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Case Study on The Avengers Jennifer Templer 12.1

Case study on the avengers

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  • 1. Case Study on The AvengersJennifer Templer12.1

2. Part One: Pre-production The studio The idea The script Production Directing 3. THE STUDIO Which is owned by THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY Which is owned by MARVEL ENTERTAINMENTProduced byMARVEL STUDIOS 4. (Which tend to be aimed at a muchOwn the following film studios: younger audience) 5. They also own the following media companies: (80%)(27%)They make other media products such as: cable television, publishing, theme parks,broadcasting, radio, and web portals. 6. THE IDEAThe film was based on THE AVENGERS comics by Stan Lee, which were all published byMARVEL COMICS (another subsidiary company of MARVEL ENTERTAINMENT).Its estimated that 125-135 million copies of the 600 monthlyissues of the main AVENGERS title have been sold. 7. THE AVENGERS comics had two spin-off animated series:The Avengers: United They Standand The Avengers: Earths Mightiest Heroes 8. There were also three animated films made by MARVEL ANIMATION STUDIOS:Ultimate Avengers Ultimate Avengers 2Next Avengers 9. THE SCRIPTThe script was written by Joss Whedon and Zak Penn. 10. Joss Whedon wasZak Penn co-wroteinvolved in the pre- the script for X-MEN:existing film CAPTAINTHE LAST STAND andAMERICA. wrote early drafts ofHe has written for a THE INCREDIBLEvariety of genres, but HULK.a majority of his work He generally works onis science genres similar to THEfiction/supernatural AVENGERS.drama. Neither he or JossHe created Buffy the were involved withVampire Slayer.the original comics. 11. PRODUCTION It was produced by MARVEL STUDIOS who earlier that year also produced the following:GHOST RIDER:THE AMAZINGSPIRIT OFSPIDERMANVENGEANCE(superhero(supernatural/film).superhero film).4.47.2 (as rated on IMDB) 12. DIRECTING It was directed by Joss Whedon, who wasalso one of the writers. He has previously won an Emmy, alongwith 11 other smaller awards. His last film was in 2005 and was thespace-western film, SERENITY He has directed 3 films (and is directingTHE AVENGERS 2, but that isnt out yet). Audiences particularly involved with theMarvel comics would know/care abouthim. 13. He wrote the script for CAPTAIN AMERICA, which would have made him a sensiblechoice for the producers.Due to his work on CAPTAIN AMERICA, he would have worked with the star Chris EvansWho features heavily in THE AVENGERS.