Building an interactive timeline from facebook photos

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Lifeblob allows you to get the moments of your life on a timeline and navigate through relations to discover how you are connected with others. Rakesh will talk about the experience in building a facebook application around this concept, the challenges faced and the best practices that they learnt along the way.

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  • 1. Building an interactive timelinefrom facebook photos Rakesh Rajan & Pranav Bhasin July 25, 2009

2. Agenda 1. Intro and Demo 2. Evolution 3. Challenges 4. Best Practices 3. Introlifeblob ...where memories come alive!Tell your story on a timelineConnect with stories of your friendsNavigate through relations lifeblob facebook appDiscover photos through relations 4. DEMO! 5. Evolution 6. Facebook: Connect v/s App 7. Facebook: Connect v/s AppCanvas/Iframe Application ( a.k.a FB apps )Connect Application (External sites with FB elements) Comparison:1. FBML: Canvas2. XFBML: Connect Similar to FBML tags fb: serverfbml3. FQL: Both4. FBJS 8. Facebook: IFrame v/s Canvas Speed Appearance URLs Authentication 9. Step 1: Facebook Connect Facebook largest photo sharing site on the internet. Users can register for your site with just two clicks! FBConnect is easy to implement.Include FB javascript in BODY section.FB.init("APIKEY", ""query2":"select name from profile where uid in (select uid from#query1)" Preload FQL - Let FB "eagerly" send you data upfront. 19. More ... Track everything. - GA provides event trackinghow many people accepted the appconversion of people from newsfeed, notifications andinvites.viral coefficient Notifications/Invites - limit per usertrack number of notifications and invites senttrack hideall/spam reports When building a node using xfbml, prefer parseDomElement over parseDomTree 20. Web Optimizations JS optimizationsEvent delegationOptimize queries dojo.query("[attr='xyz']") == bad bad CSS optimizationsavoid inefficient key selectors. STOP IE6 SUPPORT! 21. Questions?