Building the Law School’s Second ?· strengthening the School’s commitment to the values ... linD…

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  • Sciullo FellowS

    Dean John J. SciulloS appointment was announced in June of 1982 to a standing ovation at the Schools annual commencement. Sciullo led efforts to maintain quality admissions standards, while strengthening the Schools commitment to the values and ethics of a law school in the Catholic tradition. He served as dean until 1993 and continued to teach as a dean emeritus until his death in 2000.

    $100,000 and above

    auguSt c. DamianR. elliot KatheRman

    centennial FellowS Program

    Duquesne university school of law

    Building the Law Schools Second Century

    thank you to Duquesne university law Schools alumni and friends who are contributing to our rich tradition of

    success and investing in our future.

    the centennial Fellows program, launched during our 100th anniversary, recognizes qualifying gifts and pledges of $10,000 or more. Four levels of support honor prominent deans of the law School who have passed away. the program continues to 2014, the centennial anniversary of the law Schools first commencement.

    We are grateful to our esteemed centennial Fellows who are supporting the start of a new century of

    scholarship and excellence.

  • manderino FellowS$50,000 to $99,999

    DuqueSne laW alumni aSSociation

    linDa VaRRenti heRnanDez

    hal a. KeStleR

    Duquesne university school of law

    Investing in the Future

    Dean louiS manDeRino served from 1968-1970, and during his tenure enrollment increased from 472 students to more than 600. He left the deanship to become a member of the newly chartered Commonwealth Court and, subsequently, a Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. Manderino remained an adjunct faculty member while on the bench.

  • $25,000 to $49,999

    DuqueSne StuDent BaR aSSociation

    eState oF gRetchen g. DonalDSon

    eState oF eDythe R. FingolD

    maRie milie JoneS

    John P. KRoliKoWSKi

    William J. mcKim

    col. John. F. naughton

    RoBeRt n. PeiRce, JR.

    e. KeaRS PollocK

    John e. quinn

    Duquesne university school of law

    quinn FellowS

    Enriching Students Legal Education

    Dean thomaS F. quinn oversaw the Law Schools move to Rockwell Hall. Soon thereafter, the Law Schools full-time faculty grew to 15, library acquisitions nearly tripled and the full-time day program began. Also during his term (1957-1966), the Student Bar Association was organized (1959) and the first issue of the Duquesne Law Review was published (1963).

  • $10,000 to $24,999

    Duquesne university school of law

    BroPhy FellowS

    Supporting a New Generation of Lawyers

    Dean c. geRalD BRoPhy was a 1923 Duquesne Law graduate who served from 1940 until his death in 1956. He is remembered during his tenure for modernizing the curriculum and instituting an instructional approach stressing practical demonstrations within the court systems, in addition to professional theory.

    alcoa FounDation

    hon. Donetta W. amBRoSe

    RoBeRt S. BaRKeR

    maRK BaRtholic

    hon. JoSePh l. coSetti

    JameS B. cummingS

    Kenneth P. DaVie

    ecKeRt SeamanS cheRin & mellott, llc

    Joan ellenBogen

    many emamzaDeh

    RoDney W. FinK

    michael J. Foley

    Paul J. gitniK

    JameS F. glunt

    louiS S. golD

    gail BalPh goRDon

    Ken goRmley

    William B. gRant

    maRy R. gRealy

    Kenneth l. hiRSch

    JacK J. anD ellen KeSSleR

    eDWaRD J. KRug

    hon. mauReen e. lally-gReen

    hon. michael e. mccaRthy

    John R. mcginley, JR.

    PatSy PoPiVchaK mcKinney

    tina oBeRDoRF milleR

    JoSePh SaBino miSticK

    national inStitute FoR tRial aDVocacy

    manning J. anD ReBecca c. oconnoR

    WalteR t. PeRKinS

    DaViD S. PollocK

    William camPBell RieS

    gWenDolyn RoBoSSon

    anDReW m. Roman

    aRnolD l. SchulBeRg

    thomaS n. SilVeRman

    F. chRiStoPheR SPina

    theoDoRe m. tRBoVich