By Bree Law.  Will they be able to understand me?  Can they relate to my life experience?  Will I say something to offend them?  How do I approach.

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<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Youre retarded!Myths and misconceptions about autismBy Bree LawWhy are we afraid to talk to people with special needs?Will they be able to understand me?Can they relate to my life experience?Will I say something to offend them?How do I approach them?myth #1: All people with autism are mentally retarded.Many people with autism have normal to high IQs and some may excel at math, music or another pursuit.</p> <p>Specialize in a subject.</p> <p>Asperger's Syndrome: by definition a person with Asperger's Disorder cannot possess a "clinically significant" cognitive delay and most possess average to above average intelligence.</p> <p>myth #2: PEOPLE ON THE AUTISM SPECTRUM DON'T HAVE EMOTIONSMany people with autism are very sensitive. They might be feeling intense emotions, yet on the outside they may easily appear as emotionally flat.</p> <p>Myth #3: People with autism dont want friendsStruggle with social skillsHard to pick up on sarcasm and body language alone; need direct communication.Most keep to self because of sensory overloadHobbies </p> <p>Myth #4: Autism is a mental disorderAutism is not a mental disorder. It's a neurobiological disorder that manifests in early childhood and is often diagnosed before the age of 5 years old.</p> <p>I see myself as a man, not an autistic man.~ Bryce NotbohmMyth# 5: all people with autism are the same.People with autism are all unique. While they share some challenges like social skills, they are not all affected by autism in the same way. They have very unique personalities, interests, ideas and sense of humors.gastro-intestinal disorders,food sensitivities, and many allergies.</p> <p>Myth #6: autism is caused by bad parentingSpanking is NOT the answer!1950s, "refrigerator mother hypothesis" arose suggesting that autism was caused by mothers who lacked emotional warmth.Autism Meltdowns due to sensory overload</p> <p>Myth #7: People with Autism cant live normal livesMore severely affected might require group homes and additional support as they get older.Many work, contribute to society, get married and maintain close relationships with others.</p> <p>Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokmon</p> <p>Myth #8: people with autism cant have sexual relationshipsPractically everyone is innately interested by sex.Dating is a game; can be hard to read between the linesCan get married and have close relationships</p> <p>Dave Hamrick and Lindsey Nebeker, couple with autism</p> <p>ContactBree Law: our website: www.partyforautism.orgLike Party For Autism on Facebook!</p>