Candlelight Memorial Day - Memorial Day Candlelight Memorial Day is a day to think back on all the friends, family, or co-workers you have lost to HIV AIDS

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  • Candlelight Memorial Day

    Candlelight Memorial Day is a day to think back on all the friends, family, or co-workers you have lost to HIV & AIDS. What can you do? Where do you start? Begin by thinking about what HIV & AIDS means to you.

    Candlelight Memorial Day is an opportunity to acknowledge how HIV & AIDS has affected your life. This Candlelight Memorial Day, share a message of prevention, treatment, and support. If you are struggling to cope with the loss of a loved one, get help.


    Choose something that feels right for you. Here are some ideas:

    Lightacandle.A candle represents light and hope. In many cultures and traditions, lighting a candle is a ritual of remembrance for those who have died. Light a candle for someone you love who has been affected by HIV & AIDS.

    Sayapoemoraprayer.On your own (or as a family) write, read, or say a poem or prayer for those you have lost.

    A moment of silence. Silence is a sign of respect for those who you have loved and lost. Take a moment before your family meal, before bed, or upon waking.

    Visitaspecialplace.If theres a garden, park, or place of worship that the person loved, make an effort to go there.

    Helpsomeoneinneed.You may feel that the only way to move forward is by taking positive action today. Take a trip to a childrens home; donate old clothes to homes helping those with HIV. A little bit of your time and effort will help those in need.

    Get the community involved

    Candlelight Memorial Day is also a day of reminding ourselves of the way forward. It is a wonderful opportunity to involve your community in learning more about HIV & AIDS.

    Community service. Organise a community Candlelight Memorial Day Service. You dont need to light a candle for someone who has died light a candle as a sign of your commitment to fighting HIV & AIDS.

    Silentmarch.Hold a silent march in honour of Candlelight Memorial Day, allowing each person to support one another and reflect.

    Sharing. Organise a community sharing of experiences. Encourage talk and discussion about HIV & AIDS.

    Distribute information. Distribute posters and pamphlets about HIV & AIDS. Teaching people about HIV & AIDS is the only way to prevent its spread and lay the groundwork for a future without AIDS.

    Distributecondoms.Encourage people to use condoms by distributing them on days like Candlelight Memorial Day. Think of innovative ways to get condoms into the community.

    Organisefundraising. Organising community fundraising is a great way to support organisations dealing with HIV & AIDS and to teach people more about it. Get a community drive to collect clothing, blankets, food, or nappies.

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