By earth global warming oceans are growing bigger and bigger and are melting the poles.

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By Luis Felipe MolinaFabin EstradaAntonio MezaDiego Trejos Causes and effects on earth due to humans intervention

1By earth global warming oceans are growing bigger and bigger and are melting the polesCauses And Effects of The Rise of Sea Level

Rising sea levels caused by the warming of the oceans affect the coast and governments need to start working out how to adapt to the change, because it's likely to get more severe.

Other causes of sea-level rise include the melting of glaciers and the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. The ice-sheet melts, needed urgent attention because their effect on sea-level rise was unknown.

Sea-level rise, combined with more severe weather events caused by climate change, will lead to storm surges that will greatly magnify flooding and erosion along coastal communities with devastating consequences.

On earths crust humans live with animalsBut humans are alternating our planetCauses and effectsOn Earth population due to humans intervention

Humans rapid population increase, is destroying animals home, the forest

Our population is destroying animals habitat. This is our fault.

But, some people are trying to fix it. We may save or animals and forest but we need to work now.

AcTIONS TO LIVEThe pollution on the worlds water will affect us. Pure water is an unrenewable resorce so with polllution we are spending that resorce.

The global warming is caused by the pollution made by petroleum. The smoke that came out when used go to the atmosphere and stops. All that layer of smoke make the greenhouse effect occur.Global WarmingAir pollution When cars are used they burn fuel the fuel that is burned come up to the atmophere until it ends up in the ozone layer

All that smoke destroys the ozone layer and without the ozone layer ultraviolet rays will enter and earth will dry up.


Make big walls to protect the coast from the sea-Have emergency alarms on the coast and on the close places to inform when is a risk.Thank you


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