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<p>TNMC</p> <p>bySiriparn PhongphaewThitarat SriwattanapongTNMCTNMCMinistry of Natural Resources and Environment</p> <p>Department of Water Resources</p> <p>Line agency e.g. Land Development Department, Department of Forestry, etc.MissionRegulations on the exchange and use of information and joint information sharing. </p> <p>Basin Development Plan.Watershed plan is one of three main programs of the Mekong River Commission. It will set the framework. Plans for development. Encouraging the use of resources for drugs. Effectively balance Conservation. Resources and environmental medicineWater Use PlanPlanning is one of the three main Mekong River Commission. This plan is a major driving force. In developing rules for sharing a variety of models and tools. Analysis. To ensure the equality In the development of all resources. This watershed plan for a period of 6 years and a budget of U.S. $ 16 millionResponsible76 Provinces998 Districts8,860 subdistricts</p>


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