Calculus and Its Applications (2-downloads) among students who are visual learners. Appropriate for

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Text of Calculus and Its Applications (2-downloads) among students who are visual learners. Appropriate for

  • Marvin L. Bittinger Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

    David J. Ellenbogen Community College of Vermont

    Scott A. Surgent Arizona State University

    10 Calculus and its applications



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  • To: Elaine, Victoria, and Beth

  • Contents Preface vii Prerequisite Skills Diagnostic Test xix


    Functions, Graphs, and Models 1 R.1 Graphs and Equations 2 R.2 Functions and Models 13 R.3 Finding Domain and Range 24 R.4 Slope and Linear Functions 33 R.5 Nonlinear Functions and Models 50 R.6 Mathematical Modeling and Curve Fitting 68 Chapter Summary 79 Chapter Review Exercises 85 Chapter Test 88 Extended Technology Application

    Average Price of a Movie Ticket 90


    Differentiation 93 1.1 Limits: A Numerical and Graphical

    Approach 94 1.2 Algebraic Limits and Continuity 109 1.3 Average Rates of Change 121 1.4 Differentiation Using Limits

    of Difference Quotients 132 1.5 Differentiation Techniques: The Power

    and Sum–Difference Rules 144 1.6 Differentiation Techniques: The Product

    and Quotient Rules 158 1.7 The Chain Rule 166 1.8 Higher-Order Derivatives 177 Chapter Summary 185 Chapter Review Exercises 190 Chapter Test 192 Extended Technology Application

    Path of a Baseball:The Tale of the Tape 194



    Applications of Differentiation 197 2.1 Using First Derivatives to Find Maximum

    and Minimum Values and Sketch Graphs 198 2.2 Using Second Derivatives to Find Maximum

    and Minimum Values and Sketch Graphs 216 2.3 Graph Sketching: Asymptotes and Rational

    Functions 234 2.4 Using Derivatives to Find Absolute Maximum

    and Minimum Values 250 2.5 Maximum–Minimum Problems;

    Business and Economics Applications 262 2.6 Marginals and Differentials 277 2.7 Implicit Differentiation and Related Rates 288 Chapter Summary 295 Chapter Review Exercises 301 Chapter Test 303 Extended Technology Application

    Maximum Sustainable Harvest 305


    Exponential and Logarithmic Functions 307 3.1 Exponential Functions 308 3.2 Logarithmic Functions 322 3.3 Applications: Uninhibited and Limited

    Growth Models 337 3.4 Applications: Decay 353 3.5 The Derivatives of ax and loga x 366 3.6 An Economics Application:

    Elasticity of Demand 371 Chapter Summary 378 Chapter Review Exercises 382 Chapter Test 384 Extended Technology Application

    The Business of Motion Picture Revenue and DVD Release 385

  • C O N T E N T S v

    Cumulative Review 602 Appendix A: Review of Basic Algebra 605 Appendix B: Regression and

    Microsoft Excel 616 Appendix C: MathPrint Operating

    System for TI-84 and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition 618

    Table A: Areas for a Standard Normal Distribution 621

    Answers A-1 Index of Applications I-1 Index I-4


    Integration 389 4.1 Antidifferentiation 390 4.2 Antiderivatives as Areas 399 4.3 Area and Definite Integrals 410 4.4 Properties of Definite Integrals 425 4.5 Integration Techniques: Substitution 436 4.6 Integration Techniques:

    Integration by Parts 445 4.7 Integration Techniques: Tables 454 Chapter Summary 459 Chapter Review Exercises 466 Chapter Test 468 Extended Technology Application

    Business: Distribution of Wealth 469


    Applications of Integration 473 5.1 An Economics Application:

    Consumer Surplus and Producer Surplus 474 5.2 Applications of Integrating Growth

    and Decay Models 480 5.3 Improper Integrals 492 5.4 Probability 498 5.5 Probability: Expected Value;

    The Normal Distribution 508 5.6 Volume 522 5.7 Differential Equations 526 Chapter Summary 535 Chapter Review Exercises 541 Chapter Test 543 Extended Technology Application

    Curve Fitting and Volumes of Containers 545


    Functions of Several Variables 547 6.1 Functions of Several Variables 548 6.2 Partial Derivatives 556 6.3 Maximum–Minimum Problems 565 6.4 An Application:

    The Least-Squares Technique 572 6.5 Constrained Optimization 579 6.6 Double Integrals 588 Chapter Summary 594 Chapter Review Exercises 598 Chapter Test 599 Extended Technology Application

    Minimizing Employees’ Travel Time in a Building 600

    SUPPLEMENTARY CHAPTERS Available to qualified instructors through the Pearson Instructor Resource Center ( irc) and to students at the downloadable student resources site ( or within MyMathLab

    A. Sequences and Series online A.1 Infinite Sequences A.2 Infinite Series A.3 The Ratio Test and Power Series A.4 Taylor Series and Taylor Polynomials Summary and Review Test

    B. Differential Equations online B.1 Further Background B.2 First-Order Linear Differential Equations B.3 Graphical Analysis B.4 Numerical Analysis: Euler’s Method Summary and Review Test

    C. Trigonometric Functions online C.1 Introduction to Trigonometry C.2 Derivatives of the Trigonometric Functions C.3 Integration of the Trigonometric Functions C.4 Inverse Trigonometric Functions Summary and Review Test

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