BUS311: Website Development Lab. The world Web hosting site WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT BASICS Web browser URL Web pages (HTML) Web site development tools Web.

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  • BUS311: Website Development Lab
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  • The world Web hosting site WEBSITE DEVELOPMENT BASICS Web browser URL Web pages (HTML) Web site development tools Web publishing tools File transfer SW (SSH, FTP, ) Web pages (HTML) & Other linked files Your computer Web Server
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  • Web Browsers and Hosts Popular Web Browsers: Chrome IE Firefox Safari Website hosting: ISP Free Host Domain Host
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  • Web-page/Site Development Tools Text Editors: Notepad HTML Editors: Word, etc. .html Web Publishing: FrontPage, DreamWeaver, SeaMonkey (free; used for this class) Graphics/image/animation: Photoshop, Picasa, Flash, etc. Programming: Server-side: PHP, ASP Client-side: Javascript Database: Access, MySQL, etc.
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  • The world Hostname: uhunix.hawaii.edu Username: Password: Directory: public_html WEBPAGE DEVELOPMENT (UH Host) Web browser Your URL:http://www2.hawaii.edu/~username Web pages (HTML) Your computer Web site development tools Web publishing tools: SeaMonkey File transfer software: SSH File Transfer (upload/download) SSH Important: UH does not support FTP, only SFTP Web Server
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  • Money can buy. Avatar Animated Characters http://www.sitepal.comhttp://www.sitepal.com Templates: TemplateMonster.com http://www.entheosweb.com/website_design/design_i deas.asphttp://www.entheosweb.com/website_design/design_i deas.asp Entire web-sites (e.g. web.com, wix.com) But you cant use any of these for A2!
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  • Website Design Rules Rule 1. The website should offer something unique : A good website is compelling; it provides value to your audience that draws them to your site again and again The value proposition of the business should be clear on the home page Utilizes the 7 Cs of web capabilities: convenience, cost, coordination, collaboration, communication, customization, community Meets clearly identified business goals
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  • Website Design Rules (2) Rule 2. The website must be aesthetically pleasing. Rule 3. The website must be easy to use and fast. Rule 4. The website must motivate people to visit, to stay, to return. Rule 5. You must advertise your presence on the web. Rule 6. You should learn from your website.
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  • Planning Your Website Identify the goals of your website Identify your audience Create a list of content that both achieve your goals and is of interest to your audience. Divide this list into pages Create a navigation scheme (site map) that links these pages together in a simple, consistent way
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  • Planning Your Page Layout Use tables to divide the page into regions header sidebar footer content Design each region add text add images add links
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  • Useful Stuff UH Personal Page: http://www.hawaii.edu/personalhphttp://www.hawaii.edu/personalhp File transfer software: WS-FTP, Filezilla, Fugu SSH (free from UH)


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