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2. I Gotta Pee 3. Colors of Bud 4. Santa Bud 5. Bud with Strangers 6. Traveling with Bud 7. Mary OlsonBud and I traveled to Perth Australia for a demo.My luggage was lost so we had to quickly goshopping Sunday afternoon to try to find someclothes. When we met in the lobby to goshopping, Bud said You wont believe this, but Ipacked only one dress shoe. I will have to wearone dress shoe and one tennis shoe to themeetings the next couple of days.The next morning he had two dress shoes, in hishaste to unpack before we went shopping, he hadkicked one of the shoes under the bed. 8. Dana MidbyWhile navigating our way through London, Bud and I decided to get to asmany attractions as we could as we only had about day to see thehighlights of London. Our mode of transportation was the subway. Wewere starting to get the hang of using the subway, getting to know whichcolor lines we needed to reach our destinations. This particulardestination require the green line. When the subway doors opened, I jumped in as this was the train we werelooking for. Bud was confused, and elected not to jump in as quickly as Idid. The doors began to close. He finally decided at the last minute, hebetter jump in or the two of us were going to be separated. We neverdefined a strategy for where we would meet should we get separated, so Iwas pleased he finally decided to join me. Unfortunately, his decision wasa little too late, as his head got wedged between those two doors and itnearly pushed him back off the train. The two older ladies standing in frontof him could not contain their laughter. They thought that was one of thefunniest things they had ever seen. I was just glad he finally decided tojump on the train. I asked him why he took so long and he said, I saw this 9. Dangerous Driver 10. Dana MidbyWe were coming back from Wenatchee, Washington and hit a terriblesnow storm coming over the mountain. Bud was driving and I couldtell he was nervous (however, he was more focused than I have everseen before), so I decided to joke around with him. I was telling himthings like, With this snowfall, we could easily go right over the edge.He looked over at me and said, If you are trying to make me feelbetter, it is not working. Once we got to the bottom of the mountain,the snow storm was over and things were getting back to normal, untilBud realized he was missing the cell phone Kris had just given him.He was in a panic, so decided to pull over the car and check hisbriefcase in the trunk. He popped the trunk and couldnt find the cellphone in his brief case. He came back to the front to tell me that hedidnt find it and then realized the cell phone was on the floor mat.Rather than going back to shut the trunk, he jumped in the car andtook off. When we realized the truck was open, we had run out ofshoulder, so couldnt pull off the road again for about 1 mile. 11. Dana Midby (contd) We both had brand new laptops in the trunk, so were really concernedhow Steve Smith would take the news that our new laptops flew outthe back of the car.Luckily when we finally had the chance to pull offthe road, the laptops were still safely tucked away in the trunk. About hour later, we were driving through a very long tunnel as we madeour way to the Seattle airport. Bud again, noticed his cell phone wasmissing and decided it must be on the floor mat again, so took hiseyes off the road (not a great idea when you are in a tunnel).Needless to say, the tires met up with the side of the tunnel and it waslooking like another Lady Di tunnel accident was on the horizon. Isaid to Bud, Can you look for that cell phone when we get out of thetunnel? and that was his queue to get his eyes back on the road andworry about the cell phone once we came to a complete stop. Thisis a typical two hour time period when you are traveling with Bud. 12. Mary OlsonBud met a fellow passenger on a plane to NewYork and offered her a ride to her destination. Herented a car and didnt want to wait in line for theexit, so he took another route.A few blocks later, all 4 tires were flat. He calledthe rental company and yelled at them for rentinga car with 4 flat tires.They brought a new car and then called a fewhours later to inform him that he needed to pay for4 tires as on his exit he had run over the do notenter spikes. 13. Mary OlsonBud was with a prospective customer in Hartfordfor a site visit. He was driving a large van and itwas raining heavily when they were leaving thenewspaper so he went out to get the van to pickthem up at the front door.Bud hit a post when backing up and shattered therear window. The passengers in the back of vanhad to hold their coats over their head to shieldthem from the rain. Needless to say, theirluggage was soaked when they arrived at theairport. 14. Clumsy Bud 15. Mary OlsonBud was visiting his mom in thehospital, when he left the hospital hewas crossing the street and was hit bytruck.I dont recall for sure, but you couldsee the imprint of the fender on histhigh. 16. Bob LarsonOne of my favorite stories about Bud when no one was actuallyinjured was a plane ride we shared from Dallas to Ft. Smith,Arkansas I believe. Small plane (2 seats on 1 side, 1 on the other).Bud was seated next to a young man on the 2-seat side I wasopposite one row back.In typical Bud fashion, by the time the plane was in the air, Bud had hislaptop open, struggling with a large file in his lap, and who knows howmany other things, when the flight attendant came by offering drinks.Bud opted for a glass of tomato juice and began looking for a place toset it down. He chose the arm rest between his seat and the guy nextto him, who is now sleeping.Of course, 15 seconds later Bud knocked the glass of tomato juice intothe sleeping guys lap. Chaos ensued with Bud first trying to help theguy clean himself, but quickly backing off. After several minutes ofangst, Bud offered to pay for the man to have his light colored khakiscleaned he declined, but instead insisted the Bud buy him a new 17. All Business 18. Major Deals Sun Media Transcontinental DC Thompson HSS Media Fairfax News Limited Gesca McClatchy Thompson Newspapers 19. Bud & His Love Affair WithFood 20. Bud in Costume 21. Uncle Bud 22. Buds Youthful Days 23. Bud the Musician 24. Good Times with Bud 25. Joel VanValinBud is a talented accordion player,and actually played at Carnegie Hallwhen he was 11 or something.AtKriss suggestion, I broughtmybig old piano accordion to oneholiday party. I totedit up while Bud was speaking... and he was actually able to playthemonster!He improvised a song for us all ... apolka as I recall. I think this is aperfect retirement hobby for Bud! 26. Priceless 27. Mary OlsonBud is notorious for fallingasleep at meetings. Dana andI were at a meeting at the StarTribune. Bud was sitting in theback row with his head back,mouth open, sleeping.We really wanted somepopcorn for target practice, butwe made every effort to usethe white board, move fromone side of the room to theother, etc., so that the othermeeting attendees would notnotice that Bud was sleeping. 28. Things We Love To Tease BudAbout 29. Dana MidbyIm not sure Bud has fully learned how to manage the belt onhis trench coat yet, but I know of at least two occasions wherehe had a situation with his belt that makes me believe this is stillan issue. While on a trip to England, visiting Northcliffe with Bud & BobLines we heard this horrible banging noise coming from BobLines new BMW. It was early morning, and traffic was veryheavy so it was not going to be easy to pull off of the freeway.Bob Lines was extremely stressed out as this meant we werelikely going to be late to our meeting and he couldnt imaginewhat was wrong with his beautiful new car. I looked over atBud and asked, Is that your belt again?. Of course it was,this is Bud right?We went through this several years earlier ona trip to Buffalo NY. On that trip, we practiced in the parking lothow to stuff the end of the belt in his coat pocket so that it would 30. Only Bud Bud was always so loud when he was onthe phone that we had to add extrainsulation in the walls and ceiling of hisoffice to diffuse the noise Bud has had numerous typos in hisemails over the years. In an e-mail to DonOldham Bud addressed the email as Son, and Don replied Dad, 31. Bud and his PC 32. Lisa McCloudDaily Checklist I Created ForBud Clean Desk area Get in vehicle Put coffee cup in break Check once more for PCroom Put on seatbelt Turn off PC Turn off phone, do not Place PC in laptop baguse while driving Check for car keys Start vehicle Go to the bathroom Check for PCbefore leaving Before backing up, Grab PC check for people/other Turn off office light vehicles Make sure you have PC Drive, carefully, home Take PC out of vehicle 33. What was Bud thinking? 34. Mary OlsonOne of the stories that describes the over thetopness of Bud is when he bought a pontoon, healso bought a pair of deck shoes in every size forhis guests on the pontoon. The shoes have neverbeen worn. 35. Nexpo Cheerleading Squad 36. The Bud Quiz 37. 1. How many frequent flyer miles does Bud have on Delta? a. 0-200,000 b. 200,001-400,000 c. 400,001-600,000 d. Greater than 600,000 38. 2.What was the name of the band Budplayed in during his younger days? a. The Bronx Boys b. The Silver Platters c. The Meadowlarks d. The Four Pages 39. 3.How many Friends does Bud have onFacebook? a. 0-10 b. 11-40 c. 41-100 d. Bud has never heard of Facebook 40. 4.What is the name of Buds favoriteRestaurant in Kimball, MN? a. Son Of A Butcher b. Main Street Pub c. Triple R Grill and Bar d. Moms Place 41. 5.What was the maximum number of traffictickets Bud has had in one year? a. 1-2 b. 3-4 c. 5 d. More than 5 42. 6.Follow-up question....how long did helose his license? a. 1 month b. 2 months