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  • Year 12 Welcome to
    BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate in Media Studies
    Miss Eccleston
  • Learning Objective
    • GENRE
    To be able to understand and apply western film conventions to chosen films.
    During this lesson you will be working at pass grade.
  • What is Media Studies?
    We live in a world where the media is very powerful many people spend a lot of time watching television, reading newspapers/ magazines, and listening to the radio.
    The media has a huge impact on our lives. The companies that produce Media Products are seen as consciousness industries, they shape our ideas of ourselves and the world around us.
    Turning on the television can seem like turning on a tap. However it is not just there, a complex variety of processes goes into making media products with many different choices made to put them together
  • What is the course worth?
    The BTEC Level 2 Extended Certificate is equivalent to: 4 units, 1 year = 2 GCSEs
    Distinction = A; Merit = B; Pass = C
  • What are the four Year 12 units?
    Unit 5
    Video Production
    Unit 1
    Research for Creative Media Production
    Unit 6
    Audio Production
    Unit 2
    Communication Techniques for Creative
    Media Production
  • Timetables Lessons
    Every Monday and Thursday period 1 - 3.
    Room: S111
  • What do I need.....
    Buy a notebook preferably with dividers.
    A supply of pens you will not be borrowing ours!!
    Always bring the unit assignment with you.
  • What will I learn?
    Learn how the media industry works
    Analyse media texts created by others
    Produce your own media products
    Experience real life situations in the Media industry by working to professional briefs
    Develop your production skills
  • How will the course be assessed?
    All work is coursework produced either in lessons or for homework
    The work for each unit is submitted as an individual portfolio even if it was a group brief
    All units are assessed by the teacher who taught the unit who will give you an initial grade which you can amend by re-drafting
    All portfolios will then be moderated by the Head of Department and an External Moderator
  • Which qualities do I need to be successful in this subject?
    An ability to think and work independently
    Prepared to participate fully in lessons and contribute to discussions
    Prepared to put time and effort into written work & developing your skills in this subject
    Willingness to read widely to broaden your knowledge of the subject
    To be reliable in meeting deadlines
    To be responsible and reliable in a work place environment
  • What can I do at home to help my understanding of the subject?
    Join your local library & read independently about the subject
    Buy The Independent or The Guardian on Mondays and read their Media Section
    Cut out any newspaper/ magazine articles that relate to what is happening in the Media e.g. censorship, violence on television, changing nature of reality shows
    Join a video shop (preferably an independent one and not Blockbusters!)
    Think critically about the media that you consume the front cover of your music magazine, the design of the CD cover you are listening to, the adverts you see on the way to school
  • 9/13/10
    Why Media Studies?
    Discuss with another student why you chose to take BTEC Media Studies, what sort of things you expect to do during the course and what you hope to gain from it.
  • 9/13/10
    What is the Media?
    So what is this subject all about?
    'The media' refers to the different channels we use to communicate information in the everyday world.
    'Media' is the plural of medium (of communication), and the main media are
    Pop Music
  • Genre
    Genre is simply another term for
  • Name the film genres
    Conventions are habits or long accepted ways of doing things.
    For example how do we know a Western film is a Western?
    What do we expect to see in a Western film?
  • Western Film Conventions
  • Conventions of film openings
    What do you expect to see during the opening sequence of a film?
  • Conventions of film openings
  • A Western Film Opening
    Watch the opening sequence of Rawhide
    Write down the conventions that you can see/hear with relevant examples. Focus on:
    Narrative (storyline)
  • Monday 13th September 2010BTEC Level 2 Media Studies
    Learning Objectives:
    To be able to understand and explore the concept of mise scene.
    To be able to understand the terminology and identify sound and camerawork in films.
  • Monday 13TH SeptemberBTEC LEVEL 2 MEDIA STUDIESMiss EcclestonLearning Objectives:
    To be able to understand and explore the concept of mise scene.
    To be able to understand the terminology and identify sound and camerawork in films.
    You will be working at a pass grade
    During this lesson you will be working at pass grade.
  • Definition: Mise En Scene
    A French term meaning what is put into a scene or frame
    Visual information in front of the camera
    Communicates essential information to the audience
    Made up of 5 elements: Can you guess what they are?
  • How is Mise-en-Scene used?
    A good media text is carefully planned and staged
    Mise-en-scene includes the people, location, props, costumes, facial expressions, body language, position in the frame in fact everything you can see!
    It can be used to help us understand something more easily or even to sway our opinions
  • The 5 Elements of Mise en Scene
    Each aspect of mise-en-scene has hidden meanings within a film and sends signals to the audience about how we are supposed to feel at a certain point
    Settings & Props
    Costume, Hair & Make Up
    Facial Expressions & Body Language
    Lighting & Colour
    Positioning of characters/objects within the frame
  • 1. Settings & Props
    Settings & Locations play an important part in film-making and are not just backgrounds
    Sets are either built from scratch or a great deal of time is spent to find a setting which already exists
    TASK: What settings and props you would find in:
    A Science Fiction Film
    A Romantic Comedy
    A Horror Film
  • 2. Costume, Hair & Make Up
    Costume, Hair & Make Up act as an instant indicator to us of a characters personality, status & job
    It tells us immediately whether the film is set in the present and what society/or culture it will centre around
    Certain costumes can signify certain individuals (i.e. black cloak of a vampire)
  • What is suggested by the costume?
  • What is suggested by the costume?
  • What is suggested by the costume?
  • Can you work out what period this film is set in from the costumes/ make up?
  • 3. Facial Expressions & Body Language
    Facial Expressions provide a clear indicator of how someone is feeling
    If someone is smiling broadly, we assume they are happy but we may get a different feeling if this is accompanied by scary music
    Body Language may also indicate how a character feels towards another charact