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  • 8/12/2019 Camiones Grandes

    1/3Mining Magazine cto er


    Haul truck future

    Tmanu acturers wt a num er o maor

    m n ng pr ects on o , par t cu ar y

    pressurs ng t e u tra-c ass mar et w ere

    t e ey contracts are re at ve y ew an aretween, compare to ower-capac ty c asses. e

    following details developments at Caterpillar and

    Liebherr, but also reveals for the first time BELAZsplans to roll out key models in North America.

    Among the other manufacturers, namely Komatsu,

    Hitachi and Terex, there have also been someimportant developments. The first Komatsu 960E

    fleet is being commissioned at a Peabody coal

    peration in the US, following very successful testing

    f the truck at Rio Tintos Bingham Canyon mine. Afuture Mining Magazinearticle will examine the

    progress of the 960E in more detail. The new Terex

    eet at ustra as no ron magnet tem ne s operat ng we , an t e company s pursu ng

    pportun t es or t e n ustrys newest u tra-cass

    truc e sew ere.tac , w ose truc was ment one

    ar er t s year , a y , p , as now s ppe

    20 of its new EH3500ACII trucks, which are well spread

    ut geographically: three are operating in Australia

    with contractor Comiskey, stripping overburden in a

    oal mine; two are operating in South Africa with Anglo

    oal; four are in Finland at Talvivaaras nickel mine;

    nd four others are operating in the US with MasseyEnergy, stripping overburden at a coal operation. The

    remaining trucks are waiting to go into service.

    The company states that the general feedback has

    been positive, with the drive system performingparticularly well. Finally, the all-new EH4000ACII has a

    prototype still under test, with product approval due

    in December. The new truck is expected to be

    vailable commercially in January 2010, subject toboard approval.

    n one o t e most s gn cant mar et- eve opment

    ec s ons n t e story o e aruss a- ase truc

    manu acturer , t e company as c osen tontro uce ts truc s to ort mer ca. t oug t e

    firm makes more than 2,000 pieces of equipment per

    year for the mining, construction and specialised

    vehicle markets, the North American launch willfocus on its new electric-drive mining trucks with

    10-130t and 220t capacities. The BELAZ trucks will

    be marketed and service support will be provided by

    new subsidiary, BELAZ Trucks Americas, which willbe headquartered in West Bloomfield, Michigan.

    Initial efforts will be directed at a group of selectedustomers where the advantages of the BELAZ trucks

    nd the capabilities of the support network can beuickly demonstrated.

    Semyon Brayman, president of BELAZ Trucks

    mericas, tells n ng agaz ne: We recognise that

    o penetrate the North American mining market wemust offer trucks that use the latest technology to

    provide excellent productivity, and that we must

    onstruct a va ue pac age t at nc u es attract veruc pr c ng, so re a ty an an opt m se

    perat ng cost per tonne. e ave strong pro ucts,

    e ave a strong support networ an we are exc teo e a e to r ng truc s to ort mer ca.

    any n t e n ustry w o ave not seen

    rucks in action in its stronghold markets of Russia,

    hina, Kazakhstan and Ukraine may wrongly considerhem to be outdated. However, todays latest BELAZ

    iesel-electric models are equipped with Cummins or

    MTU engines and General Electric drives, with a

    performance on a par with any other haul truck onhe market.

    Almost 1,000 of the latest-design mine trucks fromBELAZ have accumulated over 10.3 million hours of

    odels and upgrades from the leading haul-truckanu acturers in 2008, Paul Moore provides exclusive news

    o a major new market entry by BELAZ and an in-depthupdate on progress at three other established players

  • 8/12/2019 Camiones Grandes

    2/3Mining Magazine cto er


    peration in some of the worlds most demanding

    terrain. They are equipped with state-of-the art

    technology, based on highly-engineered designs

    rom t e tec no ogy centre, w c asapte components to customer nee s.

    e new ort mer can mo e s w e

    es gnate - t an t .

    The NA designation signifies that the basicdvantages of the trucks have been enhanced with

    omponents and materials specifically for Northmerica. Key areas of improvement include:

    increased stability of movement while loaded;

    tructural protection of vulnerable engineomponents; a rear-axle design that minimises

    manual maintenance of brake gears; a heated body

    esigned for ease of loading, and high-efficiency

    lectro-dynamic brakes. The trucks also offermaintenance labour minimisation through optimal

    location of assemblies reduced lubrication points and

    the use of maintenance free materials.e stan ar eng n e or t e w e t e

    er , an on t e t w e t eer . omp ete - r ve systems

    will be standard on both models. Aside from the

    re uce emss ons an ncrease orsepower

    dvantages of the engine, as well as the proven

    tate-of-the-art drive technology, the parts andervice for both are readily available from their

    numerous authorised outlets.

    In addition, the BELAZ 320t 75600 truck has beeneveloped and is operating in several locations in

    Russia. The current plans are that this truck will also

    be made available in the North American marketwhen field experience and market conditions dictate.

    Wider aftermarket support for the trucks will be

    provided by companies that have establishedpersonne an n rastructure at, or near, target m ne

    tes. ome o t ese companes a rea y prov e parts

    n servce support or ot er pro ucts use n t e

    m n ng n ustry.e truc s w n t a y e assem e n e a rus

    n s ppe to ort mer ca, ut, at some po nt n

    the future, basic truck components may be fabricated

    nd sent to North America where they will beombined with the engines, drive systems and perhaps

    her components now manufactured in the US.

    ATERPILLAR MOVES FORWARDIn a statement in August, Caterpillar said it is moving

    rapidly forward with the new large mining truckshowcased at MINExpo 2008, which represent the

    ompanys largest-ever investment in new miningechnology. According to the company, the

    aterpillar 793F and 797F mechanical-drive trucks,

    s well as the 795F AC electric-drive truck, are allchieving milestones.

    Caterpillar states that it believes mechanical-drive

    mining trucks will satisfy the needs of the vast

    majority of mining operations, but as the onlymanufacturer of 181t and larger mining trucks with

    both mechanical and electric-drive systems, it will be

    e to o er truc s t at a ress a m n ng companypre erences.

    t t e t me o t e ugust announcement, t e

    an a accumu ate more t an ,f field testing, and proven their per formance

    apa t e s an ura ty. e new aterp ar

    ngine that powers them had racked up 130,000h of

    field testing in mining trucks and more than 120,000hin power systems. Based on the success of these

    field-follow programmes, both models will be in full

    production and commercially available by the end of

    his year, with the 793F available first.The C175 engine meets US EPA Tier 2 emissions

    tandards and delivers 4,000hp in the 20-cylinderversion that powers the 797F. The 16-cylinder C175

    powers the 795F AC with 3,400hp. It also powers the793F, with 2,650hp. According to Caterpillar, the

    175 promises longer life between rebuilds, lower

    ound levels, improved altitude capability andimproved fuel consumption compared to the 3500

    eries engines it replaces.

    By the end of September there were five 793F

    ield-follow trucks operating in US copper and goldmines. They have accumulated about 30,000h of

    peration and are said to be performing well. An

    t ona our s ave een retro tte w t- eng nes an t e eng nes ave accumu ate

    more t an , o runn ng t me.

    e - o ow s ave a so per orme ver y wet severa app cat on s tes, nc u ng ow er ver

    as n coa , t e erta o san s an n a out

    merican copper operation. Nine 797F field-follow

    rucks have accumulated a combined 50,000h ofperation. In addition, three other 797s have been

    retrofitted with C175-20 engines and have

    ccumulated more than 12,000h of operation.

    According to Caterpillar, test results have shownhe expected increased production when compared

    head-to-head with the previous 797B model and the175 20-cylinder engine is said to have performedomatsu 960E, Bingham Canyon

  • 8/12/2019 Camiones Grandes

    3/3Mining Magazine cto er

    very well. While no commercial orders have officially

    been announced, several orders are in place, most

    notably from an operation in South America.

    s a ran new p at orm, t encorporates new tec no og es t roug out. n

    xamp e s our- corner, en e ra ng an

    retar ng us ng aterp ar o - m merse an coo e

    sc ra es, as we as e ectr ca r etar ng, w cnhances safety and operator confidence.

    Caterpillar engineers have also been testing two795F AC prototypes, including the truck shown at

    MINExpo, at the Tinaja Hills testing site in Arizona.

    The development programme has provided input forthe construction of a new 795F AC in Decatur, Illinois.

    This new truck was recently shipped to a copper

    mine in North America where it will serve as the first

    field-follow 795F AC. The 313t-capacity 795F ACrepresents a n

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