CAS meeting, Oslo 18. September 2014 Ingvild Gulbrandsen & Shofiqul Islam.

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<p>Joint meeting PSC - PAS/FAS and CAS</p> <p>CAS meeting, Oslo 18. September 2014Ingvild Gulbrandsen &amp; Shofiqul IslamMind the gap from Standard to Implementation</p> <p>2How to merge futher implementation and maintanance</p> <p>3PSCPASCASFAS</p> <p>IDICBCSAISAISAISAISAISAISAISAISAISAISAISAISAISAISAISAISAISAISAIIFACIAASBDONORSImplementationMonitoringDevelopmentISSAIs Level 4ISSAIs Level 34What were we discussing in 2013How can we share our experiances when we implement the standards</p> <p>How can we use the IDI portal for this purpose</p> <p>The facilitators need a place to discuss to give the same advices</p> <p>There is a need for more explanations and training seminars </p> <p>5What has happened since last yearAn ISSAI compliance audit implementation handbook was developed and launced by IDI</p> <p>Aurelija and Ingvild were used as experts in the process together with Mona An e-course was developed and launched by IDI</p> <p>Aurelija and Ingvild acted as mentors and expert for 7 weeks </p> <p>6</p> <p>Where do we find the core? 7What do the iCat tell us?</p> <p>3i ProgrammeAFROSAI-E-22 SAIsASOSAI-20 SAIsEUROSAI-11 SAIsPASAI-15+2 Sub-National SAIs CAROSAI-15 SAIs</p> <p>OLACEFS 19 SAIsARABOSAI 20 SAIs9</p> <p>ISSAI Certification Programmes1015 week programme Ecourse on iCATsEcourse on Implementing ISSAIs3i Workshops on Facilitating ISSAI ImplementationPSC- IDI CertificationISSAI Facilitators</p> <p>iCAT (ISSAI Compliance Assessment Tool)Mapping tools to identify detailed needs at level 4 Not an evaluation toolThe toolall the requirements of level 3-4 ISSAIs in the form of a check listMap the practice for each requirementevidence obtained to support compliance statusexplanation for the SAIs non-complianceGuidance</p> <p>11</p> <p>iCAT - Compliance Audit 12English, Spanish and ArabicSAI Mexico, SAI UAERevised to include Level 3Guidance is to be revised </p> <p>ISSAI IMPLEMENTATION HANDBOOK13ISSAI Implementation StrategyISSAI Implementation issuesSetting up ISSAI based audit practice Case StudyUsed in ISSAI Certification Programmes</p> <p> 14How to use the portal</p> <p>3i Community </p> <p>Experiences Need for detailed guidance Combined audit Risk based approach to CAProfessional development certification </p> <p>16</p> <p> 17How do you take your experiances back to your own region</p>


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