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  • 8/14/2019 Business Matching Case Studies


    BackgroundExport Solutions has completed

    numerous projects over the years for the

    Netherlands Trade Agency (EVD).

    Based on this successful track record,

    Export Solutions were appointed by the

    EVD and the Holland Yachting Group

    (HISWA) to assist a Netherlands marine

    industry trade mission that was heading

    to Australia and New Zealand.

    ChallengeExport Solutions has worked with many

    Dutch companies at trade fairs in Germany

    and in the USA. The primary challenge is to

    ascertain each participants objectives, and

    then through consultation, a target group of

    companies is selected for meetings to be


    SolutionThe contingent of Dutch companies visiting

    Australia and New Zealand was made up of

    many professions, from ship builders and

    software developers for the marine industry,

    through to marine engine manufacturers.

    This variation in company activities

    challenged the search process. Export

    Solutions proven approach of identifying

    participants objectives and then focusing

    on these to produce a list of relevant targetcompanies achieved the result.

    Key benefits While Export Solutions can provide

    partner search and business matching

    for individual companies, in this case the

    services were provided successfully to a

    national trade mission

    Export Solutions fees were built into the

    cost of participating - the trade agencies

    believed the services would enhance

    trade opportunities and become an

    integral and powerful part of the whole


    Quote from the clientThere are many good reasons why we

    continue to utilise the services of Export

    Solutions. Their experience, current insights

    and relationships are mission critical to our

    business growth in new markets.

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    Copyright Export Solutions Pty Ltd September 2005

  • 8/14/2019 Business Matching Case Studies


    BackgroundThe Singapore Trade Development Board

    (IE Singapore) and Export Solutions have

    enjoyed a long and successful working


    IE Singapore had previously engaged

    Export Solutions for a number of trade

    fairs including the worlds largest ICT

    trade fair, CeBIT, and Europes biggest

    electronic trade fair, Electronica.

    ChallengeIE Singapore faced a new challenge of

    taking a group of 12 Singapore food

    manufacturers to the USAs largest Food

    and Beverage event. This market required

    significant levels of education in order to

    appreciate Asian cuisine.

    None of the Singapore companies had

    previous experience with the USA market,so it was essential that the companies be

    supported by a service that would enhance

    their participation in the trade fair.

    Export Solutions was engaged to meet with

    the Singapore companies and work through

    their objectives for the Fancy Food Show in

    New York.

    SolutionAlthough the Singapore companies were

    expecting adequate trade fair traffic past

    their booths, they considered it essential to

    target companies before the event.

    They believed their trade fair experience

    would be more productive if company

    details could be exchanged prior to

    the event, making their first meetings

    more effective.

    The investment the Singapore companies

    were making in travelling to New York to

    exhibit was significant. IE Singapore knew

    that Business Matching would add value

    and enhance the trade opportunities.

    Key benefits IE Singapore was clearly seen providing

    a number of critical services for the

    Singapore companies

    The exhibition had many highlights,

    including: networking events with

    industry players; access to passing visitor

    traffic; focused meetings scheduled by

    Export Solutions to draw interested US

    companies together with Singapore


    The Business Matching service provided

    an added layer of confidence to the

    Singapore companies participation, and

    helped enhance the effectiveness and return

    from the trade fair

    Quote from the clientSingapore looks to the world for new

    opportunities and Export Solutions

    have made a significant contribution to

    get our SME food industry players up to

    speed, crossing cultural, commercial and

    geographical divides.

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    Copyright Export Solutions Pty Ltd September 2005

  • 8/14/2019 Business Matching Case Studies


    BackgroundJaytown is a Dutch software company

    at the leading edge in a range of secure

    Instant Messaging technology.

    It was participating at CeBIT, Hannover,

    for the second successive year as part

    of the Netherlands pavilion, and had

    received an Export Solutions business

    matching program as part of the

    services provided to participating Dutch

    companies. Interestingly, Jaytown also

    enrolled in CeBITs own online Future

    Match program to see if they could also

    access another list of target companies.

    Many trade fair organisers recognise

    the positive element a matchmaking

    service brings to an exhibition. Many

    now have an Online Matchmaking

    program included on the fair website

    and promote this service as a businessmatching program for exhibitors.

    ChallengeTrade fair online programs are primarily for

    the benefit of visitors, as the Exhibitor has

    no say in whom they are meeting and why.

    Usually profiles of the Exhibitor are posted

    on the trade fair website and visitors are

    encouraged to view these profiles and set

    meetings with the Exhibitors. The results

    are erratic, as often the profiles dont

    provide sufficient information with only

    standardised answers or specific replies


    SolutionExport Solutions Business Matching

    provides a full service including

    consultation over long lists of possible

    matching companies, and filtering these

    down to specific target companies.

    The online program could only rely on the

    possibility that the correct company would

    view and make a match on the website.

    There is a lottery effect with this approach.

    Jaytown had no idea and no control as

    to who might possibly see their profile let

    alone schedule an appointment with them.

    Export Solutions comprehensive approach

    also provides target companies with details

    of the exhibitor and vice versa.

    When meetings are scheduled discussion

    points can be ascertained in advance

    leading to a more productive meeting.

    Key benefits Jaytown likened the online matching

    program to a blind date, Sure you

    got to meet some companies at

    CeBIT but there was no telling who

    they were going to turn out to be and

    if it was going to be a waste of time

    or not

    The Export Solutions Business Matching

    service provides a level of confidence

    to the exhibitor, as its search of target

    companies is based on the exhibitors


    Quote from the clientThe Business Matching by Export

    Solutions has provided Jaytown with a

    number of leads that we would not have

    identified otherwise. They have helped

    us to find a distinct number of prospects

    for future partnerships. We are following

    up on a handful of concrete business


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    Copyright Export Solutions Pty Ltd September 2005

  • 8/14/2019 Business Matching Case Studies


    BackgroundMicro-Works is a Singapore based

    company with state-of-the-art

    manufacturing facilities. It is aOne-Stop Optical Media Specialist,

    and provides CD and DVD replication.

    Micro-Works have recently invested

    in CD/DVD production technology

    using the latest Mastering System and

    CD/DVD Replication Machines with a

    capability of producing over 2.5 million

    compact discs and DVDs per month.

    These increased capabilities meant

    they needed to extend their market

    reach to new customers who would

    benefit from their now faster production

    and higher quality replication.

    ChallengeWith market growth in mind, Micro-Works

    decided to participate in the worlds largest

    ICT trade fair, CeBIT, in Hannover.

    The strategy was to attract IT companies

    who sell their software using CD/DVD

    media as well as IT companies who require

    DVD/CD for their corporate profiles or

    product lines.

    The biggest challenge that Micro-Works

    faced was they did not know the European

    market or how to approach potential clients.

    SolutionExport Solutions was already engaged by

    the Singapore Trade Development Board

    (IE Singapore) when they responded to

    Micro-Works challenge. Export Solutions

    began by identifying the characteristics

    of the companies they were targeting at

    CeBIT, and how they could be accessed.

    In consultation with Micro-Works, Export

    Solutions was able to set marketing

    strategies which produced a research

    database of potential targets that could

    enhance Micro-Works trading opportunities.

    Working with the client, Export Solutions

    then narrowed the list of target companies

    to a more focused group where capabilities

    and information could be exchanged resulting

    in more productive meetings at CeBIT.

    Business Matching #4


    Export Solutions involvement allowed

    Micro-Works to concentrate on producing

    an eye-catching booth, and completing

    promotional material, confident in the

    knowledge that there were a number of

    meetings pre-arranged with quality targetsall through the trade fair.

    Key benefits The partner search and business

    matching by Export Solutions was

    the driving force behind the overall

    participation at this leading international

    trade fair

    Micro-Works met with a number of

    interested companies, with at least one

    of these becoming a loyal customer who

    has consistently increased sales orders

    Quote from the clientThank you Export Solutions for referring

    us to potential customers during the CeBIT

    Hannover exhibition. Your services have

    provided us with a loyal customer who has

    now been with us for 2 years and sales

    orders have slowly increased. Without your

    Business Matching we would not have

    located this trade opportunity.

    Copyright Export Solutions Pty Ltd September 2005

  • 8/14/2019 Business Matching Case Studies


    BackgroundTeam Simocos heritage dates back to

    World War II, when the UK Company,

    then known as Pye Telecommunications

    Ltd grew considerably throughmanufacturing radios for use in tanks.

    Today, service organisations are

    increasingly dependent on efficient,

    portable communication solutions

    in the field. Team Simoco provides

    essential communications where

    safety and security are paramount.

    Clients include government, security,

    manufacturing, public safety and

    emergency services.

    ChallengeTeam Simoco has a successful Distributor

    in the Middle East. However they soughtto use the Gitex trade fair to explore new

    opportunities with end users as well as

    establishing new Distributors throughout

    the Middle East Region.

    Export Solutions were approached by

    Team Simoco to assist in achieving these

    objectives through providing partner and

    Business Matching services.

    SolutionExport Solutions focused on the objectives

    of Team Simoco, and then researched

    who they wanted to meet at the exhibition

    and why.Export Solutions searched out potential

    matching companies, which were then

    reviewed by the exhibitor.

    Team Simoco actively contributed to the

    selection of companies to meet at the

    trade fair. Export Solutions then secured

    the meetings.

    Key benefits Export Solutions provided Team Simoco

    with a number of researched companies

    that matched their key criteria

    Export Solutions secured the meetings

    with the chosen companies

    Quote from the clientWe found Export Solutions to be very

    quick to pick up on our market and its

    demands, the service was professional,

    speedy and thorough. The careful

    preparation has resulted in ongoing

    conversations with one company in

    particular who we would otherwise

    not have met.

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    Copyright Export Solutions Pty Ltd September 2005


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