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1 Welcome to this version of the new Lichfield Cathedral Catalogue of Printed Books. CONTENTS Frontispiece Page 2 Introduction Page 3 Foreword Page 4 The Development of the Library Page 5 A Note on Older catalogues Page 7 Catalogue Page 9 Enquiries should be made to: The Librarian, 19A The Close, Lichfield WS13 7LD. Telephone: 01543 306100 or 01543 306175

Catalogue of Printed Books

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    Welcometo this version of the new Lichfield Cathedral Catalogue of Printed Books.


    Frontispiece Page 2Introduction Page 3Foreword Page 4The Development of the Library Page 5A Note on Older catalogues Page 7Catalogue Page 9

    Enquiries should be made to:The Librarian, 19A The Close, Lichfield WS13 7LD.

    Telephone: 01543 306100 or 01543 306175

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    PRINTED BOOKSIn the library of

    Prepared by

    Dr. B.S. Benedikz

    Assisted by

    Canon A.N. Barnard and Mrs P.BancroftComputer layout and input by Mr & Mrs R.J.Tetley

    Introduction by Canon A. N. BarnardForeword by Her Grace the Duchess of Somerset

    Essay on the Development of the Library, by the lateReverend E. C. C. Hill

    With a note on Older Catalogues, by Dr. B. S. Benedikz

    Published by

    The Dean and Chapter of Lichfield


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    It is now nearly 15 years since the Chapter published the first new catalogue of printed books since the nineteenth century. Like all such publications, it rapidly became out-of-date, both because of new additions, and because the manner of recording books and the means of sharing the information moved on. This new catalogue is based on a new card index prepared by Dr Ben Benedikz, and has been produced using the UNESCO computer program CDS/ISIS, which has a powerful search facility. Making additions will be easier in future. The next step will be to make a version of the catalogue available on the Cathedral website.

    So important was the original benefaction of the Duchess of Somerset that we have retained the 1984 Foreword. We have also retained, with minor amendments, the short articles by the late Prebendary Eric Hill and Dr Benedikz who, together, did so much to restore, renovate and develop the Library.

    The Dean and Chapter of Lichfield Cathedral are immensely grateful to the present Librarian, Mrs Pat Bancroft, and to Richard and Claire Tetley, who have worked together to produce the new revised catalogue.

    Canon A.N. BarnardOctober 1998

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    Foreword by Her Grace

    The Duchess of Somerset

    It gives me great pleasure to know how the gift of a thousand books made

    in 1673 by my predecessor Frances, Duchess of Somerset has grown into a

    substantial and much valued Cathedral library. This new catalogue is evidence

    of the generosity of many benefactors and the skill of successive librarians, not

    least Prebendary Eric Hill and Dr. Ben Benedikz who have worked for many

    years to bring it to its present pitch of excellence. I should mention too the

    generous grants from the British Library which have made possible a great deal

    of re-binding and other repair work.

    I have a particularly happy memory of a visit to Lichfield in 1982 when I

    was asked to open the permanent exhibition of the Cathedral Library's greatest

    treasure, the wonderful eighth century illuminated manuscript of the Lichfield

    Gospels. It is good to know that more people are able to see it to-day than ever

    before in its long history.

    4th July, 1984.

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    Lichfield Cathedral Library now occupies the original Treasury, the upper storey of the Chapter House, built in 1249. The floor is the one of decorated tiles that was laid down at the end of the 13th century. For some years (1490 - 1758) there was a separate detached Library building on the north side of The Close, completed by Dean Yotton in 1500 at his own expense. It had been started by the Chapter and Dean Heywood, who was a munificent benefactor of the Cathedral. During the Civil War the Cathedral was under siege three times. The Library was desolated, and its contents, both books and fittings, dispersed and destroyed by the Parliamentarians. It was refitted by Dean Smallwood to house the 1000 books bequeathed to the Library by Frances, Duchess of Somerset, in 1673. These books, the collection of her husband, William, the second Duke, form the basis of the present Library.

    Not until 1714 did the Library have any funds specially set apart, but in that year it was decided, on the proposal of Dean Kimberley and Canons Horton and Goodwin, that when a new Prebendary was installed, in lieu of the expensive Entertainment then in vogue, he should pay a certain sum of money to be expended on books, the amount varying according to the value of the Prebend. In the first seven years this produced 55 from 17 Installations. This system lasted for 160 years, supplemented since 1824 by annual contributions of 3 from the Dean and 1 each from the six Canons Residentiary. In 1876 a new system came into force with an annual allotment of 15 from General Accounts.

    The Library has had many benefactors. Samuel Pegge, the Antiquary, in 1796, left 100 volumes. He was Prebendary of Bobenhall in 1757, and Prebendary of Whittington and Berswych from 1763 till his death in 1796, in the ninety-second year of his age. Andrew Newton in 1803 gave his library to the Cathedral. He was the founder of Newton's College for widows and daughters of the Clergy. Frederick Martin, Prebendary of Lincoln, gave large benefactions to Lichfield Cathedral Library in 1865. In this century, the Reverend Thomas Barns, Vicar of Hilderstone, gave his collection of books in 1925, including many German works and books on Liturgy and Hymnology. His bequest is contained in cases I and Q. Hugh Bright, Archdeacon of Stafford and Treasurer of the Cathedral gave many valuable volumes, including several Incunabula. Ernest Richard Orlando Bridgeman, Prebendary of Flixton and Rector of Blymill for 57 years gave rare books and manuscripts including Wycliffe's New Testament, a manuscript of about 1410.

    At the turn of the century expansion became necessary and in August 1900 the Library was closed for a year, during which time the Annexe above the Vestibule was prepared to receive the great increase in the number of books. Books in the Annexe have the prefix letter Z. Then in 1928 a generous anonymous donation enabled the Library windows to be glazed with clear glass; previously they had been filled with a peculiar kind of bottle-glass.

    Since 1973 the Library has been associated with the Birmingham University Library, and this association has been mutually beneficial. For our part we have had the invaluable help of the University Library Staff, their expertise and resources. Over

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    one thousand volumes have been rebound, some with the aid of private individual donors, whose names are inserted in the appropriate books, but many more from generous grants made available by the British Library. This important work is continuing, and recently work has started on rebinding and repairing the valuable music library. A music catalogue is also in preparation, by Dr Percy Young, our Music Consultant.

    The Library contains books on a wide variety of subjects, not only theological. Geography and travel take up several shelves. Saxton's Maps of England and Wales are there, together with Mercator's Atlas Novus (1638) and Blaeus Theatre du Monde of 1645. Case V is almost entirely Historical; English literature occupies S and T, while Classics are to be found in 0 and P, with dictionaries filling N. There are many Bibles, including Cranmer's Great Bible of 1540, the "Breeches Bible" of 1611 and the "Vinegar Bible'' of 1717. There is a fine Baskerville edition of 1763 and Walton's Polyglot.

    Of Incunabula there may be mentioned Saint Jeromes Epistolae (Rome, 1470), the Nuremberg Chronicle (Latin, 1493), Aeneas Silvius (Nuremberg, 1481), Origen (Rome, 1481), the Vulgate (Jenson, 1479) and Leonardo Aretino (Venice, 1476).The Manuscripts, the most famous of which is the Lichfield Gospels (c.730), form the subject of a separate catalogue (by Dr. B.S. Benedikz of Birmingham University). Mention should be made of a Justinian, Codex Juris Canonici (of c. 1200), Chaucer's Canterbury Tales (c.1420), Gregory IX's Decretals (c.1300), and Wycliffe's New Testament (c.1410).

    Since the publication of the 1984 catalogue, the Cathedral has received, on loan, a fine selection of early bibles belonging to Mrs Judith Fyffe, and several other donations of books which continue to add to its value to scholarship and the community.

    Note: The Dean Savage Library, which was bequeathed and endowed by the Dean in 1939, and contains many recent books on theology for the use of theological students, is situated in the Close. This, too, is being catalogued, and expanded to serve as a reading and reference library for those studying theology in the area and diocese.

    Written by the late Prebendary E.E.C. Hill and revised by Canon A.N Barnard

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    The oldest surviving note of any holdings in Lichfield Cathedral Library is a battered sheet of paper in the hand of Patrick Young, Librarian to King James I, whom his master had sent on a search for MS material in church libraries in 1622-23. This document (now MS Lich. 39) shows that the Cathedral had 79 medival codices: ten of these were eventually identified by Dr. Neill Ker as still extant (Medival and Renaissance Studies II, 1950, 151-168). Young does not refer to printed books, and no pre-Civil War record exists of what the Library held before the two sieges.

    The Civil War's shattering destruction left the Library in a desolate state: only scraps of paper and vellum were found when Precentor Higgins returned to re-start the corporate life of the Cathedral. During Bishop Hacket's reign, the rebuilding of the fabric was the first priority of the Chapter. In 1672, however, a noble gift came to Dean Matthew Smallwood and his Canons, for Frances Seymour, widow of William, 2nd Duke of Somerset and already a good friend to Lichfield bequeathed "my husband's Great Library" to the Cathedral, and the books which form the true re-foundation of the Cathedral Library were delivered next year.

    Dean Smallwood was a business-like man, and the Catalogue of Her Grace Ye Dutchesse of Somersett's Great Library (now MS Lich. 60) forms the first record of the present collection. It is a curious document by modern cataloguing standards, being formed in two sections, the second being a revision of the first made in 1681 by Canon Henry Greswold. Its last pages were used as the oldest Borrowers' Register.

    Dean Smallwood's catalogue served, with various interpolations, for nearly a century, but thanks to the unselfish act of Dean Kimberley and his Chapter in providing a Library income from the payments of incoming bishops, deans and canons, books were added regularly. In 1768 an attempt at a new catalogue was made. This must have proved an unsatisfactory compilation, for in 1774 a much fuller author-and-subject-catalogue was provided, which was to serve, with many interpolations, until 1838, when ordinary acquisitions, and a generous bequest from Andrew Newton, necessitated a new catalogue being produced. This was to serve in turn until the MS catalogue of 1868. All these catalogues were compiled on the same general principles; an author and title file in a single alphabet, with greater or lesser attempts at subject-division. (These Catalogues are now MSS Lich 61, 62, 36 and 37).

    In 1871, however, a radical change took place. The Dean and Chapter decided for the first time to issue their Library Catalogue in print. This printed catalogue was clearly not regarded with much favour, for in the 1880s Dean Bickersteth and his Chapter decided to "go professional", and in 1888 there appeared a catalogue which has been the basic Library finding-list for almost a hundred years. Compiled by the distinguished bookselling firm of Henry Sotheran & Co, it is an author and title list with a number of large subject-headings (Bible, Book of Common Prayer etc) used to gather material available in those fields.

    Numerous additions over the next quarter-century led Dean Savage and his Chapter to commission a Supplement on similar lines in 1911, also from Henry Sotheran, into

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    which were gathered relocations of books and a number of corrections to shelf-marks in the main catalogue.

    In the 1970s renewed activity in the Cathedral Library brought the first catalogue of the Cathedral MSS since Patrick Young's list. A preliminary list was drafted and issued in 1974 to a few scholars and librarians: with the corrections and helpful notes provided by them it was issued in 1978, and a further revision made in 1985. In the meanwhile the mediaeval MSS were treated fully by Dr. Neil Ker in volume III of his Mediaeval MSS in British Libraries (1983), and Dean Savage's personal muniments and MSS were listed by the present writer with the aid of Prebendary E C C Hill and Dr. Susan Brock.

    This note surveys the efforts made at cataloguing the Library since Patrick Young called in on his journeys round England. The successive endeavours demonstrate the growth of the printed riches since Duchess Frances's generous bequest. The new catalogue published in 1984 revealed how total was the destruction of printed pre-Civil War books, for only one ewe-lamb, a sadly mutilated copy of Bromyard's Summa Predicantium (1484, B M Inc. III, 747) now remains here, the gift of Dean John Yotton in 1505. The new catalogue also revealed the generosity of the Library's three big Bs (Archdeacon Bright, Prebendary Bridgeman and the Rev. Thomas Barns) of the twentieth century.

    Dr. B.S. Benedikz

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    A , M Z120/9 Speculum Baxterianum: or, Baxter against Baxter. 20cm. London. for Richard Chiswell. 1680 Wing A19.A , R P79C An English-Latin table wherein are contained many English words... 18.5cm. London. (n.p.). 1719 Bound with: KER - Selectarum...libri duo (1708/19) KEMPIS, St Thomas C49 The imitation of Jesus Christ (translated by T.F. Dibdin) 21cm. London. Pickering. 1828ABBEY Charles John Q1 Religious thought in Old English verse. 18cm. London. Sampson Low. 1892ABBEY Charles John and OVERTON John Henry Z26/2-3 The English church in the eighteenth century. 2 vols. 22cm. London. Longmans. 1878ABBOTS BROMLEY Z11 St Anne's School - History, 1874-1924, by V M MacPherson.. Shrewsbury. . 1924ABERNETHY John H4-5 Sermons on various subjects. 2 vols 20cm. London. D. Browne. 1748ABINGDON CHRONICLE Z63/1-2 Chronicon Monasterii de Abingdon, ed. J.Stevenson. (Rolls Series). 2 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1858ABINGDON Thomas Z77X/16 The antiquities of the cathedral church of Worcester. 20cm. London. E Curll. 1717ABNEY John Z77X/16 St Mary's, Leicester.. . . ABNEY John Rutledge Z81/40 The vestry book and accounts of the churchwardens of St Mary's, Leicester, 1652-1729. 22cm. Leicester. Clarke and Satchell. 1912ABOLISHING UA36/2 The abolishing of the Booke of Common Prayer by reason of above fifty grosse corruptions in it. 18cm. (London). Reprinted...by Samuel Satterthwaite. 1641 Wing A97.ABRIDGMENT J57 An abridgment of the prerogatives of St. Ann. 19cm. London. Robert Chiswell. 1688 Wing A108.ABU JAAFAR IBN TOPHAIL T153 The improvement of human reason. 18cm. London. Edmund Powell. 1708ACCADEMIA DELLA CRUSCA N60 Vocabolario. 2nd edn. 35cm. Venice. Jacapo Sarzina. 1623ACCIAIOLI Donato (translator) I114. . . see ARETINO Leonardo - Historia fiorentina...(1476)ACHON Johannes de AA7B Legatine seu constitutiones legitime cum summariis...impresse. 34cm. Paris . Wolfgang Hopsyl. 1506

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    Adams 2114. Bound with: LYNDEWODE W - Opus...(1505).ACOSTA Christoval T142 Tratado en loor de las mugeres. 21cm. Venice. Giacomo Cornetti. 1592ACTON John Emerich Edward Dalberg . . . see CAMBRIDGE - The Cambridge modern history...(1902-11)ACWORTH George* Z120/19 De visibili Romanarchia contra Nich.Sanderi Monarchiam prolegomenom libri duo. 21.5cm. London. John Day. 1573 STC 99.5.ADAM Melchior T229 Vitae Germanorum jurisconsultorum et politicorum. 19cm. Heidelberg. Haeres Jonae Rosae. 1620ADAM Melchior T228 Vitae Germanorum medicorum. 19cm. Heidelberg. Johann Georg Geyder. 1620ADAM Melchior T230 Vitae Germanorum philosophorum. 19cm. Heidelberg. Jonas Rosa. 1615ADAM Melchior M54 Vitae Germanorum theologorum. 19cm. Frankfurt. Johann Roses Witwe. 1653ADAM, of St Victor Q113-15 The liturgical poetry...with translations...and notes by Digby S Wrangham. 3 vols. 19cm. London. Kegan Paul. 1881ADAMNAN Z52/13 The life of St Columba...(edited by) William Reeves. 23.5cm. Dublin. Dublin University Press. 1857ADAMS C N Z9/1 Serve God and be cheerful: St Chad's Cathedral School, Lichfield. 30cm. Wolverhampton. Technical Teachers College. 1976 Typescript.ADAMS Edward Z118/4 The polychromatic ornament of Italy. Part I. 32cm. London. G W Nickisson. n.d. (18--?)ADAMS John M32Z A sermon preached before the Queen at Windsor, September 9, 1705 22cm. London. for T. Bennet. 1705 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711).ADAMS Percy Walter Lewis YA23 Wolstanton (Wolstan's town): a brief history. 2nd edn. 18cm. Tunstall. Edwin H Eardley. 1908ADAMS Rice M32N The excellency, wisdom and usefulness of an upright and sincere conversation. 22cm. London. for J. Churchill. 1708 Bound with: WILLIS R - A sermon...(1711)ADAMS William E6 An essay on Mr. Hume's essay on miracles. 20cm. London. E.Say. 1752ADDENBROOKE John J274K A short essay upon free-thinking. 19.5cm. London. Josiah Bowyer. 1714 Bound with: PHILOTRIADES - Speculum...(1714)ADDINGTON Henry K192 Some account of the abbey church of St. Peter and St. Paul at Dorchester,

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  • 16

    ANDREWES Lancelot H57C A sermon preached before the King's Maiestie at Hampton Court... 18cm. London. Robert Barker. 1606 STC 615. Bound with BARLOW W - The first of foure sermons....ANDREWES Lancelot F16 Apospasmatia sacra: or a collection of posthumous and orphan lectures. 29cm. London. R. Hodgkinson. 1657 Wing A3125ANDREWES Lancelot E30 Opuscula quaedam posthuma. 21cm. London. Felix Kyngston for R.B. & Andrew Hebb. 1629 STC 629ANDREWES Lancelot C3 The pattern of catechistical doctrine at large. 29cm. London. Roger Norton. 1650 Wing A3146ANDREWES Lancelot E75 XCVI sermons. 4th edn 33cm. London. Richard Badger. 1641 Wing A3142ANDREWS E J . . . see PERRING John Shae and ANDREWS E J - The pyramids of Gizeli...(1839-42).ANDREWS William (editor) Y168 Ecclesiastical curiosities. 22cm. London. W Andrews. 1899ANGLERIUS Petrus Martyrius* X236 The famous history of the Indies. 2nd edn. 17.5cm. London. for Michael Sparke. 1628 STC 652. Attributed on tp to Richard Hakluyt. Binding Covers have arms of Charles, Prince of Wales (Charles II).ANGLO-SAXON CHRONICLE. Z66/1-2 The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle...edited...by Benjamin Thorpe. (Rolls Series). 2 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1861ANGUS William K170 The seats of the nobility and gentry in Great Britain and Wales...vol.I. [no more published] 22cm. London. W. Angus. 1787ANNA Commena . . . see CORPUS HISTORIAE BYZANTINAE - De Byzantinae...vol 11,(1729).ANNALES CAMBRIAE Z67/9 Annales Cambriae, ed. J.Williams ab Ithel. (Rolls Series). 25cm. London. Longmans. 1860ANNALES MONASTICI Z62/1-5 Annales monastici...ed. H.R.Luard. (Rolls Series). 5 vols. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1864-69ANNUARIO Q165 Annuario pontificio 1869. 17.5cm. Rome . Tipografia della RCA. 1869ANON UA9/8 Cathedral wealth and cathedral work. 22.5cm. London. Soc for Liberation of Religion fr. State Patronage & Control. 1861

  • 17

    ANON P291 Les Gmissements d'un Coeur Chrtien. 17cm. Paris. Lottin. 1733ANON. P52 A review of Lord Brougham's translation of the Oration of Demosthenes on the crown. 20cm. London. Whittaker. 1840ANSELM St. Z38/3 Opera nec con Eadmeri...Historia...labore et studio Gabrielis Gerberon. 41cm. Paris . Louis Billaine and Jean du Puis. 1675ANSON Peter F Z17/7 Abbot Extraordinary: Memoirs of Aelfred Carlyle OSB. 22cm. London. The Faith Press. 1958ANTHON Charles . . . see LEMPRIERE John - A collection...(1837)APOLLINARIUS G36 Metaphrasis ton Psalteros...Graeca recensuit F. Sylburcius. 16cm. [Heidelberg]. Jerome Commelin. 1596APOLLODORUS Atheniensis P34-35 Bibliothecae libri tres...curis...Chr.G Heyne. 2 vols. 21.5cm. Gttingen. Heinrich Dieterich. 1803APOLLONIUS RHODIUS Z89/6 Argonautica. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vol 6). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1817APOSTOLIC CANONS Z97/14 Canones SS Apostolorum, Conciliorum Generalium et Provincialium...commentariis Theodori Balsamonis... 35cm. Paris . Imprimerie Royale. 1620APPEAL J355F An appeal to legislature and public... 2nd edn. 22cm. London. L.B. Seeley. 1821 Bound with: MARSH H - A charge...(1820)APPIAN of Alexandria O59 Appiani Alexandrini Romanorum historiarum...omnia per Sigismundum Gelenium interpreta...additus est...index copiosissimus. 30.5cm. Basel. Froben. 1554APPIAN of Alexandria O60 Appiani Alexandrini Romanorum historiarum...ex Bibliotheca Regia. 31cm. Paris. C. Stephanus. 1551APPLEYARD Ernest Sylvanus# K37 Welsh sketches, chiefly ecclesiastical to the close of the twelfth century. First series. 3rd edn. 18.5cm. London. J. Dorling. 1853APSINES of Gadara P129 Apsinis et Longini Rhetorica...recensuit Joh. Bakius. 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1849APTHORP George Frederic K177 A catalogue of the books and manuscripts in the library of Lincoln Cathedral. 22cm. Lincoln. W.and B. Brooke. 1859APULEIUS Lucius S215 The metamorphoses...translated...by Sir George Head. 19cm. London. Longman . 1851AQUAVIVA DI ARAGONA Belisarius T77A De principum liberis educandis. 16cm. Baseln. Peter Pernae. (1578) Bound with one other volume.ARATUS of Solis O8 Ad illustrum et inclytum principem Edvardum Semaurum, Hertfordiae Comitem et

  • 18

    Bellocampum Baronem, Nicolai Aleni Essentiani Angli, Arati Phaenomena. 22cm. Paris. Audi Wechsel. 1561ARBER Edward Z87/1-3 The term catalogues, 1668-1709. 3 vols 29cm. London. E Arber. 1903-06ARBUTHNOTT MISSAL J282 Liber ecclesia Beati Terrenani de Arbuthnott: missale secundum usum ecclesiae Sancti Andreae in Scotia. 26.5cm. Burntisland. Pitsligo Press. 1864ARCHAEOLOGIA K274-275 (Miscellaneous articles extracted from various volumes of 'Archaeologia' and bound to match the set at K276-282. 27.5cm. [London]. [Society of Antiquaries]. [1760-1840c.]ARCHAEOLOGIA K276-282 Archaeologia, or miscellaneous tracts relating to antiquity, vols.16-20, 23-25, 28, 30. (in 7 vols). 27.5cm. London. Society of Antiquaries. 1809-44ARCHAEOLOGICAL Z113/10-14 The archaeological journal. Vols 1-5. 25cm. London. Longmans. 1846-48ARCHBISHOPS' COMMITTEE ON CHURCH AND STATE Z111/7 Report with appendices. 21cm. London. SPCK. 1916ARENSBERG Walter Conrad Z95/28 The burial of Francis Bacon and his mother in the Lichfield chapter house. 27cm. Pittsburgh. (The Author). 1924ARENSBERG Walter Conrad Z95/29 The magic ring of Francis Bacon. 26cm. Pittsburgh. (The Author). 1930ARENSBERG Walter Conrad Z81/18 The secret grave of Francis Bacon at Lichfield. 20cm. San Francisco. John Howell. 1923ARETHAS Explanationes in Apocalypsis.. . . see OECUMENIUS - Commentariorum....(1631)ARETINO Leonardo I114 Historia fiorentina... (translated by Donato Acciaioli) 30.5cm. Venice. Giacomo de Rossi. 1476 GKW 5612. Hain* 1562.ARINGHI Paolo (editor) R105-106 Roma subterranea novissima. 2 vols. 39cm. Rome . Blasio Diversini and Zanobio Masotti. 1651ARIOSTO S323 Orlando furioso. 25.5cm. Venice. Vincenzo Valgrisi. 1560ARIOSTO Lodovico S144-151 The Orlando furioso, translated...by William Stewart Rose. 8 vols. 19cm. London. J Murray. 1823-31ARISTOPHANES P181 A metrical version of the Achamaris, the Knights and the Birds. 26cm. London. Pickering. 1840ARISTOPHANES P182-84 Comeodiae...ex recensione G Dindorfii. 4 vols (in 3) 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1822-37 Vol I is the text of the plays (1835) P182 Vol II is the text of the fragments (1835) P183B

  • 19

    Vol III is the Annotationes (1837) P184 Vol IV is Caravellae Index Aristophanicus (1822) P183A.ARISTOPHANES Z89/10-11 Comoediae. 2 vols. Nova editio. (Bibliotheca Classica, vols 10-11). 19cm. Leipzig. Weigel. 1818ARISTOPHANES P189 The Birds...translated by Henry Francis Cary 22cm. London. Taylor and Henry. 1824ARISTOPHANES P185 The Clouds. 21.5cm. Oxford. Francis MacPherson. 1852ARISTOPHANES UA37/11 The Clouds...translated by R Cumberland. 23cm. (London). (n.p.) . (1797)ARISTOPHANES P187-88 The comedies of Aristophanes, by T Mitchell. 2 vols. 22cm. London. J Murray. 1820-22ARISTOPHANES Z81/30 The frogs. (translated and annotated by John Hookham Frere). 25cm. London. W Nicol. 1839ARISTOPHANES P186 The Wasps...with notes...by T Mitchell 22.5cm. London. J Murray. 1835ARISTOTLE P166 Animadversiones variorum in Aristotelis De Rhetorica. 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1820ARISTOTLE Z114/29 Aristotle's Politiques...translated out of Greek into French...by Loys Le Roy. (from French into English by I.D.) 28cm. London. A Islip. 1598 STC 760.ARISTOTLE P167 De poetica liber...illustravit Thomas Tyrwhitt. 5th edn 22cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1827ARISTOTLE UA37/4 De rhetorica...altero volumine...animadversiones variorum. 22.5cm. Oxford. Clarendon Press. 1820ARISTOTLE P165 Ethicorum Nicomacheorum libri decem...ornavit Edvardus Cardwell...vol II (only) 22.5cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1830ARISTOTLE P12 Ethikon Nikomakheon biblia deka...illustrati a Guilielmo Wilkinson. 19.5cm. Oxford. Sheldonian Theatre. 1716ARISTOTLE P162-164 Opera, ex recensione Immanuelis Bekkerii, vols 9-11. 22cm. Oxford. Oxford University Press. 1837 Vol 11 lacks main tp.ARISTOTLE O109 Organon...Jul. Pacius recensuit... 2nd edn. 24cm. Frankfurt-am-Main. Heredes Andr.Wechsel et al.. 1697ARISTOTLE P168-69 Politicorum libri octo...recensuit...Jo. Gottlob Schneider. 21cm. Frankfurt-am-Oder. Taberna Librariae Academicae. 1809ARISTOTLE P170-71 Treatise on poetry, translated...by Thomas Twining. 2 vols. 2nd edn. 21cm. London. Cadell and Davies. 1812

  • 20

    ARMINIUS Jacobus et al. D87 Epistolae ecclesiasticae et theologicae. 2nd edn 31cm . Amsterdam. Wetsten. 1685ARMITAGE XA6 Armitage parish register (1623-1812). (Staffordshire Parish Registers Society) 23cm. Willenhall. Albert Cartwright for Staffordshire Parish Registers Society. (1948)ARNALD Richard C69 A critical commentary upon the Book of the Wisdom of Solomon... 35cm. London. for the Author by W. Bowyer. 1744ARNAUD Henri Y132 The glorious recovery of the Vaudois. 21cm. London. J Murray. 1827ARNOBIUS Q264 Disputationum adversus gentes libri vii. 2 vols (in 1) 16.5cm. Paris . Marc Orry. 1605ARNOBIUS AFER X256 Adversus gentes libri VII. Editio novissima. 20cm. Leiden. Johannes Maire. 1651ARNOLD Thomas (editor) . . . see HENRY of Huntingdon - The history...(1879).ARPE Peter Friedrich P67 Theatrum forti. 17cm. Rotterdam. Fritz and Bhm. 1712ARRIAN P152 Expeditionis Alexandri libri septem...Georgii Raphelii accedunt. 20cm. Amsterdam. Wetsten. 1757ARROWSMITH Aaron W33 A compendium of ancient and modern geography. New edn, rev by C G Nicolay. 22.5cm. London. E P Williams. 1856ARROWSMITH Aaron W63 Index to the Eton comparative atlas of ancient and modern geography. 26cm. London. by the Author. 1828ARROWSMITH Aaron W62 Orbis terrarum veteribus noti descriptio. 34cm. London. by the Author. 1828ARROWSMITH John E43 Tactica sacra. 19cm. Cambridge. John Field. 1657 Wing A3777ARROWSMITH Samuel K257 The Bible atlas. 28.5cm. London. Arrowsmith. 1835ART Z130/1-6 L'art de vrifier les dates, des faites historiques...continu...par Viton de St Allais. 6 vols. 29cm. Paris . Moreau. 1818-20ARTEMONIUS Lucas Mellierus L14 Initium evangelii S. Joannis Apostoli (by Lucas Artemonius, i.e. Samuel Crell). Pars prior. 21.5cm. [n.p.]. [n.p]. 1726 No more published.ARTHUR, King AA9 (The storye of the most noble and worthy Kynge Arthur...) 26.5cm. (London). (Thomas East). (1585?) Defective, lacking tp, sigs. P4-5, Oo1 and all after Oo5. ?STC 805.

  • 21

    ARTICLES OF RELIGION UA5/7 Reasons humbly offered for composing a new set of Articles of Religion. 21.5cm. London. for R Griffiths. 1751ARUNDELL MARBLES . . . see SELDEN John - Marmora...(1628)ASCHAM Sir Roger T224 Epistolarum libri quatuor. Ed. novissima. 19cm. Oxford. L Lichfield. 1703ASHMOLE Elias Z77X/19 The diary and will...ed....R T Gunther. 17cm. Oxford. (Ashmolean Museum). 1927ASHMOLE Elias R108 The institution, laws and ceremonies of the most noble order of the Garter. 39cm. London. J Macock for N Brooke. 1672 Wing A3983.ASHMOLE Elias K142 The lives of those eminent antiquaries Elias Ashmole, Esquire and Mr. William Lilly...and lastly the life of Elias Ashmole...by Charles Burman. 21cm. London. T. Davis. 1774ASKIN Ralph Z52/24 The Quoniam, Book of Kells. 28cm. California. The Author. 1995ASTELL Mary* T151C Some reflections upon marriage. 4th edn. 18.5cm. London. William Parker. 1730 Bound with: MILLER J - Mahomet...(1744).ATCHLEY Edward George Cuthbert Frederick (co-author) . . . see HOPE Sir William and ATCHLEY Edward George Cuthbert Frederick - English liturgical colours (1918).ATCHLEY Edward Godfrey Cuthbert Frederick (editor) . . . see ORDO ROMANUS - Ordo...(1905)ATCHLEY Edward Godfrey Cuthbert Frederick Q232 A history of the use of incense in divine worship. (Alcuin Club: Collections 13). 27.5cm. London. Longmans. 1909ATCHLEY Edward Godfrey Cuthbert Frederick Q140 The parish clerk. (Alcuin Club: Tracts 4). 20cm. London. Mowbray. 1924 (repr)ATHANASIUS St. Q75 St Athanasius on the incarnation, edited...by Archibald Robertson. 22cm. London. D Nutt. 1882ATHANASIUS, St. I141-143 Opera...opera et studio monachorum Ordinis St. Benedicti e Congregatione Sancti Mauri. 2 vols (in 3) 39cm. Paris . Jean Anisson. 1698ATHENAEUS O139 Deipnosophistarum libri quindecim...Isaacus Casaubonius recensit. Ed. postrema. 35cm. Lyon. Veuve Antoine de Harsy. 1612ATKINSON John Christopher . . . see WHITBY ABBEY - Cartularium...(1879-81).ATKINSON Robert (co-editor) I11-12. . . see LIBER HYMNORUM - The Irish Liber Hymnorum...(1898)

  • 22

    ATTERBURY Francis H30-33 Sermons and discourses on several subjects. 4 vols. 8th edn 21cm. London. L. Davis et al . 1766ATTERBURY Francis* F51D An answer to some considerations on the spirit of Martin Luther... 23.5cm. Oxford. at the Theater. 1687 Wing A4146. Bound with ALDRICH H* - A reply to two discourses...(1687)AUBERTIN Edme E92 L'eucharistie de l'ancienne glise. 34cm. Geneva. Pierre Aubert. 1633AUBIGN Thodore Agrippa, Sieur d' V130 Histoire universelle comprise en trois tomes. 3 vols (in 1). 2de dn. 33cm. Amsterdam. Les Hritiers de Hier.Commelin. 1626AUDEN Thomas Z82/23 St Julian's, Shrewsbury: the church and parish of St Juliana in Salop. 22cm. Shrewsbury. Adnitt and Naunton. 1887AUGUSTINE St, Bishop of Hippo C14 St Augustine of the Citie of God; with the learned comments of Jo. Lod. Vives 29cm. London. George Eld. 1610 STC 916AUGUSTINE St, of Hippo . . . see TRENCH Richard Chenevix - Exposition of the Sermon...(1881).AUGUSTINE St. Z38/4-12 Opera...opera et studio monachorum Ordinis Sancti Benedicti e Congregatione Sancti Mauri. 12 vols (in 9). Ed. nova. 41cm. Antwerp. Sumptibus Societatis. 1700-03AUGUSTINUS CURIO Caelius V327 Sarracenicae historiae libri tres. 14.5cm. Basel . Froben and Bischoff. 1547AURELIUS VICTOR Sextus Q180 Historia Romana ex recensione Joannis Friderici Gruneri. 17.5cm. Erlangen. Johann Jacob Palme. 1787AUSTERBERRY Jennie Gospel Case Chad: bishop and saint. 23cm. Derby . English Life Publications. 1984 Another copy Z134/22.AUTOGRAPH PORTFOLIO K258 The autograph portfolio: a collection of facsimile letters from eminent persons. 28cm. London. Richard Glynn. 1827AYLESBURY Thomas* UA16/2 (Paganism and papism parallel'd.) 17.5cm. (London). (George Eld for Leonard Becket). (1624) Lacks tp. STC 998.AYLIFFE John M92 Parergon juris canonici Anglicani. 33cm. London. D. Leach for the Author. 1726AYMON V318 Aimoini monachi...historiae Francorum lib. V. 17.5cm. Paris . Andreas Wechsel. 1567AYRE John (editor) . . . see SANDYS Edwyn - The sermons...(1842)

    AYRE John (editor)

  • 23

    . . . see WHITGIFT John - The works...(1851-53)AYRE John (editor) . . . see JEWELL John - The works...(1845-50)AYRE John (editor) . . . see BECON Thomas - (Works)...(1843-44)AYSGOUGH Samuel S240 An index to the remarkable passages and words made use of by Shakespeare. 24cm. London. John Stockdale. 1790 Spine-Title: Shakespeare's Dramatic Works, III.AZORIO Juan L61-63 Institutionum moralium - tomus primus (-tertius). 3 vols 35cm. Lyons. Jacques Cardon and Pierre Canellat. 1616-25 Vol.I, 'Editio postrema'. Vv.II-III, Ist editions.BABER Anne Francis Claudine (editor) Z82/35 The court rolls of the manor of Bromsgrove and King's Norton. (Worcestershire Historical Society). 28cm. Warwick. Roundword Press (for Worcestershire Historical Society). 1963BABER Henry Hervey (editor) . . . see BIBLE. New Testament. English. 1380. - The New Testament...(1810)BABER Henry Hervey (editor) . . . see BIBLE. New Testament. English. - The New Testament...(1810).BABINGTON Churchill J229 Mr. Macaulay's character of the clergy... 22cm. Cambridge. Deighton. 1849BABINGTON Churchill (editor) . . . see PECOCK Reginald - The repressor...(1860).BABINGTON Gervase F82 The workes. 34cm. London. G. Eld and M. Flesher. 1622 STC 1079BACKHOUSE Janet Z11/18 The Lindisfarne gospels. 28cm. Oxford. Phaidon Press. 1981BACKHOUSE Janet (co-editor) . . . see WEBSTER Leslie and BACKHOUSE Janet - The making...(1991).BACON Francis T272 Of the advancement and proficiencie of learning. 29cm. Oxford. Leonard Lichfield. 1640 STC 1167.BACON Francis T273 Operum moralium et civilium tomus. 28.5cm. London. Edward Griffin. 1638 STC 1109.BACON Francis T271 Resuscitatio, or bringing into publick light severall pieces of the works...hitherto sleeping...by William Rowsley. 29cm. London. Sarah Griffin for William Lee. 1657 Wing B319.BACON Francis T274 Sylva sylvarum. 8th edn.

  • 24

    28.5cm. London. J.F..and S.G. for William Lee. 1664 Wing B330. Engraved tp and frontisp. bound in upside down.BACON Francis T103-109 The works...New edn. by Basil Montagu. 7 vols. 22.5cm. London. Wm. Pickering. 1825-27BACON Francis, Viscount Verulam V56 The historie of the reigne of King Henry the Seventh. 28cm. London. Printed by I.H. and R.Y.. 1629 STC 1161.BACON Nathaniel V48 An historical and political discourse of the laws and government of England...from some MS notes of John Selden... 5th edn. 29cm. London. D Browne and A Millar. 1760BACON Roger Z62/6 Opera quaedam hactenus inedita, ed. J.S.Brewer. (Rolls Series). 25CM. London. Longmans. 1859 No more published.BAEUMER Suitbert Q315-16 Histoire de brviaire. Traduction...par Rginald Biron. 2 vols. 23cm. Paris . Letouzey. 1905BAGOT Richard UA27/4 A charge delivered to the clergy of the diocese of Oxford...1842. 21cm. Oxford. J H Barker. 1842BAGOT, Family Z107/15 Memorials of the Bagot family compiled in 1823. 29cm. Blithfield. W Hodgetts. 1824BAGSTER Samuel* G204 The Bible in every land: a history of the Sacred Scriptures in every language and dialect into which translations have been made. 26cm. London. Samuel Bagster. [1848]BAILEY Henry J207 Rituale Anglo-Catholicum; or the testimony of the Catholic church. 22cm. London. J.W. Parker. 1847BAILEY James . . . see HERMESIANIX - Hermesianactis poetae...(1839)BAILEY James P262 Comicorum graecorum fragmenta...pars prior. 22cm. Cambridge. Pitt Press. 1840 No more published.BAILEY James UA22/2 Diatribe de voce aielouros cum epimetro. Pars prior. 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1848 Lacks Part 2.BAILEY Simon Z134/15 Chad: Norton miracle play: the book about the play. 21cm. Sheffield. (n.p.). (1981)BAILEY Thomas John (editor) Z85X/17 Ordinum sacrorum in ecclesia Anglicana defensio. 42.5cm. London and Oxford. James Parker. 1870BAK Johann . . . see APSINES of Gadara - Apsinis et Longini...(1849)BAKER Andrew J273D An analysis of the experiment in education made at Egmore, near Madras. 3rd edn 19cm. London. T. Bensley. 1807 Bound with: BAKER R - Remarks...(1779)

  • 25

    BAKER David Erskine S196-97 Biographica dramatica. New edn. 2 vols. 20cm. London. Rivington et al. 1782BAKER Robert J273A Remarks on the English language. 2nd edn. 19cm. London. The Etheringtons for J. Bell. 1779 Bound with eight other pamphlets.BAKER Sir Richard V108 A chronicle of the Kings of England...unto the death of King James. 33cm. London. for George Shoebridge. 1679 Wing B508.BAKER Thomas T220 Reflections upon learning. 7th edn. 20cm. London. John and Paul Knapton. 1738BALE John U93 Select works, ed. H Christmas. (Parker Society). 22.5cm. Cambridge. Cambridge University Press. 1849 BALFOUR Robert . . . see GELASIUS of Cyzica - Commentarius...(1599)BALGUY John H28-29 Sermons. 2vols. 3rd edn 20cm. London. Edward Jeffery. 1790BALGUY Thomas H264-265 Discourses on various subjects and charges delivered to the clergy;...edited by James Drake. 2 vols 22cm. Cambridge. J. Smith for J. Mawman. 1822BALL John . . . see GYLL Peter - The antiquities...(1729)BALL John Thomas Z26/7 The reformed church of Ireland (1537-1886). 22.5cm. London. Longmans. 1886BALL John* A15A A short catechisme to prepare Young ignorant People for the Sacrament. 28cm. Oxford. L(eonard) L(ichfield) for Edward Thorne. 1657 (28cm: is cut down to upper headline). Bound in front of A15 (Book of Common Prayer, 1669). Wing B570.BALSAMON Thodore . . . see APOSTOLIC CANONS - Canones...(1620).BALTUS Jean Franois F47 Dfense des SS.pres accusez de Platonisme. 25cm. Paris . Le Conte et Montalant. 1711BALUZE Etienne de I95-98 Stephani Baluzii Tutelensis miscellanea...opera et studio Joannes Dominici Mansi. 4 vols 34cm. Lucca . Vincenco Giusta. 1761-64BALUZIUS Stephanus Q. . . see SALVIANUS of Marseilles - Sanctorum...(1684)BALUZIUS Stephanus (editor) . . . see CYPRIAN St. - Opera...(1726).

  • 26

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  • 27

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  • 28

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  • 29

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  • 30

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  • 31

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  • 32

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  • 33

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