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BUDGET DEVELOPMENT 2013-2014. OUR MISSION The Jamesville-Dewitt Central School District has an uncompromising commitment to excellence in preparing students

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    The Jamesville-Dewitt Central School District has an uncompromising commitment to excellence in preparing students to achieve and succeed, to respect themselves and others to practice life-long learning in an ever-changing, richly diverse society. We take responsibility for providing a challenging educational experience in a safe and nurturing environment. We dedicate ourselves to the academic, artistic, social, emotional and physical development of each student.



  • DEBT SERVICEPayment of interest and/or principal continues on former and current building projects


    12-13 Budget $3,493,45713-14 Proposed Budget $3,406,884Difference = - $865,573 2.48% Decrease

  • TRANSPORTATIONStatus quo budget No changes in bus runsNo changes in personnelVehicle insurance up slightly Diesel fuel budget status quo TOTALS12-13 Budget $1,840,69213-14 Proposed Budget $1,867,707 Difference = $27,013 1.47% increase

  • 2013-14 Bus Purchases4- 65 passenger buses w/o luggage storage $109,000 each

    TOTAL $436,000

    Last year we purchased 3 66 passenger buses, 1 30 passenger bus TOTAL $409,200

  • TRANSPORTATION PERSONNEL.5 Safety Officer 1FTE dispatcher32 Drivers4 Mechanics

  • OPERATIONS&MAINTENANCE Status quo budgetNo changes in personnel Decrease in natural gasDecrease in electricityIncrease in BOCES Data Processing

    TOTALS12-13 Budget $3,294,79513-14 Proposed Budget $3,261,173Difference = - $33,622 1.02% decrease


    5 Vacuum cleaners1 Burnisher1 Pick-up truck

    Total = $25,000

  • OPERATIONS&MAINTENANCE PERSONNEL1 Director26 Custodians5 Maintenance Workers

  • FRINGE BENEFITSIncrease in payment to Teacher Retirement System and Employee Retirement System $1,000,231 increaseIncrease in health and dental insurance 3% rate increase = $219,386TOTALS13-14 Budget = $14,402,33912-13 Proposed Budget = $13,137,232Difference =$1,265,107 = 9.63% Increase

  • TECHNOLOGYStatus quo budget as we transition to new network infrastructureNo change in personnelSubstantial increase in summer hourly workNew equipment cost decreased

    TOTALS12-13 Budget $1,098,71313-14 Proposed Budget $1,105,928Difference = - $7,215 .66% increase


    1 District Coordinator1 Network Technician5 District Assistants

  • ATHLETICSStatus quo program budgetIncrease in official costsIncrease in equipment and supplies $20,819Increase in uniforms $5000 TOTALS13-14 Budget $669,25912-13 Budget $630,075Difference = $39,184= 6.22% increase

  • ATHLETIC PERSONNEL1 Director1 clerical96 coaching positions

  • CENTRAL OFFICEBoard of Education status quoCentral Administration status quoBusiness/General Support status quoGeneral Support slight increase in liability insurance costCentral office curriculum coordination status quo program budget slight increase in personnel costs

  • CENTRAL OFFICEPERSONNELSuperintendentAdministrative assistantAssistant SuperintendentAdministrative assistant/receptionistBusiness Official3.0 business staff

  • CENTRAL OFFICETOTALS 13-14 12-13 ChangeCentral Admin $239,475 $233,741 2.45%Business/Gen $348,495 $343,238 1.53%Insurance/tax $338,393 $329,850 2.59% BOCES AdminCur/Personnel $264,383 $250,099 5.71%

    TOTAL $1,281,446 $1,247,628 2.7%

  • BUILDING LEVEL INSTRUCTIONAL BUDGETNo change in building administrationIncrease of 0.6 in number of K-12 teachers due to increase in 4-8 instrumental program, flexibility to assign K-6 staff as indicated by enrollmentNo change in number of assistantsNo change in number of aidesNo change in library staffNo change in guidanceNew testing requirements from Albany $65,000 retainedNew elementary math program support $105,000 retained

  • SPECIAL EDUCATIONBudget reflects cost to serve students in non-public schools in districtNo change in number of special ed teachersNo change in number of assistants or aides, No change in number of psychologistsIncrease in cost for BOCES placements $158,000

  • INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF5 Principals, 4 assistant principals63 K-4 Teachers68.8 5-8 Teachers62.9 High School Teachers13 Teaching Assistants, 13 aides6.8 Clerical

  • SPECIAL EDUCATION STAFF28.8 Teachers2 administrators25 Teaching Assistants2 clerical assistants40 Teacher aides3.4 Occupational/Physical Therapists

  • OTHER INSTRUCTIONAL STAFF4 Librarians1 AV Specialist8 Guidance Counselors4 Guidance clerical staff1 Attendance Aid5.4 Nurses5.4 Psychologists2 Alcohol/Drug Counselors (ADAPEP)

  • INSTRUCTIONALTOTALS13-14 Budget $25,727,61712-13 Budget $25,062,876Total Increase = 2.65%

  • 77% Program 8% Administrative 15% Capital Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District





    2013-2014 PROPOSED BUDGET






  • TOTAL BUDGET PLAN2013-2014

    13-14 Proposed Budget $49,636,676

    12-13 Budget $47,847,195

    Difference =$1,789,481 3.74% increase

  • SOURCES OF REVENUE% 10-11 11-12 12-13State aid 24 2122Other sources 7 8 5 federal & countyProperty Tax Levy 69 71 73

  • STATE AID 2013-14

    Total $11,309,213 Foundation $6,075,575 BOCES $1,183,697 Building $2,581,696 Gap Elimination -$1,223,419

  • LOCAL TAX LEVY PROJECTIONS12-13 levy is $35,007,068 Multiplied by tax base growth factor determined by the state estimated to be 0.71%This is multiplied by the allowable growth factor based on CPI which this year will be 2%Law specifies expenses that can be exempted from the limit such as capital expenses supported by local levy and a portion of state pension costs


    For J-D the exemptions are: local capital expenditures =$1,007,727 2.41% of pension rate increases = $507,945Allowable Tax Levy for 13-14 = $36,455,249


    MAXIMUM ALLOWABLE LEVY = $36,455, 249

    PROPOSED TAX LEVY = $36,034,150


  • PROPOSED REVENUES 2013-14 2012-13State Aid $11,309,213 $10,618,768County Sales Tax 160,635 160,635Health Services Other Districts 200,000 200,000 Rentals 20,000 20,000Drug Prevention Program 50,000 50,000Interest On Deposits 130,000130,000Medicaid Reimbursements 50,000 50,000Medicare Part D 158,500 158,500Miscellaneous 743,204743,224Appropriated Fund Balance 780,954709,000 Tax Levy 36,034,150 35,007,068GRAND TOTAL $49,636,676 $47,847,195


    Shall the Board of Education of the Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District be authorized to expend the sums set forth in the total amount of $49,636,676 for the 2013-14 school year and to levy the necessary tax therefore?2013-2014 Budget Proposition


    Shall the Board of Education of the Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District (District) be authorized and directed to purchase 4 (four) 65-passenger diesel school buses without luggage at an approximate cost of $109,000 each for a total sum not to exceed $436,000, such sum to be raised by levy of a tax upon the taxable property of the District to be collected in annual installments in the years and amounts as the Board of Education shall determine in accordance with Section 416 of the Education Law and, in anticipation of such tax, issue obligations of the District?School Bus Replacement

  • PROPOSITION # 3Shall the Board of Education of the Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District levy and collect a tax to increase the amount from $1,256,652 to $1,281,785 for the support of the DeWitt Community Library, pursuant to Section 259 of the Education Law?LIBRARY

  • Member, Board of EducationVote for Three

    Virginia (Ginnie) MurphyDennis ResetaritsDouglas WilsonPatrick Brown

  • Annual Budget Vote

    Tuesday, May 21, 2013Jamesville-DeWitt High School Gymnasium7:00 am - 9:00 pm


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