Building Mobile Web Apps

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Presented at: Nextbridge LHR C1 May 03, 20112. Building Mobile Web Apps. Procedure & Techniques for Mobile Web Apps. Questions regarding previous session?. ?. RECAPE. Do we fit in the wheel?. RoR. PHP. .NET. Heaven is!. Todays. AGENDA. Topics we will cover in this presentation. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>jQuery Advance</p> <p>Building Mobile Web AppsProcedure &amp; Techniques for Mobile Web AppsPresented at:Nextbridge LHR C1May 03, 20112Questions regarding previous session??RECAPEDo we fit in the wheel?</p> <p>PHPRoR.NETHeaven is!</p> <p>AGENDATodaysTopics we will cover in this presentationReal cross platform possible?Can we do from scratch?The big sandwichExisting libraries &amp; comparisonExample ApplicationTopic 1Real cross platform possible?Real cross platform possible?Real cross platform possible?What is common?What is common?ScreenKeypadBatteryInterfaceOSWhat is common?Web BrowserWhat is common?Web BrowsersTopic 2Can we do from scratch?Sample screen shot of a web page in mobile</p> <p>Bar-bone structure of Mobile Web App</p> <p>What feature browser support?Does this all we need for a Mobile App??Other features we may need?Topic 3The big sandwich21Three questionsDoes one single thing can Cover all features?Cover all vendors?Cover all platforms?We need platform?One Platform Deals all complexities Expose Single Language Api We need platform?</p> <p>PhoneGapPhoneGapIts expose simple JS APIPhoneGap Api Reference</p> <p>How to setup PhoneGap on WindowsHow to setup PhoneGap on WindowsHow to setup PhoneGap on WindowsBird Eye View</p> <p>Detail View</p> <p>Any thing to ask??Is something Missing??PhoneGap Api Reference</p> <p>What is missing?User ExperienceHere comes?Mobile UI LibrariesTopic 4Existing librariesA lot of things availableIts all up to you?ChooseWhich fits you?Features on a glancejQuery MobilejQ TouchChoclate ChipiUISencha TouchBasic Mobile Interface ListList with Custom FormattingStandard Alert DialogInput Dialog with button (e.g; 'OK', 'Cancel')Custom Toolbars (headers and footers)Form ElementsAnimationsSample tests we have taken Inserting 500 items in database Retrieving 500 items from database and display in Displaying 1000 items with JS Loop Displaying a page of 1000 items with hardcoded html.Tests results performanceTests results smoothnessTests results effects qualityFramework?Choice Is all YoursTopic 5Example ApplicationNow its your turn to speak</p> <p>Building mobile web appsProcedure &amp; Techniques for Mobile Web AppsDesigned &amp; delivered by:Nazar HussainTraining Manager</p> <p>Assisted by:Khawar ShahzadAssociate Software Engineer Presented at:Nextbridge LHR C1May 03, 2012</p>