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  • 32D12SW8I57 2.4358 GARRISON 010

    A Report on

    Magnetometer and VLF Surveys

    claim L578379



    L.G. Hobbs, P. Eng.









    RECEIVED DEC- 1 1981


    Nov. 25, 1981 \ Toronto, Ont.

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    Claim L578379 Garrison Twp,


    The property consists of one claim L578379, a restaking of claim 26388.

    Location and Access

    The claim is located l*j miles west along Hwy 101 from the Garrison/Harker twp line. The highway crosses the claim.


    No outcrop is believed to occur on claim L578379. On the claim adjoining west an outcrop of carbonatized greywacke occurs as part of a larger sedimentary zone which strikes across almost the whole width of Garrison twp and appears to be bounded on the south by the Destor-Porcupine fault and on the north by what may be the Munro fault. Immediately north and south of this structure lie intermediate to basic volcanic flows. The large Garrison stock, which is mainly granitic, lies a short distance to the south and the east- westerly trending peridotites etc., of the Ghost range occur as a sill a few thousand feet to the north. Minor dikes and other intrusions of varying composition are super imposed on this pattern.

    The sedimentary band may have economic significance because of gold occurrences west of claim L578379 on the Brydges, Newfield, Garrcon, and Hastings properties. Newfield, in particular, is reported to have encountered commercial gold grades from drilling in a syenite or feld spar porphyry which lies within this zone of faulted sediments,

    Surveys 1981

    Personnel The lines were cut by A. Foster of Matheson, Ont.

    Survey readings were taken by L.G. Hobbs of Markham, Ont.

  • t Control Locating the base line along the north edge of Hwy 101,

    four lines were turned off at an angle of 760 to run true north. The baseline and cross lines* which are 400 feet apart total 1.48 miles in length. All the field work was done in August and September of 1981.

    Magnetometer Survey

    A GEM GSM 8 proton total field magnetometer was used

    with diurnal corrections by the time-linear method. A

    total of 62 stations were read on loops from a base station

    at L4W IN.

    Interpretation A general increase in magnetic strength from south

    to north with a wide "plateau" through the centre of the claim is observable. The magnetic peaks at 12W, 4N and 8W, IS may be evidence of a northwesterly trending olivine diabase dike which appears on Satterly*s map of the township on the claim immediately to the south. The wide east-west line spacing of this survey may be causing this feature to be obscured. There appears to be a magnetic zone trend ing slightly north of east across the top of the survey which would roughly correspond to the assumed location of the Munro fault.

    VLF Survey The instrument used was a Geonics EM16 and the

    transmitting station used was NLK (Seattle). A total of 60 stations were read. A Fraser reduction was applied to the In Phase readings and it is these values that are plotted on the VLF survey map. For this reason readings appear between picket stations on the plan although readings were of course obtained at the stations themselves.

    Interpretation A broad rather weak conductive zone occurs extend

    ing from the central part of the claim eastward and off it. Its termination to the west suggests either the presence of

  • the diabase dike referred to in the previous section or a northerly trending cross fault between lines 8W and 12W.

    Conclusions and Recommendations

    1. More detailed readings in the 6W to 12W area would probably help the interpretation of these surveys.

    2. A broad magnetically flat zone occurring on lines O and 4W in the area just north of the road corresponds to a broad moderate conductor. The interpretation of this is not clear but it may represent an Algoman intrusive plug within the sediments with a weak east-westerly trending unidentified conductor crossing it. In the case of renewed gold exploration of the sediments in this belt a test hole should be considered.

    Res itted,

    Reference! ODM Vol 58 Pt. 4, 1949 Geology of Garrison Twp. by J. satterly

  • Ministryot Natural Resources



    j. f3Sg 320iaSWei57 2.4358 GARRISON 900

    Please type or print. If number of mining claims travers*! exceeds space on this form, attach a lid Only days credits calculated in t H "Expenditures" section may be enterej in the "Expend. Days Cr." column Do not use (haded areas below.

    Type of SurveyU)

    Claim Holder(s)

    Township or Area

    Survey Company

    Name and Addr/ss of Author (of Geo-Technical report)

    Survey Dates (linecutting to office) f .9 *t\3*/*

    Day l Mo. | ^*f. | Day | Mo. | Yr.

    lotal Miles of line Cut


    Special Provisions Cr/dits Requested Instruction!

    For first survey:

    Enter 40 days. (This includes line cutting)

    For each additional survey: using the same grid:

    Enter 20 days (for each)


    - Electromagnetic

    - Magnetometer

    - Radiometric

    - Other



    Days per Claim

    -J&L 2,0

    Man Days Instructions

    Complete reverse side and enter total(s) here


    - Electromagnetic

    - Magnetometer

    - Radiometric

    - Other



    Days per Claim

    Airborne Credits

    Note: Special provisions credits do not apply to Airborne Surveys,




    Expenditures (excludes power stripping) Type of Work Performed

    Days per Claim

    Performed on Claim(s)

    Calculation of Expenditure Days Credits

    Total Expenditures Total

    Days Credits

    15 =

    Instructions Total Days Credits may be apportioned at the claim holder'* ct oice. Enter number of days credits per claim selected in columns at right.

    Report Completed Date of Report Recorded Holrfffr O! AgefitlSignature)

    Certification7 Verifying Report o

    Mining Claims Traversed (List in numerical sequence) Mining Claim

    Prefix Number


    AM MCT-81981

    Expend. Days Cr.

    jy- ~W

    Mining Claim Prefix Number


    Expend Days Cr

    Total number of mining T claims covered by this l report of work. ^ J- J

    l hereby certify that l have a personal and intimate knowledge of the facts set forth in the Report of Work annexed hereto, having performed the work or witnessed same during and/or after its completion and the annexed report is true.

    Name and Postal Address of Person Certifying

    ^ ̂ *JT*?- 4-.

    1362 (81/2)

  • Certificato

    1. L.G. hobbs, 60 hereby certify That I maintain an office at Suite A - 101 Amber St.,

    Mar'cham. On t.

    That I graduated from the University of Toronto in 1958 vith the degree of B.A.Se. in engineering geology.

    That l have practiced my profession as a geologist since graduation.

    That I am a member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario.

    L.G. Hobbs, P. Eng.

    dated at Markham, Ont.

    this 10th day of Aug. 1982

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    Mining Lands Comments

    W. L. F . -x ^ K!QLXO

    : . l. i/.

    To: Geophysics


    pp'Oved Qwish lo tee Bgain with corrections D*t( Signature

    l JTo: Geology - Expenditures


    l j Approved rn Wish to tee again with corrections l Due Sipnctur*

    DTo: Geochemistry Uiimmenli


    Appioved QvVnh to xe epiin with corrections Sue

    l ]TO: Mining LantH Section, Room 6462. Whitney Block. {Tel: 5-1380)

  • December 14, 1981 2.4350

    Office of the Mining Recorder Ministry of Natural Resources 4 Government Road East P.O. Box 984 Kirkland Lake, Ontario P2N 1A2

    Dear Sir:

    We have received reports and naps for a Geophysical (Electromagnetic and Magnetometer) Survey submitted under Special Provisions (credit for Performance and Coverage) on Mining Claim* L*578379 in the Township of Garrison.

    This material will be examined and assessed and a statement of assessment work credits will be issued.

    Yours very truly,

    E. F. Anderson Director Land Management Branch

    Whitney Block, Room 6450 Queen's Park Toronto, Ontario M7A 1W3 Phones 416/965-1380

    J. Skura/bk

    cc: L. G. Hobbs Markham, Ontario

  • Ontario

    Mi p 1st rv oi Natural Resources

    RECEIVE3 AUfi l Q 1Qft?

    1982 07 16 Our file:

    SEC i ION

    Mr-. L. G. Hobbs, P. En g. 101, Amber Street S-uite #4 Markham, Ontario L3R 3B2

    Dear Sir:


    In order to complete your submission for the above mentioned Survey, we require the following information in this office:

    1) a key map showing the location of the property with respect to township boundaries.

    2) VLF Fraser filtered maps must be accompanied by a separate set of plans showing the raw data plotted for each station.

    3) a brief res