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BGSU Colloege of Technology CO-OP Orientation


  • 1. BGSUCollege of TechnologyCO-OP Orientation Your CO-OP, Your Career.
  • 2. An experience course that puts intopractice what you are learning in the classroom. Your CO-OP courses are:
  • 3. (take time to find it on yours)
  • 4. 1. Answers: Why are you at BGSU? Can you answer that question now? Your CO-OP helps you figure this out.2. Forces you into your field, positively.3. Employers are much more likely to hire someone with a degree AND relative experience. Thanks to your CO-OPs, you have both.
  • 5. Develop professional work habits now. Clarify your area of study: Are you doing what you want to do? Access to state-of-the-art technology. Opportunity to live/work in different areas, broadening your perspectives. Up to 1 years experience before graduation. Keeps curricula up-to-date with industry. Opportunity to network, leading to jobs.
  • 6. * That meets CO-OP requirements.
  • 7. Previous CO-OP locations in all 50 states and 6 of 7 continents Which continent has a CO-OP student has never been to?
  • 8. HOW QUICKLY CAN YOU EARN YOUR DEGREE? Its up to you TIME Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3YEAR 1 SEM 1 courses courses coursesYEAR 1 SEM 2 courses courses coursesYEAR 1 SEM 3 CO-OP CO-OP coursesYEAR 2 SEM 4 courses courses CO-OPYEAR 2 SEM 5 courses courses coursesYEAR 2 SEM 6 CO-OP courses coursesYEAR 3 SEM 7 courses CO-OP coursesYEAR 3 SEM 8 courses courses CO-OPYEAR 3 SEM 9 CO-OP courses coursesYEAR 4 SEM 10 courses CO-OPYEAR 4 SEM 11 courses coursesYEAR 4 SEM 12 courses
  • 9. 1. Complete Policy & Procedure Statement2. Complete CO-OP Orientation (you are doing this now)3. Start search for CO-OP 2 semesters BEFORE.4. Create resume, intro. messages, and lists of companies to contact.5. Contact companies, get hired.6. Register/Apply for your CO-OP (WorkNet). Help is available for all steps and situationscontact us.
  • 10. Contact us! (were friendly) 372-7581 102 Tech Bldg
  • 11. One way to find a CO-OP >>>>> 1. Log-in to your MyBGSU account. 2. On LEFT side, click WorkNet link under the Career Center header 3. Enter your username and password on the next screen, click LogIn
  • 12. Visit ourwebsiteRESOURCES! (next screen) twitterlisting current CO-OPs available. Live Chat CO-OP Countdown
  • 13. Interactive Map of previous CO-OPs Interactive Resume BuilderGallery of Students on-site Templates for letters, emails and resumes Videos of past CO-OPevents and presentations
  • 14. 1. Log-in to your WorkNet account2. Under ADDITIONAL RESOURCES, click Register Your Experiential Learning HERE3. Click the Add New button4. Read instructions.5. In pull-down menu Experiential Learning Type: choose Internship/Co-op6. Fill-in your CO-OP details accordingly, when complete, click Save
  • 15. YOUR BGSU EMAIL IS THE OFFICIAL METHOD OF CONTACT Check your BGSU email DAILY. Technology Building, Room 102 BGSU, Bowling Green, Ohio 43403-0306 Phone: 419-372-7581 E-mail:
  • 16. BGSUCollege of TechnologyCO-OP Orientation Your CO-OP, Your Career.