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  • Seniors 10


    Hour of OperationTuesday-Friday 9:30-7:00

    Saturday 10-5:00closed Sundays and Mondays



    Seniors 10

    Its your life, You choose

    ...make your senior portraits


    Dont settle for school portraits

    Seniors 10

    Seniors 10

  • Your Story,Your Life


    Basic Session... $75.0045 minutes, in studio, color only, 2 outfit changes

    youll see approximately 40 originals

    Classic Session... $115.00Our classic {deluxe at most other studios}

    Youll get two hours, in studio, color and b/w and up to four clothing changes

    youll see approximately 70 originals

    Designer Art Session... $200.00Our most popular! Youll get three hours, in studio, and local outdoor locations, color and b/w and up to eight

    clothing changesyoull see approximately 110 originals

    What will your

    Senior Portraits

    say about you...





    Session Add-onsWheels Session...

    This can be for a car, motorcycle or horse.Location Session...

    Maybe at your home or a special outdoorlocation of your choice.

  • Your Story,Your Life

    Get ConnectedNetus Semper Personalize all of your graduation stationary.

    We offer custom designed graduation

    announcements, name cards, seals, address

    labels, thank you cards, bookmarks, and more.

    You can make your senior announcements

    unique with your chosen photograph and style.

    Ask to see our samples.

    Photo announcements can be ordered in quantities of 25

    starting at $52.00

    The Senior AlbumThe Ultimate senior memory coffee table album is created using your

    images and words. Custom designed with 20 or more images.

    Podcasts & DVDs - share with everyone...

    web - - info@cabayphoto.comstudio phone - 804-747-8902facebook - Cabay Fine Photography SeniorsiTunes podcast - Cabay Fine Photography

    One ofa


  • Your Story,Your Life

    Dont be late- Arrive 10-15 before your appoi

    ntment. Be advised that

    there is someone scheduled after you

    , therefore if your late it will cut into

    some elses session time.

    Plan Ahead- Please have your clothing grou

    ped together by outfit and

    on hangers. If you need to apply mak

    e-up or style your hair at the studio,

    you will need to arrive early enough t

    o be ready at your start time.

    Clothing Styles- Vary th

    e style of your clothing. Remember th

    at your

    pictures can represent all seasons, so

    you may bring a range of clothing

    despite the actual weather.. Try to ha

    ve some summer, winter, and/or fall

    clothing to ensure you get a variety o

    f looks and background choices.

    Hair- Avoid changing your hairstyle or cuttin

    g your hair right before your

    session. Haircut should be done at lea

    st a week before appointment. If

    you color your hair dont forget your r

    oots! Highlights should be touched

    up approximately one to two weeks b

    efore your session. Quick and easy

    hairstyle changes are ok, but make it

    quick or you lose camera time.

    Clothing colors- Try to avoid stripes and pla

    id. Solid colors photograph

    much better. Black looks good on eve

    ryone & will make you look thinner.

    Be sure to vary your clothing color ch

    oices. This will ensure you get a

    variety of looks and background choi


    Make-Up- Makeup should be slightly heavier

    than normal. Also avoid

    makeup with SPF in it. Although it is

    good for your skin in the sun, it

    tends to create a shine. Summer shin

    e can be controlled by using

    translucent powder that knocks out s

    hine without adding additional


    Complexion- All of your finished portraits w

    ill be retouched so dont

    worry if you have a breakout right be

    fore your session.

    Tanning- DO NOT overdo the tanning bed o

    r sun. At least a 3 day rest

    from tanning before your session is re


    Your stuff- Props help define who you are. S

    ome popular choices are:

    sports equipment, hunting gear, mus

    ical instruments, uniforms and


    Accessories- Dont forget to accessorize! Hat

    s, scarves, boots and coats

    make a nice addition to outfits and ca

    n help to create variety in your


    Tips from the ExpertsDont




    12x22 Gallery Portrait

    16x20 Composite