BY: OWEN AND GIGI Kitchen Design. Dishwasher Dishwasher: MAYTAG Jetclean Plus Dishwasher. This dishwasher includes many features that will benefit our

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BY: OWEN AND GIGI Kitchen Design Slide 2 Dishwasher Dishwasher: MAYTAG Jetclean Plus Dishwasher. This dishwasher includes many features that will benefit our clients in everyday life. It has a motor that has been tested and proven to last for double the amount of time as your average dishwasher. This is very important for our clients, as they have children and will wash dishes quite often when cleaning family dinners, lunch, breakfast, etc. And clearly, as you can see, it is a beautiful stainless steel that appears and is high quality. One common problem in kitchen appliances is that they can get severe stains from, well, food. But this dishwasher has a grey coloring on the interior that prevents the appearance of stains and marks. It will look clean for a LONG time! Let me pose a question to you, one that you might find yourself saying Yes to. Does it ever seem that you spend just as much time pre-rinsing dishes as you would actually washing them? Here is yet, another convenient feature of this dishwasher: It has a Jetclean Plus Wash System. This system allows for food particles to be scrubbed off of dishes and then captured by the filtration. And very lastly, this dishwasher has room for more dishes than regular dishwashers. So the MAYTAG Jetclean Plus Dishwasher has countless features that are beneficial to many people, some of them being our clients. Price: $497 Width: 23 7/8 Height: 34 Depth: 24 In this image, the dishwasher is open and loaded with dishes! In this image, the dishwasher is open and loaded with dishes! Slide 3 Oven Oven: Dacor Millennia Distinctive Double Wall Oven. When deciding upon the proper oven, we agreed that our clients would enjoy the distinct and beautiful style that this oven brings to the kitchen. With stainless steel surfaces and a jet black porcelain interior, we recognized that this oven doesnt just have beauty: It has many helpful and useful features. For one thing, there are six chrome racks, three in each oven. The two levels of oven, upper and lower, are very unique although they share a similar appearance. The bottom level has proof mode while the upper level oven includes convection bake, broil, and roast. Both ovens are self cleaning ovens, which is a relief to our clients. As you might notice, there is an electronic touch control panel on the top of the oven. It allows you to view and set start times, stop times, temperature hold, and cooking times. I also cant help marveling at the modern styling on the flush handle. The oven has halogen lights that illuminate the whole oven! I know that our clients will instantly admire this oven and not hesitate to start using it! Price: $3,499 Width: 26 Height: 49 15/16 Depth: 24 Slide 4 Refrigerator Refrigerator: FRIGIDAIRE 26 Cu. Ft. Side By Side Refrigerator. When browsing refrigerators, we couldnt help noticing the beautiful style of this refrigerator, not to mention that it fits our clients needs exactly. It is side by side, one feature that is convenient for families with children- everything is within reach of adults and children alike. It is a stunning stainless steel that will match the other appliances perfectly. It has temperature control, an ultra soft door design, and quiet sound package. Once you open this refrigerator, you discover the amazing features for storage and more. It has a clear dairy door, 2 adjustable white gallon door bins, 2 clear fixed 2 liter door bins, 3 fixed SpillSafe glass shelves, cantilever shelves, StoreMore crisper drawers, and other storage/shelving features. The refrigerator has a sleek, beautiful look that is showcased by a durable stainless steel finish. This nice looking, convenient fridge will suit our clients very well for sure. Price: $1,067 Slide 5 Stove Top Stove Top: Dacor 36 Preference 5 Burner Gas Cooktop. This stove top has charm and beauty, yet remains a classic stove top. It has a special bead-blasted PermaClean finish, which acts as protection against scratches, marks, and other damage. We decided that our clients would benefit off of this, as they have kids who carry the risk of damaging anything in the house, including the stove top. This stove top includes top notch technology to make cooking much easier. It has PermaFlame Technology, which lights another flame without interrupting your cooking if a burner goes out. Of course, this is rare. Another wonderful feature is the continuous platform grates, which allow really big pans, pots, and other cooking dishes to be easily moved from burner to burner. One more amazing feature on this stove top is the exclusive SmartFlame Technology. It ensures less contact between the burners and grates, preventing grate discoloration and increasing the amount of time that the grates last. We know that many great meals will be prepared on this stovetop. Price: $897 Width: 36 Height: 4 Depth: 21 A meal being prepared on the stove top. Slide 6 Microwave Microwave: Frigidaire - 1.2 Cu. Ft. Mid-Size Convection Microwave - Stainless-Steel. This modern looking, pretty microwave is just the thing to place in our clients kitchen. A great feature of this microwave is the Ready-Set controls as well as the 1-touch options! This all makes using the microwave easier for the whole family! There are 10 power levels, so that you can cook food at exactly the right settings. Also, one reason that this microwave is so special is the grill and defrost functions that you can use on practically any food. It includes a child lock, so that any possible dangers involved with child handling are eliminated. This microwave is sure to make cooking loads better for our clients as they settle into their new home. Price: $224.99 Width: 22 Height: 12 1/3 Depth: 21 3/8 The stunning microwave. Slide 7 Backsplash Backsplash: Silver Antique Gloss Tiling. This stunning backsplash was special from the instant we saw it. Our clients will enjoy its beauty all the time in their kitchen. The tiles include a unique arcing diamond pattern that is to die for! It is very popular amongst many people for obvious reasons. And best of all, this backsplash doesnt even require fillers. Any kitchen can look outstanding with this nice style- Our clients deserve this backsplash in their kitchen! Price: $378 Size per tile: 24-24 Unit Price: $42 The unique tile with an arcing diamond pattern. Slide 8 Flooring Flooring: Heritage Woodcraft Vintage Couture American Cherry Flooring. Flooring is a very important element in any room- especially the kitchen. We recognized this while selecting flooring for our clients kitchen. It had to be the very best as far as looks and quality. Finally, we found this flooring. It has an impact chiseled hand scraped surface that looks stunning as well as a hand carved Microbevel edge design. To top it off, this flooring includes a German Treffert brand aluminum oxide finish. It is easy maintenance, which is always a bonus for our clients. One more great feature of this flooring is that it goes over both concrete and wood subfloors. Our clients will enjoy everyday with this wonderful flooring in their kitchen. Price:$2132. 80 Unit Price:$3.44 per sq. ft. Length: 47 Width: 6 3/8 Depth: The beautiful American Cherry flooring. Slide 9 Lighting The Dining Area Lighting Dining Area Lighting: Hunter 22459 52 The Astoria Ceiling Fan, Blades and Light Included. This lighting is the perfect match for kitchen tiling and flooring- A match made from heaven. It has a new bronze finish with five reversible Walnut/Medium Oak blades. Also, this great fan has an integrated 120 watt bowl light fixture as well as a WhisperWind motor. The 52 blade span is just the right size. Our clients will love eating under this lighting! Price: $147.23 Size:52 Cooking Area Lighting: Vaxcel Lighting PD5024 Contemporary / Modern Single Light Down Lighting Mini Pendant from the Da Vinci Collection. This stunning lighting is just what our clients need to illuminate their cooking area. It is modern and has a nice, contemporary style. One great feature that this lighting has is single light down lighting mini pendant featuring alabaster glass! Though somewhat simple, this lighting has plenty of wonderful style! Price: $161.73 Width:9.5 Unit Price: $40.43 Cooking Area Lighting Slide 10 Range Hood Range Hood: BROAN30" Range Hood 4 way convertible. This stunning range hood is perfect for our clients. It has a one light level light and a dishwasher safe aluminum grease filter. Also, it includes 4 way convertible installs ducted 3 1/4" x 10" (vertical and horizontal) and 7" round (vertical) and non-ducted. Lastly, it has a great 2 speed fan. Simple yet complex, this range hood is wonderful. Price: $129 Slide 13 Cabinets Wall Cabinets: American Classics 24 Kitchen Wall Cabinet. These wall cabinets have oak doors for sturdiness and style as well as an adjustable shelf design that helps maximize storage space. Price: $218. Quantity:2 Wall Cabinets: American Classics 30 in. Kitchen Wall Cabinet. These cabinets have a nice, classic look that the oak creates. Price: $234 Quantity:2 Base cabinets: American Classics 24 in. Medium Oak Kitchen Base Cabinet. This cabinet is very stylish and durable. Price:$147 Quantity:1 Base Cabinets: American Classics 36 in. Kitchen Base Cabinet. This cabinet has smooth operation and a stunning oak base. Price: $219 Quantity:2 Base Cabinet: American Classics 18 in. Kitchen Pantry Cabinet. Price: $284 Quantity:1 Base Cabinet: American Classics 60 in. Kitchen Sink Base Cabinet. Price: $264 Quantity:1 Wall Cabinet: American Classics 36 in. Kitchen Wall Cabinet Price: $149 Quantity:1 Base Cabinet: American Classics 18 in. Kitchen Drawer Base Cabinet Price:$199 Quantity: 1 Slide 14 Cabinet Knobs/Pulls Cabinet Knobs/Pulls: Liberty 1-1/4 in. Venetian Bronze Top-Ring Round Knobs 10 Pack. These knobs are a beautiful venetian bronze with a venetian bronze finish. They are so stylish! Price: $29.96 Quantity:2 Unit Price: $14.98 Slide 15 Garbage Disposal