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  • Lights, camera, action Do you love taking photos? The Digital Photography program can help you improve your skills on an amateur level or turn your passion into a lucrative career. Advance your photography abilities by exploring tools and techniques such as composition, lighting, backgrounds, props, fi lters and darkroom. Learn through in-class lectures and hands-on assignments that facilitate experiential learning.

    Develop your portfolio Throughout Sheridan’s Digital Photography program, you’ll be inspired to create innovative and conceptual images while balancing technique and creativity. As you apply your new photography skills, you can evolve your style and create an array of images to include in your portfolio.

    Studio, lab, location You’ll explore professional techniques in the studio, lab and on location. In the advanced courses you’ll develop these techniques in practice by creating product, portrait and still life photographs in editorial, commercial and fi ne art contexts.

    Focus on developing new skills and techniques while earning your Sheridan certifi cate in Digital Photography.

    Digital Photography Sheridan Certifi cate On campus Fall | Winter | Spring starts

    Get creative and learn to use your DSLR camera in manual mode.

  • Career Opportunities Curriculum


    Phone: 905-845-9430, option 3


    September | January | April starts

    Davis Campus, Brampton | Hazel McCallion Campus, Mississauga | Trafalgar Road Campus, Oakville | Online

    With a certificate in Digital Photography from Sheridan, you can develop a career that suits your interest, schedule and photography style. How do you picture your future?

    Consider pursuing these roles:

    • Wedding Photographer

    • Family Portrait Photographer

    • Fashion and Editorial Photographer

    • Advertising Photographer

    • Photojournalist

    • Magazine Photo Editor

    • Industrial and Architectural Photographer

    • Public Relations and Event Photographer

    Did you know? We’ve offered continuing education courses in photography since 1972. Over 40 years later, the dedication to help students explore their enthusiasm for photography continues to thrive at Sheridan.

    Receive your Digital Photography Certificate by successfully completing 9 Digital Photography courses – 4 compulsory and 5 electives. It is recommended to take Photography, Advanced Digital as your last course in this certificate.

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    Note: Please refer to for more detailed information, including course availability and scheduling options.

    All information provided is current as of publication and is subject to change; Sheridan Marketing and Brand Strategy, June 2019. ID#WF68854

    Compulsory Courses (4) VDES70006 Photography, Basic Digital VDES70029 Photography, Intermediate Digital VDES70035 Digital Image Processing (Lightroom and Photoshop) VDES70030 Photography, Advanced Digital*

    Elective Courses (Select 5) VDES70009 Photography, Theory and History VDES70013 Portraiture VDES70015 Wedding & Corporate Events Photography VDES70037 Family and Small Events Photography VDES70034 Photojournalism, Introduction VDES70031 Small Product Photography VDES70014 Small Photography Business VDES70036 Fashion Photography

    * Take this course last in the certificate.

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