only). 4e édition. 22.5cm. Paris . A Fontemoing . 1908

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DUCHESNE Louis Q326 Origines du culte chrétien. 3ème édn. 22.5cm. Paris . Albert Fontemoing. 1903DUFRESNE Charles, Sieur du Cange . . . see CARPENTIER P - Glossarium novum...(1766).DUFRESNE Charles, Sieur du Cange N88-93 Glossaricum ad scriptores mediae et infirmae Latinitatis. 6 vols. Ed. nova 39cm. Paris. Charles Osmont. 1733DUGDALE Henry Geast K102 The life and character of Edmund Geste, S.T.P. 22.5cm. London. William Pickering. 1840DUGDALE Sir William R69 A short view of the late troubles in England. 30cm. Oxford. at the Theatre. 1681 Wing D2492+.DUGDALE Sir William R56-63 Monasticon Anglicanum...New edition...by J Caley, H Ellis and B Bandinel. 6 vols (in 8). 34cm. London. Longmans. 1817-30DUGDALE Sir William R68 The antiquities of Warwickshire. 33.5cm. London. Thomas Warren. 1656 Wing D2479.DUGDALE Sir William R64 The history of St.Paul's Cathedral in London... 35cm. London. G James for J Bowyer. 1716DUGDALE Sir William (co-author) . . . see DODSWORTH Roger and DUGDALE Sir William - Monasticon Anglicanum (1655-73).DUGDALE Stephen V45B The information of Stephen Dugdale, gent. 30cm. London. Assigns of John Bill, Thomas Newcomb and Henry Hills. 1680 Wing D2475. Bound with OATES T - A true narrative...(1679).DUMESNIL Jena Baptiste Gardin P153 Latin synonyms...translated...by J M Gosset. 2nd edn. 21cm. London. Whittaker. 1819DUNBAR Margaret Juliana Maria# K246 Art and nature under an Italian sky, by M.J.M.D. 21.5cm. Edinburgh. Thomas Constable. 1852DUNCAN John Shute* T126 Collections relative to systematic relief of the poor. 22cm. London. J Murray (printed Bath: R Cruttwell). 1815DUNLOP David Colin Q137 What is the English use (Prayer Book Revision Pamphlets 11). 19.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1923DUNLOP John T195 The history of fiction. 3rd edn. 23.5cm. London. Longmans. 1845DUNSTAN St. Z63/20 Memorials of Saint Dunstan, Archbishop of Canterbury,...ed. W.Stubbs. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1874DUNSTER Charles* J195D A letter to Granville Sharp, Esq., respecting his remarks on the two last petitions in the Lord's Prayer, by a Country Clergyman. 17cm. London. J. Nichols. 1807

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DUPLEIX Scipion V111-112 Historie romaine depuis la fondation de Rome. 2 vols. 34cm. Paris . Claude Sonnius. 1638DURAND Ursin (co-author) . . . see MARTENE Edmund and DURAND Ursin - Thesaurus...(1717)DURAND Ursin (co-author) . . . see MARTENE Edmond and DURAND Ursin - Veterum...(1724-33).DURANDUS Gulielmus X4 Rationale divinorum officiorum. 16cm. Antwerp. Vidua et haeres Joh.Stolii. 1570DURANTUS Joannes Stephanus X296 De ritibus ecclesiae catholicae libri tres. 17cm . Köln . Joannes Gymnicus . 1592DUREL John J47 A view of the government and publick worship of God in the reformed churches beyond the seas. 19cm. London. J.G. for R. Royston. 1662 Wing D2692.DUREL John J48 The liturgy of the Church of England. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. J.L. for Luke Meredith. 1688 Wing D2693.DURELL John C44 Sanctae ecclesiae Anglicanae adversus...schismaticorum criminationes vindiciae. 22.5cm. London. William Goodbid. 1669 Wing D2694DURHAM AND NORTHUMBERLAND Z134/8-11 Transactions of the Architectural and Archaeological Society of Durham and Northumberland, vols.1-4. 22cm. Sunderland. W H HIlls. 1870-96DUTENS L W2 Journal of travels made through the principal cities of Europe...translated...by John Highmore. 22cm. London. J Wallis. 1782DYCE Alexander (editor) . . . see COLLINS William - The poetical works...(1827)DYCE Alexander (editor) . . . see BENTLEY Richard - The works...(1836-38)DYCE William (editor) . . . see BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER - The order...(1843).DYER George V212-213 History of the University and Colleges of Cambridge. 2 vols. 20cm. London. Longman. 1814DYMOND Jonathan UA3/4 The church and the clergy. 21.5cm. London. E Couchman. 1834EADMER . . . see ANSELM St. - Opera...(1675).EAMES John (editor) . . . see KINGSMILL Sir William - The poems...(1981)

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EAMES John David Z8/5A Sir William Kingsmill (1613-1661) and his poetry. (Offprint from English Studies, 67, no 2). 30cm. Lisse. Swets and Zetlinger. 1986EASTERN ORTHODOX CHURCH . . . see HAPGOOD Isabel Florence - Service book...(1906).EASTLAKE Elizabeth, Lady . . . see JAMESON Anna Brownell - The history of Our Lord...(1864)EBRARD Johann Heinrich August Z13/23 Biblical commentary on the epistle to the Hebrews. 22.5cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1853 "In continuation of the work of Olshausen".ECCLESHALL XA24-25 Eccleshall parish register. 2 vols. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1907-10ECCLESIASTICUS, pseud. UA25/11 Notes upon the evidence taken before the Committee of the Ecclesiastical Commission...1862, by 'Ecclesiasticus'. 21.5cm. London. Ridgway. 1863ECCLESIOLOGICAL SOCIETY K267 Instrumenta ecclesiastica. 28cm. London. John van Voorst. [1847]ECCLESIOLOGICAL SOCIETY* K268 (Churches of Cambridgeshire). 25cm. [Cambridge]. [T. Stevenson]. [184-] Lacks t-p.ECCLESIOLOGIST Z18/3-29 The ecclesiologist, published by the Cambridge Camden Society, vols 1-29 (in 27). 21cm. Cambridge. Stevenson. 1843-68 Later vols published by Joseph Masters and Son of London.ECCLESTIASTICAL COMMISSIONERS UA8/6 The correspondence between the Ecclesiastical Commissioners and the Bishop of Ely. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1837ECHARD Laurence M66 A general ecclesiastical history...5th edn. 36cm. London. Jacob Tonson. 1719ECHARD Laurence V115-117 The history of England. 3 vols. 34cm. London. J Tonson. 1718ECTON John M11 Thesaurus rerum ecclesiasticarum. 26cm. London. D. Browne. 1742EDDA. Prose . . . see SNORRI Sturluson - The Prose...Edda...(1842)EDEN Charles Page (reviser) . . . see TAYLOR Jeremy - The whole works...(1864-65 repr).EDEN Robert (editor) . . . see PHILPOT John - The examinations...(1842)EDEN William, Baron Auckland* Z113/8 The principles of penal law. 3rd edn. 23cm. London. for B White. 1775

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EDERSHEIM Alfred Z14/8-9 The life and times of Jesus the Messiah. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. Longmans. 1884EDGEWORTH Maria T14 Helen. (Standard novels, no.LXXI) 17cm. London. R Bentley. 1838EDGEWORTH Maris T13, 15-17 Tales and novels, in 18 vols. (Vols.I, 8-10 only). 17cm. London. Baldwin and Cradock. 1832EDMUNDES Clement O99 Observations upon Caesar's Commentaries. (4th edn). 29cm. London. for Matthew Lownes. 1609EDWARDS Edward (editor) . . . see HYDE ABBEY - Liber...(1866).EDWARDS Edward James Justinian George . . . see LICHFIELD. Diocese - A map...(1878).EDWARDS John E54 A demonstration of the existence and providence of God. 2 vols (in 1) 19cm. London. J.D. for Jonathan Robinson. 1696 Wing E201EDWARDS John UA25/5 An apology for observing the Church's 'Order for Morning Prayer daily throughout the year'. 18.5cm. Todmorden. R Chambers. 1859EDWARDS John G25 Exercitations...in the writings of the Old and New Testaments. 19cm. London. Jonathan Robinson. 1702EDWARDS John J274H Some brief critical remarks on Dr. Clarke's last papers... 19.5cm. London. Ferdinando Burleigh. 1714 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)EDWARDS John E57 The preacher: a discourse. 2nd edn 19cm. London. for J Robinson (et al). 1705EDWARDS Norman K231 Medieval Tutbury. 25cm. [Lichfield]. [A.C. Lomax's Successors]. 1949EDWARDS Thomas T183 The canons of criticism, and glossary. 22cm. London. C Bathurst. 1765EDWARDS Thomas Charles Z13/6 A commentary on the first epistle to the Corinthians. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1885EELES Francis Carolus Q236 Traditional ceremonial and customs connected with the Scottish liturgy. (Alcuin Club: Collections 17). 27.5cm. London. Longmans. 1910EELES Francis Carolus (editor) Q228 Pontifical services III. (Alcuin Club: Collections 8). 27.5cm. London. Longmans. 1907EELES Francis Carolus (editor) Q226 The Edwardian inventories for Bedfordshire. (Alcuin Club: Collections 6). 27.5cm. London. Longmans. 1903EELES Francis Carolus (editor) Q229 The Edwardian inventories for Buckinghamshire. (Alcuin Club: Collections 9). 27.5cm. London. Longmans. 1908

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EGERTON Francis Henry . . . see EURIPIDES - Hippolytos...(1796)EICHORN Johann Gottfried Z1/9 Introduction to the study of the Old Testament. 19cm. London. (Spottiswoode) for Private Circulation. 1888EIKON BASILIKE G191C Eikon Basilike, vel imago regis Caroli 12.5cm. Hague . Typsis E.E., Impensis J. Williams. 1649 Madan 43.ELCI, Count* T227 The present state of the court of Rome. 19.5cm. London. Printed and sold by the Booksellers. 1706ELDRINGTON Charles Richard K129 The life of the Most Rev. James Ussher, D.D. 22.5cm. Dublin. Hodges and Smith. 1848ELISAEUS, Bishop of Arnadun W69 The history of Vartau...trsl....C F Neumann. 28.5cm. London. for the Oriental Translations Committee. 1830ELLACOMBE Henry Thomas UA12/5 Practical remarks on belfries and ringers. 21cm. London. George Bell. 1850ELLACOMBE Henry Thomas U148 The church bells of Somerset. 28.5cm. Exeter. W Pollard for the Author. 1875ELLASTONE XA26-27 Ellastone parish register. 2 vols. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1907-12ELLENHALL XA28 Ellenhall parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1945ELLICOTT Charles John Z12/6 A critical and grammatical commentary on St Paul's epistle to the Ephesians. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. J W Parker. 1859ELLICOTT Charles John Z12/7 A critical and grammatical commentary of St Paul's epistles to the Thessalonians. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Parker, Son and Bowles. 1862ELLICOTT Charles John Z12/8 A critical and grammatical commentary on St Paul's epistle to the Galatians. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. J W Parker. 1859ELLICOTT Charles John Z12/9 A critical and grammatical commentary on St Paul's epistles to the Philippians, Colossians and to Philemon. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Parker, Son and Bowles. 1861ELLICOTT Charles John Z12/10 A critical and grammatical commentary on the Pastoral Epistles. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Parker, Son and Bowles. 1861ELLICOTT Charles John Z12/11 Historical lectures on the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ. (Hulsean Lectures 1859) 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Parker, Son and Bowles. 1861

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ELLICOTT Charles John Z12/5 St Paul's first epistle to the Corinthians: a critical and grammatical commentary. 22cm. London. Longmans. 1887ELLIOTT Edward Bishop G244-246 Horae apocalypticae. 3 vols 22cm. London. Seeley, Burnside and Seeley. 1844ELLIS George (editor) S68-70 Specimens of Early English metrical romances... 2nd edn. 3 vols. 17.5cm. London. Longmans. 1811ELLIS John X30 Articulum XXXIX Ecclesiae Anglicanae defensio. Ed. secunda. 12.5cm. Cambridge. John Hayes. 1694 Wing E581.ELLIS Mrs Conyngham T51 Conversations on human nature for the young. 17cm. London. Skeffington and Southwell. 1850ELLIS Sir Henry Z113/4-5 A general introduction to Domesday Book. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Commissions for Public Records. 1833ELLIS Sir Henry (editor) . . . see JOHN of Oxenden - Chronica...(1859).ELLYS Anthony F27 Tracts on the liberty, spiritual and temporal, of Protestants in England. New edn 26cm. London. for J Whiston. 1767ELLYS Sir Richard D52 Fortuita sacra: quibus subjicitur commentarius de cymbalis. 19cm. Rotterdam. Joannes Hofhout. 1727ELRINGTON Charles Richard UA2/8 Apostolical succession: a sermon. 2nd edn. 20.5cm. Dublin. Millihew and Son. 1840ELRINGTON Charles Richard UA20/9 Remarks upon the reply of J.K.L.to the charge of his Grace the Archbishop of Dublin. 22.5cm. Dublin. Richard Milliken and Son. 1827ELSNER Jacob G93 Commentarius critico-philogicus in Evangelium Matthaei (in Evangelium Marci), edited by Ferdinandus Stosch. 3 vols (in 1) 20.5cm. Zwölle/and Utrecht. Simon Clement/and R. de Meyer & J.C. ten Bosch. 1767-73ELSNER Jacob G47-48 Observationes sacrae in Novi Foederis libros. 2 vols 19cm. Utrecht. Jacob van Poolsum. 1720-28ELSYNG Henry V13 The manner of holding Parliaments in England. 19cm. London. for Thomas Payne. 1768ELTON Ronald YA81 Hamstall Ridware: a village of Staffordshire. 30cm. (Hamstall Ridware). (The Author). (1988)ELY CATHEDRAL Y170 Handbook.... Ely. . 1904ELY CATHEDRAL. Library Z116/2 Catalogue of books. 24cm. Ely. T A Hills. 1884EMBLEMS X119 Emblems of mortality (with introduction by J.S.Hawkins). 17.5cm. London. for T Hodgson. 1789

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ENCHIRIDION THEOLOGICUM X222-226 Enchiridion theologicum, or a manual for the use of students in Divinity. 5 vols. 17cm. Oxford. for J Fletcher. 1792ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA UA22/8 Colony. (reprint of article). 22cm. London. J Innes. (18 ?)ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA UA24/4 Prisons and prison discipline (repr. of article). 22.5cm. (London). (J Innes). (18 ?)ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA Z90/1-15 & Z94/1-10 The Encyclopaedia Britannica: a dictionary of arts, sciences and general literature. 25 vols. 9th edn. 27cm. Edinburgh. A and C Black. 1875ENGLAND. Close Rolls. . . . see HARDY Sir Thomas Duffus (ed.) - Rotuli...(1833).ENGLAND. Curia Regis. Z112/14-15 Rotuli Curiae Regis: rolls and records of the Court held before the King's Justiciars or Justices...ed. Sir F Palgrave. 2 vols. 25cm. London. Commissioners of the Public Records. 1835ENGLAND. Ecclesiastical Commission. Z61X/4 The special and general reports...by the Commissioners appointed to inquire into...the ecclesiastical courts. 32.5cm. London. House of Commons. 1843 (repr).ENGLAND. Exchequer. Z126/15 Nonarum inquisitiones in Curia Scaccarii, temp. Regis Edwardi III. 44cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1807ENGLAND. Exchequer. Z126/11 Placita de quo warranto...asservata. 44cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1818ENGLAND. Exchequer. Z126/13-14 Rotulorum originalium in Curia Scaccarii abbreviatio. 44cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1805-10ENGLAND. Exchequer. Z126/12 Testa de Nevill, sive Liber Feodorum. 44cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1807ENGLAND. Exchequer. Z112/11-13 The antient kalendars and inventories of the treasury of His Majesty's Exchequer...ed. Sir F Palgrave. 3 vols. 25cm. London. Commissioners of Public Records. 1836ENGLAND. Exchequer. Hundred Rolls. Z126/7-8 Rotuli Hundredorum temp. Hen.III....asservati. 2 vols. 44cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1812-18ENGLAND. Feet of Fines. Z114/2 Fines sive pedes finicum...eis Curia Domini Regis...edente J Hunter. Vol I (only). 26cm. London. Commissioners for Public Records. 1835ENGLAND. Fine Rolls. Z112/9-10 Excerpta e rotulis finium...Henrico Tertio Rege...cura C Roberts. 2 vols. 25cm. London. Commissioners of Public Records. 1835-36ENGLAND. Inquisitiones Ad Quod Damnum. Z127/7 Calendarium rotulorum chartorum et inquisitionum ad quod damnum. 45cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1803ENGLAND. Inquisitiones Post Mortem. Z126/16-18 & Z127/1 Calendarium inquisitionum post mortem sive escaetarium. 4 vols. 44cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1806-28

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ENGLAND. Inquisitions of Returns. Z127/2-5 Inquisitionum ad Capellam Domini Regis retornatarum...abbreviatio. 4 vols. 45cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1815-16ENGLAND. Laws. Z85X/14-15 Ancient laws and institutes of England. 2 copies. 42.5cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1840ENGLAND. Oblate and Fine Rolls. Z112/8 Rotuli de ablatis et finibus...tempore Regis Johannis...accurante R D Hardy. 25cm. London. Commissions of Public Records. 1835ENGLAND. Parliament. Z114/8A Anno regni Caroli II Regis...duodecimo, at the Parliament begun at Westminster the five-and-twentieth day of April, AD 1660. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1660 Wing E1108. Bound with 60 other pamphlets and broadsheets.ENGLAND. Parliament. Z114/8B Anno regni Caroli II Regis...decimo tertio, at the Parliament begun at Westminster the eighth day of May 1661. 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1661 Bound with Z114/8A.ENGLAND. Parliament. Z114/8C Anno regni Caroli II Regis...decimo quinto, at the Parliament begun at Westminster the eighth day of May, AD 1661. 27cm. Savoy . Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1669 Bound with Z114/8A.ENGLAND. Parliament. Z114/8E Anno regni Caroli II regis...decimo sexto, at the Parliament begun at Westminster the eighth day of May, AD 1661 27cm. London. J Bill and C Barker. 1664 Bound with Z114/8A.ENGLAND. Parliament. House of Commons. Z114/8ZZ A letter to the King's most excellent Majesty. 27cm. London. E Husbands and T Newcomb. 1660 Wing E2622. Bound with Z114/8A.ENGLAND. Patent Rolls. . . . see HARDY Sir Thomas Duffus (ed.) - Rotuli...(1835).ENGLAND. Plea Rolls. Z127/6 Placitorum in domo capitulari Westmonasteriensi asservatorum abbreviatio. 45cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1811ENGLAND. Privy Council. Z112/1-7 Proceedings and ordinances...10 Richard II...to 33 Henry VI...(ed.) Sir Harris Nicolas. 7 vols. 25cm. London. Commissions for Public Records. 1834-37ENGLAND. Public Records Commission. Z126/4 General report. 44cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1837ENGLAND. Scottish Rolls. Z126/9-10 Rotuli Scotiae in Turri Londinensi...asservati. 2 vols. 44cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1814-19ENGLAND. State Papers. Z70/1-11 State papers published under the authority of His Majesty's commission. 11 vols. (reign of Henry VIII). 28cm. (London). (Eyre and Spottiswoode). 1830-52ENGLAND. STATUTES 1640 V1 Anno regni Caroli Regis...at the Parliament begun at Westminster the third day of

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November...1640. 26.5cm. London. Robert Barker. 1641ENGLAND. Statutes. . . . see PULTON Ferdinando - A collection...(1636).ENGLISH HEXAPLA . . . see BIBLE. New Testament. Greek and English - The English...(1841).ENGLISH REVIEW UA22/5 The English review, June 1850. (pp.257-510). 22cm. London. (Blackwood). 1850ENGLISHMAN'S BRIEF. Q174 The Englishman's brief on behalf of his national church. New edn. 16.5cm. London. SPCK. 1884ENNODIUS Magnus Felix Q195 Opera omnia, recensuit...Guilelmus Hartel 22.5cm. Vienna. C Gerold. 1882EPHRAIM St, of Syria S218 Select metrical hymns and homilies...trsl. Henry Burgess. 18.5cm. London. Robert P Blackader. 1853EPHRAIM St, of Syria Q21 Select metrical hymns, translated...by Henry Burgess. 18.5cm. London. R B Blackadder . 1853EPHRAIM St, of Syria S219 The repentance of Nineveh...translated...by Henry Burgess. 18.5cm. London. Robert B Blackader. 1853EPHRAIM St., of Syria Z48/6-11 Opera omnia quae extant graece, syriace, latine...6 vols. 38cm. Rome . Typographia Vaticana. 1732-43EPICTETUS O65 All the works...translated...by Elizabeth Carter. 29cm. London. S. Richardson. 1758EPICTETUS P9 Manuale et Sententiae...cura Hadriani Relandi 20.5. Utrecht. Willem Broedelet. 1711EPIPHANIUS, St. I130-131 Opera omnia...Dionysius Petavius...recensuit. 2 vols. Editio nova. 36cm. Köln . Jeremias Schrey and Heinrich Johann Meier. 1682EPISCOPAL J355D Episcopal innovations: or, the test of modern Orthodoxy. 19cm. London. B. Seeley. 1820 Bound with: MARSH H - A charge...(1820)EPISCOPIUS Simon F70-71 Opera theologica. 2 vols 36cm. Amsterdam / Rotterdam. Joannes Blaeu / Arnold Leers. 1650-65EPISTOLAE OBSCURORUM VIRORUM X23 Epistolanum obscurorum virorum ad Dm.M.Ortiunum Graticum, volumina II (in 1). 15cm. London. Henry Clements. 1710ERASMUS Desiderius J1 A playne and godly exposytion or declaration of the commune crede. 19.5cm. (London, 1720). (repr. of R. Redman). (1533)ERASMUS Desiderius D68 Adagia, id est proverbiorum, paroemiarum et parabolarum omnium...collectio absolutissima...[by Erasmaus and others]. 32.5cm. [Frankfurt]. Wechsel for Johann Press. 1643ERASMUS Desiderius BB36A Ecclesiastes, sive concionator evangelicus.

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30.5cm. Basel . Hieronymus Froben. 1535 Bound with one other volume.ERASMUS Desiderius Z118/16 Epistolarum libri XXXI. 35cm. London. M Flesher and R Young. 1642 Wing E3201A.ERASMUS Desiderius D91 Epistolarum...libri XXXI et Melanchthonis libri IV... 2 vols (in 1) 34cm. London. M. Flesher and R. Young. 1642 Wing E3201A Note: Contains second part (separately numbered Wing M1635A)ERASMUS Desiderius D69 Epistolarum...libri XXXI, et P. Melanchthonis libri IV, quibus adjiciuntur Th. Mori et Lud. Vivis epistolae. 34cm. London. M. Flesher & R. Young. 1642 Wing E3201. Lacks second part (separately numbered Wing M1635).ERASMUS Desiderius D67 Omnia opera, vol. 1 (only)) 32.5cm. Basel. Froben. 1540 Contains final Index of set bound in at front.ERASMUS Desiderius D57-66 Opera omnia. 9 vols (in 10) 31.5cm. Basel. Froben. 1540-41ERASMUS Desiderius BB37-38 The paraphrase of Erasmus upon the Newe Testamente. 2 vols. 27.5cm. London. Edward Whitchurch. 1548 STC 2854.ERASMUS Desiderius (editor) I140. . . see HILARY, Bishop of Poitou - Lucubrationes...(1550)ERDESWICK Sampson Z86/2 A survey of Staffordshire...collated...with additions and corrections by...Thomas Harwood. 24cm. Westminster. J Nichols. 1820ERDESWICKE Sampson BB8 A survey of Staffordshire...to which are added some observations upon the possessors of monastery-lands in Staffordshire by Sir Simon Degge, Knight. 19.5cm. London. for W Mears. 1723ERFURDT Carl Gottlob August . . . see AMMIANUS MARCELLINUS - Quae supersunt...(1808)ERNESTI Johann August . . . see CALLIMACHUS - Hymni...(1761)ERNESTI Johann August . . . see CICERO Marcus Tullius - De oratore...(1809)ERNESTI Johann August D49 Opuscula theologica. 2nd edn 22cm. Leipzig. Caspar Fritsch. 1792ERNESTI Johann August P56-57 Praefationes et notae ad M T Ciceronis operum omnium editionem majorem. 2 vols. 18.5cm. Halle . Foundling Press. 1806ERNESTI Johann Christoph Theophil N12 Lexicon technologiae Graecorum rhetoricae. 21cm. Leipzig. Caspar Fritsch. 1795

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ERNESTI Johann Christoph Theophil N42 Lexicon technologiae latinorum rhetoricae. 21cm. Leipzig. Caspar Fritsch. 1797ERSKINE Thomas UA34/2 Erskines defence of the Bible. 2nd edn. 19.5cm. London. A Paris. 1797ERSKINE Thomas, Lord Erskine S199 Armata: a fragment. 3rd edn. 21cm. London. J Murray. 1817ERYTHAEUS Janus Nicius T81 Epistolae ad diversos. 15cm. Köln . Jodocus Kalcovius. 1645ERYTHRAEUS Janus Nicius T155 Pinacotheca imaginum. Ed. nova. 17.5cm. Leipzig. Thomas Fritch. 1712ESPEN Zegerus Bernardus van C127-130 Jus ecclesiasticum universum. 4 vols 40.5cm. Louvain. [n.p]. 1753 Vols 3-4 are titled Commentarius in Canones et Decreta Juris Novi, but the volume numbering is continuous.ESPEN Zegerus Bernhardus van] C131 Vie de M. van Espen, Docteur és Droits...par M.*** 40.5cm. Louvain. (n.p.). 1767ESSAYS ON CEREMONIAL Q325 Essays on ceremonial by various authors (ed. V Staley). (Library of Liturgiology and Ecclesiology for English Readers, vol. IIII). 22cm. London. de la More Press. 1904ESSINGTON Robert William YA55 The annals of Shenstone. 22cm. London. Frederic Brown. 1899ESTIENNE Henri X76 Comicorum graecorum sententire. 11cm. (Paris). Henri Estienne. 1569ESTIUS Gulielmus B13 Annotationes in praecipua ac difficiliora Sacrae Scripturae loca... 34cm. Douri. Typis Viduae et Heredum Petri Borremans. 1621ESTIUS Gulielmus B11-12 In omnes Beati Pauli et aliorum apostolorum epistolas commentaria. 2 vols 37cm. Paris. Jacobus Quesnel. 1659ESTRE J G F P206 Horatiana progopographeia. 23cm. Amsterdam. F Müller. 1846ETCHELLS Frederick . . . see ADDLESHAW George William Outram and ETCHELLS Frederick - The architectural setting...(1948).ETHERIA . . . see GAMURRINI Giovanni Francesco - S. Silviae...(1888)EUNAPIUS of Sardis P47 De vitis philosophorum. 16.5cm. Antwerp. Christopher Plantin. 1568EURIPIDES P29 Bacchae, recensuit Godofredus Hermannus. 17cm. Leipzig. Gerhard Fleischer. 1823EURIPIDES M31 Fabulae quatuor...ed. J.H. Monk. Ed. nova. 22.5cm. Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1857

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EURIPIDES O91 Hippolytos Stephanephoros...adjunxit Fran. Hen. Egerton. 30cm. Oxford. n.p. 1796EURIPIDES Z95/17-25 Opera omnia. 9 vols. 22.5cm. Glasgow. Glasgow University Press. 1821EURIPIDES P103 Tragoediae (Bibliotheca Graeca). 22cm. Gotha and Erford. Hennings. 1840-42 The volume contains Medea, Hecuba and Phoenissae only.EURIPIDES P104 Tragoediae et fragmenta, recensuit...Augustus Matthiae...Tomus quintus (Scholia). 22.5cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1818EURIPIDES P105 Tragoediae et fragmenta...recensuit Augustus Matthiae. Tomus decimus. (Indices in Euripidis tragoedias...adiecit C F Kampmann) 22.5cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1837EURIPIDES P28 Tragoediae Medea et Phoenissae...opera Wilhelmo Piers. 19cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1702EURIPIDES M30 Tragoediae priores quatuor...ed. Ri Porson, recensuit...J. Scholefield. 3rd edn. 22.5cm. Cambridge. Rivington. 1851EURIPIDES P99-100 Tragoediae superstites...ex recensione G Dindorfii. 2 vols. 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1832EURIPIDES Z89/12-14 Tragoediae. 3 vols. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vols 12-14). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1819EURIPIDES X177B Tragoideiae selectae Aeschyli, Sophoclis, Euripidis. Vol I (only). 12cm. Parisn. Henricus Stephanus. 1567 Lacks volume II containing Aeschylean plays.EUSEBIUS of Caesarea Z37/14 Eclogae propheticae...ed. T Gaisford. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1842EUSEBIUS Pamphili . . . see PARKER Samuel, Jr. - The ecclesiastical histories...(1729)EUSEBIUS Pamphili Q160 Historias ekklesiastikes logrideka....Introduction by William Bright. 19cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1872EUSEBIUS Pamphili, et al. M98-100 Historiae ecclesiasticae...ed. H. Valesius et G. Reading. 3 vols. 37cm. Cambridge. Cornelius Crownfield. 1720 Another set Z55/1-3EUSEBIUS Pamphili, et al. M6 The ancient ecclesiasticall histories...(trsl. Meredith Hanmer). 4th edn. 27cm. London. George Miller. 1636 STC 10576.EUSEBIUS, Bp. of Caesarea Z55/1-3 Ecclesiasticae historiae libri decem...editionem...locupletavit Gulielmus Reading. 3 vols. 38cm. Cambridge. Typis Academicis. 1720EUSEBIUS, St. of Caesarea D97 De demonstratione evangelica. Ed.nova. 35cm. Köln. Georg Weidmann. 1638

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EUSEBIUS, St. of Caesarea D96 Praeparatio evangelica. Ed.nova. 35cm. Köln. Georg Weidmann. 1688EUSTATHIUS of Thessalonica. O104 Commentarii ad Homeri Iliadem. 2 vols (in 1) 26cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1829-30 Volumes are numbered as vv.3-4 of total Homeric commentary.EUSTATHIUS of Thessalonica O103 Commentarii ad Homeri Odysseam. 2 vols (in 1). 26cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1826EVAGRIUS Q256 A history of the church...from AD 431 to AD 594. A new translation. 22cm. London. Bagster. 1846EVANS Francis Z9/3 Diary of Francis Evans, Secretary to Bishop Lloyd, 1699-1706; ed....by David Robertson. 30cm. Oxford. James Parker for Worcestershire Hist.Society. 1903EVANS Hywel Berwyn Z115/30 The Library over a hundred years (1880-1980). 21cm. Birmingham. Birmingham University Library. 1981EVANS John X122 A sketch of the denominations of the Christian world. 15th edn. 16.5cm. London. Baldwin, Cradock and Joy. 1827EVANS John Gwenogvryn (editor) U209 The text of the book of Llan Dav. 25cm. (Oxford, to Subscribers 1893): Aberystwyth. National Library of Wales. 1979 repr.EVANS John Heber Z49/13 Churchman militant: George Augustus Selwyn. 22cm. London. Allen and Unwin. 1964EVANS Robert Wilson UA13/9 A sermon preached...at the ordination held by the...Bishop of Lichfield (on 28 January 1838). 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1838EVANS Robert Wilson UA16/10 A sermon preached...on Sunday, January 28, at the ordination held by the Bishop of Lichfield. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1838EVANS Robert Wilson Z128/6-7 The bishopric of souls. 5th edn. 2 copies. 17cm. London. Rivington. 1877EVANS Robert Wilson Z37/9 The church of God, in a series of sermons. 22cm. London. Smith, Elder. 1832EVANS Robert Wilson H285 The church of God. 22.5cm. London. Smith, Elder. 1832EVANS Robert Wilson X123 The ministry of the body. 17.5cm. London. Rivington. 1847EVANS Theophilus T38 The history of modern enthusiasm. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. for the Author. 1757EVELEIGH John Z105/18 Eight sermons. (Bampton Lectures 1792). 21cm. Oxford. J Cooke. 1792EVELYN John R78 Numismata: a discourse of medals.

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31cm. London. Benj. Tooke. 1697 Wing E3505.EVELYN John W117 Sylva, or a discourse of forest-trees. 3rd edn. 31cm. London. John Martyr. 1679 Wing E3518.EVESHAM ABBEY Z63/21 Chronicon Abbatiae de Evesham ad annum 1418...ed. W.D.Macray. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1863EWARD Suzanne Z43/20 No fire, but a glass of wine: cathedral life at Gloucester in Stuart times. 22cm. Wilton. Michael Russell. 1985EXELL Joseph Samuel . . . see SPENCE Henry Donald Maurice and EXELL Joseph Samuel - The pulpit commentary...(1883).EXETER DIOCESAN CHURCH ARCHITECTURAL SOCIETY K270 An account of the church of Ottery St. Mary. 27cm. [Oxford]. [I. Shrimpton for the Society]. [1842]EXETER ORDINAL I35-36. . . see DALTON John Neale - Ordinale Exon...(1909)EXETER. Cathedral. Z86/42 The use of Exeter Cathedral... (ed.) by Herbert Reynolds. 34cm. London. Church Printing Co.. 1891EYCK Jan van M133 The adoration of the mystic lamb. Text by Valentin Denis,...trsl. by Michael Langley. 38cm. Milan. Arti Grafiche Ricordi. 1964EYSSENHARDT Franz . . . see HISTORIA AUGUSTA - Scriptores...(1864)EYTON Robert William Z114/17 Domesday studies: an analysis and digest of the Staffordshire survey. 25cm. London. Trübner. 1881FABER Basilius N102 Thesaurus eruditionis scholasticae...nunc iterum...novus. assiduitate..Andreae Stubelli. 38cm . Leipzig. Thomas Fritsch. 1717FABER Frederick William Q19 Hymns. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. T Richardson. 1871FABER Frederick William J7 Tracts on the church and her office. 18.5cm. London. Rivington. 1840FABER George Stanley J341 A treatise on the origin of expiatory sacrifice. 23cm. London. John Murray. 1827FABER George Stanley U162-63 Eight dissertations on certain connected prophetical passages of Holy Scripture. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. Seeley, Burnside and Seeley. 1845FABER George Stanley Z105/13-14 Horae Mosaicae. (Bampton Lectures 1801). 2 vols. 21cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1801FABER George Stanley J321-322 The apostolicity of Trinitarianism. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1832

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FABER George Stanley J326 The difficulties of Romanism in respect to evidence. 2nd edn 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1830 Same, 3rd edn. London: Thomas Bosworth 1853 J334FABER George Stanley J331 The many mansions in the house of the Father. 2nd edn. 23cm. London. Royston and Brown. 1854FABER George Stanley J332 The primitive doctrine of justification investigated. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Seeley and Burnside. 1839FABER Geroge Stanley J333 The primitive doctrine of election. 2nd edn 22.5cm. London. Thomas Blenkarn. 1842FABER Petrus R7 Agonisticon...sive, de re athletica... 24cm. Lyon . François Fabre. 1592FABIANICH Donato Q213 La Dalmazia ne' primi cinque secoli del Cristianesimo. 22cm. Zava . Vitaliani e Jancovich. 1874FABRICIUS Joannes Albertus G43 Observationes selectae in varia loca Novi Testamenti. 16cm. Hamburg. Christian Liebezeit. 1712FABRICIUS Stephanus X250A Conciones sacrae in decalogum. 20.5cm. Bern . Georg Sonnleitner. 1649 Bound with one other volume.FABRICIUS Stephanus X250B Conciones sacrae in S. prophetam Joelam. 20.5cm. Bern . Jacob Stuber. 1628 Bound with: FABRICIUS S - onciones..in decalogum (1649).FABYAN Robert* V44 (Prima pars cronecarum) 28.5cm. (London). Richard Pynson). (1516) Folio (in 8). Imperfect: wants all before Bii and after Ff8. STC 10659.FAES Johann X274F Anatome bullae jubileae universalis anni MDCC. 19cm. Helmstadt. Heinrich Hesse. 1702 Bound with BOECLER J H - Historia...(1695).FAIR TRIUMVIRATE T151D The fair triumvirate at war. 18.5cm. London. T Cooper. 1742 Bound with: MILLER J - Mahomet...(1744).FAIRBAIRNS Arnold CC9 Portfolio of English cathedrals: no 11, Lichfield. 39cm. London. SPCK. (n.d.)FAIRBAIRNS William H Z81/11 Lichfield Cathedral. 18cm. London. SPCK. 1928FAIRBURN James Z86/38-39 Fairburn's book of crests of the families of Great Britain and Ireland. 2 vols. 4th edn. 29cm. London. T C and E C Jack. (189-)FAIRFAX Edward . . . see TASSO Torquato - Godfrey of Bulloigne...(1844)

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FAIRHOLT Frederick William K199 Costume in England 22cm. London. Chapman and Hall. 1846FALCONER Thomas H156 Certain principles in Evanson's "Dissonance of the four generally received evangelists" (Bampton Lectures 1810) 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1811FALKENER Edward K241 On the Hypaethron of Greek temples. 24.5cm. London. Longman. 1861FALKNER William J15 A vindication of liturgies. cm. London. Walter Kettilby. 1680 Wing F336. Another copy, J35.FALKNER William J35 A vindication of liturgies. cm. London. Walter Kettilby. 1680 Wing F336. Another copy, J15.FALKNER William J77 Christian loyalty. 18.5cm. London. J.M. for Walter Kettilby. 1679 Wing F329.FALKNER William J73 Libertas ecclesiastica. 3rd edn. 17.5cm. London. J.M. for Walter Kittilby. 1677 Wing F333. Another copy, X180FALLOW Thomas Mount J6 The order of baptism 19cm. London. James Burns. 1838FARET Nicolas T163-64 Recueil de lettres nouvelles. 2 vols. 16.5cm. Paris . Toussaint Quinet. 1634 Lacks both printed tps: both engraved tps survive. FARIA Francisco de V45H The information of Francisco de Faria. 30cm. London. Assigns of John Bill, Thomas Newcomb and Henry Hills. 1680 Wing F425. Bound with: OATES T - A true narrative...(1679).FARINDON Anthony E95-96 Sermons (XXXII sermons, XLVII sermons, Fifty sermons) 3 vols (in 2) 31cm. London. Thomas Roycroft for Richard Martin. 1672-74 Wing F429A, F432FARR Edward (editor) S63-64 Select poetry chiefly devotional, of the reign of Queen Elizabeth. (Parker Society) 2 vols. 15cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1845FARRAR Frederic William Z2/18 The life of Christ. Popular edn. 20cm. London. Cassell. 1886FARRAR Frederick William et al. Z94/18 Canterbury, mother-city of the Anglo-Saxon race. 31cm. Canterbury. Cross and Jervis. (1904)FARRAR Frederick William Z2/19 The life and work of St Paul. Popular edn. 19.5cm. London. Cassell. 1885

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FARREN Robert Z85X/19 Cambridge and its neighbourhood. 38cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1881FASCICULI ZIZANIORUM Z67/20 Fasciculi Zizaniorum magistri Johannis Wyclif cum Tritico, ascribed to Thomas Netter of Walden...ed. W.W.Shirley. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1858FASTS AND FESTIVALS U204 The case of the observing such fasts and festivals as are proclaimed by the King's authority. 2nd edn. 20.5cm. London. J Collyer. 1744FAULKNER William J285 Strictures on reading the Church-Service. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. B. and R. Crosby. 1813FAURE DE VAUGELAS Claude# N4 Remarques sur la langue françoise utiles à ceux qui veulent bien parler et bien escrire. 22cm. Paris. Augustin Courbe. 1647FAUSSETT Godfrey K22 Sacred chronology, ed. R. Faussett. 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1855FAUSSETT Robert . . . see FAUSSETT Godfrey - Sacred chronology...(1855)FAVORINO Giuseppe T251 Synopsis de hominis excellentia varia. Pars prima (only). 31cm. Perugia. Typhographia Petruccii. 1607FEHIUS Johannes . . . see CORPUS JURIS CIVILIS - Corpus iuris...(1627).FEILDE Edward* J219 The Psalms of David metrically paraphrased...by a Cambridge Master of Arts. 18.5cm. London. Whittaker. 1844 Printed at Alnwick (M. Smith).FEILING C.E. . . . see FLÜGEL Johann Gottfried - Dictionary...(1844)FELIX FARLEY* S55 Rhymes Latin and English. 16.5cm. Bristol. J M Gutch. 1826FELL John . . . see WALKER Obadiah - The paraphrase....(1702)FELLOWES Edmund Horace Z135/15 Memoirs of an amateur musician. 22cm. London. Methuen. 1946FELLTHAM Owen X126 Resolves, divine, moral and political. 17cm. London. Pickering. 1840FELTOE Charles Lett . . . see LEONINE SACRAMENTARY - Sacramentarium Leonianum...(1896)FÉnÉLON François de Salignac de la Motte X16-17 Oeuvres philosophiques. 2 vols. Nouvelle édn. 15.5cm. Amsterdam. Zacharias Chatelain. 1731FENICE Antoine N16A Dictionnaire françois et italien...nouellement reucu...par Pierre Canal. 16cm. [Geneva]. Jacques Chouët. 1618

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FERGUSON Richard Saul Z27/3 Carlisle. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. 1889FERGUSSON James K213 History of the modern styles of architecture. 22cm. London. J. Murray. 1862FERGUSSON James K210-211 & K212 The illustrated handbook of architecture. 2 vols. 22cm. London. J. Murray. 1855 Same, 2nd edn (in 1 vol), 22cm, London: J Murray 1859. see K212FÉROTIN Marius Q299 Le véritable auteur de la Peregrinatio Silviae. (Offprint from Revue des questions historiques, Oct.1903) 25cm. Paris . Revue des questions historiques. 1903FERRANDUS Joannes C43 Disquisitio reliquiaria. 22.5cm. Lyons. Laurent Anisson. 1647FERRARIUS Philippus N54 Novum lexicon geographicum. 2 vols (in 1) 36cm. Eisenbach. johann Peter Schmidt. 1677FERRER Joseph L70 Pharus evangelica, tomus primus. 34cm. Lyons. Philippe Borde, Laurent Arnaud and Claude Rigaud. 1661 No more published.FERRIAR John T20B An essay towards a theory of apparitions. 19cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1813 Bound with: NARES R - An essay...(1782).FERRIAR John T20C Illustrations of Sterne. 2nd edn. 2 vols (in 1). 19cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1812 Bound with: NARES R - An essay...(1782).FIDDES Richard M83 The life of Cardinal Wolsey 33cm. London. John Barber. 1724FIDDES Richard E105 Theologia practica. 35cm. London. W. Bowyer for Bernard Lintot. 1720FIDDES Richard E104 Theologia speculativa. 35cm. London. W. Bowyer for Bernard Lintot. 1718FIELD Richard K49-52 Of the church: five books. 4 vols. 22cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1847FIELDING Henry S182-89 The works. 2nd edn. 8 vols. 21.5cm. London. A Miller. 1762FILKES John UA19/4 A sermon on suicide, addressed to the inhabitants of...Navestock. 21cm. London. for the Author. (18 ?)FINDLAY J Alexander H302 Jesus and his Parables. 22cm. London. Epworth. 1951FINLAY George UA37/8 On the site of the Holy Sepulchre. 22cm. London. Smith, Elder. 1847

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FINN James U174-75 Stirring times, or records from Jerusalem consular chronicles of 1853 to 1856. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1878FISCHER Johann . . . see PISCATOR JoannesFISHER Edward M61D The marrow of modern divinity. 17th edn. 17cm. Edinburgh. William Darling. 1791FISHER George Park Z37/10 The grounds of theistic and Christian belief. 21.5cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1885FISHER Joseph UA22/3 Remarks upon the remarker. 22.5cm. London. W Nicoll. 1775FISHER Michael Z11/23 A vision of splendour: Gothic revival in Staffordshire 1840-1890. 24cm. Stafford. Counter Print. 1995FITZCLARENCE George Augustus Frederick, Earl of Munster Z108/2 Journal of a route across India, through Egypt, to England. 27cm. London. J Murray. 1819FITZGERALD William (editor) . . . see WHITAKER William - A disputation...(1849)FLACIUS Matthaeus D92 Clavis scripturae. 2 vols (in 1) 34cm. Basel. Sebastianus Henricpetrus. 1617FLAMINIO Marco Antonio S227 Fifty select poems...imitated by...Edward William Barnard...ed. (Francis) Wrangham. 20cm. Chester. J Fletcher. 1829FLAMINIUS Antonius (editor) T71 Carmina quinque illustrium poetarum. 15cm. Florence. Lorenzo Torrentino. 1552FLAMINIUS Marcus Antonius X36 In librum Psalmorum brevis explicatio. 11.5cm. Paris . Audaen le Petit. 1545FLEETWOOD Rev. John P289 The Life of Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 27cm. London. Cooke. n.d.FLEETWOOD William E101 A compleat collection of the sermons, tracts and pieces of all kinds. 38cm. London. [n.p.]. 1737FLEETWOOD William Z135/4 Chronicon preciosum: or an account of English money. 19cm. London. Charles Harper. 1767FLEETWOOD William* UA27/3 The thirteenth chapter to the Romans vindicated from the abusive senses put upon it...by a Curate of Salop. 19cm. London. A Baldwin. 1710FLEMING Robert UA16/15 Apocalyptical key: an extraordinary discourse on the rise and fall of the Papacy. 22.5cm. London. G Terry. 1793FLETCHER James Michael John Z77/29 A guide to Tideswell and its church. 18cm. Tideswell. A Harrison. 1902 Idem. Another copy - Z111/11.

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FLETCHER James Michael John Z81/16 A guide to Tideswell and its church. 2nd edn. 18.5cm. Tideswell. A Harrison. 1903 Idem, 3rd edn. 19cm, Tideswell, A Harrison 1905 - Z81/17.FLETCHER James Michael John Z111/12 Historical notes on the Old Sick Club, Tideswell. 17cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (n.d.) Reprint from High Peak News.FLETCHER James Michael John Z81/14 Notes on the history of Tideswell and its manor. 22cm. (Derby). (Derbyshire Arch. & Nat.Hist.Soc.). (n.d.) Reprint from the Journal of Derbyshire Arch. & Nat.Hist.Soc.FLETCHER James Michael John Z81/15 Notes on the Vicars of Tideswell during the 16th and 17th centuries. 22cm. (Derby). (Derbyshire Arch.& Nat.Hist.Soc.). 1917 Reprint from the Journal of the Derbyshire Arch. & Nat.Hist.Soc.FLETCHER James Michael John Z111/14 Sir Sampson Meverill of Tideswell, 1388-1462. 22cm. Derby . Benson. 1908 Reprint from Derbyshire Archaeological and Natural History Society Journal.FLETCHER John . . . see BEAUMONT Francis - The works...(1750)FLETCHER William George Dimock Z82/25 Battlefield Church, Salop, and the battle of Shrewsbury. 2nd edn. 19cm. Shrewsbury. Adnitt and Naunton. 1903FLETE John Z86/30 The history of Westminster Abbey, ed. J Armitage Robinson. 27cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1909FLEURY Claude Z29/1-6 Histoire ecclésiastique. 6 vols. 26cm. Paris . Didier. 1840FLINT Robert Z42/27 Theism. (Baird Lecture 1876). 9th edn. 19cm. Edinburgh. Blackwood. 1895 Two other copies - Z43/11-12.FLORIO Giovanni N65 Vocabolario Italiano ed Inglese...(res. G. Torriano). 32.5cm. London. T. Warren. 1659 Wing F1368.FLORIO John N22 Queen Anna's new world of words. 27.5cm. London. Melchior Bradwood. 1611 STC 11099.FLORUS Lucius Annaeus O19 Epitome rerum Romanarum. 20cm. Leiden. Samuel Luchtmans. 1744FLOYER Sir John G65A An enquiry into the right uses and abuses of the hot, cold and temperate baths. 15cm. London. for R. Cloud. 1697 Wing F1387FLOYER Sir John and BAYNARD Edward T117 Psychrologia, or the history of cold bathing. 3rd edn. 19.5cm. London. J.B. for Benjamin Walford. 1709FLOYER Sir John* X77 A treatise of the asthma. 16cm. London. Richard Wilkin. 1698 Wing F1390.

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FLUCK Jakob Q125-27 Katholische Liturgik. 3 vols. 21cm. Regensburg. G Joseph Manz. 1853-55FLÜGEL Johann Gottfried N17 Dictionary of the German and English languages...compiled from...Flügel's larger dictionary by D.E. Feiling and John Oxenford. 16cm. London. Whittaker and Co.. 1844FORBES Duncan J257 The works. 21cm. London. Ogles, Duncan and Cochran. 1816FORBES George Hay . . . see DRUMMOND MISSAL - The ancient Irish missal...(1882)FORBES John D85-86 Opera omnia. 2 vols 31cm. Amsterdam. Wetsten. 1703FORBES John Hay* J68 Address to the members of the Ep[iscopal Church in Scotland, by a Layman. New edn. 16cm. Edinburgh. R. Lendrum. 1847FORBES William U40-41 Considerationes modestas et pacificae controversiarum de justificatione...et eucharistia. 2 vols. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, vv.40-41). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1850-56FORD John S48-49 The dramatic works. 2 vols. 15cm. London. J Murray. 1831FORDYCE James H65-66 Sermons to young women. 2 vols 6th edn 16cm. London. T. Cadell. 1769FORMBY Richard UA9/10 A serious and affectionate address to the inhabitants of Lancashire. 22.5cm. Liverpool. (n.p.). 1792FORMULARIES J119 Formularies of faith...during the reign of Henry VIII. 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1825FORMULARIES OF FAITH. Q288 Formularies of faith put forth by authority during the reign of Henry VIII. 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1856FORSHALL Josiah G206 The first twelve chapters of the Gospel according to St. Matthew. 25cm. London. MacMillan. 1864FORSTER Charles G74 Critical essays on Genesis, chapter XX and on St. Matthew, chap. II, 17 & 18. 22cm. Dublin. Richard Milliken. 1826FORSTER Charles H231 Discourses, principally of subjects of Scripture history. 22cm. London. T. Cadell. 1823FORSTER Charles G73 The apostolical authority of the Epistle to the Hebrews. 22cm. London. James Duncan. 1838FORSTER Charles K9-10 The historical geography of Arabia. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. Duncan and Malcolm. 1844FORSTER Charles K132 The life of John Jebb, D.D., F.R.S. 2nd edn 22.5cm. London. James Duncan. 1837

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FORSTER Charles S282-85 The one primeval language. 2nd edn. 4 vols. 22cm. London. R Bentley. 1852-54 Vol.4 is a portfolio for a chart of alphabets.FORSTER Edward . . . see ANACREON - Odaria...(1802)FORSTER James W G75 The Apocalypse its own interpreter. 22.5cm. London. Richard Bentley. 1853FORTESCUE Sir John Z113/9 De laudibus legum Angliae...translation...by A Amos. 22.5cm. Cambridge. for J Butterworth. 1825FOSBERY Thomas Vincent (editor) Q22 Hymns and poems for the sick and suffering. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1844FOUGASSES Thomas de V87 The generall historie of Venice...Englished by W Shute... 32.5cm. London. G Eld and W Stansby. 1612 STC 11207.FOUILLOUX Jacques du Z114/4 La vénérie...du nouveau reveaü. 21.5cm. Paris . Pierre Billaine. 1635FOULIS Henry V98 The history of Romish treasons and usurpations. 2nd edn. 31cm. London. for Thomas Basset et al.. 1681 Wing F1641.FOULIS Henry V97 The history of the wicked plots and conspiracies of our pretended saints. 2nd edn. 27.5cm. Oxford. Henry Hall for Richard Davis. 1674 Wing F1643.FOUNDATIONS . . . see STREETER Burnett Hillman et al. - Foundations...(1912).FOVARGUE Stephen UA1/7 A new catalogue of vulgar errors. 22cm. Cambridge. for the Author. 1767FOWKE Joseph Z60X/3B The trial of Joseph Fowke, Francis Fowke, Maha Rajah Nundocomar and Roy Rodachurn... 27cm. London. T Cadell. 1776 Bound with: NANDAKUMARA, Majarajah - The trial...(1776).FOWLER Edward J85 The principles and practices of certain moderate divines of the Church of England. 2nd edn. 18cm. London. Lodowick Lloyd. 1671 Wing F1712.FOWLER Thomas UA16/5 The doctrine of predestination according to the Church of England. 22cm. (Oxford, Printed by Messrs. Parker). (n.p.) . 1858FOX Charles James . . . see WAKEFIELD Gilbert - Correspondence...(1813)FOX Charles James et al. S25 The beauties and deformities of Fox, North and Burke. 9th edn. 17.5cm. London. J Stockdale. 1784FOX Francis M32M The superintendence of Divine Providence over humane affairs, a sermon.

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22cm. London. J. Downing for R. Burroughs. 1705 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711)FOX Vassall, Baron Holland UA3/14 Letter to the Rev. Dr.Shuttleworth, Warden of New College. 22.5cm. London. J Ridgway. 1827FOXE John M67-69 Actes and monuments...against the true martyrs. 3 vols. 34cm. London. Company of Stationers. 1641 Wing F2035.FOXE John Y111 Fox's book of martyrs...ed. by T Pratt. 17.5cm. London. Thomas Tegg. 1824FOXE John Z82/29 Foxe's book of martyrs... ed. A Clarke. 25cm. London. Ward, Lock. (1888)FOXE John M71 Rerum in ecclesia gestarum... 31cm. Baseln. Nicolaus Brylinger and Johannes Oporimes. 1559 BMC Germ 312.FOXE John* Z107/10 (Actes and monuments of Christes martyrs). Vol I (only). 31cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (n.d.) Lacks tp and prelims, *i-ii. Edition unidentified.FRANCE. Constitution. 1789-91. X83 La constitution française décretée par l'Assemblée Nationale constituante, aux années 1789, 1790 et 1791, acceptée par le Roi le 14 Septembre 1791. 11cm. Paris . Didot Jeune. 1791FRANCIS William . . . see LAW James Thomas and FRANCIS William - A new set...(1864).FRANCKLIN Thomas H135-136 Sermons on various subjects. 2 vols 21cm. London. T. Cadell. 1785FRANCOIS DE SALES, St. X317 La Vraye et Solide Piete 17cm. Paris. Joseph Bullot. 1745FRANK Mark U42-43 Sermons. 2 vols. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, vv.42-43). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1849FRANK W HAYWARD AND ASSOCIATES Z10/20 Structural report: bell frame, Lichfield Cathedral. 30cm. Coventry. Frank W Haywood and Associates. 1989FRASER James Bailey R83 Narrative of a journey into Khorasan in the years 1821 and 1822. 27.5cm. London. Longmans. 1825FREEMAN Philip Z19/17-18 The principles of divine service. 2 vols. 22.5cm. Oxford. James Parker. 1880FREESTONE William Heerbert Q240 The Sacrament reserved. (Alcuin Club: Collections 21). 27.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1917FREIND John* V42 An account of the Earl of Peterborow's conduct in Spain. 19cm. London. for Jonah Bowyer. 1707FRENCH William G149 A translation of the Book of Psalms...by William French and George Skinner. New

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edn 21cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press (for J. W. Parker). 1842FRERE John Hookham S171 The monks and the giants: prospectus and specimen of an intended national work. 4th edn. 17.5cm. London. J Murray. 1821FRERE Walter Howard . . . see BARNES Wilfrid J - Russian observations...(1917)FRERE Walter Howard Q129 The liturgical gospels (Prayer Book Revision Pamphlets 2) 19.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1913FRERE Walter Howard Q135 The primitive consecration prayer (Prayer Book Revision Pamphlets 8) 19.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1922FRERE Walter Howard I8 The Winchester tryser...edited by W.H. Frere. (HBS 8) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1894FRERE Walter Howard Q233-235 Visitation articles and injunctions of the period of the Reformation. (Alcuin Club: Collections 14-16). 3 vols. 27.5cm. London. Longmans. 1910 Second set of the above held at Z87.FRERE Walter Howard (co-editor) I24-26. . . see HEREFORD BREVIARY - The Hereford Breviary...(1904-15)FRERE Walter Howard (editor) . . . see ROCK Daniel - The church...(1903).FRERE Walter Howard (editor) Z101/19 Exposition de la messe (from Jean de Vignay: La legende dorée). (Alcuin Club Collections, Folio Series, vol 2). 43cm. London. Longmans. 1899FRERE Walter Howard (editor) Z101/20-21 Pontifical services illustrated from miniatures of the XVth and XVIth centuries. (Alcuin Club Collections, Folio Series, vols 3-4). 2 vols. 43cm. London. Longmans. 1901FRESNE Charles du, Sieur du Cange V143 Historia byzantina. 37.5cm. Paris . Louis Billaine. 1680FREW John M Z9/8(7) Cathedral improvements: James Wyatt at Lichfield Cathedral, 1787-92. 24cm. Lichfield. South Staffordshire Arch.and Hist.Society. 1978 Offprint from Transactions, vol XIX.FRISIUS Johannes N2 Novum latinogermanicum et germanicolatinum lexicon. 21.5cm. Zürich. Johann Wold. 1596FROISSART Sir John V80-81 Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the adjoining countries; trs. Thomas Johnes. 2 vols. 25cm. London. W Smith. 1839FROISSART Sir John V100 Le premier...quart volume de l'histoire et cronique...reveu et corrigé...par Denis Sauvage. 4 vols (in 1). 34cm. Lyon . Jean de Tournes. 1559-61FROTSCHER Carolus Henricus . . . see MURETUS Marcus Antonius - Opera omnia...(1834-41)

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FROUDE James Anthony V218-229 History of England form the fall of Wolsey to the death of Elizabeth. 12 vols. 3rd edn. 22.5cm. London. Parker, Son and Bourn. 1862-70FRUITS J303 The fruits of endowments. 25cm. London. W. McDowall. 1840FRY Charles (co-author) . . . see BATSFORD Harry and FRY Charles - The greater English church...(1940).FUCHS Leonard Z113/17 De humani corporis fabrica. 2 vols (in 1). 16.5cm. Lyonon. Jean Frellon. 1551-55FULGENTIUS of Ruspae . . . see LEO I, St., Pope - Opera omnia (1622)FULKE William U99-100 (Works), ed. C H Hartshorne and R Gibbings. 2 vols. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge . Cambridge University Press. 1843-48FULKE William B8 The text of the New Testament... 33cm. London. John Bill. 1617 STC 2918FULLER Thomas M85 A Pisgah-sight of Palestine. 32cm. London. J.F. for John Williams. 1658 Wing F2455.FULLER Thomas M86 The church-history of Britain. 33cm. London. John Williams. 1655 Wing F2416.FULLER Thomas M4A The historie of the holy warre. 3rd edn. 28cm. Cambridge. Roger Daniel. 1647 Wing F2438. Bound with one other vol.FULLER Thomas V89 The history of the worthies of England. 32cm. London. J.G.W.L. and W.G.. 1662 Wing F2440.FULLER Thomas M4B The holy state. 28cm. Cambridge. R[oger] D[aniel] for John Williams. 1648 Wing F2444. Bound with FULLER T - The historie...(1647)FULLER Thomas* Z114/10 Ephemeria parliamentaria, or faithfull register of the trnsactions in Parliament...(by T.F.) 27cm. London. for J Williams and F Eglesfield. 1654 Wing F2422.FULLER-MAITLAND John Alexander (editor) . . . see GROVE Sir George - Grove's dictionary...(1904).FULLWOOD Frederick J148 Roma ruit: the pillars of Rome broken. New edn. by Charles Hardwick. 22.5cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1847FULMAN William and GALE Thomas (editors)* Z130/7-9 Rerum Anglicarum scriptores... 3 vols.

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31cm. Oxford. Theatrum Sheldonianum . 1684-91 Wing F2525.FUMEE Martin V49 The historie of the troubles of Hungarie. 28cm. London. Felix Kyngston. 1600 STC 11487.FUNCCIUS Johannes R119A Chronologia: hoc est omnium temporum...computatio. 33cm. Wittenberg. Johannes Schwertel. 1570 Bound with one other volume.FUNCCIUS Johannes R119B Commentariorum in...chronologiam libri decem. 33cm. Wittenberg. Johannes Schwertel. 1570FURIA Francisco de . . . see AESOP - Fabulae Aesopicae...(1810)GABRIEL Robert Burd J280 Facts relating to the Reverend Dr. White's Bampton Lectures. 23cm. London. John Bell. (1789)GACHES Raimond X193 Décade de sermons sur divers textes de l'Ecriture Sainte. 16.5cm. Charenton. Louis Vendosure. 1656GAGE John Z127/11 The Anglo-Saxon ceremonial of the dedication and consecration of churches. 38cm. London. J B Nichols for the Author. 1834 Offprint from Archaeologia, vol 35.GAGNIER John X292 Vindiciae Kircherianae. 18.5cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1718GAGUIN Robert V62 Compendium de gestis Francorum. 28.5cm. Paris . Thielman Kerver. 1500 GKW 10454. BM Inc VIII, 217. Hain HC 7413*.GAIMAR Geoffrey S253 The Anglo-Norman metrical chronicle of Geoffrey Gaimar...edited by Thomas Wright. 22.5cm. London. Caxton Society. 1850GAIRDNER James (editor) . . . see PASTON Family - The Paston letters...(1910).GAIRDNER James (editor) . . . see TOULOUSE Bernard André de - Historia...(1858).GAIRDNER James (editor) Z66/20-21 Letters and papers illustrative of the reigns of Richard III and Henry VII. (Rolls Series). 2 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1861-63GAIRDNER John (editor) . . . see BREWER John Sherren - The reign of Henry VIII.(1884).

GAISFORD Thomas . . . see HEPHAESTION of Alexandria - Enchiridion...(1810)GAISFORD Thomas

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. . . see HERODOTUS - Historiam libri IX...(1824,1st & 1840, 3rd edns)GAISFORD Thomas (editor) . . . see EUSEBIUS of Caesarea - Eclogae...(1842).GALE Theophilus R19-20 The court of the gentiles. Parts 2 and 3 (only). (Part 2, 2nd edn). 19.5cm. London. J Marcock for Thomas Gilbert(Pt 2),A Maxwell & R Roberts(Pt3. 1676-77 Wing G140, G141.GALE Theophilus# X233 The court of the Gentiles. 19cm. Oxford. Hen.Hall for Tho.Gilbert. 1669 Wing G136.GALE Thomas (editor)* . . . see FULMAN William and GALE Thomas, editors* - Rerum Anglicarum...(1684-91).GALENUS Claudius . . . see HIPPOCRATES - Hippocratis...opera...(1679)GALLAIS Jean-Pierre . . . see PILPAYGAMACHAEUS Philippus F72-73 Summa theologica. 3 vols (in 2). 33cm. Paris . Mathurin du Puis. 1634GAMBIER-PARRY, Thomas Robert I39-40 The Colbertine breviary. 2 vols. (HBS 43,44) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1912-13GAMURRINI Giovanni Francesco Q303 S. Silviae Aquitanae Peregrinatio ad loca sancta. Editio altera. 28.5cm. Rome . Typis Vaticanis. 1888GARBET Samuel Z114/11 The history of Wem. 25cm. Wem . G Franklin. 1818GARBETT James H289N "Who did sin, this man or his parents"? 20cm. Brighton. Robert Folthorp. 1844 Bound with: BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor...(1843)GARBETT JamesGARBETT James H289O The temple better than the gold. 20cm. London. J. Hatchard. 1844 Bound with: BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor...(1843)GARDINER Henry (editor) J61. . . see BROWNE Sir Thomas - Religio medici... (1845)GARGOYLES CC27 Photographs given to the library and used for the Silver Commission Design.. . . GARLAND G V Z15/13 The practical teaching of the Apocalypse. 21cm. London. Longmans. 1891GARLAND George Vallis Z2/2 The problems of Job. 19cm. London. J Nisbet. 1898GARNER Jean Q289 Liber diurnus romanorum pontificum...editus opera et studio. 23cm . Paris . Veuve Edmond Martin et Gabriel Martin. 1680

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GARNER Robert K179 The natural history of the County of Stafford. 22cm. London. John van Voorst. 1844GARNETT Richard and GOSSE Sir Edmund Z91/1-4 English literature: an illustrated record. 4 vols. 27cm. London. Heinemann. 1903GARNIER Julien (editor) . . . see BASIL St, of Caesarea - Opera...(1721).GASCOIGNE George S221 The posies. 19cm. London. Richard Smith. 1575 STC 11637.GASELEE Sir Stephen Q255 The Uniats and their rites. (Alcuin Club: Tracts 16). 27cm. London. Mowbray. 1924GASKELL William . . . see RICKWORD George - Staffordshire...(1907).GASQUET Francis Aidan Z86/25 The greater abbeys of England. 23cm. London. Chatto and Windus. 1908GASQUET Francis Aidan and BISHOP Edmund Q146 Edward VI and the Book of Common Prayer. 22cm. London. John Hodge. 1890GASQUET, Abbot Z17/12 English Monastic Life. 22.5cm. London. Methuen. 1904GASSENDI Pierre Z85X/1-6 Opera omnia. 6 vols. 42cm. Lyon . Laurent Anisson and Jean-Baptiste Devenet. 1658GASTRELLI Francis J274C Remarks upon Dr. Clark's scripture-doctrine of the Trinity. 19.5cm. London. W.B. for Henry Clements. 1714 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)GAUDEN John UA10/4 Considerations touching the liturgy of the Church of England. 19cm. London. J.G. for Jon Playford. 1661 Wing G348.GAUDEN John E84 Ecclesiae Anglicanae suspiria. 31cm. London. J.G. for R. Royston. 1659 Wing G359GAUDEN John E24 Hieraspistes: a defence...for the ministry...of the Church of England. 22cm. London. for A Crooke. 1653 Wing G357GAVANTI Bartolommeo M110-111 Thesaurus sacrorum rituum...additionibus...Gaetani Mariae Merati. 2 vols. 35cm. Augsburg. Matthias Rieger. 1763GAVIN Antonio X207-208 A master-key to Popery. 2 vols. 2nd edn. 17.5cm. London. J Stephens. 1725-26GAY John T151F The distress'd wife: a comedy. 18.5cm. London. Thomas Astley. 1743 Bound with: MILLER J - Mahomet...(1744).

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GAYTON Edmund Z120/15 Hymnus de febribus. 18cm. London. Thomas Warren. (1655) Wing G413.GAZAEUS, Angelinus T75 Pia hilaria. 16cm. London. William Morden. 1657 Wing G425.GAZE Alard (editor) I134. . . see JOHN CASSIAN - Opera...(1628)GEBHARDT Oscar de, et al (editors) Q77-79 Patrum Apostolicorum opera. 3 vols. 22cm. Leipzig. J C Hinrichs. 1875-77GEDEN Alfred Sherrington . . . see MOULTON William Fiddian and GEDEN Alfred Sherrington - A concordance...(1897).GEE Edward* E33K An exercitation concerning usurped powers... 20cm. [London]. [n.p.]. 1650 Wing G449. Bound with TURNER J - A brief vindication...(1702)GEE Henry and HARDY William John Z25/13 Documents illustrative of English church history. 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1896GEIKIE Cunningham Z4/6-7 The life and works of Christ. 2 vols. 20cm. London. Cassell. 1885GELASIAN SACRAMENTARY Q317 The Gelasian sacramentary: liber sacramentorum Romanae ecclesiae, edited...by H A Wilson. 23.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1894GELASIUS of Cyzica Q168 Commentarius actorum Nicaeni concilii...interprete Roberto Balforio. 16cm. Paris . Frédéric Morell. 1599GELEN Siegmund . . . see PLINIUS SECUNDUS Caius Historias...(1582)GENERAL SYNOD. Marriage Commission Z4/15 Marriage and the church's task. 21cm. London. CIO. 1978GENESIUS Joseph . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 25,(1733).GENT Thomas V317A Historia compendiosa Anglicana. 17cm. York . The Author. 1741 A pamphlet bound in.GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE Z76/1-25 et al.See full list in Note The gentleman's magazine: or, trader's monthly intelligencer, 1731-1824. 135 vols. 20cm. London. (various publishers). 1731-1824 Shelved variously at: Z26/1-25, Z80/1-24, Z84/1-24, Z84X/1-26, Z88/1-24 & Z92/1-12. Lacks vol.3, 1733.GENTLEMN'S MAGAZINE Y71-100 The gentleman's magazine library, ed. (Sir) George Laurence Gomme. 30 vols. 22.5cm. London. Elliot Stock. 1885-89

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GENTOO LAWS Z97/13 A code of Gentoo laws, or ordinations of the Pundits, from a Persian translation made from the original written in the Sanscrit language [by Nathaniel Brassey Halhed]. 30cm. London. (n.p.). 1776GEOFFREY of Monmouth V5 Galfredi Monumetensis historia Britonum...edidit J A Giles 22cm. London. D Nutt. 1844GEOFFREY of Monmouth V307 The British history...new edn. by J A Giles. 22cm. London. Bohn. 1842GEORGE William Z129/12D A sermon preached before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. 21cm. London. Edward Owen. 1749 Bound with CHANDLER E - A charge...(1740).GEORGIUS Acropolita . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 12,(1729).GEORGIUS Domenicus C41 De monogrammate Christi Domini dissertatio. 23cm. Rome. Typographia Bernabo. 1738GEORGIUS Ignatius C40 D. Paulus Apostolus in mari. 24cm. Venice. Christophorus Zane. 1730GEORGIUS LOGOTHETA . . . see HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE SCRIPTORES - Historiae...(1615).GEORGIUS SYNCELLUS . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 5,(1729).GERARD Gilbert . . . see JOSEPHUS Flavius - Histoire...(1639)GERARD John R33 Siglarium Romanum: sive explicatio notarum ac literarum... 28.5cm. London. C Clarke for the Author. 1792GERARD John Z61X/5 The herball, or generall historie of plantes...(ed.) Thomas Johnson. 34cm. London. A Islip et al.. 1636GERBERON Gabriel (editor) . . . see ANSELM St. - Opera...(1675).GEREE Stephen UA34/9 The doctrine of the Antinomians. 18cm. London. R.C. for J. Blunden. 1644 Wing G606.GERLACH Franz Dorotheus . . . see SALLUSTIUS CRISPUS Caius - C. Crispi Salustii...(1823-31)

GERMAIN Michel . . . see MABILLON Jean and GERMAIN Michel - Veterum analectorum...(1675-85)GERVASE of Canterbury Z63/8-9 The historical notes...ed. W.Stubbs. (Rolls Series). 2 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1879-80

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GERVASE of Tilbury P288 Otia imperialia...begleitet von Felix Liebrecht. 23cm. Hannover. Carl Rümpler. 1856GESENIUS Wilhelm . . . see BROWN Francis, DRIVER Samuel Rolles and BRIGGS Charles Augustus - A Hebrew and English lexicon...(1906)GESNER Conrad Z96/11-12 Conr.Gesneri...historiae animalium liber... 2 vols. 37cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Heinrich Lorentz. 1620GESNER Johannes Matthias . . . see SCRIPTORES REI RUSTICAE - Lexicon...(1788)GESTA ROMANORUM S19-20 Gesta Romanorum or entertaining moral stories...translated...by Charles Swan. 2 vols. 18cm. London. Rivington. 1824GIBBINGS Richard (editor) . . . see CALFHILL John - An answer...(1846)GIBBINGS Richard (editor) . . . see FULKE William - (Works)...(1843-48)GIBBON Edward F89 An historical view of Christianity. 29.5cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1806GIBBON Edward V251-258 The history of the decline and fall of the Roman empire. (Oxford English Classics). 8 vols. 22cm. Oxford. W Pickering. 1827GIBBS Denis Z9/9(9) The almshouses of Lichfield. 27.5cm. London. (Author). 1994 Offprint from Journal of Medical Biography, 1994.GIBSON Edmund C126 Codex juris ecclesiastici Anglicani. 2nd edn 43cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press 1761. GIBSON Edmund Z61X/1-2 Codex juris ecclesiastici. 2 vols. 36cm. London. J Baskett. 1713GIBSON Edmund* D81-83, & F74-76 A preservative against Popery. 3 vols 34cm. London. H Knaplock et al. 1738 Two sets of this work held.GIBSON Edmund* L31 Synodus Anglicana. 19cm. London. A. and J. Churchill. 1702GIBSON John J116 The testimony...to the nature and effects of Holy Baptism. 22cm. London. G. Bell. 1854GIESLER Johann Carl Ludwig Z28/23-26 A compendium of ecclesiastical history, trsl. S Davidson. 4 vols. 4th edn. 22.5cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1854GIFFORD Richard J273H Outlines of an answer to Dr. Priestly's disquisitions relating to matter and spirit. 19cm. London. T. Cadell. 1781 Bound with: BAKER R - Remarks...(1779)

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GIFFORD William . . . see JUVENALIS Decimus Junius - The satires...(1817-21)GIFFORD William . . . see MASSINGER Philip - Plays...(1840)GILBERT Ashhurst Turner UA24/9 A pastoral letter addressed to the clergy and laity of the diocese of Chichester. 22.5cm. Chichester . William Hayley Mason. 1843GILBERT Ashhurst Turner UA33/3 God's blessing the only security against national want. 19.5cm . Chichester. William Hayley Mason. 1847GILBERT John M32X A sermon on the sin of stealing custom and the duty of paying tribute. 22cm. Exeter. Sam. Darker and Sam. Farley, for Charles Yeo.. 1699 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711) Wing G709.GILBERT John M32W A sermon preached at St. Andrew's, Plymouth, January 30th, 1698/9. 22cm. London. Sam. Dather for Tho. Bennet. 1699 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711) Wing G711.GILCHRIST Octavius UA17/3 A letter to William Gifford Esq, on the late edition of (John) Ford's plays. 21.5cm. London. Murray. 1811GILCHRIST Octavius UA37/7 An examination of the charges...of Ben Jonson's enmity etc. towards Shakespeare. 22.5cm. London. Taylor, Henry. 1808GILDAS C48 The works of Gildes and Nennius (trsl. J A Giles) 22cm. London. Bohn. 1841GILES Chauncey Z43/5 De l'esprit et de l'homme comme être spirituel. 19cm. Paris . E Jung-Treuttel. 1875GILES John Allen (editor) . . . see GEOFFREY of Monmouth - Galfredi...(1844).GILLESPIE William Honyman Z37/23 The argument, a priori, for the being and the attributes of the Lord God. 6th edn. 21cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1906GILLESPIE William Honyman J52 The necessary existence of God. 4th edn. 18.5cm. London. Houlston and Wright. 1863GILPIN William K104 The life of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Canterbury 21cm. London. R. Blamire. 1784GILSON Julius Parnell I29 The Mozarabic Psalter (MS British Museum Add. 30, 851). (HBS 30) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1905GINSBURG Christian David Z53/5 A series of XVIII facsimiles of manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible. Enlarged edn. 56cm. London. Unicorn Press. 1898GIORDANO Paco L86-88 Elucubrationes diversae. 3 vols. 31cm. Padua. Paolo Frambotti. 1650GIOVIO Paolo V127 Pauli Jovii Novocomensis episcopi...historiarum sui temporis tomus primus

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(secundus). 2 vols (in 1). 33.5cm. Paris . Michel Vascosau. 1558-60GIRALDUS CAMBRENSIS (Gerald de Barri) Z66/7-13 Opera, ed. J.S.Brewer (and J.F.Dimock). (Rolls Series). 7 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1861-77GIRDLESTONE Charles J17 A concordance to the Psalms of David. 17cm. London. Rivington. 1834GIRDLESTONE Charles G44 The Book of Psalms...together with the marginal notes. 17cm. London. Rivington. 1836GLANVILL Ralph X73 Tractatus de legibus et consuetudinibus regni Angliae. 16.5cm. London. J White. 1780GLASGOW AND AYR. Synod. J270C Memorial and admonition of the reverend synod of Glasgow and Air.... 19.5cm. London. J. Roberts. 1745GLASS Salomon G116 Philologiae sacrae...libri quinque. 3rd edn 20cm. Frankfurt-a-Main and Hamburg. [n.p]. 1653GLASTONBURY ANTIQUARIAN SOCIETY Z4/1 Proceedings for the year 1886. 21.5cm. Glastonbury. F Goodall. 1887GLOBE ENCYCLOPAEDIA Z94/11-16 The illustrated Globe Encyclopaedia, revised...by James May. 6 vols. New edn. 27.5cm. London. Virtue. (1890-93)GLOVER Non-Conformist* J267B The argument a priori concerning the existence and perfections of God...stated and considered. 20cm. London. J. Noon. 1737 Bound with: LOWMAN M - An argument....(1735)GLOVER George J222 Remarks on the Bishop of Peterborough's comparative view... 22cm. London. Baldwin, Cradock and Joy. 1821GLYCAS Michael . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 9,(1729).GNOSALL XA29 Gnosall parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1922GOAR Jacobus B14 Euchologion, sive rituale Graecorum complectens... 33cm. Paris. Simeon Piget. 1647GODEFROY Jacques . . . see THEODOSIUS II, Emperor of the East - Codex Theodosianus...(1665).GODEFROY Jacques* X212 Le Mercure Jesuite. 2 vols (in 1). 16.5cm. Geneva. Pierre Aubert. 1630-31 Vol I is 2nd edn (1631).GODET Frédéric Z3/14 Studies in the New Testament. 19.5cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1876GODFREY John Thomas Z86/14 The history of the parish and priory of Lenton. 25cm. London. Bemrose. 1884

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GODOLPHIN John M16 Repertorium canonicum. 22cm. London. S. Roycroft for Christopher Williams. 1678 Wing G949.GODWIN Francis Z134/28 A catalogue of the bishops of England. 19cm. London. Thomas Adams. 1615 STC 11938.GODWIN Francis V59 Annales of England. 26.5cm. London. A Islip and W Stansby. 1630 STC 11947.GODWIN George K194-195 The churches of London. 2 vols. 21cm. London. C. Tilt. 1839GODWIN John Z9/9(6) Lichfield miscellany. 30cm. Lichfield. Teachers' Centre. 1978GODWYN Thomas X232A Moses and Aaron: civil and ecclesiastical rites used by the ancient Hebrews. 18cm. London. Richard Hodgkinson. 1672 Wing G981. Bound with two other vols. GODWYN Thomas Y151 Moses and Aaron: civil and ecclesiastical rites. 10th edn. 18.5cm. London. S Griffin for Andrew Crook. 1671 Wing G980.GODWYN Thomas* X232C Romanae historiae anthologia recognita et aucta. (Revised and enlarged by the Author). 18cm. London. R.W. for Peter Parker. 1674 Wing G994. Bound with GODWYN T - Moses and Aaron...(1672).GOLDSMITH Oliver* Z105/33 The citizen of the world. Vol 2 (only). 16cm. London. for R Whiston et al.. 1785GOLIUS Jacobus N107 Lexicon Arabico-Latinum. 35cm. Leiden. Elsevier. 1643 Coll.800-815 missing, replaced by blank leaves.GOMME Sir George Laurence (editor) . . . see GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE - The gentleman's magazine library...(1885-89).GOODE William UA7/3 A supplement to his work on the Eucharist. 22cm. London. Hatchard. 1858GOODE William J120 Aids for determining some disputed points... 22cm. London. Hatchard. 1851GOODE William J204 The doctrine of the Church of England as to the effects of baptism in the case of infants. 2nd edn 22cm. London. Hatchard. 1850GOODE William (editor) . . . see COOPER Thomas - An answer...(1850)GOODMAN Arthur Worthington

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. . . see BASKERVILLE Geoffrey and GOODMAN Arthur Worthington - Surrey incumbents...(1937).GOODMAN Arthur Worthington Z82/33 Hampshire incumbents in 1562. 22cm. Winchester. Warren and Sons. 1938 Offprint from Proceedings of Hampshire Field Club, vol XIV.GOODMAN Godfrey Z26/17-18 The court of King James the First...ed. J S Brewer. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. Bentley. 1839GOODMAN John* X215 A serious and compassionate inquiry into the causes of the present neglect and contempt of the Protestant religion and the Church of England. 17.5cm. London. Robert White for Richard Royston. 1674 Wing G1120.GOODSPEED Edgar J Q212 Index patristicus, sive clavis patrum apostolicorum operum. 22cm. Leipzig. J C Hinrichs. 1907GOODWIN Thomas* J268D Transubstantiation a peculiar article of the Roman Catholick faith... 20cm. London. [n.p]. Wing G1258 Wing G1258. Bound with RIDLEY N - An account...(1688)GORDON DE PERCEL, pseud. . . . see LENGLOT DU FRESNOY Pierre Nicolas.GORDON Thomas . . . see (TRENCHARD John) - Cato's letters...(1755)GORE Charles Z42/15 The church and the ministry. 4th edn. 19cm. London. Longmans. 1900GORE Charles Z37/12-13 The incarnation of the Son of God. (Bampton Lectures 1891). 2 copies 22cm. London. John Murray. 1893-96GORE Charles Z35/17 The ministry of the Christian church. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1889GORE Charles H305 The Philosophy of the Good Life. (Gifford Lectures Series) 22cm. London. Murray. 1930GORE Charles (editor) Z42/16 Lux mundi. 14th edn. 19cm. London. J Murray. 1895GORE Charles* Q133 Memorial Services (Prayer Book Revision Pamphlets 6). 19.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1914GORMAN I9 Féline Lúi Gormáin: the Martyrology of German, edited by W. Stokes. (HBS 9) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1895GOSLICIO Lorenzo Grimalio Z120/4 De optimo senatore libri duo. 20cm. Venice. Giordano Ziletto. 1568GOSSE Sir Edmund . . . see GARNETT Richard and GOSSE Sir Edmund - English literature...(1903).GOTHOFREDUS Jacobus

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. . . see PHILOSTORGIUS of Cappadocia - Veteris...(1642)GOTTFRIED Jacob . . . see CODEX THEODOSIANUS - Codex...(1736-45).GOUDE Ghent van der Q225 Dat boeken van der missen, ed. Percy Dearmer. (Alcuin Club: Collections 5). 27.5cm. London. Longmans. 1903GOUGALLO Louis Y161 Christianity in Celtic lands. 21.5cm. London. Sheed and Ward. 1932GOUGH Henry U129 A general index to the publications of the Parker Society. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1855GOUGH Richard Z87/24 Antiquities and memoirs of the parish of Myddle, County of Salop. 28cm. Shrewsbury. Adnitt and Naunton. 1875GOULART Simon* V308-309 Memoires de l'estat de France sous Charles neufiesme. 3 vols (in 2). 17cm. Middelburg. Heinrich Wolf. 1576-77GOULBURN Edward Mayrick and SYMONDS Henry Z52/11-12 The life, letters and sermons of Bishop Herbert de Losinga. 2 vols. 22cm. Oxford. James Parker. 1878GOULBURN Edward Meyrick Z20/12-13 The collects of the day: an exposition... 2 vols. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1883GOULBURN Edward Meyrick et al. W112 The ancient sculptures in the roof of Norwich Cathedral...to which is added a history of the see of Norwich. 36cm. London. Autotype Fine Art Company . 1876GOULD Dorothy and GOULD James Z9/7(9) St Michael's Churchyard, Lichfield, Staffs. 23cm. Lichfield. South Staffordshire Arch.and Hist.Society. 1975 Extract from vol.XVI of Transactions.GOULD James Z9/7(10) Letocetum, Christianity and Lichfield (Staffs). 23cm. Lichfield. South Staffordshire Arch.and Hist.Society. 1973 Extract from Transactions vol.XIV.GOULD James Z9/9(5) Lichfield: archaeology and development. 29.5cm. Birmingham. WEMRAC. 1976GOULD James Z9/8(11) Lichfield: ecclesiastical origins. 30cm. Woodbridge. Boydell Press. 1993 Offprint from: In Search of Cult: investigations in honour of Philip Rahtz.GOULD James Z/8(12) Pre-Conquest finds made during the 19th century at Lichfield. 23.5cm. Lichfield. South Staffordshire Arch.and Hist.Society. 1978 Offprint from Transactions, vol XVIII.GOULD James Z9/8(13) Saxon Cathedra or 17th century niche in Lichfield Cathedral? 23.5cm. Lichfield. South Staffordshire Arch.and Hist.Society. 1978 Offprint from Transactions, vol XVIII.GOULD James Z9/8(14) The twelfth-century water supply to Lichfield Close. 24.5cm. London. Society of Antiquaries. 1976 Offprint from Antiquaries Journal, vol 56.

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GRABE Johann Ernestus C31 Some instances of the defects and omissions in Mr Whiston's collection of testimonies...to which is added a discourse...by George Hickes. 18cm. London. W Bowyer for Henry Clements. 1712GRABE Johann Ernst G98 Septuaginta interpretum tomus ultimus (only), continens Psalmorum, Jobi ac tres Salomonis libros. 21cm. Oxford. e Theatro Sheldoniano. 1709GRABE Johann Ernst X262-263 Spicilegium SS patrum. 2 vols. Ed. alter. 18.5cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1714GRACE Sheffield (editor) V3 A letter from the Countess of Nithsdale etc. with remarks. 24.5cm. London. J Rider. 1827GRAHAM John UA1/3 A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Chester in 1849. 21.5cm. London. J W Parker. 1849GRANT Johnson UA39/8 A sermon on conversion. 21.5cm. London. Hatchard. 1834GRATIANUS . . . see DECRETUM GRATIANI - Decretum Gratiani...(1613)GRATIUS Ortuinus D47 Epistolae obscurorum virorum...(ed) Ernst Münch 22.5cm. Leipzig. J.C. Hinrichs. 1827GRATIUS Ortuinus D2-3 Fasciculus rerum expetendorum et fugiendarum prout ab Ortuino Gratio...opera et studio Edwardi Brown... 2 vols 31cm. London. Richard Chiswell. 1690 Wing G1583GRAY Robert G165 A key to the Old Testament and Apocrypha. New edn. 22cm. London. C.J.G. and F. Rivington. 1829GRAY Robert Z105/24 Sermons on the principles upon which the Reformation of the Church of England was established. (Bampton Lectures 1796). 21cm. London. Rivington. 1796GRAY Thomas S306-307 The works. 2 vols. 30.5cm. London. W Bulmer. 1814GRAY Thomas Z98/12-13 The works...arranged by Thomas James Mathias. 2 vols. 37cm. London. William Bulmer. 1814GRAY Zachary UA18/4 A defence of our ancient and modern historians. 2nd edn. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1730GRAZEBROOK Henry Sydney (editor) Y130 The heraldic visitations of Staffordshire made...in 1614 and ...in...1663 and 1664. 23cm. London. Mitchell and Hughes. 1885 Duplicate of William Salt Society Publications, vol.V, pt.II (Z78).GRAZEBROOK Henry Sydney (editor) Y129 The visitation of Staffordshire...Anno Domini 1583. 23cm. London. Mitchell and Hughes. 1883GREAT BRITAIN. Acts of Parliament. Z108/3-16 & Z110/1-13. Anno regni Georgii II (III) Regis...at the Parliament begun... 27 vols. 30cm. London. Thomas Baskett et al.. 1735-71

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GREAT BRITAIN. Cathedrals Commission 1879. Z98/7 First report. 32cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1882GREAT BRITAIN. Census 1821. Z118/8 Abstracts of the answers and returns. (House of Commons no.502). 35cm. London. (Eyre and Strahan). 1822GREAT BRITAIN. Census. 1801. Z99/17 Abstract of the answer and returns: enumeration. 2 vols (in 1). 35cm. London. Eyre and Strahan. 1802GREAT BRITAIN. Census. 1831. Z98/1-3 Abstract of the answers and returns made pursuant to an Act...intituled an Act for taking an Account of the Population... 3 vols. 32.5cm. London. (Eyre and Strahan). 1833GREAT BRITAIN. Census. 1811. Z99/16 Abstract of the answers and returns: preliminary observations, enumeration abstract, parish-register abstract. 35cm. London. Eyre and Strahan. 1812GREAT BRITAIN. Census. 1801. Z99/18 Abstract of the answers and returns: parish-registers. 35cm. London. Eyre and Strahan. 1801GREAT BRITAIN. Commissioners for Public Records. Z127/10 Reports from the Select Committee...of the Public Records of the Kingdom. 45cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1800GREAT BRITAIN. Commissioners for Public Records. Z125/1-2 Reports...respecting the Public Records of the Kingdom. 2 vols. 46cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1800-1819GREAT BRITAIN. Laws Z118/10 The criminal code: game laws. 32.5cm. London. Eyre and Strahan. 1828GREAT BRITAIN. Laws. Z118/9 The criminal code: forgery. 32.5cm. London. Eyre and Strahan. 1826GREAT BRITAIN. Laws. Z118/11-13 The criminal code: simple larceny, robbery, stolen goods, fraud, mischief, restitution and compensation. 2 vols (in 3). 32.5cm. London. Eyre and Strahan. 1828-29GREAT BRITAIN. Laws. Criminal Code. Z97/19 The criminal code: burglary, housebreaking and churchrobbing. 32.5cm. London. Eyre and Strahan. 1826GREAT BRITAIN. Laws. Criminal Code. Z97/20 The criminal code: coining. 32.5cm. London. Eyre and Strahan. 1825GREAT BRITAIN. Poor Law Commissions. Z63X/10 Abstract of the answers and returns. 45cm. London. House of Commons. 1804GREAT BRITAIN. Public Records Commission. Z63X/7-8 Commissions and abstract of annual reports... 2 vols. 43cm. London. House of Commons. 1806-07GREAT BRITAIN. Public Records Commission. Z85X/7 Report...with an account of their proceedings, 1800-1812. 42.5cm. London. Eyre and Strachan. 1812GREAT BRITAIN. Statutes. Z86X/3-14 The statutes of the realm. 12 vols. 49cm. London. Eyre and Strachan. 1810-1828GREAVES John X159 Pyramidographia. 16.5cm. London. for George Badger . 1646 Wing G1804.

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GREEK ARTICLE UA25/2 Hints and cautions respecting the Greek article. (pp.1-80 as Appendix to an unknown grammar?) 17.5cm. (London). (J Thomson). (18 ?)GREEN John Richard Z35/21 The making of England. 21.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1885GREEN John, Vicar of St. Neots J34 A concordance to the liturgy. 14cm. London. Hope and Co.. 1851GREEN Robert et al V45L The tryals of Robert Green, Henry Berry and Lawrence Hill for the murder of Sir Edmondbury Galpy. 30cm. London. for Pawlet. 1679 Wing T2256. Bound with OATES T - A true narrative...(1679).GREEN Samuel Gosnell* Z1/19 Handbook to the grammar of the Greek Testament. New edn. 18.5cm. London. Religious Tract Society. (1880)GREEN Thomas Sheldon G85 A course of developed criticism. 22cm. London. Samuel Bagster. 1856GREEN Thomas Sheldon G86 A treatise on the grammar of the New Testament dialect. 22cm. London. Samuel Bagster. 1842GREEN Thomas* T300 Extracts from the diary of a lover of literature. 28cm. Ipswich. John Row. 1810GREENE Robert T258 Philomela, the Lady Fitzwater's nightingale. New edn. 29cm. London. Longmans. 1814GREENSLADE M W Z134/30A St Chad of Lichfield and Birmingham. 20.5cm. Stafford. George St Press Ltd. 1996GREGORAS Nicephorus . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 20,(1729).GREGORIUS Corinthius P36 Libri de dialectis linguae graecae...edidit Godofredus Henricus Schaefer. 21cm. Leipzig. Johann August Gottlieb Weigel. 1811GREGORY I, St, Pope. Z55/4-7 Opera omnia...studio et labore Monachorum Ordinis Sancti Benedicti e Congregatione Sancti Mauri. 4 vols. 42cm. Paris . Claude Rigaud. 1705GREGORY John G59 Notes and observations upon some passages of Scripture. 18.5cm. London. R. Norton for R. Royston. 1671 Wing G1914GREGORY Nazianzen St. BB36B Orationes XXX 30.5cm. Basel. Hieronymus Froben. 1531 Bound with: ERASMUS D - Ecclesiastes...(1535).GREGORY of Tours, St. I133 Opera omnia...studio Theodrici Ruinart. 36cm. Paris. François Muguet. 1699GREGORY St, Nazianzen Z55/8 Opera omnia...opera et studio Monachorum Ordinis Sancti Benedicti e Congregatione

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Sancti Mauri. Vol I (only). 42cm. Paris . Desaint. 1778GREGORY St, Nazianzes C32 Sancti Gregorii Nazianzeni in Julianum invectivae duae...editit R Montagu. 23cm. Eton. John Norton. 1610 STC 12346.GREGORY Ulyssensis I137-138 Opera omnia. 2 vols 33cm. Paris . Michele Sonnius. 1615GREGORY XVI, Pope UA8/7 Pastoral epistle from His Holiness the Pope to some members of the University of Oxford. 4th edn. 22cm. London. B Fellowes. 1836GREGORY, St, Nazianzen E142-143 Opera omnia. 2 vols 40cm. Paris. Paul Mellier. 1842GRENAILLE François de, Sieur de Chatonière T137 L'honneste garçon, ou d'art de bien élever la noblesse à la vertu. 23cm. Paris . Toussaint Quinet. 1642 Tables misbound before half-title.GRENFELL Bernard Pyne and HUNT Arthur Surridge Y167 Logia Jesou: sayings of Our Lord from an early Greek papyrus. 22.5cm. London. Henry Frowde for Egypt Exploration Fund. 1897GRENVILLE William Wyndham, Baron UA16/12 Oxford and Locke. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Murray. 1829GRESLEY William UA33/4 Answer to a letter of the Rev.E B Elliott. 21.5cm. London. Joseph Masters. 1856GRESLEY William Z24/1 The siege of Lichfield. 19cm. London. James Burns. 1840GRESWELL Edward . . . see MIMPRISS Robert - A Harmony of the Four Gospels...(1833)GRESWELL Edward . . . see MILTON John - Joannis Miltoni fabulae...(1832)GRESWELL Edward Z14/16-21 An exposition of the Parables. 5 vols (in 6). 23cm. Oxford. Rivington. 1834-35GRESWELL Edward H214-218 Dissertation upon the principles and arrangement of an harmony of the Gospels. 4 vols (in 5). 2nd edn 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1837GRESWELL Edward Z14/15 Harmonia evangelica. 3rd edn. 23cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1840GRETSERIUS Jacobus C42 De cruce Christi, rebusque ad eam pertinentibus. 22cm. Ingolstadt. Adam Sartorius. 1598GREVILLE Fulke, Lord Brooke S324 Certaine learned and elegant workes. 25cm. London. E.P. for Henry Seyle. 1633 STC 12361GREW Nehemiah Z118/7 Musaeum regalis societatis.

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31cm. London. W Rawlins for the Author. 1681 Wing G1952.GREW Nehemiah Z61X/13 The anatomy of plants. 31cm. London. W Rawlinson for the Author. 1682 Wing G1945.GREY Richard L22 A system of English ecclesiastical law. 2nd edn 20cm. Savoyn. E. and R. Nutt and R. Gosling. 1732GREY Zachary Z9/7(5) An attempt towards the character of the Royal Martyr King Charles I from authentic vouchers. 20cm. London. J Roberts. 1738GREY Zachary J160 An examination of the fourteenth chapter of Sir Isasac Newton's Observations... of Daniel. 20.5cm. London. J. Roberts. 1736GREY Zachary* UA14/5 The ministry of the Dissenters proved to be null and void, from Scripture and Antiquity. 20cm. London. Thomas Warner. 1725GRIER Alexander Roy McGregor and HIBBERT Francis Aidan YA15 The register of S.Chad's College, Denstone from ...1873 to...1904. 22cm. (Shrewsbury). (W D Wilding). (1904) Published by subscription.GRIER Richard J325 An answer to Ward's Errata of the Protestant Bible. 28.5cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1812GRIER Richard Macgregor Z52/7 John Allen, Vicar of Prees and Archdeacon of Salop. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1889GRIESBACH Johann Jacob G62-63 Symbolae criticae. 2 vols 18cm. Halle. J.J. Curtis Witwe. 1785GRIFFITH Elizabeth* and GRIFFITH Richard* L25-28 A series of genuine letters between Henry and Frances. 4 vols. (vol.II only) 3rd edn. 17.5cm. London. W. Johnston. 1767 Vols.I, III-IV were given with this vol. by Andrew Newton, and the set allocated shelf numbers. The set vanished between 1805 and 1838; this one vol was recovered in 1919.GRIFFITHS George Z135/3 A history of Tong, Shropshire. 2nd edn. 22cm. Newport, Shropshire. Horne and Bennion. 1894GRIFFITHS John . . . see AESCHYLUS - Prometheos...(1834)GRIFFITHS Robert George . . . see CANTILUPE Thomas, St. - The register...(1906).GRINDAL Edmund U101 The remains...ed. W. Nicholson (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1843GRINFIELD E. W. G77 An apology for the Septuagint. 22cm. London. William Pickering. 1850GRINFIELD Edward UA21/10 The researches of physiology illustrative of the Christian doctrine of the

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resurrection. 22cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1820GRINFIELD Edward William J262F Cursory observations. 2nd edn. 21.5cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1819 Bound with: GRINFIELD E W - Vindiciae analogicae...(1822)GRINFIELD Edward William J262E The bulwarks of the English church. 21.5cm. Bath. Wood and Co. (1820) Bound with : GRINFIELD E W - Vindiciae analogicae...(1822)GRINFIELD Edward William J262C The origin of frauds detected. 21.5cm. London. T. Cadell. 1824 Bound with: GRINFIELD E W - Vindiciae analogicae...(1822)GRINFIELD Edward William J262D The researches of physiology illustrative of the Christian doctrine of the Resurrection. 21.5cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1820 Bound with: GRINFIELD E W - Vindiciae analogicae...(1822)GRINFIELD Edward William UA22/10 The researches of physiology illustrative of the Christian doctrine of the Resurrection. 22cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1820GRINFIELD Edward William J262A-B Vindiciae analogicae. 2 vols (in 1) 21.5cm. London. T. Cadell. 1822 Bound with four other tracts.GRINFIELD Edward William H290B-D Vindiciae analogicae. 2 vols (with separate Appendix) 21cm. London. T. Cadell. 1822 Bound with:WHATELY R - The right method...(1821)GRONOVIUS Jacobus . . . see CICERO Marcus Tullius - Opera...(1692)GRONOVIUS Johannes Fredericus . . . see SENECA Lucius Annaeus - Tragoediae....(1642)GRONOVIUS Johannes Fredericus X148 Observationum libri tres. Ed. secunda. 16cm. Leiden. Daniel and Abraham à Gaasbeeck. 1662GROOME John L30 The dignity and honour of the clergy. 19cm. London. J. Wyat. 1710GROSART Alexander Balloch (editor) J49. . . see PALMER Herbert - Lord Bacon..(1864)GROSE Francis* W61 (Supplement of maps to his 'Antiquities of England and Wales'.) 34.5cm. (London). (S Hooper). (1787) Main work not in library.GROSSETESTE Robert Z66/22 Epistolae, ed. H.R.Luard. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1861GROSVENOR DIVORCE Z122/11 Copies of the depositions of the witnesses examined in the cause of divorce...between...Richard Lord Grosvenor and...Henrietta Lady Grosvenor. 20cm. London. J Russel. 1771GROSVENOR Richard, Baron

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. . . see GROSVENOR DIVORCE - Copies of...(1771).GROTE George V231-242 History of Greece. 12 vols. 3rd edn. 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1851-56GROTIUS Hugo . . . see (PROCOPIUS) - Historia Gotthorum...(1655)GROTIUS Hugo BB14 De imperio summarum potestatum circa sacra commentarius posthumus. 15cm. Paris . ( ? ). 1647 Bishop Hacket's ownership inscription on tp.GROTIUS Hugo C120 Epistolae quotquot reperiri potuerunt. 38cm. Amsterdam. P. & J. Blaeu. 1687GROTIUS Hugo O9 Excerpta e tragoediis et comoediis Graecis. 22cm. Paris. Nicolas Buon. 1626GROTIUS Hugo Z114/6-7 Le droit de la guerre et de la paix. Nouvelle traduction par J Barbeyrac. 2 vols. 25cm. Amsterdam. Peter de Coup. 1724GROTIUS Hugo X219 Of the authority of the highest powers about sacred things. 16.5cm. London. T.W. for Joshua Kirton. 1651 Wing G2117.GROTIUS Hugo C103-106 Opera omnia theologica. 3 vols (in 4) 37cm. London. Moses Pitt. 1679 Wing G2081GROTIUS Hugo UA30/5 Synopsis compendiaria...de Jure belli et pacis, Samuelis Clarkii De Dei existentia et attributis et Jeannis Lockii De intellectu humano. 22cm. Cambridge. J Bentham. 1751GROTIUS Hugo X182 Via ad pacem ecclesiasticam. 17cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1642GROTIUS Hugo* X7 Commentatio ad loca quaedam N.Testamenti. 15cm. Amsterdam. Johannes and Cornelius Blaeu. 1611GROVE Sir George . . . see SMITH Sir William and GROVE Sir George - An atlas...(1874).GROVE Sir George Z21/2-6 Grove's dictionary of music and musicians, ed. J A Fuller-Maitland. 5 vols. 22.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1904GRUNDY George Beardoe (editor) Z87/10 Murray's small classical atlas. 2nd edn. 35cm. London. J Murray. 1932

GRÜNER Johann Jacob . . . see AURELIUS VICTOR Sextus - Historia Romana...(1787)GRUTER Jan . . . see LIVIUS Titus - Titi Livii...(1612)GRUTER Jan

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. . . see LIVIUS Titus - Titi Livii...(1628)GUALDO Galeazzo V320 Historia universale. 17cm. Geneva. Jacques Chouët. 1642GUARINI Battista T215 Il pastor fido. 19.5cm. Venice. Giovanni Battista Ciotti. 1602GUARINI Giovanni Battista T89 Le berger fidèle, pastorale. 13.5cm. Tours . James Mettayer. 1593GUEST Charlotte, Lady (editor) . . . see MABINOGION - The Mabinogion...(1838-49).GUEVARA Innico de T280 Theatrum omnium scientiarum. 26.5cm. Naples. Roberto Mollo. 1650GUICCIARDINI Francesco Z114/12 Aphorismes civill and militarie...(arranged by Sir R Dallington). 27.5cm. London. E Blount. 1613 STC 6197.GUICCIARDINI Francesco V118 Histoire des guerres d'Italie...traduite...par Hier(onyme) Chomedet. Dernière édn. 34cm. Paris . Pierre le Mur. 1612GUICCIARDINI Francesco V84 Historiarum sui temporis libri viginti. 32.5cm. Baseln. Peter Perna. 1566GUICCIARDINI Francesco V6 La historia d'Italia...di nuovo riveduta e corretta per Francisco Sansovino. 2 vols (in 1). 22cm. Venice. Andrea Baba. 1636GUICCIARDINI Francesco V85 The historie of Guicciardini...reduced into English by Geffray Fenton. 3rd edn. 31.5cm. London. Richard Field. 1618 STC 12460.GUICCIARDINI Lodovico R39 Description de tout le Pais Bas, autrement dict la Germanie Inférieure ou Basse-Allemagne. 29.5cm. Anvers. Guillaume Silvius. 1567GUICCIARDINI Lodovico R75 Descrittione...di tutti Paesi Bassi. 31cm. Anvers. Guillaume Silvius. 1567GUILLEMARD William Henry Z15/5 Hebraisms in the Greek Testament. 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1879GUILLIM John W67 A display of heraldrie. 4th edn. 29.5cm. London. T.R. for Richard Blome. 1660 Wing G2219.GUMPACH Johannes von T259 Practical tables for the reduction of Mahometan dates to the Christian kalendar. 27.5cm. London. James Madden. 1856GUMPACH Johannes von UA37/2 The Gospel narrative vindicated on the Roman census. 21.5cm. London. Samuel Bagster. (1863)GUNNING Peter U44 The paschal or Lent feast apostolical and perpetual. New edn. (Library of

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Anglo-Catholic theology, v.44). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1845GUNNING Peter M36 The paschal or lent-fast. 20cm. London. R. Norton for Timothy Gouthwait. 1662 Wing G2236.GUNTHER Robert Theodore (editor) . . . see ASHMOLE Elias - The diary...(1927).GURDON Thornhaugh V22-23 The history of the High Court of Parliament... 2 vols. 19cm. London. for R Knaplock. 1731GURNEY Hudson* X176 Heads of ancient history. 15.5cm. London (privately). Printed by B Howlett. 1814 Contains slip of printed thanks-note in verse to the author.GUTBIRIUS Aegidius X5A Lexicon Syriacum, continens omnes N.T. Syriaci dictiones et particulas. 16cm. Hamburg. Typis et Impensis Autoris. 1667 Bound with one other volume.GUTHER Jacob R46 De officiis domus Augustae publicae et privatae. 25cm. Paris . Sebastien Cramoisy. 1628GUYON Claude Marie de* V32-33 A new history of the East Indies. 2 vols. 19.5cm. London. Dodsley. 1757GWATKIN Henry Melvill Z37/20-21 The knowledge of God. 2 vols. 2nd edn. 21cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1907GWYNN Aubrey Y158 The English Austin friars in the time of Wyclif. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1940GWYNN John (editor) . . . see BOOK OF ARMAGH - Liber Ardmachanus...(1913).GYLL Peter R18 The antiquities of Constantinople...trsl. John Ball. 19cm. London. for the Benefit of the Translator. 1729HABESCI Elias W3 The present state of the Ottoman empire. 21cm. London. R Baldwin. 1784HABINGTON William V58 The historie of Edward the Fourth, King of England. 26.5cm. London. Tho.Cotes for William Cooke. 1640 STC 12568.HACKET John F124 A century of sermons (ed. Thomas Plume). 39cm. London. Andrew Clark for Robert Scott. 1675 Wing H169HACKET John BB10A A sermon preached before the King's Majesty at Whitehall on Friday the 22 of March, Anno 1660 (1). 19cm. London. W Wilson for John Place. 1660 (1). Wing H172.HACKET John L19B Apology for cathedral establishments (repr. from 'The prebendary, part.II) 20cm. London. Hatchard. 1838 Bound with: The prebendary, ...(1837-38)

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HACKET John K169 Scrinia reserata: a memorial...of John Williams, D.D. 30cm. Savoy. Edward Jones for Samuel Lowndes. 1693 Wing H171.HADDAN Arthur West and STUBBS William Q300 Councils and ecclesiastical documents relating to Great Britain and Ireland, vol.II, part II (only). 25cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1878HADDON Walter T294 Lucubrationes passim collectae. 20cm. London. William Seres. 1567 STC 12596.HAGGITT George UA32/6 A familiar treatise on the Sacrament. 23cm. Bury St.Edmunds. J Rackham. 1793HAHN August (editor) Q191 Bibliothek der Symbole-und-Glanbensregeln der alten Kirche. 3e auflage von Ly. Ludwig Han. 22.5cm. Breslau. E Morgenstern. 1897HAHN Georg Ludwig . . . see HAHN August - Bibliothek...(1897)HAINES Roy Martin (editor) . . . see BRANSFORD Wulstan de - A calendar...(1966).HAKEWILL George F12 An apologie or declaration of the power and providence of God in the government of the world. 2 vols (in 1) 3rd edn 29.5cm. Oxford. William Turner. 1635 STC 12613HAKEWILL George# F24 An apologie of the power and the providence of God in the government of the world. 28.5cm. Oxford. John Lichfield and William Turner. 1627 STC 12611HAKLUYT Richard . . . see (ANGLERIUS Petrus Martyrius) - The famous history...(1628).HALE Sir Matthew J272 Contemplations moral and divine. 18.5cm. London. W. Shrewsbury. 1699 Wing H231HALE Sir Matthew Y133 The judgment of the late Lord Chief Justice Sir Matthew Hale of the nature of true religion. 18cm. London. for B Simmons. 1684 Wing H247.HALE Sir Matthew UA3/15 The judgment...of the nature of true religion. 23cm. London. Bohn. 1832HALE Sir Matthew L135 The primitive origination of mankind considered and examin'd... 31.5cm. London. William Godbid for William Shrowsbery. 1677 Wing H258. another copy Z?HALE William Hale V274 The history of the Jews. (Encyclopaedia metropolitana, 3rd division). 18.5cm. London. J J Griffin. 1850

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HALES John F40 Golden remains. 2nd impression 23.5cm. London. Thomas Newcomb for Robert Pawlet. 1673 Wing H271HALHED Nathaniel Brassey . . . see GENTOO LAWS - A code of...(1776).HALIFAX Charles Linley Wood, 2nd Viscount Z11/11-12 The conversations at Malines 1921-25 (and) Notes on the conversations at Malines. 2 vols. 19cm. London. Philip Allan and A R Mowbray. 1928-30HALIFAX Charles Wood, 2nd Viscount Q322 Dislocation of the Canon. 22.5cm. (n.p.). (Confraternity of the Blessed Sacrament). (1916)HALL Anthony (editor) . . . see LELAND John - Commentarii...(1709).HALL Arthur Crawshay Alliston Z32/18 Christ's temptation and ours. (Baldwin Lectures 1896). 19cm. London. Longmans. 1897HALL Charles Henry Z105/26 Sermons preached before the University of Oxford. (Bampton Lectures 1798). 21cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1799HALL Frederick YA31 A short historical account of the collegiate church of St.Peter, Wolverhampton. 22cm. Wolverhampton. William Parke. 1865HALL James (editor) Z22/25 Cotton letters...relating to manorial rights in Wrenburg, Frith and Newhall in Cheshire. 25cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1898HALL Joseph S180 Satires... (ed. by) Samuel Weller Singer. 16cm. Chiswick. Charles Whittingham. 1824HALL Joseph C79 The contemplations upon the history of the New Testament now complete: the second tome... 34cm. London. M. Flesher for Nath. Butter. 1634 STC 12640.5HALL Joseph F86 The works. 32cm. London. M. Flesher. 1647 Wing H362HALL Joseph Z136/1-10 The works...revised...by Josiah Pratt. 10 vols. 23cm. London. C Whittingham. 1808HALL Joseph S214 Virgidemiarum: satires. 20cm. London. William Pickering. 1825HALL Peter J203 The harmony of Protestant confessions. New edn. 22cm.. London. John F. Shaw. 1842HALL Robert UA13/14 The sentiments proper to the present crisis. 22.5cm. London. C Whittingham for the Author. 1803HALLAM Arthur Henry* UA3/11 Remarks on Professor Rossetti's "Disquisizioni sullo spirito antipapale". 22cm. London. E Moxon. 1832

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HALLAM Henry V287-290 View of the state of Europe during the Middle Ages. 4 vols. 5th edn. 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1829-48HALLEY Robert J290 The sacraments: an inquiry into the nature of the symbolic institution of the Christian religion, part I (only). 22cm. London. Jackson and Walford. 1844HALM Carl (editor) I156. . . see VICTOR Vitensis - Historia...(1879)HAMEL Christopher de Z11/31 Illuminated Manuscripts.. London. . 1994HAMILTON George UA7/9 Codex criticus of the Hebrew Bible. 22.5cm. London. A Macintosh. 1821HAMILTON Nicholas Esterhazy Stephen Armitage (editor) . . . see WILLIAM of Malmesbury - Gesta pontificum...(1870).HAMILTON Walter W29 A hand-book or concise dictionary of terms used in the arts and sciences. 17cm. London. J Murray. 1825HAMILTON Walter* W28 Notes to assist the memory in various sciences. 2nd edn. 17.5cm. London. J Murray. 1827HAMLEY Edward Bruce T48 Wellington's career. 17cm. Edinburgh. Wm. Blackwood. 1860HAMMOND Anthony Z97/18A A letter to the members of the different circuits. 19cm. London. (n.p.). 1826HAMMOND Charles Edward Z20/15 Liturgies eastern and western. 19cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1878HAMMOND Henry U45-48 (Works). 4 vols. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, vv.45-48). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1847-50HAMMOND Henry X11 A paraenesis, or seasonable exhortatory to all true sons of the Church of England. 15cm. London. R.N. for Richard Royston. 1656 Wing H572.HAMMOND Henry C75 A paraphrase and annotations upon...the Psalms... 30cm. London. R. Norton for R. Royston. 1659 Wing H578AHAMMOND Henry C76 A paraphrase and annotations upon...the New Testament. 34cm. London. J. Flesher for Richard Royston. 1653 Wing H573HAMMOND Henry E60A A practicall catechisme. 19cm. Oxford. [n.p.]. 1646 Wing H582. Bound with two other tracts.HAMMOND Henry J134 A view of the New Directory and vindication of the ancient liturgy. 19.5cm. Oxford. Henry Hall. 1646 Wing H613.

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HAMMOND Henry X181 Deuteraiphrontides, or a review of the paraphrase and annotations...of the New Testament. 18cm. London. J Flesher for R Royston. 1656 Wing H534.HAMMOND Henry E60B Large additions to the Practicall Catechism. 19cm. London. M.F. for R. Royston. 1646 Wing H544. Bound with HAMMOND H - A practicall catechisme...(1646)HAMMOND Henry X10 Of schisme. 15cm. London. J Flesher for Richard Royston. 1654 Wing H563.HAMMOND Henry E60C Severall tracts. 19cm. London. for R. Royston. 1646 Wing H603. Bound with HAMMOND H - A practicall catechism...(1646) Note:The tract 'Of Idolatry' is bound out of position.HAMMOND Henry F126-127 The works, Vol I (only). 2 copies 37cm. London. Elizabeth Flesher for Richard Royston. 1674 Wing H506. No more published of this edition.HAMSTALL RIDWARE XA30-31 Hamstall Ridware parish register, part II and Register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1906 Lacks part I, (pp1-80).HANBURY Benjamin Z29/7-9 Historical memorials relating to the Independents or Congregationalists. 3 vols. 22cm. London. Congregational Union of England and Wales. 1839-44HANMER Meredith, trsl. . . . see EUSEBIUS Pamphili, et al. - The ancient...histories...(1636)HANNA William U198 The last day of Our Lord's passion. 17.5cm. Edinburgh. Edmonston and Douglas. 1864HANNAY James Owen Z24/20 The spirit and origin of Christian monasticism. 19cm. London. Methuen. 1903HAPGOOD Isabel Florence Z20/10 Service book of the Holy Orthodox-Catholic Apostolic (Greco-Persian) Church. 20cm. Boston. Houghton, Mifflin. 1906HARBISON Peter Gospel Case The bronze crucifixion plaque said to be from St John's (Rinnagan), near Athlone. (Offprint from the Journal of Irish Archaeology, 11). 30cm. Dublin. Journal of Irish Archaeology. 1984HARCOURT Leveson Vernon G157-159 Lectures on the Four Gospels harmonized. 3 vols. 21cm. London. F. & J. Rivington. 1851HARDING Martin J . . . see CRANAGE David Herbert Somerset - Churches of Shropshire...(1901-1912)

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HARDING Sir John Dorney* UA4/3 An essay on the influence of Welsh tradition upon European literature. 21cm. . (not published). (1838/39?)HARDING Thomas (editor) . . . see BULLINGER Heinrich - The decades...(1849-52)HARDWICK Charles J112 A history of the articles of religion. New edn. 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton, Bell. 1859HARDWICK Charles Z32/20 A history of the articles of religion. 18cm. London. George Bell. 1884HARDWICK Charles K35 A history of the Christian church - Middle Age. 18.5cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1853HARDWICK Charles K36 A history of the Christian church during the Reformation. 18.5cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1856HARDWICK Charles Z25/23 A history of the Christian church: middle age, ed. W Stubbs. 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1883HARDWICK Charles Z25/24 A history of the Christian church during the Reformation, ed. W Stubbs. 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1886HARDWICK Charles (editor) J148. . . see FULLWOOD Frederick - Roma ruit...(1847)HARDWICK Charles (editor) . . . see THOMAS of Elmham - Historia...(1858).HARDY John Stockdale* K63H The Church of England its own witness...by Britannicus. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1835 Bound with: BURGESS T - Tracts...(1815)HARDY Sir Thomas Duffus . . . see LE NEVE John - Fasti ecclesiae...(1854)HARDY Sir Thomas Duffus . . . see ENGLAND. Oblate and Fine Rolls - Rotuli...(1835).HARDY Sir Thomas Duffus Z125/3 Rotuli chartarum in Turri Londinensi asservati. Vol I, pars I (only). 45cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1837 HARDY Sir Thomas Duffus Z114/1 Rotuli Normanniae in Turri Londinensi asservati... Vol I (only). 26cm. London. Commissioners for Public Records. 1835HARDY Sir Thomas Duffus (editor) Z66/3-6 Descriptive catalogue of materials relating to the history of Great Britain and Ireland to the end of the reign of Henry VII. (Rolls Series). 3 vols (in 4). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1862-71HARDY Sir Thomas Duffus (editor) Z127/9 Rotuli litterarum patentium in Turri Londinensi asservati. Vol I, pars I (only). 44cm. (London). (Eyre and Strachan). 1835HARDY Sir Thomas Duffy (editor) Z127/8 Rotuli litterarum clausarum in Turri Londinensi asservati. Vol I (only). 45cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1833HARDY William

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. . . see WAURIN Jehan de - Recueil...(1864)HARDY William John . . . see GEE Henry and HARDY William John - Documents illustrative...(1896).HARE Augustus William UA2/7 Offences in the ministry; a stumbling block to Christians. 21cm. Devises. J Harrison. 1832HARE Augustus William (co-author) . . . see HARE Julius Charles and HARE Augustus William - Guesses at truth...(1827).HARE Francis UA39/5 Church-authority vindicated. 5th edn. 21cm. London. J Roberts. 1720HARE Francis* J275 The difficulties and discouragements...in the way of private judgment...by a Presbyter of the Church of England. 19.5cm. London. J. Barker. 1710HARE Julius Charles* and HARE Augustus William* Z128/11-12 Guesses at truth, by two brothers. 2 vols. 17cm. London. for J Taylor. 1827HARE Julius* Z9/7(13-14) The prebendary, or cathedral establishments ancient and modern... 22cm. London. J Hatchard. 1837-38HARFORD John Battersby and MACDONALD Frederick Charles Z51/33 Handley Carr Glyn Moule, bishop of Durham: a biography. 21.5cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1922HARINGTON Edward Charles UA16/11 A letter etc. on the LVth canon and the Kirk of Scotland. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1851HARINGTON Edward Charles J113 Apostolical succession as held by the primitive church 22cm. London. Rivington. 1847HARINGTON Edward Charles K23 Brief notes of the Church of Scotland. 22.5cm. Exeter. P.A. Hannaford. 1843HARINGTON Edward Charles K63F The bull of Pope Pius the Ninth and the ancient British church. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1851 Bound with: BURGESS T - Tracts...(1815)HARINGTON Edward Charles J114 The object, importance and antiquity of the rite of consecration of churches. 21.5cm. London. Rivington. 1844HARINGTON Edward Charles UA33/5 The reconsecration, reconciliation etc. of churches. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1850HARINGTON Edward Charles UA31/7 The reformers of the Anglican church. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1850HARLAY Achilles de . . . see TACITUS Publius Cornelius - Les oeuvres...(1644)HARMAN Thomas T204 A caveat or warning for common cursetors vulgarly called vagabonds. 25cm. London. T Bensley. 1814 Limited to 100 copies.HARMER Anthony, pseud. J75

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. . . see (WHARTON Henry) - A specimen....(1693)HARMER Thomas C26-29 Observations on various passages of Scriptures. 5th edn, with...corrections by Adam Clarke. 4 vols 21cm. London. for Lackington and Co. 1816HARNACK Adolf Q89 Die Mission und Ausbreitung des Christentums in den ersten drei Jahrhunderten. 22.5cm. Leipzig. J C Hinrichs. 1902HARNACK Adolf Q278 Dogmengeschichte. 3e Auflage. 21cm. Freiburg-im-Breisgau. J C B Mohr. 1898HARRADINE Charles Y157 A handguide to Lichfield Cathedral. 9th edn. 18cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1909HARRINGTON James T287 The Common-wealth of Oceana. 26.5cm. London. J Streater for Livewell Chapman. 1656 Wing H809.HARRINGTON James, the Younger* F51E Some reflexions upon a treatise call'd Pietas Romana et Parisiensis... 23.5cm. Oxford. at the Theater. 1688 Wing H834. Bound with ALDRICH H* - A reply to two discourses...(1687)HARRIS Charles (co-author) . . . see WILLIAMS Norman Powell and HARRIS Charles - Northern Catholicism.(1933).HARRIS George . . . see JUSTINIAN I, Emperor - Institutionum...(1761)HARRIS James T128 Philological inquiries. New edn. 2 vols (in 1). 22cm. London. F Wingrave. 1802 Lacks second engraving.HARRISON Benjamin J115 An historical inquiry into the true interpretation of the rubrics in the Book of Common Prayer 22cm. London. Rivington. 1845HARRISON Frederick Z43/25 Life in a medieval college. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1952HARRISON James Park R140 Views and details of Saint Giles' church, Oxford. 36cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1842HARROD Henry D Z86/3-4 The history of Shavington in the county of Salop. 2 vols. 32.5cm. Shrewsbury. Salop Printing Works. 1891 Vol 2 is a Catalogue of muniments etc. of A P H Lonsdale, Esq, relating to Shavington etc. by the same author.HART Edward J76 The bulwark stormed. 18cm. London. W. Innys. 1717HART George Waldegrave (editor) . . . see ROCK Daniel - The church...(1903).HARTEL Wilhelm . . . see ENNODIUS Magnus Felix - Opera omnia...(1882)

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HARTHAN John Z11/32 The Books of Hours. Milan. . 1977HARTLEY George T YA48 Some notes on the parish of Lapley-cum-Wheaton-Aston. 21cm. Wolverhampton. Steens. 1912HARTLEY George T Z24/17A Some notes on the parish of Lapley-cum-Wheaton-Aston. 18cm. Wolverhampton. Steens Ltd. 1912HARTLEY John* X245-246 Catalogus universalis librorum in omni facultati, linguaque insignium et rarissimorum. 2 vols. 17cm. London. John Hartley. 1699 Wing H973.HARTSHORNE Charles Henry (editor) . . . see FULKE William - (Works)...(1843-48)HARVEY Alfred . . . see COX John Charles - English church furniture (1907).HARVEY Alfred . . . see COX John Charles and HARVEY Alfred - English church furniture...(1907).HARVEY Gideon* W16-17 The City remembrancer. 2 vols. 20cm. London. W Nicoll. 1769HARVEY William Wigan K65-67 Ecclesiae Anglicanae vindex catholicus. 3 vols. 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1841HARWOOD Rev Thomas Z54/25 Lichfield - History and Antiquities of.. Glocester. Cadell & Davies. 1806HARWOOD Thomas Y155 A survey of Staffordshire. New edn. 22.5cm. London. J B Nichols. 1844HARWOOD Thomas J132 Annotations...to illustrate the Liturgy. 20cm. London. Rivington. 1826HARWOOD Thomas R141 The history and antiquities of the church and city of Lichfield. 27cm. Gloucester. Cadell and Davies. 1806 Other copies at Z107A-D and AA14. AA14 is on large paper, in 19th century full red morocco binding. Z107C is Dean Macpherson's copy (in modern red morocco).HARWOOD Thomas AA14 The history and antiquities of the church and city of Lichfield. 31cm. Gloucester. Jos.Harris for Cadell and Davies. 1806

HARWOOD Thomas (editor) . . . see ERDESWICK Sampson - A survey...(1820).HASE Carl Benedict . . . see VALERIUS MAXIMUS - De dictis...(1822-23)HASLEWOOD Joseph X309 Some account of the life and publications of the late Joseph Ritson, Esq. 20cm. London. Robert Triphouse. 1824

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HASLEWOOD Joseph (editor) S331 Ancient critical essays upon English poets and poesy, vol II (only). 25cm. London. Robert Triphook. 1815HASTINGS James Z16/10-11 A dictionary of Christ and the Gospels. 2 vols. 27cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1906HASTINGS James Z16/4-9 A dictionary of the Bible. 6 vols. 27cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1901-04HASTINGS James Z141/22-26 & Z142/1-7 Encyclopaedia of religion and ethics. 12 vols. 28cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1908-21HASTINGS Warren* Z98/8 A narrative of the insurrection which happened in the Zemeedary of Banaris...August 1781. 30.5cm. Calcutta. Charles Wilkins. 1782HATCH Edwin Q186 The growth of church institutions. 19cm. London. Hodder & Stoughton. 1887HATIM TAI W70 The adventures of Hatim Tai: or romance, trsl...Duncan Forbes. 28.5cm. London. for the Oriental Translations Fund. 1830HAUCHIN Johann and HOVE Matthias Q70 Pastorale ad usum Romanum accommodatum. 22.5cm. Antwerp . Plantin. 1598HAUGHTON XA32-33 Haughton parish register. 2 vols. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1902HAURITZ Benno Caspar . . . see KLETTENBERG Und zu WALDECK Karl Heinrich von - Scriptores historiae...(1743-48)HAVERGAL Francis Tebbs R139 Fasti Herefordenses and other antiquarian memorials. 30cm. Edinburgh. R Clark. 1869HAVERGAL William Henry, (editor) Q6 A reprint of all the tunes in Ravenscroft's book of psalms. 17.5cm. London. Novello. 1845HAWEIS John Oliver Willyams K39 Sketches of the Reformation. 17cm . London. W. Pickering. 1844HAWKER Robert J355G A letter to an undergraduate. 22cm. London. A.A. Paris. 1821 Bound with: MARSH H - A charge...(1820)HAWKESWORTH John . . . see SWIFT Jonathan - The works...(1755-64)HAWKINS Edward UA25/4 A dissertation upon the use and importance of unauthoritative tradition. 22cm. Oxford. W Baxter. 1819HAWKINS Edward G79 Discourses upon some of the objects and uses of the historical scriptures. 22cm. Oxford. J. H. Parker. 1833HAWKINS Edward UA21/3 Notes upon subscription, academical and clerical. 21.5cm. Oxford. Parker. 1864

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HAWKINS Edward UA3/1 The duty and the means of promoting Christian knowledge without impairing Christian unity. 18cm. London. B Fellowes. 1838HAWKINS Edward* UA21/12 A letter to the Earl of Radnor upon the oaths, dispensations and subscriptions to the XXXIX articles at the University of Oxford. 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1835HAWKINS J S . . . see EMBLEMS - Emblems of mortality...(1789).HAWKINS John UA11/13 An expostulatory address to the Reverend Doctor Priestley. 22.5cm. Worcester. J Tymbs. 1788HAWKINS Sir John S272-76 A general history of the science and practice of music. 5 vols. 27cm. London. T Payne. 1776HAWKINS William Z105/25 Discourse on Scripture mysteries. (Bampton Lectures 1787). 21cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1787HAWLEY Julian D S YA50 St Mary and All Saints church, Whitmore. 15cm. Stoke-on-Trent. John Porter. 1984HAY William T146 Religio philosophi. 2nd edn. 20cm. London. R and J Dodsley. 1754HEADLAM Arthur Cayley . . . see SANDAY William - A critical and exegetical....(1907).HEADLAM Maurice Z134/29 Bishop and friend. Nugent Hicks. 21cm. London. Macdonald. 1943HEALES Alfred U154-55 The history and law of church seats or pews. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Butterworth. 1872HEARNE Thomas . . . see LELAND John - De rebus....(1770).HEARNE Thomas Z118/3 Ectypa varia ad Historiam Britannicam illustrandam. 32.5cm. London. repr. J Tayleure. (1737)HEATH James V128 A chronicle of the late intestine war in the three kingdoms. 2nd edn. 30cm. London. J.C. for Thomas Basset. 1676 Wing H1321.HEBDEN Samuel* UA15/2 A treatise on forms of prayer of human composition... 21.5cm. (London). (J Oswald). (1747) Lacks tp.HEBER Reginald Q96 The poetical works. New edn. 17cm. London. John Murray. 1875HEBER Reginald (editor) H80-94. . . see TAYLOR Jeremy - The whole works....(1828)HEBER Reginald (editor) . . . see TAYLOR Jeremy - The whole works...(1864-65 repr).

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HEDERICH Benjamin N19 Graecum lexicon manuale. 27.5cm. London. Rivington et al.. 1825HEFELE Carolus Josephus (editor) D41 Patrum apostolicorum opera. 23cm. Tübingen. H. Laupp. 1842HEGG Robert Z86/29 The legend of Saint Cuthbert. 27cm. Darlington. George Smith. 1777HEINFETTER Heinrich UA26/12 Objections to Bishop Middleton's doctrine of the Greek article. 18cm. London. Cradock & Co. 1841HEINSIUS Daniel E144 Sacrarum exercitationum ad Novum Testamentum libri XX. 34cm. Leyden. Elsevier. 1639HELVICUS Christopher W64 Theatrum historicum et chronologicum...revisum Johanni Balthario. Ed. sexta. 30cm. Oxford. H Hall. 1662 Wing H1413.HELWICH Christoph W104 Theatrum historicum, sive chronologiae systema novum. 43.5cm. Giessen. Nicolas Hampel. 1618HEMSTERHUISS, Tiberius G91 Orationes 21cm. Leiden. Luchtmans. 1784HENGSTENBERG Ernst Wilhelm G146 The Christology of the Old Testament, abridged by Thomas Kerchever Arnold 21cm. London. F. & J. Rivington. 1847HENRY Avril and TROTTER David Andrew Z116/26 De quatuordecim partibus beatitudinis...in Lichfield Cathedral Library MS 16. (Medium Aevum Monographs, n.s., vol XVII). 21cm. Oxford. Society for the Study of Mediaeval Language and Literature. 1994 Held in Manuscript Case.HENRY BRADSHAW SOCIETY I1-54, 100-106 [Publications, vols. 1-3, 5-62]Spine height =22cm for I1-54 and 32cm for I100-106. 22/32cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1891-1924 For individual works, see under work or editor.HENRY Françoise Z4/16 L'art irlandais. (Zodiaque 18). 21cm. Dijon . Imprimerie Darantière. 1963HENRY Françoise Z36/30 The Book of Kells: reproductions...with a study of the manuscript. 35cm. London. Thames and Hudson. 1976HENRY III, King of England. Z66/17-18 Royal and other historical letters illustrative of the reign of Henry III...ed. W.W.Shirley. (Rolls Series). 2 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1862-66HENRY IV, King of England. Z66/19 Royal and historical letters during the reign of Henry the Fourth...ed. F.C.Hingeston. (Rolls Series). Vol I (only). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1860HENRY of Huntingdon Z66/14 The history of the English...ed. T Arnold. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1879HENRY the Minstrel Wallace.

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. . . see JAMIESON John - The Bruce...(1820)HENRY VIII. State Papers. . . . see ENGLAND. State Papers - State papers...(1830-1852).HEPHAESTION of Alexandria P122 Enchiridion...curante Thomas Gaisford. 21cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1810HEPHAESTION of Alexandria P128 The Enkheiridion...translated...and illustrated...by Thomas Foster Barham. 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1843HERBERT Edward, Lord Herbert of Chirbury S280 A dialogue between a tutor and his pupil. 25cm. London. W Bathoe. 1768HERBERT Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury Z114/3 De la vérité... 3rd éd. 23cm. (?London). (n.p.). 1639 STC 13180A.HERBERT Edward, Lord Herbert of Cherbury V55 The life and reign of King Henry the Eighth. 29cm. London. M Clark. 1683 Wing H1507.HERBERT Isaac (editor) . . . see ROBERT THE DEVIL (1798)HERBERT Sir Thomas K100 Memoirs of the two last years of the reign of King Charles I. 22cm. London. G.and W. Nicol. 1813HERBERT William P219 Sylvae recensiores. Ed. altera. 22.5cm. London. H G Bohn et al. 1846HERBERT William U164-65 Works. 2 vols 22.5cm. London. Bohn. 1842HERD David Z141/17 Critiques by Mr David Herd and others upon the new edition of "The Complaynt of Scotland". 22cm. Edinburgh. W Aitken. 1829HEREFORD BREVIARY I24-26 The Hereford breviary...edited by W.H. Frere and L.E.G. Brown. 3 vols. (HBS 26, 40, 46) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1904-15HERMANN Gottfried . . . see EURIPIDES - Bacchae...(1823)HERMANN Gottfried P275-281 Opuscula. 7 vols. 24cm. Leipzig. Gerhard Fleischer. 1827-39HERMESDORFF Michael (editor) Q4 Gesang-und Gebetbüch für die Diöcese Trier, für vier Singstimmen und Orgel. 17.5cm. Triern. Fr. Ling. 1872HERMESIANAX P127 Hermesianactis poetae elegiaci Colophonii fragmentum...instruxit Jacobus Bailey. 22cm. London. R and J E Taylor. 1839HERMIAS Q274 Hermiae philosophi irrisio gentilium philosophorum...illustravit Jo. Car. Th., Egres de Otto. (Corpus Apologeticarum Christianorum Saeculi Secundi, v.9) 21cm. Jena . Mauk. 1872

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HERODIAN Z93/2 Historiarum libri octo. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica: Prose, vol 25). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1821HERODIAN P44A Historiarum libri VIII cum notis...Jo. Henrici Boecklerii. 18.5cm. Strassburg. Josias Staedel. 1694 Bound with one other vol.HERODOTUS Z89/27-29 Herodoti Halicamassei historiarum libri IX. 3 vols. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica: Prose, vol 7-9). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1824-26HERODOTUS P154-55 Historiarum libri IX...adjecit Thomas Gaisford. 3rd edn. 2 vols. 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1840 Library also holds 1st edn - see P156-57.HERODOTUS P156-57 Historiarum libri IX...adjecit Thomas Gaisford. 1st edn. 2 vols. 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1824 Library also holds 3rd edn, see P154-55.HERREY Robert F S264C Two right profitable and fruitful concordances... 21cm. London. Robert Barker. 1613 STC 13233. Bound with: Book of Common Prayer (1613-18)HERREY Robert F# BB24D Two right profitable and fruitfull concordances. 20.5cm. London. Robert Barker. 1615 STC 13234. Bound with: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER (1615).HERRICK Robert S155 Select poems from the Hesperides. 20cm. Bristol. J M Gutch. (1810)HERSCHEL Sir John Frederick William Z119/22 A preliminary discourse on the study of natural philosophy. (Cabinet Cyclopaedia). 16cm. London. Longmans. 1831HERVETUS Gentianus M78 Canones S.S. Apostolorum, Conciliorum generalium et provincialium. 34cm. Paris. Imprimerie Royale. 1620HERVEY James Q193 Meditations and contemplations. 20.5cm. London. Cornish and Co.. 1814HERVEY Thomas T151B A letter...to Sir Thomas Hanmer, Bart. 18.5cm. London. for the Author. (1741) Bound with: MILLER J - Mahomet...(1744).HESIOD Z89/8 Carmina. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vol 8). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1818HESSEY, Ven. James Augustus Z128/21 Moral difficulties connected with the Bible. 17cm. London. SPCK. 1880 Boyle Lectures, 1872.HESSEY, Ven. James Augustus Z128/22 Moral Difficulties connected with the Bible. 17cm. London. SPCK. 1880 Boyle Lectures, 1873.

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HESYCHIUS N87 Hesychii lexicon...recensuit...Joannes Alberti. 41cm. Leiden. Samuel Luchtmans. 1746HESYCHIUS N35 Lexikon cum variis doctorum virorum notis. 23cm. Leiden. Flack. 1668HEUMANN Christopher August H291G. . . see SCHUMANN Johann David - Dissertatio...(1739)HEUMANN Christopher August X121 Dissertationum sylloge. 17.5cm. Göttingen. Joh.Wilhelm Schmid. 1743HEURTLEY Charles Abel Z42/24 De Fide et Symbolo. 4th edn. 18cm. Oxford and London. Parker and Co.. 1887HEWETT John William* S62 Verses, by a country curate. 16cm. Ashby-de-la-Zouch. T Wayte. 1859HEWITT John . . . see SHAW Stebbing - Shaw's history...(1828)HEWITT John X95 Nine select sermons. 16cm. London. for Henry Eversden. 1658 Wing H1634.HEWITT John H59 Repentance and conversion, the fabric of salvation...being the last sermons. 16cm. London. J.C. for Samuel Speed. 1658 Wing H1637HEWITT John and ROCK Daniel U152 The Stanley monument in Lichfield Cathedral. 22.5cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1868-84HEY John J335 General observations on the writings of St. Paul. 22.5cm. Buckingham. J. Seeley for the Author. 1811HEY John U156-57 Lectures in divinity. 3rd edn 2 vols 22cm. Cambridge. J W Parker. 1841HEYLYN Peter# E65 The stumbling-block of disobedience and rebellion. 19cm. London. E. Cotes. 1658 Wing H1736HEYLYN Peter Z43/2 A coale from the altar. 18cm. London. for Robert Milbourne. 1636 STC 13270.HEYLYN Peter V271 A help to English history...with the coats of arms of the nobility...by Paul Wright. 20cm. London. for the Editor. 1773HEYLYN Peter Z20/4(2) Antidotum Lincolniense, or an answer to a book entituled The Holy Table. 19cm. London. for John Clark. 1637 STC 13267. Bound with: WILLIAMS J - The Holy Table...(1637).HEYLYN Peter R87 & R88 Cosmographie in four bookes. 2 copies; 1st edn and 2nd edn. 32.5cm. London. Henry Seile. 1652 / 1657 Wing H1689 (1st edn) and Wing H1690 (2nd edn).

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HEYLYN Peter Z141/20 Cyprianus Anglicus. 30cm. London. for A Seile. 1668 Wing H1668.HEYLYN Peter K57-58 Ecclesia restaurata...with the Life of the author by John Barnard, ed. J.C. Robertson. 2 vols. 22cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1849HEYLYN Peter M49 Ecclesia vindicata, or the Church of England justified. 6_parts (in 1). 19cm. London. E. Cotes for Henry Seile. 1657 Wing H1704.HEYLYN Peter V316 Examen historicum: or a discovery and examination of the mistakes...in some modern histories. 18cm. London. for Henry Stile and Richard Royston. 1659 Wing H1706.HEYLYN Peter X239 Mikrokosmos: a little description of the great world. 4th edn. 18.5cm. Oxford. W.T. for William Turner and Thomas Huggins. 1629 STC 13279.HEYLYN Peter M48 The history of episcopacy. 2 vols (in 1). 18cm. London. Henry Seile. 1657 Wing H1704. Made up of duplicates of two parts of M49.HEYLYN Peter C4 Theologia veterum, or the summe of Christian theologie... 29cm. London. E. Cotes for H. Seile. 1654 Wing H1738HEYLYN Peter* X238 (A survey of France). 18cm. (London). (E Cotes for H Seile). 1656 Wing H1737. Lacks tp.HEYNE Christian Gottlob . . . see PINDAR - Carmina...(1797)HEYNE Christian Gottlob . . . see APOLLODORUS Atheniensis - Bibliothecae...(1803)HEYNE Christian Gottlob . . . PINDAR - Carmina...(1809)HEYNE Christian Gottlob O39 Excursus in Homerum. 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1822HEYWOOD Thomas F26 The hierarchy of the blessed angells. 27.5cm. London. Adam Islip. 1635 STC 13327HEYWOOD Thomas* K86 The life of Merlin, sirnamed Ambrosius. 18cm. London. J. Okes. 1641 Wing H1786.HIBBERT Francis Aidan Z81/10 Monasticism in Staffordshire. 19cm. Stafford. J and C Mort. 1909

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HIBBERT Francis Aidan Z81/9 The dissolution of the monasteries. 19cm. London. Pitman. 1910HIBBERT Francis Aidan Z9/7(6) The story of a small village: Lilley in Hertfordshire. 22cm. ( ). ( ). 1923HIBBERT Samuel S206 Sketches of the philosophy of apparitions. 2nd edn. 19cm. Edinburgh. Oliver and Boyd. 1825HICKES George C31. . . see GRABE Johann Ernestus - Some instances of the defects and omissions...HICKES George N39 Institutiones grammaticae Anglo-Saxonicae, et Moeso-Gothicae. 23.5cm. Oxford. Theatrum Sheldonianum. 1689 Wing H1851HICKES George J185 The spirit of enthusiasm exorcised...with two discourses...the first, the History of Montanism..the others, the New pretenders. 18.5cm. London. Richard Saure. 1709HICKES George U49-51 Two treatises. 3 vols. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, vv.49-51) 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1847-48HICKES George and WANLEY Humphrey W110-111 Linguarum vett. septentrionalium thesaurus grammatico - criticus et archaeologicus. 2 vols. 42.5cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1705HICKS George E56 Bibliotheca scriptorum Ecclesiae Anglicanae. 19cm. London. for J. Nicholson and W. Taylor. 1709HICKSON William E* UA17/14B History of Sunday, by the author of "Time and Faith". 21cm. London. Groombridge and Sons. (1857) Covered with: CALVIN J - The whole doctrine...(1860).HIEROCLES X147 Commentarius in aurea Pythagoreorum carmina. 2 vols (in 1). 13.5cm. London. Roger Daniel. 1654-55 Wing H1934/1935.HIEROCLES P13 In Aurea Carmina commentarius...edidit R(ichard) W(arren) 20cm. London. James Bettenham. 1742HIERON Samuel F14 All the sermons. 28cm. London. J Legatt. 1614 STC 13378HIGGINS John S142 A mirour for magistrates (part I only). 19cm. London. Felix Kyngston. 1610 STC 13446HIGGS Griffith Z116/25 Memoriale de obsidione et expugnatione Clausi Lichfeldense in Agro Staffordiensi, Anno 1642, 1643 25cm. London. Longmans. 1920 In English Historical Review, vol XXXV, no 138.HIGGS William Miller Z95/27 A history of the Higges or Higgs family. 30cm. London. Adlard and Sons. 1933 Xerographic copy.

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HILARIUS (Angelicus) UA11/3 Versi et ludi. 20cm. Paris . Techener. 1838HILARY St, of Poitiers E111 Opera,...studio et labore...e congregatione S. Mauri. 41cm. Paris. François Muguet. 1693HILARY, Bishop of Poitou I140 D. Hilarii Pictavorum lucubrationes...(edited by) Desiderius Erasmus. 31cm. Basel. Johann Froben. 1550HILL Eric Claude Combe Z114/25 Letters to the Elford flock: some account of the ministry of Francis Edward Paget. 20cm. Hythen. Volturna Press. 1985HILL George Birkbeck (arranger) . . . see JOHNSON Samuel - The wit and wisdom of...(1888).HINDS Samuel UA19/2 Introduction to logic; from Dr. Whateley's 'Elements of logic'. 19.5cm. Oxford. D A Talboys and J Vincent. 1827HINGESTON Francis Charles (editor) . . . see HENRY IV, King of England - Royal...letters...(1860).HINGESTON-RANDOLPH Francis Charles Z77/25-26 The register of Edmund Lacy, Bishop of Exeter (A.D.1420-1455). 2 vols. 22cm. Exeter. Devon and Cornwall Record Society. 1909-15HINTS XA34 Hints parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1910HIPPOCRATES X53 Aphorismi. 13.5cm. Paris . Theophile Barrois. 1784HIPPOCRATES O124-132 Hippocratis Coi et Claudii Galeni Pergameni...opera; Renatus Chantenus...edidit. 13 vols (in 9). 40cm. Paris. Jacques Villery. 1679HISTOIRE M70 Histoire des vrays tesmoins de la verité de l'evangile, qui de leur sang ont signée, depuis Jean Hus iusques au temps present. 34cm. [Geneva]. Jean Crespin. 1570HISTORIA AUGUSTA Q311A Scriptores historiae Augustae ab Hadriano ad Numerianum. Henricus Jordan et Franciscus Eyssenhardt recensueruat. Vol I (only). 22cm. Berlin. Weidmann. 1864HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE SCRIPTORES Z97/15 Historiae Byzantinae scriptores tres...Nicephoris Gregoras...Laonicis Chalcocondylae...Georgii Logothetae... 34cm. Köln . Peter de la Rouiere. 1615HISTORICAL FRAGMENTS X241 Historical fragments of the Mogul empire of the Morattoes. 17cm. London. for C Nourse. 1782HISTORICAL MANUSCRIPTS COMMISSION Z86/37 Fourteenth report: appendix, part VIII: the manuscript of Lincoln, Bury St Edmunds,...Lichfield etc. 24cm. London. HMSO. 1895HOADLY Benjamin UA5/5 The nature of the kingdom, or church, of Christ. 15th edn. 21cm. London. James Knapton. 1717

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HOARE Charles James* L19A The prebendary, or church establishments ancient and modern. 2 vols (in 1). 20cm. London. Hatchard. [1837] -38 Bound with one other pamphlet.HOBBES Thomas* X37 (De cive). 13cm. Amsterdam. Elzevier. 1647 Lacks tp. Macdonald and Hargreaves 25. Copy presented to William, 2nd Duke of Somerset.HOBHOUSE Edmund Z33/28 Sermons and addresses. 18cm. London. Spottiswoode. 1905HOBLEY Charles Z81/24 Cathedral School, Lichfield: register...from 1838 to 1905. 21cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1906HODGES Walter C22 Elihu, or an enquiry into...the Book of Job. 25.5cm. London, for James Hodges. 1750. HODGKINSON George Christopher UA24/10 The civil service of India: an analysis of the last four examinations. 22.5cm. London. Longman Green. 1854HODGSON Frederic Z43/30 Choirs and cloisters. 21cm. London. Thames Publishing Co.. 1988HODSON George Hewitt (editor) . . . see HODSON William Stephen Raikes - Hodson of Hodson's horse...(1883).HODSON Septimus UA15/6 The great sin of withholding corn. 22.5cm. London. Martin and Bain. 1795HODSON William Stephen Raikes Z49/7 Hodson of Hodson's horse: or, twelve years of a soldier's life in India...ed. George H Hodson. 4th edn. 20cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1883HODY Humphrey C100 De Bibliorum textibus originalibus... 31.5cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1705HOESCHEL David . . . see PHOTIUS St. - Muriobiblon...(1653)HOFF Ferdinand Hugo Benjamin von UA5/10 Dissertatio literaria inauguralis de mytho Helenae Euripideae. 23cm. Leiden. H W Hazenberg. 1843HOFF Jacob Wilhelm im V156 Regum pariumque Magnae Britanniae historia genealogica. 32.5cm. Nürnberg. Johann Andreas Endter. 1690HOLBEIN Hans P65 The dance of death, with introductory note by Austin Dobson. 19.5cm. London. G Bell. 1892HOLBEIN Hans P64 The dance of death...engraved by W Hollar. 15cm. London. Charles Whittingham. 1804HOLDEN George J330 A dissertation on the fall of man. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1823

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HOLDER Wilhelm* X24 Mus exenteratus...editio secunda. 14.5cm. Tübingen. Martin Romme . 1688HOLDSWORTH Edward O84 Remarks and dissertations on Virgil. 26cm. London. J. Dodsley. 1768HOLE Richard S217 An essay on the character of Ulysses. 18.5cm. London. J Johnson et al. 1807HOLE Richard T39 Remarks on the Arabian Nights' Entertainments. 18cm. London. T Cadell. 1797HOLINSHED Raphael V102-103 The firste (-laste) volume of the chronicles of England, Scotland and Ireland. 4 vols (in 2). 29cm. London. for George Bishop. 1577 STC 13568.HOLLAND Henry Scott Z42/30 Creed and character: sermons. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1887HOLLAND John X264 Cruciana: illustrations of...the Cross of Christ. 17cm. Liverpool. D Marples. 1835HOLLAND Philemon* . . . see XENOPHON - (Cyropaedia)...(1654)HOLLAR Wenceslaus (engraver) . . . see HOLBEIN Hans - The dance of death...(1804)HOLLIER Henry (translator) I57. . . see JOHN CHRYSOSTOM, St. - St. John Chrysostom... (1729)HOLLWAY Thomas UA12/10 A sermon preached at St James's church, Spilsby on...2nd April, 1854. 22cm. London. Hatchard. 1854HOLMES Sir Richard Rivington Z52/1 Queen Victoria. 31cm. London. Bousson-Valadon and Co.. 1897HOLWELL J Z V264-265 Interesting historical events relating to the provinces of Bengal and the empire of Indostan. 2 vols. 2nd edn. 20cm. London. T Becket and P A de Houdt. 1766-67HOMER O48-53 Carmina cum brevi annotatione...avante C.G. Heyne. 8 vols. (lacking vol.1-2) 21cm. Leipzig. Weidmann. 1802HOMER O105 Carmina Homerica Ilias et Odyssea...opera et studio Richardi Payne Knight. 26cm. London. A.J. Valpy. 1820HOMER O40-41 Homeri Ilias...curante C.G. Heyne. 2 vols. 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1821HOMER O107-108 Homeri Ilias...edidit Samuel Clarke. 2 vols. 25cm. London. William Botham. 1729-32HOMER Z89/15-16 Ilias. 2 vols. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vols 15-16). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1819

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HOMER O42-43 Odyssea cum scholiis veteribus. 2 vols. 23cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1827HOMER P42-43 Odyssea graece, edidit...Edvardus Loewe. 2 vols. 17cm. Leipzig. C G Kayser. 1828HOMER Z89/17-18 Odyssea. 2 vols. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vols 17-18). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1820HOMER O44-47 The Iliad and Odyssey...translated by William Sotheby. 4 vols. 22cm. London. G.and W. Nicol and J. Murray. 1834HOMER Henry . . . see TACITUS Publius Cornelius - Opera omnia...(1790-94)HOMILIES F116 Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches in the time of Queen Elizabeth of famous memory. 33cm. London. A. Bettesworth (et al). 1726HOMILIES Q94 Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches in the time of Queen Elizabeth... 20cm. London. SPCK. 1846HONDIUS Isaac . . . see MERCATOR Gerardus and HONDIUS Isaac - Atlas...(1638).HONE William* UA18/11 The miraculous host tortured by the Jew under the reign of Philip the Fair in 1290...converted the daughters...of Douglas Loveday Esq...in 1821. 4th edn. 22.5cm. London. for William Hone. 1822HOOK Walter Farquhar Z34/1 A church dictionary. 14th edn. 23cm. London. J Murray. 1887HOOK Walter Farquhar K70 A church dictionary. 8th edn. 22cm. London. J. Murray. 1859HOOK Walter Farquhar Z35/1-12 Lives of the Archbishops of Canterbury. (First series, 5 vols; New series, 6 vols, Index vol.) 12 vols. 22cm. London. Bentley. 1861-84HOOK Walter Farquhar X78 Short meditations for every day of the year. Part I - Advent to Lent (only). 12cm. Leeds . Richard Slocombe. 1848HOOKER Richard F23A-B Of the lawes of ecclesiastical politie. 2 vols (in 1) 28cm. London. William Stanley and are to be sold by Mat. Lowndes. 1617-18 STC 13716. Note: part II 'for Henry Featherstone, 1618'.HOOKER Richard Z24/38-39 Of the laws of ecclesiastical polity, books 1-5. 2 vols. 18cm. London. J M Dent. (c1910)HOOKER Richard H308/309 The Works of... With an account of Hooker's Life and Death, by Isaac Walton. 2 vols. 23cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1865

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HOOKER Richard H158-160 The works...edited by John Keble. 3 vols. 4th edn 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1863HOOKER Richard H308-309 Works. 23.5cm. Oxford. . 1865HOOPER George X136 A discourse concerning Lent. 17cm. London. Thomas Warren for Walter Kettilby. 1696 Wing H2701.HOOPER John U103-104 Early (later) writings, ed. S Carr and C Nevinson. 2 vols. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1843-52HOPE Alexander James Beresford Beresford* Z19/25(5) Church politics and church prospects. 21.5cm. London. J Murray. 1865 Bound with: HOPE A J B B - Poems...(1841)HOPE Alexander James Beresford Beresford* Z19/24 Letters on church matters, by D.C.L. (i.e. A J B Beresford Hope), reprinted from the Morning Chronicle. 4 vols (in 1). 22cm. London. James Ridgway. 1851-52 Continuous pagination.HOPE Alexander James Beresford Beresford Z19/25(2) Poems, original and translated. 21.5cm. Whitefriars. Bradbury Evans and Co.. 1871 Bound with: HOPE A J B B - Poems...(1841).HOPE Alexander James Beresford Beresford Z19/25(1) Poems...privately printed. 21.5cm. London. W Nicol, Shakespeare Press. 1841 Bound with five other tracts.HOPE Alexander James Beresford Beresford* Z19/25(4) The American church in the disruption. 21.5cm. London. J and C Mozley. 1863 Bound with: HOPE A J B B - Poems...(1841).HOPE Alexander James Beresford Beresford Z19/25(3) The common sense of art. 21.5cm. London. J Murray. 1858 Bound with: HOPE A J B B - Poems...(1841).HOPE Alexander James Beresford Beresford K202 The English cathedral of the nineteenth century. 22cm. London. J. Murray. 1861HOPE Alexander James Beresford Beresford* Z19/25(6) The York Congress and church rites. 21.5cm. London. J and C Mozley . 1867 Bound with: HOPE A J B B - Poems...(1841).HOPE Alexander James Beresford Beresford Z19/11 Worship and order. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1883HOPE Alexander James Beresford Beresford Z19/10 Worship in the Church of England. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1875HOPE Arthur James Beresford Beresford UA25/10 The social influence of the Prayer Book. 21cm. London. William Ridgway. 1863HOPE Sir William and ATCHLEY Edward George Cuthbert Frederick Z133/7 English liturgical colours. 25cm. London. SPCK. 1918HOPE Sir William Henry St John

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. . . see COX John Charles and HOPE Sir William Henry St John - The Sacrist's roll...(1886)HOPE Sir William Henry St John Z101/17-18 English altars. (Alcuin Club Collections, Folio Series, vol 1). 43cm. London. Longmans. 1899 2 copies.HOPKIN-JAMES Lemuel John Y160 The Celtic Gospels, their story and their text. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1934 Another copy (in Gospel Case).HOPKINS Edward John U153 The organ, its history and construction. 24cm. London. Robert Cocks and Co. 1855HOPPUS John* UA6/9 An account of Lord Bacon's Novum organon scientiarum...the first, or introductory part. 22.5cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (1830)HORAPOLLO Nilous P204 Horapollinis Niloi hieroglyphica, edidit...Conradus Leemans. 22.5cm. Amsterdam. J Muller. 1835HORATIUS FLACCUS Quintus O144 Opera cum quatuor commentariis. 32cm. Paris. Ambroise Girault. 1543HORATIUS FLACCUS Quintus P272 Opera cum selectis scholiis. 22cm. London. Whittaker et al.. 1822HORATIUS FLACCUS Quintus O63 Opera. 27.5. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press for J. Tonson. 1699 Wing H2764.HORATIUS FLACCUS Quintus O3-4 Opera. 2 vols. 22cm. London. John Pine. 1733 Text and illustrations alike engraved on copper. Bound in elegant, French-style red morocco of period. Kept together in box.HORATIUS FLACCUS Quintus P66 The epodes, satires and epistles...translated by...Francis Howes. 17.5cm. London. William Pickering. 1845HORATIUS FLACCUS Quintus P205 The lyrics of Horace...translated by...Francis Wrangham 22.5cm. London. Longmans. 1821HORBERY Matthew E12 An enquiry into the scripture-doctrine...of future punishment. 20cm. London. for James Fletcher. 1744HORBERY Matthew H2 Eighteen sermons on important subjects 20cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1774HORE Alexander Hugh Z26/1 Eighteen centuries of the church in England. 22cm. Oxford. Parker. 1881HORNE George G67 A commentary on the Book of Psalms. New edn. 21.5cm. London. Rivington et al. 1830HORNE Thomas Hartwell S202 A manual of biblical bibliography. 23cm. London. T Cadell. 1839

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HORNE Thomas Hartwell G216-220 An introduction to the critical study and knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. 5 vols. 9th edn 23cm. London. Longman. 1846HORNE Thomas Hartwell S200-201 An introduction to the study of bibliography. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1814HORNE Thomas Hartwell UA13/6 The conformity of the Church of England in her ministry, doctrine and liturgy to the apostolic precept and pattern. 21cm. London. T Cadell. 1834HORNE Thomas Hartwell (editor) H95-103. . . see BEVERIDGE William - Works....(1824)HORSLEY John R112 Britannia Romana. 36cm. London. J Osborn and T Longman. 1732HORSLEY Samuel H261-262 Sermons. 2 vols. New edn 21.5cm. London. Rivington. 1829 Review from Edinburgh Review (1811)loosely inserted into Vol I.HORSLEY Samuel H130 Sermons. New edn 21.5cm. London. William Baynes and Son. 1826HORSLEY Samuel H263 The charges. 22cm. Dundee. Robert Stephen Rintoul. 1813HORSLEY Samuel H129 Tracts in controversy with Dr. Priestly... 20.5cm. Glocester. R. Raikes. 1789HORSLEY Samuel J353 Tracts in controversy. 3rd edn 22cm. Dundee. A. Smith. 1812HORT Fenton John Anthony Z3/17 Judaistic Christianity. 19cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1894HORT Fenton John Anthony Z32/21 The Christian ecclesia. 20cm. London. Macmillan. 1898HORT Fenton John Anthony Q74 Two dissertations. 22cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1876HOSKYNS Chandos Wren UA27/9 The invisible world. 22cm. Hereford. William Prosser. 1862HOUGH John M32B A sermon preach's at St. Bride's...on Monday in Easter-Week 1712 22cm. London. for Egbert Sanger. 1712 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711)HOURS, BOOKS OF Z11/32. Milan. . 1977 see HARTHAN John.HOVE Matthias . . . see HAUCHIN Johann - Pastorale...(1598)HOW Frederick Douglas Z52/15 A memoir of Bishop Sir Lovelace Tomlinson Stamer, Baronet. 22cm. London. Hutchinson. 1910

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HOW Frederick Douglas Y126 Archbishop Maclagan. 23cm. London. Wells, Gardner, Darton & Co.. 1911HOW William Walsham et al. Z21/12 The children's hymn book. 18.5cm. London. SPCK. (1877)HOWARD Frank E and CROSSLEY Frederick Herbert Z86/24 English church woodwork. 25cm. London. Batsford. (1917)HOWARD Henrietta, Countess of Suffolk T97-98 Letters to and from Henrietta, Countess of Suffolk, and her second husband, the Hon George Berkeley, from 1712 to 1767. 2 vols. 23cm. London. J Murray. 1826HOWARD Henry Edward John U181 The book of Genesis. 19cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1855HOWARD Henry Edward John U182 The books of Exodus and Leviticus. 19cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1857HOWARD Henry Edward John U183 The books of Numbers and Deuteronomy. 19cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1857HOWELL James . . . see MAZZELLA Scipio - Parthenopoieia...(1654)HOWELL James X164 A fourth volume of familiar letters. 16.5cm. London. for Humphrey Moseley. 1655 Wing H3078. Copy presented by the Author to William, 2nd Duke of Somerset.HOWELL James Z114/5 A German diet, or, the ballance of Europe. 28.5cm. London. for H Moseley. 1653 Wing H3079.HOWELL James T136 Dendrologie ou la forest de Dodonne. 23cm. Paris . for the Author; sold by Veuve Jean Camusat. 1641HOWELL James N63 Lexicon Tetraglotton. 33cm. London. Thomas Leach. [1666?] Wing H3089.HOWELL James R43 Londinopolis: an historical discourse or perlustration of the City of London. 27.5cm. London. J Streater. 1657 Wing H3091.HOWELL James Z60X/4 Lustra Ludovici. 29cm. London. for Humphrey Moseley. 1646 Wing H 3092.HOWELL James Z60X/7 S.P.Q.V.: a survey of the signorie of Venice. 27.5cm. London. for Richard Lowndes. 1651 Wing H3112.HOWELL James Z120/21G The vote, or a poeme royall. 20cm. London. T Badger for Humphrey Moseley. 1642 Wing H3128A. HOWELL J - The instruments of a King (1648).

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HOWELL James T285 Therologia: the party of beasts. The first tome. 25cm. London. W Wilson for Wm.Palmer. 1660 Wing H3119.HOWELL James* Z120/21E A letter to the Earle of Pembroke. 20cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1647 Wing H3085. Bound with HOWELL J - The instruments of a King (1648).HOWELL James* Z120/21D A trance: or, newes from Hell brought fresh to towne by Mercurius Acheronticus. 20cm. London. (n.p.). 1649 Wing H3120. Bound with HOWELL J - The instruments of a King (1648).HOWELL James* Z120/21C A winter dreame. 20cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1649 Wing H3129. Bound with HOWELL J - The instruments of a King (1648).HOWELL James* Z120/21I Ah ha, tumulus, thalamus. 20cm. London. H Moseley. 1653 Wing H3054A. Bound with HOWELL J - The instruments of a King (1648).HOWELL James* Z120/21H An inquisition after blood to the Parliament...and to the Army. 20cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1649 Wing H3080. Bound with HOWELL J - The instruments of a King (1648).HOWELL James* Z120/21F Bella Scot-Anglica: a brief of all the battells and martiall encounters. 20cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1648 Wing H3056. Bound with HOWELL J - The instruments of a King (1648).HOWELL James* Z120/21A The instruments of a King. 20cm. London. (n.p.). 1648 Wing H3983. Bound with 8 other tracts.HOWELLS William T43 Cambrian superstitions. 18cm. Tipton. Thomas Dawles. 1831 Lacks pp.185 to end of text.HOWES Francis (translator) . . . see HORATIUS FLACCUS Quintus - The epodes...(1845)HOWES Thomas* T218-19 Critical observations on books antient and modern. 2 vols. 21cm. London. B White. 1776-83HOWLETT John Henry J197 Instructions in reading the liturgy of the United Church of England and Ireland. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1826HOWLEY William UA14/8 A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of London. 20.5cm. London. T Bensley. 1815HOWSON John Saul . . . see CONYBEARE William John and HOWSON John Saul - The life...of St Paul (1852).

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HOWSON John Saul (editor) Z81/41B Essays on cathedrals by various writers. 21cm. London. J Murray. 1872 Bound with: PUSEY E B - Remarks...(1833).HUBBARD John Gellibrand UA25/8 The attendance of non-communicants at the administration of the Holy Communion. 17.5cm. London. Joseph Masters. 1864HUCK Albert H301 Synopsis of the first three Gospels. English edition by F L Cross. 25cm. Oxford. Blackwell. 1957HUDDESFORD George (editor) S60 The Wiccamical chaplet; a selection of original poetry. 18cm. London. Leigh, Sotheby and Son. 1804HUDSON John . . . see JOSEPHUS Flavius - Opera...(1720)HUET Peter X3 De interpretatione libri duo. 16cm. Hague . Arnold Leers. 1683HUET Pierre Daniel F128 Demonstratio evangelica ad serenissimum Delphinum. 36cm. Paris . Stephen Michallet. 1679HUET Pierre David X174 Traité de l'origine des Romans. 8e édn. 16.5cm. Paris . Jean Mariette. 1711HUETIUS Petrus Daniel T165 Commentarius de rebus ad eum pertinentibus. 16cm. Amsterdam. Henricus de Sauzet. 1718HUG Johann Leonard von G230 Introduction to the New Testament; translated (from the third German edn) by David Fosdick and notes by M. Stuart 22cm. Andover (Mass.). Gould and Newman. 1836HUGH St., of Lincoln Z63/14 Magna vita S.Hugonis episcopi Lincolniensis...ed. J.F.Dimock. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1864HUGHES F J Z36/33 Harmonies of tones and colours developed by evolution. 36cm. London. Marcus Ward. 1883HUGHES Hubert David Z116/10 A history of Durham Cathedral Library. 19cm. Durham. Durham County Advertiser. 1925HUGHES Thomas Smart UA28/10 A defence of the Apostle Saint Paul...Part I. 22cm. Cambridge. for R Newby. 1823HUGO Hermann X300 De prima scribendi origine. 19cm. Utrecht. Hermann Besseling. 1738HULL William Winstanley J110 An inquiry concerning the means and expedience of proposing and making any changes in the canons... 22cm. Oxford. J. Parker. 1828HUME David V69-74 The history of England...to the Revolution in 1688. 6 vols. New edn. 28cm. London. Andrew Millar. 1762HUME David Z30/12-17 The history of England...to the Revolution in 1688. 6 vols. New edn. 22cm. London. T Cadell et al.. 1830HUMPHREY David

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. . . see MONTFAUCON Richard - Antiquity...(1721)HUMPHREY Samuel . . . see (LA PLUCHE Antoine Noel de) - Spectacle...(1757).HUMPHRY William Gibson . . . see THEOPHILUS St, Bishop of Antioch - Libri tres...(1852)HUMPHRY William Gilson Z20/17 An historical and explanatory tract on the Book of Common Prayer. 17cm. Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1881HUNT Arthur Surridge . . . see GRENFELL Bernard Pyne - Logia...(1897).HUNT William Z27/1 The Somerset diocese, Bath and Wells. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. 1885HUNTER A M H303 Interpreting Paul's Gospel. 20.5cm. London. SCM. 1954HUNTER Joseph Z81/13 Agincourt: a contribution towards an authentic list of the commanders of the English host. 20cm. London. John Russell Smith. 1850HUNTER Joseph Z114/14 An introduction to the Valor Ecclesiasticus of King Henry VIII. 25cm. London. Eyre and Strachan. 1834HUNTER Joseph (editor) . . . see ENGLAND. Feet of Fines - Fines...(1835).HUNTINGDON, Selina, Countess of . . . see COUNTESS OF HUNTINGDON'S CHAPELSHUNTINGFORD Thomas J264 Testimonies in proof of the separate existence of the soul. 20cm. London. Rivington. 1829HUNTINGTON Robert T149 Epistolae...et Synopsis...Edwardo Bernardo, praemittuntur...vitae, scriptore Thoma Smitho. 19.5cm. London. Wm.Bowyer. 1704HURD Richard T175 Letters from a late eminent prelate to one of his friends. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1809HURD Richard M61A-C Sermons preached at Lincoln's Inn...3 vols. 3rd edn. 21cm. London. T. Cadell. 1785HURD Richard H144-151 The works. 8 vols 22.5cm. London. T. Cadell and W. Davies. 1811HURDIS James* Z135/12 A word or two in vindication of the University of Oxford. 18.5cm. (?Oxford). (privately printed). (c.1800)HÜRLIMANN Martin Z9/2 Englische Kathedralen...bilder-erläuterungen von Peter Meyer. 30cm. Zürich. Atlantis. 1948HURTADO Gaspar L73 Tractatus de sacamentis et censuris. 35cm. Antwerp. Officina Plantinianos/Balthasar Moretus. 1633

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HURTADO Tomás L71-72 Tractatus varii resolutionum moralium. 2 vols. 34cm. Lyons. Laurent Anisson. 1651HURWITZ Hyman UA12/4 An introductory lecture delivered in the University of London 21cm. London. John Taylor. 1828HURWITZ Hyman J227 Vindicime Hebraicae. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1820HUTCHINGS William Henry Q181 Exterior and interior life of S.John of the Cross. Part I (only). 18cm. Oxford. Mowbray. (1880)HUTCHINSON Robert Z9/7(3) Dr Samuel Johnson and medicine. 23cm. Edinburgh. (n.p.). 1925 Offprint from Edinburgh Medical Journal, August 1925.HUTCHINSON Roger U102 The works, ed. J Bruce. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1842HUTCHINSON Sanford William YA34 The archdeaconry of Stoke-on-Trent: historical notes. 21.5cm. London. Bemrose. 1893 Another copy - Z27/35.HUTCHINSON Thomas . . . see XENOPHON - De Cyri...(1727)HUTTON W H (editor) . . . see STUBBS William - Letters...(1904).HUTTON William V214 An history of Birmingham to the end of the year 1780. 21cm. Birmingham. Pearson and Rolleson. 1781HUYN Jacques AA12E Missa sex vocibus ad imitationem moduli Tota pulchra es. 2a ed. 40.5cm. Paris . Christophe Ballard. 1676 Bound with: COSSET F - Missa...Eructavit..(1687).HUYSHE Francis X267 A specimen...of an examination of the first six pages of Professor Porson's IVth letter to Archdeacon Travis. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1827HUYSHE John UA8/1 A treatise on logic. 19cm. Oxford. for the Author. 1827HYDE ABBEY Z67/13 Liber Monasterii de Hyde...ed. Edward Edwards. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1866HYDE Edward, Earl of Clarendon V39 An appendix to the history of the grand rebellion. 19cm. London. H.P. for John Wilford. 1724HYDE Edward, Earl of Clarendon V38 The history of the rebellion and civil war in Ireland. 19cm. London. H.P. for J Wilford. 1720HYDE Edward, Earl of Clarendon V138-140 The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England. 3 vols. 37.5cm. Oxford. at the Theater. 1702-04HYMNARY Z21/1 The hymnary: a book of church song. 2nd edn. (Ed. by J Barnby) 27cm. London. Novello. (1872)

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HYMNS Z20/22-23 Hymns ancient and modern. Revised edn. 2 copies. 18.5cm. London. Clowes. (n.d.) In special bindings: presented by Bishop J R Selwyn.IAMBLICHUS p11 Iamblichoi Chalkideos...logoi duo...cum...notis...Johannis Archrii Theodoreti 20.5cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Sebastian Commelior. 1598IBBETSON Richard UA39/3 The divinity of our Blessed Saviour prov'd from Scripture and antiquity. 19.5cm. Oxford. at the Theater. 1712IBM BATUTA W68 The travels of Ibn Batuta...translated...by...Samuel Lee. 28.5cm. London. for the Oriental Translations Committee. 1829IGNATIUS LOYOLA St Q268 Exercises spirituels...annotés par...(Jean Philippe) Roothaan et traduits...par...Pierre Jannesseux. 18cm. Paris . Ch. Poussielgue. 1895ILAM ANASTATIC DRAWING SOCIETY YA78-79 (Proceedings), 1867-68. 2 vols. 28.5cm. Ipswich. Cowell. 1867-68ILIVE Jacob E13 The layman's vindication of Christian religion 19cm. London. J Ilive. 1730ILLINGWORTH John Richardson Z42/11 Christian character. 19.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1905ILLINGWORTH John Richardson Z42/12 Divine immanence. 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1906ILLINGWORTH John Richardson Z42/13 The doctrine of the Trinity apologetically considered. 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1907ILLINGWORTH John Richrdson Z42/14 Personality, human and divine. (Bampton Lectures 1894). 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1896INDEX UA41 Index to the pamphlets in boxes UA1-UA40. 24cm. . . MS Index in Ledger, alphabetically by author.INDICES ATTICI P201 Indices Attici, or a guide to the quantity of the Greek penultima. 23cm. Oxford. J Parker. 1824INGE William Ralph Z37/18 Christian mysticism. (Bampton Lectures 1899). 22cm. London. Methuen. 1899INGHAM George J175 The Popish doctrine of transubstantiation refuted. 20cm. London. Leslie. 1840INMAN Ernest Charles Z135/4 History of Lichfield Theological College, 1857-1927. 18cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1928IRELAND John UA19/9 The plague of Marseilles in the year 1720. 22.5cm. London. (William Clowes). 1834IRELAND William et al. V45M The tryals of William Ireland, Thomas Pickering and John Grove for conspiring to murder the King. 30cm. London. for Robert Pawlet. 1678

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Wing T2268. Bound with OATES T - A true narrative...(1679).IRELAND. Chancery Rolls. Z125/5-7 Inquisitio in officio rotulorum Cancelleriae Hiberniae...repertorium. 2 vols (in 3). 44cm. London. (Eyre and Strahan). 1826-29IRELAND. Patent and Close Rolls. Z125/4 Rotulorum patentium et clausorum Cancelleriae Hiberniae calendarium. Vol I, pars I (only). 45cm. London. (Eyre and Strahan). 1828IREMONGER Frederick Athelwold Z47/10 William Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury: his life and letters. 21cm. London. Oxford University Press. 1948IRENAEUS St, of Lyon X201 Fragmenta anecdota. 19cm. Haguen. Henrik Scheurler. 1715IRENAEUS St. Q211 Schrift zum erweise der Apostolischen Verkündigung...in Armenischen Version. 22cm . Leipzig. J C Hinrichs. 1907IRENAEUS St., of Lyon Z55/14 Contra haereses libri quinque...studio et labore...Renati Massuet. 42cm. Paris . Jean-Baptiste Coignard. 1710IRVINE James Thomas Z9/7(8) Notes of excavations made at Wall by the late Colonel Bagnell. 23cm. London. British Archaeological Association. 1890IRVING Edward* UA21/8 Trial of the Rev. Edward Irving M.A....a centre of criticism. 22.5cm. London. Knight and Lacey. 1825IRVING Washington Z119/8 The life and voyages of Christopher Columbus. (Family Library, vol XI). 16cm. London. J Murray. 1830ISAAC Jane Z9/9(2) Two medieval accounts for the town of Lichfield. 24cm. Lichfield. South Staffordshire Arch.and Hist.Society. (19--)ISAEUS Z93/16 Isaei oratoris opera. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica: Prose, vol 39). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1822ISAEUS P126 Orationes XI...recognovit...Georg. Frid. Schömann. 22.5cm. Greifswald. E Moritz. 1831ISIDORE St, of Seville I93-94 Divi Isidori Hispalensis episcopi opera... 2 vols 34cm. Madrid. Bartolomineo Ulloa. 1778ISOCRATES P40 Scripta quae quidem nunc extant...Hieronimo Wolfio...interprete. 17.5cm. Basel . Oporino. 1571ISSAVERDENS James Q63 Armenia and the Armenians, vol.II (only). 15.5cm. Venice. Armenian Monastery of St Lazaro. 1875ISSAVERDENS James Q65-67 The Armenian ritual. 3 vols. 2nd edn. 15.5cm. Venice. Armenian Monastery of St Lazaro. 1873-75ISSAVERDENS James Q64 The sacred rites and ceremonies of the Armenian church. 15.5cm. Venice. Armenian Monastery of St Lazaro. 1876ITTIGIUS Thomas X130 De bibliothecis et catenis patrum...tractatus. 16.5cm. Leipzig. Erhen Friedrich Lankis. 1707

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ITTIGIUS Thomas D50 De haeresiarchis aevi Apostolici et Apostolico proximi... 2nd edn. 21cm. Leipzig. Heirs of Friedrich Lanckis. 1703ITTIGIUS Thomas X274E De Synodi Carentonensis...discertatio theologico-historica. 19cm. Leipzig. Erben Johannis Gross. 1705 Bound with: BOECLER J H - Historia...(1695).ITTIGIUS Thomas M33 Historiae ecclesiasticae...selecta capita. 20.5cm. Leipzig. Haeredes Joh. Grossii. 1709JACKSON Arthur C35 Annotations upon the whole book of Isaiah 22.5cm. London. for Thomas Pankhurst. 1682 Wing J66JACKSON J W Z54/26 LICHFIELD - Historical Incidents. Lichfield. Lichfield Mercury Press. 1936JACKSON John UA34/11 A charge...to the clergy and churchwardens of the diocese of Lincoln. 22.5cm. London. Skeffington. 1864JACKSON John K237 A treatise on wood engraving, historical and practical. 2nd edn. 25.5cm. London. Henry G. Bohn. 1861JACKSON John Y102 History and antiquities of the cathedral church of Lichfield 20cm. Lichfield. John Jackson. 1795JACKSON John K24 History of the city and cathedral of Lichfield. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1805JACKSON John Y103 History of the city and cathedral of Lichfield. 21cm. London. Nichols and Son. 1805JACKSON John Z81/27 History of the city and county of Lichfield, etc. 22cm. Lichfield. John Jackson. 1795 Idem, 3rd edn. 21cm, London:Rivington 1805 - Z81/28.JACKSON John UA13/16 Sanctifying grace and the grace of the ministry. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1847JACKSON John H58 The sinfulness of little sins: a course of sermons. 8th edn 16.5cm. London. Skeffington. 1854JACKSON John* J274F A discourse, shewing that the expositions which the Ante-Nicene fathers have given...by a Clergyman in the Country...(i.e. John Jackson, M.A.) 19.5cm. London. Ferd. Burleigh. 1714 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)JACKSON Thomas E107-109 The works. 3 vols. 35cm. London. Andrew Clark for John Martyn et al.. 1673 Wing J90.JACKSON William T124 The four ages. 22.5cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1798JACKSON William T125 Thirty letters on various subjects. 3rd edn. 22.5cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1795

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JACKSON'S OXFORD JOURNAL Z9/8(5) Jackson's Oxford Journal, no 160. 41cm. Oxford. . 1756 Contains news of fire in SW steeple of Lichfield Cathedral.JACOB Henry* K31 To the right High and mightie Prince, James...an humble supplication for toleration...(ed. S.R. Maitland) 20cm. London. Rivington. 1859 Type-facsimile of King James's copy of STC 14339.JACOTIUS Desiderius UA27/12 De philosophorum doctrina: libellus ex Cicerone. 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1769JAMES George Payne Rainsford T55 The history of chivalry. 17cm. London. H Colburn and R Bentley. 1830JAMES I. King of England Z9/8(18) Translation of Letters Patent to the Dean and Chapter of Lichfield dated the 21st of May, 1623. 28cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (n.d.) Privately printed (?for Canon Moncreif).JAMES John J11 A comment upon the collects. New edn 17.5cm. London. Rivington. 1848JAMES John Thomas Z131/9 Journal of a tour in Germany, Sweden, Russia, Poland. 27.5cm. London. J Murray. 1816JAMES Montague Rhodes . . . see ROBINSON Joseph Armitage and JAMES Montague Rhodes - The manuscripts...(1909).JAMES Montague Rhodes Z94/17 A descriptive catalogue of fifty manuscripts from the collection of Henry Yates Thompson. 26cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1898JAMES Samuel Benjamin K228 Worfield on the Worfe. 24cm. London. Bemrose & Sons. [1879]JAMES Thomas J149 A treatise of the corruptions of Scripture, councils and fathers...revised edition by John Edmund Cox. 22cm. London. J.W. Parker. 1843JAMES Thomas J16 Bellum papale. Nova edition, e recensione Joannis Edmundi Cox. 17.5cm. London. Hamilton Adams. 1840JAMES William UA33/13 A vindication of the usage of closing the morning service with the sermon. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1846JAMES William Z47/1-2 The principles of psychology. 2 vols. 23cm. London. Macmillan. 1905JAMESON Anna Brownell K15 Legends of the Madonna as represented in the fine arts. 3rd edn. 21cm. London. Longman. 1864JAMESON Anna Brownell K16 Legends of the monastic orders as represented in the fine arts. 3rd edn. 21cm. London. Longman. 1863JAMESON Anna Brownell K17-18 Sacred and legendary art. 2 vols. 4th edn. 21cm. London. Longman. 1863

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JAMESON Anna Brownell K13-14 The history of Our Lord...continued by Lady Eastlake. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Longman. 1864JAMIESON John U158-59 A vindication of the doctrine of scripture. 2 vols. 22cm. Edinburgh. Neill and Co. 1794JAMIESON John (editor) S317-18 The Bruce, and Wallace. 2 vols. 26cm. Edinburgh. J Ballantyne. 1820JANCEY Meryl (editor) Z114/21 St Thomas Cantelupe, Bishop of Hereford: essays in his honour. 21cm. Hereford. Frineds of Hereford Cathedral. 1982JANNESSEUX Pierre . . . see IGNATIUS LOYOLA St - Exercises...(1895)JANUARIUS Joseph de L46 Resolutiones variae iuxta theologiae moralis et canonum principia definitae. 30cm. Naples. Onofrio Savio. 1645JARVIS Samuel Farmar K53 A chronological introduction to the history of the church. 22cm. London. W.J. Cleaver. 1844JEAVONS Sidney Aston YA9 Anglo-Saxon cross-shafts in Staffordshire. (Offprint from Transactions of Birmingham Archaeological Society, vol 66). 26cm. Oxford. Charles Batey. 1950JEAVONS Sidney Aston YA8 Armitage font and cross shaft. (Offprint from Transactions of Birmingham Archaeological Society, vol 65). 25cm. Oxford. Charles Batey. 1949JEAVONS Sidney Aston Z52/2 Church plate of Warwickshire: diocese of Coventry. 24cm. Cheltenham. James Wilson. 1963JEAVONS Sidney Aston YA3 Medieval painted glass in Staffordshire churches. (Offprint from Transactions of the Birmingham Archaeological Society, vol. 68). 25cm. Oxford. Charles Batey. 1952JEAVONS Sidney Aston YA10 Medieval woodwork in South Staffordshire. (Offprint from Transactions of Birmingham Archaeological Society, vol 67). 26cm. Oxford. Charles Batey. 1951JEAVONS Sidney Aston YA11 The fonts of Staffordshire. (Offprint from Transactions of Birmingham Archaeological Society, vol 68). 26cm. Oxford. Charles Batey. 1952JEAVONS Sidney Aston YA51-52 The monumental effigies of Staffordshire, parts I-III (in one vol). (Reprint from Transactions of Birmingham Archaeological Society, vols 69-71). Two copies. 24.5cm. Oxford. Charles Batey. 1955JEBB John G167-168 A literal translation of the Book of Psalms. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. Longman. 1846JEBB John UA9/13B A short state of the reasons for a late resignation. 22cm. Cambridge. Fletcher and Hudson. 1775 Bound with: DISNEY John - Reasons for resigning...(1782).JEBB John J13 Pastoral instructions on the character and principles of the Church of England 17cm. London. James Duncan. 1831

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JEBB John J14 Piety without asceticism, or the Protestant Kempis. 2nd edn 17cm. London. James Duncan. 1837JEBB John H167-168 Practical theology. 2 vols. 22cm. London. James Duncan. 1830JEBB John H169 Sacred literature. New edn. 22cm. London. James Duncan and John Cochran. 1831JEBB John H241 Sermons on subjects chiefly practical. 4th edn 22cm. London. James Duncan and John Cochran. 1832JEBB John J295 The choral service of the United Church of England and Ireland. 22cm. London. J.W. Parker. 1843JEBB John Z21/22 The choral service of the United Church of England and Ireland. 22.5cm. London. J W Parker. 1843JEFFCOCK J T (editor) YA20 A record of the celebration of the noningentenary of...the Collegiate Church of Wolverhampton, 1894. 24cm. Wolverhampton. John Steen. 1894JEFFREY Francis* UA11/8 Observations on Mr Thelwall's letter to the Editor of the Edinburgh Review. 22cm. Edinburgh. D Willison. 1804JEMMAT Catherine S325 Miscellanies in prose and verse. 25.5cm. London. (n.p.). 1771JENISON Robert V45E The information of Robert Jenison. 30cm. London. Assigns of John Bill, Thomas Newcomb and Henry Hills. 1680 Wing J559. Bound with: OATES T - A true narrative...(1679).JENISON Robert V45F The narrative of Robert Jenison of Gray's Inn, Esquire. 30cm. London. for F Smith, T Basset et al.. 1679 Wing J561. Bound with: OATES T - A true narrative...(1679).JENKIN Robert* UA10/11 An historical examination of the authority of general councils. 2nd edn. 19.5cm. London. Henry Matlock. 1688 Wing J569.JENKINS Dafydd and OWEN Morfydd E Gospel Case The Welsh marginalia in the Lichfield Gospels. 2 parts. (Offprints from Cambridge Mediaeval Celtic Studies, 5 and 7). 21.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1983-84JENKINS Henry K207 Colchester Castle. 22.5cm. London. William Edward Painter. 1853JENKINS Robert Charles Z27/2 Canterbury. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. 1880JENKINS Robert Charles UA5/2 Short liturgical extracts adapted for occasional use. 18cm. Canterbury. T Ashenden. 1858JENNINGS Arthur Charles Z25/11 Ecclesia Anglicana. 18cm. London. Rivington. 1882

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JENNINGS Arthur Charles Z1/15-16 The Psalms with introduction and critical notes...assisted in part by W H Lowe. 2nd edn. 2 vols. 18.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1884-85JENNINGS Arthur Charles and LOWE William Henry Z1/17-18 The Psalms with introductions and critical notes. Books III-V (only). 18.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1875-76JENYNS Soame X18 A view of the internal evidence of the Christian religion. 5th edn. 15cm. London. J Dodsley. 1776JENYNS, Soame T65 Disquisitions on several subjects. 15.5cm. London. C Baldwin. 1822JEREMIE James Améraux UA13/7 The atonement: a sermon. 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1864JEROME St. AA1 (Epistolae) 36cm. Rome . Conrad Sweynheym and Arnold Pannartz. 1470 Hain *8552. BM Inc IV,10. Goff H164. f9 is a late 18th century type-facsimile of the lost folio.JEROME St. Z55/9-13 Hieronymi...opera...studio et labore Johannis Martinaii. 5 vols. 42cm. Paris . Claude Rigaud (vv.1-3), Louis Roulland (vv.4-5). 1693-1706JEROME St. Q293 Tractatus sive homiliae in Psalmos quattuordecim...edidit D Germanus Morin (Anecdota Maredsolana III p.III). 25cm. Maredsous. apud Editorem. 1903JESSOPP Augustus Z27/8 Norwich. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. 1884JEVONS Frank Byron Z47/7 An introduction to the history of religion. 22.5cm. London. Methuen. 1896JEWEL John Z141/14A A defense of the Apologie of the Churche of Englande. (last leaf torn). 28cm. London. Jenry Wykes. 1570 STC 14601. Bound with one other volume.JEWEL John Z141/14B A replie unto M Hardinge's answeare. 28cm. London. Henry Wykes. 1565 STC 14606. Bound with JEWEL J - A defense...(1570).JEWEL John Z51/25-32 The works. 8 vols. 21cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1848JEWELL John F85 The workes. 31.5cm. London. John Norton. 1611 STC 14580JEWELL John U184-87 The works, ed. J Ayre. 4 vols. (Parker Society) 26.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1845-50

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JEWERS Arthur John Z95/4 Wells Cathedral: its monumental inscriptions and heraldry. 29cm. London. Mitchell and Hughes. 1892JOANNES Scotus Erigena . . . see SCOTUS ERIGENA Joannes.JOHN CASSIAN I134 Opera...cum commentariis Alardi Gazaei... 35cm. Atrebati. Jean Baptiste & Guillaume Rivière. 1628JOHN CHRYSOSTOM St. X179 De sacerdotio libri VI. 19cm. Cambridge. Typis Academicis. 1710JOHN CHRYSOSTOM St. Z41/2-11 & Z48/1-3 Sancti patris nostri Joannis Chrysostomi...opera omnia quae extant...opera et studio...Bernardi Montfaucon. 13 vols. 38cm. Paris . Louis Gérin et al.. 1718-38JOHN CHRYSOSTOM St. X260 Six books concerning the priesthood...translated...by Henry Hollier. 19cm. London. for the Translator. (1728)JOHN CHRYSOSTOM St. Q182 St John Chrysostom on the priesthood...translated...by R Harris Cowper. 17.5cm. London. Williams & Norgate. 1866JOHN CHRYSOSTOM St. I57 St. John Chrysostom...his six boks concerning the priesthood, translated...by Henry Hollier 20.5cm. London. for the Translator, sold by G. Straham (et al). (1729) JOHN CHRYSOSTOM, St. X13 Contra Iudaeos homiliae XI. 14.5cm. Augsburg. Johannes Pretorius. 1602JOHN of Oxenden Z67/16 Chronica, ed. Sir Henry Ellis. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1859JOHN VI, Cantacuzenus, Emperor of the East . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 15,(1729).JOHNSON Douglas YA80 'Lichfield' and 'St Amphibalus': the story of a legend. (Offprint from Transactions of the South Staffordshire Archaeological and Historical Society, xxviii). 24cm. Stafford. The Society. 1988JOHNSON Dr Samuel T184-194 The works. 11 vols. 22cm. Oxford. for William Pickering. 1825 Vols.10-11 are a reprint of the Parliamentary Debate.JOHNSON Francis T275 Hitopadesa, or salutary counsels of Vishnu Sarman. 27cm. London. W H Allen. 1848JOHNSON John L23-24 A collection of all the ecclesiastical laws, canons, answers and rescripts... 2 vols. 20cm. London. Robert Knaplock. 1720JOHNSON John G95 Holy David and his old English translators clear'd. 19.5cm. London. W.D. for R. Knaplock. 1706JOHNSON John U52-55 The theological works. 4 vols. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, vv.52-55). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1848-51

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JOHNSON John E44 The unbloody sacrifice. 19cm. London. for Robert Knaplock. 1714JOHNSON John* X104 The clergyman's vade-mecum. 3rd edn. 16cm. London. for John Nicholson. 1709JOHNSON John* X105 The clergyman's vade-mecum. Part II, 2nd edn. 15.5cm. London. for R Knaplock et al.. 1714JOHNSON John, Nonjuror* J64-65 The clergyman's vade-mecum. 2 vols. 6th edn. 16cm. London. for Robert Knaplock. 1731JOHNSON Richard P15 Aristarchus Anti-Bentleianus. 19.5cm. Nottingham. William Ayscough. 1717JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703 . . . see SOUTH Robert - Twelve sermons......JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703 AA20-21 A dictionary of the English language...2 vols. 40cm. London. W Strahan for J and P Knapton et al.. 1755 Courtney and Nichol Smith pp.54-55.JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703* W4 A journey to the Western Islands of Scotland. 20.5cm. London. W Strahan and T Cadell. 1775JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703 K260 Graphic illustrations of the life and times of Samuel Johnson, LP.D. 29cm. London. J. Murray. 1836JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703* S258 Johnsoniana; or supplement to Boswell. 21cm. London. J Murray. 1836JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703 S190-91 Letters to and from the late Samuel Johnson, LL.D...published...by Hester Lynch Piozzi. 2 vols. 21cm. London. A Strahan and T Cadell. 1788JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703 Y159 Lives of the English poets, with notes...by Peter Cunningham. Vol 3 (only). 22cm. London. J Murray. 1854JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703 Z9/7(2) Memoirs of the life and writings of Dr Samuel Johnson. 19cm. (London). (n.p.). 1784 Cutting from Universal Magazine, August 1784.JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703 et al.* S7-9 Miscellaneous and fugitive pieces. 2nd edn. 3 vols. 17.5cm. London. T Davies. 1774 Vol. 3 is first edition.JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703* UA10/12 Purgatory prov'd by miracles. 19.5cm. London. Richard Baldwin. 1688 Wing J837.JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703* E33G Remarks upon Dr. Sherlock's book intituled the Case of the allegiance due to sovereign princes... 2nd edn 20cm. London. for J Humphries. 1690 Wing J841. Bound with TURNER J - A brief vindication...(1702)

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JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703 Z43/15 Samuel Johnson, 1709-84: a bicentenary exhibition. 24cm. London. Arts Council. 1984JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703 S192B Taxation no tyranny. 3rd edn. 21cm. London. T Cadell. 1775 Bound with: JOHNSON S - Thoughts...respecting Falkland's Islands (1771)JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703* S10-11 The Idler, by the author of The Rambler. 3rd edn. 2 vols. 16.5cm. London. T Davies. 1767JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703* S26 The life of Mr Richard Savage, son of the Earl Rivers. 4th edn. 17cm. London. F Newbery. 1769JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703 S192C The patriot. 3rd edn. 21cm. London. T Cadell. 1775 Bound with: JOHNSON S - Thoughts...respecting Falkland's Islands (1771).JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703* Z10/9-11 The Rambler. 3 vols. 16th edn. 21cm. London. Rivington et al.. 1810JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703 Z10/12 The wit and wisdom of Samuel Johnson, selected and arranged by George Birkbeck Hill. 19cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1888JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703 S245 The works of the English poets...in 21 vols, vol.2 (only). 23cm. London. J Johnson et al. 1810JOHNSON Samuel, 1649-1703 S192A Thoughts on the late transactions respecting Falkland's Islands. 2nd edn. 21cm. London. T Cadell. 1771 Bound with two other tracts.JOHNSON Samuel,1649-1703 N81-82 A dictionary of the English language...3rd edn. 40cm. London. W. Strahan et al. 1765 Courtney and Nichol SmithJOHNSON SOCIETY OF LICHFIELD Z4/22-23 Transactions, 1981 and 1982. 2 vols. 19cm. Lichfield . Johnson Society. 1981-82JOHNSON Thomas . . . see SOPHOCLES - Tragoediae...(1705)JOHNSON Thomas (editor) . . . see GERARD John - The herball...(1636).JOHNSTON Andrew* Z119/18-19 Notitia Anglicana, shewing: I the atchievements of all the English nobility...II their severall titles of honour... 17cm. London. for A Johnston et al.. 1724JOHNSTON Charles S154 Sonnets original and translated. 20cm. London. J Murray. 1823JOLIFFE Henry and JOHNSON Robert X94 Reponsio...sub protestatione facta, ad illos articulos Joannis Hoperi...in quibus a Catholica fide dissentiebat. 16cm. Antwerp. Christopher Plantin. 1564JOLLY Alexander J12 Observations upon the several Sunday services prescribed by the Liturgy throughout the year. 17cm. Edinburgh. R. Grant & Son. 1839

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JONES Alex Z10/14 Site narrative (Lichfield Cathedral Close: archaeological evaluation stages 1-4). 30cm. Birmingham. University of Birmingham Field Archaeology Unit. 1990JONES B . . . see LE NEVE John - Fasti...(1964)JONES Glanville R J Gospel Case 'Tir Telych' - the Gwestfâu of Cynwyl Gaeo and Cwmwd Caeo. 24cm. . . 1994 Studia Celtica XXVIII, pp 81-95.JONES James P YA18 A history of the parish of Tettenhall. 27.5cm. London. Simpkin, Marshall. 1894JONES James P Z95/16 A history of the parish of Tettenhall in the county of Stafford. 28cm. London. Simpkin, Marshall. 1894JONES Owen, Lithographer Z36/29 The psalms of David illuminated by Owen Jones. 42cm. London. Day and Sons. (1861) Printed on cardboard.JONES William UA15/10 The catholic doctrine of the Trinity. 7th edn. 21.5cm. London. Rivington. 1795JONES William Henry Z27/13 Salisbury. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. 1880JONES William* UA3/7 A small whole-length of Dr.Priestley. 20cm. London. Rivington. 1792JONES William* X162-163 Observations in a journey to Paris... 2 vols. 16cm. London. for G Robinson. 1777JONES William* J142-143 The scholar armed against the errors of the time. 2 vols. 3rd edn 21.5cm. London. Rivington. 1812JONSON Benjamin S235 Notes on Ben Jonson's conversations with William Drummond of Hawthornden, January MDC XIX (ed. D Laing). 22.5cm. London. Shakespeare Society. 1842JORDAN Heinrich . . . see HISTORIA AUGUSTA - Scriptores...(1864) JORTIN John H232-235 Sermons on different subjects. 4 vols. 22cm. London. John White. 1809JORTIN John X268 Six dissertations upon different subjects. 22cm. London. R Taylor for White and Co.. 1809JORTIN John T296-97 Tracts, philological and critical. 2 vols. 21cm. London. B White. 1790JOSEPH Ben Gorion M14 Josippon, sive...historiae Judaicae libri sex...illustravit Johannis Gagnier. 23.5cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1706JOSEPHUS Flavius L120 Histoire de Fl. Josephe sacrificateur hebreu, mise en françois...par Gilbert Gerard. 35cm. Paris. Mathurin Herault. 1639

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JOSEPHUS Flavius M108-109 Opera quae reperiri potuerunt omnia...illustravit Joannes Hudson. 2 vols. 37.5cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1720JOSEPHUS Flavius G191A-B The whole genuine works...translated...(by) William Whiston. 4 vols (in 2) 20.5cm. Glasgow. E. Khull. 1811JOSEPHUS Flavius M113-114 The works...translated...by William Whiston. 2 vols. 38cm. London. W. Bowyer for the Author. 1737JOYCE James Gerald Z39/2 The Fairford windows: a monograph. 56cm. London. Arundel Society. 1872JOYCE James Wayland Z28/14 Acts of the Church 1531-1885. 23cm. London. J Whitaker. 1886JOYCE James Wayland K69 England's sacred synods. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1855JULIAN Emperor P49 Opera quae extant omnia. 16.5cm. Paris . Denis Duval. 1583JULIAN John Z21/7 A dictionary of hymnology. Rev edn. 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1907JULIUS II UA13/1 Julius secundus Dialogus. Edn. altera. 15cm. Oxford. H Hall. 1688 Wing J1190A.JULIUS OBSEQUENS . . . see VALERIUS MAXIMUS - De dictis...(1822-23)JUNIUS Franciscus N106 Etymologicum Anglicanum...edidit Edwardus Lye. 35cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1743JUNIUS Franciscus G26 Sacrorum parallelorum libri tres. 18cm. [Heidelberg]. Commelin. 1610JUNIUS Hadrianus T74 Emblemata, ad D Arnoldum Cobelium. 16cm. Antwerp. Plantin. 1565JURIEU Pierre M50 The history of the Council of Trent. 18.5cm. London. J. Heptinstall for Edward Evers . 1684 Wing J1203.JUS E55 Jus Divinum regiminis ecclesiastici...by sundry Ministers of Christ with the City of London. 19cm. London. J.Y. for Joseph Hunscot and George Calvert. 1647 Wing J1218JUSTAMOND John Obadiah . . . see (MOUFLE D'ANGERVILLE, pseud?) - The private life...(1781)JUSTIN MARTYR D100 Apologiae duae et Dialogus cum Tryphone Judaeo, cum notis et emendationibus Styani Thirlbii. 38.5cm. London. Richard Sere. 1722

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JUSTIN MARTYR Z55/15 Opeera...opera et studio unius ex Monachis Congregationis S.Mauri. 42cm. Hague . Peter de Hondt. 1742JUSTIN MARTYR X257-258 The apologies of Justin Martyr, Tertullian and Minutius Felix...(translated) by William Reeves. 2 vols. 20.5cm. London. W.B. for A and J Churchill. 1709JUSTIN MARTYR St Z131/3 Opera. Ed.nova. 36cm. Köln. Jeremias Schrey et al.. 1686JUSTIN MARTYR, St. I157-168 Opera...edited by Joannes Carolus Theodorus Otto. 3 vols (in 2) Editio altera. 20.5cm. Jena. Friedrich Maulu. 1847-1850JUSTINIAN I, Emperor O85 D. Iustiniani Institutiorum libri quatuor...translated...by George Harris, LL.D. 2nd edn. 26.5cm. London. J. Purser for M. Withers. 1761JUSTINIAN I, Emperor of the East X177 Institutiones, sive elementa D Justiniani...accesserunt...Tituli. 13cm. Amsterdam. Wetsten. 1710JUSTINO Muzio T292 Le combat. 24cm. Lyon . Guillaume Rouille. 1561JUSTINUS P69 Justinus Trogi Pompeii historiarum Philippicarum epitome. 16cm. St. Ursel. Cornelius Sutorius. 1610JUVENALIS Decimus Junius P141 Decimi Junii Juvenalis et Auli Persii Flacci satirae. 22cm. London. Pickering. 1835JUVENALIS Decimus Junius T158 Sixteen satyrs...with notes...by Sir Robert Stapylton. 17cm. London. H Moseley. 1647 Wing J1291.JUVENALIS Decimus Junius P142-43 The satires of Decimus Junius Juvenalis and of Aulus Persius Flaccus, translated..by William Gifford. 3 vols (in 2) 22.5cm. London. G and W Nicol et al.. 1817-21KAEMPFER Engelbrecht V154-155 The history of Japan, trsl. J G Scheutzer. 2 vols. 34cm. London. printed for the Translator. 1727KAHL Johann Z118/5 Lexicon iuridicum Juris Caesarei simul et canonici. Ed. postrema. 34cm. Geneva. Pierre Chouët. 1645KATTENBUSCH Ferdinand Q189-90 Das Apostolische Symbol. 2 vols. 22.5cm. Leipzig. J C Hinrichs. 1894-1900KAYE John UA23/10 A charge to the clergy of the diocese of Lincoln...1853. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1852 KAYE John UA26/5 A charge to the clergy of the diocese of Lincoln...1846. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1846KAYE John UA34/4 A charge to the clergy of the diocese of Lincoln. 3rd edn. 21.5cm. London. Rivington. 1843KAYE John UA25/15 A letter to the clergy of the diocese of Lincoln. 22.5cm. Lincoln. W and B Brooke. 1847

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KAYE John UA28/1 A sermon on confirmation. 2nd edn. 18cm. London. Rivington. 1838KAYE John UA27/2 A sermon on Mark X, verse 14. 18.5cm. Wycombe. E King. 1840KAYE John H152 Nine charges. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1854KAYE John H154 Sermons and addresses. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1856KAYE John J111 Some account of the council of Nicaea. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1853KAYE John H153 Some account of the external government and discipline of the church of Christ during the first three centuries. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1855KAYE John K26 The ecclestiastical history of the second and third centuries. 2nd edn. 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1826KAYE John UA4/1 Two sermons. 16.5cm. Lincoln. W and B Brooke. 1846KAYE John* X124B Remarks on Dr. Wiseman's lectures...by Philalathes Cantabrigensis (i.e.John Kaye). 17cm. London. Rivington. 1837 Bound with: (KAYE J): Reply to the 'Travels...' (1834).KAYE John* X124A Reply to the 'Travels of an Irish gentleman in search of a religion...by Philalethes Cantabrigensis (v.e.John Kaye). 17cm. London. Rivington. 1834 Bound with one other tract.KAYE William John Frederick UA5/1 A sermon preached...after the funeral of the Ven. H K Bonney. 18cm. Lincoln. W and B Brooke. (1863)KEBLE John Z34/11-12 De poeticae vi medica, pralectiones academicae Oxonii habitae. 2 vols. 22cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1844KEBLE John UA16/3 The rich and the poor one in Christ. 20.5cm. London. J T Hayes. 1858KEELING William J293 Liturgiae Britannicae. 23cm. London. Pickering. 1842KEESEY Walter Monckton Z77/30 Cambridge: a sketch-book. 22cm. London. A and C Black. 1913KEIGHTLEY Thomas . . . see OVIDIUS NASO Publius - Ovid's Fasti...(1848)KEITH George M32Y A sermon preach'd at Turners-Hall, the 5th of May 1700 22cm. London. W. Bowyer for Brabazon Aylmer. 1700 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711) Wing K209.

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KEITH Robert L136 The history of the affairs of church and state in Scotland...vol.I (all published). 37cm. Edinburgh. Thomas and Walter Ruddimans. 1734KELKE William Henry Hastings J92 The churchyard manual. 17cm. London. C. Cox. 1851KELLY & Co. Z86/11 Kelly's directory of Staffordshire. 26cm. London. Kelly and Co.. 1896KELLY Thomas Q15 Hymns on various passages of scripture. 4th edn. 13cm. Dublin. Thomas Johnson. 1812KEMPIS Thomas a (books by - see note). . . De Imitatione Christi,shelf no X129; another copy,translated, shelf no C49; The Protestant (Jebb), shelf no J14.KEMPIS Thomas à X129 De imitatione Christi libri quatuor. 17.5cm. Parma . ex Imperiali Typographia. 1807 Brooks:Bodoni 1038.KEMPSON James Henry Z132/6 Exercise book of sermons and prayers. 1940s. 21cm. (MS). . (1945-50)KEN Thomas M32T A sermon preached at the funeral of the Right Honourable the Lady Margaret Mainard. 22cm. London. M. Flesher for Joanna Bronce. 1682 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711) Wing K279.KEN Thomas X79 Poems, devotional and didactic. 10.5cm. London. Hamilton, Adams & Co.. (1837)KEN Thomas H140 The prose works...edited by James Thomas Round 21cm. London. Rivington. 1838KEN Thomas* Q267 An exposition on the Church Catechism...revised. 18cm. London. Charles Brome. 1703KENNEDY Benjamin Hall UA9/3 Christian peaceableness. 22cm. Shrewsbury. J Eddowes. 1839KENNEDY Charles Rann . . . see DEMOSTHENES - Translation...(1841)KENNEDY William Paul McClure Q242-44 Elizabethan episcopal administration. (Alcuin Club: Collections 25-27). 3 vols. 27.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1924KENNEDY William Waugh McClure Q250 The 'Interpretations' of the bishops. (Alcuin Club: Tracts 8). 27cm. London. Longmans. 1908KENNETT White* U169 The case of impropriations and of the augmentation of vicarages. 19cm. London. Awnsham and John Churchill. 1704KEPPEL Thomas UA39/11 The use and abuse of tradition. 22cm. Norwich. Josiah Fletcher. 1844KER John P79A/B Selectarum de lingua latina observatrionum libri duo. 2 vols (in 1).

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18.5cm. London. John Hartley (A Bell). 1708 (19) Vol I is reprint of 1719, Vol II original printing Bound with one other tract.KER N R Z116/30 Medieval Libraries of Great Britain (A List of Survey Books) 24cm. London. . 1964KER Neil Ripley Z9/8(21) Patrick Young's catalogue of the manuscripts of Lichfield Cathedral. 24cm. London. (n.p.). 1950 Offprint from Medieval and Renaissance Studies, vol II.KER Neil Ripley Z9/7(16) The migration of manuscripts from the English medieval libraries. 22.5cm. London. The Bibliographical Society. 1942 Reprint from The Library, 4th series, vol 23).KERR Jill (co-author) . . . see BEMDEN Yvette van den and KERR Jill - The sixteenth-century.....(1986).KETLEY Joseph (editor) . . . see BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER. 1549 and 1552. - The two liturgies...(1844)KETT Henry Z105/22 Sermons preached before the University of Oxford. (Bampton Lectures 1790). 2nd edn. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1792KETTLEWELL John* E33L Christianity, a doctrine of the cross... 20cm. London. for Jos. Hindmarsh and Rob. Kettlewell. 1691 Wing K358. Bound with TURNER J - A brief vindication...(1702)KEUCHEN Peter G50 Annotata in omnes Novi Testamenti libros. Ed.nova. 20cm. Leiden. Abraham Kallewier. 1755KEY Thomas Hewitt UA37/1 The controversy about the Varronianus. 18cm. London. Robson, Levey and Franklyn (for Private Circulation).. 1845KIDD Beresford James Z40/15 The Counter-Reformation. 22cm. London. SPCK. 1933KIDD John Z40/3 On the adaptation of external natures to the physical condition of man. (Bridgewater Treatise II). 21cm. London. Pickering. 1837KIDDER Richard F115 A demonstration of the Messias. 2nd edn 33cm. London. J. Osborn and T. Longman. 1726KIESLING Johann Rudolph X127 Historia de usu symbolorum. 17.5cm. Leipzig. Johann Georg Loewe. 1753KILVERT Francis . . . see WARBURTON William - A selection...(1841)KILVERT Francis K101 Memoirs of the life and writings of...Richard Hurd. 22cm. London. R. Bentley. 1860KINDERSLEY Nathaniel Edward S203 Specimens of Hindoo literature. 21cm. London. Bulmer. 1894

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KING Bryan UA14/10 Sacrilege and its encouragement. 22cm. London. Joseph Masters 1860. KING Daniel R40 The vale-royal of England, or, the County Palatine of Chester illustrated. 29cm. London. John Streater. 1656 Wing K488.KING James . . . see COOK James - A voyage (1784).KING John H57D The fourth sermon preached at Hampton Court... 18cm. Oxford. Joseph Barnes. 1607 STC 14975. Bound with BARLOW W - The first of foure sermons....KING John G126 [Lectures upon Jonas] 20cm. Oxford. John Barnes. 1597 STC 14976. Lacks t-p.KING Peter, Baron Ockham* Q344 The history of the Apostles' Creed. 3rd edn 20cm. London. W. B. for Jonathan Robinson. 1711KING Richard John (editor)* K216-222 Handbook to the cathedrals of England. 7 vols. 19cm. London. J. Murray. 1861-69KING Richard John (editor)* K223 Handbook to the cathedrals of Wales. 2nd edn 19cm. London. J. Murray. 1887KING Sir Peter J3 The history of the Apostles' creed. 4th edn 19cm. London. John Wyat and R. Robinson. 1719KING William J55 A discourse concerning the invention of men in the worship of God. 17cm. Northampton. C.S. Adkins. 1870KING William H124 An essay on the origin of evil...translated...with notes...by Edmund Law. 4th edn 20.5cm. Cambridge. W. Thurlow and J. Woodyer. 1758KING-HELE Desmond . . . see DARWIN Erasmus - The letters...(1981).KING-HELE Desmond Z43/18 Doctor of revolution. 22cm. London. Faber. 1977KING-HELE Desmond Z43/17 Erasmus Darwin. 22cm. London. Macmillan. 1963KING-HELE Desmond (editor) . . . see DARWIN Erasmus - The essential writings...(1968).KINGSFORD Hugh Sadler Q241 Illustrations of the occasional offices of the church in the middle ages. (Alcuin Club: Collections 24). 27.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1921KINGSLEY XA35 Kingsley parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1968

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KINGSLEY Charles Z49/6 Charles Kingsley: his letters and memories of his life, edited by his wife. 19cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1885KINGSLEY Fanny Elizabeth (editor) . . . see KINGSLEY Charles - Charles Kingsley...(1885).KINGSMILL Sir William Z8/4-5 The poems...a critical edition by John Eames. 2 vols. (Ph.D thesis, Dept. of English, University of Birmingham). 30cm. Birmingham. University of Birmingham. 1981KINSEY William Morgan* K209 Hints to some churchwardens...relating to the repair and improvement of parish churches. 22cm. London. Rodwell and Martin. 1825KIPPIS Andrew (editor) R126-130 Biographia Britannica...2nd edn. Vols.1-5. 36cm. London. W and A Strahan. 1778-93 Lacks the half-volume published after vol. 5.KIRBY William Z40/10-11 On the power, wisdom and goodness of God as manifested in the creation of animals... (Bridgewater Treatise VII). 2 vols. 21cm. London. Pickering. 1835KIRCHER Athanasius F84 Musurgia universalis, sive ars magna consoni et dissoni. 2 vols (in 1). 32cm. Rome . Haeredes Francisci Corbelletti. 1650KIRCHNER Hermann L13A Hermanni Kirchneri...Legatus. 19cm. Marburg. Paul Egenolph. 1614 Bound with two other vols.KIRCHNER Hermann L13B Hermanni Kirchneri...Morvillesius... 19cm. Marburg. Paul Egenolph. 1620 Bound with: KIRCHNER H - Legatus...(1614)KIRCHNER Hermann L13C Hermanni Kirchneri...Respublica... 19cm. Marburg. Typis Egenolphianis. 1614 Bound with: KIRCHNER H - Legatus...(1614)KIRK Kenneth Escott (editor) Z47/13 The apostolic ministry: essays on the history and the doctrines of episcopacy. 22.5cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1947KIRK Robert T205 An essay of the nature and actives of the subterranean. 24.5cm. Edinburgh. Ballantyne. 1815KIRKPATRICK Alexander Francis Z2/3 The doctrine of the prophets. 3rd edn. 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1901KITTO John G190-191 A cyclopaedia of Biblical literature. 2 vols 23cm. Edinburgh. Black. 1852KITTO John (editor) Z16/1-2 A cyclopaedia of Biblical literature. 2 vols. 23cm. Edinburgh. A and C Black. 1847KJÖRNING Olof J171 Commentatio historico-theologica...de consecrationibus episcoporum Anglorum. 20cm. Helmstadt. Christian Friedrich Weygand. 1739KLAUSEN Rudolf Heinrich P94 Theologoumena Aeschyli. 21cm. Berlin. Georg Reiner. 1829

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KLAUSEN Rudolf Heinrich (editor) . . . see AESCHYLUS - Aeschyli quae...(1833)KLETTENBERG und zu WILDECK Karl Heinrich von O115-117 Scriptores histoirae Romanae Latini veteres qui extant omnes...adente et accurante Bennone Casparo Haurisio. 3 vols 39cm. Heidelberg. Johann Jacob Haener. 1743-48KLUIT Adriaan G155-156 Vindiciae articuli ho, he, to in Novo Testamento. 2 vols 21cm. Utrecht/ Alkmar. Abraham Paddenburg/ Jacob Mangh. 1768-69 Vol 1 published at Utrecht, vol 2 at AlkmarKNATCHBULL Sir Norton G61 Annotations upon some difficult texts in...the New Testament. 18cm. Cambridge. J. Hayes. 1693 Wing K672KNIGHT Charles (editor)* S208-211 Half-hours with the best authors. 4 vols. 22.5cm. London. C Knight. (1850)KNIGHT James J274O An enquiry into the ill designs, errors. etc. 19.5cm. London. George Strahan. 1714 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)KNIGHT James Z43/4 The true Scripture doctrine of the most holy and undivided Trinity. 19cm. London. J.L. for Richard Smith. 1715KNIGHT James, attrib.* J274D A letter to the Reverend Dr. Clarke...from the Author of The True Scripture doctrine... 19.5cm. London. G. Strahan. 1714 Bound with PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)KNIGHT John Collyer UA15/8 The incredibilities of Part II of the Bishop of Natal's work upon the Pentateuch. 21.5cm. London. Samuel Bagster. 1863KNIGHT John Collyer UA28/4 The Pentateuchal narrative vindicated. 21.5cm. London. Bagster. 1863KNIGHT Richard Payne . . . see HOMER - Carmina Homerica...(1820)KNIGHT* J185 History of Montanism, by a Lay Gentleman.... . . see HICKES George - The spirit of enthusiasm...(1709)KNIGHT, FRANK and RUTLEY YA5 A catalogue of the contents of Hints Hall, Tamworth, Staffs. 22.5cm. London. Dryden Press. 1917KNIGHTON William* T113 The private life of an Eastern king, by a member of the household of his late majesty Nussir-ud-Deen, King of Oude. 2nd edn. 20cm. London. Hope and Co.. 1853KNOLLES Richard V90 (The general historie of the Turkes before the rising of the Othoman familie). (2nd edn.) 32.5cm. (London). (Adam Islip). (1610) Imperfect, lacking tp. STC 15052.KNOWLER William (editor)

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. . . see WENTWORTH Thomas, Earl of Strafford - Letters...(1739).KNOWLES Thomas Z42/1 Primitive Christianity; or, testimonies from the writers of the first four centuries. 20cm. London. Lockyer Davis. 1789KNOX Alexander J19 The doctrine of the sacraments. 17cm. London. James Duncan. 1838KOCHER David X291 Vindiciae Sacri Textus Hebraei Esaiae vatis. 16cm. Bern . B F Fischer. 1786KORAN . . . see LANE Edward William - Selections...(1843)KORTHOLT Christian X274B De persecutione ecclesiae primaevae. 19cm. Kiel . Joachim Reumann. 1689 Bound with: BOECLER J H - Historia...(1695).KORTHOLT Christian X274C De vita et moribus Christianis primaevis...liber. 19cm. Kiel . Joachim Reumann. 1683 ound with: BOECLER J H - Historia...(1695).KRAUSE Johann Christian Heinrich X277 De usu vocabulorum phos et skotia in N.T. commentariis. 20cm. Göttingen. Johann Christian Dietrich. 1782KREBS Johann Tobias X273 Decreta Romanorum pro Iudaeis. 21cm. Leipzig. Caspar Fritsch. 1768KREBS Johannes Tobias G111 Observationes in Novum Testamentum e Flavio Josepho. 19.5cm. Leipzig. Johann Wendler. 1755KÜHN Adam Friedrich X282 Spicilegium Christophori Friderici Loesneri observationum ad Novum Testamentum e Philone Alexandrino. 18.5cm. Ofortense. Erdmann Christopher Bencke. 1785KVINOEL Christian Gottlieb G247 Observationes ad Novum Testamentum ex libris apocryphis. 22cm. Leipzig. Johann Gottlieb Feind. 1794KYPKE Georgius David G105 Observationes sacrae in Novi Foederis libros. 2 vols (in 1) 20cm. Breslau. Johann Jacob Korn. 1755L'ESTRANGE Hamon J286 The alliance of divine offices. 3rd edn. 29cm. London. Ch. Brome. 1699 Wing L1185.L'ESTRANGE Sir Hamon* V60 The reign of King Charles: an history faithfully and impartially delivered and disposed into annals. 27cm. London. E.C. for Edward Dod et al.. 1655 Wing L1189.L'ESTRANGE Sir Roger UA10/9 The dissenters sayings. (4th edn.) 20cm. London. for Joanna Brown. 1683 Wing L1243.LA BIGNE Margarinus C121 Bibliothecae veterum patrum...[tomus primus]. 4th edn

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36.5cm. Paris. [n.p.]. 1624 Other volumes of this edition lacking.LA BIGNE Margarinus C122-125 Sacrae bibliothecae sanctorum...tomus quintus (septimus, octavus, nonus) 4 vols. 2nd edn 38cm. Parisiis. [Michel Somne]. 1589 Other volumes of this edition lacking.LA CERDA Ludovicus de B17 Adversaria sacra. 34cm. Lyons. Ludovicus Prost. 1626LA CROIX Camille de Q291 Etude sommaire du Baptistère Saint-Jean de Poitiers. 2e édn. 25cm. Poitiers. Blais et Roy. 1904LA CURNE DE ST.PALAYE Jean Baptiste de T148 Memoirs of the life of Froissart. 19cm. London. Nichols and Son. 1801LA MOTTE FOUQUÉ Friedrich de UA20/1 Undine, eine Erzählung. 4e Auflage. 18.5cm. Berlin. Dümmler. (1826)LA PEYRERE Isaac de* X133 Men before Adam. 16cm. London. (n.p.). 1656 Wing L427.LA PISE Joseph de V121 Tableau de l'histoire des princes et principauté d'Orange. 34cm. Haguen. Theodore Maire. 1640 Engraved tp. dated 1638.LA PLUCHE Antoine Noel de* S12-18 Spectacle de la nature: or nature display'd, translated by Mr Humphrey. 7 vols. 16.5cm. London. R Franklin (et al). 1757LA PRIMAUDAYE Pierre de T152 The French academie. 4th edn. 19cm. London. George Bishop . 1602 STC 15236.LA ZERDA Joseph L68 Maria effigies revelatioque Trinitatis. 34cm. Lyons. Laurent Anisson. 1662LA ZERDA Joseph de F104-105 In sacram Judith historiam commentarius. 2 vols 35cm. Lyons . Laurent Anisson. 1653LABBE Philippe X293 Eruditae pronuntiationis Catholicae indices...ab Edwardo Leedes olim recogniti et aucti. 17.5cm. London. Rivington. 1771LABBE Philippe X116 Notitia dignitatum imperii romani. 14.5cm. Paris . Typographia Regia. 1651LABBE Philippe R10 Nova bibiotheca MSS librorum. 22cm. Paris . Jean Herault. 1653LABBE Philippe and COSSART Gabriel L101-102 Ad sacrosancta concilia...edita apparatus. 2 vols. 38cm. Paris. Sociatas Typogaphica Librorum Ecclesiasticorum. 1672LABBE Philippe and COSSART Gabriel L103-118 Sacrosancta concilia ad regiam editionem exacta. 15 vols (in 16) 37cm. Paris. Societas Typographica Librorum Ecclesiasticorum. 1672

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LABORDE Leon de K20 Journey through Arabia Petraea to Mount Sinai. 21cm. London. John Murray. 1836LABORDE Léon de Z91/10 Journey through Arabia Petraea to Mount Sinai and the excavated city of Petra. 21cm. London. J Murray. 1836LACEY Thomas Alexander . . . see DENNEY Edward - De hierarchia...(1895)LACEY Thomas Alexander Q128 Liturgical interpolations (Alcuin Club, Prayer Book Revision Pamphlets 1). 19.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1912LACEY Thomas Alexander Q248 Liturgical interpolations. (Alcuin Club: Tracts 3). 27cm. London. Longmans. 1898LACROIX DE MARLES Jean de . . . see CONDE Joseph - Histoire...(1825).LACTANTIUS i59 De mortuis perseactorum,...edited by Paulus Bauldri. 19.5cm. Utrecht. Willem Broedelet. 1693LACTANTIUS J96 Of the manner in which the persecutors died. 16.5cm. Edinburgh. Murray and Cochran, for T. Cadell. 1782LACTANTIUS D77(a) Opera, per Janum Pannhasium accuratissime castigata. 30cm. [Venice]. [Joannes Tacuinus]. [1509] Bound with:TERTULLIAN - Apologeticus.... Note: t-p covers both works, but signatures are independent.LACTANTIUS Lucius Coelius Firmianus X99 Divinarum institutimum liber quintus, sive de justitia. 17cm. Edinburgh. A Murray and J Cochran. 1777LAET Jan de R89 L'Histoire du nouveau monde ou description des Indes occidentales. 32.5cm. Leiden. Elzevir. 1640LAET Jan de R84 Novus orbis seu descriptionis Indiae occidentialis libri XVIII. 33cm. Leiden. Elzevir. 1633LAING David (editor) . . . see JONSON Benjamin - Notes...(1842)LAITHWAITE Percy Z81/21 The history of the Lichfield Conduit Lands Trust, 1546 to 1946. 21.5cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1947LAITHWAITE Percy Z9/9(3) The Lichfield Friary. 26cm. Oxford. John Johnson. 1937LAMB Charles S36-37 Specimens of English dramatic poets. New edn. 2 vols. 17cm. London. Moxon. 1835LAMB John William Z81/19 The archbishopric of Lichfield, (787-803). 21cm. London. Faith Press. 1964LAMBARD William X237 A perambulation of Kent. 18.5cm. London. for Ralph Newberie. 1576 STC 15175.

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LAMBETH CONFERENCE. Z51/8-17 The Lambeth conferences of 1867-1988. 10 vols. 21cm. London. SPCK (&) CIO. 1896-1968(SPCK)/1978-88(CIO) Vol I-II (1867-77), edited by Randall Davidson.LAMPETER. St David's College. Z116/23 The Founder's library, University of Wales, Lampeter. 21cm. Lampeter. St David's College Library. 1994LANCASTER, Duchy of . . . see DUCATUS LANCASTRIAE - Calendarium...(1823-34).LANE Edward UA34/13 Du Moulin's reflections reverberated. 19.5cm. London. for William Cook. 1681 Wing L331.LANE Edward William J348 Selections from the Kur-ân. 22cm. London. James Madden. 1843LANE-POOLE Reginald (editor) . . . see WYCLIFFE John - Tractatus de civili...(1885).LANE-POOLE Reginald (editor) . . . see WYCLIFFE John _ De dominio divino...(1890).LANE-POOLE Stanley L51A Social life in Egypt...a supplement to 'Picturesque Palestine'. 31cm. London. J.S. Virtue. [1885?]LANEHAM Robert T132 Letter describing the magnificent pageants presented unto Queen Elizabeth at Kenilworth Castle in 1575. 20cm. London. J H Burn. 1821LANGBAINE Gerard, the Elder* Z119/3 The foundation of the Universitie of Cambridge. 17.5cm. London. M.S.for Thomas Jenner. 1651 Wing L368.LANGE Johann Peter Z14/2-5 The life of the Lord Jesus Christ. 4 vols. 22cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1872LANGHORN Richard V45P The tryall of Richard Langhorn Esq....for conspiring the death of the King... 30cm. London. H Hills et al.. 1679 Wing T2212. Bound with OATES T - A true narrative...(1679).LANGHORNE John H67-68 Sermons preached before the Honourable Society of Lincoln's Inn. 2 vols. 2nd edn 15.5cm. London. T. Becket and P. A. de Hondt. 1767LANGLAND William S75-76 The vision and creed of Piers Ploughman...(ed.) by Thomas Wright. 2nd edn. 2 vols. 17.5cm. London. John Russell Smith. 1856LANGLEY William E68 The persecuted minister. 19cm. London. J.G. for Richard Royston. 1656 Wing L408LANGTON David Herbert Z77/28 A history of the parish of Flixton. 21cm. Manchester. Taylor, Garnett, Evans. 1898

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LANSDELL Henry Z27/28-29 The sacred tenth, or studies in tithe-giving ancient and modern. 2 vols. 21cm. London. SPCK. 1906LANSDOWNE MANUSCRIPTS . . . see BRITISH MUSEUM. Lansdowne Manuscripts.LAONICUS Chalkocondyles . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 16,(1729).LAONICUS CHALKOKONDYLES . . . see HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE SCRIPTORES - Historiae...(1615).LAPIDE Cornelius à A33 Commentaria in Acta Apostolorum. 3 vols (in 1) 34cm. Paris. (n.p.). 1631 Bound with commentaries on Catholic Epistles and Revelation.LAPIDE Cornelius à A33B Commentaria in Apocalypsis S. Johannis Apostoli. 34cm. Paris. (n.p.). 1631 Bound with: Commentaria in Acta Apostolorum.(1631)LAPIDE Cornelius à A27 Commentaria in Canticum Canticorum. 34cm. Lyons. sumptibus Gabrielis Boissat et soc.. 1637LAPIDE Cornelius à A31 Commentaria in duodecim Prophetas minores. 34cm. Paris. Jean Billaine. 1635LAPIDE Cornelius à A33A Commentaria in Epistolas Canonicas. 34cm. Paris. (n.p.). 1631 Bound with: Commentaria in Acta Apostolorum. (1631)LAPIDE Cornelius à A34 Commentaria in omnes Divi Pauli epistolas. Ultima editio. 34cm. Antwerp. Martinus Nutius. 1635LAPIDE Cornelius à A25 Commentaria in Pentateuchum Mosis. Ultima editio. 34cm. Antwerp. Martinus Nutius. 1630LAPIDE Cornelius à A30 Commentaria in quatuor Prophetas maiores. Postrema editio. 34cm. Antwerp. Martinus Nutius. 1634LAPIDE Cornelius à A28 Commentaria in Salomonis Proverbia. 34cm. Antwerp. Martinus Nutius. 1635LAPIDE Cornelius à A26 Commentarius in Josue, Judicum, Ruth, IV libros Regum, II Paralipomenon. 2 vols (in 1). 34cm. Antwerp. Joannes Meursius. 1642LAPIDE Cornelius à A29 Ecclesiasticus Jesu Siracidis expositus accurato commentario R.P. Cornelio à Lapide. 34cm. Lyon. ex officina Londriana. 1634LAPIDE Cornelius à A32 R.P. Corn. Cornelii à Lapide...commentarii in IV Evangelia. 2 vols (in 1). 34cm. Lyon. sumptibus Gabrielis Boissat et soc.. 1638LARCHER Pierre Henri P158-59 Historical and critical comments on the History of Herodotus...new edn...by W D Cooley. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Whittaker. 1844LARDNER Dionysius

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. . . see COOLEY William Desborough - The history...(1830-31).LATHAM Henry Z32/9 Pastor pastorum. 19cm. Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1890LATHAM Ronald E Z11/27 Revised medieval Latin word-list. 25cm. London. Oxford Univ. 1994LATHBURY Daniel Conner Z24/11 Dean Church. (Leaders of the Church 1800-1900). 18cm. Oxford. A R Mowbray. 1905LATHBURY Thomas Q347 A history of the Convocation of the Church of England. 17cm. London. J W Parker. 1842LATHBURY Thomas K71 A history of the Nonjurors. 22cm. London. W. Pickering. 1845LATIMER Hugh BB31 Frutefull sermons preached by Hugh Latimer. 18cm. London. John Daye. 1578 STC 15279.LATIMER Hugh U105-106 Sermons and remains, ed. G E Corrie. 2 vols. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1844-45LAUD William F11 A relation of the conference ... and Mr.Fisher the Jesuit. 4th edn 29.5cm. London. Ralph Holt for Thomas Bassett. 1686 Wing L595LAUD William X27 Seven sermons. 14cm. London. for R Lowndes. 1651 Wing L598.LAUD William Z131/10 The history of the troubles and tryal...wrote by himself. 32cm. London. Richard Chiswell. 1695 Wing L586.LAUD William U58-66 The works. 7 vols (in 9) (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, vv.58-66). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1847-60 Vols.3 and 5(ii) missing.LAUNOY Jean de F129 Epistolae omnes. 37cm. Cambridge. John Hayes. 1689 Wing L621

LAURENCE French . . . see BURKE Edmund - The epistolary...(1827).LAURENCE Richard UA8/5 & UA26/10 A dissertation upon the Logos of St John. 2 copies. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press for the Author. 1808LAURENCE Richard U195 An attempt to illustrate those articles of the Church of England, which the Calvinists improperly consider as Calvinistical. 3rd edn. (Bampton Lectures, 1804). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1838

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LAURENCE Richard UA31/3 Critical reflections upon some important misrepresentations contained in the Unitarian version of the New Testament. 22cm. Oxford. J Parker. 1811LAURENCE Richard G94 Remarks upon the systematical classification of manuscripts adopted by Griesbach. 21cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1814LAURENCE Richard UA3/13 Remarks upon the systematical classification of manuscripts adopted by Griesbach in his edition of the Greek Testament. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1814LAURENCE Richard UA6/5 The doctrine of the Church of England upon the efficacy of Baptism vindicated from misrepresentation. 2nd edn. Part II (only). 22.5cm. Oxford. J Parker. 1827LAURENCE Richard UA13/12 The metaphorical character of the apostolical style. 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press for the Author. 1810LAURENCE Richard K75 The visitation of the Saxon Reformed Church in the years 1527 and 1528. 22cm. Dublin. R. Milliken. 1839LAURENCE Richard (editor) UA37/6 Authentic documents relative to the Predestinarian controversy. 22cm. Oxford. W Baxter. 1819LAURENCE Richard* G78 The Book of Job...with the Masoretical text. 22cm. Dublin. William Curry. 1828LAVINGTON George J187-188 The enthisiasm of Methodists and Papists compared. 3rd edn (part I); 2nd edn (part II; 1st edn (part III). 3 vols in 2. 19.5cm. London. J. and P. Knapton. 1751-1752LAVINGTON George J151 The enthusiasm of Methodists and papists considered. New edn. by R. Polwhele. 22.5cm. London. A.J. Valpy. 1833LAVINGTON George* UA11/2 The Moravians compared and detected. 20cm. London. J and P Knapton. 1755LAW Edmund H125 An enquiry into the ideas of space, time, immensity and eternity...to which is added a Dissertation upon the argument...of a first cause (by Daniel Waterland). 19.5cm. Cambridge. W. Fenner and R. Beresford. 1734 Bound with four other pamphlets.LAW Edmund H126 Considerations on the theory of religion. 6th edn 20.5cm. Cambridge. J. Archdeacon. 1774LAW Edmund H125D Reflections on the life and character of Christ. 19.5cm. Cambridge. J. Archdeacon. (1760) Bound with LAW Edmund - An enquiry....(1734)LAW Edmund (translator) H124. . . see KING William - An essay on the origin of evil....(1758)LAW Edmund* H125B A defence of Mr Locke's opinion concerning personal identity. 19.5cm. Cambridge. J. Archdeacon. 1769 Bound with LAW Edmund - An enquiry....(1734)LAW Edmund* H125C A dissertation on the nature and necessity of catechising.

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19.5cm. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. J. White and T. Saint. 1767 Bound with LAW Edmund - An enquiry....(1734)LAW Edward UA20/11 A defence of the divinity of our Blessed Saviour. 22.5cm. Preston. I Wilcockson. 1816LAW James Thomas L15-16 A popular system of ecclesiastical law. 2 vols 20.5cm. London. Rivington. 1865 Paginations in both volumes by separate parts (vol.I, 289 xxi, vi, 395pp., vol.II, 5-191, 39-398, xx pp.).LAW James Thomas L18 Church Buildings Commissioners' Acts...Part I (-III). 20.5cm. London. Rivington. 1864-65 Pagination by parts: xlvii, 175, 64, xxii, 196, lxxi, xviii pp.LAW James Thomas L17A Lectures on the first and subsequent divisions of the kingdom into provinces and dioceses. 20.5cm. London. Rivington. 1865 Pagination by lectures: (5-118, 5-124). Bound with one other tract.LAW James Thomas L17B Lectures on the office and duties of churchwardens... 2nd edn 20.5cm. London. Rivington. 1864 Pagination by lecture; 5-147, vii pp, 49-155 pp. Bound with: LAW J T - Lectures on the first...divisions...(1865)LAW James Thomas K41-45 The ecclesiastical statutes at large. 5 vols. 22.5cm. London. William Benning et al.. 1847LAW James Thomas and FRANCIS William Francis Z36/1-27 A new set of diocesan maps. 27 vols. 37.5cm. (Lichfiled). (Eggington). (1864) Kept together in slipcase. Another copy (bound) - Z36/27A.LAW William H292 A serious call to a devout and holy life. New edn., edited by J.H. Overton 22cm. London. Macmillan. 1898LAW William Z119/24 A Serious Call to a Devout and Holy Life. (Everyman Series, No 91) 17.5cm. London. J M Dent & Sons Ltd. 1951LAW William Z103/10 Characters and characteristics...selected and arranged...by Alexander Whyte. 21cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1893LAW William Z103/1-9 The works. 9 vols. 22.5cm. London. (for J Richardson, 1762); repr. Brockenhurst, for G Moreton . 1892LAWLOR Hugh Jackson I13. . . see ROSSLYN MISSAL - The Rosslyn missal...(1899)LAWLOR Hugh Jackson Q188 Chapters of the Book of Mulling. 22.5cm. Edinburgh. David Douglas. 1897LAWLOR Hugh Jackson (editor) I41-42. . . see RICHEMARCH - The psalter....(1914)LAY BARONET, pseud. X108 Archbishop Murray's Douay and Rhemish Bible: four letters...by a Lay Baronet. 15cm. London. William Edward Painter. 1848

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LAYARD Sir Austin Henry W76 Discoveries in the ruins of Nineveh and Babylon. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1853LAYARD Sir Austin Henry W74-75 Nineveh and its remains. 2 vols. 5th edn. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1850LE BAS Charles Webb K92-93 The life of Archbishop Cranmer. 2 vols. 16.5cm. London. Rivington. 1833LE BLANC Louis E81 Theses theologicae. 3rd edn 31cm. London. Moses Pitt. 1683 Wing L803LE CLERC Jean G5 & G99 A supplement to Dr. Hammond's paraphrase and annotations on the New Testament. 2 copies. 20cm. London. for Samuel Buckley. 1699 Wing L826.LE COURAYER Pierre François . . . see SARPI Pietro - Historie du Concile...(1736)LE COURAYER Pierre François J310 A dissertation on the validity of the ordinations of the English. 22.5cm. Oxford. J.H. Parker. 1844LE FAUCHEUR Michel X190 Sermons sur le quatrième chapitre de l'Epistre de S.Paul aux Ephesiens. 17.5cm. Charenton. Samuel Petit. 1641LE FAUCHEUR Michel F114 Traité de la cène du Seigneur. 34cm. Geneva. Pierre Chouët. 1635LE FEBVRE DE SAINT-MARC Charles Hugues W42-47 Abrégé chronologique de l'histoire générale d'Italie. 6 vols. 16cm. Paris . Jean-Thomas Hérissaut. 1761-70LE GRAIN Baptiste V9 Decade contenant la vie et gestes de Henry le Grand Roy de France et Navarre, IIII du nom. 22.5cm. Rouenn. Veuve du Bosc. 1633LE GRAND D'AUSSY Pierre Jean Baptiste S157-159 Fabliaux or tales, abridged from French manuscripts...translated...by...G L Way. New edn. 3 vols. 20cm. London. J Rodwell. 1815LE GRAND D'AUSSY Pierre Jean Baptiste S315 Partenopex de Blois: a romance...translated...by William Stewart Rose. 28cm. London. Longman. 1807LE KEUX John W32 Illustrations of natural history...vol. 1. Quadrupeds. 22cm. London. Longman. 1830 No more published.LE LONG Jacques E132 Bibliotheca sacra in binos syllabos distincta 2 vols (in 1) 38cm. Paris. F. Montalant. 1723LE MESURIER Thomas J211 The doctrine of the Eucharist considered. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1810LE MOINE Pierre Z61X/10 De l'art de regner, au roy. 35cm. Paris . Sebastien Cramoisy and Sebastien Maure-Cramoisy. 1665

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LE MOINE Pierre V83 The gallery of heroick women. 34cm. London. R Norton for Henry Seile. 1652LE NEVE John K46-48 Fasti ecclesiae Anglicanae...(ed.) T. Duffus Hardy. 3 vols. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1854LE NEVE John K46A Fasti ecclesiae Anglicanae, 1300-1541. Vol. X, Coventry and Lichfield diocese, comp. B. Jones. 24.5cm. London. Athlone Press. 1964LE NEVE John Z134/4 Monumenta Anglicana. 19.5cm. London. W Bowyer. 1717LE PLAT Jodocus M5 Canones et decreta sacrosancti oecumenici et generalis concilii Tridentini. 28cm. Antwerp. Architypographia Plantiniana. 1779LE QUIEN Michel X131 Supplément aux deux ouvrages faits pour la défense de la validité des ordinations anglicanes. 16.5cm. Amsterdam. aux dépens de la Compagnie. 1732LE ROY Louis (translator) . . . see ARISTOTLE - Aristotle's Politiques...(1598).LE SAGE Alain René T12 The adventures of Gil Blas of Santillane. New edn. 18.5cm. London. Henry G Bohn. 1859le VASSOR Michel . . . see VARGAS Francesco de - Lettres...(1699)LEATHES Stanley Z42/29 The religion of the Christ. (Bampton Lectures 1874). 2nd edn. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1876LEATHES Stanley Z37/5 The witness of St John to Christ. (Boyle Lectures 1870). 21.5cm. London. Rivington. 1870LEATHES Stanley Z37/4 The witness of St Paul to Christ. (Boyle Lectures 1869). 21.5cm. London. Rivington. 1869LEATHES Stanley Z37/3 The witness of the Old Testament to Christ. (Boyle Lectures 1868). 21.5cm. London. Rivington. 1868LECHLER Gotthard Z52/14 John Wycliffe and his English precursors. New edn. 22cm. London. Religious Tract Society. (1884)LEE Gordon Ambrose Delisle* Z95/2 The episcopal arms of England and Wales, by An Officer of Arms (i.e. G A D Lee). 25cm. London. Arnold Fairbairns. 1906LEE John Robinson YA56 A history of Market Drayton, with some account of Ashley, Betton , Norton, Cheswardine and other villages. 20cm. London. Longman. 1861LEE William* UA20/3 The Reformation and the reformers: baptismal regeneration. 21.5cm. London. E Mackenzie. (1850)LEE-WARNER Edward Z86/33 The life of John Warner, Bishop of Rochester, 1637-1666. 28cm. London. Mitchell and Hughes. 1901

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LEEK XA36 Leek parish register, part I. (Staffordshire Parish Register Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1919 No more published.LEEMANS Conrad . . . see HORAPOLLO Nilous - Hierglyphica...(1835)LEGA-WEEKES Ethel Z86/27 Some studies in the topography of the Cathedral Close, Exeter. 22.5cm. Exeter. James G Commin. 1915LEGATT Bartholomew* Z77X/13 A true relation of the commissions...for the...burning of...and Thomas Withman. 18cm. London. for Michael Spark. 1651 Wing S4818 (part).LEGES ANGLO-SAXONICAE Z97/18 Leges Anglo-Saxonicae ecclesiastical et civiles...adjecit David Wilkins. 38cm. London. William Bowyer. 1721LEGG J Wickham Z20/21 Shall we revise the Prayer Book? 20cm. London. Alexander Moring. 1911LEGG John Wickham I1-3. . . see WESTMINSTER MISSAL - Missale...(1891-97)LEGG John Wickham I16. . . see PROCESSIONAL. Chester - The processional...(1899)LEGG John Wickham I38 English orders for consecrating churches in the seventeenth century. (HBS 41) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1911LEGG John Wickham I23 The clerk's book of 1549. (HBS 25) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1903LEGG John Wickham I17 Three coronation orders, edited by J. Wickham Legg. (HBS 19) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1900LEGG John Wickham I27 Tracts on the Mass. (HBS 27) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1904LEGG John Wickham (editor) I33-34. . . see QUIGNON François - The second recension...(1908-12)LEGGE Augustus Y109B A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Lichfield...at a visitation held...September 20th 1894. 21cm. London. Simpkin, Marshall. 1898 Bound with: LEGGE A - A charge...(1895).LEGGE Augustus Y109A A charge delivered...at his primary visitation, June 1895. 21cm. London. Simpkin, Marshall. 1895 Bound with three other charges.LEGGE Augustus Y109C A charge to the General Chapter of the cathedral church of Lichfield...delivered...September 27th, A.D.1904. 21cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1904 Bound with: LEGGE A - A charge...(1895).LEGGE Augustus Z9/8(20) A charge to the general chapter of the cathedral church of Lichfield...September

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27th...1904. 22cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1904LEGGE Augustus Y109D Charge to the clergy of the diocese of Lichfield...at his second general visitation, October 1904. 21cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1904 Bound with: LEGGE A - A charge...(1895).LEHMBERG Stanford Eugene Z43/27 The reformation of cathedrals: cathedrals in English society, 1485-1603. 23.5cm. Princeton. Princeton University Press. 1988LEIDEN UNIVERSITY. Library. Z116/27 Codices manuscripti IV. Codices Perizoniani. 25cm. Leiden. Brill. 1946LEIGH Edward C18 Annotations on five poetical books of the Old Testament. 27cm. London. A.M. for T. Pierpoint. 1657 Wing L985LEIGH Edward BB32 Critica sacra. 21.5cm. London. James Young for Thomas Underhill. 1646 Wing L990.LEIGHTON Robert I61 Select works. 19cm. London. D. Wilson and T. Durham. 1758LEIGHTON Robert I60 The expository works...edited by P. Doddridge. 2 vols. 19cm. Edinburgh. David Wilson. 1748 Lacks vol. 2.LEIGHTON Robert H275-276 The whole works. 2 vols. New edn 22cm. London. James Duncan. 1828LELAND John W18-19 Commentarii de scriptoribus Britannicis...edidit Antonius Hall. 2 vols. 18.5cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1709LELAND John Z31/10-15 De rebus Britannicis collectanea cum Thomae Hearnii praefatione notis et indices... 6 vols. Ed. altera. 22.5cm. London. W and J Richardson. 1770LELAND John H293-297 The itinerary of John Leland the antiquary. 9 vols (in 5) 2nd edn 22.5cm. Oxford. Printed at the Theatre. 1745LELAND Thomas T156 A dissertation on the principles of human eloquence. 2nd edn. 17cm. Dublin. A Leathley. 1765

LEMAIRE Nicolas Elie . . . see CURTIUS RUFUS Quintus - G. Curtius Rufus...(1822-23)LEMOYNE Stephan G1-2 Varia sacra ceu sylloge variorum. 2 vols 19.5cm. Leiden. Daniel à Greseece. 1685LEMPRIERE John N41 A collection of supplements to all editions of Lemprière's Classical Dictionary...by Professor Anthon. 22cm. London. A.J. Valpy. 1837LENGLOT DU FRESNOY Pierre Nicolas* W48-49 De l'usage des Romains. 2 vols.

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16.5cm. Amsterdam. Veuve de Poilras. 1734 Published under pseudonym: Gordon de Percel.LEO I, St. I132 SS. Patrum Leonis Magni,...Maximi Taurinensis...(et al)....Theophilus Rainodus...(edidit) 37cm. Paris. Pierre Variquet. 1671LEO I, St., Pope D98 SS. P.P. Leonis Magni, Romani pontificis, Maximi Taurinensis episcopi, Petri Chrysologi, Ravennatis et Fulgentii, episcopi Ruspensis opera omnia...editio praeter ceteras recognita... 33.5cm. Lyons. Claude Landry. 1622LEO Juan R47 A geographical historie of Africa...translated...by John Povy. 24cm. London. Impensis Georgii Bishop. 1600 STC 15481.LEOFRIC I104-105 The Leofric collector... edited by E.S. Dewick. 2 vols. (HBS 45, 56) 32cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1914-21LEOFRIC MISSAL Q328 The Leofric missal...edited ...by F E Warren. 28cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1883LEONINE SACRAMENTARY Q142 Sacramentarium Leonianum, edited...by Charles Lett Feltoe. 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1896LEPINE David Z11/29 A brotherhood of canons serving God: English secular cathedrals in the later Middle Ages 24cm. Woodbridge. Brydell Press. 1995LEPSIUS Richard UA29/8 Lettre à M.le Professeur H.Rosellini...sur le alphabet hiéroglyphique. 23cm. Rome . (n.p.). 1837LESLIE Alexander . . . see MOZARABIC MISSAL - Missale mixtum...(1755)LESLIE Charles Z51/18-24 The theological works. 7 vols. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1832LESLIE Charles F78-79 The theological works. 2 vols. 33cm. London. W. Bowyer. 1721LESLIE Charles* E33J Remarks on some late sermons... 2nd edn 20cm. London. [n.p.]. 1695 Wing L1148. Bound with TURNER J - A brief vindication...(1702)LESS Gottfried J352 The authenticity, uncorrupted preservation and credibility of the New Testament. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1804LESTRANGE Hamon U56 The alliance of divine offices. 2nd edn. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, v.56). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1846LETTER UA17/9 Letter to the Rev Dr Goodall, Head Master of Eaton School, on the importance of a religious education. 22.5cm. London. for John Stockfield. 1803LETTERS CC28 (Copy of) Bonnie Prince Charlie to the Duke de Buillon, 1766.

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. . . LETTERS CC28 (Copy of) Naval orders syned by Prince Rupert, 29 May 1666.. . . LETTERS Z114/8FFF Letters and other curious pieces relating to the present state of Europe. 27cm. London. Jonathan Edwin. 1672 Wing L1773. Bound with Z114/8A.LEUSDEN Johannes X287 Clavis hebraica Veteris Testamenti. 17.5cm. Utrecht. Frans Halma. 1683LEUSDEN Johannes G4 Philologus hebraeo-mixtus. 3rd edn 19.5cm. Leiden and Utrecht. J. Luchtmann and Willem à Poolsum. 1699LEWIS Jenkin UA5/6 Memoirs of Prince William Henry, Duke of Gloucester. 22cm. London. for the Editor. 1789LEWIS John UA25/16 A brief history of the rise and progress of Anabaptism in England. 21.5cm. London. for J Roberts. 1738LEWIS John G100 A complete history of the several translations of the Holy Bible. 2nd edn 21cm. London. H. Woodfall for J. Pote. 1739LEWIS John J180 An apology for the clergy of the Church of England. 19.5cm. London. Richard Wilkin. 1711LEWIS John T256 Some account of suffragan bishops in England. 29cm. London. J Nichols. 1785LEWIS Matthew George T8 Tales of wonder. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. W Bulmer. 1801LEWIS Matthew George T9 The bravo of Venice: a romance. 5th edn. 18cm. London. J F Hughes. 1807LEWIS Thomas J38 The scourge: in vindication of the Church of England. 19cm. London. (C. Rivington). 1720 One pair of leaves (Cc 3-4) misbound at front.LEWIS Thomas# UA20/2 English Presbyterian eloquence: or dissenters sayings ancient and modern. 19cm. London. T Bickerton. 1720LEWIS William V45I The information of William Lewis, gent. 28.5cm. London. for Randal Taylor. 1680 Wing L1851. OATES T - A true narrative...(1679)LEYCESTER Sir Peter R96 Historical antiquities in two books. 30cm. London. W.L. for Robert Clavell. 1673 Wing L1943.LEYDECKER Melchior E1 Veritas evangelica triumphans. 2 vols (in 1) 20cm. Utrecht. Rudolph & Zyll. 1688LEYDEN John (editor) . . . see COMPLAYNT - The complaynt of Scotland...(1801).

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LEYDEN John (editor)* T172 The complaynt of Scotland written in 1548. 22.5cm. Edinburgh. Archibald Constable. 1801LEZANA Juan Batista de L64-67 Summa quaestionum regularium. 4 vols. 34cm. Lyons. Philippe Borde, Laurent Arnaud and Claude Rigaud. 1655-56 Vol.3, 'Editio novissime'.LIBER HYMNORUM I11-12 The Irish Liber Hymnorum, edited by J.H. Bernard and R. Atkinson. 2 vols. (HBS 13-14) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1898LIBER LANDAVENSIS . . . see REES William Jenkins, ed. - The Liber Landavensis...(1840)LIBER LANDAVENSIS . . . see EVANS John Gwenogvryn (ed.) - The text of....(1893/1979)LIBRARIES' DIRECTORY Z116/1 The libraries' directory 1988-90. 30cm. Cambridge. J Clarke. 1991LIBRARY OF ANGLO-CATHOLIC THEOLOGY U1-88 Library of Anglo-Catholic theology. 87 vols (in 88). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1841-63 For individual authors, see under their names. Lacks vol 60 (LAUD - Works, vol 3) and vol 63 (vol 5, part II).LICHFIELD - Photographs. CC29. London. Poulton & Son. Presented in 1875.LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z117/1-27 (Service-sheets bound in annual volumes). 27 vols. 25cm. (Lichfield). Lichfield Cathedral. 1961-87 Continued with unbound sheets.LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z125/15-24 (Visitors' books, 1880-1919). 13 vols. 40cm. (Lichfield). . (1880-1919).LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z52/25 A Hand Guide to Lichfield Cathedral. 21cm. Lichfield. A C Lomax's Successors. 1913LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL P29K Anthems used in the Cathedral Church. 17.5cm. Lichfield. T G Lomax. 1869LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL P29L Anthems. 18cm. Lichfield. T G Lomax. 1878LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL P29M Anthems. 18cm. Lichfield. T G Lomax. 1885LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z12/28 Attendance register of choir, Oct 1959-July 1966. 22.5cm. . . MS, in hand of Richard Greening, Organist.LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL P29J Chants, services, anthems... 18cm. Lichfield. T G Lomax. 1858LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z12/22-27 Intimator's book. 6 vols. 22cm. (n.p.). (MS). 1928-62 Bound vols of marked-up printed sheets.

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LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z123/15 Intimators' Book, 1923-28. 23cm. (Lichfield). . 1923-28LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL XA37 Lichfield Cathedral Register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1974LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL z123/16-17 Offertory account, 1878-92. 2 vols. 23cm. (Lichfield). . 1878-92LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z123/9-14A Record of Sunday and other services and preachers, 1880-1987. 6 vols. (to be continued).. (Lichfield). (n.p.). 1880--LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z123/1-8A Register of communicants and alms, 1900- 8 vols. (To be continued). 30cm. (Lichfield). (n.p.). 1900--LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z53/8 Rubbings of sixteen medallions in the floor of the presbytery of Lichfield Cathedral. (pencil rubbings in folder). 58cm. (Lichfield). (Lichfield Cathedral). 1864LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z23/8 Scrapbook (mostly photographs). 58cm. (Lichfield). . 19th century.LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z31/17 Scrapbook 1993. 57cm. (Lichfield). (n.p.). 1993LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z23/5-7 Scrapbooks 1903-72. 3 vols. 58cm. (Lichfield). . 1903-72LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z23/1-4 Scrapbooks I-IV. 41,41,37,58cm. (Lichfield). . 1843-1918LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL CC24 Son et Lumière - typed copy for operator. 35cm x 24cm. . . LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z116/16-18 Special services, July 1909-December 1920. 3 vols. 19cm. Lichfield . Lomax. 1909-20 Dean Savage's copies, some with MS additions and alterations.LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL YA/82 Statutes of the Cathedral Church of Lichfield, and Articles. 21cm. Stafford. R & W Wright. 1871LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL Z77X/27 Statutes, 1905. 27cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1905 Statutes, 1937. 27cm (Lichfield, Lomax), 1937 3 copies, Z77X/28-30.LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL P29A-M Weekly table (of anthems). 13 vols. 22cm. . (MS: Lichfield). (1861-68)LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL WEEKLY NEWSLETTER . . . see NEWSLETTER, LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL WEEKLYLICHFIELD CATHEDRAL. Anthems. P29G (Texts of anthems sung in the Cathedral). 18.5cm. Lichfield. n.p.. ante 1864 Lacks tp.

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LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL. Friends. Z115/28(1- Annual report, 1938-39, 1969-- 24cm. Lichfield. Friends of Lichfield Cathedral. 1938--LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL. Plate CC22-23 (Record of Cathedral Plate: MS list and photographic record). 2 vols. 20 and 25 cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). c1930-1989LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL. Roof Bosses. CC14 Album of photographs of stone bosses in Cathedral ceiling. 27cm. (Lichfield). (n.p.). (ante 1939)LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL. Statutes. Z22/16 The statutes of the Cathedral Church of Lichfield, ordained in the year of Our Lord 1875. 25cm. Stafford. R W Wright. 1875LICHFIELD GOSPELS Z53/7 (Portfolio of photographs from the Lichfield Gospels, made for Bishop Ware) 60cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1911LICHFIELD GOSPELS Z36/28 Collection of photographs etc. relating to a former exhibition of manuscripts centring on 'St Chad's Gospels'. In halfbound folder. 36cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (n.d.)LICHFIELD GOSPELS Gospel Case Lichfield Gospels: reproductions from the gospels on display in Lichfield Chapter House. (folder). 30cm. Lichfield. Dean and Chapter. 1986LICHFIELD MERCURY Z77X/26 The Lichfield mercury, no.1, vol.1.(facsimile), 7 July 1815. 29cm. Lichfield. Lichfield Mercury. 1949LICHFIELD. Cathedral. YA12B British Legion: service of remembrance, 6 November, 1938. 21.5cm. Maidstone. British Legion Press. 1938LICHFIELD. Cathedral. Z9/8(6) Notes for a film-strip or lantern lecture on the cathedral and its history. 24cm. Lichfield. Dean and Chapter. 1950LICHFIELD. Diocese Z71/10-13 Diocesan church building society. (Reports). 52 vols (in 4). 20cm. Lichfield . Lomax. 1835-87LICHFIELD. Diocese Z72/1-25 and Z73/1-(12) Diocesan church calendar, 1856-- 18 & 20cm. Lichfield. Lomax et al.. 1856-- In progress.LICHFIELD. Diocese UA29/2 Report of the chief institutions. 21.5cm. Derby . Bemrose and Sons. 1882LICHFIELD. Diocese Z75/1 The church chronicle for the diocese of Lichfield, nos.1-12 (in 1 vol). 27cm. London. Rivington. 1852LICHFIELD. Diocese Z75/2-47 The Lichfield diocesan magazine, vols 1-104 (in 46 vols). 23cm. Lichfield. Lomax (later various). 1880-1976 From v.100 titled Three Spires. Lacks vol.35-36 (1914-15).LICHFIELD. Diocese. Z115/34 A map of the diocese of Lichfield...issued as a supplement to the Diocesan Calendar of 1908. 24cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1908

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LICHFIELD. Diocese. Z115/33 A new map of the diocese of Lichfield...under the guidance of...Prebendary Edwards. 22.5cm. London. E Stanford. 1878LICHFIELD. Diocese. Z68/11-17 Report of the diocesan institutions, 1877-1906. 30 vols (in 7). 20cm. Derby . Bemrose. 1878-1907LICHFIELD. Diocese. Z68/24-26 Society for the Promotion of Church Extension, (43-46th, 54th to 61st) annual report. 12 vols (in 2). 20cm. Derby/Lichfield. Bemrose/Lomax. 1878-96 - - -Duplicate of vv. 56-61 (in 1 vol), 20cm, Lichfield, Loxmx, 1891-96.LICHFIELD. Diocese. Z68/18-20 Yearbook of the diocesan council, 1929, 1931-32. 3 vols. 21cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1930-33LICHFIELD. Palace Chapel. Z111/8 Form of Compline for daily use. 18cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1903LICHFIELD. Siege Articles. BB5 Articles for the delivering up of Lichfield Close on Thursday the 16th of this instant July... 19cm. London. Edward Husband. 1646 Wing A3825.LIDDON Henry Parry . . . see (BARNS Thomas) - MS notebook...(Q201)LIDDON Henry Parry UA31/1 Apostolic labours an evidence of Christian truth. 21.5cm. Oxford. Rivington. 1863LIDDON Henry Parry Z12/4 Explanatory analysis of St Paul's epistle to the Romans. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Longmans. 1893LIDDON Henry Parry Z32/13 Some elements of religion. 4th edn. 18.5cm. London. Rivington. 1883LIDDON Henry Parry Z32/11-12 The divinity of Our Lord. (Bampton Lectures 1866). 2 vols. 10th and 11th edns. 18.5cm. London. Rivington. 1884-85LIDDON Henry Percy Z32/14 Sermons preached before the University of Oxford. First series, 1859-68. 8th edn. 18.5cm. London. Rivington. 1884

LIEBRECHT Felix . . . see GERVASE of Tilbury - Otia imperialia...(1856)LIGHT Henry Z91/6 Travels in Egypt, Nubia, Holy Land, Mount Lebanon and Cyprus in the year 1814. 26.5cm. London. Rodwell and Martin. 1818LIGHTFOOT John Z99/11-12 Opera omnia. 2nd edn. 2 vols. 30cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Leonard Strik. 1699LIGHTFOOT John H105-117 The whole works....edited by John Rogers Pitman. 13 vols 21cm. London. J.F. Dove. 1822-25 Vol I is the last to be printed.LIGHTFOOT John E120-121 The works. 2 vols

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38cm. London. W.R. for Robert Scot (et al). 1684 Wing L2051LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber Z13/11 Biblical essays. 22.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1893LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber Z33/30 Cambridge sermons. 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1890LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber Z13/14 Dissertations on the Apostolic Age. 22.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1892LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber Z44/18 Essays on the work entitled Supernatural Religion. 22cm. London. Macmillan. 1893LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber Z49/12 Leaders in the Northern church. 18.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1891LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber Z1/20 On a fresh revision of the English New Testament. 18.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1891LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber Z32/5 Ordination addresses and counsels to clergy. 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1890LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber Z13/7 Saint Paul's epistle to the Galatians. 8th edn. 22.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1884LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber Z13/9 Saint Paul's epistle to the Philippians. 8th edn. 22.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1885LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber Z13/10 Saint Paul's epistles to the Colossians and to Philemon. 8th edn. 22.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1886LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber Z33/15 Sermons preached in St Paul's Cathedral. 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1893LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber Z33/14 Sermons preached on special occasions. 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1891LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber Z44/9-11 The apostolic fathers. 2 vols (in 3). 22cm. London. Macmillan. 1885

LIGHTFOOT Joseph Barber (editor) . . . see CLEMENT St, of Rome - St Clement of Rome...(1890)LILLY William . . . see ASHMOLE Elias - The lives...(1774)LILLY William* and COLET John* T225 A short introduction of grammar generally to be used. 19.5cm. Oxford. at the Theater. 1714LIMBORCH Philipp à E73 Theologia Christiana...editio altera. 33cm. Amsterdam. H. Wetsten. 1695LIMBURG. Diocese Z10/24 Die Orden im Bezirk Limburg seit der gründung des Bistums Limburg...hrsg.von Norbert

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Zabel. 24cm. Hadamar. Seltersdruch-u-Verlag. 1992LIMBURG. Diocese Z10/23 Gotteslob: Katholisches Gebet-und-Gesangbuch für Bistum Limburg. 15cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Josef Knecht. 1990 (repr)LINCOLN CATHEDRAL. Statutes. Z81/37-39 Statutes of Lincoln Cathedral, ed. H Bradshaw and C Wordsworth. 3 vols. 22cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1892-97LINCOLN. Cathedral K226 History and antiquities of the cathedral church of Lincoln. 27.5cm. London. Sherwood, Neely and Jones. 1814LINCOLN. Cathedral. Z86/41 Consuetudinarium ecclesiae Lincolniensis...reductum...Christopher Wordsworth...edited by Herbert Reynolds. 34cm. (Exeter). (Henry Besley). 1885LINDSAY John . . . see MASON Francis - A vindication of the Church of England....(1728)LINDSAY, Alexander William Crawford, Earl of Crawford and Balcarres. Z91/8-9 Letters on Egypt, Edom and the Holy Land. 2 vols. 3rd edn. 20cm. London. Colburn. 1839LINWOOD William . . . see AESCHYLUS - Eumenides...(1844)LINWOOD William P85 A lexicon to Aeschylus. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Taylor & Walton. 1847LINWOOD William P196 Remarks and emendations on some passages in Thucydides. 2nd issue. 21cm.. London. Walton and Maberly. 1860LION Albert UA18/1 Maecenatiana, sive de C Cilnii Maecenatis vita et moribus. 21cm. Göttingen. Vandenboeck and Rupprecht. 1824LIPPE Robert I14-15. . . see ROMAN MISSAL. 1474 - Missale Romanum...(1899-1907)LIPSIUS Justus . . . see SENECA Lucius Annaeus - Opera...(1652)LIPSIUS Justus . . . see TACITUS Publius Cornelius - Opera...(1668)LIPSIUS Justus X42 De cruce libri tres. 13.5cm. Amsterdam. Andreas Frisius. 1670LIPSIUS Justus H291F Miracles of the B. Virgin, or, an historical account of...Our Blessed Lady of Halle... 19.5cm. London. (n.p.). 1688 Wing L2361. Bound with:[PATRICK S] - The Virgin Mary misrepresented...(1688)LIPSIUS Justus T208-214 Opera omnia. 4 vols (in 7). 20cm. Vesaliae. Andreas ab Hoogenhuysen. 1675LIQUES David, compiler* K139 Historie de la vie de Messire Philippes de Mornay, Seigneur du Plessis Marly, (etc.) 23cm. Leiden. Elsevier. 1647

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LIST OF SUBJECTS Z97/1 List of subjects of 83 volumes of pamphlets purchased at the sale of Dean Bickersteth's library in 1892. (by pamphlet volume). in MS. 32cm. . . (1892)LITCHFIELD Francis UA39/7 A sermon preached in the parish church of All Saints, Northampton, on Sunday the 2d of June, 1822. 6th edn. 20.5cm. London. Rivington. (1822)LITCHFIELD, Connecticut Z12/21 Litchfield Connecticut: 250th anniversary 1719-1969. 21.4cm. Conn: Litchfield. Litchfield Historical Society. 1969LITTLEDALE Richard Frederick . . . see NEALE John Mason and LITTLEDALE Richard Frederick - The liturgies...(1880).LITTLETON Cecil James Q184 The office and work of a priest. 19cm. London. Skeffington. 1894LIVERPOOL CATHEDRAL Y171 The official handbook.. Liverpool. . 1942LIVERPOOL. Conference on Missions. J254 Conferences on missions held in 1860 at Liverpool. 21cm. London. Nisbet. 1860LIVIUS PATAVINUS Titus P132-35 Historiarum libri qui supersunt...addidit Travers Twiss. 4 vols. 22cm. Oxford. D A Talboys. 1840-41LIVIUS Titus X57 Historiae principes decus tertia. 12cm. Lyon . Sebastion Gryphius. 1548LIVIUS Titus O111 T. Livii Patavini, historicorum Romanorum principis, libri omnes superstites...a Iane Grutero accedunt. 37.5cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Johann Saur. 1612LIVIUS Titus O112 Titi Livii Patavini, historicorum Romanorum principis, libri omni superstites...cura tertia Iani Gruteri. 35cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Wolfgang Hofmann. 1628LLANDAFF, Book of . . . see REES William Jenkins, ed. - The Liber Landavensis...(1840)LLANDAFF, Book of . . . see EVANS John Gwenogvryn (ed.) - The text of...(1893/1979)LLOYD Charles Henry (editor) Q3 Church hymns with tunes. New edn. 19cm. London. SPCK. 1903LLOYD Daniel Lewis Q5 Emyniadur yr Eglwys yng Nghymru. 18cm. Bangor. Jarvis and Foster. 1910LLOYD John J153 Thesaurus ecclesiasticus: an improved edition of the Liber Valorum. 21cm. London. Longman. 1796LLOYD Lodowick X28 Regum gemma e sacris bibliis desumpta. 12.5cm. London. Thomas Creede. 1602 STC 16629.LLOYD Nicholas

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. . . see STEPHANUS Carolus - Dictionarium...(1671)LLOYD Richard H289J The importance of a Christian education... 20cm. London. Hatchard. 1812 Bound with: BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor...(1843)LLOYD William UA10/13 A letter to Dr Sherlock. 19cm. London. Thomas Jones. 1691 Wing L2686.LLOYD William M32K A sermon preached before the King and Queen...March the Twelfth 1689/90. 22cm. London. for Robert Clavell. 1690 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711) Wing L2714.LLOYD William M61 An historical account of church-government...in Great Britain and Ireland...2nd edn. 18cm. London. M. Flesher for C. Brome. 1684 Wing L2682.LOBECK Christian August . . . see SOPHOCLES - Aiax..(1835)LOCH James Z133/20 An account of the improvements on the estates of the Marquess of Stafford. 22cm. London. Longmans. 1820LOCKE John . . . see GROTIUS Hugo - Synopsis compendiaria...(1751).LOCKE John G90 A paraphrase and notes on the epistles of St. Paul. New edn 21cm. London. Otridge et al. 1812LOCKE John S204-205 An essay concerning human understanding. 16th edn. 2 vols. 21cm. London. H Woodfall et al. 1768LOCKE John T242-44 The works. 4th edn. 3 vols. 34cm. London. Edmund Parker et al.. 1740LOCKETT Richard Bannerman Z9/8(15) Joseph Potter: cathedral architect at Lichfield 1794-1842. 24cm. Lichfield. South Staffordshire Arch.and Hist.Society. 1981 Offprint from Transactions, vol XXI.LOCKETT Richard Bannerman Z9/8(16) Sydney Smirke, George Gilbert Scott and 'the rearrangement of Lichfield Cathedral for divine worship, 1854-1861'. 29cm. Birmingham. Institute for the Study of Worship & Religious Architecture. 1980 Offprint from Research Bulletin 1980.LOCKHART John Gibson* T61 Valerius, a Roman story. New edn. 17cm. Edinburgh. Wm. Blackwood. 1849LOCKHART John Gilbert Z47/12 Cosmo Gordon Lang. 22.5cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1949LOCKHART, J G VX.16 & 17 Memoirs of the Life of Sir Walter Scott (4 vols in 2) 21.5cm. Paris. Baudry. 1842LOEWE Eduard

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. . . see HOMER - Odyssea...(1828)LOMAS Sophie Crawford (editor) Q227 The Edwardian inventories for Huntingdonshire. (Alcuin Club: Collections 7). 27.5cm. London. Longmans. 1906LOMBARD Peter F48 Sententiorum libri IV. (ed.by Robert Wiart). 22.5cm. Rouen . A. Ferraud and J. Behourt. 1651LONG Roger and TAYLOR John T121 Two music speeches at Cambridge. 22.5cm. London. J Nichols. 1819LONGINUS . . . see APSINES of Gadara - Apsinis et Longini...(1849)LONGINUS Dionysius I58 On the sublime...translated by William Smith. 19.5cm. London. for B. Dod. 1752LONGINUS Dionysius P220 Remarks on the supposed Dionysius Longinus. 22cm. London. Payne and Foss. 1826LONSDALE John Gilby Z81/12 Recollections of work done in and upon Lichfield Cathedral from 1856 to 1894. 24cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1895LONSDALE John Gylby U152A Recollections of work done in and upon Lichfield Cathedral from 1856 to 1894. 21cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1895LONSDALE Margaret Z94/20 Sister Dora: a biography. 18.5cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1880LORIMER William J274Q A plain explication of the first eighteen verses of the first chapter of the Gospel...by St. John. 19.5cm. London. John Laurence . 1713 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)LORINIE Joannes B18 In Actus Apostolarum commentaria. 35cm. Köln. Antonius Hier. 1621LORINUS Joannes C53 In catholicas tres B. Joannis et duas B. Petri epistolas commentarius. 22cm. Mainz. sumptibus Joannis Crithii. 1610LORRIS Guillaume de and MEUNG Jean de Z81/32-35 Le roman de la rose... 4 vols. Nouvelle édn...par M Méon. 20cm. Paris . Didot. 1814LOVELOCK Carol CC11 (Boxfile catalogue of stones and artefacts in Lichfield Cathedral). 36cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1983-85LOW John Law Z27/5 Durham. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. 1881LOWE Elias Avery Z39/5 Codices Latini antiquiores...part II (only). 44cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1935LOWE Elias Avery (editor) I48,52-53. . . see BOBBIO MISSAL - The Bobbio missal...(1917-24)LOWE Thomas Hill UA40/12 A few thoughts on the interior arrangement of churches. 22.5cm. Exeter. P A Hannaford. 1842

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LOWE Thomas Hill UA24/6 Two letters to the Right Rev. J Milner D.D. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1826LOWE William Henry . . . see JENNINGS Arthur Charles - The Psalms...(1884-85).LOWE William Henry . . . see JENNINGS Arthur Charles - The Psalms...(1875-76).LOWMAN Moses UA30/3 Three tracts. 21.5cm. London. J Noon. 1756LOWMAN Moses* J267A An argument to prove the unity and perfections of God and priori. 20cm. London. J. Noon. 1735 Bound with three other tracts.LOWNDES William UA3/8 Remarks on the life and writing of Plato. 22.5cm. London. J McCreery. 1827LOWNDES William Thomas Z136/12-13 The bibliographer's manual of English literature. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Pickering. 1834LOWTH Robert . . . see BIBLE. Isaiah. EnglishLOWTH Robert UA13/15 A sermon preached at the visitation of...Richard, Lord Bishop of Durham. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. A Millar and T Cadell. 1767LOWTH Robert H242 Sermons and other remains.... edited by Peter Hall. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1834LOWTH Robert Z129/14 The life of William of Wykeham, Bishop of Winchester. 20cm. London. A Millar. 1758LOWTH William C68 A commentary upon the larger and lesser Prophets... 34cm. London. for R. Knaplock etc. 1727LUARD Henry Richards (editor) . . . see ANNALES MONASTICI - Annales...(1864-69).LUARD Henry Richards (editor) . . . see MATTHEW PARIS - Chronica...(1872-80).LUARD Henry Richards (editor) . . . see GROSSETESTE Robert - Epistolae...(1861).LUARD Henry Richards (editor) . . . see COTTON Bartholomew - Historia...(1859).LUCAN Marcus Annaeus X115 Lucius Pharsalia...englished by Thomas May. 14cm. London. for Thomas Jones and John Marriott. 1627 STC 16887.LUCANUS Marcus Annaeus P224 Pharsalia...translated...by Sir Arthur Gorges 24cm. London. for T Thorp. 1614 STC 16884.

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LUCANUS Marcus Annaeus O145 Pharsaliae libri X...Joannis Sulpitii...commentatios... 31cm. Basel. Sebastien Heinrichpeter. 1578LUCAS Edward Verrall T22A A swan and her friends. 22cm. London. Methuen. 1907LUCAS Franciscus B15 In sacrosancta quatuor Jesu Christi evangelia...commentarius. 33cm. Antwerp. ex Officina Plantiniana, apud Joannem Moretum. 1606LUCAS Franciscus B2A Romanae correctionis in Latinis Bibliis editionis Vulgatae... 35.5cm. [Strassburg]. [Petrus de la Rouiere]. [1619] Bound in with BIBLE. New Testament. Greek. Novum Testamentum Graecum...Benedicti Ariae Montani... Lacks separate t-p, but has separate signatures and pagination.LUCAS Franciscus B19 Sacrorum Bibliorum vulgatae editionis concordantiae... nunc denuo...expurgatae...cura et studio Huberti Phalesio. 33cm. Antwerp. ex Officina Plantiniana Balthazaris Moretus. 1642LUCAS Richard J72 Practical Christianity: or, an account of the holiness which the Gospel enjoins. 4th edn. 17cm. London. Edward Paulett. 1693 Wing L3411.LUCCHI Michele Antonio (editor) I155. . . see VENANTIUS FORTUNATUS - Opera omnia...(1786-87)LUCIAN of Samosata. O71 Les oeuvres...traduites en françois...par I.B. (Jean Bodin) 24cm. Paris. Jean Richer. [1613]LUCIAN of Samosata. O20-29 Opera graece et latine...studiis Societatis Bipontinae. 10 vols. 22.5cm. Zweibrücken. Typographia Societatis. 1839-43LUCIAN of Samosata. 0138 Opera omnia quae extant; L. Bourdelotius...supplevit. 34cm. Paris. Louis Fevrier. 1615LUCIUS Ludovicus M101-103 Historia ecclesiastica integram ecclesiae Christianae conditionem... 3 vols 36cm. Basel. Ludwig Revis. 1624LUCKOCK Herbert Mortimer Z33/25 After death. 8th edn. 18cm. London. Longmans. 1890LUCKOCK Herbert Mortimer Z43/22-23 Footprints of the Apostles as traced by Saint Luke in the Acts. 2 vols. 18cm. London. Longmans. 1897LUCKOCK Herbert Mortimer Z1/7-8 Footprints of the Son of Man as traced by Saint Mark. 2 vols. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1886LUCKOCK Herbert Mortimer Z33/26 Spiritual difficulties in the Bible and Prayer-Book, with helps to their solution. 18cm. London. Longmans. 1905LUCKOCK Herbert Mortimer Z20/5 Studies in the history of the Book of Common Prayer. 3rd edn.. 19cmon. . Rivington 1889LUCKOCK Herbert Mortimer Z33/23 The bishops in the Tower. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1887

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LUCKOCK Herbert Mortimer Z20/6 The divine liturgy. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1890LUCKOCK Herbert Mortimer Z33/24 The intermediate state between death and judgment. 5th edn. 18cm. London. Longmans. 1892LUCRETIUS CARUS Titus P268 De rerum natura libri sex...addidit Thomas Creech 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1818LUCRETIUS CARUS Titus X82 De rerum natura. 10.5cm. Amsterdam. Joannes Janszoon . 1631LUCY William* X38 Observations, censures and confutations of...Leviathan (by william Pike (i.e. pseud.) 13cm. London. T.F. for H Robinson. 1657 Wing L3453.LÜDEKE Christopher Wilhelm X228 Expositio brevis locorum Scripturae Sanctae ad Orientem sese referentium. 17.5cm. Halle-am-Saale. Impensis Orphano trophii. 1777LUDOLF Job R85 Historia Aethiopica. 31cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. J D Zunner. 1681LUIS of Granada Q271 (The first) second booke of the sinner's guide...digested into English by Francis Meres... 2 vols (in 1). 18cm. London. Richard Field for Edward Blount. 1614 STC 16919 Lacks tp etc. of vol I; details from tp of vol II.LUMBY Joseph Rawson Q273 The history of the creeds. 18cm. Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1873LUND Thomas UA40/7 A key to Bishop Colenso's Biblical Arithmetic. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Longman. 1863LUTHER Martin BB21 A commentarie...upon the epistle of S.Paul to the Galathians. 18.5cm. London. Richard Field. 1616 STC 16973.LUTHER Martin Y105 A commentary on the Galatians. 20.5cm. Chester. Jones and Crane. 1796LUYTS Johannes R51 Introductio ad geographiam novam et veterem. 22cm. Utrecht. Frans Halma. 1692LUZAC Johannes O68 Lectiones Atticae...prefatus est Janus Otto Sluiter. 25.5cm. Leiden. S.and J. Luchtmans. 1809LYALL Wiliam Rowe G222 Propaideia prophetike: the preparation of prophecy. New edn. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1854LYCOSTHENES Conrad S266 Prodigiorum ac ostentorum chronicon. 29.5cm. Basel . Henrich Peter. 1557LYCOSTHENES Conradus T231 Similium loci communes. 19cm. Basel . Episcopii. 1575

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LYDIAT Thomas X235 Canones chronologici. 18cm. Oxford. E Theatro Sheldoniano. 1675 Wing L3526.LYE Edward . . . see JUNIUS Franciscus - Etymologicum Anglicanum...(1743)LYE Edward N104-105 Dictionarium Saxonico et Gothico-Latinum...edidit...Owen Manning. 2 vols. 37cm. London. Edmund Allen. 1772LYELL James Patrick Ronaldson Z8/8 Cardinal Ximenes. 22cm. London. Grafton. 1917LYNAM Charles Z86/8 The abbey of St Mary, Croxwich, Staffordshire. 31cm. London. Sprague and Co.. 1911LYNAM Charles Z86/7 The church bells of the county of Stafford. 31cm. London. (Sprague and Co). 1889 Another copy - Z110/15.LYNDE Sir Humfrey X113 Via tuta: the safe way. 3rd edn. 13.5cm. London. F.K. for Robert Milbourne. 1629 STC 17099.LYNDEWODE William AA7A Opus...super constitutiones provinciales Anglie. 34cm. Paris . impensis Willelmi Preston. 1565 Adams 2116. Bound with one other volume.LYNDWOOD John M91 Provinciale,(seu Constitutiones Angliae). 33cm. Oxford. Henry Hall. 1679 Wing L3565.LYNDWOOD William . . . see SHARROCK Robert - Provinciale...(1664).LYNDWOOD William* M9 Provinciale, seu constitutiones Angliae. 27cm. London (printed in Antwerp). Francis Bryckman. 1525 STC 17111.LYON William Towers Y153 The arms of the Scottish bishoprics. 21cm. Selkirk. The Scottish Cronicle. 1917LYSIAS Z93/17 Opera. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica: Prose, vol 40). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1822LYTE Henry Francis Q99 Remains of the late Rev Henry Francis Lyte. 17.5cm. London. Rivington. 1850LYTE Sir Henry Churchill Maxwell (editor) . . . see BOOK OF FEES - Liber Feodorum...(1920).LYTE, Henry Francis Q102 Poems, chiefly religious. 17cm. London. J Nisbet. 1833LYTTELTON George William, Baron Lyttelton UA34/10 Tracts: I -On infant baptism. II - On the Athanasian Creed. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1857

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LYTTELTON George, Baron UA22/1 Observations on the conversion and apostleship of St.Paul. New edn. 18.5cm. London. Rivington. 1799LYTTELTON George, Lord Lyttelton V67 Notes to the second and third books of the history of the life of King Henry the Second. 2nd edn. 27.5cm. London. W Sandby and J Dodsley. 1767 Binding lettered on spine: Vol IV.LYTTELTON George, Lord Lyttelton V64-66 The history of the reign of King Henry the Second. 3 vols. 2nd edn. 27.5cm. London. W Sandby and J Dodsley. 1767-71.LYTTELTON George, Lord Lyttelton V68 The works...published by George Edward Ayscough... 27.5cm. London. J Dodsley. 1774 Binding lettered on spine: Vol V.M'CAUL Alexander H288A Christian education indispensably necessary for the welfare of the poor. 21cm. London. W. Barry. (1840) Bound with three other tracts.MABILLON Jean . . . see BERNARD St, of Clairvaux - Opera omnia...(1839)MABILLON Jean W102 De re diplomatica. 44cm. Paris . Louis Billaine. 1681MABILLON Jean (editor) . . . see BERNARD St, of Clairvaux - Genuina...opera...(1719).MABILLON Jean and GERMAN Michel Q121-24 Veterum analectorum tomi (IV). 19cm. Paris . Louis Billaine. 1675-85MABINOGION S287-91 The Mabinogion from the Llyfr Coch a Hergest...(ed.) Lady Charlotte Guest. 7 vols. 26cm. London. Longmans. 1838-49 Lacks vols.5-6.MACARIUS St, of Egypt X183 Homiliae spirituales quinquaginta. 17.5cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Johann Wechsels Witwe. 1594MACAULAY Thomas Babington . . . see PHILLPOTTS Henry - Correspondence...(1861).MACAULAY Thomas Babington V259-263 The history of England from the accession of James II. 5 vols. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Longman. 1849MacCOLL Malcolm Z25/14 The Reformation settlement examined in the light of history and law. 19cm. London. Longmans. 1899MACDONALD Frederick Charles . . . see HARFORD John Battersby and MACDONALD Frederick Charles - Handley Carr Glyn Moule...(1922).MACHIAVELLI Niccolo X52 Princeps, ex Sylvestri Tellii Fulginatis traductione. 13.5cm. Leiden. Jerome de Vogel. 1643MACHIAVELLI Niccolo V19 Tutte le opere...divise in v. parti. 22cm. (Rome). (n.p.). 1550 The first "Testina" edition.

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MACKINTOSH James UA32/4 Vindiciae Gallicae: defence of the French Revolution. 22cm. London. G G J and J Robinson. 1791MACKINTOSH Sir James V331-332 England. (Cabinet Cyclopaedia: History) 2 vols. 17.5cm. London. Longman. 1830-31MACKNIGHT James G202 A new literal translation...of all the Apostolical Epistles. New edn. 26.5cm. London. Thomas Tegg. 1835MACLAGAN William Dalrymple (co-editor) . . . see WEIR Archibald and MACLAGAN William Dalrymple (editors) - The church...(1870).MACNUTT Frederick B (co-author) . . . see WOODS Edward Sydney and MACNUTT Frederick B - Theodore, Bp of Winchester.(1933).MACPHERSON James S122-123 The works of Ossian. 3rd edn. 2 vols. 21cm. London. T Becket and P A Dehoudt. 1765 MacPHERSON V M z11 St Anne's School, Abbots Bromley - History, 1874-1924.. Shrewsbury. . 1924MACPHERSON Violet Mary Z11/16 The story of St Anne's, Abbots Bromley, 1874-1924. 22cm. Shrewsbury. Wilding and Son. (1924)MACQUIN Ange-Denis* T200 Tabella cibaria: the bill of fare. 23.5cm. London. Sherwood, Neely and Jones. 1820MACRAY William Dunn (editor) . . . see EVESHAM ABBEY - Chronicon...(1863).MACROBIUS Aurelius Theodorus P59 Opera. 18cm. Leiden. Arnold Doude & Kornelis Drichuysen. 1670MADAN Falconer Z116/13 Books in manuscript. 21cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1893MADAN Falconer Z107/7 The Gresleys of Drakelowe. 28.5cm. Oxford. (Clarendon Press) for Subscribers. 1899MADAN Spencer* Z105/35 Memoir of the Rev. Spencer Madan, D.D. 18cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (1843) Bound with MS notes by Martin Madan (c.1909).MADDEN Sir Frederick (editor) . . . see MATTHEW PARIS - Historia Anglorum...(1866-69).MADDISON John M Z8/9 Decorated architecture in the North-West Midlands. (Ph.D.thesis, Univ. of Manchester) 30cm. Manchester. University of Manchester, Dept.of Architecture. 1978 Parts of the thesis relevant to Lichfield Cathedral. Kept in box.MADELEY XA38 Madeley parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1961MADOX Thomas* Z99/13 Formulare Anglicanum. 30.5cm. London. for Jacob Tonson. 1702

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MAGANI Francesco Q308-10 L'antica liturgia romana. 3 vols. 24cm. Milann. S. Giuseppe. 1897-99MAGEE William U160-61 The works. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. T Cadell. 1842MAGEE William Connor Z32/26 The gospel and the age. 20cm. London. Isbister. 1885MAGICA X74 Magica: de spectris et apparitionibus spirituum. 13cm. Leiden. Franz Hacke. 1656MAGINI Giovanni Antonio R52 Geographiae, tum veteris, tum novae, volumina duo. 22cm. Arnhem. Johannes Jansonius. 1617MAGISTRETTI Marco . . . see BEROLDUS of Milan - Beroldus...(1894)MAI Angelo, (editor)* I107-113. . . see NOVA - Nova patrum bibliotheca...(1852-54)MAIDSTONE Clement I7 The tracts of Clement Maydeston, with the remains of Caxton's Ordinale, edited by C. Wordsworth. (HBS 7) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1894MAIER Michael P58 Tripus aureus, hoc est tres tractatus chymici selectissimi. 18.5cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Paul Jacob for Lukas Jennis. 1618MAITLAND Charles G223 The apostles' school of prophetic interpretation. 22.5cm. London. Longman. 1849MAITLAND Samuel Roffey . . . see (JACOB Henry) - To the right High and mightie...(1859)MAITLAND Samuel Roffey UA6/7 A second letter to the Rev Hugh James Rose. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1835MAITLAND Samuel Roffey T129 Chatterton: an essay. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1857MAITLAND Samuel Roffey J41 Eight essays on various subjects. 17cm. London. Rivington. 1852MAITLAND Samuel Roffey J43 Eruvin; or, miscellaneous essays. 2nd edn 17cm. London. Rivington. 1856MAITLAND Samuel Roffey K54 Essays on subjects connected with the Reformation in England. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1849MAITLAND Samuel Roffey K19 Facts and documents illustrative of the history, doctrine and rites of the ancient Albigenses and Waldenses. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1832MAITLAND Samuel Roffey J42 False worship: an essay. 17cm. London. Rivington. 1856

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MAITLAND Samuel Roffey UA37/5 Illustrations and enquiries relating to mesmerism. Part I (only). 22cm. London. W Stephenson. 1849MAITLAND Samuel Roffey K61-62 Notes on the contributions of...George Townsend...to the new edition of Fox's Martyrology, vv.2-3 (of 3) 22cm. London. Rivington. 1842 Bound with K60.MAITLAND Samuel Roffey UA17/4 Notes on the contributions of...George Townsend...to (John) Fox's Martyrology. Part I. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1841MAITLAND Samuel Roffey UA6/6 Remarks on that part of the Rev J King's pamphlet...which relates to the Waldenses. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1836MAITLAND Samuel Roffey UA26/8 Remarks on the constitution of the committee of the Gloucester and Bristol Diocesan Church-building Association. 22cm. Gloucester. Lewis Bryant. 1837MAITLAND Samuel Roffey K59 Remarks on the Rev. S.R. Cattley's defence of his edition of Fox's martyrology. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1842MAITLAND Samuel Roffey K60 Six letters on Fox's Acts and Monuments. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1837 Bound with K61 and K62.MAITLAND Samuel Roffey UA1/6 Six more letters on Fox's Acts and monuments. 21.5cm. London. Rivington. 1841MAITLAND Samuel Roffey UA32/1 Superstition and science: an essay. 17.5cm. London. Rivington. 1855MAITLAND Samuel Roffey J198 The dark ages: a series of essays. 2nd edn 22cm. London. Rivington. 1845MAITLAND Samuel Roffey K55 The dark ages: a series of essays. 3rd edn. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1853MAITLAND Samuel Roffey J40 The voluntary system. 2nd edn. 18.5cm. London. Rivington. 1837MAITTAIRE Michel R44 Annales typographici. 25.5cm. Hague . Isaac Vaillant. 1719MAITTAIRE Michel T277 Senilia. 29cm. London. William Bowyer. 1742MAITTAIRE Michel* T255 Opera et fragmenta veterum poetarum Latinorum, vol II (only). 34cm. London. J Nicholson et al.. 1713MAKOWER Felix Q307 Die Verfassung der Kirche von England. 26.5cm. Berlin. J Guttentag. 1894MALAN Salomon Caesar G52 A vindication of the Authorized Version of the English Bible... 2 parts (in 1) 19cm. London. Bell and Daldy. 1856

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MALDONATUS Joannes B20 In quatuor Evangelistes commentarius. 2 vols (in 1) 35cm. Mainz. sumpt. Hermanni Mylii, exc. Hermannus Meresius. 1624 (22)MALHERBE François de . . . see SENECA - Les epistres...(1637)MALLET Charles L74-75 Aurum moralis theologiae. 2 vols 34.5cm. Turin. Alessandro-Federico Cavaleri. 1656MALLET David S85-87 The works. New edn. 3 vols. 17cm. London. A Millar and P Vaillant. 1759MALONE Edmund* UA18/2 The essence of Malone...2nd edn. 21cm. London. for T Becket. 1800MALORY Sir Thomas V215-217 La mort d'Arthure: the history of King Arthur...edited...by Thomas Wright. 3 vols. 20cm. London. J Russell Smith. 1858MALTBY Edward . . . see MORELL Thomas - Lexicon...(1824)MALTBY Edward UA18/7 The original Greek of the New Testament asserted and vindicated. 19.5cm. London. T Cadell. 1825MALTE-BRUN Conrad Z31/1-9 Universal geography. 9 vols. 22cm. Edinburgh. A Black. 1822MALVEZZI Virgilio T83 Il romulo (il tarquinio superbo davide persequitato, il ritratto del privato politico cristiano). 14cm. (Milan). (n.p.). (1635) Four separate tracts, without common tp, but with Imprimatur on last page for the whole sequence.MANASSEE Daniel X31 Poesis tacens pictura loquens. 12cm. (n.p.) . Typis Caspari Sutoris. 1630MANASSEM Ben-Israel J106 De resurrectione mortuorum 14cm. Amsterdam. Joannes Janson. 1636MANASSES Constantine . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 12,(1729).MANDER Gerald Poynton Z87/19 The Wolverhampton antiquary, vol I (only). 26cm. (Wolverhampton). (G P Mander). 1933MANDER Sir Geoffrey Le Mesurier YA6 The case for the preservation of the Old Deanery, Wolverhampton. 28cm. (Wolverhampton). (n.p.). 1914MANDEVILLE, Sir John (Jean d'Outremeuse) VX.3 Travels, & The Journal of Odovic 20.5cm. London. Heron Books. n.d.MANGEY Thomas UA9/2 Plain notions of Our Lord's divinity. 18.5cm. London. W and J Innys. 1719MANGEY Thomas Z134/1 Practical discourses upon the Lord's Prayer. 3rd edn. 20cm. London. W and J Innys. 1721

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MANGNALL Richamal Y138 Historical and miscellaneous questions for the use of young people. New edn. 17.5cm. London. William Tegg. 1850MANLY John Matthews and RICKERT Edith Y115-122 The text of the Canterbury Tales. (8 vols) 23cm. Chicago. Chicago University Press. 1940 Imperfect: Lacks vols I; III, pt 2; IV, pt I; V, pt 2; VI, pt I. Duplicates of vols III, pt I; IV, pt 2; VI, pt 2.MANNING Henry Edward UA14/11 A charge delivered at the ordinary visitation of the Archdeaconry of Chichester. 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1846MANNING Henry Edward UA30/2 A charge delivered at the ordinary visitation of the Archdeaconry of Chichester in July 1843. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1843MANNING Henry Edward H282 The rule of faith. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1839MANNING Owen . . . see LYE Edward - Dictionarium Saxonica...(1772)MANSI Giovanni Domenico I95-98. . . see BALUZE Etienne de - Stephani Baluzii Tutelensis miscellanea... (1761-64)MANT Richard H239 An appeal to the Gospel. (Bampton Lectures, 1812) 5th edn 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1813MANT Richard UA23/1 Church architecture considered. 19cm. Belfast. Phillips. 1849MANT Richard UA9/12 The Christian Sabbath, its institution and oblihation. 22.5cm. Oxford. W Baxter for J Parker. 1830MANT Richard Q162 The happiness of the blessed. 6th edn. 18.5cm. London. Rivington. 1847MANTON Thomas Z4/11 A practical commentary or an exposition...on the Epistle of James. 18cm. London. J Macock for Luke Farme. 1651 Wing M527.MANUAL X139 A manual for Holy Communion, drawn up chiefly for the use of village congregations. 18cm. Daventry. Thomas Barrett. 1850MANUSCRIPTS, Illuminated Z11/31. . . see HAMEL, Christopher de.MANZINI Giovanni Battista T226 Manzinie, his most exquisite academicall discourses. 19cm. London. Humphrey Moseley. 1655 Wing M557.MAP Walter S254 The Latin poems commonly attributed...edited by Thomas Wright. 22cm. London. Camden Society. 1841MARCELLINUS of Pisa. L52-55 Moralis encyclopaedia. 4 vols. 35cm. Lyons. Laurent Anisson. 1656

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MARCET Jane* W36 Conversations on natural philosophy. 4th edn. 19cm. London. Longman. 1824MARCET Jane* T134 Conversations on political economy...by the author of "Conversations on chemistry". 5th edn. 19cm. London. Longmans. 1824MARCHAND Prosper N99 Dictionnaire historique ou mémoires critiques et littéraires...2_vols (in 1) 38cm. Hague. Peter de Houdt. 1758MARCHANT Jacques I148 Hortus pastorum sacrae doctrinae. Editio ultima. 33cm. Lyons . Pierre Guilmain. 1689MARCHANT Sandy (editor) Z114/30 The country church visitors' handbook 1995. 21cm. Stoulton. Through the Church Door. 1995MARCUS AURELIUS J66-67 The meditations. 2 vols. 4th edn. 16cm. Glasgow. Foulis. 1764 Gaskell 427.MARCUS AURELIUS, Emperor O72 De rebus suis...libri XII...studio operaque Thomae Galaher...editio secunda...(cura) Georgio Stanhope. 22.5cm. London. Edward Millington. 1697 Wing A4227.MARIA LAACH. Monastery Q216 Stimmen aus Maria Loach. Jhrz.1908, 3es Heft (only) 23.5cm. Freiburg-im-Breisgau. Herder. 1908MARINO Giovanni Battista T247 L'Adone, poema. 34cm. Paris . Olivier de Varain. 1623MARLORATUS Augustinus C20 A Catholike and ecclesiasticall exposition of the Holy Gospell after John. 25.5cm. London. Thomas Marshe. 1575 STC 17406MARLORATUS Augustinus C101B Esaiae Prophetia 37cm. [Paris]. Henricus Stephanus. 1564 Bound with:MARLORATUS: Genesis (1562)MARLORATUS Augustinus C101A Genesis cum Catholica expositione Ecclesiastica. 37cm. [Paris]. Henricus Stephanus. 1562 Bound with the same author's 'Esaiae Prophetia' (1564) and 'Liber Psalmorum' (1562) q.v.MARLORATUS Augustinus C101C Liber Psalmorum Davidis. 37cm. [Paris]. Henricus Stephanus. 1562 Bound with: MARLORATUS: Genesis (1562)MARLORATUS Augustinus* C102 Novi Testamenti catholica expositio ecclestiastica... 37cm. [Paris]. Henricus Stephanus. 1570MARRIOTT Wharton Booth U149 Vestiarium Christianum 25cm. London. Rivington. 1868MARSH Herbert . . . see MICHAELIS Johann David - Introduction to the New Testament...(1802)

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MARSH Herbert J355A A charge delivered at the primary visitation...in July 1820. 23cm. London. Rivington. 1820 Bound with six other pamphlets.MARSH Herbert UA29/4 A charge delivered at the primary visitation...in August 1817. 21.5cm. Cambridge. J Smith. 1817MARSH Herbert Z81/42 A comparative view of the churches of England and Rome. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1816MARSH Herbert UA22/6 A course of lectures...part V: On the authority of the New Testament. 23cm. Cambridge. J Smith. 1820MARSH Herbert J260D A defence of the illustration of the hypothesis... 21cm. Cambridge. J. Deighton. 1804 Bound with: MARSH H - The authenticity...(1802)MARSH Herbert UA11/10 A letter to the Rev. Charles Simeon 22.5cm. Cambridge. James Hodson. 1813MARSH Herbert J355B A speech delivered in the House of Lords on Thursday, June 14, 1821 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1821 Bound with: MARSH H - A charge...(1821)MARSH Herbert J355C A speech delivered in the House of Lords, on Friday, June 7, 1822. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1822 Bound with: MARSH H - A charge...(1820)MARSH Herbert J260C An illustration of the hypothesis... 21cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1803 Bound with: MARSH H - The authenticity...(1802)MARSH Herbert UA17/5 An inquiry into the consequences of neglecting to give the Prayer Book with the Bible. 4th edn. 23cm. London. Rivington. 1812MARSH Herbert J260B Letters to the anonymous author of 'Remarks on Michaelis...' 21cm. London. Rivington. 1802 Bound with: MARSH H - The authenticity...(1802)MARSH Herbert J260A The authenticity of the five books of Moses vindicated...2nd edn. 18.5cm. London. Rivington. 1802 Bound with five other pamphlets.MARSH Herbert UA4/10 The authenticity of the five books of Moses vindicated. 3rd edn. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1806MARSH Herbert* X266 Letter to Mr Archdeacon Travis. 22cm. Leipzig. C.F. Solbrig for the Author. 1795MARSHALL Benjamin E32 A chronological treatise upon the seventy weeks of Daniel. 20cm. London. James Knapton. 1725MARSHALL Edward Z27/9 Oxford. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. 1882MARSHALl Joseph W7-9 Travels through Holland, Flanders, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Lapland, Russia, the

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Ukraine and Poland in the years 1768, 1769 and 1770. 3 vols. 20cm. London. J Almon. 1772MARSHALL Nathaniel UA14/3 A regular succession of the Christian ministry asserted. 19cm. London. William Taylor. 1719MARSHALL Nathaniel U67 The penitential discipline of the primitive church. New edn. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, v.67). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1844MARSHALL Nathaniel (translator) . . . see CYPRIAN St - The genuine...(1717).MARSHALL Stephen* UA15/4 The humble answer of the divines attending the honourable Commissioners of Parliament...about episcopal government. 19cm. London. Abel Roper. 1660 Wing M758.MARTENE Edmond and DURAND Ursin Z98/15-18 & Z99/1 Thesaurus novus anecdotorum. 5 vols. 38cm. Paris . F Delaulne et al.. 1717MARTENE Edmond and DURAND Ursin Z122/1-9 Veterum scriptorum et monumentorum...amplissima collectio. 9 vols. 38cm. Paris . Mantalant. 1724-33MARTENE Jean (editor) . . . see JEROME St. - Hieronymi...opera...(1693-1706).MARTIAL I62 Epigrammata...accurante Cornelio Schreveli. 19cm. Leiden. Hacke. 1670MARTIALIS Marcus Valerius X66 Epigrammata. 13cm. Amsterdam. Jan Janszoon. 1645MARTIANAY Johannes . . . see BIBLE. Matthew. Latin (1695)MARTIGNY, M.L'Abbé Z17/5 Dictionnaire des Antiquités Chrétiennes. 25cm. Paris. Librairie de L Hachette et Cie.. 1865MARTIN Frederick (X323 old) (Collected materials on Morte d'Arthur and other European literary pieces). 40ff, (plus many blanks). Paper 180 x 110 mm. . . One hand (The Rev Frederick Martin), c.1825. Bound in half brown morocco on marbled paper. Contents: Notes etc. on Morte d'Arthur and other mediaevalia.MARTIN Frederick (X318 old) (Greek) vocabulary. Paper 180 x 110 mm. . . One hand (The Rev Frederick Martin), c.1825. Bound in half green cloth on marbled paper boards. Contents: A Greek vocabulary compiled by Frederick Martin.MARTIN Frederick (X316-317 old) (Notes on Euripides). 2 vols. 168, 128ff. Paper 180 x 110 mm. . . One hand (The Rev.Frederick Martin), 1824-25.

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Bound in quarter red cloth on green paper boards. Contents: Student-notes by Frederick Martin on Euripides.MARTIN Frederick (X315 old) (Notes on the plays of Aristophanes). 64, 91ff. Paper 175 x 110 mm. . . One hand (The Rev.Frederick Martin), 1824-25. Bound in half brown morocco on marbled paper boards. Contents: Student-notes by Frederick Martin on Aristophanes.MARTIN Frederick (X314 old) (Notes on Thucydides). 118ff. Paper 180 x 115 mm. . . One hand (The Rev.Frederick Martin), 1824-25. Bound in half dark red morocco on marbled paper boards. Contents: Student-notes by Frederick Martin on Thucydides.MARTIN Frederick (X320 old) Addenda to the vol. of Notes on Aristophanes (X315 old). 26ff. (plus many blanks). Paper 190 x 120 mm. . . One hand (The Rev Frederick Martin), (c.1825). Bound in half brown morocco on marbled-paper boards. Contents: Additional notes to material in X315 old.MARTIN Frederick (X322 old) Commonplace book. (7)ff, (plus many blanks). Paper 180 x 110 mm. . . One hand (The Rev Frederick Martin), ?1827. Bound in quarter red cloth on grey paper spine. Contents: A collection of miscellaneous English scraps of verse.MARTIN Frederick (X319 old) Long extracts of French prose. (46)ff. Paper 190 x 110 mm. . . One hand (The Rev Frederick Martin), c.1830. Bound in purple cloth. Contents: Long passages from French works (unspecified) on a variety of subjects.MARTIN Frederick (X313 old) Manuscript notes on poetry. 176pp. Paper 230 x 130 mm. . . One hand (The Rev.Frederick Martin), c.1830. Bound in blue paper boards with quarter paper spine. Contents: Various notes on poetry.MARTIN Frederick (X321 old) Notes on Pindar. (90)ff. Paper 190 x 110 mm. . . One hand (The Rev Frederick Martin), c.1825. Bound in green morocco. Contents: Extensive textual notes etc. on Pindar.MARTIN Frederick* UA19/8 A few words on the Athanasian creed on justification by faith, by a Bishop's Chaplain. 22.5cm. London. J W Parker. 1841MARTIN Frederick* UA29/6 A few words on the Athanasian creed on justification by faith...by a Bishop's Chaplain. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. J W Parker. 1846MARTIN Frederick* G69 A general introduction to the Apostolic Epistles. 2nd edn 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1861MARTIN Frederick* U194 A general introduction to the apostolic epistles. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1861

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MARTIN Matthias N103 Lexicon philologicum praecipue etymologicum et sacrum. 37cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Thomas Matthias Goetzen. 1655MARTIN Samuel, Rector of Gotham H128 A dissertation on the nature, effects and consequences of the blasphemy against the Holy Ghost. 20cm. London. T. Cadell. 1766MARTIN Thomas* UA21/5 Remarks occasioned by Lord Brougham's Paley's natural theology illustrated. 2nd edn. 21cm. London. Ridgway. 1836MARTINEAU Violet Z52/22 Recollections of Sophia Lonsdale. 21.5cm. London. J Murray. 1936MARTYR Peter . . . see VERMIGLI Pietro MartirioMASCARDO Giuseppe Z97/7-12 De probationibus. 3 vols (in 6). 35.5cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Sigismund Feyerabend. 1585MASCULUS Joannes Baptista D74 Eruditarum lectionum S. Augustini... 31cm. Naples. Domenico Maccarani. 1752MASCULUS Joannes Baptista D73 Eruditarum lectionum...libri acroamatici...in opera S. Hieronymi. 31cm. Venice. Saviono. 1749MASFEN John Z85X/16 Views of the church of St Mary at Stafford. 43cm. London. J H Parker. 1852MASKELL William J189 A history of the Martin Marprelate controversy. 19cm. London. William Pickering. 1845MASKELL William Z19/21-23 Monumenta ritualia Ecclesiae Anglicanae. 3 vols. 21cm. London. Pickering. 1846-47 For duplicate of vol III, see U193.MASKELL William Q148 The ancient liturgy of the Church of England. 3rd edn. 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1882MASKELL William Z19/6 The ancient liturgy of the Church of England. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Pickering. 1846 Another copy Z105/9.MASON Arthur James Z50/28 The Church of England and episcopacy. 22/5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1914MASON Arthur James Q272 The relation of confirmation to baptism. 19.5cm. London. Longmans. 1891MASON Francis E93 A vindication of the Church of England...translated...by John Lindsay. 33cm. London. for the Translator. 1728MASON Francis F20 Vindiciae ecclesiae Anglicanae. 2nd edn 28.5cm. London. Felix Kyngston. 1625 STC 17598MASON Francis F21 Vindiciae ecclesiae Anglicanae. 3rd edn

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28.5cm. London. Edward Blackmore . 1638 STC 17599MASSEY Edmund . . . see PLATO - Politeion...(1713)MASSINGBERD Francis Charles UA19/5 A letter to the Rev. William Goode M.A. 21cm. London. J W Parker. 1850MASSINGBERD Francis Charles Q265 The English Reformation. 16.5cm. London. J W Parker. 1847MASSINGER Philip S239 The plays, ...with notes...by William Gifford. 3rd edn. 24.5cm. London. John Templeman. 1840MASSINGER Philip S50-52 The plays. 3 vols. 15.5cm. London. J Murray. 1830-31MASSON Johannes P53 Q. Horatio Flacci vita. 18.5cm. Leiden. Andreas Dyckhuysen. 1708MASSON John . . . see PLINIUS SECUNDUS, Caius Caecilius - Vita...(1709).MASSON John X247 Jani templum Christi nascente reseratum. 16.5cm. Rotterdam. Bernard Bos. 1700MASSUET René (editor) . . . see IRENAEUS St, of Lyon - Contra haereses...(1710).MASTERS Samuel* E33F The case of allegiance in our present circumstances consider'd. 20cm. London. Ric. Chiswell. 1689 Wing M1067. Bound with TURNER J - A brief vindication...(1702)MATHEWS J P29H A collection of anthems and choruses...2nd edn. 17.5cm. Lichfield. T G Lomax. 1839MATHIAS Thomas James (editor) . . . see GRAY Thomas - The works...(1814).MATHIAS Thomas James* S255 The pursuits of literature: a satirical poem. 6th edn. 21cm. London. T Becket. 1798MATHIAS Thomas James* X306 Watsoniana: an heroic epistle, an heroic address in prose and an epistolary treatise to the Rev Richard Watson, D.D.... 3rd edn. 22cm. London. Printed for T Becket. 1781MATTHAEUS Gottlob UA2/12 Dissertatio historico-moralis de malis eruditorum uxoribus. 20cm. Leipzig. Literis Brandenburgerianis. 1705MATTHEW PARIS Z62/9-13 Chronica majora, ed. H R Luard. (Rolls Series). 5 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1872-80MATTHEW PARIS Z62/14-16 Historia Anglorum sive...historia minor...ed. Sir F Madden. (Rolls Series). 3 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1866-69

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MATTHEW PARIS V131 Historia maior a Guilielmo Conquaestore ad ultimum annum Henrici tercii. 29cm. London. Reginald Wolfe. 1570 STC 19209.MATTHIAE August . . . see EURIPIDES - Tragoediae...(1818)MATTHIAE August P259-261 A copious Greek grammar, trsl. E V Blomfield. 2 vols (+ Index vol.) 22cm. London. J Murray. 1832-33MATTHIAS Thomas James (editor)* UA19/3 Specimens of antient hymns of the Western church. 21cm. Norwich. Josiah Fletcher. 1835 One of 56 copies.MAULE John . . . see COOKE John - An historical account...(1789)MAUNDRELL Henry W24 A journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem. 7th edn. 20cm. Oxford. at the Theatre. 1749MAUNDRELL Henry Z91/7 A journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem at Easter, AD 1697. 4th edn. 19cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1721MAURICE Frederick Denison* UA14/1 Letters to a member of the Society of Friends, no.XII. 18.5cm. London. Darton and Clark. 1838MAURICE Frederick Denison* UA14/4 Letters to a member of the Society of Friends. No.III. 18.5cm. London. Darton and Clark. (1838)MAURICE Frederick Denison UA3/6 Reasons for not joining a party in the church. 23cm. London. Rivington. 1841MAURICE Frederick Denison Z42/5-10 Sermons. 6 vols. 19cm. London. John E Taylor. 1856-59MAURICE Frederick Denison Z2/13 The Gospel of St John: a series of discourses. 2nd edn. 18.5cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1857MAURICE Frederick Denison Z49/1-2 The life...chiefly told in his own letters, edited by...Frederick Maurice. 2 vols. 4th edn. 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1885MAURICE Frederick Denison UA38/6 The new statute and Mr Ward. 22cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1845MAURICE Frederick Denison Z2/11 The patriarchs and lawgiver of the Old Testament. 2nd edn. 18.5cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1855MAURICE Frederick Denison Z2/12 The prophets and kings of the Old Testament. 2nd edn. 18.5cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1855MAURICE Frederick Denison UA16/8 Thoughts on the duty of a Protestant in the present Oxford election. 22.5cm. London. J W Parker. 1847MAURICE Henry Z129/12B A sermon preached before the King at White-hall on January the 30th 1681. 21cm. London. J Robinson. 1744 (repr). Bound with CHANDLER E - A charge...(1740).

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MAURICE Thomas J324 A dissertation on the Oriental trinities. 22.5cm. London. for the Author. 1801MAURICE Thomas J297 Brahminical fraud detected. 22.5cm. London. for the Author. 1812MAURICE, Prince of Nassau. V78 The triumphs of Nassau...translated by W Shute. 27.5cm. London. Adam Islip. 1613 STC 17676.MAXIMILIAN, Prince of Saxony Q304 Praelectiones de liturgiis orientalibus, vol. I (only). 27.5cm. Freiburg-im-Breisgau. Herder. 1908MAXIMUS, of Turin, Bishop . . . see LEO I, St., Pope - Opera omnia (1622)MAXWELL Alice Z49/17 Memories of a mission house. 21cm. N Z:Tauranga. The Bay of Plenty Times. (1943)MAXWELL Winifred, Countess of Nithsdale . . . See GRACE Seymour (ed.) - A letter...(1827).MAY James (editor) . . . see GLOBE ENCYCLOPAEDIA - The illustrated Globe....(1890-93).MAY James Lewis Z27/31 The Oxford movement, it history and its future. 22cm. London. John Lane. 1933MAYER Johann Friderich G109 Bibliotheca Biblica. Ed. altera 21cm. Frankfurt-a-Main and Leipzig. [n.p]. 1709MAYER Johann Gottfried V26 Historia diaboli seu commentatio de diaboli, malorumque spirituum...potestate. Ed. altera. 19.5cm. Tübingen. Cotta. 1780MAYER John C9 A commentarie upon the whole New Testament... 29cm. London. Thomas Cotes for John Bellamy. 1632 STC 17730.MAYER John C8 A commentary upon all the Prophets... 29cm. London. Abraham Miller and Ellen Cotes . 1652 Wing M1422MAYER John C7 A commentary upon...Job, David and Solomon... 28cm. London. for Robert Ibbitson and Thomas Roycroft. 1653 Wing M1423MAYER John G12 Ecclesiastica interpretata. 18.5cm. London. John Haviland for John Grismand. 1627 STC 17731MAYER John C6 Many commentaries in one upon Joshuah, Judges... 29cm. London. John Legett and Richard. 1647 Wing M1425MAYER John J10 The English catechisme explained. 5th edn

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18cm. London. Miles Flesher for John Marriot. 1635 STC 17738.MAYOR John Eyton Bickersteth (editor) . . . see RICHARD of Cirencester - Speculum historiale...(1863-69).MAZZELLA Scipio and HOWELL James R27 Parthenopoieia, or the history...of Naples. 28.5cm. London. for Humphrey Moseley. 1654 Wing M1542.McCAUL Alexander J170 The old paths. 21.5cm. London. London Society. 1837McKILLIAM Annie E Z22/12 A chronicle of the Archbishops of Canterbury. 22cm. London. James Clarke. 1913McLELLAN John Brown Z7/17 The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ: a new translation...from a critically revised Greek text. Vol I (only). 20cm. London. Macmillan. 1875MEAD Richard Z113/6 A short diocese concerning pestilential contagion. 8th edn. 23.5cm. London. S Buckley. 1722MEAGHER Andrew J95. . . see WORD - A word to the wise...(1771)MEAGHER Andrew J178 The Popish mass celebrated by heathen priests. 20cm. Limerick. T. Welsh. 1771MEARNS James Q23 Early Latin hymnaries. 22cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1913MEARNS James Q24 The canticles of the Christian church. 22cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1914MEDD Peter Goldsmith Z47/6 The one mediator. (Bampton Lectures 1882). 22cm. London. Rivington. 1884MEDD Peter Goldsmith Y131 The priest to the altar. 4th edn. 24cm. Oxford. Henry Froude. 1898MEDE Joseph Z143/24 Diatribae pars IV. Discourses on sundry texts of Scripture. 19cm. London. J F for John Clarke. 1652 Wing M1598.MEDE Joseph F69 The works. 36cm. London. Roger Norton for Richard Royston. 1672 Wing M1588MEDE Joseph Z113/19 The works. 2 vols (in 1). 20cm. London. M F for John Clark. 1648 Wing M1585.MEELFUHRER Johann Christopher X274D Corona centum patrum et doctorum ecclesiae: Ostendens eorum natales... 19cm. Giessen. Friedrich Karges. 1670 Bound with: BOECLER J H - Historia...(1695).

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MEEN Henry UA12/14 Remarks on the Cassandra of Lycophron. 22.5cm. London. Bunney and Gold. 1800MEGALIO Marcello L45 Variarum resolutionum moralium, canonicarum ac civilium tomus primus et secundus. 2 vols (in 1) 30cm. Naples. Lazaro Scorigio. [1624]MEIBOM Marcus . . . see DIOGENES LAERTIUS - De vitis...(1692)MELANCHTHON Philipp* Z118/1 (Opera). Part I (only). 33cm. (Wittenberg). (Johannes Crato). 1562 Lacks tp and signature A, as well as vols 2-3.MELANESIAN MISSION Z43/14 (Reports of the voyages of the "Southern Cross", 1874-1891). 18 vols in 1. 19cm. Ludlow. Partridge. 1875-92MELMOTH William, Jr* O102 Vindication of Demosthenes from the charge of corruption in a letter to a friend. 26.5cm. London. . MELVILL Henry Z128/3-4 Sermons. New edn. 2 vols. 18cm. London. Rivington. 1872MEMORIAL SERVICE. Queen Victoria Q37 Special forms of service in commemoration of...Queen Victoria. 20cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1901 Bound with Q34.MENASSEH Ben Israel X134 De creatione problemata XXX. 16.5cm. Amsterdam. The Author. 1635MENASSEH Ben-Israel X9 De resurrectione mortuorum libri III. 14.5cm. Amsterdam. Typis et sumptibus Autoris. 1636MENDES PINTO Fernando* R26 (Voyages and adventures...trsl. H Cogan). 27.5cm. (London). (not recognisable). (1653,63 or93) Lacks tp Wing M 1705, 1706, 1706A, or 1707.MENDHAM Joseph U208 Memoirs of the Council of Trent. 22cm. London. James Dureau. 1834 MENDHAM Joseph K3 Supplement to memoirs of the Council of Trent. 22.5cm. London. James Duncan. 1836MENDHAM Joseph K2 The life and pontificate of Saint Pius the Fifth. 23cm. London. James Duncan. 1832MENDHAM Joseph K1 The literary policy of the Church of Rome exhibited. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. James Duncan. 1830MENDHAM Joseph J59 Watson's Important considerations. 19cm. London. Whittaker, Treacher and Arnot. 1831MENDHAM Joseph, ed. M1 Index librorum prohibitorum a Sixto V Papa confectus et publicatus. 28cm. London. James Duncan. 1835

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MENDOZ Andres L96 Bullae sanctae cruciatae elucidatio. 29.5cm. Madrid. Maris de Quinones. 1651MENIN Nicolas V24 The historical and chronological treatise of the anointing and coronation of the Kings and Queens of France. 19.5cm. London. for W Mears. 1723MENZEL Willem Frederic UA3/10 Specimen theologicum inaugurste quo exhibetur Hermeios ton philosophos ton hexo philosophon. 22.5cm. Leiden. C J Menzel. 1840MÉON Dominique Martin (editor) . . . see LORRIS Guillaume de and MEUNG Jean de - Le roman...(1814).MERATI Gaetano Maria . . . see GAVANTI Bartolommeo - Thesaurus sacrorum rituum...(1763)MERCATI Angelo . . . see BARDENHEWER Otto - Patrologia...(1903)MERCATOR Gerardus and HONDIUS Isaac W82-84 Atlas novus, sive descriptio geographica totius orbis terrarum. 3 vols. 49cm. Amsterdam. Joannes Jansszoon and Henricus Hondius. 1638 MERCIER Jean C63 Commentarii in Jobum, et Salomonis Proverbia, Ecclesiasten, Canticum Canticorum. 35cm. Leiden. F. Hackins. 1651MERCURIUS RUSTICUS Z128/18 Mercurius rusticus: or the countries complaint of the barbarous outrages... 18cm. London. for Richard Green. 1685 Wing M1685.MERES Francis . . . see LUIS of Granada - (The first booke...(1614)MERIVALE John Henry S79-80 Poems original and translated. New edn. 17cm. London. William Pickering. 1844MERIVALE John Herman (editor) S224 Collections from the Greek anthology. 20cm. London. Longmans. 1833MEROLLA Francesco L89-90 Disputationes in universam theologiam moralem. 2 vols. 30.5cm. Naples. Lazzaro Scorijii. 1631-[41?] Date on engraved t-p of vol 2, 1634.MERULA Paulus R38 Cosmographiae generalis libri tres. 26cm. Antwerp. Plantin. 1605MESTREZAT Jean X185-189 Sermons sur...l'Epistre des Hebreux. 5 vols. 16.5cm. Geneva. Samuel Chouët. 1653-55MESTREZAT Jean X218 Traicte de l'Escripture Saincte. 17cm. Geneva. Melchior Mondierre. 1633METHODIST CHURCH Z119/23 Hymns and psalms. 18cm. London. Methodist Publishing House. 1983METZGER Bruce M

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. . . see BIBLE. Apocrypha. English - The Apocrypha...ed.by Bruce M Metzger(1965)MEUNG Jean de . . . see LORRIS Guillaume de and MEUNG Jean de - Le roman...(1814).MEURSIUS Joannes X22 Graccia ludibunda...accedit Danielis Souteri Palamedes... 14.5cm. Leyden. Elzevir. 1625MEUSCHEN Johann Gerhard G251 (Novum Testamentum ex Talmude et antiquitatibus Hebraeorum illustratum...) 23cm. [Leipzig]. [haerales J. F. Braunii]. [1736] Lacks t-p.MICHAELIS Johann David G231-236 Introduction to the New Testament,translated (and augmented) by Herbert Marsh. 4 vols (in 6) 2nd edn 25cm. London. F. and C. Rivington. 1802MICHEL Francisque UA37/9 Examen critique de la dissertation de M.Henri Monin sur le Roman de Ronceraux. 22cm. Paris . Silvestre. 1832MICHEL Francisque UA4/12 Wade: lettre à M.Henri Ternaux-Compans. 24cm. Paris . Silvestre. 1837MICHELL William UA13/8 Our title to sonship. 22cm. Guernsey. F Le Lièvre. 1861MICKLETHWAITE John Thomas Q245-46 The ornaments of the rubric, and Supplement. (Alcuin Club: Tracts 1 and 1A). 2 vols. 27cm. London. Longmans. 1897-1901MIDDLETON Conyers J128 A letter from Rome. 4th edn. 20cm. London. Richard Manby. 1741MIDDLETON Conyers K156-157 The history of the life of Marcus Tullius Cicero. 2 vols. 6th edn. 25cm. London. Richard Manby. 1757MIDDLETON Conyers T267-270 The miscellaneous works. 4 vols. 25cm. London. Richard Manby and H S Cox. 1752MIDDLETON John Henry Z133/17 Illuminated manuscripts in classical and mediaeval times. 26cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1892MIDDLETON Thomas Fanshaw G224 The doctrine of the Greek article. New edn. 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1833MIGNE Jacques Paul D21-36, Q329-339 Patrologiae cursus completus: series latina, vv. 6-7, 20-31, 51-52(duplicated), 54-57 (57 dupl.), 61-62, 65-66, 72, 86, 97-98. 27.5cm. Paris. Siron. 1844-64MILL James T178 Elements of political economy. 3rd edn. 22.5cm. London. Baldwin, Cradock and Joy. 1826MILL John . . . see BIBLE. New Testament. Greek (1707)MILL William Harforth UA15/3 A letter to a clergyman in London. 21.5cm. London. Joseph Masters. 1848

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MILL William Hodge H268 Five sermons on the temptation of Christ our Lord in the wilderness. 22cm . Cambridge. Rivington. 1844MILL William Hodge H269 Four sermons preached before the University of Cambridge. 22cm. Cambridge. John Deighton. 1849MILL William Hodge H270 Sermons preached in Lent 1845. 22cm. Cambridge. J. and J. Deighton. 1845MILL William Hodge UA28/3 The duties of an apostolical ministry. 22cm. Calcutta. (n.p.). 1830MILLAN John V330 Coins, weights and measures ancient and modern...6th edn. 16.5cm. London. J Millan. 1749MILLAR Eric George Z39/4 The Lindisfarne gospels. 42cm. London. British Museum. 1923MILLAR George Henry Z63X/2 A new, complete and universal body...of natural history. 39cm. London. for Alex.Hogg. (1782)MILLAR John V291-294 An historical view of the English government. 4 vols. 4th edn. 22cm. London. J Maurman. 1818MILLARD James Elwin Y137 Historical notices of the office of choristers. 17cm. London. Joseph Masters. 1848MILLER Edward UA2/6 Thoughts on the present performance of psalmody. 21cm. London. for W Miller. 1791MILLER Emmanuel . . . see ORIGEN - Philosophoumena...(1851)MILLER George UA27/13 A second letter to the Rev.E B Pusey. 22cm. London. Duran and Malcolm. 1841MILLER George J311 Observations on the doctrines of Christianity. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1825MILLER George Z81/43 The parishes of the diocese of Worcester. Vol.I The Parishes of Warwickshire (only). 19cm. London. Griffith, Farran, Okeden and Welsh. 1889MILLER James* T151A Mahomet the impostor: a tragedy. 18.5cm. London. J Watts. 1744 Bound with five other pamphlets.MILLER Joseph Y166 Aspects of the new theology. 18.5cm. London. Elliot, Stock. 1916MILLER Joseph Y163 Sermons, doctrinal, philosophical, critical and educational. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1908MILLER Joseph Y164 Sermons, literary and scientific. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1909

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MILLER Joseph Z32/19 The thirty-nine articles of the Church of England, vol III (only). 18cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1881MILLER Philip N44-45 The gardener's dictionary. 2 vols. 8th edn. 41cm. London. For the Author. 1768MILLES Thomas R74 The catalogue of honor. 31cm. London. William Jaggard . 1610 STC 17926.MILLIGAN William Z33/29 The resurrection of Our Lord. (Croall Lectures 1879-80). 18cm. London. Macmillan. 1890MILLS John YA27 Annals of the parish church, Coseley...from 1830 to December 1911. 21cm. Walsall. T Kirby and Sons. 1912MILLS William J169 The belief of the Jewish people. cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1828MILMAN Henry Hart Z26/22-27 History of Latin Christianity...to the pontificate of Nicolas V. 6 vols. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1854-55MILMAN Henry Hart Z26/19-21 The history of Christianity from the birth of Christ to the abolition of Paganism in the Roman empire. 3 vols. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1840MILMAN Henry Hart UA39/12 The office of the Christian teacher considered. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1826MILMAN Henry Hart D.D. VX4-9 History of Latin Christianity 22.5cm. London. John Murray. 1854MILTON John P203 Joannis Miltoni fabulae Samson Agonistes et Comus graece interpretatus est Edvardus Greswell. 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1832 Copy interleaved: MS emendations by Frederick Martin.MILTON John V27 The history of Britain, that part especially now call'd England. 20cm. London. J.M. for James Allestry. 1670 Wing M2119.MILTON John S303-305 The poetical works...with notes...by Thomas Newton. 3 vols. 29cm. London. J Tonson. 1761 Vol.I missing.MILTON John et al.* V135-137 A complete history of England. 3 vols. 2nd edn. 38cm. London. for R Bonwicke et al.. 1719MILTON John* T21 The poetry of Milton's prose. 17.5cm. London. Longmans. 1827MILWICH XA39 Milwich parish registers, part I. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1904 No more published.

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MIMPRISS Robert G163 A harmony of the Four Gospels...arranged according to Greswell's Harmonia Evangelica 22cm. London. Sampson Low. 1833MINSHEU John N98 Hegemon eis tas glossas: Ductor in linguas. 38cm. London. John Browne. 1617 STC 17944. pp.289-300 duplicated: pp.312-24 missing.MINUCIUS FELIX Marcus I63 Octavius, cum...notis...Jacobi Ouzeli. 19.5cm. Leiden. Hacke. 1672MINUCIUS FELIX Marcus X199 & X200 Octavius. 2 copies. 19cm. Cambridge. Typis Academicis. 1712MINUTIUS FELIX Marcus . . . see JUSTIN MARTYR - The apologies...(1709).MISSAL Z111/1 Missale Romanum ex decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini restitutum. 32cm. Venice. Giovanni Antonio Pezzana. 1777MISSAL. Sarum Use. Z19/2 The Sarum missal in English. 21cm. London. Church Press Co.. 1868MISSALE AA8 Missale Frisingense. 37cm. München. Adam Berg. 1579MISSALE GOTHICUM I45-46. . . see BANNISTER Henry Marriott - Missale Gothicum...(1917-1919)MISSALE ROMANUM J213 Missale Romanum ex decreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini restitutum. 19cm. Paris . Liberalitate et munificentia Christianissimorum Regum. 1615MISSALE ROMANUM I144 Missale Romanum exdecreto Sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini restitutum... 40cm. Antwerp. Plantin. 1737MITCHELL Anthony Z43/31 Thomas Earp, master of stone. 23cm. Buckingham. Barracuda Books. 1990MITCHELL Edward Cushing Z1/10 A guide to the study of the...Greek New Testament. 19cm. London. Religious Tract Society. (1880)MITCHELL Thomas . . . see ARISTOPHANES - The comedies...(1820-22)

MITCHELL Thomas . . . see REISKE Johann Jakob - Indices graecitatis...(1828)MITFORD John* UA7/5 A letter to J P Kemble, Esq, involving strictures on a recent edition of John Ford's dramatic works. 22.5cm. Cambridge. F Hodson. 1811MOBERLY George Z32/22 Sermons on the Beatitudes. 3rd edn. 18cm. Oxford. J Parker. 1870

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MOBERLY George Z128/8 The sayings of the great forty days. 17.5cm. London. Rivington. 1882MOBERLY George Henry Z52/10 Life of William of Wykeham. 22cm. Winchester . Warren and Son. 1887MOBERLY Geprge Z32/23 The administration of the Holy Spirit in the body of Christ. (Bampton Lectures 1868). 3rd edn. 18cm. Oxford. Parker and Co.. 1883MOBERLY Robert Campbell Z40/18-19 Atonement and personality. 2 copies. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1902-07MOBERLY Robert Campbell Z40/16-17 Ministerial priesthood. 2 copies 22cm. London. J Murray. 1897-1907MOBERLY Robert Campbell Z47/3 Problems and principles. 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1904MOIR George* UA11/1 Magic and witchcraft. (Reading for Travellers). 17cm. London. Chapman and Hall. 1852MOLESWORTH John Edward Nassau UA12/12 The danger of a divided house. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1830MOLETIUS Josephus . . . see PTOLEMAEUS Claudius - Geographia...(1562).MOLIERE Jean Baptiste Poquelin de Z81/36 Oeuvres complètes. 21cm. Paris . A Dupont et Rouet. 1825MÖLLER Heinrich C64 Enarrationes Psalmorum Davidis. 34cm. Geneva. Pierre & Jean Chouët. 1619MOMBRITIUS Boninus Q284-85 Sanctuarium seu vitae sanctorum. Nova ed. 2 vols. 28cm. Paris . A Fontemoing. 1910MONE Franz Josef (editor) Q25-27 Hymni Latini medii aevi. 3 vols. 22cm. Freiburg-in-Breisgau. Herder. 1853-55MONE Franz Joseph Q221 Lateinische und griechische Messen aus dem zweiten bis sechsten Jahrhundert. 24.5cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Carl Bernhard Lizius. 1850MONGEZ Antoine . . . see VISCONTI Ennio Quirino and MONGEZ Antoine - Iconographie....(1817-39)

MONK James Henry . . . see EURIPIDES - Fabulae...(1857)MONK James Henry UA18/6 A letter to the Rev. Samuel Butler. 20.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1810MONK James Henry K130-131 The life of Richard Bentley, D.D. 2 vols. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1833

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MONPERSAN Louis de* X86 La politique des Jesuites. 15.5cm. "à Londres". (n.p.). 1688MONRO Robert V47 Monro his expedition with the worthy Scots regiment (called Mac Keyes regiment)... 28.5cm. London. William Jones. 1637 STC 18022.MONSTRELET Enguerran de V101 Volume premier (-troisesme) des chymiques. 3 vols (in 1). 33.5cm. Paris . chez Pierre l'Huillier. 1572MONTAGU Basil . . . see BACON Francis - The works...(1825-27).MONTAGU Edward Wortley Z120/7 Reflections on the rise and fall of the ancient republicks. 3rd edn. 20cm. London. A Millar and T Cadell. 1769MONTAGU Richard C32. . . see GREGORY St Nazianzes - In Julianum invectivae duae...MONTAGU Richard C30 Appello Caesarem: a iust appeale from two uniust informers. 18cm. London. H.L. for Mathew Lownes. 1625 STC 18031 Bound with STC 18035A and 18038MONTAGU Richard M3 The acts and monuments of the Church before Christ incarnete. 28cm. London. Miles Flesher and Robert Young. 1642 Wing M2469.MONTAGU Walter E36 Miscellanea spiritualia. 20cm. London. for W. Lee, D. Pakeman and G. Bedell. 1648 Wing M2473MONTAGUE Richard . . . see PHOTIUS St. - Epistolae...(1651)MONTAGUE Richard C30A A gagg for the new gospell? No! a new gagg for an old goose. 18cm. London. Thomas Surdham for Marhew Lownes and Wm Barnet. 1624 STC 18035A. Bound with STC 18031.MONTAGUE Richard D16 Apparatus ad origines ecclesiasticas collecta. 27.5cm. Oxford. Leonard Lichfield. 1635 STC 18033.MONTAGUE Richard C30B Immediate addresse unto God alone. 18cm. London. William Stansby for Matthew Lownes and Wm Barnet. 1624 STC 18038. Bound with STC 18031.MONTAGUE Richard M2 Theanthropikon, seu de vita Jesu Christi domini nostri originum... 28.5cm. London. Miles Flesher and Robert Young. 1640 STC 18036.MONTAIGNE Michel de S193-95 The essays...translated...by Peter Coste. 3 vols. 20cm. London. S and E Ballard et al. 1759

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MONTAIGNE Michel, Sieur de Z85X/12 Les essais. Éd. nouvelle. 42.5cm. Paris . Michel Blageart. 1640MONTFAUCON Bernard R98-104 Antiquity explained and represented in pictures. Translated by David Humphrey. 15 vols (in 7). 39cm. London. J Tonson and J Watts. 1721MONTFAUCON Bernard I91-92 Collection nova patrum et scriptorum graecormu. 2 vols 37cm. Paris . Claude Ricaud. 1706MONTFAUCON Bernard de . . . see TROMMIUS Abraham - Concordantiae...(1718)MONTFAUCON Bernard de (editor) . . . see JOHN CHRYSOSTOM St - Sancti patris nostri...(1718-38).MOODY Clement B34-35 The New Testament expounded and illustrated. 2 vols 29cm. London. Longman. 1849-51MOONS Jos Z9/7(15) L'abbaye noble de Herckenrode. 27cm. Liège . Société Royale de Vieux-Liège. 1982 Offprint from Bulletin, vol X.MOOR James and TATE James UA5/4 Tracts on the cases, prepositions and syntax of the Greek language. 21cm. Richmond. T and A Bowman. 1830MOORE Abraham . . . see PINDAR - The Odes...(1822-31)MOORE Edward S316 Poems, fables and plays. 28cm. London. R & J Dodsley. 1756MOORE Henry UA39/14 A sermon on the death of the Right Reverend Samuel Butler, D.D. 23cm. London. Rivington. 1839MOORE Henry J136 Charges, speeches etc. 18cm. London. W. Skeffington. 1877MOORE Henry* CC15-16 (Two press-cutting albums concerning the work and life of Henry Moore, Archdeacon of Stafford). 20 and 21 cm. Lichfield. (n.p). 1858-76MOORE James U207 A list of the principal castles and monasteries of Great Britain. 23cm. London. Egerton. 1798MOORE Thomas Q175 The case for "Establishment" stated. 16cm. London. SPCK. 1885MOORE Thomas* UA40/1 Tom Crib's memorial to Congress...by One of the Fancy. 3rd edn. 17cm. London. Longman. 1819MOORSOM Robert Maude (editor) Q111 A historical companion to Hymns Ancient and Modern. 2nd edn. 15cm. London. C J Clay. 1903MORALITY J267D Some late opinions concerning the foundations of morality. 20cm. London. R. Dodsley. 1753 Bound with LOWMAN M - An argument...(1735)

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MORE Henry . . . see "Remarks on Dr.Henry More's expositions....."(1690)MORE Henry Z61X/12 A collection of several philosophical writings. 4th edn. 31cm. London. Joseph Downing. 1712MORE Henry F116A An explanation of the grand mystery of godliness 29cm. London. J. Flesher for W. Marsden. 1660 Wing M2658MORE Henry T169 Enchiridion ethicum. 17cm. London. J Flesher. 1668 Wing M2652.MORE Henry F130 The theological works. 36cm. London. Joseph Downing. 1708MORE Henry* J268F A brief discourse of the real presence of the body and blood of Christ... 2nd edn. 20cm. London. Walter Kettilby. 1686 Wing M2644. Bound with RIDLEY N - An account...(1688)MORE Henry* X15 Divine dialogues...collected...by...Franciscus Palaeopolitanus. 15.5cm. London. James Flesher. 1668 Wing M2650+. Sub-tp has: "the two last dialogues".MORE Henry* X14 Divine dialogues...the three first dialogues...by ...F.P. 15.5cm. London. James Flesher. 1668 Wing M2650.MORE Sir Thomas, St. T279 Omnia quae huiusque ad manus nostras pervenerunt Latina opera. 28cm. Louvain. Johan Bogard. 1566MORE Sir Thomas, St. K83 The history of King Richard the Third. New Edn. 19cm. Chiswick. Charles Whittingham. 1821MORE Sir Thomas, St. X62 Utopia, or the happy republic. 15.5cm. Glasgow. R and A Foulis. 1762 Gaskell 412.MORELL Thomas N18 Lexicon graeco-prosodicum...subjecit Edvardus Maltby. Ed. altera. 28cm. London. T. Cadell et al.. 1824MORELLI Federico N15 Dictionarium latino-graeco-gallicum. 16.5cm. Paris. Mathurin Henault. 1633MORGAN Caesar UA29/9 An investigation of the Trinity of Plato and of Philo Judaeus. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1795MORGAN D T (translator) Q100 Hymns and other poetry of the Latin church, translated by D T Morgan. 17.5cm. London. Rivington. 1880MORGANN Maurice S233 An essay on the dramatic character of Sir John Falstaff 21cm. London. T Boys. 1820

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MORHOFF Daniel Georg R15 Polyhistor, sive de notitia auctorum et rerum commentarii. 21cm. Lübeck. P Böckmann. 1688MORICE, Sir William E45 Coena quasi Koine: the new inclosures broken down... 19cm. London. W. Godbid. 1657 Wing M2762MORIER James Z119/12-13 The adventures of Haji Baba of Ispahan. 2 vols. 16cm. London. R Bentley. 1835MORIN Germain . . . see JEROME St. - Tractatus...(1903)MORIN Germain (editor) Q292 Liber comicus, sive lectionarius missae quo Toletana ecclesia...utebatur. (Anecdota Maredsolann, I) 25cm. Maredsous. Monastère de Saint-Benoît. 1893MORLEY George* UA2/9 The Bishop of Worcester's letter to a friend for vindication of himself from Mr Baxter's calumny. 19.5cm. London. R Norman for Timothy Garthwait. 1662 Wing M2790.MORLEY Henry (editor) . . . see BOSWELL James - The life of Samuel Johnson...(1885).MORNAI Philippe de F29 De l'institution, usage et doctrine du Sainct Sacrament de l'Eucharistie en l'église ancienne. 26.5cm. La Rochelle. Hierome Haultin. 1598MORNAY Philippe de, Sieur du Plessis-Marly V338 Mémoires...contenant divers discours...par lui dressées... 22.5cm. (Geneva). (La Forest). 1624MORRELL William Parker Z4/18 The Anglican church in New Zealand: a history. 21cm. Dunedin. Anglican Church of the Province of New Zealand. 1973MORRES Robert Z105/19 Eight sermons. (Bampton Lectures 1791). 21cm. Oxford. J Fletcher et al.. 1791MORTON Thomas D18 A Catholike appeale for Protestants. 28.5cm. London. George Bishop and John Norton. 1610 STC 18177.MORTON Thomas X220 Ezekiel's wheels: a treatise concerning Divine providence. 16.5cm. London. J.G. for Richard Royston. 1653 Wing M2840.MORTON Thomas F17 Of the institution of the sacrament... 29cm. London. W. Stansby for Robert Mylbourne. 1631 STC 18189MORTON Thomas E72 The grand imposture of the (now) Church of Rome. 19cm. London. George Miller for Robert Mylbourne. [1626] STC 18186MORTON Thomas D19 The Lord's supper, or a vindication of the Sacrament... 2nd edn 27.5cm. London. for R. M[ilbourne]. 1652

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Wing M2840A. Note: T-p of STC 18190 bound at front of volume.MORTON Thomas E38 Totius doctrinalis controversiae de eucharistia decisio... 20cm. Cambridge. R. Daniel. 1640 STC 18197MORTON Thomas* J51 Confessions and proofes of Protestant divines. 17.5cm. London. (n.p.). 1662 Wing M2836.MOSCHUS . . . see THEOCRITUS - Theocritus, Bion...(1817).MOSER Georg Heinrich . . . see CICERO Marcus Tullius - De republica...(1826)MOSER Joseph UA20/8 Anecdotes of Richard Brothers in the years 1791 and 1792. 22.5cm. London. for J Owen. 1795MOSHEIM Johann Lorenz Z27/21-26 An ecclesiastical history, antient and modern...trsl. by Archibald MacLaine. 6 vols. New edn. 20.5cm. London. T Cadell. 1782MOSLEY Sir Oswald V230 History of the castle, priory and town of Tutbury. 22cm. London. Simpkin Marshall. 1832MOSLEY Sir Oswald, 2nd Bart. K230 History of the castle, priory and town of Tutbury. 23cm. London. Simpkin Marshall. 1832MOSSOM Robert E99 The preacher's tripartite. 30cm. London. Thomas Newcomb. 1657 Wing M2866.MOSSOM Robert# E25 Sion's prospect in its first view. 22cm. London. Thomas Newcomb. 1651 Wing M2867MOTHERWELL William S259 Minstrelsy ancient and modern. 21cm. Glasgow. John Wylie. 1827MOTLEY John Lathrop Z25/17-19 The rise of the Dutch republic. 3 vols. 18cm. London. Routledge. ( )MOTT Roger John Kynaston Z9/7(7) Letocetum (Wall): excavations 1912. Revised edn. 21cm. (Stafford). (North Staffordshire Field Club). (1912)MOUFLE D'ANGERVILLE, pseud?* K121-124 The private life of Lewis XV...translated from the French by J.D. Justamond. 4 vols. 22cm. London. Charles Dilly. 1781MOULD Bernard M32BB A sermon preach'd before the...Company of Merchants trading in the Levant-seas. 22cm. London. J. Humfreys for Thomas Ward. 1717 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711)MOULIN Pierre du G32 Accomplissement des propheties. 17.5cm. Sedan . Jean Jannon pour Abraham Pacard. 1621

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MOULIN Pierre du X191 Décade de sermons. 16.5cm. Sedan . Jean Janon. 1637MOULIN Pierre du X192 Deuxième décade de sermons. 16.5cm. Queilly. Centurion Lucas. 1638MOULIN Pierre du F4 Nouveauté du papisme opposé à l'antiquité du vray Christianisme. 30cm. Sedan. Jean Jannon. 1627MOULIN Pierre du* X85 The history of the English and Scotch presbytery. 16cm. Villafranca (i.e.London). (n.p.). 1659 Wing D2585.MOULTON William Fiddian and GEDEN Alfred Sherrington Z22/20 A concordance of the Greek Testament. 26cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1897MOUNT Charles Milman UA13/17 The Church of England and the Church of Rome briefly contrasted. 22.5cm. Bath . Richard Couttwell. 1826MOUNT Charles Milman UA12/13 The source and stream of man's opposition to the revealed will of God. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1830MOZARABIC MISSAL Q327 Missale mixtum secundum regulam Beati Isidori dictum Mozarabes...ab Alexandro Leslio. 27cm. Rome . J G Salomon. 1755MOZLEY James Bowling J313 A treatise on the Augustinian doctrine of predestination. 22.5cm. London. J. Murray. 1855MOZLEY James Bowling Z33/20 Eight lectures on miracles. (Bampton Lectures 1865). 7th edn. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1886MOZLEY James Bowling Z37/8 Lectures and other theological papers. 21.5cm. London. Rivington. 1883MOZLEY James Bowling Z4/5 Ruling ideas in early ages, and their relation to Old Testament faith. 3rd edn. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1884MOZLEY James Bowling Z33/22 Sermons preached before the University of Oxford. 5th edn. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1883MOZLEY James Bowling Z33/21 Sermons, parochial and occasional. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1882MOZLEY James Bowling J109 The primitive doctrine of baptismal regeneration. 22cm. London. John Murray. 1856MUCKLESTONE XA40 Mucklestone parish register, part I. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1929 No more published.MUIR Sir William Z54/1 The life of Mohammad from original sources. Revised edn. 22cm. Edinburgh. John Grant. 1912MUIS Simon de B16 Opera onmia. 2 vols (in 1) 33cm. Paris. apud Mathurinum et Joannem Herault. 1650

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MÜNCHENER Anton . . . see PETRUS LOMBARDUS - Sententiarum...(1632)MUNDY Francis Clarke Noel* Z95/11-12 Needwood Forest. 2 copies. 29cm. Lichfield. John Jackson. 1776MUNSTER Sebastian R91 La cosmographie universelle. 31cm. (Basle). Henry Pierre. 1560 MURATORI Lodovico Antonio I85-90 Antiquitates Italicae medii aevi. 6 vols 38cm. Milan . Typographis Societatis Palatine. 1738-42MURATORI Lodovico Antonio I135-136 Delle antichitá estensi ed italiane. 2 vols. 35cm. Modena. Stamperia Ducale. 1717MURATORI Lodovico Antonio C77 Liturgia Romana vetus... 2 vols (in 1) 35cm. Venice. Jo. Baptista Pasquali. 1748MURATORI Lodovico Antonio I70, 73 Rerum italicarum scriptores...(continuatio). 2 vols 38cm. Florence. Pietro Cajetano Viviano. 1748-70MURATORI Lodovico Antonio I71-72, 74-84, 115-129 Rerum Italicarum scriptores. 25 vols (in 28) 38cm. Milan . Typographiae Societas Palatina. 1723-51MURATORI Ludovico Antonio Q72-73 Anecdota quae ex Ambrosianae Bibliothecae codicibus...auget... 2 vols. 22.5cm. Milan . Giuseppe Pandolfo Malatesta. 1697MURETUS Antonius T70B Epistolae, hymni sacri et poemata omnia. Ed. ultima. 15cm. Köln . Joannes Kinck. 1639 Bound with: MURETUS A - Orationum vol.duo...(1628).MURETUS Antonius T70A Orationum volumina duo (in 1) 15cm. Köln . Joannes Kinck. 1628 Bound with one other volume.MURETUS Marcus Antonius D44-46 Opera omnia...edidit Carolus Henricus Frotscher. 3 volss 21.5cm. Leipzig. Serigianus. 1834-41MURRAY David Leslie Q136 Reservation: its purpose and method (Prayer Book Revision Pamphlets 10) 19.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1923MURRAY Sir James Augustus Henry (editor) . . . see NEW ENGLISH DICTIONARY - A new English...(1888).MUSARUM T222-223 Musarum Anglicanorum analecta. 2nd edn. 2 vols. 19cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1699 Wing M3137.MUSHET Robert J323 The trinities of the ancients. 22.5cm. London. J.W. Parker. 1837MUSSARD Pierre J183 The conformity between modern and ancient ceremonies. 20cm. London. E. Cave. 1745

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MYLNE Robert Scott Z45/15 The canon law. 28.5cm. (Edinburgh). Morrison and Gibb. 1912MYLNE Robert Scott Z81/7 The cathedral church of Bayeux. 19cm. London. George Bell. 1904MYLNE Robert Scott Y165 The ground of faith. 18.5cm. London. Elliot, Stock. 1908NALSON John J90 The countermine. 4th impression. 17.5cm. London. Thomas Dring and John Leigh. 1684 Wing N99A.NALSON John and WARE Robert J97 Foxes and firebrands. 2 vols (in 1). 2nd edn 17cm. Dublin. Jos. Ray for Jos. Howes. 1682 Wing N104.NANDAKUMARA, Maharajah Z60X/3C A narrative of the facts leading to the trials of Maha Rajah Nundocomar and Thomas Fowke for conspiracies...by a Gentleman resident in Calcutta. 27cm. London. J Bew. 1776 Bound with: NANDAKUMARA, Maharajah - The trial....(1776).NANDAKUMARA, Maharajah Z60X/3A The trial of Maha Rajah Nundocomar Bahadur for forgery. 27cm. London. T Cadell. 1776 Bound with two other pamphlets.NAPLETON John UA13/13 A sermon on election (with two tracts by Daniel Whitby), ed. L Clarke. 22cm. Salisbury. Brodie and Browning. 1828NAPLETON John UA27/10 A sermon on regeneration and conversion. 22.5cm. London. Hatchard. 1817NARES Edward H266 A view of the evidences of Christianity... (Bampton Lectures 1805) 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1805NARES Edward H277 Discourses on the three creeds 22cm. London. Baldwin, Cradock and Joy. 1819NARES Edward J346 Heis theos, heis mesites. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1801NARES Edward G68 Remarks on the version of the New Testament edited by the Unitarians. 2nd edn 21.5cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1814NARES Robert G120 A connected and chronological view of the prophecies relating to the Christian church. 20cm. London. Rivington. 1805NARES Robert T20A An essay on the demon or divination of Socrates. 18cm. London. T Payne. 1782 Bound with two other items.NARES Robert H137-138 Discourses preached...Lincoln's Inn. 20.5cm. London. F. and C. Rivington. 1794NARES Robert S1-2 Essays and other occasional compositions. 2 vols. 18.5cm. London. W Bulmer. 1810

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NARES Robert G11 The veracity of the Evangelists demonstrated. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1816NARES Robert* UA25/7 An essay on the demon or divination of Socrates. 18cm. London. T Payne. 1782NATIONAL CATHEDRALS Z22/1-3 Our national cathedrals. 3 vols. 24cm. London. Ward, Lock. 1887NATIONAL LIBRARY OF WALES Z114/20 Y Beith yng Nghymru: the Bible in Wales. 26.5cm. Aberystwyth. National Library of Wales. 1988NAUCLER Johannes R73 Chronicon. 2 vols (in 1). 31cm. Köln . Heirs of Johann Quentell and Geruin Calenius. 1564NAUGER Andreas T278 Opera omnia. 28.5cm. Padua . Giuseppe Comino. 1718NAXERA Emmanuele de F92-93 In Josue hostilibus...commentarii. 2 vols. 35cm. Lyons . Laurent Anisson. 1651NAXERA Emmanuele de F94 In Judices commentarii, vol. 1 (only) 34cm. Lyons . Laurent Anisson. 1656 Published in 3 vols, 1656-64.NEALE Edward Vansittart J20 Feasts and fasts: an essay on...the laws. 17cm. London. John Murray. 1845NEALE James Z53/4 The Abbey Church of Saint Alban: Hertfordshire. 56cm. London. James Neale. (1877) Contains also loose architectural drawings by Ewan Christian of features of Southwell Minster.NEALE John Mason Q112 Hymn of the Eastern church 14.5cm. London. J T Hyatt. 1870NEALE John Mason Q16 Hymni ecclesiae e breviariis quibusdam et missalibus Gallicanis, Germanis, Hispanis, Lusitanis desumpti. 14.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1851NEALE John Mason Q269 The moral concordances of Saint Anthony of Padua. 2nd edn. 18cm. London. J T Hayes. 1867NEALE John Mason and LITTLEDALE Richard Frederick Z20/16 The liturgies of SS Mark, James, Clement, Chrysostom and Basil. 5th edn. 16.5cm. London. J T Hayes. (1880)NEALE John Mason* UA40/2 The exiles of the Cebenna: a journal...by Aurelius Gratianus. 16.5cm. London. J H and J Parker. (1850)NEEDHAM Marchmont* S198 The excellencie of a free state. 21cm. London . A Millar et al. 1767NELSON Henry M32G The nature and obligation of oaths: in a sermon. 22cm. London. for C. Browne. 1704 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711)

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NELSON Horatio K94 The life of Horatio, Lord Nelson. 17.5cm. London. SPCK. 1847NELSON Robert K117 The life of Dr. George Bull. 19.5cm. London. Richard Smith. 1713NELSON Robert* J268B Transubstantiation contrary to Scripture... 20cm. London. for Dorman Newman. 1688 Wing N417. Bound with RIDLEY N - An account...(1688)NELSON William Z93/33 The rights of the clergy of that part of Great Britain call'd England. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. J Nott for Charles Harper. 1712NENNIUS . . . see GILDASNETHERLANDS. States General. Z114/8XX A placat of the high and mighty lords the States Generall of the United Netherlands... 27cm. Hague . Jacobus Scheltus. 1672 Wing N489. Bound with Z114/8A.NETHERLANDS. States General. Z114/8EEE The letter sent...to His Majesty. 27cm. London. Assigns of J Bill and C Barker. 1673 Wing N485. Bound with Z114/8A.NETTER Thomas . . . see FASCICULI ZIZANIORUM - Fasciculi...(1858).NEUFVILLE Nicolas de, Seigneur de Villeroy V312-315 Mémoires d'estat. 4 vols. 17.5cm. Paris . Augustin Courbe. 1634-36 Vol.1-3 are dated 1636, vol.4 1634.NEVE Philip* S248 Cursory remarks on some of the ancient poets, particularly Milton. 22.5cm. London. (n.p.). 1789NEVE Timothy J152 Animadversions upon Mr. Phillips's history of...Cardinal Pole. 20cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press . 1766NEVILLE Henry T49 Plato redivivus, or a dialogue concerning government. 4th edn. 16.5cm. London. A Millar. 1763NEVINSON Charles (editor) . . . see HOOPER John - Early (later) writings...(1843-52)NEW M61F The new whole duty of man, containing the faith as well as practice of a Christian. 21cm. London. Thomas Kelly. [1744]NEW CHURCH. Liturgy. Z20/11 New-Church liturgy and hymns. 15cm. . Speirs. 1886 seeNEW ENGLISH DICTIONARY Z83/1-13 A new English dictionary on historical principles - edited by James A H Murray. 11 vols (in 13). 33cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1888-1933

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NEW TESTAMENT Z119/25 The New Testament, revised by Henry Alford, DD. 17.5cm. London. Strahan. 1869NEW YORK. Pierpont Morgan Library. Z86/19 The Pierpont Morgan Library: a review...1924...1929. 25.5cm. New York. (Pierpont Morgan Library). 1930NEWBIGIN Leslie H306 The open secret. 21cm. Michigan. Eerdmans. 1983NEWBOLT William Charles Edmund Q247 Consolidation. (Alcuin Club: Tracts 2). 27cm. London. Longmans. 1897NEWCASTLE, Margaret, Duchess of S300 Poems and fancies. 28cm. London. T. R. for J Martin and J Allestrye.. 1653 Wing N869.NEWCASTLE-under-LYME XA41-43 Newcastle-under-Lyme parish register. 3 vols. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1931-81NEWCOME Peter M32AA The blessing of a good name at death. 22cm. London. for John Wyat. 1705 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711)NEWCOME William G164 An English harmony of the Four Evangelists 22cm. London. Bagster. 1827NEWMAN John Henry Z105/10 Apologia pro vita sua. 21cm. London. Longmans. 1864NEWMAN John Henry Z33/10 Fifteen sermons preached before the University of Oxford. New edn. 18cm. London. Rivington. 1884NEWMAN John Henry Z33/1-8 Parochial and plain sermons. 8 vols. New edn. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1882NEWMAN John Henry Z33/9 Sermons bearing on subjects of the day. New edn. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1879NEWMAN John Henry et al* Z24/40-53 Lives of the English saints. 14 vols. 17cm. London. James Toovey. 1844-45NEWMAN Samuel Alfred Grundy* Y146-148 (Three scrapbooks of offprints and cuttings relating to Staffordshire heraldry). 22.5cm. (var.pl.). (var.pr.). (var.dates.)NEWMAN Samuel# C5 A concordance to Holy Scripture 29cm. Cambridge. John Field. 1662 Wing N925. Author's initials only printed on t-p.NEWMAN Selig UA12/7 Emendations of the Authorised Version of the Old Testament. 21cm. London. B Wertheim. 1839NEWSLETTER, LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL WEEKLY Z68/21 Lichfield Cathedral Weekly Newsletter, 1981-1990. 21cm. Lichfield. Lichfield Cathedral Chapter Office. 1981-90

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NEWSLETTER, LICHFIELD CATHEDRAL WEEKLY Z68/22 Lichfield Cathedral Weekly Newsletter, 1991-1996. 21cm. Lichfield. Lichfield Cathedral Chapter Office. 1991-96 In progress.NEWTON James Williams UA2/4 A new and easy introduction to the Hebrew language. 19cm. London. for the Author. 1805NEWTON John* . . . see COWPER William* and NEWTON John* - Olney hymns...(1779)NEWTON Sir Isaac R8 The chronology of ancient kingdoms amended. 22.5cm. London. J Tonson. 1728NEWTON Thomas . . . see MILTON John - The poetical work...(1761)NEWTON Thomas G123-125 Dissertations on the prophecies. 3 vols. 3rd edn 22cm. London. J. and R. Tonson. 1766NEWTON Thomas E76-78 The works. 3 vols 30cm. London. Rivington. 1782NEWTON Thomas J270E Three sermons. 2nd edn. 19.5cm. London. Tonson and Draper. 1745 Bound with: SEWARD T - The conformity...(1745)NICEPHORUS BRYENNIUS . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 7,(1729).NICEPHORUS GREGORAS . . . see HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE SCRIPTORES - Historiae...(1615).NICETA of Remesiana . . . see BURN Andrew Ewbank - Niceta...(1905)NICETAS CHONIATES . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 12,(1729).NICHOLAS IV, Pope Z126/1 Taxatio ecclesiastica Angliae et Walliae auctoritate P(apae) Nicholai IV. 44cm. (London). (Eyre and Strahan). 1802NICHOLLS Colin YA57 The Rev A.A.N.F. Solari, 1824-1888: a short biography. 21cm. . (Privately issued for the Author). (1988)NICHOLLS Robert Z20/24 A history of Stoke church. 21cm. Stoke-on-Trent. Edwin H Eardley. 1929NICHOLLS William M131 A comment upon the book of Common Prayer. 38cm. London. R. Bonwicke et al.. 1710NICHOLLS William B69 A commentary on the Book of Common Prayer. 2nd edn 39cm. London. R. Bonwicke (et al). 1712NICHOLLS William M131-132 A supplement to the Commentary on the Book of Common Prayer. 2_vols. 38cm. London. James Holland. 1711NICHOLS John T276 Biographical and literary anecdotes of William Bowyer...and of many of his learned

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friends. 28.5cm. London. J Nichols. 1782NICHOLS William E4-5 A conference with a theist. 2 vols 19cm. London. for J. Holland and J. Bowyer. 1723NICHOLS William J158 A defence of the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England. 3rd edn 20cm. London. J. Batley. 1730NICHOLSON Edward Byron Z12/12 The gospel according to the Hebrews. 23cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1879NICHOLSON William U57 An exposition of the catechism of the Church of England. 2nd edn. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, v.57). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1844NICHOLSON William (editor) . . . see GRINDAL Edmund - The remains...(1843)NICOLAS Sir Nicholas Harris (editor) . . . see ENGLAND. Privy Council. - Proceedings...(1834-37).NICOLAS Sir Nicholas Harris V328-329 A synopsis of the peerage of England. 2 vols. 17cm. London. J Nichols . 1825NICOLAS Sir Nicholas Harris V324 The chronology of history. New edn. 17cm. London. Longman. (1838)NICOLAS Sir Nicholas Harris W77 The historic peerage of England...revised...by William Courthope. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1857 NICOLAUS de Tudeschis . . . see PANORMITANUS - Repertorium...(1526)NIEBUHR Bartold Georg Z30/25-27 Lectures on the history of Rome...to the death of Constantine. 3 vols. 22cm. London. Taylor, Walton and Maberly. 1849NIEBUHR Carsten Z91/11-12 Travels through Arabia. 2 vols. 21cm. Edinburgh. R Morison and Sons. 1792NIGHTINGALE Joseph Z105/3 A topographical and historical description of Staffordshire. 21cm. London. Sherwood, Neely and Jones. (1820)NOLAN Frederick G147 An inquiry into the integrity of the Greek Vulgate 22cm. London. F.C. and J. Rivington. 1815NOLAN Frederick G148 Supplement to an Inquiry into the integrity of the Greek Vulgate 22cm. London. T. & W. Boone. 1830NONNUS G34 (Nonni poetae Panopolitani paraphrasis sancti secundum Joannem Evangelii). 16.5cm. [Paris] . [Sebastien Cramoisy]. [1623] Lacks t-p:title from half t-p.NORDEN Friedrich Ludwig W89 (Charts and views of Egypt). 48cm . (London). (n.p.) . (1741)

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NORDEN John U200 A progress of piety. (Parker Society) 16cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1847NORIS Enrico Z101/12 Istoria delle investiture delle dignita ecclesiastiche. 41cm. Mantua. Tumarmani. 1741NORIS Enrico Z101/8-11 Opera omnia. 4 vols. 41cm. Verona. Tumerman. 1729-32NORRIS Henry Handly H289I Marriage scripturally considered. 20cm. London. Rivington. 1837 Bound with: BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor...(1843)NORRIS Henry Handly H289G Neutrality in time of danger to the Church... 20cm. London. Rivington. 1835 Bound with: BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor...(1843)NORRIS Henry Handly H289M Ritual conformity. 20cm. London. John C. Goodier. 1842 Bound with: BETHELL C - Charge...to the diocese of Bangor...(1843). Cutting from 'The English Churchman': Obituary of H.H. Norris.NORRIS John Pilkington Z128/14 Rudiments of theology. 2nd edn. 17.5cm. London. Rivington. 1827NORTH John M32V A sermon preached before the King at Newmarket, October 8, 1671. 22cm. Cambridge. for John Hayes. 1671 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711) Wing N1289.NORTH Sir Francis, Baron Guilford V45C The examination of Captain William Bedlow, deceased. 30cm. London. Assigns of John Bill, Thomas Newcomb and Henry Hills. 1680 Wing G2215. Bound with: OATES T - A true narrative...(1680).NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE FIELD CLUB YA38-47 Transactions, vols 47, 53, 56-60, 62-64. 21.5cm. Stafford. North Staffordshire Field Club. 1913-30NORTHAMPTON. Archdeaconry. Architectural Society. K249 Architectural notices of the churches of the Archdeaconry of Northampton: Deaneries of Higham Ferrers and Haddon. 26cm. London. J.H. Parker. 1849NORTHCOTE James Spencer Z19/20 Epitaphs of the catacombs. 22.5cm. London. Longmans. 1878NORTHCOTE James Spencer and BROWNLOW William Robert Z19/19 Roma sotterranea, or an account of the Roman catacomb. New edn. Part II (only) 22cm. London. Longmans. 1879NORTON Andrew G169-170 The evidences of the genuineness of the Gospels. 2 vols. 2nd edn 22cm. London. John Chapman. 1847NORTON Thomas and SACKVILLE Thomas Gorboduc. . . see UDALL Nicholas - Ralph Roister Doister...(1847)NORTON-in-the-MOORS XA44-45 Norton-in-the-Moors (Norton-le-Moors) parish register. 2 vols. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society).

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21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1924-43NOSTRADAMUS Michael UA25/9 The prophecies. 18.5cm. London. J Roberts. 1715NOTES Q43 Notes on ceremonial from Anglican, Gallican and Roman authorities. 16.5cm. London. Basil Montagu Pickering. 1876NOTT George Frederick H238 Religious enthusiasm considered. (Bampton Lectures 1802) 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1803NOTTINGHAM Daniel Finch, 2nd Earl UA21/2 An answer of the Earl of Nottingham to Mr Whiston's letter to him concerning the eternity of the Son of God and of the Holy Ghost. 5th edn. 20cm. London. Edward Valentine. 1721NOVA I107-113 Nova patrum bibliotheca...(edited by A. Mai) 7 vols. 30cm. Rome . Typis Sacri Confitii Propagando Christiano Nomini. 1852-54NOWELL Alexander U109 A catechism...ed. G E Corrie 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1853NOWELL Alexander Z37/19 Catechismus, sive prima institutio...pietatis Christianae... 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1835NYE Stephen J274P The explication of the articles of the Divine unity... 19.5cm. London. John Darby. 1715 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)O'LEARY, De Lacy Q177 The apostolical constitutions. 17cm. London. SPCK. 1906OAKELEY Frederick H244 Sermons preached chiefly in the Chapel Royal at Whitehall. 22cm. Oxford. J.H. Parker. 1839OAKLEY Frederick UA38/1 The subject of Tract XC historically examined. 2nd edn. 21.5cm. London. James Toovey. 1845OATES Titus V45A A true narrative of the horrid plot and conspiracy of the Popish party against the life of His Sacred Majesty. 30cm. London. for Thomas Parkhurst and Thomas Cockerill. 1679 Wing O59. Bound with 16 other pamphlets.OCKLEY Simon V210-211 The history of the Saracens. 2 vols. 3rd edn. 20cm. Cambridge. for Anne Ockley. 1757OECUMENIUS D79-80 Commentaria in hosce Novi Testamenti tractatus...accesserunt Arethae...explanationes in Apocalypsis... 2 vols 35.5cm. Paris. Claude Sonnet. 1631OEHLER Franz (editor) . . . see TERTULLIANUS Quintus Septimius Florens - Quae supersunt...(1853)OENGUS I28 Félire Oengusso céli dé: the martyrology of Oengus the Culdee, edited by W. Stokes. (HBS 29) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1905OGILBY John

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. . . see AESOP - The fables...(1651).OGILVIE John (editor) . . . see VIRGILIUS MARO Publius - Opera...(1658)OGLE Nathaniel* J355E Illustrative replies in the form of essays, to the questions proposed by...Herbert Marsh...to candidates for holy orders. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1821 Bound with: MARSH H - A charge...(1820)OKEL Georg Niklaus X274M Memoria Rostochiensium protoevangelistae qui fuit M.Joachimus Kutzerus. 19cm. Rostock. Nicolaus Schwiegerovius. 1702 Bound with BOECLER J H - Historia...(1695).OKES Holt UA8/8 An attempt to determine the year and day on which Jesus Christ was crucified. 23cm. London. Cowie, Low and Co.. 1826OLDMIXON John V25 Clarendon and Whitlock compar'd. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. for J and J Pemberton. 1737OLIPHANT Alfred* UA9/5 Some account of the condition of the fabric of Llandaff Cathedral. 21cm. London. J W Parker. 1857OLIVETI Josephus P138-40 Delectus commentariorum in M T Ciceronis opera omnia. 3 vols. 22.5cm. London. R Priestley. 1819OLLIVANT Alfred UA15/7 A letter to the clergy of the diocese of Llandaff. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1863OLSHAUSEN Hermann Z13/20 Bibilical commentary on St Paul's first and second epistles to the Corinthians. 22.5cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1855OLSHAUSEN Hermann Z13/21 Biblical commentary on St Paul's epistles to the Galatians, Ephesians, Colossians and Thessalonians. 22.5cm. Edinburgh . T and T Clark. 1851OLSHAUSEN Hermann Z13/19 Biblical commentary on the New Testament...containing the epistle of St Paul to the Romans. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1856OLSHAUSEN Hermann Z13/15-18 Commentary on the Gospels. 4 vols. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clark. 1855OLSHAUSEN Hermann UA7/10 Opuscula theologica. 22.5cm. Berlin . Enslin. 1834OLSHAUSEN Hermann G51 Proof of the genuineness of the writings of the New Testament. 19.5cm. Andover, U.S.A.. Gould and Newman. 1838ONDERBONK Henry D J168 An essay on regeneration. 19cm. Phildelphia. John C. Pechin. 1835

ONSLOW Phipps . . . see SMITH Isaac Gregory and ONSLOW Phipps - Worcester...(1883).ORDO ROMANUS Q324 Ordo Romanus primus, ed. E G Cuthbert F Atchley. (Library of Liturgiology and

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Ecclesiology for English Readers, Vol. VI). 22cm. London. de la More Press. 1905ORELLI Johann Conrad . . . see AENEAS Tacticus - Commentarius...(1818)ORELLI Josephus Conradus D42-43 Opuscula graecorum veterum sententiosa et moralia. 2 vols 21.5cm. Leipzig. Weidmann. 1819ORIGANUS David R50 Ephemerides novae annorum XXXVI, incipientes ab anno...1595...et desinentes in annum 1630. 2 vols (in 1). 22.5cm. Frankfurt-am-Oder. A Eichorn. 1599ORIGEN AA4 (Contra Celsum). 27cm. Romeon. Georg Herolt de Bamberg. 1481 Hain *12078. B M Inc IV,126. Goff O95.ORIGEN C54 Kata Kelsou...auton Philokalia...Gulielmus Spencerus...recognovit. 22.5cm. Cambridge. Jon Hayes. 1677 Wing O425ORIGEN E141 Opera quae quidam proferri potuerunt omnia...recognita...a Gilberto Genebrardo 2 vols (in 1) 39cm. Paris. Cum Privilegio Regis. 1604ORIGEN C45 Origenis Philocalia...studio Joannis Tarini 22cm. Paris. sumptibus Petri de Forge. 1619ORIGEN C21 Origenous peri euches biblion...editore Guilielmo Reading. 24.5cm. London. J. Tonson and J. Watts. 1728ORIGEN Q340 Philosophoumena sive omnium haeresium refutatio...edidit Emmanuel Miller. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1851ORME Robert* Z60X/2 A history of the military transactions of the British nation in Indostan from the year MDCCXLV. 28cm. London. for John Nourse. 1763ORME William* X280 Memoir of the controversy respecting the three heavenly witnesses (I John, v.7)...by Criticus (i.e. William Orme). 18cm. London. Holdsworth and Ball. 1830ORNSBY George Z27/16 York. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. (1882)OROSIUS Paulus Q194 Historiarum adversus paganos libri vii...recensuit...Carolus Zangemeister. 22cm. Vienna. C Gerold. 1882ORPHICA Z89/7 Orphica. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vol 7). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1817

ORRERY John Boyle, Earl of . . . see PLINIUS CAECILIUS SECUNDUS, Caius - The letters...(1751)ORTELIUS Abraham W101 Theatri orbis terrarum parergon. Editio varissima...cura et studio Balthasaris

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Moreti. 45cm. Antwerp. Plantin. 1624ORTELIUS Abraham W100 Theatrum orbis terrarum. 44cm. Antwerp. Christopher Plantin. 1584ORTELIUS Abraham R53 Thesaurus geographicus recognitus et auctus. 21cm. Hanover. Wilhelm Anton. 1611OSBORNE Charles Edward Z135/1 The life of Father Dolling. 22cm. London. E Arnold . 1903OSIANDER Andreas C98 Harmoniae evangelicae libri iiii. 30.5cm. Basel. Froben. 1537OSSAT Arnaud d', Cardinal. Z85X/8 Lettres....au Roy Henry le Grand et à Monseigneur de Villeroy. 42cm. Paris . Michel Blageart. 1641OSSIAN . . . see MACPHERSON James - The works of Ossian...(1765)OSTERVALD Jean Frédéric Y112-114 The arguments of the books and chapters of the Old (New) Testament. 3 vols. 2nd edn. 20cm. London. for M Downing. 1737OTTER Sir John Z12/18 Nathaniel Woodard: a memoir of his life. 21cm. London. John Lane. 1925 Contains MS letters and cuttings.OTTO Johann Carl Theodor (editor) I157-158. . . see JUSTIN MARTYR, St. - Opera....(1847-50)OTTO Johann Carl Theodor, Freiherr von . . . see HERMIAS - Hermiae philosophi...(1872)OTWAY Thomas S90-92 The works. 3 vols. 16.5cm. London. C Flitch et al . 1757OUDIN Antoine . . . see BENTIVOGLIO Guido - Histoire...(1634).OUGHTON Thomas M10 Ordo judiciorum. 25cm. London. J. Hooke. 1728OUTRAM Edmund H280 Sermons and extracts. 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1809OUTRAM William E31 De sacrificiis libri duo. 20cm. London. T. Roycroft for R. Chiswell. 1677 Wing O601OUTRAM William J347 Two dissertations on sacrifices. 22.5cm. London. Jackson and Walford. 1828OUZEL Jakob I63. . . see MINUCIUS FELIX Marcus - Octavius...(1672)

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OVERALL John U68 The Convocation Book of MDCVI. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, v.68). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1844OVERTON John Henry . . . see ABBEY Charles John and OVERTON John Henry - The English church...(1878).OVIDIUS NASO Publius BB3A Fastorum libri vi, Tristium libri v, De Ponto libri iiij, In Ibim, Ad Liviam. 16.5cm. Venice. Aldus and Andreas Socer. 1516 Renouard 78. Bound with one other volume.OVIDIUS NASO Publius O118-119 Les Métamorphoses d'Ovide (trsl. N. Renouard). 2 copies. 40cm. Paris. Veuve Langelier. 1619OVIDIUS NASO Publius P149-50 Opera omnia...in usum Delphini...vols.8-9 (Index in Ovidium). 2 vols. 22cm. London. Valpy. 1821OVIDIUS NASO Publius X58-60 Opera. 3 vols. 12cm. Leiden. Elzevier. 1629OVIDIUS NASO Publius P144-48 Opera. 5 vols. 22cm. Oxford. Talboys and Wheeler. 1825-26(27)OVIDIUS NASO Publius P151 Ovid's Fasti, with introduction...by Thomas Keightley. 2ns edn. 19.5cm. London. Whittaker. 1848OVIDIUS NASO Publius* BB3B In hoc volumine continentur annotationes in omnia Ovidii opera. Index fabularum et caeterorum...Metamorphoseon libri XV. 16.5cm. Venice. Aldus and Andreas Socer. 1516 Renouard 78. Bound with: OVIDIUS NASO P: Fastorum...(1516).OVIDIUS NASO, Publius O17 The xv. bookes of P. Ovidius Nasa, entytuled Metamorphosis, translated...by Arthur Golding. 19cm. London. Willyam Seres. 1567 STC 18956.OWEN Aneurin (editor)* . . . see WALES. Laws and Institutes. - Ancient laws...(1841).OWEN Henry J273F A brief account...of the septuagint version of the Old Testament... 19cm. London. J. Nichols. 1787 Bound with: BAKER R - Remarks...(1779)OWEN Henry G248 Observations on the Four Gospels 20cm. London. T. Payne. 1764OWEN Henry G201 The modes of quotation used by the Evangelical writers explained and vindicated. 26cm. London. J. Nichols. 1789OWEN John X81 Joann.Oweni Oxoniensis epigrammatum editio postrema. 11cm. Amsterdam. Willem Blaeu. 1633

OWEN Morfydd E . . . see JENKINS Dafydd - The Welsh marginata...(1983-84).

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OWEN Thomas Ellis UA38/7 Methodism unmasked, or the progress of Puritanism. 22cm. London. Hatchard. 1802OWEN William K95 The Cambrian biography. 15.5cm. London. E. Williams. 1803OXENEDES Johannes . . . see JOHN of OxendenOXENFORD John . . . see FLÜGEL Johann Gottfried - Dictionary...(1844)OXFORD ESSAYS T102 Oxford essays, contributed by members of the University 1855. 22cm. London. J W Parker. 1855OXFORD SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING THE STUDY OF GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE K190 A guide to the architectural antiquities in the neighbourhood of Oxford. 22cm. Oxford. J.H. Parker. 1842-45 Continuous paging, but has two temporary t-ps. for Part I and Part III.OXFORD SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING THE STUDY OF GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE K191 The rules, list of members...proceedings, 1842-1850. 4 parts in 1 vol 22.5cm. Oxford. I. Shrimpton. 1843-50OXFORD UNIVERSITY T138 Britannia rediviva. 21.5cm. Oxford. A and L Lichfield. 1660 Wing O863.OXFORD UNIVERSITY Y145 The arms of the colleges and halls of the University of Oxford emblazoned. 22cm. Oxford. T and G Shrimpton. 1869 Volume made up into a scrapbook of heraldry by S A Grundy-Neuman.PACHYMERES Georgius . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vv 13-14,(1729).PACHYMERES Georgius X145 Epitome Logices Aristotelis. 16cm. Oxford. H Hall. 1666 Wing P142.PACIUS Julius . . . see ARISTOTLE - Organon...(1697)PAGE David W40 Introductory text-book of geology. 3rd edn. 18cm. Edinburgh. Blackwood. 1857PAGE James Robert (reviser) . . . see BURNET Gilbert - An exposition...(1836).PAGET Alfred T G171 On the unity and order of the Epistles of St. Paul to the churches. 21cm. London. F. and J. Rivington. 1881PAGET Francis Z128/20 The redemption of war. 2nd edn. 18cm. London. Longmans. 1900

PAGET Francis Edward . . . see HILL Eric Claude Combe - Letters...(1985).

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PAGET Francis Edward* Z99/9 Some records of the Ashtead estate and of its Howard possessors. 31cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1873PAGET George Charles Henry Victor, Marquess of Anglesey. Z5/17 One-leg: life and letters of Henry William Paget. 24cm. London. Jonathan Cape. 1962PAGI Antonio E128-131 Critica historico-chronologica in universos annales...Caesaris Cardinalis Baronii. 4 vols 38cm. Antwerp. sumptibus Societatis . 1705PAGNINI Santo N66 Thesaurus linguae sanctae. 30.5cm. Lyonsn. Sebastian Gryphius. 1529PAINE Thomas UA16/14 The decline and fall of the English system of finance. 22.5cm. Paris . Hartley, Adlow and Son. 1796 Reprinted in London for D I Eaton.PAINE Thomas UA17.6 The first principles of government. 23cm. . (n.p.)"Printed for the Instruction of the Swinish Multitude". 1795PAINE Thomas* UA34/12 Trial of Thomas Paine at Guildhall, before Lord Kenyon and a special jury. 22.5cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (1793)PALAIRET Elias G58 Observationes philologicae in sacros Novi Foederis libros. 19cm. Leiden . Cornelius Haak. 1752PALEARIO Aeonio X84 The benefit of Christ's death...ed. Churchill Babington. 16cm. London. Bell and Daldy. 1855PALEOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY . . . see BOND Sir E A - Facsimiles...(1873-83).PALESTINE EXPLORATION FUND Z91/29 (Envelope of cuttings relative to the Davidic city of Jerusalem). 26cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1923 Cuttings from the Daily Telegraph.PALESTINE EXPLORATION FUND Z53/9 Map of Western Palestine in 26 sheets (in portfolio). 58 x 67cm. London. Palestine Exploration Fund. 1880PALESTINE EXPLORATION FUND Z91/16-28 Quarterly statement for 1889 (-1915). 27 vols (in 13). 21cm. London. Palestine Exploration Fund. 1890-1916PALEY William Z128/10 Horae Paulinae. 5th edn. 17cm. London. SPCK. (1903)PALEY William UA20/4 Reasons for contentment; addressed to the labouring part of the British public. 22.5cm. London. R Faulkner. 1793PALEY William X32 Sermons on several subjects. 12cm. London. J F Dove. (1823)PALEY William H253-260 The works, edited by Edmund Paley. New edn 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1825PALGRAVE Sir Francis Z119/7 History of England: vol I The Anglo-Saxon period. (Family Library, vol XXI).

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16cm. London. J MUrray. 1831 No more published.PALGRAVE Sir Francis (editor) . . . see ENGLAND. Exchequer - The antient kalendars...(1836).PALGRAVE Sir Francis (editor) . . . see ENGLAND. Curia Regis - Rotuli Curiae...(1835).PALGRAVE Sir Francis (editor) . . . see SCOTLAND. Records. - Scotland: documents...(1837).PALLADIUS St. et al. Z45/16-17 The book of Paradise being the histories and sayings of the monks...of the Egyptian desert...with an English translation by E.A.Wallis Budge. 2 vols. 27.5cm. London. (W. Daugulin of Leipzig). 1904PALLAVICINI Sforza L121-122 Istoria del Concilio de Trento. 2 vols. 35cm. Rome. Angelo Bernabo dal Verme. 1656-57PALMER Alfred Neobard Z82/26 The history of the parish church of Wrexham. 22cm. Wrexham. Woodall, Minshall and Thomas. 1886PALMER Charles Ferrers Raymund YA30 The history and antiquities of the collegiate church of Tamworth. 21cm. Tamworth. J Thompson. 1871PALMER Edward Henry Z108/1 The survey of Western Palestine. 28cm. London. Palestine Exploration Fund. 1881PALMER Herbert J49 Lord Bacon not the author of The Christian Paradoxes; edited by A.B.Grosart. 19cm. (Edinburgh). (Bannatyne) Printed for Private Circulation.. 1864PALMER Joseph* X160-161 A four months tour through France. 2 vols. 15.5cm. London. fopr G Kearsly. 1776PALMER Richard W21 The Bible atlas. 19.5cm. London. Baldwin, Cradock and Joy. 1823PALMER Roundell, Earl of Selborne Q107 Hymns, their history and development. 16cm. London. A & C Black. 1892PALMER Roundell, Earl of Selborne Q106 The book of praise. 16cm. London. Macmillan. 1863PALMER William J135 A narrative of events connected with the publication of the Tracts for the Times. 3rd edn. 22cm. oxford. J.H. Parker. 1843PALMER William K27-28 A treatise on the Church of Christ. 2 vols. 2nd edn. 21cm. London. Rivington. 1839PALMER William J357-358 Origines liturgicae, or antiquities of the English ritual. 2_vols. 4th edn. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1845PALMER William Z19/7-8 Origines liturgicae. 2 vols. 4th edn. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1845PALMERINI Niccolo UA18/9 Catalogo delle opere d'intaglio de Raffaello Morgan. 21.5cm. Florence . Molini, Laudi e Comp.. 1810

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PAMPHLETS ON CHURCH MATTERS. Z56-59, Z60/1-2 & Z61/1-6 (Collection of pamphlets on Church matters gathered and bound by Dean Bickersteth in 83 vols.) 20-22cm. . . 1790s-1885 for Manuscript Index to the collection (32cm), see Z97/1. Note: Vols 21 and 82 reported missing in 1994.PAN-ANGLICAN CONGRESS. 1908. Z51/1-7 General report. 7 vols. 20cm. London. SPCK. 1908PANCIROLLI Guido R97 Notitia utraque cum orientis tum occidentis...tempora. 30.5cm. Basle . J Froben. 1552PANCIROLLI Guido R90 Notitia utraque dignitatum. Ultima editio. 31.5cm. Lyon . G H à Porta. 1608PANIZZI Sir Antonio T115 Orlando inamorato di Bojardo: Orlando Furioso di Ariosto: with an essay on the Romantic narrative poetry of the Italians...vol.I (only). 19.5cm. London. William Pickering. 1830PANIZZI Sir Antonio* UA40/10 On the supply of printed books from the library to the reading room of the British Museum. 21.5cm. (London). (C Whittingham). 1846PANORMITANUS M115-119 Repertorium super lectiones Panormitani...5 vols. 40cm. Lyons. Jacques de Cambray, (dit) Marechal. 1526 Notes: Colophons are dated 1521, t-ps 1526. Indexes are with vol.I.PAPE Thomas Z30/28 Medieval Newcastle-under-Lyme. 22.5cm. Manchester. Manchester University Press. 1928PAPE Thomas Z27/36 The ancient corporation of Cheadle. 21cm. (Stafford). for the Author. 1930 Republished for North Staffs. Field Club Transactions 1929/30.PAPERS FOR WAR TIME Z68/23 Papers for war time, nos.1-36 (in a box). 20cm. London. OUP. 1914-15 Lacks nos.2, 4, 6, 18, 20, 26.PAPPELBAUM Georg Gottlieb X294 Codicis manuscripti N.T. Graeci Raviani...examen. 21cm. Berlin. C F Humburg . 1796PARADIN Guillaume BB12 Histoire de notre temps. 12cm. Lyon . Jean de Tournes. 1552 16th century Grolieresque binding.PARET Friedrich Q217 Priscillianus: ein Reformator des vierten Jarhunderts. 23cm. Würzburg. A Stuber. 1891PAREUS David C33 In divinam Apocalypsin S. Apostoli et Evangelistae Johannis commentarius. 2nd edn 23.5cm. Heidelberg. impensis Viduae Jonae Rosae. 1622PAREUS David C34 In Hoseam prophetam commentarius 23cm. Heidelberg. impensis Jonae Rosae. 1616PAREUS David C16 In S. Matthaei Evangelium commentarius...

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21cm. Oxford. John Lichfield. 1631 STC 19194PARIS Matthew . . . see MATTHEW PARIS -Histoire...(1570)PARIS Paulin X310 Le romancero françois. 19.5cm. Parisn. Techener. 1833PARIVAL Jean Nicolas de V61 The history of this iron age. 27cm. London. E Tyler. 1656 Wing P361.PARKER Frederick Perrot* K138 Some account of Colton and of the de Wasteney's family. (Printed for private circulation). 24cm. Birmingham. Houghton and Hammond. 1879 On the front cover: "By the Rector of Colton" (i.e. F.P. Parker)PARKER James* Q41 The ornaments rubrick: its history and meaning. 18cm. Oxford. Parker and Co.. 1881 Bound with Q40.PARKER John Henry . . . see TURNER T H - Some account...(1851-59)PARKER John Henry, (editor)* K203-205 A glossary of terms used in Grecian, Roman, Italian and Gothic architecture. 2 vols (in 3). 5th edn. 22cm. Oxford. J.H. Parker. 1850PARKER Matthew U112 Correspondence, ed. J Bruce and T T Perowne. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1853PARKER Matthew M107 De antiquitate Britannicae ecclesiae et privilegiis ecclesiae Cantuariensis...recensente...Samuele Drake. 38cm. London. William Bowyer. 1729PARKER Samuel E2 Tentamina physico theologica de Deo. 20cm. London. A.M. for J. Sherley. 1665 Wing P474PARKER Samuel, Jr. L34 The ecclesiastical histories of Eusebius, Socrates, Solomen and Theodesit...translated and abridg'd...3rd edn. 26cm. London. Rivington. 1729PARKER SOCIETY S63-64, U89-129, U184-192, U199-202 (Publications). 56 vols. 16cm,22.5cm,26.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1842-55PARKER William Z129/12C The natural effect, and religious improvement of extraordinary divine judgments. 21cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1748 Bound with CHANDLER E - A charge...(1740).PARKHURST John and ROSE Hugh James G209 A Greek and English lexicon of the New Testament. New edn. by John Richardson Major 23cm. London. Longman . 1845PARLIAMENT. Irish Records Commission. Z86X/2 Reports from the Commissioners...respecting the Public Records of Ireland. 44cm. London. The House of Commons. 1815

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PARLIAMENT. Public Worship Commission 1867 Z77X/35 First report. 32cm. London. HMSO. 1867PARR Richard BB33 The life of...James Usher, late Lord Arch-bishop of Armagh. 32cm. London. for Nathanael Carew. 1686 Wing P548.PARR Samuel H245 A Spital sermon preached at Christ Church upon Easter Tuesday, April 15, 1800 27.5cm. London. J. Mawman. 1801PARR Samuel* UA38/8 A letter from Irenoplis (sic) to the inhabitants of Eleutheropolis. 2nd edn. 22cm. Birmingham. John Thompson. 1792PARRY Charles Henry (editor) X312 A memoir of Peregrine Bertie, eleventh Lord Willoughby de Eresby. 22cm. (London). (J Murray). (1838)PARRY Charles Henry* K98 A memoir of Peregrine Bertie, eleventh Lord Willoughby de Eresby...by a descendant in the fourth generation. 22cm. London. J. Murray. 1838PARRY Charles Henry* V266 The parliaments and councils of England...to the revolution in 1688. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1839PARUTA Paolo T288 Discorsi politici. 24cm. Venice. Domenico Nicolini. 1599PARUTA Parlo V50 The history of Venice. 27.5cm. London. for Abel Roper and Henry Herringman. 1658 Wing P636. PASQUALIGI Zacharia L47 Variarum quaestionum moralium canonicarum centuria. I (II). 2 vols (in 1) 29.5cm. Rome. Haredes Francisci Corbellatti. 1647PASQUIER Étienne V141-142 Les oeuvres. 2 vols. 38cm. Amsterdam. Compagnie des Libraires Associez. 1723PASQUIER Étienne* X211 Le catéchisme des Jesuites: ou examen de leur doctrine. 17cm. Villefranche. Guillaume Grenier. 1602PASTON Family Z24/22-25 The Paston letters 1422-1509 A.D....ed. by James Gairdner. 4 vols. 19cm. Edinburgh. John Grant. 1910PATRICK John J167 A full view of the doctrines and practices of the ancient church relating to the Eucharist. 20cm. London. Richard Chiswell. 1688 Wing P729.PATRICK John* J74 Reflections upon the devotions of the Roman church. 2nd edn. 18cm. London. Richard Royston. 1686 Wing P733.PATRICK Samuel O58 Clavis Homerica. 19.5cm. London. T. Wood. 1741PATRICK Simon C65-66 A commentary upon the historical books of the Old Testament. 2 vols. 3rd edn 34cm. London. for J. Darby, A. Bettesworth etc.. 1727

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PATRICK Simon C67 The books of Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes... 34cm. London. for J Walthoe etc. 1727PATRICK Simon Z105/32 The devout Christian. 4th edn. 14cm. London. John Norton. 1681 Wing P782A.PATRICK Simon P71 The parable of the pilgrim: written to a friend. 19.5cm. London. R White for F Tyton. 1668 Wing P828.PATRICK Simon* H291A The Virgin Mary misrepresented by the Roman church. Part I. (all published) 19cm. London. Richard Chiswell. 1688 Wing P863A. Bound with five other pamphlets.PATTESON Edward J140 An exposition of the morning and evening services in the Liturgy of the Church of England 19cm. London. Rivington. 1828PATTINGHAM XA46 Pattingham parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1934PAUL Sir James Balfour and WARRACK John Z95/5 The knights of the most noble and most ancient order of the Thistle. 28cm. Edinburgh. Otto Schulze and Co.. 1911PAUL, the Deacon of Aquileia. V325 Historiae miscellae. 16cm. Ingolstadt. Andreas Angermarius. 1603PAUSANIAS P41 Descriptio Graeciae, recognovit J H C Schubart. 2 vols (in 1) 18.5cm. Leipzig. Teubner. 1853-54PAUSANIAS Z89/24-26 Graeciae descriptio. 3 vols. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica: Prose, vols 4-6). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1819PAYNE William* H291C A discourse of the sacrifice of the Mass. 19cm. London. Brabazon Aylmer. 1688 Wing P901. Bound with: PATRICK S*- The Virgin Mary misrepresented...(1688)PEACE John* J127 An apology for cathedral service. 20cm. London. John Bohn . 1839PEACOCK Thomas Love* T63 The misfortunes of Elphin. 17cm. London. T Hookham. 1829PEARCE Thomas Z120/20 A collection of anthems used in His Majesty's Chapels Royal and most cathedral churches in England and Ireland. 21cm. London. W Ginger. 1795PEARCE Zachary G192-193 A commentary with notes on the Four Evangelists. 2 vols 30cm. London. E. Cox for T. Cadell. 1777PEARCE Zachary C10-11 A commentary with notes, on the Four Evangelistss.... 2 vols 29cm. London. E. Cox for T. Cadell. 1777

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PEARSON George UA24/11 The danger of abrogating the religious texts and subscriptions. 22.5cm. Cambridge. Pitt Press. 1834PEARSON George (editor) . . . see COVERDALE Myles - (Works)...(1844-46)PEARSON John C85 An exposition of the Creed. 6th edn 31.5cm. London. J.M. for John Williams. 1692 Wing P1000PEARSON John Z37/1-2 An exposition of the Creed. 2 vols. New edn., rev. E Burton. 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1833PEARSON John R11 Opera posthuma chronologica. 22.5cm. London. S Roycroft. 1688 Wing P1003+.PEARSON John U69-70 Vindiciae epistolarum S.Ignatii. Ed. nova 2 vols. (Library of Anglo-Catholic theology, vv.69-70). 22.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1852PEARSON John (editor) et al. C108-116 Critici sacri... (ed. J. Pearson et al.) 9 vols 38cm. London. J Flesher. 1660 Wing P994APEARSON John Norman J258 A critical essay on the ninth book of Bishop Warburton's Divine legation of Moses. 21cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1808PECKIUS Petrus Z120/14 Ad regulas juris canonici commentaria. 19.5cm. Helmstadt. Jacob Lucius. 1588PECOCK Reginald Z63/15-16 The repressor of over much blaming of the clergy...ed. C.Babington. (Rolls Series). 2 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1860PEET Henry Z77/31 St Nicholas's Church, Liverpool: its architectural history. (Offprint from: Transactions of the Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire). 22cm. (n.p.). Historic Society of Lancashire and Cheshire. 1913PEGGE Samuel Z86/28 Memoirs of the life of Roger de Weseham. 27cm. London. J Whiston and B White. 1761PEILE Thomas Williamson UA29/5 The epistle to the Romans faithfully and freely translated anew... 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1858PEIRCE James G243 A paraphrase and notes on the Epistles of St. Paul to the Colossians, Philippians and Hebrews. 2nd edn 24cm. London. J. Noon. 1733PELLING Edward J174 The good old way. 20cm. London. Jonathan Edwin. 1680 Wing P1082.PELLING Edward* J268G A fourth letter to a person of quality...shewing the novelty of transubstantiation. 20cm. London. Ben. Griffin. 1688 Wing P1081. Bound with RIDLEY N - An account...(1688)

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PEMBLE William F22 Vindiciae gratiae. A plea for grace. 3rd edn 28cm. London. Thomas Cotes for John Bartlet. 1635 STC 19570PEMBRIDGE Michael Benedict* Q345 The whole duty of a Christian and a guide to perfection: with directions to parents. 18cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1775PENKRIDGE XA47 Penkridge parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1946PENN XA48 Penn parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1921PENN Granville P202 An examination of the primary argument of the Iliad. 22.5cm. London. Ogle, Duncan and Co.. 1821PENN Granville G87-89 Annotations to the book of the new covenant. 3 vols 22cm. London. James Duncan. 1836-41 Contents: 1) New Testament (AV Text) 2)Annotations 3)Further annotations.PENNANT Thomas Z118/2 London illustrated. 32cm. London. Vernon, Head and Sharpe. (1813) Plates dated variously 1804-13.PENNANT Thomas Z136/11 The journey from Chester to London. 24cm. London. B White. 1782PENNANT Thomas* K254 (A tour in Scotland and voyage to the Hebrides, MDCCLXXII). (2nd edn) 23cm. [London. n.p.. 1772] Lacks t-p.PENNANT Thomas* K255 Some account of London. 2nd edn. 25cm. London. Robert Faulder. 1791PENNY Anne* S328 Poems, with a dramatic entertainment by..., .... 23.5cm. London. for the Author. (1771)PEPYS Henry T203 The remains of the late Lord Viscount Royston. 25cm. London. J Murray. 1838PERANDA Giovanni Francesco T140 Le lettere. 21cm. Venice. Giovanni Battista Ciotti. 1601PERCEVAL Arthur Philip E71 A Christian peace-offering. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1829PERCEVAL Arthur Philip J18 An apology for the doctrine of apostolical succession. 2nd edn 17cm. London. Rivington. 1841PERCEVAL Arthur Philip H52 Plain lectures on the epistle of Paul the Apostle to the Ephesians cm. London. J. Leslie. 1846

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PERCEVAL Arthur Philip U205 The original services for the state holidays. 20.5cm. London. J Leslie. 1838PERCEVAL Arthur Philip K21 The Roman schism illustrated. 22.5cm. London. J. Leslie. 1836PERCEVAL Charles George H53-55 Plain sermons, preached in a village church, by a country clergyman. 3 vols. 3rd edn 18.5cm. London. Joseph Capes et al. 1837-39PERCY Thomas et al. X117 Letters...to George Paton. 19.5cm. Edinburgh. for John Stevenson. 1830PEREGRINI Matteo T289 Le sage en cour. 23cm. Paris . Pierre Rocolet. 1638PERKINS William Q179D A case of conscience, the greatest that ever was. 17.5cm. London. John Legat. 1595 STC 19667 Bound with:(PERKINS W - Six principles...(1595).PERKINS William Q179B An exposition of the Lord's prayer. 17.5cm. London. John Legat. 1595 STC 19702 Bound with:(PERKINS W - Six principles... (1595).PERKINS William Q179C An exposition of the symbols or creed of the apostles. 17.5cm. Cambridge. John Legat. 1595 STC 19703 Bound with:(PERKINS W -Six principles...(1595).PERKINS William* Q179A (The foundation of Christian religion) 17.5cm. (London). (J Legat). (1595) STC 19711 Lacks tp Bound with three other tracts.PEROWNE John James Stewart (editor) . . . see ROGERS Thomas - The catholic doctrine...(1854)PEROWNE John Joseph Stewart (translator) . . . see BIBLE. Psalms. English.- The Book of Psalms...(1873).PEROWNE Thomas Thomason (editor) . . . see PARKER Matthew - Correspondence...(1853)PERRIN Jean Paul* M47 The bloudy rage of that great Antechrist of Rome and his superstitious adherents...by I.P.P.M., translated ...by Samson Lennard. 19cm. London. Nathaniel Newbery. 1624 STC 19769.PERRING John Shae and ANDREWS E J Z53/10 The pyramids of Gizeli...by J E (sic) Perring...and E J Andrews. 3 vols (in 1). 58 x 85cm. London. James Fraser. 1839-1842PERRON Jacques Davy du, Cardinal Z61X/16 Les ambassades et négotiations. 33cm. Paris . Antoine Estiene. 1623

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PERRY Arthur YA14 Looking around Penkhull parish church. 22.5cm. Hanley. Dobson and Co. 1965PERRY George Gresley Z25/15-16 A history of the English church. 2 vols. 3rd edn. 18cm. London. J Murray. 1884-87PERSIUS FLACCUS Aulus . . . see JUVENALIS Decimus Junius - Decimi...satirae.(1835)PERSIUS FLACCUS Aulus . . . see JUVENALIS Decimus Junius - The satires...(1817-21)PETAVIUS Dionysius F117-122 Opus de theologicis dogmatibus. 6 vols. Nova editio. 40cm. Antwerp. G. Gallet. 1700PETAVIUS Dionysius R41 The history of the world...continued by others to..1659. 29cm. London. J Streater, sold by Francis Tyton. 1659 Wing P1677+.PETAVIUS Dionysius (editor) I130-131. . . see EPIPHANIUS, St. - Opera...(1682)PETERS Charles G166 A critical dissertation on the book of Job. 2nd edn. 21.5cm. London. W. Johnston. 1757PETERS Charles* G166A An appendix to the Critical dissertation on the book of Job. 20cm. London. W. Johnston. 1760PETHERAM John (editor) J138. . . see WHITTINGHAM William* - A brief discourse...(1846)PETIT John Louis K181-182 Remarks on church architecture. 2 vols. 22cm. London. J. Burns. 1841PETIT Samuel R13 Eclogae chronologicae. 22.5cm. Paris . Charles Morell. 1632PETIT Samuel J356 Miscellaneorum libri novem. 22.5cm. Paris. Charles Morel. 1630PETIT Samuel N6 Observationum, libri iii. 22cm. Paris. Simeon Piget. 1642PETIT Samuel N5 Variarum lectionum, libri iiii. 22.5cm. Paris. Charles Morel. 1633PETRARCH P33 Il Petrarcha colla spositione di Misser Giovanni Andrea Gesualdo. 20.5cm. Venice. Giovanni Antonio di Nicolini. 1533PETRUS Chrysologus . . . see LEO I, St., Pope - Opera omnia (1622)PETRUS Comestor. C57 Historia scholastica. Editio altera. 21.5cm. Venice. Typis Antonii Bertoli. 1729PETRUS LOMBARDUS Q263 Sententiarum libri iv...ab Antonio Monchiaceno...recogniti. 17.5cm. Mainzn. Hermann Mylius. 1632

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PHILALETHES CANTABRIGENSIS . . . see (KAYE J) - Reply to the 'Travels...' (1834).PHILALETHES CATHOLICUS, pseud. UA21/6 Dr Waterland imitated in his controversial management of Mr Johnson...by Philalethes Catholicus. 21cm. London. A Dodd. 1738PHILLIMORE Sir Robert Z20/1-2 The ecclesiastical law of the Church of England. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Henry Sweet. 1873PHILLIMORE W P W Z82/30-31 A calendar of wills and administrations in Lichfield, 1516-1624. 1 vol (in 2). 25cm. Stafford. William Salt Archaeological Society. (n.d.)PHILLIPS Arthur Z12/15 The failure of the higher criticism of the Old Testament. 21cm. London. John Bale, Sons and Davidson. 1923PHILLOTT Henry Wright Z27/6 Hereford. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. 1888PHILLPOTTS Henry UA21/13 A letter to the clergy of the diocese of Exeter. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1851PHILLPOTTS Henry UA7/6 Correspondence between the Bishop of Exeter and the Rt Hon T B Macaulay in January 1849... 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1861PHILO Judaeus Z85X/9-10 Opera quae reperiri potuerunt omnia. 2 vols. 39cm . London. William Bowyer. 1742PHILOSOPHIA GRAECA P263 Philosophia graeca ex insignioribus fere philosophis...ed. altera. 22.5cm. Oxford. S Collingwood. 1834PHILOSTORGIUS C56 Ex ecclesiasticis Philostorgii historiis epitome, confecta a Photio patriarcha. 21.5cm. Geneva. sumptibus J Chouët . 1642 Lacks t-p. Information from half-title.PHILOSTORGIUS of Cappadocia Q311B Veteris...ecclesiasticae historiae...libri XII...editi a Iacobo Gothofredo 21cm. Geneva. Jacques Chouët. 1642PHILOSTRATES O123 Les images ou tableaux de platte peinture...mis en françois par Blaise de Vigenère. 37cm. Paris. Sebastien Cramoisy. 1637PHILOTRIADES, Pseud. J274N A confutation of Dr. Clarke's scripture doctrine of the Trinity...by Philotriades. 19.5cm. London. W. Mears. 1714 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714PHILOTRIADES, pseud. J274A Speculum Clarkianum...by Philotiades. 19.5cm. London. W. Mears. 1714 Bound with sixteen other pamphlets.PHILPOT John U113 The examinations and writings...ed. R Eden (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1842PHIPSON Emma Z86/18 Choir stalls and their carvings. 27.5cm. London. Batsford. 1896

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PHIPSON Emma Z95/13 Choir stalls and their carvings. 28cm. London. Batsford. 1896PHOTIUS St, Patriarch P197-98 Lexeon synagoge...descripsit Ricardus Porsonius. 2 vols. 22.5cm. Cambridge. Trinity College. 1822PHOTIUS St. O92 Epistolae, per...Richardum Montacutum...Latine redditae. 30.5cm. London. Roger Daniel. 1651 Wing P2136.PHOTIUS St. O137 Muriobiblon he bibliotheke...ed. David Hoeschelius. 36cm. Rouen. Jean et David Berthalin. 1653PICART Bernard Z63X/18-23 The ceremonies and religious customs of the various nations of the known-world. 7 vols (in 6). 45cm. London. William Jackson for Claude du Bose. 1733-39PIERS William . . . see EURIPIDES - Tragoediae Medea...(1702)PIGOTT Grenville T116 A manual of Scandinavian mythology. 19cm. London. William Pickering. 1839PIKE William, pseud.* . . . see LUCY WilliamPILKINGTON James U114 The works, ed. J. Scholefield (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1842PILKINGTON Matthew G14 A rational concordance or an index to the Bible. 18.5cm . Nottingham. George Ayscough. 1749PILKINGTON Matthew C74 The evangelical history and harmony. 32cm. London. W. Bowyer for the Author. 1747PILPAY (i.e. Jean-Pierre GALLAIS) T50 The instructive and entertaining fables of Pilpay...3rd edn. 16.5cm. London. S Birt and Dan. Browne. 1754PIN Louis Ellies du L37-39 A new history of ecclesiastical writers...revised by W(illiam) W(otton), Vols.1-6, 9-10 (in 3 vols). 29cm. London. Abel Swalle [et al]. 1692-99 Wing D2643.PINDAR P245 Carmina et fragmenta...a Chr. Gottlob Hayne, vol.III (only) 22cm. Oxford. N Bliss. 1809PINDAR Z89/20 Carmina quae supersunt. Editio secunda. (Bibliotheca Classica, vol 20). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1825PINDAR P21 Carmina...curante C G Heyne 17.5cm. Göttingen. Johann Christian Dieterich. 1797PINDAR X295 Carmina...illustravit Ludolphus Dissenius. Ed. altera. Sect.I (only). 21cm. Gotha . Friedrich Hennings. 1843PINDAR P20 Pindar in English verse by...Henry Francis Cary. 17cm. London. E Moxon. 1833

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PINDAR P244 Pindar's Epicinian or triumphal odes...explained by John William Donaldson 22.5cm. London. J W Parker. 1841PINDAR P248 Pindarou periodos hoc est Pindari lyricorum principis...opera Erasmi Schmidtii... 23cm. (Wittenberg). Zacharias Schurer. 1616PINDAR P246-47 The odes...translated...by Abraham Moore. 2 vols. 24cm. London. J Murray. 1822-31PINDAR Peter* Z95/8 An ode to the Livery of London. 28cm. London. for John Walker. 1797PINDAR Peter* Z95/10 Tales of the Hoy. 27.5cm. London. for W Richardson et al. (1798)PINNOCK William Henry UA4/2 Ornaments of the church...part II (Clerical Papers on Church and Parish Matters, no.XI). 18.5cm. Cambridge. Hall and Son. 1853PIOZZI Helen Lynch . . . see JOHNSON Samuel - Letters...(1788).PIOZZI Hesther Lynch S6 Anecdotes of the late Samuel Johnson, LL.D. during the last twenty years of his life. 18cm. London. T Cadell. 1786PIPE RIDWARE XA49-50 Pipe Ridware parish register. 2 vols. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1905PISCATOR Joannes C59-61 Commentarii in omnes libros Veteris Testamenti. 4 vols (in 3) 35cm. Herbornae Nassoviorum. (n.p.). 1643-46PISCATOR Joannes C62 Commentarii in omnes libros Novi Testamenti 35cm. Herbornae Nassoviorum. (n.p.). 1638 Binding same as C59-61, with vol 4 on spine.PISO Nicolaus Z118/15 De cognoscendis et curandis praecipue internis humani corporis morbis. 32cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Andreas Wechselius. 1580PITCHER Sydney Z53/3 (Volume of photographs of the Lady Chapel windows). 51cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1931PITISCUS Samuel N96-97 Lexicon antiquitatum romanorum. 2 vols. 38cm. Leeuwarden. Frans Halma. 1713PITMAN John Rogers (editor) H105-117. . . see LIGHTFOOT John - The whole works....(1822-25)PITT William V272 A topographical history of Staffordshire. 21cm. Newcastle-under-Lyme. J Smith. 1847PITT William Z141/15 General view of the agriculture of the County of Stafford. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. for Richard Phillips. 1808PITT William, 1st Earl of Chatham S216 Letters...to his nephew. 2ns edn. 18.5cm. London. T Payne. 1804

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PIUS II, Pope AA3 (Enee Silvii epistolae). 26.5cm. Nürnberg. Anton Koberger. 1481 Hain *151. BM Inc II,421. Goff P717.PLANT Oscar Reginald YA17 A history of the parish of Newchurch. 25cm. Warrington. Guardian Press. 1928PLANT Samuel Z33/12 Parochial sermons preached in...Weston-upon-Trent. 19cm. London. J and C Mozley. 1857PLATINA Bartolomeo D10 The lives of the Popes...continued...by Paul Rycaut 31cm. London. Christopher Wilkinson. 1685 Wing P2403PLATINA DE SACCHI Bartolomeo T167B Dialogus de falso et vero bono. 16.5cm. Paris . François Regnault. (1530) Bound with: PLATINA DE SACCHI B - Hystoria de vitis...(1505), (2nd copy/T167A)PLATINA DE SACCHI Bartolomeo T166 & 167A Hystoria de vitis pontificum. 2 copies. 16.5cm. Paris.... François Regnault. 1505PLATIR BB4 Historia del invitto cavaliere Platir, figliuolo de l'Imp. Primaleone (tp, prelims. and f185-end only). 15.5cm. Venice. Gironimo Giglio. 1559 Composite volume.PLATO Z93/22-31 Platonis dialogi graece et latine, ex recensione Immanuelis Bekkeri. 10 vols. 21cm. Berlin. Reimer. 1816-23PLATO P117 Platonis Phaedo...in usum scholarum illustravit Godofredus Stallbaum. 22.5cm. London. R Priestley. 1833PLATO P18-19 Politeion...de Republica...adjecit Edmundus Massey. 2 vols. 18.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1713PLATO Z93/3-10 Quae supersunt opera. 8 vols. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica: Prose, vols 26-33). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1821-25PLATO P107-115 Scripta graeca omnia...enotavit Immanuel Becker. 9 vols. 22.5cm. London. R Priestley. 1826PLATT E W Z116/24 A twenty years' commentary. 21cm. Hinckley. Hinckley Parish Church. 1976PLAUTUS Titus Maccius P208 M. Accii Plauti comoediae...in usum Delphini, vols.1, 4, 5 (in 1) 22.5cm. London. A J Valpy. 1824-29PLEEZ DEL CORON Z120/13 Les pleez del coron: divisces en plusiours titles et common lieux. (Ed. by Sir William Stanford). 19.5cm. London. R Tottell. 1560 STC 23220.

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PLINIUS CAECILIUS SECUNDUS, Caius O90 Epistolarum libri X...cum commentariis Joannis Mariae Catanaei. 23cm. Geneva. Pierre and Jacques Chouët. 1625PLINIUS CAECILIUS SECUNDUS, Caius O88-89 The letters...with observations by John, Earl of Orrery. 2 vols. 25cm. London. James Bettenham. 1751PLINIUS SECUNDUS Caius O135 Historia mundi naturalis...Sigismundi Gelenii...animadversiones accesserunt. 35cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Martin Lechler for Siegmund Feierabend. 1582PLINIUS SECUNDUS Caius Caecilius T79 C Plinii Secundi Junioris vita...studio Joannis Masson. 15cm. Amsterdam. Jansson-Waesberg. 1709PLOT Robert V158 The natural history of Oxford-shire. 30.5cm. Oxford. at the Theater. 1676 Wing P2581.PLOT Robert I149 The natural history of Stafford-shire. 31cm. Oxford. at the Theatre. 1686 2nd copy - V157. Wing P2588.PLOT Robert V157 The natural history of Stafford-shire. 34cm. Oxford. at the Theater. 1686 Wing P2588.PLUMMER Alfred Z1/22 The gospel according to St John. 16.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1905PLUMMER Charles I54 Irish litanies... (HBS 61) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1925PLUMPTRE Edward Hayes Z6/13-16 The Bible educator. 4 vols. 25.5cm. London. Cassell, Petter and Galpin. (1877-79)PLUTARCH O122 Les oeuvres morales et philosophiques...translatés...par Messire jacques Amyot. 39cm. Paris. Claude Morel. 1618PLUTARCH P1-8 Lives, translated from the Greek...New edn. by ...Francis Wrangham. 8 vols. 19cm. London. J Maurman et al. 1810PLUTARCH X298 Tres indices in eiusdem vitas parallelas (vol.XI). 20.5cm. Leipzig. Gotth. Thoeph. Georg. 1789 Vol.I-X of this edition not present.PLUTARCH Z89/36-43 & Z93/1 Vitae parallelae. 9 vols. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica: Prose, vols 16-24). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1820-21POCOCK Edward F67-68 The theological works...(edited) by Leonard Twells. 2 vols 35cm. London. for the Editor. 1740

POCOCK Frederick Pearce (reviser) J60. . . see BISSE Thomas - The beauty of holiness...(1842)POCOCKE Richard W92-93 A description of the East, and some other countries. 2 vols.

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46cm. London. W Bowyer for the Author. 1743-45 Another set - Z99/2-3.POETAE GRAECAE Z89/3 Gnomici poetae graeci. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vol 3). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1817POETAE LATINI P216 Poetae Latini veteres ad fidem optimarum editionum expressi. 23cm. Florence. Giuseppe Molino. 1829POLE Reginald . . . see (BECCADELLI Lodovico) - Vita Reginaldi Poli...(1563)POLLOCK Thomas Bertram* Z24/12 The daily round: meditation, prayer and praise adapted to the course of the Christian year. 13cm. London. J Whitaker. (1880)POLWHELE Richard X70 Reminiscences in prose and verse. 3 vols (in 1). 17cm. London. J B Nichols. 1836POLWHELE Richard (editor) J151. . . see LAVINGTON George - The enthusiasm of Methodists...(1833)POLYAENUS O18 Strategematon biblioi oleto. 19cm. Leiden. Jordan Luchtmann and Johannes du Vivié. 1690POLYANDER Johannes et al. X101 Synopsis purioris theologiae. 15cm. Leiden. Elzevier. 1752POLYBIUS X69 Historiarum libri quinque. 11.5cm. Lyon . Sebastien Gryphius. 1548POLYBIUS BB40 Les cinq premiers livres des histoires...traduite...par Louis Maigret. 32.5cm. Lyon . Jean des Tournes. 1558 Superb Grolieresque binding, for Louis de St Maur, Marquis de Nelle.POLYBIUS P123 Lexicon...ab Joannes Schweighaeuserio...auctam. 21cm. Oxford. W Baxter. 1822POLYCARP C55 Polycarpii et Ignatii epistolae...Jacobi Usserii...dissertatio. 22cm. Oxford. Leonard Lichfield. 1644 Wing P2789POLYDORE VERGIL BB39 Angliae historiae libri XXVII. 33cm. Basel . Thomas Guarinus. 1570PONTICUS Virunnius V326B Britannicae historiae libri sex...correcti...per Davidem Pouelum. 15cm. London. Edmund Bellifont. 1585 STC 20109. Bound with WILLIAM of Newburgh - Rerum...(1567).PONTIFICALE B66 Pontificale Romanum Clementis VIII, primum, nunc denuo Urbani VIII auctoritate recognitum. 39cm . Romae. Typis Vaticanis. 1645PONTIFICALE B70 Pontificale Romanum Clementis VIII primum, nunc denuo Urbani VIII auctoritate recognitum. 3 vols (in 1) 38cm. Paris. Societas Typographia. 1684

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POOLE George Ayliffe Z27/10 Peterborough. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. (1881)POOLE Joshua S54 The English Parnassus. 17.5cm. London. H Brome (et al). 1677 Wing P2815.POOLE Matthew E133-137 Synopsis criticorum aliorumque Scripturae interpretum. 39cm. London. J. Flesher and Th. Roycroft. 1669-76 Wing P2853POOLE R L . . . see LANE-POOLE ReginaldPOPE Alexander S322 The Dunciad in four books. 26cm. London. M Cooper. 1743POPE Alexander (editor) . . . see SHAKESPEARE William - The works...(1728)POPE Richard Thomas Pembroke J294 Roman misquotation. 22.5cm. London. Samuel Holdsworth. 1840POPERY J129 The spirit of Popery displayed. 20.5cm. London. J. MacGowan. 1780PORNY Marc Antoine W31 The elements of heraldry. 5th edn. 22cm. London. G G and J Robinson et al.. 1795PORRÉ Jonas* J32 A history of antient ceremonies...written in French...translated into English. 2nd edn. 14cm. London. (n.p.). 1669 Wing P2979.PORRIGER Albrecht . . . see VIRGILIUS MARO Publius - Opera...(1845-46).PORSON Richard . . . see EURIPIDES - see Tragoediae...(1851)PORSON Richard . . . see PHOTIUS St, Patriarch - Lexeon synagoge...(1822)PORSON Richard P221 Adversaria: notae et emendationes in poetas graecos. 22cm. Cambridge. Trinity College. 1812PORSON Richard X265 Letters to Mr Archdeacon Travis. 22.5cm. London. T and J Egerton. 1790PORSON Richard P223 Tracts and miscellaneous criticisms. 22.5cm. London. Payne and Foss. 1815PORTER William Smith Z81/50 Notes from a Peakland parish. 22cm. Sheffield. J W Northend. 1923PORTEUS Beilby H288D A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of London.

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21cm. London. Rivington. 1790 Bound with: M'CAUL A - Christian education...(1840)PORTEUS Beilby UA2/3 A sumary of the principal evidences for the truth and divine origin of the Christian revelation. New edn. 19cm. London. Rivington. 1803PORTEUS Beilby UA11/5 The beneficial effects of Christianity on the temporal concerns of mankind. 5th edn. 22.5cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1808PORTEUS Beilby Z42/2 The beneficial effects of Christianity. 22cm. London. for T Payne. 1806PORTI Emilio . . . see SUIDAS - Suidas...(1619)POSSELIUS Joannes P46 Calligraphia oratoria linguae graecae. 16.5cm. (Rostock). Philipp Albert. 1620 A leaf from an unidentified 16th century French-English glossary bound as a flyleaf at end of vol.POTTER Edward J274I A vindication of our Blessed Saviour's Divinity... 19.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1714 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)POTTER John . . . see CLEMENT, of Alexandria - Opera...(1715).POTTER John E46 A discourse of church-government... 3rd edn 19.5cm. London. for J. Knapton (et al). 1724POTTER John R16-17 Archaeologiae Graecae: of the antiquities of Greece. 2 vols. 19cm. Oxford. at the Theatre. 1697-99 Wing P3030.POTTHAST August Z136/14 Bibliotheca historica medii aevi: Wegweiser durch die Geschichtswerke des Europäischen Mittelalters. 23cm. Berlin. H Kastner. 1862POTTS Robert (editor) . . . see COVERDALE Myles - Wiclieffes wicket...(1851).POWELL David . . . see PONTICUS Virunnius - Britannicae...(1585).POWELL Roger Gospel Case The Lichfield St Chad's Gospels: repair and rebinding 1961-62. (Offprint from The Library, fifth series, vol XX). 25cm. London. Bibliographical Society. 1965 Another copy Z134/13PRACTICAL DISTILLER Y101 The practical distiller, or, a brief treatise of practical distillation. 19cm. London. B Lintot. 1734PRANCE Miles V45D A true narrative and discovery of several very remarkable passages relating to the horrid Popish plot. 30cm. London. Dorman Newman. 1679

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Wing P3177. Bound with: OATES T - A true narrative...(1679).PRATT Edwin A Z22/11 The licenced trade: an independent survey. 20cm. London. John Murray. 1907PRATT Josiah (editor) . . . see HALL Joseph - The works...(1808).PREDESTINATION J276 A collection of tracts concerning predestination and providence... 20cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1719PRESCOTT William Hickling Z25/27-29 History of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic, of Spain. 3 vols. New edn. 17.5cm. London. Routledge. (1841)PRESCOTT William Hickling Z25/30-32 History of the reign of Philip the Second, King of Spain. 3 vols. 17cm. London. Routledge. 1879PRESENT DAY TRACTS Z42/18-23 Present day tracts on subjects of Christian evidence...by various writers. 6 vols. 17.5cm. London. Religious Tract Society. 1883-85PRESERVATIVE . . . see [GIBSON Edmund] - A preservative against Popery...3 vols.,(1738)PRIAULX John UA9/6 A brief account of the nature, use and end of the office of Dean Rural...ed. William Dansey. 21.5cm. London. J Bohn. 1832PRICAEUS Joannes* G15 Mattaeus ex sacra pagine...illustratus. 19cm. Paris . Ediné Pepingue. 1646PRICE John G39 Acta Apostolorum ex sacra pagina sanctis patribus...illustrata. 15.5cm. Paris . (Edmé Pepingue?). 1647PRIDEAUX Humphrey M72-73 The Old and New Testament connected. 2 vols. 5th edn. 32cm. London. R. Knaplock and J. Tonson. 1718PRIDEAUX Humphrey M74 The Old and New Testament connected...2 vols. 3rd edn. 34cm. London. R. Knaplock and J. Tonson. 1717 Lacks vol.2.PRIDEAUX John E67 Fasciculus controversiarum theologicarum. 3rd edn 19cm. Oxford. L. Lichfield. 1664 Wing P3430PRIDEAUX John X21 Manuductio ad theologiam polemicam. 15cm. Oxford. Leonard Lichfield. 1657 Wing P3431.PRIEST I66 The priest to the altar. 3rd edn 25cm. London. Rivington. 1879PRIMALEON BB4 (Delli valorosi et gran geste del buon Primaleone, et di Polendo suo fratello). (ff1-184 only). 15.5cm. (Venice). (Gironimo Giglio). (1559) Part of composite volume.

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PRIOR Matthew* W91 Poems on several occasions. 47cm. London. Jacob Tonson. 1718PRISCILLIANUS Q218 Priscilliani quae supersunt...edidit Georgius Schepss. (C.S.E.L. XVIII) 23cm. Vienna. F Tempsky. 1889PROCESSIONAL. Chester I16 The processional of the nuns of Chester...edited by J. Wickham Legg. (HBS 18) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1899PROCLUS Z93/18 Ek ton Proklou scholion eis Platonos Kratylon eklogai, ...editit Jo. Fr. Boissonade. 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1820 Bound to match Bibliotheka Classica, but not part of the set.PROCOPIUS of Caesarea . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vv 1-2,(1729).PROCOPIUS* P60 Historia Gotthorum, Vandalorum et Langobardorum ab Hugone Gratio...digesta. 17.5cm. Amsterdam. Elsevier. 1655PROCTER Francis . . . see SARUM BREVIARY - Breviarum...(1879-86)PROCTER Francis J220 A history of the Book of Common Prayer. 3rd edn. 19cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1857PROCTER Francis Z20/14 A history of the Book of Common Prayer. 6th edn. 18.5cm. Cambridge. Macmillan. 1861PROCTER Francis and DEWICK Edward Samuel I4 The Martiloge in Englysshe...edited by F. Procter and E.S. Dewick. (HBS 3) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1893PROCTER John (editor) Z45/20 Short lives of the Dominican saints...ed. (J.) Procter. 22cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1901PROSPER of Aquitaine X12 Opera. 15cm. Köln . Arnold Kempensis. 1609PROTESTANT ADVOCATE H120-123 The Protestant Advocate, or review of publications relating to the Roman Catholic question... 4 vols. 21cm. London. J. & J. Stockdale. 1813-16PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL CHURCH OF THE USA. Q17 The hymnal revised and enlarged. 14cm. New York. James Pott. 1889PROTESTANT, pseud. UA34/8 A letter to the Reverend James Raine...on his "proofs"...By a Protestant. 22.5cm. London. Longman. 1825PROTHERO Sir George Walter Z50/22 A memoir of Henry Bradshaw. 22cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1888PROU Maurice Q214 Manuel de paleographie latine et française du VIe au XVIIe siècle. 2e éd. 22.5cm. Paris . A Picard. 1892PROUT William Z40/12 Chemistry, meteorology and the functions of digestion considered with reference to natural theology. (Bridgewater Treatise VIII). 3rd edn. 21cm. London. J Churchill. 1845

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PRUDENTIUS CLEMENS Aurelius Q275 Quae extant carmina...explicavit Albertus Dresser. 21cm. Leipzig. Hermann Mendelssohn. 1860PRUEN Thomas J283-284 An illustration of the liturgy of the Church of England. 2 vols. 25.5cm. London. for the Author. 1820PRYNNE William Z113/20 A plea for the Lords and House of Peers. 21cm. London. for the Author. 1658 Wing P4034.PRYNNE William Z113/16 The antipathie of the lordly English prelacie both to regall monarchy and civill unity. The first part. 17.5cm. London. for Michael Sparke. 1641 Wing P3891. No more published.PRYNNE William Z120/5 The first and second parts of the signal loyalty of God's true Saints...towards their kings. 20cm. London. T Childe and L Parry. 1660 Royal binding in red morocco. Wing P3955.PSALMANAZAR George S4 Memoirs of... 2nd edn. 20cm. London. R Davis. 1765PSALMS, BOOK OF Z17/1 Containing: the Prayer Book version, the Authorised version and the Revised version, in parallel columns. 21cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1907PSALTER, THE ENGLISH Z17/2 The English Psalter, with a devotional commentary by George D Carleton, 20cm. London. A R Mowbray. 1953PSALTER, THE NEW CATHEDRAL Z17/3 The New Cathedral Psalter, containing the Psalms of David together with the Canticles and Proper Psalms. Edited and printed for chanting and set to appropriate chants. 20.5cm. London. Novello. n.d.PTOLEMAEUS Claudius R48 Geographia...redacta a Josepho Moletio... 23cm. Venice. Vincenzo Valgrisi. 1562PUFENDORF Samuel V41 An introduction to the history of the principal kingdoms and states of Europe. 19cm. London. for Tho. Newborough. 1702PUFENDORF Samuel Z113/7 De jure naturae et gentium. Ed. ultima. 23cm. Amsterdam. John Wolters. 1704PUFENDORF Samuel Z61X/11 Of the law of nature and nations. (trsl. Basil Kennett). 32cm. Oxford. L Lichfield. 1703PUFENDORF Samuel V40 The complete history of Sweden. 19cm. London. J Bradenell for J Wild. 1702PUGIN Augustus K262 Gothic ornaments selected from various ancient buildings. 28cm. London. A. Pugin. 1831PUGIN Augustus Welby Z107/14 Glossary of ecclesiastical ornament. 30.5cm. London. Böhn. 1844

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PULLER Timothy J196 The moderation of the Church of England. 2nd edn. 18.5cm. London. Richard Chiswell. 1689 Wing P4197+PULTON Ferdinando Z61X/3 A collection of sundry statutes frequent in use. 32.5cm. London. M Flesher et al.. 1636 STC 9330.PURCHAS Samuel R72 Purchas his pilgrimage in five bookes. The third part (only). 31cm. London. William Stansby for Henry Featherstone. 1626 STC 20509.PURCHAS Samuel R71 Purchas his pilgrimage, or relations of the world. 31cm. London. William Stansby for Henry Featherstone. 1626 STC 20508.PURY Thomas UA40/4 Mr Thomas Pury, Alderman of Glocester his speech. 18cm. (London). (n.p.). printed 1641 Wing P4247.PUSEY Edward Bouverie Z5/3 Daniel the prophet. 22.5cm. Oxford. J and J Parker. 1864PUSEY Edward Bouverie Z44/4 Eleven addresses during a retreat of the Companions of the Love of Jesus. 22cm. Oxford. James Parker. 1868PUSEY Edward Bouverie Z44/7-8 Parochial sermons. 2 vols. 22cm. Oxford. James Parker. 1868PUSEY Edward Bouverie Z81/41A Remarks on the prospective and past benefits of cathedral institutions in the promotion of sound religious knowledge and of clerical education. 2nd edn. 21cm. London. Roake and Varty. 1833 Bound with one other treatise.PUSEY Edward Bouverie Z44/1-3 Sermons preached before the University of Oxford. 3 vols. 22cm. London. Walter Smith. 1880-84 Vols 1-2, 2nd edn.PUSEY Edward Bouverie Z44/5 The doctrine of the real presence. 22cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1855PUSEY Edward Bouverie UA36/4 The Holy Eucharist a comfort to the penitent. 22cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1843PUSEY Edward Bouverie Z16/12 The minor prophets with a commentary explanatory and practical. 31cm. Oxford. James Parker. 1877

PUSEY Philip Edward . . . see CYRIL St, of Alexandria - The three epistles...(1872)PUTTENHAM George S330 The arte of English poesie: by Webster (i.e. George Puttenham) 25cm. London. Robert Triphook. 1811PYE, R W K230B A sketch of the life of Richard Wakefield of Tutbury. 21cm. Burton-on-Trent. A E Jones. n.d.

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PYTHIUS Johannes X43 Responsio exetastica ad tractatum...Praecadamitae, libri duo. 12cm. Leiden. Elzevier. 1656QUARLES Francis J83 Enchiridion. 17cm. London. John Russell Smith. 1856QUEEN ANNE'S BOUNTY Z77X/33-34 Report from the Select Committee...on the Queen Anne's Bounty Board. 33cm. London. HMSO. 1900-1901QUENTIN Henri Q197 Les martyrologes historiques du Moyen Age. 22.5cm. Paris . Victor Lecoffre. 1908QUESNEL, Le Père P290 Exercises de Piété des Trois Consécrations. 13.5cm. Paris. Robustel. 1723QUICK John D13-14 Synodicon in Gallia reformata. 2 vols 31cm. London. T. Parkhurst and J. Robinson . 1692 Wing Q209QUIGNON François I33-34 The second recension of the Quignan Breviary...edited by J. Wickham Legg. 2 vols. (HBS 35,42) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1908-12QUINTILIANUS Marcus Fabius P210 De institutione oratoria. 2 vols (in 1) 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1806QUINTILIANUS Marcus Fabius O13 Institutionum oratoriarum libri duodecim in usum scholarum accommodati...Carolum Rollin. 19.5cm. London. J.and P. Knapton. 1738QUISTORPIUS Johannes G108 Annotationes in omnes libros Biblicos. 2 vols (in 1) 20cm. Rostock. Joachim Wild. 1648R( ),J( )B( )C( )S( ) P51 Tabula chronologica ducum Lotharingiae, Brabantiae, Limburgi etc, et Gubernatorum...continua series a Godefrido...ad Carolum II, Hisp. et Ind. Regem... 20.5cm. Mecklin. Johannes Joye. 1669RACKHAM Richard Belward Z13/5 The Acts of the Apostles. (Westminster Commentaries). 3rd edn. 22cm. London. Methuen. 1906RADCLIFFE Ann Z141/19 The novels of Mrs Ann Radcliffe... (Ballantyne's Novelists' Library, vol X). 25cm. Edinburgh. Ballantyne. 1824RAINAUD Théophile I147 Critica sacra (vol XI only) 34cm. Lyon. Horace Boissat and Georges Ramé. 1665RAINAUD Théophile (editor) I132. . . see LEO I, St. - SS. Patrum Leonis...(1671)RAINBOWE Edward* UA10/3 (A sermon preached at the interrment of the Right Honourable Anne, Countess of Pembroke, Dorset and Montgomery). (19cm). (London). (for R Repton and H Broom). (1677) Lacks tp. Wing R142.RAINE James UA34/7 Proofs that the Holy Communion in both kinds was administered to the laity within

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the parish of Notham...before the Reformation. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1825RAINE James (editor) Z67/15 Historical papers and letters from the Northern registers. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1873RAINE James (editor) Z67/19 The historians of the Church of York and its archbishops. (Rolls Series). Vol I. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1879RAINOLDS John E47 The summe of the conference betweene John Rainoldes and John Hart. 20cm. London. W. Hall for Thomas Adames. 1609 STC 20629RALEIGH Sir Walter V109 The historie of the world... 35cm. London. for R White, I Place and G Dawes. 1666 Wing R164+.RAMBLER . . . see (JOHNSON Samuel) - The Rambler (1810).RAMESEY William Z61X/18 Astrologia restaurata. 35cm. London. for Robert White. 1653 Wing R201.RAMSAY Sir William Mitchell Z12/14 A historical commentary on St Paul's epistle to the Galatians. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Hodder & Stoughton. 1900RAMSAY Sir William Mitchell Z13/1 St Paul the traveller. 9th edn. 23cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1907RAMSAY Sir William Mitchell Z13/2 The letters to the seven churches of Asia. 2nd edn. 23cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1906RANDOLPH Francis UA35/7 Scriptural revision of Socinian arguments. 22cm. Bath . R Cruttwell. 1792RANDOLPH John H163-164 Enchiridion theologicum. 2 vols. 3rd edn 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1825RANDOLPH John* J260E Remarks on "Michaelis's introduction to the New Testament", vols. III-IV. 2nd edn. 21cm. London. T. Bensley. 1802 Bound with: MARSH H - The authenticity... (1802)RANDOLPH John* J260F Supplement to Remarks on "Michaelis's Introduction to the New Testament..." 21cm. London. White. 1804 Bound with: MARSH H - The authenticity...(1802)RANDOLPH Thomas UA28/6 A vindication of the doctrine of the Trinity. 22cm. Oxford. at the Theatre. 1754RANDOLPH Thomas UA6/10 A vindication of the worship of the Son and the Holy Ghost. 22cm. Oxford. J and J Fletcher. 1775RANDOLPH Thomas S96 Poems: with the looking-glass... 5th edn 15cm. Oxford. F Bowman. 1668 Wing R244RANDOLPH Thomas* J273E Four letters concerning the study of the Hebrew scriptures.

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19cm. London. (H. Woodfall) for the Author. 1755 Bound with : BAKER R - Remarks...(1779)RANKE Leopold von V268-269 The popes of Rome. 2 vols. 3rd edn. 22cm. London. John Murray. 1847RANKIN Susan CC12 (Xerox copy of M.Mus.thesis and published article on MS Shrewsbury School MS VI) in Boxfile. 36cm. (Cambridge). (n.p.). 1976RAPHELIUS Georg G249-250 Annotationes in Sacram Scripturam. 2 vols. Editio nova. 20cm. Leiden. Johann Arnold Langerok. 1747RAPHELIUS Georgius . . . see ARRIAN - Expeditionis...(1757)RAPHELIUS Georgius G35 Annotationes philologicae in Novum Testamentum. 2nd edn 17cm. Hamburg. Christian Liebezeit and Theodor Christoph.Felginer. 1720RAPIN René P77 Reflections on Aristotle's treatise of poesie. 16.5cm. London. T.N. for H Herringman. 1674 Wing R270RAPIN THOYRAS Paul de V159-186 The history of England, trsl. N.Tindal. 28 vols. 20cm. London. Knapton. 1728-48RASTELL John* X80 Les termes de la ley. 16.5cm. London. J Streater. 1659 Wing R289.RATRAMN of Corbie UA24/1 The book of Ratramn the priest and monk of Corbie. 18.5cm. Oxford. J H Parker. 1838 English and Latin texts, with separate tps. but bound together.RAVANELLI Pietro C70-72 Bibliotheca sacra. 3 vols. [2nd edn] 33.5cm. Geneva. Petrus Chouët. 1660-63RAVANELLI Pietro D70-72 Bibliotheca sacra. 3 vols. [2nd edn] 33.5cm. Geneva. Petrus Chouët. 1660-63RAWLINSON Sir Henry UA40/9 Notes on the early history of Babylonia. 21cm. London. J W Parker. 1854RAWLINSON Sir Henry, et al. UA4/9 Inscription of Tiglath Pileser I, King of Assyria B.C.1150. 21.5cm. London. J W Parker. 1857RAY John X216 Miscellaneous discourses concerning the dissolution and changes of the world. 17cm. London. for Samuel Smith. 1692 Wing R397.RAY John E7 The wisdom of God manifested in the works of the Creation. 8th edn 19cm. London. William and John Innes. 1722READE Aleyn Lyell Z10/1-8 Johnsonian gleanings, vol I, III-IX (only). 21cm. London. Francis and Co. et al. (for the Author).. 1909-39READING John E62 A guide to the Holy City.

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19cm. Oxford. for Thomas Robinson and Richard Davis. 1651 Wing R447READING William . . . see EUSEBIUS, Bp. of Caesarea - Ecclesiasticae historiae...(1720).READING William W114 Bibliothecae cleri Londinensis in Collegio Sionensi catalogus. 41cm. London. J Watts. 1724RECORD OFFICE. Patent Rolls. Z63X/12 Calendarium rotulorum patentium in Turri Londinense. 43cm. (London). (By Command of the King). (1800)REDPATH Henry Adeney Z5-16 The book of the prophet Ezekiel. (Westminster Commentaries). 22cm. London. Methuen. 1907REES Rice K68 An essay on the Welsh saints. 22cm. London. Longman. 1836REES William Jenkins, ed. K239 The Liber Landavensis, Llyfr Teilo. 25.5cm. Llandovery. William Rees. 1840REEVE Clara T10 The progress of romance. 2 vols (in 1). 18.5cm. Colchester. W Keymer for the Author. 1785REEVE Edmund Q50 The Christian divinitie contained in the divine service of the Church of England. 18.5cm. London. Nicolas Furnell and Humphrey Mosley. 1631 STC 20829.REEVES John G76 A collation of the Hebrew and Greek texts of the Psalms. 21cm. London. A. Strahan. 1800REEVES William . . . see JUSTIN MARTYR - The apologies...(1709).REEVES William (editor) . . . see ADAMNAN - The life of St Columba...(1857).REGENVOLSCIUS Adrianus M53 Systema historico-chronologicum ecclesiarum Sclavonicarum. 18.5cm. Utrecht. Johannes a Waesberghe. 1652REGIMEN SANITATIS . . . see CROKE Sir Alexander (ed.) - Regimen...(1830)REGINO of Prüm X135 Libri duo de ecclesiasticis disciplinis et religione Christiana. 17.5cm. Paris . François Muguet. 1671REIMMANN Jacob Friedrich X173 Historiae literariae exotericae et acromaticae particula. 16.5cm. Leipzig. Gottlob Ernst Strunz. (1710)REISKE Johann Jakob P242-43 Indices graecitatis quos in singulos oratores atticos confecit...in unum corpus redacti opera T. Mitchell. 2 vols. 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1828REISKE Johannes X274G Ad...dominum Jobum Ludolfium...epistola. 19cm. Leipzig. Johann Christian Wohlfart. 1692 Bound with BOECLER J H - Historia...(1695).

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REISKIUS Johannes X276 Exercitationes historicae de imaginibus Jesu Christi. 20cm. Jenaon. Johann Christian Wohlfart. 1685REITZIUS Carl conrad O69 Index verborum ac phrasium Luciani. 26.5cm. Utrecht. Hermann Besseling. 1746RELAND Adriaan . . . see EPICTETUS - Manuale....(1711)RELAND Hadrianus E51 Four treatises concerning the doctrine...of the Mahometans (by H. Reland et al). 19cm. London. J. Darby for B. Lintot. 1712RELANDUS Hadrianus X153 Antiquitates sacrae veterum Hebraeorum breviter delineatae. 3rd edn. 15.5cm. Utrecht. Willem Broedelet. 1717RELANDUS Hadrianus X144 De spoliis templi Hierosolymitani. 15cm . Utrecht. Willem Broedelet. 1716REMARKS E35 Remarks on Dr. Henry More's expositions of the Apocalypse and Daniel... 18cm. London. T.M. for the Author. 1690 Wing R931REMEY Charles Mason Z22/23 In memoriam Ezekiel Gilbert Gear, D.D. 1793-1874. 27.5cm. . (The Author). 1927 Typescript.REMEY Charles Mason Z22/15 The National Church and Shrine of the United States of America to be built in the City of Washington. 24cm. (Washington D.C.). (The Author). 1927REMEY Charles Mason Z22/17 The National Church and Shrine of the United States of America...a call to the builders, endowers and founders. 24cm. (Washington D.C.). (The Author). 1929RENAUDOT Eusèbe Q297-98 Liturgiarum orientalium collectio. 2nd edn. 2 vols. 25.5cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Joseph Baer. 1847RENNELL Thomas UA31/4 Proofs of inspiration, or the grounds of distinction between the New Testament and the apocryphal volume. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1822RENNELL Thomas H243 Sermons on various subjects. 3rd edn 22cm. London. Rivington. 1831RENNIE James W38 Insect architecture. New edn. 18cm. London. J Murray. 1857RENOUARD Antoine Augustin P75 Carmina ethica ex diversis auctoribus... 15.5cm. Paris . P Diderot. 1795RENVERSEMENT S181 Renversement de la morale chrétienne par les desordres du monachisme. 2 vols (in 1). 19cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (c1680) Verses on plates ?by Cornelis Dusart.RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW Z121/7-15 The retrospective review, vols 1-28; 2nd series, vols 1-5. 33 vols (in 9) 22cm. London. C and H Baldwin. 1820-28

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REVENUES UA36/1 The revenues of the Church of England not a burden upon the public. 20cm. London. J Murray. 1830REVEREND J63 The reverend and learned Dr. Hammond...vindicated. 16cm. London. for Luke Meredith. 1699 Wing R1192.REVETT Nicholas . . . See STUART James and REVETT Nicholas - The antiquities...(1762).REVIEW E33I A review of Dr. Sherlock's Case of allegiance due to sovereign princes... 20cm. London. [n.p.]. 1691 Wing R1197. Bound with TURNER J - A brief vindication...(1702)REVIEW Z109/5-27 The review of the churches, April 1924, October 1925-October 1930. 23 parts. 23cm. London. E Benn. 1924-30 Unbound numbers. 2 copies of July 1929.REYNOLDS Barbara Z5/18 The passionate intellect: Dorothy Sayers' encounter with Dante. 22.5cm. Ohio:Kent. Kent State University Press. 1989REYNOLDS Edward E74 The works...corrected and amended. 32cm. London. Thomas Newcomb for George Thomason. 1658 Wing R1234REYNOLDS George K30 An historical essay upon the government of the Church of England. 19.5cm. London. T. Osborne. 1743REYNOLDS Herbert Edward Z86/23 Our cathedral libraries, their history, contents and uses. 29cm. London. Chiswick Press. 1879REYNOLDS Herbert Edward (editor) . . . see LINCOLN. Cathedral - Consuetudinarium...(1885).REYNOLDS Herbert Edward (editor) . . . see EXETER. Cathedral - The use...(1891).REYNOLDS Hubert Edward (editor) W113 Wells Cathedral: its foundation, constitutional history and statutes. 33cm. (Leeds). McCorquodale). 1881REYNOLDS Joseph William Z44/16 The supernatural in nature. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1880REYNOLDS Sir Joshua UA7/8 Discourses delivered to the students of the Royal Academy. 22cm. London. M Arnold. 1831REYNOLDS Walter Z87/25 The register of Walter Reynolds, Bishop of Worcester 1308-1313,...ed. by R A Wilson (Worcester Historical Society). 29cm. London. Mitchell, Hughes and Clarke for Worcester Historical Society. 1927RHENFERD Jacob . . . see MEUSCHEN Johann Gerhard - (Novum Testamentum ex Talmude...1736)RHODES John# BB6 An answere to a Romish rime lately printed...written by that Protestant Catholike

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I.R. 18cm. London. Simon Stafford. 1602 STC 20959.RIBADINEIRA Pedro de M65 Flos sanctorum. 35cm. Köln. Johann Kinck. 1630RICE Marcia Alice YA36 Abbots Bromley. 22.5cm. Shrewsbury. Wilding and Son. 1939RICHARD DE CENDRECOURT Marie Caroline Rosalie, Dame de Saint-Surin UA14/6 L'hôtel de Cluny au moyen âge. 20.5cm. Paris . J Techener. 1835RICHARD I, King of England. Z62/7-8 Itinerarium peregrinorum et gesta regis Ricardi...ed. W.Stubbs. (Rolls Series). 2 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1864-65RICHARD of Cirencester Z62/17-18 Speculum historiale de gestis regum Angliae, ed. J.E.B.Mayor. (Rolls Series). 2 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1863-69RICHARDS George Z105/23 The divine origin of prophecy illustrated and defended. (Bampton Lectures 1800). 21cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1800RICHARDS Melville Gospel Case The 'Lichfield' gospels (Book of "Saint Chad"). (Offprint from The National Library of Wales Journal, vol XVIII). 25cm. Abersystwyth. National Library of Wales. 1973RICHARDSON Gabriel R45 Of the state of Europe. 27cm. Oxford. Henry Cripps. 1627 STC 21020.RICHARDSON James UA4/7 The Athanasian creed vindicated. 21.5cm. York . at the Gazette Office. 1822RICHARDSON John J45 The canon of the New Testament vindicated. 3rd edn. 19cm. London. W. Bowyer for Richard Sare. 16(i.e.17)19RICHARDSON William S234 Essays on Shakespeare's dramatic characters. 6th edn. 21cm. London. Samuel Bagster. 1812RICHARDSON William Moore Q342 Ritual: a lecture. 21cm. London. Masters and Son . 1873RICHELIEU, Armand-Jean du Plessis, Cardinal Duc de . . . see (VIALART Charles) - Histoire du ministère...(1656)RICHEMARCH I41-42 The psaltery and martyrology...edited by H.J. Lawlor. 2 vols. (HBS 47,48) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1914RICHER Adrien X175 Essai sur les grands evénements par les petites causes. 2 vols (in 1). 16.5cm. Amsterdam. E van Harrevelt. 1760RICKMAN Thomas K247 An attempt to discriminate the styles of architecture in England. 3rd edn. 23cm. London. Longman. [1825]RICKWORD George and GASKELL William YA2 Staffordshire leaders.

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27cm. London. E R Alexander. (1907) Date on front cover; tp has no date.RIDDING George YA7 A litany of remembrances. 19cm. London. Allen and Unwin. 1925RIDDING George Z34/15 The church and commonwealth. 22cm. London. E Arnold . 1906RIDDING Laura Z52/9 George Ridding, schoolmaster and bishop. 22.5cm. London. Edward Arnold. 1908RIDDLE Joseph Esmond K76 Ecclesiastical chronology, or annals of the Christian church. 22cm. London. Longman. 1840RIDDLE Joseph Esmond S225 Illustrations of Aristotle. 19cm. Oxford. S Collingwood. 1832RIDLEY Glocester J156 A review of Mr Phillips's history of...Reginald Pole. 20cm. London. J. Whiston and B. White. 1766RIDLEY Glocester H50 Eight sermons on the divinity and operations of the Holy Ghost. New edn 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1802RIDLEY Glocester K155 The life of Dr. Nicholas Ridley. 27cm. London. J. Whiston and B. White. 1763RIDLEY Glocester* and SECKER Thomas* J256 Three letters to the author of the Confessional. 21.5cm. London. J. Whiston. 1768RIDLEY Gloster S314 Melampus: a poem. 27.5cm. London. J Dodsley. 1781RIDLEY Nicolas UA2/11 A brief declaration of the Lord's Supper. 19cm. London. Richard Chiswell. 1688 Wing R1452.RIDLEY Nicolas J268A An account of a disputation at Oxford... 20cm. Oxford. at the Theatre. 1688 Wing R1451. Bound with six other texts.RIDLEY Nicolas U116 The works, ed. H Christmas (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1843RIDWARD. St Nicholas Church. Tinity Chapel. Z111/13 Introduction, notes. 18cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (n.d.)RIGAULT Nicolas T216 Funus parasiticum. 20cm. Paris . Claude Morell. 1601RILEY Athelstan Q251 Prayer Book revision. (Alcuin Club: Tracts 9). 27cm. London. Mowbray. 1911RILEY Athelston Q231 Pontifical services IV. (Alcuin Club: Collections 12). 27.5cm. London. Longmans. 1908RILEY Henry Thomas (editor)

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. . . see WALSINGHAM Thomas - Historia...(1863-64).RILEY Henry Thomas (editor) . . . WALSINGHAM Thomas - Ypodigma...(1876).RILEY Henry Thomas (editor) . . . see ST ALBAN'S CHRONICLE - Chronica...(1872-73).RILEY Henry Thomas (editor) . . . see WALSINGHAM Thomas - Gesta Abbatum...(1867-69).RILEY Henry Thomas (editor) . . . see AMUNDESHAM John - Annuales...(1870-71).RILEY Henry Thomas (editor) . . . see RISHANGER William - Chronica...(1865).RILEY Henry Thomas (editor) . . . see TROKELOWE John and BLANEFORD Henry - Chronica...(1866).RIMBAULT Edward Francis (editor) J27. . . see WESTMINSTER ABBEY - The order of daily service...(1844)RIO Alexis François K225 The poetry of Christian art. 20cm. London. T. Bosworth. 1854RISHANGER William Z67/17 Chronica et annuales regnantibus Henrico Tertio et Edwardo Primo...ed. H.T.Riley. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1865RITSON Joseph K88 The life of King Arthur. 19.5cm. London. Payne and Foss. 1825RITSON Joseph (editor) S160-161 Ancient songs and ballads. 2 vols. 19cm. London. Payne and Foss. 1829RITSON Joseph (editor) S170 Pieces of ancient popular poetry. 18cm. London. T & E Egerton. 1791RITSON Joseph (editor) S152 The Caledonian muse. 19cm. London. R. Triphook. 1821 (repr)RITUAL CONFERENCE - 1881. Q42 Ritual conformity: interpretations of the rubrics of the Prayer Book. 18cm. London. Parker and Co.. 1881 Bound with Q40.RITZ Sandor Z22/24 The supreme creation of the past, present and future. 33cm. Rome. (Private Edition). (n.d.)ROBERT de Jumièges I22 The benedictional of Archbishop Robert, edited by H.A. Wilson (HBS 24) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1903ROBERT de Jumièges I10 The missal of Robert of Jumièges, edited by H.A. Wilson. (HBS 11) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1896ROBERT THE DEVIL S156 Roberte the Devyll, a metrical romance. (Ed. I Herbert). 19cm. London. for I Herbert. 1798

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ROBERTS Alexander et al. Z44/12 The apostolic fathers. (Ante-Nicene Christian Library, vol 1). 22cm. dinburgh. T and T Clark. 1883ROBERTS Charles . . . see ENGLAND. Fine Rolls. - Excerpta....(1835-36).ROBERTS Peter G194 An harmony of the epistles of the holy apostles. 29cm. Cambridge. John Burges. 1800ROBERTSON Archibald . . . see ATHANASIUS St - St Athanasius...(1882)ROBERTSON Archibald Z37/25 Regnum Dei. (Bampton Lectures 1901). New edn. 22.5cm. London. Methuen. 1908ROBERTSON Frederick William Z3/18 Expository lectures on St Paul's epistles to the Corinthians. New edn. 17.5cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1885ROBERTSON Frederick William Z49/3-4 Life and letters, ed. Stopford A Brooke. 2 vols. New edn. 18cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1883ROBERTSON Frederick William Z2/14 Notes on Genesis. New edn. 18cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1886ROBERTSON Frederick William Z33/16-19 Sermons preached at Brighton. 4 vols. New edn. 18cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1886ROBERTSON James Craigie . . . see HEYLYN Peter - Ecclesia restaurata...(1849)ROBERTSON James Craigie Z28/1-5 History of the Christian church. 4 vols (in 5). 22cm. London. J Murray. 1858-73 Vol I-II, rev edn.ROBERTSON James Craigie Z18/2 How shall we conform to the liturgy of the Church of England. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Pickering. 1844ROBERTSON James Craigie Z25/22 Plain lectures on the growth of Papal power. 17cm. London. SPCK. (1876)ROBERTSON James Craigie (editor) . . . see BECKET St Thomas - Materials...(1875-81).ROBERTSON Joseph* J273C An essay on the education of young ladies... 19cm. London. T. Cadell. 1798 Bound with: BAKER R - Remarks...(1779)ROBERTSON W Norman Z9/7(11) St John's Cross, Iona, Argyll. 23cm. Edinburgh. Society of Antiquaries of Scotland. 1975 Reprinted from Proceedings, vol.106.ROBERTSON William UA15/12 Rise of the Reformation. 22.5cm. London. J and J Stockdale. 1812ROBERTSON William Z107/18-19 The history of Scotland during the reigns of Queen Mary and of King James VI. 3rd edn. 2 vols.. London. A Millar. 1760

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ROBERTSON William V14 The works. New edn. 22.5cm. London. Th. Cadell. 1831ROBERTSON William N31 Thesaurus linguae sanctae. 24cm. London. Samuel Roycroft. 1680 Wing R1621.ROBINSON Arthur William Z128/13 The church catechism explained. 16.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1894ROBINSON Brian Z10/25 Silver pennies and linen towels: the story of the Royal Maundy. 25cm. London. Spink. 1992ROBINSON Edward K4-6 Biblical researches in Palestine. 3 vols. 22cm. London. John Murray. 1841ROBINSON Hastings (editor) U110-111 Original letters relative to the English Reformation. 2 vols. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1846-47ROBINSON Hastings (editor) U127-128 The Zürich letters (First and) second series. 2 vols. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge . Cambridge University Press. 1842-45ROBINSON Henry Crabb J130 Exposure of misrepresentations...in the preface to the Correspondence of William Wilberforce. 20cm. London. E Moxon. 1840ROBINSON James Armitage Z4/4 St Paul's epistle to the Ephesians. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Macmillan. 1907ROBINSON Joseph Armitage (editor) . . . see FLETE John - The history...(1909).ROBINSON Joseph Armitage Z86/32 Gilbert Crispin, Abbot of Westminster. 27cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1911ROBINSON Joseph Armitage Z86/31 The Abbot's house at Westminster. 27cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1911ROBINSON Joseph Armitage and JAMES Montague Rhodes Z86/21 The manuscripts of Westminster Abbey. 26.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1909ROBINSON Joseph Armitage Z135/2 The times of Saint Dunstan. (Ford Lectures 1922). 23cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1923ROBINSON Stanford Frederick Hudson Z36/31 Celtic illuminative art. 34cm. Dublin. Hodges, Figgis. 1908ROBINSON William* V43 Collections relative to claims at the coronations of several of the Kings of England, beginning with King Richard II. 22.5cm. London. J.B.Nichols. (1820 repr.) 1838ROCESTER XA51-52 Rocester parish register. 2 vols. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1906-09ROCK Daniel . . . see HEWITT J - The Stanley monument...(1868-84)

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ROCK Daniel Z19/12-15 The church of our fathers. New edn, 4 vols. ed. G W Hart and W H Frere. 22cm. London. John Hodges. 1903RODD Thomas X208 Ancient ballads from the civil wars of Granada, and the twelve peers of France. 17cm. London. for Thomas Ostell. 1803RODOLPHUS Joannes F96 Catena proanima versionum glossematum...in IIII libros Regum. Vol I. 35cm. Lyons . Philippe Borde (et al). 1652 No more published.RODWELL Warwick and BENTLEY James Z11/25 Our Christian heritage. 26cm. London. George Philip. 1984RODWELL Warwick J CC10 (Boxfile of archaeological reports on Lichfield Cathedral). 36cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1982-89ROE Lucy M Z4/25 William Croft, 1678-1727. Tercentenary celebrations. 21cm. Birmingham. Davis and Ripley. 1978ROE Richard G200 An analytical arrangement of the Apocalypse 27.5cm. Dublin. for R. M. Tims et al. 1834ROE Richard Baillie G225-226 An analytical arrangement of the Holy Scriptures. 2 vols 22cm. London. H. K. Lewis. 1851ROESCH Gottfried UA34/5 Exercitio historico philologica de cultu Simonis Magi apud Romanos, contra Baronicem. 17.5cm. (Jena). Samuel Krebs. (1663)ROGER of Hoveden Z63/10-13 Chronica...ed. W.Stubbs. (Rolls Series). 4 vols 25cm. London. Longmans. 1868-71ROGERS Benjamin Bickley UA12/8 A free enquiry into the difficulties suggested by Dr Colenso... Part I (only). 22cm. Oxford and London. J H and J Parker. 1863ROGERS Clement Francis Z19/9 Baptism and Christian archaeology. 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1903ROGERS John J36 A discourse of the visible and invisible church of Christ. 4th edn. 19cm. London. Thomas Woodward. 1729ROGERS John J161 A vindication of the civil establishment of religion. 20cm. London. W. and J. Innys. 1728ROGERS John H18 Nineteen sermons preached on several occasions. 6th edn 20cm. London. Robinson and Roberts. 1771ROGERS John H19 Seventeen sermons preached on several occasions. 5th edn 20cm. London. Robinson and Roberts. 1770ROGERS John H16 The necessity of divine revelation. 5th edn 20cm. London. J Richardson. 1758ROGERS John H17 Twelve sermons preached upon several occasions. 5th edn 20cm. London. for M. Robinson. 1766ROGERS Richard BB34 Seaven treatises. (3rd edn).

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27.5cm. London. Felix Kyngston for Thomas Man. 1610 STC 21217.ROGERS Samuel Z105/30 Italy, a poem. 20cm. London. Cadell and Moxon. 1830ROGERS Samuel Z105/29 Poems. 20cm. London. Cadell and Moxon. 1834ROGERS Thomas U117 The catholic doctrine of the Church of England, ed. J.J.S.Perowne. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1854ROGET Peter Mark Z40/6-7 Animal and vegetable physiology considered with reference to natural theology. (Bridgewater Treatise V). 2 vols. 3rd edn. 21cm. London. Pickering. 1840ROHAN Henri de, Duc de Rohan V7 Le parfaict capitaine, autrement l'abbregé des guerres de Gaule des Commentaires de César. 22cm. Paris . Jean Houze. 1638ROLLIN Charles . . . see QUINTILIANUS Marcus Fabius - Institutionum...(1738)ROLLS George Washington Z77/35 The vicars-choral of Southwell Minster. 21cm. (n.p.) . (The Author). 1979 Contains notes by author in MS.ROLLS SERIES Z62-63, Z66/1-22 and Z67 (for individual works see the appropriate heading).. London. . ROLT Richard V28-31 An impartial representation of the conduct of the several powers of Europe engaged in the late general war. 4 vols. 20cm. London. for S Birt et al.. 1749-50ROMAN BREVIARY Q55-58 Breviarium Romanum ex decreto sacrosancti Concilii Tridentini restitutum. 4 vols. 17cm. Antwerp. Plantin. 1794ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH Q144 Rituale Romanum Pauli V Pont. Max. iussu editum. 20cm. Venice. Ciera. 1649ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. Catechism. X8 Catechismus ad parochos ex decreto Concilii Tridentini editus...opera P.D.L.H.P. 15cm. Paris . Frédéric Leonard. 1671ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH. Council of Trent Q172 Canones et decreta. 12cm. Paris . Jacques Lecoffre. 1870ROMAN CATHOLIC REGISTERS XA53 Roman Catholic registers. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1959ROMAN MISSAL. 1474 I14-15 Missale Romanum Mediolani 1474, edited by R. Lippe. 2 vols. (HBS, 17,33) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1899-1907ROMAN WALL etc Z111/6 Cuttings from unrecognised 18th century magazines relating to Roman Britain. 1 vol. 22cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1754

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ROMANOFF H C Z105/5 Sketches of the rites and customs of the Greco-Russian church. 2nd edn. 18cm. London. Rivington. 1869ROMESTIN Henry de (editor) . . . see DIDACHE - The teaching...(1888).RONSARD Pierre de T84-87 Les oeuvres. 4 vols. 13.5cm. Paris. Gabriel Buon. 1587ROOTHAAN Jean Philippe . . . see IGNATIUS LOYOLA St - Exercises...(1895).ROSARY Q46 Manual of the living rosary. 14cm. Dublin. Michael Reilly. 1841ROSCIUS Julius* et al K143 Ritratti et elogii di capitani illustri, dedicati al...Francesco d'Este, Duca di Modena. 22.5cm. Rome. Pompilio Totti. 1635ROSCOE Robert* S313 Chevy Chase, a poem, founded on the ancient ballad. 28cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1813ROSCOE William* X305 Memoir of Richard Roberts Jones of Aberdaron. 22cm. London. T Cadell and J and A Arch. 1822ROSE Hugh James UA21/14 An apology for the study of divinity. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1835ROSE Hugh James J125 The commission and consequent dutyes of the clergy. 4th edn. 22cm. London. Rivington. 1847ROSE William Stewart . . . see BERNI Francesco - The Orlando...(1823).ROSE William Stewart S320 The crusade of St. Lewis, and King Edward the Martyr. 27.5cm. London. Longman. 1810ROSENMÜLLER Ernst Friedrich Karl G227 Scholia in Psalmos 22cm. Leipzig. J. A. Barth. 1831ROSENMÜLLER Johann George G150-154 Scholia in Novum Testamentum. 5 vols 21cm. Nürnberg. Felsecker. 1803-15 Vol I is 6th edn, vols II-V, 5th edn.ROSER Peter X274K Diaskepsis theologica novae collectionis plusquam LX symbolorum haereticorum. 19cm. Rostock. Johann Weppling. 1706 Bound with BOECLER J H - Historia...(1695)ROSEWELL Samuel M32S The excellency of a good name and means to secure it. 22cm. London. J. Humfreys for John Lawrence . 1710 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711)ROSS Alexander V110 The history of the world...being a continuation of the famous history...of Sir Walter Raleigh... 33cm. London. for John Clark. 1652 Wing R1956.

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ROSS Frederick Z87/12-13 The ruined abbeys of Britain. 2 copies. 36cm. London. W Mackenzie. (1882)ROSSLYN MISSAL I13 The Rosslyn Missal, edited by H.J. Lawlor (HBS 15) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1899ROUEN. Diocese. Rituale. Z114/16 Rituale Rotomagense. 24.5cm. Rouen . Jacques-Joseph Le Boullenger. 1771ROUND James Thomas (editor) H140. . . see KEN Thomas - The prose works....(1838)ROUND THE ROUND WORLD Z53/1-2 (Canon Charles Bodington's scrap-book of a journey round the Empire in 1885-86; photographs and cuttings). 2 vols. 41cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). 1885-86ROUS Francis, the Younger X232B Archaeologiae Atticae libri septem. 8th edn. 198cm. Oxford. Hen.Hall for Ric.Davis. 1675 Wing R2040. Boud with: GODWYN T - Moses and Aaron...(1672).ROUTH Martin Joseph (editor) Q258-59 Scriptorum ecclesiasticorum opuscula. Editio altera. 2 vols. 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1840ROW Charles Adolphus Z25/25 Apostolical Christianity: its history and development. 17.5cm. London. Church of England Sunday School Institute. (c.1880)ROW CHarles Adolphus Z44/17 Christian evidences viewed in relation to modern thought. (Bampton Lectures 1877). 4th edn. 22cm. London. F Norgate. 1884ROW Charles Adolphus (editor) Z42/17 A manual of Christian evidences. 17cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1887ROWAN Arthur (editor) K106 Vita Beati Franconis e Chronico Monasterii Villarensis. 21cm. Dublin. Hodges, Smith. 1858ROWE Samuel J21 An appeal to the rubric. 17cm. London. J. Hatchard. 1841ROWLANDSON Thomas Z107/1-2 The English dance of death. 2 vols. 23cm. London. J Diggens for R Ackermann. 1815ROWLEY REGIS XA54-56 Rowley Regis parish registers. 3 vols. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1912-15ROYAL COMMISSION FOR BUILDING NEW CHURCHES Z86/40 Detailed statement of all the parishes, or of the churches therein, which have been brought within the...Church Building Acts...1818 up to...1853. 32cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1853ROYAL COMMISSION FOR BUILDING NEW CHURCHES Z86/43 Detailed statement of all the parishes and the churches therein, which have been brought within...the Church Building Acts...1818 up to...1847. 32cm. London. HMSO. 1847ROYAL COMMISSION ON ECCLESIASTICAL DISCIPLINE Z109/1-4 Report and minutes of evidence, vv 1, 3-4. (Cd 3040, 3069, 3071-72). 32cm. London. HMSO. 1906

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ROYAL MAUNDY. Lichfield 1988. CC13 (Boxfile of cuttings relating to the Royal Maundy of 1988) 36cm. (Lichfield). (n.p.). 1988RUDIMENTS Y149 Rudiments of ancient architecture. (4th edn.) 25cm. London. for J Taylor. 1810RUGELEY XA57 Rugeley parish register, part I only. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1928 No more published.RUHNKEN David P55 In Terentii comoedias dictata...cura Ludovico Schopeni. 19.5cm. Bonn . Ed. Weber. 1825RUINART Theoderic Q286 Historia persecutionis Vandalicae. 26cm. Venice. Guiseppe Bettinelli. 1732RUINART Thierry I146 Acta martyrum. 38cm. Verona. Tumermann. 1731RUINART Thierry (editor) I133. . . see GREGORY of Tours, St. - Opera omnia...(1699)RULE J31 The rule for finding Easter in the Book of Common Prayer. 14cm. London. J. Downing. 1712RUPERT Prince, of the Rhine Z114/8DDD His Highness Prince Rupert's letter to the Earl of Arlington. 27cm. Savoy . T Newcomb. 1673 Wing R2300. Bound with Z114/8A.RUPERTI Georg Alexander P215 Commentarius in Taciti Annales 22.5cm. London. R Priestly. 1825RUSHWORTH John V94 Historical collections...beginning the sixteenth year of King James, Anno 1618 and ending the fifth year of King Charles, Anno 1629. 30cm. London. Tho.Newcomb for George Thomasson. 1659 Wing R2316.RUSSELL Arthur Tozer H267 A letter to the Right Rev. the Lord Bishop of Oxford... 22cm. Cambridge. J. Palmer. 1862RUSSELL John Fuller (editor) Q34 The coronation service according to the use of the Church of England. 23cm. London. Basil Montagu Pickering. 1875 Bound with 5 other tracts binding numbered Q34-39.RUSSELL John, Earl Russell T170 An essay on the history of the English government and constitution. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. Longmans. 1823RUSSELL W V281-286 The history of modern Europe. 6 vols. New edn. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1827RUST George* X120 A letter of resolution concerning Origen and the chief of his opinions. 18.5cm. London. (n.p.). 1661 Wing R2365.

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RYDE John Gabriel* UA15/11 What is meant by apostolical succession? 22.5cm. Edinburgh. R Grant. 1856RYDER Henry UA26/4 A sermon preached at Saint Martin's church, Birmingham, on...October 9, 1825. 21.5cm. London. Rivington and Hatchard. 1826RYLAND Edward G191D The liturgy of the Church of England illustrated (drawings by Samuel Wale, engraved by various engravers) 17cm. London. Edward Ryland. 1755 Interspersed in: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER (1762)RYMER Thomas Z125/9-14 Foedera, conventiones, litterae...inter reges Angliae et alios...imperatores, reges...vel communitates. 3 vols (in 6). 44cm. London. (Eyre and Strachan). 1816-30S , L C Q200 MS notebook on Prayer Book lectures (noted as vol ii). 23cm. . . (c1845?;1880s? The hand is apparently that of Thomas Barns, the general appearance of the notebook is similar to Q199 and Q201, both from the 1880s-90s. The likelihood is that Barns copied out someone else's lecture notes from the earlier period.S , H Z9/7(1) Golden friendships. (The Rosemary Booklets). 15cm. London. Bailey Bros. n.d. (c1905)SACHEVERELL Henry Z77X/24 The nature and mischief of prejudice and partiality. 2nd edn. 18cm. London. H Hills. 1708SACHEVERELL Henry V86 The tryal of Dr Henry Sacheverell before the House of Peers. 31cm. London. for Jacob Tonson. 1710SACHS Hans S67 Eygentliche Beschreibung aller Stände auff Erden... 17.5cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. (n.p.). 1568SADLER Michael Ferrebee Z1/3 The gospel according to St Matthew. 2nd edn. 18cm. London. G Bell. 1885SADLER Michael Ferrebee Z1/4 The gospel according to St Mark. 18cm. London. G Bell. 1884SADLER Michael Ferrebee Z1/5 The gospel according to St Luke. 18cm. London. G Bell. 1886SADLER Michael Ferrebee Z1/6 The gospel according to St John. 18cm. London. G Bell. 1886

SAINT Andrew (editor) . . . see BROOKES Christopher, and SAINT Andrew (editor) - The Victorian church.... (1995)SAINT PATRICK'S CATHEDRAL Z27/15C The Cathedral Church of Saint Patrick: a history and description of the building, with a short account of the Deans/ by J H BERNARD, D.D. (Bell's Cathedral Series) 19cm. London. George Bell & Sons. 1903SALE George et al.* V187-206 An universal history from the earliest account of time. 20 vols. 20cm. London. T Osborn and A Millar. 1747-48

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SALELLES Sebastian L94-95 De materialiis tribunalium S.Inquisitionis. 2 vols. 31cm. Rome. Giovanni Pietro Collini. 1651-53SALES Sir William* T145 Theophania: or severall modern histories represented by way of romance, by an English person of quality. 21.5cm. London. T Newcomb for T Heath. 1655 Wing S371.SALISBURY CATHEDRAL U171 Statutes...ed. E A Dayman and W H Rich. Jones 25.5cm. Bath . W Lewis. 1883SALISBURY CATHEDRAL. Library. Z116/5 A catalogue of the library of the Cathedral Church of Salisbury. 24cm. London. Spottiswoode. 1880SALISBURY. Diocese Z94/19 Book of occasional offices authorized for use in the diocese of Salisbury. 22cm. Salisbury. Brown and Co.. 1917SALLENGRE Albert Henrich van W97-99 Novus thesaurus antiquitatum romanarum. 3 vols. 45cm. Haguen. Henrich du Sauzat and Petrus Gossius. 1716-24SALLUSTIUS CRISPUS Caius P282-84 C. Crispi Salustii (sic) quae extant...instruxit Franciscus Dorotheus Gerlach. 3 vols. 24.5cm. Basel . August Wieland. 1823-31SALLUSTIUS CRISPUS Caius X64 Quae integra supersunt opera. 13cm. London. Rodwell and Martin. 1818SALMASIUS Claudius X141 De Hellenistica commentarius. 16cm. Leiden. Elzevier. 1643SALMASIUS Claudius T291 Epistolarum liber primus. 23cm. Leiden. Adriaan Wyngaerden. 1656SALMASIUS Claudius* X142 Funus lingure Hellenisticae, sive confutatio exercitationis De Hellenistis et lingua Hellenistica. 15cm. Leiden. Johannes Maire. 1643SALMON George Z14/1 A historical introduction to the study of the books of the New Testament. 2nd end. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1880SALMON George Z44/14 The infallibility of the church. 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1888SALMON Nathaniel* K137 The lives of the English bishops from the Restauration to the Revolution. 19cm. London. J. Roberts. 1733 Originally published (in 5 parts) by Charles Rivington, 1731.SALMON Thomas X242 The modern gazetteer. 10th edn. 17cm. London. E Ballard et al.. 1782SALVIANUS of Marseilles Q187 Sanctorum presbyterorum Salviani Massilieniis et Vincentii Lerinensis opera, Stephanus Baluzius...illustravit. 3rd edn. 19cm. Paris . François Muguet. 1684SALVIANUS of Marseilles and VINCENT of Lérins X279 Opera: Stephanus Baluzius...illustravit. ed. 3a. 18.5cm. Paris . François Muguet. 1684

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SANCROFT William* UA26/3 The predestined thief. 20.5cm. London. Nichols, Son and Bentley. 1814 Translation of "Fur Praedestinatus" (1651).SANCROFT William* or SLATIUS Henricus* J157 Fur destinatus: sive dialogismus... Editio nova. 20cm. London. C. Sharpe. 1813SANCTIUS Franciscus Q348 Minerva, seu de causis linguae Latinae commentarius. 16.5cm. Amsterdam. Wetsten. 1704SANDAY William and HEADLAM Arthur Cayley Z4/10 A critical and exegetical commentary on the Epistle to the Romans. 5th edn. (I.C.C.) 20.5cm. Edinburgh. Clark. 1907SANDBY Paul K171 A collection of one hundred and fifty select views in England, Scotland and Ireland. 22cm. London. John Boydell. 1781SANDERSON Robert X96 De juramenti promissorii obligatione praelectiones septem. 16cm. London. B Motte. 1719SANDERSON Robert UA33/6 Lincoln Cathedral: an exact copy of all the ancient monumental inscriptions...[ed. by F Peck]. 22.5cm. London. Simpkin Marshall. 1851SANDERSON Robert E83 Twenty sermons. 31cm. London. R. Norton for Henry Seile. 1656 Wing S640SANDERSON Robert* E82 (Sermons.) 31cm. [London]. [A. Clark for A. Seile]. [1671] Lacks t-p. Wing S635SANDFORD Ernest Grey (editor) Z52/5-6 Memoir of Archbishop Temple by seven friends. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1906SANDFORD Francis Z85X/18 The history of the coronation of the most high, most mighty and most excellent monarch James II. 44cm. The Savoy. Thomas Newcomb. 1687 Wing S652.SANDYS Edwin U118 The sermons...ed. J Ayre. (Parker Society) 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1842SANDYS George C13 A paraphrase upon the divine poems 28cm. London. (John Legatt) at the Bell in St Paul's Churchyard. 1638 STC 21725SANDYS George R77 Sandys travels, containing an history of...the Turkish empire. 7th edn. 31cm. London. John Williams Junior. 1673 Wing S680.SANDYS Sir Edwyn J88 Europae speculum. 17cm. London. Thomas Basset. 1673 Wing S666.

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SANDYS William S256 Christmas carols ancient and modern. 21cm. London. Richard Beckley. 1833SANDYS William (editor)* S232 Specimens of macaronic poetry. 20cm. London. Richard Beckley. 1831SANSOVINO Francesco (editor)* T144 Cento novelle scelti da piu nobili scrittori della lingua volgare. 20.5cm. Venice. Heredi di Marchio Sessa. 1571SANTOLO Victorino Q14 Hymni sacri et novi. 13cm. Paris . D Thierry. 1689SARAPION Q47 Bishop Sarapion's prayer-book, translated...by John Wordsworth. 16.5cm. London. SPCK. 1899SARPI Pietro M76-77 Historie du Concile de Trente..traduit...par Pierre François Le Courayer. 2 vols. 33cm. London. Samuel Idle. 1736SARPI Pietro M89 The historie of the Council of Trent...translated...by Nathanael Brent. 34cm. London. Robert Barker and John Brill. 1620 STC 21761.SARPI Pietro Paolo M40 Discorso dell'origine, forma, leggi ed uso dell'Uffizio dell'Inquisitione nella Citta e Dominio di Venetia. 20cm. [n.p.]. [n.p]. 1638SARPI Pietro Paolo M17 Historia del concilio tridentino. 2nd edn. 22cm. Geneva. [n.p]. 1629SARPI Pietro Paolo Z135/7 Historia del Concilio Tridentino. 4a ed. 23cm. Geneva. Pierre Chouët. 1660SARPI Pietro Paolo M19 Historie du concile de Trente, traduit...de Jean Diodati. 23.5cm. Geneva. Estienne Gamonet. 1621SARPI Pietro Paolo* V12 Historia particolare delle cose passati tra il Sommo Pontifice Paolo V e la Serenissima Repblica de Venetia gli anni MDCV, MDCVI, MDCVII. 22cm . 'In Mirandola'. (n.p.). 1624SARPI Pietro* G136 Historia particolore delle cose passate tra' I Sommo Pontifice Paolo V e la Serenissima Republica di Venetia. Gli Anni MDCV, MDCVI, MDCVII. 22cm. [Lione (Venice?)]. In Mirandola (Aldus?). 1624SARUM BREVIARY Q54 Breviarii Sarisburiensis fasciculus secundus (only)...Editor Carolus Seager. 18cm. Augsburg. Margrethe Leistenscheider. 1905SARUM BREVIARY Q312-14 Breviarum ad usum insignis ecclesiae Sarum...(ed.) Francisci Procter et Christophori Wordsworth. 3 vols. 22cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1879-86 Another copy, vol II (only) held at Z19/1.SARUM BREVIARY Q68 Ecclesiae Anglicanae officia antiqua: portiforii seu breviarii Sarisburiensis...fasciculus primus. 17cm. London. J Leslie. 1843SARUM MARTILOGE I4. . . see PROCTER Francis and DEWICK Edward Samuel - The Martiloge... (1893)

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SARUM MISSAL . . . see DICKINSON Francis Henry - Missale...Sarum (1861-83)SARUM MISSAL . . . see WARREN Frederick Edward - The Sarum Missal....(1913)SARUM ORDINAL I18-19. . . see DIRECTORIUM SACERDOTUM - Ordinale Sarum...(1901-1902)SAULCY F. de . . . see DE SAULCY, F.SAUMAISE Claude de Z121/3 Apologie royale pour Charles I, roy d'Angleterre. 22cm. Paris . Mathurin Dupuis. 1650SAUMERY M de* W56-60 Les délices du païs de Liège. 5 vols. 32.5cm. Liège . Everard Kints. 1738-44SAUNDERS James T76 The compleat fisherman. 16cm. London. W Brown. 1724SAURIN Jacques D78 Dissertations ...on the most memorable events of the Old and New Testaments...Vol 1 (only) 34cm. London. T. Wood for W. Taylor. 1723SAVAGE Ernest Albert Z134/5 Old English libraries. 22cm. London. Methuen. 1911SAVAGE Henry Edwin Z9/8(4) A secular cathedral under Henry VIII and Edward VI. 23cm. London. SPCK. 1928 In: Theology, vol XVI, no 92.SAVAGE Henry Edwin Z9/5 Pastoral visitation. 17cm. London. Longmans. 1903SAVAGE Henry Edwin Gospel Case St. Chad, Bishop of York. (York Minster Historical Tracts no 4). 22cm. York . Dean and Chapter of York. 1927 Another copy Z134/19.SAVAGE Henry Edwin Z13/4 The gospel of the Kingdom. 22cm. London. Longmans. 1910SAVAGE Henry Edwin Gospel Case The St Chad's Gospels. (St Chad's Day Lecture 1931). 18cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1931 Another copy Z143/18SAVAGE Henry Edwin Gospel Case The story of St Chad's gospels. (Offprint from Birmingham and Midland Institute Transactions, 1914-15). 30cm. (Birmingham). (Birmingham and Midland Institute). (1915)SAVAGE Henry Edwin I154 The story of St. Chad's gospels [Offprint from Transactions of the Birmingham and Midland Archaeological Society, vol. 41) 29cm. [Birmingham]. . 1915SAVAGE Henry Edwin and SLATER T E Z134/17 Fellowship. 18.5cm. London. C.E.M.S.. 1916

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SAVAGE Henry Edwin* Y156A-C The story of Lichfield Cathedral. 3 vols. 16(18)cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 19(18-51)SAVAGE Morris Boscawen Z77X/12 Lichfield Cathedral: a history of the naval and military monuments, memorials and colours. 18cm. Lichfield. (Dean and Chapter). 1945 Another copy, 1949 repr. -Z77X/12A.SAVILE George, Marquis of Halifax UA32/5 A letter from a clergyman giving his reasons for refusing to administer baptism in private by the public form. 22cm. London. R Griffiths. 1754SAXO, Grammaticus V95 Saxonis Grammatici Danorum historiae libri XVI. 30cm. Basel . Johannes Bebelius. 1534SAXTON Christopher W103 (Atlas of England and Wales). 42.5cm. (London and Amsterdam). (Plantin). 1575-79 STC 21805.1. Imperfect, lacking all prelims other than 1 p. of Tabula. Engravers: Rimy Hogenberg, Augustine Ryther, Leonard Terworrb. Size of plates varies from 33 x 48cm to (Yorkshire) 54 x 74cm. In vellum binding for Edward, Earl of Hertford.SAYE Christopher X299 Onomastici literarii epitome. 21cm . Utrecht . G.T. a Paddenburg et al.. 1792SAYERS Dorothy L CC26a,b,c,d Just Vengeance (Lichfield Festival Play). London. . 1946SAYERS Frank T171 Disquisitions. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. Norwich. Stevenson and Matchett. 1808SAYERS Frank S249 Poetical works. 22.5cm. Norwich. S Wilkin. 1830SCALIGER Joseph T69 Epistolae omnes. 17cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Aubrius and Clemens Schleich. 1628SCALIGER Joseph R116 Opus de emendatione temporum. 35cm. Köln . Rover. 1629SCAPULA Johannes N56 Lexicon graeco-latinum novum. Ed. ultima. 32cm. Geneva. Philippe Albert. 1628SCARGILL William Pitt* X311 The autobiography of a dissenting minister. 17cm. London. Smith, Elder. 1834SCHAEFER Gottfried Heinrich . . . see GREGORIUS Corinthius - Libri...(1811)SCHAFF Philip Z28/15-22 History of the Christian church. 8 vols. New edn. 22.5cm. Edinburgh. T and T Clarke. 1883-85SCHAFF Philip (co-editor) . . . see WACE Henry and SCHAFF Philip (editors) - A select library...(1890-1900).

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SCHAUFELBERGER Johann O54-57 Nova clavis Homerica. 8 vols (in 4). 20.5cm. Zürich. Heidegger. 1761-68SCHEDEL Hartmann AA2 Liber chronicarum. 48cm. Nürnberg. Anton Koberger. 1493 Hain *14508. BM Inc II,437. Goff S307. Complete.SCHEDIUS Elias X158 De dis Germanis...syngramma quatuor. 15cm. Amsterdam. Elzevier. 1648SCHEELE Paul-Werner Z4/12 A-B Die Stimme der Iren: Heimat, Erbe und Auftrag Kilians und seiner Gefährten. 2 copies. 20cm. Würzburg. Echter. 1989SCHEIDIUS Balthasar P44B Promptuarium Herodiani. (18.5cm. (Strassburg). (Josias Staedel). (1694) Bound with: HERODIAN - Historiarum libri VIII...(1694)SCHELD Balthasar . . . see MEUSCHEN Johann Gerhard - Novum Testamentum ex Talmude...(1736)SCHELLER Immanuel Johann Gerhard P286-87 A copious Latin grammar, translated...by George Walker. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1825SCHEPSS Georg . . . see PRISCILLIANUS - Priscilliani quae supersunt...(1889)SCHEUTZER Johann Gaspar, trsl. . . . see KAEMPFER Engelbrecht - The history...(1727).SCHINDLER Valentin N64 Lexicon pentaglotton 33cm. Hanover. Johann Jakob Henneius. 1612SCHLEIERMACHER Friedrich G211 A critical essay on the Gospel of St. Luke. 22.5cm. London. John Taylor. 1825SCHLEUSNER Johann Friedrich N10-11 Novum lexicon graeco-latinum in Novum Testamentum...juxta editionem Lipsiensem quartam. 2 vols. 21.5cm. Glasgow. A. and J.M. Duncan. 1824SCHLEUSNER Johann Friedrich G177-179 Novus thesaurus philologico-criticus sive lexicon in LXX. 3 vols. 2nd edn 22.5cm. London. James Duncan. 1829SCHLEUSNER Johann Friedrich N7-9 Novus thesaurus philologico-criticus, sive Lexicon in LXX...Veteris Testamenti. 3 vols. 2nd edn. 21cm. Glasgow. A. and J.M. Duncan. 1822SCHMIDT Erasmus . . . see PINDAR - Pindarou periodos...(1616)SCHMIDT Erasmus G144 Novi Testamenti graeci...tameion aliis concordantiae. 2 vols (in 1) Nova editio. 21cm. Glasgow. Thomas Hamilton. 1819

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SCHMIEDER Beniamin Friedrich P209 Commentarius in M. Accii Plauti quae supersunt comoedias. 21cm. Göttingen. Heinrich Dieterich. 1804SCHNEIDER Johann Gottlob . . . see XENOPHON - Memorabilia Socratis...(1826)SCHNEIDER Johann Gottlob . . . see XENOPHON - Oeconomicus...(1826)SCHNEIDER Johann Gottlob . . . see ARISTOTLE - Politicorum...(1809)SCHOETTGEN Christian . London. . see BIBLE. New Testament. Greek - He kaine diatheke...Schoettgenius (1765)SCHOETTGEN Christian Z130/10-11 Horae hebraicae et talmudicae. 2 vols. 23cm. Dresden. Christopher and Friedrich Hekel. 1733-42SCHOLEFELD James . . . see AESCHYLUS - Aeschylus...(1830)SCHOLEFIELD James . . . see DOBREE Peter Paul - Adversario...(1843)SCHOLEFIELD James G160 Hints for an improved translation of the New Testament. 2nd edn 22cm. Cambridge. Pitt Press (for J. & J. Deighton). 1836SCHOLEFIELD James (editor) . . . see PILKINGTON James - The works...(1842)SCHOLFIELD James G160A Appendix to Hints for an improved translation of the New Testament. 22cm. Cambridge. Pitt Press (for J. & J. Deighton). 1849SCHÖMANN Georg Friedrich . . . see ISAEUS - Orationes XI...(1831)SCHUBERT Hans von Z27/30 Outlines of church history, trsl. M A Canney. 21.5cm. London. Williams and Norgate. 1907SCHULZ Albert UA1/9 An essay on the influence of Welsh tradition upon the literature of Germany, France and Scandinavia. 22cm. Llandovery. William Rees. 1841SCHULZE Jacob Ludwig . . . see THEODORET St, of Cyr - Opera omnia...(1769-74)SCHUMANN Johann Daniel H291G Dissertatio de origine vera traditionis falsae de Joanna Papissa. 20cm. Göttingen. Johann Friedrich Hager. 1739 Proeses: Christopher August Heumann. Bound with:[PATRICK S] - The Virgin Mary misrepresented...(1688)SCHÜRER Emil Q203-206 Geschichte des jüdischen Volkes im Zeitalter Jesu Christi. 3 vols (+ Index vol.) 22.5cm. Leipzig. J C Hinrichs. 1890-1902SCHWEIGHAEUSER Johannes . . . see POLYBIUS - Lexicon...(1822)

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SCHWEIGHAEUSER Johannes P160-61 Lexicon Herodoteanum. 2 vols. 22cm. Strassburg. Treuttel and Würtz. 1824SCLATER William Z135/9 (An exposition with notes upon the first (second) epistle to the Thessalonians. 2 vols (in 1). 18.5cm. (London). (M Flesher et al.). (1627) STC 21835. Lacks both tps.SCLATER William K38 The original draught of the primitive church. New edn. 17cm. Oxford. D.A.Talboys. 1840SCOTLAND. Records Commission. Z63X/9 Proceedings...1806-08 so far as relates to Scotland. 43cm. London. House of Lords. 1808SCOTLAND. Records. Z112/16 Scotland: documents and records illustrating the history of Scotland...in the Treasury of Her Majesty's Exchequer...ed. Sir F Palgrave. Vol I (only). 25cm. London. Commissioners of the Public Records. 1837SCOTT George Gilbert Z81/20 A sketch of the restoration...in Lichfield Cathedral. 22.5cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1861SCOTT George Gilbert Z86/9 An essay on the history of English church architecture. 31cm. London. Simpkin Marshall. 1881SCOTT John E89-90 The works. 2 vols 34cm. London. J.L. for T. Home. 1718SCOTT Sir George Gilbert UA6/2 Report made by order of the Dean and Chapter on the state of the fabric of St David's Cathedral. 22cm. (London). (Camden Press). 1862SCOTT Sir Walter Z119/5 Letters on demonology and witchcraft. (Family Library, Vol XVI). 16cm. London. J Murray. 1830SCOTT Sir Walter VX. 16 & 17 Memoirs of the Life of..... (4 vols in 2) by J G LOCKHART 21.5cm. Paris. Baudry. 1842SCOTT Sir Walter V76-77 The border antiquities of England and Scotland. 2 vols. 29cm. London. Longman. 1814SCOTT Sir Walter S71-74 The minstrelsy of the Scottish border. 4 vols. 17.5cm. Edinburgh. A & C Black. 1807 (ie 1857)SCOTT Sir Walter S241 The poetical works. 25cm. Edinburgh. Robert Cadell. 1848SCOTT Sir Walter S179 The poetry contained in the novels, tales and romances. 16.5cm. Edinburgh. A Constable. 1822SCOTT Sir Walter Z119/14-16 The prose works, vols 5-7. 16cm. Edinburgh. R Cadell. 1834-49SCOTT Sir Walter (editor)* S295-299 The modern British drama. 5 vols. 25cm. London. W Miller. 1811

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SCOTT Sir Walter (presumed editor)* S292-94 The ancient British drama. 3 vols. 25cm. London. W Miller. 1810SCOTT Sir Walter* X229 The bridal of Triermain. 5th edn. 16.5cm. Edinburgh. James Ballantyne. 1817SCOTT Sir William UA8/9 Substance of the speech...delivered in the House of Commons, Wednesday, April 7, 1802. 24cm. London. Cobbett and Morgan. 1802SCOTT Thomas A1-6 see BIBLE. English....1830. . . SCOTTO Annibale O143 In P. Cornelii Taciti annales et historias commentarii ad politicum et aulicum rationem. 33cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. . 1592SCOTUS ERIGENA Joannes Z98/9 De divisione naturae. 29cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1681 Wing J747.SCOUGAL Henry* X89 The life of God in the soul of man. 2nd edn. 16cm. London. for T Dring and J Weld. 1691 Wing S2102.SCRAFTON Luke V337 Reflections on the government of Indostan. 21.5cm. London. Strachan and Cadell. 1770SCRAP-BOOKS CC3-5 Three scrapbooks of photographs and cuttings, originals collected by Canon Charles Bodington. 3 volumes. 27cm. . . 1900SCRAP-BOOKS CC1-2 Two scrapbooks of photographs and cuttings, donated by Rev W Hutchinson 2 vols. 27cm. . . 1880SCRIPTORES POST THEOPHANEM . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 16,(1729).SCRIPTORES REI RUSTICAE P218 Lexicon rusticum (Scriptores rei rusticae veteres Latini e recensione Jo. Matth. Gesneri, vol.4) 21cm. Zweibrücken. Typographia Societatis. 1788SCRIPTURAL EPITAPHS X110 Scriptural epitaphs. 15cm. London. Smith, Elder. 1847SCRIVENER Frederick Henry Ambrose Z4/3 A plain introduction to the criticism of the New Testament for the use of Biblical students. 3rd edn. 21.5cm. Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1883SCRIVENER Frederick Henry Z15/6 A supplement to the Authorised English version of the New Testament, vol I (only). 22cm. London. W Pickering. 1845SCRIVENER Frederick Henry U166 An exact transcript of the Codex Augiensis. 24cm. Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1859SCRIVENER Frederick Henry Ambrose Gospel Case Codex S. Ceaddae latinus...cum Codice Amiatino contulit prolegomena conscripsit... 39cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1887

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SCRIVENER Frederick Henry Ambrose Z1/14 Six lectures on the text of the New Testament. 18cm. Cambridge. Deighton Bell. 1875SCRIVENER Matthew F50 Apologia pro S. Ecclesiae patribus adversus Joannes Dallaeum... 22.5cm. London. William Wells and Robert Scott. 1672 Wing S2116SCUDERY Madeleine de T262-64 Artamenes, or the grand Cyrus. 10 parts (in 3 vols). 27cm. London. Humphrey Moseley. 1653-55 Wing S2144. Lacks tp of part 5.SCUDERY Madeleine de T265 Ibrahim, or the illustrious bassa. 27.5cm. London. Humphrey Moseley. 1652 Wing S2150.SEAGER Charles . . . see SARUM BREVIARY - Breviarii...(1905)SEARCH Edward (pseudonym for Abraham TUCKER) . . . see TUCKER Abraham - Freewill...(1763)SEARLE William George Y142 Anglo-Saxon bishops, kings and nobles. Vol 2 (only). 23.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1899SEBER Wolfgang O38 Index vocabulorum in Homeri Iliada atque Odyssea. Ed. nova. 23cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press . 1780SECKENDORF Vitus Ludwig von M88 Commentarius historicus et apologeticus de Lutheranismo. 32.5cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Johann Friedrich Gleditsch. 1692SECKER Thomas M32I A sermon preached before...Lord Mayor...on Monday in Easter-Week, 1738. 22cm. London. for J. and J. Pemberton. 1738 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711)SECKER Thomas G118-119 Lectures on the Catechism. 2 vols 21cm. London. Rivington. 1769SECKER Thomas H225-230 The works. 6 vols. New edn 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1811SEDGLEY XA58 Sedgley parish register. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1941SEDGWICK Adam T114 A discourse on the studies of the University of Cambridge. 5th edn. 20cm. London. J W Parker. 1850SEECK Otto . . . see SYMMACHUS Quintus Aurelius - Quae supersunt...(1883)SEED Jereimah H22-23 The posthumous works. 2 vols 21cm. London. M. Seed. 1750SEED Jeremiah H20-21 Discourses on several important subjects. 2 vols. 3rd edn 21cm. London. R. Manby and H. S. Cox. 1747

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SEELEY Sir John Robert* Z44/19 Ecce homo: a survey of the life and work of Jesus Christ. 2nd edn. 22/5cm. London. Macmillan. 1866SEGUINUS Petrus R49B Selecta numismata antiqua. 22.5cm. Paris . Sebastien Mabre-Cramoisy. 1666 Bound with: STRADA J - Epitome...(1553)SEIZ Johann Christian R55 Annus tertius saecularis inventae artis typographicae. 20cm. Harlem. Isaac and Jan Enschade. 1741SELDEN John . . . see BACON Nathaniel - An historical..discourse...(1760).SELDEN John X150 De dis Syris syntagmata II. 16cm. Amsterdam. Hendrik and Theodor Boom. 1680SELDEN John Z98/10 De iure naturali et gentium. 29cm. London. Richard Bishop. 1640 STC 22168.SELDEN John L10-11 De synedris. 2 vols 18cm. London. James Flesher. 1650-53 Wing S2425-2425+.SELDEN John R14 Marmora Arundelliana, sive saxa Graeca incisa. 21.5cm. London. William Stanesby. 1628 STC 823.SELDEN John Z60X/6 Of the dominion, or, ownership of the sea. 28.5cm. London. William Du-Gard. 1652 Wing S2432.SELDEN John U167 The history of tithes. 18.5cm. (London). (n.p.). 1618 STC 22172.SELDEN John T19 The table-talk. 2nd edn. 17cm. London. J R Smith. 1856SELECT Z105/34 A select collection of poems from the most approved authors. Vol 2 (only). 18cm. Edinburgh. A Donaldson. 1768SELLER John W105 The English pilot. 2 vols (in 1). 43cm. London. John Derby. 1671-72 Wing S2472. Lacks vol.3 (1675).SELWYN George Augustus Z31/16 Diocesan scrapbook, 1870-80. 52cm. (Lichfield). (n.p.). (1881) Pp.200. Used as Cathedral Scrapbook 1983 and 1992.SEMEDO Alvarez V96 The history of the great and renowned monarchy in China. 27.5cm. London. E Tyler for John Crook. 1655 Wing S2490.

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SENAULT François T139 De l'usage des passions. 21.5cm. Paris . Veuve Jean Camusat. 1642SENECA O15a Select letters. Edited by Walter C Summers. 16.5cm. London. Macmillan (and) St Martin's Press. 1970SENECA Lucius Annaeus O6 Les epistres de Seneque traduites par.. François de Malherbe. 22cm. Paris. Antoine de Sommaville. 1637SENECA Lucius Annaeus X44 Opera omnia. 12cm. Leiden. Elzevier. 1640SENECA Lucius Annaeus X55 Opera omnia...M.Annaei Rhetoris quae extant. 2 vols (in 1). 12cm. Amsterdam. Willem Janszoon Casius. 1628SENECA Lucius Annaeus O113 Opera quae extant omnia a Justo Lipsio...illustrata. 4th edn. 40cm. Antwerp. Plantin. 1652SENECA Lucius Annaeus O61 The workes, both moral and natural...translated by T. Lodge. 30.5cm. London. William Stansby. 1614 STC 22213.SENECA Lucius Annaeus O15 Tragoediae: I.F. Gronovius recensuit. 18cm. Amsterdam. Jodocus Pluymer. 1642SENECA Marcus Annaeus X56 Suasoriae, controversiae cum declamationum excerptis. Tomus Tertius (only). 12cm. Leiden. Elzevier. 1639SENENSIS Sixtus F1 Bibliotheca sancta...ex Praecipius catholicae ecclesiae authoribus collecta... 31cm. Köln. Mateous Cholinus. 1586SERCES James, attrib.* J270F Popery always the same... 19.5cm. London. J. Oliver. 1746 Bound with: SEWARD T - The conformity...(1745)SERMON UA39/2 A sermon, etc. (on John IV, 23) 20.5cm. (n.p.). (n.p.). (17 ?) Lacks tp and any prelims (begins on sig.B). Title from headline.SEROUX D'AGINCOURT Jean-Baptiste Louis Georges Z46/1 History of art by its monuments. Vol I (only). 50cm. London. Longmans. 1847SERRES Jean de V91 A general inventorie of the history of France... translated by ...Edward Grimeston. 31cm. London. George Eld. 1607 STC 22244.SERVICE Z52/26 The Sunday Eucharist, 10.30am. . . . October 1996 First draft.SEWARD Anna T93-96 Anecdotes of distinguished persons. 4th edn. 4 vols. 22.5cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1798SEWARD Anna T26-31 Letters. 6 vols. 20cm. Edinburgh. George Ramsay. 1811

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SEWARD Anna Z54/19 Memoirs of the life of Dr Darwin, chiefly during his residence at Lichfield. 20cm. London. for J Johnson. 1804SEWARD Anna T23-25 The poetical works. 3 vols. 19cm. Edinburgh. James Ballantyne. 1810SEWARD Thomas J270A & J279 The conformity between Popery and paganism. 2 copies 19.5cm. London. Tonson and Draper. 1746 Bound with five other pamphlets Another copy J279SEWELL George (editor) . . . see SHAKESPEARE William - The works...(1728)SEYMOUR Edward Z36/34 The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, commonly called Christ Church, Dublin. 48cm. London. Sutton, Sharpe. 1882SGUROPOULOS Sylvester L40 Vera historia unionis non verae. 29.5cm. Haguen. Adriaan Vlacq. 1660SHAFTESBURY Anthony Ashley Cooper, Earl of Z114/8II The Lord Chancellor's speech....26 June 1673. 27cm. London. (n.p.). 1673 Wing S2904. Bound with Z114/8A.SHAKESPEARE William S143 The dramatic works. 18cm. Chiswick. Charles Whittingham. 1823SHAKESPEARE William S78 The poems of Shakespeare. 17cm. London. William Pickering. 1832SHAKESPEARE William S38-47 The works, in ten volumes - (ed.) by (A) Pope and (G) Sewell. 16cm. London. J and J Knapton. 1728SHAKESPEARE William S132-36 The works...in seven volumes (lacking vv.5 and 7)...collated by (Lewis) Theobald. 20cm. London. A Bettesworth et al. 1733SHARP Granville J195C A dissertation on the supreme divine dignity of the Messiah. 17cm. London. R. Edwards . 1806 Bound with: SHARP G - Remarks...(1803)SHARP Granville J195A Remarks on the use of the definitive article in the Greek text of the New Testament. 3rd edn 17cm. London. Vernon and Hood et al. 1803 Bound with three other tracts.SHARP John H173-177 The theological works. New edn. 5 vols 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1829SHARP Richard T47 Letters and essays in prose and verse. 3rd edn. 17cm. London. E Moxon. 1834SHARP Samuel W12 Letters from Italy...3rd edn. 20cm. London. Henry and Cave. (1765)

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SHARP Thomas C50 Symphonia prophetarum et apostolorum. 22.5cm. Geneva. Petrus et Jacobus Chouët. 1639SHARP Thomas J108 The rubric in the Book of Common Prayer 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press . 1834SHARPE Edmund K189 Decorated windoes: a series of illustrations. 22cm. London. John van Voorst. 1849SHARPE Gregory UA1/5 The rise and fall...of Jerusalem 21.5cm. London. W Richardson and S Clarke. 1765SHARPE jOHN z2/15 Micah: a new translation with rules. 19cm. Cambridge. J Hall. 1876SHARPE Lancelot P63 Nomenclator poeticus. 18.5cm. London. Rivington. 1836SHARPE William UA38/3 An examination of certain prevailing opinions on some of the fundamental doctrines of Christianity. 3rd edn. 22cm. Bristol. Barry and Sons. 1823 Contains one proof-corrected leaf (pp.31-32) of an earlier edition.SHARROCK Robert X102 Provinciale vetus provinciae Cantuariensis. 15cm. Oxford. Henry Hall. 1664 Wing L3564C.SHAW Henry Watkins Z11/22 Sir Frederick Ouseley and St Michael's Tenbury. 21cm. Birmingham. University of Birmingham. 1988SHAW Stebbing K224 A tour to the West of England in 1788. 21cm. London. Robson and Clarke. 1789SHAW Stebbing BB18 Shaw's history of Lichfield illustrated by J Hewitt. 44cm. (London). (J NIchols). (1802) 1828 Grangerised copy of the 1802 printing of Shaw's Staffordshire relating to Lichfield, with hand-made tp.SHAW Stebbing W106-107 The history and antiquities of Staffordshire. 2 vols. 43.5cm. London. J Nichols. 1798-1801SHAW Stebbing Z85X/11 The history and antiquities of Lichfield. 41cm. Birmingham. (n.p.). 1812 Grangerised extract of the original History of Staffordshire, with new tp.SHAW Stebbing Z99/14 The history and antiquities of Burton, Tutbury and Needwood forest. 44cm. Birmingham. Swinney and Ferrall. 1812 Reprint of extract from Shaw's History of Staffordshire (1798-1802).SHAW Stebbing* Z99/4-6 Lichfield. (extract from "Staffordshire"). 3 copies. 43cm. (London). (J Nichols). (1798) Copy 1 has MS title-page. Copy 2 grangerised. Copy 3 unbound, defective.SHELDON Gilbert* X114 The dignity of Kingship asserted...(by "G Searle", i.e. Gilbert Sheldon).

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14.5cm. London. E.C.for H Seile. 1660 Wing S3069.SHELDON John YA58 A short history of Baslow and Bubnell, ed. by S M Evans. 29cm. Baslow. S M Evans. 1986SHELLEY Percy Bysshe S244 The poetical works, ed. by (Mary) Shelley. 24cm. London. E Moxon. 1840SHEPARD Thomas J78 Theses Sabbaticae. 19cm. London. T.R. and F.M. for John Rothwell. 1649 Wing S3144.SHEPHERD John J201-202 A critical and practical elucidation of the Book of Common Prayer. 2 vols. (3rd edn. of vol.I, 2nd edn. of vol. II) 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1817SHEPHERD William J26 Liturgical considerations. 17cm. London. Longman. 1824SHERIDAN Richard Brinsley UA28/9 The genuine speech...against Warren Hastings, Esq. 2nd edn. 22.5cm. London. W Richardson. (1788?)SHERLOCK Richard E66 The Quakers wilde questions...with briefe answers thereunto. 19cm. London. E. Cotes. 1656 Wing S3255SHERLOCK Thomas H34-35 Sermons preached upon several occasions. 2 vols. 4th edn 20cm. London. R. Ware et al. 1755SHERLOCK Thomas H36-39 Several discourses preached at the Temple Church. 4 vols. 6th edn 20cm. London. J. Whiston. 1772SHERLOCK Thomas H287A The use and intent of prophecy. 6th edn 21cm. London. J. Whiston and B. White. 1755 Bound with:[SHERLOCK T] - The tryal of witnesses...(1755)SHERLOCK Thomas* H287B The tryal of witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus. 13th edn 21cm. London. J. Whiston and B. White. 1755 Bound with: SHERLOCK T - The use and intent of prophecy. (1755)SHERLOCK William E33H A vindication of the Case of allegiance due to foreign princes... 20cm. London. for W. Rogers. 1691 Wing S3375. Bound with TURNER J - A brief vindication...(1702)SHERLOCK William E33C The case of the allegiance due to sovereign powers. 20cm. London. for W. Rogers. 1691 Wing S3269. Bound with: TURNER J - A brief vindication...(1702)SHERWILL Thomas UA26/15 Church-conformity asserted and vindicated. 2nd edn. 20cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1704SHIPLEY Doby (editor) Q97 Lyra messianica. 16.5cm. London. Longmans. 1864SHIRLEY Walter Waddington (editor)

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. . . see HENRY III, King of England - Royal...letters...(1862-66).SHIRLEY Walter Waddington (editor) . . . see FASCICULI ZIZANIORUM - Fasciculi...(1858).SHREVELIUS Cornelius I62. . . see MARTIAL - Epigrammata...(1670)SHREWSBURY SCHOOL UA32/3 Speeches and distribution of prizes, June 7, 1836. 22.5cm. Shrewsbury. John Eddowes. 1836SHREWSBURY. Borough. Z82/22 Calendar of the muniments and records of the borough of Shrewsbury. 21cm. Shrewsbury. L Wilding. 1896SHREWSBURY. Corporation. Z82/24 Shrewsbury illustrated: the official guide. 2nd edn. 22cm. Shrewsbury. L Wilding. 1908SHROPSHIRE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY Z85/10-41 Transactions, 2nd series, vols 1-12; 3rd series, vols 1-5, 6 pt i-ii, 8 pt ii, 9 pt i-iii, 10 pt i-ii; 4th series, vols 1 pt i-iii, 2 pt i-ii, 5 pt i-ii. 32 parts. 22cm. Shrewsbury. Adnitt and Naunton for the Society. 1889-1915SHROPSHIRE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY Z11/1-10 Transactions, 3rd series, vols 6-8; 4th series, vol 2, pt 3, vol 4, pts 1-2, vol 6, pts 1-2, vol 7, pt 2, vol 9, pt 2. 10 vols. 22cm. Shrewsbury. Hobson and Co. for the Society. 1906-24SHROPSHIRE PARISH RECORD SOCIETY Z78/28 Nonconformist registers, part II (only). 21cm. (Shrewsbury). S.P.R.S.. 1922SHROPSHIRE PARISH REGISTER SOCIETY Z77/36-43 and Z78/1-6 Hereford diocese, vols.1-6, 8 pt 2, 9, 13-16, 17, 18 pts 1-2. 21cm. (Shrewsbury). S.P.R.S.. 1900-- Imperfect set.SHROPSHIRE PARISH REGISTER SOCIETY Z78/7-20 Lichfield diocese, vols.1-7, 8(prelims only), 9 pts 1-2, 10-12, 13 pts 1-2, 14-15, 16 pts 1-2, 17. 21cm. (Shrewsbury). S.P.R.S.. 1900-- Imperfect set. (also) Miscellaneous indexes of unbound parts - Z78/21-22.SHROPSHIRE PARISH REGISTER SOCIETY Z78/29 Roman Catholic registers. 21cm. (Shrewsbury). S.P.R.S.. 1913SHROPSHIRE PARISH REGISTER SOCIETY Z78/23-27 St Asaph diocese, vols.2 pt 3, 3-6, 8. 21cm. (Shrewsbury). S.P.R.S.. 1900-- Imperfect set.SHROPSHIRE. County Library. Z133/4 Catalogue of books from parochial libraries in Shropshire. 27cm. London. Mansell. 1971SHROPSHIRE. Wills. 1510-1652 Z9/9(1) A calendar of wills and administrations relating to Shropshire and other counties in the ancient diocese of Lichfield, 1510 to 1652. 25cm. Shrewsbury. Adnitt and Naunton for the Society. 1889 from: Transactions of the Shropshire Archaeological and Natural History Society, 2nd Series, 1888-89).

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SHUCKFORD Samuel M41-43 The sacred and prophane history of the world connected. 3 vols. 2nd edn. 20cm. London. R. Knaplock and J. Tonson. 1731-40SHUTTLEWORTH Philip Nicholas G221 A paraphrastic translation of the Apostolical Epistles. 4th edn 22cm. London. J. G. F. and J. Rivington. 1840SIBBALD James S163-66 Chronicle of Scottish poetry. 4 vols. 19cm. Edinburgh. J Sibbald. 1802SIBBES Richard Z77X/17 [Beames of divine light in xxi sermons] 19cm. London. G M(iller) for N Bourne and R Hartford. 1639 STC 22475. Imperfect, lacking overall tp and signature A.SICCAMA Sibrand R12 Fastorum kalendarium lib.II. 23cm. Amsterdam. Zacharias Heyns. 1600SIDNEY Sir Philip S262 The miscellaneous works. 20cm. Oxford. D A Talboys. 1829SIDONIUS APOLLINARIS Caius Sollius Q82 Opera. 22.5cm. Paris . Adrian Perrier. 1599SIEBELIS Karl Gottfried P45 Hellenika seu antiquissimae Graecorum historiae res insigniores. Ed. altera. 2 vols (in 1) 16.5cm. Leipzig. Barth. 1803-15 2nd edn. bound before 1st.SIGONIUS Carolus X152 De republica Hebraeorum libri VIII. 16cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Andreas Wechsel. 1583SILHON Jean de F41 De l'immortalité de l'âme. 23cm. Paris . Pierre Billaine. 1634SILVIUS Aeneas . . . see PIUS II, Pope - (Epistolae...1481).SIMMS Rupert YA1 Bibliotheca Staffordiensis. 28.5cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1894 Another copy, Z86/6.SIMON Richard C51 Critical enquiries into the various editions of the Bible. 22.5cm. London. Thomas Bradyll. 1684 Wing S3800SIMONIDES Constantine Z111/18 Facsimiles of certain portions of the gospel of St Matthew and of the epistles of SS James and Jude. 37cm. London. Trübner. 1861SIMONIDES Constantine Z111/17 Leipsana historike: A. Ho Thebaike Kodex. B. Androsthanous Diodorou: Ton Thosion. C. Historika Temachia Anepigrapha. 36cm. Liverpool. David Marpeson. 1864 Forgeries by Simonides.SIMONIDES Constantine* Z111/16 The Periplus of Hannon. 27.5cm. London. Trübner. 1864

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SIMPSON Llewellyn Lloyd (editor) Z77/24 The parish registers of St Wystan's church, Repton...1578-1670 23cm. Derby . Privately Printed. 1913SIMPSON William Sparrow Z116/3 S.Paul's Cathedral library: a catalogue of Bibles, rituals and rare books... 23cm. London. Elliot Stock. 1893SIMPSON William Sparrow (editor) D88 Registrum statutorum et consuetudinum ecclesia cathedralis Sancti Pauli Londinensis. 30cm. London. Nichols (for the Dean and Chapter). 1873SINCLAIR John UA25/4 An essay on papal infallibility. 18cm. London. Rivington. 1850SINCLAIR John J349 Dissertations vindicating the Church of England. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1833SINGER Samuel Walley . . . see WAYLAND SMITH - Wayland Smith...(1847).SINGER Samuel Weller (editor) . . . see HALL Joseph - Satires...(1824)SIRMONDUS Jacobus . . . see THEODORET St, of Cyr - Opera omnia...(1769-74).SKEATS Herbert S Z17/10 A History of the Free Churches of England. 22.5cm. London. Arthur Miall. 1869SKELTON Philip* UA13/2 Some proposals for the revival of Christianity. 16cm. (Dublin). (n.p.). 1736SKENE Sir John, Lord Currichill* Z120/3 De verborum significatione: the exposition of the termes and difficill wordes. 18cm. London. for E.G.. 1641 Wing C7681.SKILBECK Clement O Q238 Illustrations of the liturgy. (Alcuin Club: Collections 19). 27.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1912SKINNER George . . . see FRENCH William - A translation of the Book of Psalms...(1842)SKINNER James Z91/13-14 Adventures during a journey overland to India...2 vols. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. R Bentley. 1837SKINNER John J121 The office for the sacrament of the Lord's Supper...of the Episcopal Church in Scotland. 22cm. Aberdeen. J. Chalmers. 1867SLACK Walter John Z22/14 The lordship of Oswestry. 21cm. Shrewsbury. Shropshire Archaeol. Society. 1951SLADE Cecil Frederick Z114/19 The Staffordshire Domesday. 30cm. Stafford. Staffordshire County Library. 1985 (repr)SLADE James G161-162 Annotations on the Epistles. 2 vols. 4th edn 22cm. London. J.G. & F Rivington. 1836SLATER T E (co-author)

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. . . see SAVAGE Henry Edwin and SLATER T E - Fellowship (1916).SLATIUS Henricus (co-author)* J157. . . see SANCROFT William* - Fur destinatus...(1813)SLEIDAN Jan M95 The general history of the Reformation of the Church...to which is added a continuation...by Edmund Bohun. 31cm. London. Edward Jones for Abel Swall. 1689 Wing S3989.SLEIGH John Z87/14 A history of the ancient parish of Leek. 2nd edn. 31cm. London. Bemrose. 1883 No.420 of limited edition.SLOCOCK Samuel UA38/5 A vindication of the supreme divinity of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. 23cm. London. Rivington. 1822SLUITER Jan Otto . . . see LUZAC Johannes - Lectiones Atticae...(1809)SMALLBROKE Richard E17-18 A vindication of the miracles of our Blessed Saviour. 2 vols 19.5cm. London. James and John Knapton. 1729SMALRIDGE George E100 Sixty sermons preach'd on several occasions. 2nd edn. 39cm. London. W. and J. Innes. 1727SMALRIDGE George* F51B Animadversioris on the eight theses...in a discourse entitl'd Church-Government, Part V... 23.5cm. Oxford. at the Theater. 1687 Wing S4010A. Bound with ALDRICH H*- A reply to two discourses...(1687)SMALRIDGE George* F51C Reflections on the historical part of Church-Government, Part V... 23.5cm. Oxford. at the Theater. 1687 Wing S4010C. Bound with ALDRICH H* - A reply to two discourses...(1687)SMART Peter BB1A The vanitie and downe-fall of superstitious Popish ceremonies. 18.5cm. Edinburgh. Heirs of Robert Charteris. 1628 SR 22643.SMEDLEY Edward M58-60 History of the reformed religion in France. 3 vols. 17cm. London. Rivington. 1832SMEDLEY Edward Arthur T299 A treatise on moral evidence. 22.5cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1850SMITH Charles John K253 Historical and literary curiosities. 28.5cm. London. Henry G. Bohn. 1852SMITH Clive YA49 St Mary and All Saints church, Checkley: a guide. 15cm. Nuneaton. Allan T Condie. 1987SMITH George Adam Z5/1-2 Jerusalem - its topography...to A.D. 70. 2 vols. 22.5cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1907

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SMITH George Adam Z2/20-21 The book of the twelve prophets. (The Expositors Bible). 2 vols. 19.5cm. London. Hodder and Stoughton. 1901SMITH Herbert Maynard Z12/17 Pre-Reformation England. 22.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1938SMITH Isaac Gregory and ONSLOW Phipps Z27/15 Worcester. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. 1883SMITH James Hick Z24/14-16 Brewood: a résumé historical and topographical. 3 vols. 22cm. Wolverhampton. William Parke. 1864-81SMITH James Hicks Z133/5 Brewood chancel: an account of the tombs of the Giffards. 23cm. Wolverhampton. W Parke. 1870SMITH James Hicks YA26 Brewood: a resumé historical and topographical. 2nd edn. 20.5cm. Wolverhampton. William Parke. 1874SMITH James* and SMITH Horace* S56 Rejected addresses. 18th edn. 17cm. London. J Murray. 1833SMITH Jeremiah Finch YA28-29 Notes and collections relating to the parish of Aldridge. 2 vols. 21.5cm. Leicester. W H Lead. 1884-89SMITH John Pye J318-319 The scripture testimony to the Messiah. 2 vols. 4th edn 22.5cm. London. Jackson and Walford. 1847SMITH John, of Durham (editor) . . . see BEDE St. - Historiae ecclesiasticae...(1722).SMITH Reginald Bosworth Z49/19-20 Life of Lord Laurence. 2 vols. 6th edn. 2cm. London. Smith, Elder. 1885SMITH Richard J104 A letter...to Dr. Henry Hammond 15cm. London. Richard Chiswell. 1684 Wing S4154.SMITH Sir William G187-189 A dictionary of the Bible. 3 vols. 2nd edn 23cm. London. John Murray. 1861-63 Lacks pp1009-1010 (in vol 3)SMITH Sir William Z86X/1 An atlas of ancient geography biblical and classical...by William Smith and George Grove. 49cm. London. J Murray. 1874SMITH Sir William N40 Dictionary of Greek and Roman antiquities. 2nd edn. 23.5cm. London. Taylor, Walton and Maberly. 1849SMITH Sir William and CHEETHAM Samuel Z34/2-3 A dictionary of Christian antiquities. 2 vols. 23cm. London. J Murray. 1875-80SMITH Sir William and WACE Henry Z34/4-7 A dictionary of Christian biography. 4 vols. 23cm. London. J Murray. 1877-87

SMITH Thomas . . . see HUNTINGTON Robert - Epistolae...(1704)

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SMITH William Lilley Z86/17 Historical notices and recollections relating to the parish of Southam. Part I. 26cm. London. Elliot Stock. 1894 No more published.SMITHERS Peter Z51/36 The life of Joseph Addison. 21.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1954SMOLLETT Tobias Z30/21-24 The history of England from the Revolution to the death of George the Second. 4 vols. New edn. 22cm. London. T Cadell et al.. 1830SNORRI Sturluson UA29/7 The Prose or Younger Edda...translated...by George Webbe Dasent. 22.5cm. Stockholm. Horstedt. 1842SNOW Joseph X107 Lyra memorialis. New edn. 16cm. London. George Bell. 1847SOAMES Henry K25 Elizabethan religious history. 22cm. London. J.W. Parker. 1839SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE H69-79 Religious tracts dispersed...in twelve volumes. 17cm. London. Rivington. 1811 Lacks vol XII.SOCIETY FOR PROMOTING CHRISTIAN KNOWLEDGE UA11/11 The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge vindicated from the charge of inconstancy and contradiction. 22.5cm. London. Rivington. 1816SOCIETY OF ANTIQUARIES OF LONDON Z85/1-9 Proceedings, vols II-IV; 2nd series, vols I-VII. 22cm. London. Society of Antiquaries. 1856-1878SOCRATES Scholasticus Z131/1 Historia ecclesiastica. 37cm. Mainzn. C Gerlach and S Beckenstein. 1677SOMERSET ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND NATURAL HISTORY SOCIETY K193 Proceedings during the year 1859, Vol IX. 21cm. Taunton. Frederick May. 1860SOMNER William N43 Vocabularium Anglo-Saxonicum....magna parte auctius opera Thomae Benson. 22cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1701SOPHOCLES P97 Aiax...illustravit Christ. Augustus Lobeck. 2nd edn. 21.5cm. Leipzig. Weidmann. 1835SOPHOCLES P16 Tragoediae Ajax et Electra...opera Thomas Johnson. 18.5cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1705SOPHOCLES P17 Tragoediae Antigone et Trachiniae...opera Thomas Johnson. 18.5cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1708SOPHOCLES P95-96 Tragoediae septem... 2 vols. 22.5cm. Oxford. J Parker et al . 1826SOPHOCLES Z89/9 Tragoediae. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vol 9). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1818SOTHEBY Samuel Leigh W116 Ramblings in the elucidation of the autograph of Milton. 34cm. London. Thomas Richards for the Author. 1861

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SOTHEBY William . . . see WIELAND Christoph Martin - Oberon...(1826)SOTHEBY, WILKINSON and HODGE Z116/19-21 (Catalogues of the sales of manuscripts and printed books from the collections of Henry Yates Thompson, 3 June 1919, 23 March 1920, 22 June 1921. 25cm. London. Sotheby. 1919-21SOUTER Daniel Palamedes.... . . see MEURSIUS Joannes - Graecia ludibunda...(1625).SOUTH AFRICAN WAR, Service of Intercession Q38-39 A form of intercession with Almighty God on behalf of...forces now in South Africa. 2 copies. 21cm. London. Eyre and Spottiswoode. 1900 Bound with Q34.SOUTH Robert G23 Opera posthuma latina. 18.5cm. London. Edmund Curll. 1717SOUTH Robert G24 Posthumous works. 19cm. London. Edmund Curll. 1717SOUTH Robert H6-11 Sermons preached upon several occasions. 6 vols 19.5cm. London. H. Lintot. 1737SOUTH Robert H246-252 Sermons preached upon several occasions. 7 vols. New edn 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1823SOUTH Robert Z44/20-24 Sermons preached upon several occasions. 5 vols. New edn. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1842SOUTH Robert E48 Twelve sermons preached upon several occasions. Vol II (only) 19cm. London. J.H. for Thomas Bennet. 1694 Wing S4748. Contains pencilled directions by Samuel Johnson, made to indicate quotations for usage of words in his Dictionary.SOUTH STAFFORDSHIRE ARCHAEOLOGICAL AND HISTORICAL SOCIETY Z115/1-24 Transactions, vols 1-5, 8-25, 28. 24 vols. 24cm. Lichfield and Walsall. The Society. 1959-87 Vol I is 27.5cm.SOUTHEY Robert . London. . see BUNYAN John - The pilgrim's progress....(1830)SOUTHEY Robert . . . see (CAXTON William) - The byrth...of Kyng Arthur (1817)SOUTHEY Robert S247 The poetical works. 22.5cm. Parisn. Galignani. 1829SOUTHEY Robert J242 Vindiciae Ecclesiae Anglicanae: letters to Charles Butler Esq... 22.5cm. London. J. Murray. 1826SOUTHEY Robert (editor) S286 Select works of the British poets from Chaucer to Jonson. 22cm. London. Longmans. 1831SOUTHEY Robert (translator)

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. . . see CID - Chronicles of...(1846).SOUTHWORTH Horatio Woodburn Z22/10 Divine love vindicated. 20cm. London. John Lang. 1911SOUTHWORTH Robert T66 Marie Magdalen's funerall teares for the death of our Saviour. 15cm. London. Charles Baldwin. 1823SPANHEIM Friedrich G113-115 Dubiorum evangelicorum, pars prima (secunda,tercia). 3 vols 22cm. Geneva. Jacques Chouët. 1639SPANHEIM Friedrich M104 Opera, quaternus complectuntur geographiam, chronologiam et historiam sacram...utriusque temporis. 37cm. Leiden. Cornelius Boutestein et al.. 1701SPARROW Anthony J194 A rational, or practical exposition of the Book of Common Prayer...to which are prefis'd the Lives of the compilers by...Samuel Downes. 20cm. London. J. Bettenham for Charles Rivington. 1722SPARROW Anthony J28 A rationale upon the Book of Common Prayer. 15cm. London. for Robert Pawlet. 1676 Wing S4833SPARROW Anthony Y140 A rationale upon the Book of Common Prayer. 15cm. London. (n.p.). (1684, repr.18 ?)SPARROW Anthony* L33 A collection of articles, injunctions, canons, orders...of the Church of England. 4th impression. 22.5cm. London. Blanch Pawlet. 1684 Wing S4826.SPARROW Anthony* M15 A collection of articles, injunctions...of the Church of England. 3rd edn. 22.5cm. London. Robert Pawlet. 1675 Wing S4825.SPECTATOR T57 A general index to the Spectators, Tatlers and Guardians. 17cm. London. W Owen. 1757SPECTATOR T202 The Spectator, with notes. 24cm. London. Sharpe and Hailes. 1810SPECTATOR Z105/36 The Spectator. Vol 6 (only). 18cm. London. J and R Tonson and S Draper. (n.d.)SPEED John Z97/17 The history of Great Britain... 44cm. London. (W Hall and J Beale) for J Sudbury and G Humble. 1614 STC 23045.SPEED John# BB23B The genealogies recorded in the sacred scriptures...observed from Adam to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 22cm. (Cambridge). (Printers to the University). (1637) See STC 23039. Bound with: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER (1638).SPEED John# BB24B The genealogies recorded in the sacred scriptures...from Adam to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 20.5cm. (London). (Robert Barker). (1615)

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See STC 23039. Bound with: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER (1615)SPEED John# BB29B The genealogies recorded in the sacred scriptures...from Adam to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 20.5cm. (London). (Bonham Norton and John Bill). (1627) See STC 23039. Bound with: BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER (1627).SPEED John* Z134/25 The genealogies recorded in the Sacred Scriptures. 16cm. (London). (Robert Barker) Cum Privilegio. 1632 STC 23039.SPELMAN Sir Henry V144 Aelfredi magni, Anglorum regis...vita. 36cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1678SPELMAN Sir Henry J71 Churches not to be violated. 16cm. Oxford. John Henry Parker. 1841SPELMAN Sir Henry N61 Glossarium archaiologicum. 33cm. London. Alice Warren. 1664 Wing S4925.SPELMAN Sir Henry V88 The English works...2nd edn. 31cm. London. for D Browne et al.. 1727SPENCE H D M, The Very Revd Z17/13,14,15,16 The Church of England: a history for the people. 4 volumes. 23cm. London. Cassell. n.d.SPENCE Henry Donald Maurice and EXELL Joseph Samuel Z14/6-7 The pulpit commentary: St Mark. 2 vols. 4th edn. 24cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1883SPENCE Henry Donald Morris (editor) Q93 The teaching of the twelve apostles. 19cm. London. James Nisbet. 1885SPENCE Joseph T18 Anecdotes, observations and characters of books and men...2nd edn. 17cm. London. J R Smith. 1858SPENCE Joseph W94 Polymetis. 40cm. London. R Dodsley. 1747SPENCE-JONES Henry Donald Morris . . . see SPENCE Henry Donald MorrisSPENCE-JONES Henry Donald Maurice (translator) . . . see DIDACHE - The teaching...(1888).SPENCE-JONES Henry Donald Maurice Z26/13-16 The Church of England: a history for the people. 4 vols. 22.5cm. London. Cassell. 1897-98SPENCER John T58 A discourse concerning prodigies. 17cm. London. J Field for Will. Groves. 1665 Wing S4949.SPENCER John D84 De legibus Hebraeorum ritualibus...

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31.5cm. Cambridge. John Hayes for Richard Chiswell. 1685 Wing S4949SPENCER John T245 Kaina kai palaia: things new and old. 34cm. London. W Wilson and J Streater for J Spencer. 1658SPENSER Edmund . . . see (BICKNELL Alexander) - Prince Arthur...(1779)SPENSER Edmund S311 The works. 30.5cm. London. Henry Hills for Jonathan Edwin. 1679 Wing S4965.SPINCKES Nathaniel J185 The new pretenders to prophecy.. . . see HICKES George - The spirit of enthusiasm...(1709)SPOTTISWOODE Jophn M96 The history of the Church of Scotland. 30.5cm. London. J. Flesher for R. Royston. 1655 Wing 55022.SPRAT Thomas H24 Sermons preached on several occasions. 19.5cm. Savoy . John Nutt. 1710SPURGEON Charles Henry Z7/10-16 The treasury of David. 7 vols. 22.5cm. London. Passmore and Alabaster. 1886SQUIRE John G56 A plaine exposition upon the first part of the second chapter...to the Thessalonians 18.5cm. London. for Philip Waterhouse. 1630 STC 23114SQUIRE Sir John Collings Z9/7(4) (Address on Dr Johnson)/ 23cm. Lichfield. Lichfield Mercury. 1935 Offprint of report in the Lichfield Mercury, 27 September 1935.ST ALBAN'S CHRONICLE Z66/15-16 Chronica Monasterii S.Albani...ed. H.T.Riley. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1872-73ST ALLAIS Viton de . . . see ART - L'art de vérifier...(1818-20).ST CHAD'S GOSPELS . . . see also LICHFIELD GOSPELSST JOHN, J Hector pseud. . . . see CRÉVECOEUR Michel Guillaume deST MARY'S, LEICESTER Z77X/16. . . see ABNEY John.ST. EVREMOND Charles Marguetel de Sain-Denis, Sieur de T238-240 The works. 2nd edn. 3 vols. 20cm. London. J and J Knapton et al.. 1728STACEY Vernon Q131 The manual acts (Prayer Book Revision Pamphlets 4). 19.5cm. London. Mowbray. 1913STACKHOUSE Thomas A64 A new history of the Holy Bible. 36cm. London. for Stephen Austen. 1742

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STAFFEN Josephus F van der Q311 Sacra liturgia, tomus I (only): Tractatus de officio divino seu de horis canonicis. Ed. altera. 22cm. Mecklin. H Dessain. 1904STAFFORD . Archdeaconry. Church Plate. CC17-21 Inventory of church plate, Archdeaconry of Stafford. 5 vols. 27cm. (Lichfield). (n.p.). 1930STAFFORD William, Viscount Stafford V45Q The tryal of William, Viscount Stafford for high treason. 30cm. London. Assigns of John Bill, Thomas Newcomb and Henry Hills. 1681 Wing T2238. Bound with OATES T - A true narrative...(1679).STAFFORD, St Mary and St Chad XA59 Stafford St Mary's and St Chad's parish registers. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Rgeisters Society. 1936STAFFORDSHIRE ADVERTISER Z141/12-13 Index to births, marriages and deaths, 1795-1840. (Staffordshire Record Society: Occasional Publications). 2 vols. 22cm. Stafford. Staffordshire Record Society. 1968-86STAFFORDSHIRE COUNTY COUNCIL. Education Department Z9/9(7) Lichfield maps. 33cm. Stafford. Staffordshire County Council. 1978 (repr).STAFFORDSHIRE PARISH REGISTER SOCIETY XA1-80. . . see under Individual Parishes.STAFFORDSHIRE RECORD SOCIETY . . . see WILLIAM SALT SOCIETYSTAGE CELEBRITIES 1767 X54 (Collection of engravings of celebrities of the theatre, c.1767). 13.5cm. London. J Smith. 1767 Plate Area 9 x 8cm.STAINER Sir John . . . see BRAMLEY Henry Ramsden and STAINER John - Christmas carols...(1872).STALEY Vernon Z21/9-11 Hierurgia Anglicana. 3 vols. New edn. 21cm. London. De La More Press. 1902STALEY Vernon (editor) . . . see ESSAYS ON CEREMONIAL - Essays...(1904)STALLBAUM Gottfried . . . see PLATO - Platonis Phaedo...(1833)STANCLIFFE Martin Z10/22 Lichfield Cathedral Close and associated properties of the Dean and Chapter: report on initial inspection. 30cm. York . Martin Stancliffe. 1985STANCLIFFE Martin Z10/21 Lichfield Cathedral: reoport of initial inspection of fabric for the Dean and Chapter. 30cm. York . Martin Stancliffe. 1984STANDLY John K63I A sermon preached July 2nd 1841 in All Saints Church, Huntingdon. 22cm. Huntingdon. H. Edis. 1841 Bound with: BURGESS T - Tracts...(1815)

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STANDON XA60-61 Standon parish register. 2 vols. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1902STANHOPE George M32C A sermon concerning temptation. 22cm. London. for T. Leigh and D. Midwinter. 1703 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711)STANHOPE John Spencer P217 Topography illustrative of the battle of Plataea. 23cm. London. Murray. 1817STANLEY Arthur Penrhyn Z34/8 Christian institutions. 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1881STANLEY Arthur Penrhyn Z25/12 Historical memorials of Canterbury. 10th edn. 19cm. London. J Murray. 1883STANLEY Arthur Penrhyn Z105/7 Historical memorials of Westminster Abbey. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1868STANLEY Arthur Penrhyn Z2/8-10 Lectures on the history of the Jewish church. 3 vols. New edn. 18.5cm. London. J Murray. 1885 Another copy, vol I (only) Z5/12.STANLEY Arthur Penrhyn Z28/32 Lectures on the history of the Eastern church. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1862STANLEY Arthur Penrhyn Z5/13 Sinai and Palestine in connection with their history. 3rd edn. 22.5cm. London. John Murray. 1856STANLEY Arthur Penrhyn Z49/8-9 The life and correspondence of Thomas Arnold, D.D. 2 vols. 14th edn. 19cm. London. J Murray. 1887STAPLETON Henry Edward Champneys Z24/17 The model working parson: William Weldon Champneys, his forebears and his descendants. 20cm. Norfolk:Hoveton. The Author. 1976STAPYLTON Sir Robert . . . see JUVENALIS Decimus Junius - Sixteen satyrs...(1647)STATE TRACTS Z131/2 State tracts, being a further collection...relating to the government from the year 1660 to 1689. 31cm. London. Richard Baldwin. 1692 Wing S5331.STATIUS Publius Papinius O31-34 Libri quinque Silvarum. 4 vols 21cm. Paris. Lemaire. 1825-30STATUTES AT LARGE Z69/1-14 The statutes at large from Magna Carta...(to 39-40 Geo.III). 14 vols. 27.5cm. London. Eyre and Strachan. 1786-1800 Idem. Second series (from 41/42 Geo.III to 34/35 Victoria). Z69/15-20, Z102/1-12 & Z104/1-11. 29 vols. 27.5cm, London: Eyre and Strachan, 1801-1871.STAVELEY Thomas K214 The history of churches in England. 2nd edn. 21cm. London. T. Davies. 1773

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STAVELEY Thomas J89 The Romish horseleech. 17.5cm. London. R. Baldwin. 1769STAVRIDI Margaret Z11/30 Kempe, Charles Eamer, Master of Glass, 1837-1907.. Hatfield, Herts. John Taylor book Ventures. 1988STAYLEY William V45K The tryal of William Stayley, goldsmith. 30cm. London. for Robert Pawlet. 1678 Wing T2237. Bound with OATES T - The true narrative...(1679).STEEN Sarah Jayne (editor) . . . see BROME Richard - The English Moor...(1978-83).STEIN Wendy Alpern Z8/10 The Lichfield gospels. (Ph.D thesis, UCLA, Berkeley). 30cm. California:Berkeley. UCLA. 1980 Typescript in box.STEPHANUS Carolus N79 Dictionarium historicum geographicum, poeticum. Editio novissima...recensuit...Nicolaus Lloyd. 29cm. Oxford. G.H. and G.D. for J. Williams et al. 1671 Wing E3348.STEPHANUS Carolus N1 Dictionarium historicum, geographicum, poeticum. 22cm. Geneva. Samuel Chouët. 1638STEPHANUS Henricus N78 De urbibus...una cum gemina rerum et verborum indice. 31cm. Amsterdam. Jacob de Jonge. 1678STEPHANUS Henricus O141 Epigrammata Graecorum...Libri VII. 33cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Andreas Wechsel. 1600STEPHANUS Henricus N33 Lexicon graeco-latinum. 24cm. Geneva. Pierre Aubert. 1621STEPHANUS Henricus N70-77 Stephanos tes hellenikes glosses: thesaurus graecae linguae...editio nova. 8 vols. 32.5cm. London. A.J. Valpy. 1816-18STEPHANUS Robertus N83-86 Thesaurus linguae latinae. Ed. nova. 4 vols. 40cm. London. S. Harding. 1734STEPHEN Sir Leslie (editor) . . . see DICTIONARY OF NATIONAL BIOGRAPHY - Dictionary...(1885-1981).STEPHENS John J44 An historical discourse, briefly seting forth the nature of procurations. 18.5cm. London. R. Hodgkinson. 1661 Wing S5448.STEPHENS William UA7/1 The divine persons one god by an unity of nature. 2nd edn. 19cm. Oxford. L Lichfield for S Wilmot. 1723STEPHENS William UA29/1 The personality and divinity of the Holy Ghost prov'd from Scripture and the Ante-Nicene fathers. 2nd edn. 18cm. Oxford. L Lichfield for Sam.Wilmot. 1721STEPHENS William UA35/2 The personality and divinity of the Holy Ghost prov'd from Scripture, and the

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Ante-Nicene fathers. 21cm. Oxford. L Lichfield for Sam. Wilson. 1721STEPHENS William Richard Wood (editor) Z25/1-9 A history of the English church. 8 vols (in 9). 19cm. London. Macmillan. 1901-10STEPHENS William Richard Wood Z49/10 The life and letters of Walter Farquhar Hook. 7th edn. 19cm. London. Bentley. 1885STEPHENS William Richard Wood Z27/4 The South Saxon diocese, Selsey-Chichester. (Diocesan Histories). 17cm. London. SPCK. 1881STERNE Laurence* H60-64 The sermons of Mr Yorick 7 vols (in 5) 15cm. London. J. Dodsley, T. Becket and W. Strahan. 1765-69 Vol I - II, J. Dodsley, 7th and 8th edn. Vol III - IV, T. Becket and P. A. de Hondt (no edition given). Vol V - VII (in one) W. Strahan et al. (no edition given)STERNE Lawrence et al. Z141/18 The models of Sterne, Goldsmith, Dr Johnson... (Ballantyne's Novelists' Library, vol V). 25cm. Edinburgh. Ballantyne. 1823STEVENS John N36 A new dictionary, Spanish and English and English and Spanish. 24.5cm. London. J. Darby et al. 1726STEVENSON Joseph Z28/6-13 The church historians of England, vol I, pt II - vol V, pt I (only). 8 vols. (lacks vol I, pt I and vol V, pt II). 22.5cm. London. Seeley. 1853-58STEVENSON Joseph (editor) Z62/19-20 Documents illustrative of the history of Scotland...MCCLXXXVI-MCCCVI. (Rolls Series). 2 vols. 25cm. Edinburgh. H.M.General Register House. 1870STEVICK Robert D Gospel Case The 4 x 3 crosses in the Lindisfarne and Lichfield gospels. (Offprint from Gesk XXV/2) 2 copies. 27.5cm. Washington: Seattle. International Center of Medieval Art. 1986STEWART Dugald T206-207 The collected works...ed. Sir William Hamilton. 2 vols. 23cm. Edinburgh. Thomas Constable. 1854STEWART Dugald et al. T257 Dissertations on the history of metaphysical and ethical and of mathematical and physical science. 28cm. Edinburgh. A and C Black. 1835STEWART Patrick Findlater Z12/19 The history of the XII Royal Lancers, (Prince of Wales's). 22cm. London. Oxford University Press. 1950STILLINGFLEET Edward F3 A rational account of the grounds of Protestant religion. 2nd edn 31cm. London. for H. Mortlock. 1681 Wing S5625STILLINGFLEET Edward E118 Fifty sermons. 32cm. London. J. Hepinstall for Henry Mortlock. 1707STILLINGFLEET Edward E58 Irenicum: a weapon-salve for the Church's wounds. 19cm. London. R.W.for Henry Mortlock. 1661 Wing S5596

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STILLINGFLEET Edward H51 Miscellaneous discourses on several occasions 19.5cm. London. S. Buckley. 1735STILLINGFLEET Edward D1 Origines Britannicae 31cm. London. M. Flesher for Henry Mortlock. 1685 Wing S5615STILLINGFLEET Edward E3 Origines sacrae, or a rational account of the grounds of Christian faith... 18cm. London. R.W. for Henry Mortlock. 1662 Wing S5616STILLINGFLEET Edward UA10/5 Scripture and tradition compared. 19cm. London. Henry Matlock. 1688 Wing S5632.STILLINGFLEET Edward F2 Sermons preached on several occasions. 30cm. London. Robert White for Henry Mortlock. 1673 Wing S5666STILLINGFLEET Edward E59A The unreasonableness of separation. 19cm. London. T.N.for Henry Mortlock. 1681 Wing S5675. Bound with one other tract.STILLINGFLEET James UA39/15 The Christian ministry and stewardship. 20cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1760STOBAEUS Johannes O62 Sententiae ex thesauris Graecorum. 29.5cm. Zürich. Christopher Froschauer. 1543STOCK Joseph* UA13/18 (Memoirs of Bishop Berkeley). 22.5cm. (London). (J Murray). (1784) Lacks tp:pp.85-86 damaged.STOCKDALE Percival CC24 An elegy on the death of Dr Johnson's favourite cat.. Lichfield. . 1997STOCKS John Edward Z65/29 A chronological list of reports of committees of...Convocation of Canterbury. 21cm. London. Longmans. 1921STOKE-upon-TRENT XA62-64 Stoke-upon-Trent parish register, vols 2-4 (only). (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1918-27STOKES Whitley (editor) I9. . . see GORMAN - Féline Lúi Gormáin...(1895)STOKES Whitley (editor) I28. . . see OENGUS - Félire Oengusso...(1905)STONE Darwell Q40 The invocation of Saints. New edn. 21cm. London. Longmans. 1909 Bound with 2 other tracts.STONE Sir John Benjamin Y125 A history of Lichfield Cathedral. 21cm. London. Longmans. 1870

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STOPFORD Edward J230 The scripture account of the Sabbath. 22.5cm. London. Hatchard. 1837STOPFORD Joshua J99 Pagano-papismus. 16.5cm. London. A. Maxwell. 1675 Wing S5746.STORER James K287-290 History and antiquities of the cathedral churches of Great Britain. 4 vols. 23cm. London. Rivington. 1814-19STOTHARD Charles Alfred Z46/2 The monumental effigies of Great Britain. 48cm. London. J McCreary for the Author. 1817STOWE XA65 Stowe parish register, vol I. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1909 No more published.STOWE MISSAL I30-31 The Stowe missal...edited by G.F. Warner. 2 vols. (HBS 31-32) 22cm. London. Henry Bradshaw Society. 1906-15STRABO R94-95 Rerum geogtaphicarum libri IVII. 2 vols. 31cm. Amsterdam. Jan Wolters. 1707STRADA Famiano V152-153 Histoire de la guerre de Flandre. 2 vols. 2e édn. 36cm. Paris . Augustin Courbe. 1651STRADA Famiano T159 Prolusiones academicae. 18cm. Lyon . Horace Cordon. 1617STRADA Jacobus de R49A Epitome thesauri antiquitatum. 22cm. Lyons . J de Strada et Thomas Guerin. 1553 Bound with one other volume.STRAFFORD Thomas Wentworth, Earl of . . . see WENTWORTH Thomas, Earl of Strafford.STREETER Burnett Hillman et al. Z50/27 Foundations: a statement of Christian belief in terms of modern thought. 21.5cm. London. Macmillan. 1912STREETER Burnett Hillman Z133/14 The chained library. 24cm. London. Macmillan. 1931STRIGELIUS Victorinus G46 Hypomnemata in omnes libros Novi Testamenti... 18cm. Leipzig. Ernst Voegelin. 1565STRINGER Charles Edward* U150 & Z77X/18 A short account of...the city and close of Lichfield. 2 copies 18cm. Lichfield. Lomax. 1819STRONG Thomas Banks Z33/27 A manual of theology. 20cm. London. A and C Black. 1892STRONG Thomas Banks Z47/4 Christian ethics. (Bampton Lectures 1895). 22.5cm. London. Longmans. 1897STROZZI Francesco di Soldo

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. . . see THUCYDIDES - Thucidide historico...(1564)STROZZI Giulio T248 La Venezia edificata. 32cm. Venice. Pinelli. 1624STRYPE John M79-81 Annals of the Reformation. 3 vols. 2nd edn. 33.5cm. London. Thomas Edlin. 1725-28STRYPE John D7-9 Ecclesiastical memorials... 3 vols 31.5cm. London. John Wyat. 1721STRYPE John D6 Memorials of...Thomas Cranmer. 31cm. London. Richard Chiswell. 1694 Wing S6024STRYPE John D4 The life and acts of Matthew Parker... 31cm. London. John Wyat. 1711STRYPE John M82 The life and acts of...John Whitgift. 32cm. London. T. Horne et al.. 1718STRYPE John K97 The life of the learned Sir Thomas Smith, Kt., D.C.L. New edn. 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1820STRYPE John K99 The life of the learned Sir John Cheke, Kt. New edn. 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1821STRYPE John# D5 The history of the life and acts of...Edmund Grindal... 31cm. London. John Hartley. 1710STUART Andrew Z120/2 Letters to the Right Honourable Lord Mansfield. 20cm. Dublin. (n.p.). 1773STUART James and REVETT Nicholas W80 The antiquities of Athens. Vol.I (only). 53cm. London . John Haberkorn. 1762 STUART Moses Z13/3 A commentary on the epistle to the Romans. 3rd edn. 23cm. London. Thomas Tegg and Sons. 1836STUART Robert K187-188 A dictionary of architecture, vv. 1 & 2 (of 3). 22cm. London. Jones & Co.. (n.d.)STUBBS Charles William . . . see ELY CATHEDRALSTUBBS William . . . see HADDAN Arthur West - Councils (1878)STUBBS William Z52/21 Letters...ed. W H Hutton. 22cm. London. Constable. 1904STUBBS William K32 Registrum sacrum anglicanum 19.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1858 Same, 2nd edn, 25cm. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1897. Z133

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STUBBS William Z133/19 Registrum sacrum Anglicanum. 2nd edn. 25cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1897STUBBS William (editor) . . . see HARDWICK Charles - A history....(1883 & 1886).STUBBS William (editor) . . . see RICHARD I, King of England - Itinerarium...(1864-65).STUBBS William (editor) . . . see GERVASE of Canterbury - The historical works...(1879-80).STUBBS William (editor) . . . see ROGER of Hoveden - Chronica...(1868-71).STUBBS William (editor) . . . see DUNSTAN St. - Memorials...(1874).STUBBS William (editor) . . . see BENEDICT of Peterborough - Gesta regis...(1867).STUBELL Andreas . . . see FABER Basilius - Thesaurus eruditionis...(1717)STURGES John UA9/14 Thoughts on the residence of the clergy. 22.5cm. Winchester. Robbins. 1802STURGES John UA20/12 Thoughts on the residence of the clergy. 2nd edn. 23cm. Winchester. Robbins. 1802STYLES Dorothy YA13 The early history of the King's Chapels in Staffordshire. (Offprint from Transactions of Birmingham Archaeological Society, vol 60). 26cm. Oxford. John Johnson . 1940STYLES Dorothy Z9/7(12) The early history of the King's chapels in Staffordshire. 25cm. Oxford. John Johnson. 1940 Reprint from Transactions of the Birmingham Archaeological Society, vol LX.SUAREZ Franciscus F55, F57 Commentariorum ac disputationum in primam pontem Divi Thomae partis II... 2 vols 33cm. Mainz . Hermann Mylius. 1621-22SUAREZ Franciscus F64 Defensio fidei catholicae et apostolicae adversus Anglicanae sectae errores. 33cm. Mainz . Hermann Mylius. 1619SUAREZ Franciscus F52-53 Metaphysicarum physicarum...tomi duo. 33cm. Mainz . Hermann Mylius. 1630 These and the next 11 vols (F54-64) bound with spine labels as SUAREZ: Opera I-XIII.SUAREZ Franciscus F56 Opus de triplici virtute theologica. 33cm. Aschaffenburg. Hermann Mylius. 1622SUAREZ Franciscus F58, 60-62 Opus de virtute et statu religionis. 4 vols 33cm. Mainz . Hermann Mylius. 1609-26SUAREZ Franciscus F54 Tractatus de legibus, ac Deo legislatore. 33cm. Mainz . Hermann Mylius. 1619

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SUAREZ Franciscus F59 Tractatus quinque ad primam secundae D. Thomae... 33cm. Mainz . Hermann Mylius. 1629SUAREZ Franciscus F63 Varia opuscula theologica. 33cm. Mainz . Hermann Mylius. 1618SUCKLING Sir John T233 The last remains. 16.5cm. London. Humphrey Moseley. 1659 Wing S6130.SUETONIUS TRANQUILLUS Caius O5 De XII Caesaribus libri viii...Isaacus Casaubonius...recensuit. 22.5cm. [Lyon]. Samuel Crispin. 1611SUETONIUS TRANQUILLUS Caius X65 Opera. 13cm. London. Rodwell and Martin. 1824SUFFOLK, Henrietta Howard, Countess of . . . see HOWARD Henrietta, Countess of Suffolk - Letters...(1824).SUICER Johann Caspar N59 Thesaurus ecclesiasticus e patribus graecis. 2 vols (in 1) 2nd edn. 34cm. Amsterdam. R. & J. Wetsten and W. Smith. 1728SUICER Johannes Caspar D51 Symbolum niceno-constantinopolitonum expositum. 19.5cm. Utrecht. Guillelmus Broedelt. 1718SUIDAS N68-69 Suidas nunc primum latinitate donatus...studio Aemilii Porti. 32cm. Köln. Pierre and Jacques Chouët. 1619SULLIVAN Sir Arthur Seymour Z21/15 Church hymns with tunes. 20cm. London. SPCK. 1889SULPICIUS SEVERUS X261 Opera omnia, accurante Georgio Homio. 19.5cm. Amsterdam . Elzevir. 1665SULPITIUS Joannes . . . see LUCANUS Marcus Annaeus - Pharsaliae...(1578)SUMMERS Walter C (editor) 015a. London. . see SENECA - Select letters (1970)SUMNER John Bird H143 Apostolical preaching considered. 7th edn 22.5cm. London. J. Hatchard. 1832SUMNER John Bird X206 The evidence of Christianity derived from its nature and reception. 18cm. London. Hatchard. 1830SUTTON Arthur Z4/24 A.Edward Jones, master silversmith of Birmingham. 21cm. Birmingham. A.Edward Jones Ltd. 1980SUTTON COLDFIELD. Charters. Z86/35 The charters of the royal town of Sutton Coldfield in the county of Warwick. 27.5cm. Birmingham. Benjamin Hall. 1853SWAINSON Charles Anthony Q192 The parliamentary history of the Act of Uniformity 13 and 14 Charles II, cap 4. 22cm. London. G Bell. 1875SWETE Henry Barclay Z12/3 The Apocalypse of St John. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Macmillan. 1907

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SWETE Henry Barclay Z12/1 The gospel according to St Mark. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Macmillan. 1908SWETE Henry Barclay (editor) . . . see BIBLE. Old Testament. Greek. - The Old Testament...(1887).SWIFT Deane . . . see SWIFT, Jonathan - The works...(1765)SWIFT Jonathan S113-115 & S116-118 Letters, ...with notes...by John Hawkesworth. New edn. 3 vols. 22cm. London. T Davies et al. 1766 The same, collected and edited by Deane Swift, vols.4-6 (in continuation of Hawkesworth's edition). 22cm. London: C Bathurst et al, 1768 - see S116-118. Bound to match the Works, and numbered vols 17-22.SWIFT Jonathan S97-110 & S111-112 The works...accurately revised in twelve volumes...by John Hawkesworth. 14 vols. 22cm. London. W Bowyer et al. 1755-1764 The same, Vols 15-16, collected and revised by Deane Swift. 22cm. London: W Johnston, 1765 - see S111-112SWIFT Jonathan* UA10/1 A letter to a young gentleman lately enter'd into Holy Orders, By a Person of Quality. 18.5cm. London. J Roberts. 1721SWIFT Mabel CC25 The Bishop and Begging Bowl.. Tamworth. . c.1977SYDNEY Algernon S265 Discourses concerning government. 29cm. London. A Millar. 1763SYKES Anthony Ashley J270B An enquiry how far Papists ought to be treated here as good subjects. 19.5cm. London. J. and P. Knapton. 1746 Bound with: SEWARD T - The conformity...(1746)SYKES Arthur Ashley* J270D The reasonableness of mending and executing of the laws against Papists... 19.5cm. London. J. and P. Knapton. 1746 Nound with: SEWARD T - The conformity...(1746)SYMMACHUS Quintus Aurelius Q283 Quae supersunt, ed. Otto Seeck. (M G H Auctores Antiquissimi, vol VI i). 29cm. Berlin. Weidmann. 1883SYMONS Jelinger UA3/9 Professor Whewell's reasons for describing the moon's motions as a motion about her axis. 22.5cm. London. Groombridge. 1856SYMSON Alexander* N21 (Lexicon Anglo-Graeco-Latinum Novi Testamenti). 28cm. [London]. [W. Godbid for J.Clark et al.]. [1658] Wing S6367. Lacks t-p.SYMSON Patrick M8 The historie of the church...3rd edn. 28cm. London. John Dawson for John Bellamie. 1634 STC 23600.T***** R X41 De templis, a treatise of temples.

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12.5cm. London. R Bishop for Thomas Akhorn. 1638 STC 23625.TABULA CHRONOLOGICA.. . . . see R( ), J( )B( )C( )S( ) - Tabula chronologica...(1669)TACITUS Publius Cornelius X301 Index in C. Corn. Taciti opera omnia. 22cm. London. Heirs of H Homer. 1794TACITUS Publius Cornelius O73 Les oeuvres...et l'histoire romaine de C. Velleius Paterculus...traduite...par I.B. (Jean Bodin). 23cm. Paris. Jean Richer. 1610TACITUS Publius Cornelius O136 Les oeuvres...tradintes...par Achilles de Harley. 35cm. Paris. Veuve Jean Carnusat et Pierre Petit. 1644TACITUS Publius Cornelius P211-214 Opera omnia (ed. H Homer). 4 vols 23cm. London. M Ritchie and J Sammelis for the Editor. 1790-94TACITUS Publius Cornelius O114 Opera quae extena a Iustu Lipsio postremum recensita. 37.5cm. Antwerp. Plantin. 1668TACITUS Publius Cornelius X68 Tacitus ex I Lipsii recensione cum notis...H Grotii. 12cm. Leiden. Elzevier. 1640TACITUS Publius Cornelius O74 The annales...the description of Germanie...(trsl. by Richard Greenway). (6th edn). 29cm. London. J.L. for Richard Whitaker. 1640 STC 23648.TAFFIN Jan X213 Traicte de l'amendement de vie. 18cm. Amsterdam (Harlem). Gilles Romain. 1594TALBOT William Henry Fox UA18/8 Assyrian texts translated. 21.5cm. London. Harrison and Sons. 1856TALON Nicolas M13 L'histoire sainte. 26cm. Paris. Sebastien Cramoisy. 1640TAMBURINI Thomas F95 Explicatio decalogi. 35cm. Lyons . Jean-Antoine Huguetan and Max-Antoine Ravaud. 1659TAMBURINO Tommaso L1 Expedita iuris divini, naturalis et ecclesiastici moralis expositio... 21cm. Venice. Pezzana. 1661TAMWORTH XA66 Tamworth parish register, vol I. (Staffordshire Parish Register Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1917 No more published.TANNER Thomas Z107/17 Bibliotheca Britannico-Hibernica. 35cm. London. W Bowyer. 1748TANNER Thomas Z122/10 Notitia monastica. 36cm. London. W Bowyer. 1744TASSO Torquato X49 Aminta, favola boscareccia. 12cm. Köln . Stefano Abbate. 1716

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TASSO Torquato S242-43 Godfrey of Bulloigne, or, Jerusalem delivered. Translated by Edward Fairfax. 2 vols. 25cm. London. R Triphook. 1817TASSO Torquato S95 Godfrey of Bulloigne: or the recovery of Jerusalem, trsl...by Edward Fairfax. 7th edn. 2 vols (in 1). 15.5cm. London. Charles Knight. 1844TATE James . . . see MOOR James and TATE James - Tracts on the cases...(1830)TATE James O2 Horatius restitutus, or the books of Horace arranged in chronological order. 2nd edn. 22cm. London. Longman, Green. 1837TATE James G71 The Horae Paulinae of William Paley, D.D. carried out and illustrated... 22cm. London. Longman. 1840 Contains, loose, a portion of table of contents of Paley's Evidences.TATE Nahum and BRADY Nicholas G191D A new version of the Psalms of David. 17cm. Birmingham. John Baskerville. 1762 Bound with:BOOK OF COMMON PRAYER (1762). Straus & Dent 56TATENHILL XA67 Tatenhill parish register, vol II. (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society). 21cm. . Privately printed for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. 1905 ? Lacks vol I.TATHAM Edward Z105/11-12 The chart and scale of truth. (Bampton Lectures 1790). 2 vols. 21cm. Oxford. J Fletcher et al.. 1790TATLER T201 The Tatler...with...a general index. 25cm. London. A Wils