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  • ATP-SDated May 1, 2011

    Catalog of 3M Automotive Aftermarket Products

    Does Not Replace Supplement Dated February 1, 2010

    3M Vinyl Tape 471Classic Blue Fineline Designed for detailed critical edge paint

    masking application. Manufactured with a blue vinyl backing

    with rubber adhesive. Maintains color even when exposed

    to heavy abrasion. Highly conformable. Provides straight paint lines. Removes clean without adhesive residue.

    Part Number Roll Size Rolls Per Case

    051131-36404 1/8" x 36 yds. 12051131-36405 1/4" x 36 yds. 12051131-36408 1/2" x 36 yds. 12051131-36409 3/4" x 36 yds. 12

    50cc Line Extension These products are

    used with a 50cc applicator gun and are line extensions of our current products in the 200mL line.

    Part Number Roll SizeQuantity Per Case

    051131-35887 50cc EZ Sand Flexible Parts Repair 6

    051131-3819350cc Static

    Mixing Nozzles (50 Nozzles/Bag)


    051131-3819150cc Static

    Mixing Nozzles (12 Nozzles/Bag)


    051131-38315 50cc Panel Bonding Adhesive 6

    051131-38308 50cc Heavy-Bodied Seam Sealer 6

    051131-38323 50cc Factory-Match Seam Sealer 6

    051131-34240 50cc Semi-Rigid Plastic Repair 6

    051131-04747 50cc Super-Fast Repair Adhesive 6

    051135-08107 50cc Universal Adhesive Clear 6

    051135-0864150cc Channel Bonding

    and Sidelite Adhesive


    051131-34274 50cc NVH Dampening Material 6

    051135-08190 50cc Performance Manual Applicator 1

    3M Sound Deadening Pads Conformable to allow easy shaping

    around a variety of stamped shapes. The pads can be applied to vehicle

    floor pans, engine compartments, hoods, deck lids, as well as inside doors and body panels.

    Featuring an OEM matching diamond emboss, 3M Sound Deadening Pads are self-adhesive, easy to apply and paintable.

    Part Number Size Pads Per Case

    051131-08840 500mm x 500mm 10

    3M Platinum Plus Finishing Glaze with Hardener Best-in-class adhesion. Cures in 15 minutes. Excellent featheredge. Self-leveling.

    Part Number Size Each Per Case

    051131-31180 30 oz. 6

    Bondo Single Use Filler Formulated to be a non-shrinking, non-reactive

    and permanently durable material. Shapes in minutes. Sets quickly to insure same-day repair completion.

    Part Number Size Cans Per Case

    051131-00260 6 oz. 4

    3M Platinum Plus Filler Super adhesionadheres to galvanized steel, aluminum,

    fiberglass, SMC and E-coat. Easy sandingquickly achieve a perfect featheredge. Tack freecures in minutes for fast repairs. Stain freeideal for basecoat/clearcoat. Pinhole freevacuum-processed to provide a super

    smooth surface.

    Part Number Size Cans Per Case

    051131-31181 6 fl. oz. 12

    3M MarGrip II Body Filler with Hardener (single use body filler) Part Number Size Cans Per Case

    051131-31100 6 fl. oz. 12






















  • 3M Trizact Performance Abrasives Proprietary Trizact technology for uniform

    and consistent finish. Decreases polishing time. Use while damp to minimize loading, maximize

    life and control dust generated while sanding.

    Part Number Disc Size Grade

    Discs Per


    Discs Per


    051131-01459 6" 3000 1 40

    Part Number Sheet Size Grade

    Sheets Per


    Sheets Per


    051131-03064 3-2/3" x 9" 3000 1 40

    Automotive Aftermarket Division 3M Center, Building 223-6N-01St. Paul, MN 55144-1000

    Please recycle. 3M 2011. All rights reserved.

    3M, Bondo, MarGrip and Trizact are trademarks of 3M.

    3M Rubber Sanding Block For use with 3-2/3" x 9" sheet sandpaper

    or 9" x 11" torn or folded into thirds. Ergonomic design, professional-quality tool. For easy, fast sanding.

    Part Number Size Each Per Case

    051131-03149 3-2/3" Width 4

    3M Automotive Refinish Masking Tape Sticks and stays when appliedno lifting or edge curl. Flexible and conformableconsistent application without

    breaking or cracking. Leaves a sharp, clean paint line with less paint or clear

    coat build-up. Clean and easy removalno adhesive transfer, even

    when exposed to UV and moisture.

    Part Number Size Each Per Case

    051131-03424 18mm x 55m 24

    3M Adhesive Eraser Wheel Designed for high-speed removal of vinyl, decals,

    graphics, double-sided molding tape, striping and trim. Will not scratch or damage acrylic enamel or

    urethane paint. Not for use on lacquer coatings. For use with electric drill.

    Part Number Size Packs Per Case

    051131-03612 4" x 5/8" 5

    3M Leather and Vinyl Repair Kit Helps repair imperfections on automotive leather and

    vinyl interiors. Includes detailed instructions and color match guide. Comes with color compounds, adhesives and

    necessary tools.

    Part Number Kits Per Case

    051135-08579 3

    3M Windshield Repair Kit One-component windshield repair system that restores

    the windshield to a like-new quality. Requires no mixing or heat. Safe and easy to use with detailed instructions.

    Part Number Kits Per Case

    051135-08580 3

    3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive Excellent adhesive for holding paper, cork or rubber

    gaskets in place during installation. Flexible adhesion to many substrates. Fast drying. High-temperature resistance.

    Part Number Color Size Tubes Per Case

    051135-08581 Black 2 oz. 12

    3M Headlight Lens Refill Kit with Tape Use with drill adapter and foam pad in headlight kits

    from 3M (PNs 39008, 39014, 39045). Restores cloudy and dull headlight lenses. Helps improve nighttime visibility and appearance

    of vehicle. Contains: 6 sanding discs, 4 finishing discs, 1 refining

    disc, 1 oz. rubbing compound, and 1 roll tape.

    Part Number Kits Per Case

    051131-39049 50

    3M Synthetic Wax Protectant Gives a deep gloss finish. Helps protect paint's appearance. For use with white foam pad and

    an orbital sander or polisher.

    Part Number Size Bottles Per Case

    051131-39056 8 oz. 40

    Bondo Small Dent Repair Kit Shapes in minutes. Formulated to be a non-shrinking, non-reactive

    and permanently durable material. Complete solution for small dent repair. Contains: 6 oz. lightweight body filler, glaze, spreader,

    mixer, and 1 sheet each of 80, 180 and 320 grit sandpaper.

    Part Number Kits Per Case

    051131-01314 4

    Bondo Professional Gold Body Repair Kit Easy to mix, smooth, apply and sand. Water resistant to prevent rust. Super adhesion to e-coat surfaces, fiberglass,

    wood and steel.

    Part Number Size Kits Per Case

    051131-01313 Quart 6NEW












  • ATP-SDated February 1, 2011

    Catalog of 3M Automotive Aftermarket Products

    Does Not Replace Supplement Dated November 1, 2010

    3M Hookit Purple Clean Sanding Sheet Rolls115mm Wide 3Ms fastest cutting, longest

    lasting abrasive for saving labor costs and improving quality.

    Perforated sheet roll to easily snap desired sheet size for hand and file applications.

    Single product for both dust-free and non-dust-free sanding.

    Precise hole design for improved life and dust extraction. Suggested sanding blocks and file accessories:

    PN05216115mm wide block.

    Part Number Size Grade

    Sheets Per Box

    Boxes Per


    051131-30740 115mm x 8m 36E 1 3051131-30739 115mm x 8m 40E 1 3051131-30738 115mm x 12m 60E 1 3051131-30737 115mm x 12m P80E 1 3051131-30736 115mm x 12m P100 1 3051131-30735 115mm x 12m P120 1 3051131-30734 115mm x 12m P150 1 3051131-30733 115mm x 12m P180 1 3051131-30732 115mm x 12m P220 1 3051131-30731 115mm x 12m P240 1 3051131-30730 115mm x 12m P280 1 3051131-30729 115mm x 12m P320 1 3051131-30727 115mm x 12m P400 1 3051131-30726 115mm x 12m P500 1 3051131-30725 115mm x 12m P600 1 3051131-30724 115mm x 12m P800 1 3

    3M High Power Brake Cleaner20% VOC Cleans disc and drum brakes quickly,

    without leaving residue. Removes oil, brake fluid, brake dust

    and other contaminants. Excellent general purpose degreaser. Contains less than 20% VOC.

    Part Number Net Wt. Cans Per Case

    051135-08179 14 oz. Aerosol 12

    3M WetorDry Automotive Sandpaper Provides 5 assorted grits of 3M WetorDry Automotive

    Sandpaper in 3-2/3" x 9" size (1-1000 sheet, 1-1500 sheet, 2-2000 sheets and 1-2500 sheet).

    Suggested for clear coat sanding. Paint finishing to remove minor dust nibs and fine

    sanding before compounding.

    Part Number Sheets Per Pack Packs Per Case

    051131-03006 5 40

    3M Contact Cement Fast grabbing and creates a durable bond. Moisture-resistant. Ideal for working with rubber, glass and metal.

    Part Number Size Tubes Per Case

    051135-08075 1 fl. oz. 6

    3M All-Purpose Bonding Putty Two-part epoxy putty. Permanent bonding. For filling and vertical applications.

    Part Number Size Sticks Per Case

    051135-08079 2 oz. 6

    3M Dual Lock Reclosable Fasteners Apply at temperatures above 50F (10C). Make sure surfaces are clean and dry. Do not use on car mufflers, furnace exhaust

    tubes or anywhere temperatures exceed 300F (149C).

    Part Number Packs Per Case

    051131-04862 24

    3M Super Glue Fast drying. Super strength adhesive. Excellent for rubber, metal,

    leather and some plastics.

    Part Number SizeTwo-Packs Per Case