Building a business working a measly 15 minutes a day

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  • 1. June 21st, 2013 Published by: wayneeatonCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 1Building A Business Working AMeasly 15 Minutes A DayThis eBook was created using the Zinepal Online eBookCreator. Use Zinepal to create your own eBooks in PDF,ePub and Kindle/Mobipocket formats.Upgrade to a Zinepal Pro Account to unlock morefeatures and hide this message.By Wayne Eaton on June 19th, 2013How much work can you get done in 15 minutes a day?How much work can you get done in a single day period? Imnot talking on a personal level but for building a business.Today we learn some things we cando in 15 minutes a day that can helpus manage things better.I think we all suffer from time to time at overestimating whatwe think we can get done in a single day,the amount of projects we work on at any one time.For instant,writing a book in a matter of a week sounds easy enough,until you figure out youve got a zillion other projects on yourplate at the same time!On the other hand, some projects can be so big that you neverget started.You put it off and put it off until you conclude that youre justnot going to get around to it.There is one way however to actually feel like youre makingsome progress even when you dont a lot of time to work on aproject,and thats by dedicating 15 minutes a day to doing somethingbrings you closer to your goals.15 minutes a day is plenty of time to seedaily progress,but not so much time that you cant fit it into your busyschedule. You may think that projects will take too long tocomplete if you are only give 15 minutes a day,but it will take you even longer if you never start!That 15 minutes a day is a way to motivate yourself,to keep working consistently,and to build momentum until you see something through tothe end.How Do You Make Sure Those 15 MinutesAre ProductiveThe best way to make sure you get the absolute most done inthose 15 minutes a day is to know exactly what youre doing.If youre writing a bookor report,write an outline first so that you can with any section wheneveryou have time.If not,spend one of your 15 minutes a day breaking down any projectinto smaller,more manageable time frames.It may not seem like it, but this really works to make thingseasier on you.It also helps to get into a routine:if you have 15 minutes a day in the mornings to set this timeaside for new projects.If you are the kind of person who constantly seems to be onthe go,keep a notebook/ smartphone/ eReader etc. handy so you canwork on your project whenever you get that 15 minutes a daylike when you are at the doctors office,while waiting for a friend, sitting in a taxi and so on.Wherever the 15 minutes a day comes from.Another great idea is let someone else know your goals.A partner or friend can help to keep you accountable for your15 minutes a day,or you could even post daily updates on a blog or Facebook andTwitter and get others to join in.Whatever works for you to fit in those 15 minutes a day!Does It Really Work? Fitting 15 Minutes A Day Into YourSchedule?

2. June 21st, 2013 Published by: wayneeatonCreated using Zinepal. Go online to create your own eBooks in PDF, ePub, Kindle and Mobipocket formats. 2Let me ask you something,when do you feel the happiest and most successful?Is it when youve been pondering doing something for a quiteawhile but are still mustering to get the motivation to actuallystart, or is it when you stop thinking and start doing?Even if youre not doing much,you always know youre doing something.That should be enough for you to stop beating yourself up andto start feeling proud that youre taking action on your goals,even if it is just in 15 minutes a day.Remember every single person can find 15 minutes a day.There are no more excuses!If this article has inspired you in any way, if you have learnedanything at all about spending 15 minutes a day reaching goals,or if you felt this information was valuable and are curious onhow I generated income from this very article, I encourage youto take another minute to check out an opportunity that justmight be what youve been looking for!If you are longing for a way to make money online Click NOW on the link belowFill out the email formClick submit button and i will see you on the other sideWayne EatonVisionary Internet Marketer and Health & Fitness ExpertPS Sign up Now my personal assistant will call in the next24/48 hrs to schedule a new member coaching call.


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