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  • 1. DEDICATED INTERNETRogers Business SolutionsDEDICATED INTERNET is afibre-based, scalable, highspeed Internet connectivitysolution that offers businesscustomers symmetricalbandwidth supporting speedsup to 10 Gbps. Rogers supportsmillions of subscribers on ourIP network, including wirelesssmart phones and cableInternet customers. RogersBusiness Solutions is the idealchoice for businesses thatneed to connect with thesesubscribers directly to offer thebest Internet experience.GET STARTEDNOW!RogersBusinessSolutions.comRBSinfo@RogersBusinessSolutions.com1-866-431-4642ONE CONNECTION. INFINITE POSSIBILITIES.

2. BUSINESS FEATURES & BENEFITS TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS FIBRE-BASEDExtensive and Diverse Internet Connectivity ACCESS:Rogers has one of the most interconnected Internet backbonesin Canada with direct connections to hundreds of carriers across Standard Access Speeds:North America. RBS is able to deliver high availability, low latency 10 Mbps, 100 Mbps, 1000 Mbpsservice with a minimal number of hops as demanded by ourcustomers. Rogers Internet infrastructure easily supports the Customer Premise Equipment:delivery of over 200 Gbps of traffic during peak times throughoutMulti-service Switcha typical day. Customer Facing Port Types: 4 x 10/100/1000BASE-TXHighly Scalable and Flexible Multi-Service 4 x 1000BASE (SFP)AccessRBS invests in a customers site by deploying an intelligent accessswitch with multiple network ports and a 1000 Mbps fibre optic National Core Network SLA Metric Availability> 99.999%uplink to our network. This allows you to increase bandwidth and addnew services on demand without the need for any new hardware.Access SLA Metrics Fibre-Based Access Availability > 99.9% Fibre-Based Access Mean < 4 hrsGeographical Reach Time to Restore (MTTR)Rogers owns and operates a national network with over 25,000 kmof fibre routes including touch points in all major Canadian citiesand US Network Access Points. RBS can provide fibre-basednetwork access in thousands of buildings across Canada. WHY CHOOSE ROGERS?Service and SupportWhen you partner with Rogers Business Solutions, you benefit from on-going collaborationRogers Business Solutions supports its customers and networks with with our team of experts who leverage our nation-wide fibre network delivering a flexibleresponsive and knowledgeable account teams, customer care and scalable product suite to meet your evolving business professionals. The Rogers Business Service ManagementCentre is available to assist you 24/7/365. ROGERS NETWORK AND THE POWER OF FIBRE Our fibre optic network is fully supported 24/7/365 by a team of engineering experts in our state-of-the-art Network Operations Centre. Our own multipath digital fibre network backbone ensures reliability and allows us to provide faster quoting and flexible solutions to scale your services quickly and to respond to your needs better. CONTACT US TO GET STARTED NOW 1-866-431-4642DEDICATED INTERNET