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  • Burleigh Morton Detention Center 2019

    w North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation

    Division of Transitional Facilities Office of Facility Inspections

    Facility Burleigh Morton Detention Center Steve HallFacility Administrator

    Facility Compliance Percentage 100% Facility Website Address

    DOCR Inspector(s) Lance Anderson, Robert Werlinger Assigned Facility Grade 1 Maximum Rated Capacity 555

    Current Inmate Count 231 Date of Inspection January 23, 2019

    The North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (“DOCR”) inspected the Burleigh Morton County Detention Center on January 23, 2019. The inspection was made in accordance with N.D.C.C. §§ 12-44.1-24, 12-44.1-25, with the North Dakota Correctional Facility Standards revised June 2019, and the statutory requirements in N.D.C.C. Ch. 12-44.1.

    The inspection of the facility was conducted by Lance Anderson, North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Correctional Director of Facility Inspections, and Robert Werlinger, North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Correctional Facility Inspector. The previous inspection of the facility was conducted on April 19, 2018.

    This report is published at: inspections


    A. Facility Description The Burleigh Morton County Detention Center (BMCDC) is a grade one correctional facility under N.D.C.C. - S.S.12-44.1-06; the jail is located at 4000 Apple Creek Road, Bismarck, North Dakota. Burleigh Morton County Detention Center is operated under the authority of the Burleigh County Sheriff Kelly Leben, Assistant Jail Administrator Steve Hall and the Burleigh Morton County Detention Center are under the governing authority of the Burleigh County Commissioners. BMCDC was completed in June of 2017. The Detention Center and an office for the Sheriff are encompassed in a one level building. The master control room is centrally located within the facility with no direct line of sight into the housing units. The master control room can take over each unit control center if needed. BMCDC physical plant consists of a large vehicle sally port, booking area, observation cells administrative offices for the correctional staff, food prep area, food storage area, dish tank area, laundry, attorney visit rooms, property storage rooms, IVN rooms, janitor closets, and restrooms, medical treatment areas, chemical storage closets, library,

  • and three (3) inside recreation areas with louvers for outside air, interview rooms and dayrooms. Most services are delivered to the offenders, including, educational programs, ministry programs, distribution of prescribed medicines, commissary, meals are served from a full-service kitchen, laundry, and leisure library. Centralized services include a medical clinic. The computerized law library is under contract review. Delivery of services is an effort to reduce the likelihood of confrontations between offenders, and the facility is designed to minimize offender movement. BMCDC operational design concept is to receive unclassified individuals, hold pretrial and convicted persons up to a year, and allow for processing, classifying and releasing individuals at all times.

    BMCDC is comprised of six (6) units, and each unit is an individually contained unit with smaller contained pods. BMCDC different housing units including maximum security, medium security, minimum and protective custody, and special management units. Each pod has particular rules depending on its designation. Each unit consists of pods surrounding a central control/officers station. A series of pods comprise a unit. There are currently three units in operation. However, there are three units for expansion as the need arises. Units four hundred, five hundred, seven hundred (400, 500, 700) are non-operational and for future expansion. Unit eight hundred (800) contains twelve (12) pods these pods are a dorm style setting with each dorm/pod has ten (10) beds. Unit two hundred and three hundred contains eight (8) pods each six (6) pods contains sixteen (16) beds, and two (2) pods contain eight (8) beds all cells are double bunk in each unit. Each unit has dayrooms with large, heat treated, double-sided, tempered safety glass windows which restrict visibility from the inside of the unit and gives the secondary control stations direct view into the units. The housing units are all similarly situated with an upper and lower tier. Stairs in the dayrooms access the upper tier cells. The lower tier comprises of the dayroom located in the front of the housing unit and a private shower located at the left or right side in the lower and upper tiers of each of the housing units. The design of each shower unit allows the offenders to have adequate privacy for showering. Each cell has a washbasin, a toilet in the immediate sleeping areas. Offenders assigned to a unit do not have contact with offenders in another unit. Each cell is equipped with an intercom that allows offenders to communicate with staff. Each unit has basic furnishings, television, kiosks phone, and multi-purpose areas. All housing units have adequate and appropriate seating for the number of inmates that make use of each unit. All housing units have access to natural lighting and with illumination sufficient for comfortable reading in the living areas. All furnishings are appropriate to the custody level of inmates assigned in each housing unit. The dayrooms allow offenders to congregate, watch television, use the telephone system and have access to the kiosk system for visitation, ordering of commissary.

    The booking and intake area has four temporary transport holding units these units contain benches however do not contain a shower, wash basin and toilet. One property storage area, large booking area. There are nine single cells and five double bunk cells used for special management inmates. One safety cell has a floor toilet mounted flush with the floor. The controls are located outside of the cell. The safety/observation cells are used temporarily for offenders during the booking process and those individuals who are under the influence of alcohol or drugs, display violent behavior, self-harm, or inability to exercise self-control. The safety/observation cells are located near the booking officer duty station. However, the booking officer does not have a direct personal visual observation from the booking desk. All group housing units and cells within the booking area have cameras, intercoms, and duress lights. Monitoring is accomplished by electronic camera(s) which are continuously monitored in the master control room and the booking officer station.

    BMCDC houses male and female inmates up to one year or until an inmate's court case are completed. Burleigh Morton County Detention Center has an authorized staff consisting of Jail Assistant Jail Administrator Steve Hall, sixty-eight (68) full-time security staff, seven (7) administration staff, three (3) medical staff and one (1) Licensed Social Worker. BMCdC maintains staffing levels of fifteen (15) employee to three hundred forty-four (344) offenders. The

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  • average length of stay for inmates is eight (8) days. Nine thousand forty-nine (9049) offenders were processed for the year 2018. BMCDC maintains verbal agreement and contractual agreements to house inmates from different jurisdictions including: Emmons, Grant, Kidder, Logan, McIntosh, Mclean, Mercer, Sheridan, Sioux and, Ward County, the city of Bismarck, Mandan, and Lincoln, U.S. Marshall Service, Bureau of Prisons, and state Parole and Probation. BMCDC has one hundred ten (110) phones located throughout the facility for inmate use. The inmates are housed based upon needs and level of classification. BMCDC has a vehicle sally port which can provide entry for up to nine (9) vehicles. The vehicle sally port provides entry for all vehicle traffic transporting inmates and emergency vehicles. BMCDC has a walk-through metal detector at the front entrance of the facility, a portable metal detector “Cell Sense” that is used throughout the facility and handheld wands that are utilized for any person entering the facility through the front entrance and cell searches.

    B. Sanitation The correctional facility inspectors found the level of sanitation and cleanliness to be outstanding throughout the facility. The correctional facility inspectors found that the offenders were provided with equipment and materials necessary to clean their assigned areas. The correctional facility inspectors found that waste and trash cans are emptied at least one occurrence every day and as often as necessary. For vermin or insects, BMCDC has retained a professional exterminator. The correctional facility inspectors did not find any disagreeable odors in the facility, and the offenders had access to hot and cold running water. The physical plant was well maintained. Noise levels and temperatures were within the normal levels throughout the facility.

    C. Examination of Policies and Records Documentation reviewed includes: facility policies, procedures, forms, educational materials, grievances, training curriculum, employee training records, inmate booking files, inmate property receipt, organizational chart, posters, PREA brochures, PREA audit(s), inmate handbook, operation manuals, litigation, notice of claim, significant incidents, and materials that were provided to demonstrate compliance with the North Dak

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