Can You Ride a Bike

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  • Can you ride a bike?by Hanna Domaska

    Macmillan Polska 2009 PHOTOCOPIABLE

    Teachers Notes

    First published online 19.01.09

    Type of school: kindergarten

    Type of activity: group work, TPR

    Focus: vocabulary - sports: nouns: a bike, a

    basketball, a skipping rope, a swim, a

    dance, a kite, roller skates; verbs: to ride,

    to play, to skip, to swim, to dance, to fly,

    phrases: to ride a bike, to play basketball,

    to fly a kite, to rollerskate, assumed

    receptive knowledge of the phrase: can


    Level/Age group: 6 year-olds, no writing

    skills required

    Time: about 20 minutes


    Photocopy the worksheet - one for a group of

    4-5 children

    For vocabulary presentation prepare

    pictures, flashcards or toys which represent

    the above mentioned sports. If possible,

    bring some objects connected with doing

    particular sports: a skipping rope, a

    swimsuit, a basketball, a toy bike, toy skates


    Make sure you have sets of dice and pieces

    for each group. If you don't have enough

    pieces, you can use buttons or some other

    small objects instead.


    1.Tell the children that they are going to

    play a board game during today's lesson.

    Explain that this game will be about sports.

    Elicit which sports they know and which

    sports they like playing (L1). Try to guide

    them towards summer sports.

    2.Introduce the new vocabulary. Depending

    on teaching aids, show the children a

    basketball, a skipping rope, a kite, roller

    skates, a bike and a swimsuit. While showing

    the objects name the corresponding sports.

    Drill the vocabulary. Tell the pupils to repeat

    the words loudly, quietly and then in a funny


    3.Ask questions individually. Can you play

    basketball? Can you ride a bike? Do you like

    flying a kite? Do you like swimming? If

    children have problems with remembering

    the meaning of the words, help them by

    showing pictures or acting out the given


    4.Ask children to sit at the table. Divide

    them into the groups of 4-5. Distribute the

    worksheets, dice and pieces. Explain the

    rules of the game: every time they stand on a

    picture of a sport activity, they have to ask

    the next person a question e.g.: Can you

    swim? The person must answer Yes/No.

    You can also try to revise numbers, while

    throwing the dice: a child count out loud the

    number of the squares he/she has to move.

    Extension/ Follow-up:

    Tell the children that one of them will mime

    one sport and the rest of them will have to

    guess the name of the sport activity. Every

    child must take his/her turn, otherwise

    there will be an argument. If children can

    think of some other sport activities, accept

    that and provide the kids with an extra

    vocabulary practice when needed.

    Strona 1