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World class, Multi Brand, Bike Service Outlets …the journey of Castrol BikeZone business

Castrol Bikezone

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  • 1. World class, Multi Brand, Bike Service Outlets the journey of Castrol BikeZone business

2. Castrol sees the big opportunity Source- SIAM, 2009

    • An ocean of 2 wheelers to service
    • Large demand supply gap
    • Space to offer something unique

Vehicles on the road 3. with backing of a giant like bp,takes the next step

  • Castrol, part of the British Petroleum Group
  • Operations in 100 Countries
  • More than 28,000 Retail sites
  • Serving 130 lac customers every day

4. builds a service offer Merchandise insurance Accidental repairs Lube change Lightrepairs Preventive maintenance Major repairs ServiceOffer 5. and a strategy to deliver Strong service brand World class customer experience Sustainable processes 6. identifies4simple needsof a 2 wheeler owner

    • Trust
    • Personal Attention
    • Expert Mechanics
    • Hi-tech equipments
  • and plugs the gap

7. Castrol builds formats todeliver the proposition

  • Unique business formats to delivercustomer experience
  • Maximize revenue per sq. ft.
  • Formats and offerings, sharpened over time

8. Brands its products simple yet powerful

  • Activ Service
  • Prime service
  • Silver service
  • Gold service
  • Platinum service

9. Builds training facility builds technical excellence 10. Soft skills training of frontline staff delivers customer experience!

  • Soft skills development through
  • Experiential training
  • Classroom training
  • Role plays
  • Informal training
  • On job training

11. Offers VASretains customers

  • Pickup and Drop Program
  • Bike Doctor, an AMC program
  • Packs for corporate customers
  • 4-2 ka funda

12. delivers marketing programs builds customer base 13. ingrains sustainability through systems and business processes

  • Painstakingly build processes
  • Knowledge portal
  • Business audits for traction
  • Customer experience measurements
  • Technical audits

14. Adds a powerful merchandise program more revenue/ sq. ft. 15. and delivers an enduring andconsistent performance

  • Strategic focus
  • Robust structure
  • Solid systems
  • Strong Skills
  • Shared values

16. thats Castrol BikeZone