BUSINESS BOOKS ... create a meaningful brand position, and bring the brand strategy to life on the ground,

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    2 Business Books

    Two Silicon Valley pioneers describe how the rise of artificial intelligence and virtual environments are ushering in an epic cultural transformation and how people can thrive in this new era. 9781523087617 | $26.95 PB Berrett-Koehler Publishers

    In the first interactive choose-your-own- path story for millennial women, readers will

    discover that there is no singular right or perfect path through a myriad of choices paired with

    provocative data. 9781523087952 | $18.95 HC

    Berrett-Koehler Publishers

    A New York Times-bestselling author tells the dramatic story of how his life was saved by an Amazon shaman who taught him to “touch the jaguar”—to transform his fears into positive action. 9781523089864 | $26.95 PB Berrett-Koehler Publishers

  • 2020 3

    This edition shows how leaders can build psychological safety in their organization, creating an environment where employees feel fully engaged and encouraged to contribute their best ideas. 9781523087686 | $19.95 PB Berrett-Koehler Publishers

    America’s poor, working poor, and middle class are in a waiting

    game they cannot win. Jobs will not come, times will not get

    better, and communities will not flourish until they take charge of

    their own financial futures. 9781523088669 | $16.95 PB

    Berrett-Koehler Publishers

    This practical, accessible, nonjudgmental handbook is

    the first to help individuals and organizations recognize

    and prevent microaggressions, so that all employees can feel the sense of belonging in the workplace that they deserve. 9781523087051 | $17.95 PB

    Berrett-Koehler Publishers

    This no-nonsense guide to social intelligence for project managers provides a step-by-step process for building a bulletproof project team. 9781523087105 | $29.95 PB Berrett-Koehler Publishers

  • 4 Business Books

    Based on the largest international survey on the use of Design Thinking, the most popular methods are described by global experts. Simple instructions, expert tips, templates, and images help readers implement each tool or method. 9781119629191 | $35.00 PB Wiley

    The author examines the bipartisan legacy of billionaire

    Politician Bloomberg, an activist executive and New York

    Mayor who used government assets boldly and wisely for the greatest good, for the greatest

    number of people. 9781510759145 | $18.99 HC

    Skyhorse Publishing

    For the first time, “50 Cent” Jackson opens up about his

    amazing comeback—from tragic personal loss to thriving

    businessman and cable’s highest-paid executive—in this

    unique self-help guide. 9780062953803 | $27.99 HC

    Amistad Press

    In a captivating memoir, an Egyptian-American visionary and scientist provides an intimate view of her personal transformation as she follows her calling—to humanize technology and how people connect with one another. 9781984824769 | $28.00 HC Currency

  • 2020 5

    One of the most inspiring and impactful books ever written celebrates its 30th anniversary with modern additions from Sean Covey. 9781982137137 | $30.00 HC Simon & Schuster

    An acclaimed tech reporter reveals the inner workings of Amazon, Facebook, Google,

    Apple, and Microsoft, showing how to compete with the tech

    titans using their own playbooks. 9780593083482 | $27.00 PB


    An award-winning Fortune magazine writer offers an

    unbiased look at Amazon’s world-dominating business

    model, the current competitors either imitating or trying to

    outfox Amazon, and the ways Bezonomics is shaping the life of

    every American. 9781982113636 | $28.00 HC

    Scribner Book Company

    Using stories from his time at Apple, Pinterest, and Slack, the author presents a series of leadership practices that help readers build leadership skills and create teams that are highly productive, highly respected, and highly trusted. 9781492045694 | $39.99 HC O’Reilly Media

  • 6 Business Books

    Fineman shares the game-changing tools she’s developed over the past decade that make bragging feel easy, thereby unlocking career opportunities and helping others shine. 9780593086810 | $27.00 HC Portfolio

    In this audacious follow-up to Capital in the Twenty-First Century,

    the author exposes capitalism’s ideas that have sustained inequality

    since pre-modern times and outlines a fairer economic system.

    9780674980822 | $39.95 HC Belknap Press

    Through extensive research into elite coaches in business and

    sports, this edition investigates the mindset, skills, and behaviors

    required to be a top sales coach and provides a range of practical

    models, tools, and techniques. 9781789734881 | $23.99 PB

    Emerald Publishing Limited

    From the author of New York Times bestsellers Contagious and Invisible Influence comes a revolutionary approach to changing anyone’s mind. 9781982108601 | $26.99 HC Simon & Schuster

  • 2020 7

    From quick conversations to awkward interactions— learn the communication strategies needed to distinguish oneself in any situation and progress success from one of today’s leading experts in business communication. 9781260459166 | $20.00 HC McGraw-Hill

    Comprehensive in scope, this guide’s 120 frameworks provide a thorough, practical guide to inform the sustainability strategy of an organization and communicate that strategy to teams. 9783030368371 | $54.99 PB Palgrave MacMillan

    The author explains that knowing how to transform conflict into collaboration affects the outcome of every interaction, challenge, and opportunity in business. 9781632651570 | $18.95 PB Career Press

  • 8 Business Books

    Skillfully curated, edited, and arranged, these letters showcase the ultimate in business and investment knowledge from an all-star team of more than 20 different leaders from 16 companies. 9780857197917 | $20.00 HC Harriman House

    Documenting the decline of white-working class lives over the last half-century, the authors examine the social and economic forces that have made these lives more difficult. They offer a way forward that may be feasible and improve lives. 9780691190785 | $29.95 HC Princeton University Press

    The authors show readers how to find meaning and satisfaction in their work lives. 9780525655244 | $27.95 HC Knopf Publishing Group

  • 2020 9

    Providing systematic evidence to document how the ascendance of finance on Wall Street, Main Street, and among households is a fundamental cause of economic inequality, the authors argue that finance has reshaped the economy in three important ways. 9780190638313 | $29.95 HC Oxford University Press

    The author provides many important and helpful insights that can help professionals recruit, develop, and retain a winning team. 9781260461411 | $30.00 HC McGraw-Hill

    From the first female real estate broker on Million Dollar Listing LA comes a blunt guide to analyzing big egos, deflecting power plays, and taking control of any room. 9780593188736 | $27.00 HC Portfolio

  • 10 Business Books

    A strategy consultant provides the inspiration, tools, and insight to build and execute a business model that leads to an ever-expanding customer base of loyal subscribers—and keeps them coming back. 9781260458701 | $28.00 HC McGraw-Hill

    One of the most accurate books on the future of leadership shares exclusive insights from the world’s top CEOs and never-before-seen research to reveal a new arsenal of skills and mindsets needed to succeed. 9781119518372 | $25.00 PB Wiley

    For anyone who has ever felt their voice isn’t heard at work, this guide empowers them to communicate with people who think, act, and experience things differently than they do with more confidence, candor, and authenticity. 9781632651631 | $17.95 HC Career Press

  • 2020 11

    The specific denials—the focus of this work—vary, but the themes echo from campaign to campaign. The stories stand as a reminder of why corporate activity needs to be monitored, challenged, and regulated. 9780520296282 | $29.95 HC University of California Press

    Blount takes on sales negotiation, completely

    upending everything readers think they know about how to

    negotiate with prospects and customers.

    9781119540519 | $27.00 HC Wiley

    Drawing on nearly three decades of corporate and consulting experience, Dahl lays out a new holistic framework for developing Modern Lean leaders. 9781492046295 | $39.99 PB O’Reilly Media

  • 12 Business Books

    The author provides a lean, agile approach to building global brands, helping readers quickly analyze their environment, create a meaningful brand position, and bring the brand strategy to life on the ground, where it counts. 9781632651655 | $22.95 PB Career Press

    With clear, in-context examples, tips, and focused case studies on how companies are doing things well and the pitfalls to avoid, this entertaining book will help readers reduce the stress and overwhelm of poor time management. 9781789660494 | $19.95 HC Kogan Page

    Sasevich helps readers upgrade their mindset, unwrap their unique gifts, claim their value,