BSS Feature List Ericsson Nokia Siemens Mapping to Huawei

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Ericsson R11Ericsson BSS feature list up to R11Feature listHW Function IDHW Function NameHW SW typeRemarkFAJ 122 357, 1.5 Mbit/s T1/DS1 Long HaulNot supportFAJ 122 574, 14.4 kbit/s Circuit Switched DataNot supportFAJ 121 784, 4-Way Receiver DiversityGBFD-59034-Way Receiver DiversityOptionalFAJ 122 066, A, A-ter and Gb interfaces over satelliteGBFD-3902Satellite Transmission over A InterfaceOptionalGBFD-3903Satellite Transmission over Ater InterfaceOptionalGBFD-3904Satellite Transmission over Pb InterfaceOptionalFAJ 122 437, A-bis interface over satelliteGBFD-3901Satellite Transmission over Abis InterfaceOptionalFAJ 122 381, Adaptive Configuration of SDCCHsGBFD-3001SDCCH Dynamic AdjustmentBasicFAJ 121 055, Adaptive Multi Rate (AMR)GBFD-55AMROptionalFAJ 122 428, Advanced Handling of Fast Moving MobilesGBFD-0606Speed-sensitive HandoverBasicFAJ 121 358, AMR Half RateGBFD-3401Half RateOptionalFAJ 121 353, AMR Power ControlGBFD-5503AMR Power ControlOptionalFAJ 122 082, Antenna HoppingGBFD-3703Antenna Frequency HoppingOptionalFAJ 121 362, Call QueuingGBFD-1005Enhanced Channel Assignment AlgorithmBasicFAJ 122 911, Cell Load SharingGBFD-0604Load HandoverBasicFAJ 122 287, Discontinuous Transmission (DTX) DownlinkGBFD-4802Discontinuous Reception (DRX)OptionalFAJ 122 256, Discontinuous Transmission (DTX) UplinkGBFD-4801Discontinuous Transmission (DTX)OptionalFAJ 121 611, Dual Transfer ModeRoadmap SupportBSS8.1 Supports this functionReadyBSS8.1 Supports this functionFAJ 122 534, DXX support in RBS 2000GBFD-4701Semi-Permanent ConnectionOptionalFAJ 122 910, Dynamic BTS Power ControlGBFD-0701Static Power ControlBasicFAJ 121 361, Dynamic FR/HR AdaptationGBFD-3402Dynamic Adjustment between FR and HROptionalFAJ 122 582, Dynamic Half Rate AllocationGBFD-3401Half RateOptionalFAJ 122 260, Dynamic MS Power ControlGBFD-0702Dynamic Power ControlBasicFAJ 122 430, Dynamic Overlaid/Underlaid SubcellsGBFD-4402Enhanced dual-band networkOptionalFAJ 121 588, E911 U-TDOA Support in BSCNot supportFAJ 121 589, ECGI Support in BSCGBFD-5403Simple mode LCS(Cell ID + TA)OptionalSupport embeded SMLC, doesn't support stand alone SMLCFAJ 122 433, Efficient Priority HandlingGBFD-5001Enhanced Multi Level Precedence and PreemptionOptionalFAJ 121 31, EGPRSGBFD-4201EGPRSOptionalFAJ 121 329, Enhanced Full Rate (EFR)GBFD-3301Enhanced Full RateOptionalFAJ 121 606, Extended Dynamic AllocationGBFD-4101GPRSOptionalFAJ 122 646, Extended GSM Frequency Band supportGBFD-4901Support for E-GSM and R-GSM Frequency BandOptionalFAJ 121 52, Extended Range Cell 121 kmGBFD-4001Extended CellOptionalFAJ 122 450, Flexible AbisGBFD-7301Flex AbisOptionalFAJ 122 870, Flexible MAIO ManagementGBFD-7001Flex MAIOOptionalFAJ 121 51, Flexible Positioning SupportGBFD-5403Simple mode LCS(Cell ID + TA)OptionalFAJ 121 060, Flexible Priority Handling of Packet Data ChannelsGBFD-31PDCH Dynamic AdjustmentOptionalFAJ 122 395, Frequency Allocation SupportGBFD-2401Cell Frequency ScanBasicFAJ 122 288, Frequency HoppingGBFD-37Frequency HoppingOptionalFAJ 122 398, Frequency re-configuration with minimum disturbanceGBFD-3801TRX CooperationOptionalFAJ 122 572, GPRSGBFD-4101GPRSOptionalFAJ 121 056, GPRS coding scheme 3 and 4GBFD-4101GPRSOptionalFAJ 121 375, GPRS/EGPRS End-user PerformancePerformance Speedup Features for EGPRSReadyBSS8.0 Supports this functionFAJ 121 587, GPRS/EGPRS Mobile LoggingGBFD-12O&M FunctionsBasicPCU OM supports loggingFAJ 121 57, GSM - UMTS Cell Reselection and HandoverGBFD-43012G/3G InteroperabilityOptionalFAJ 122 315, Half Rate ChannelsGBFD-3401Half RateOptionalFAJ 122 289, Handover on SDCCHGBFD-3001SDCCH Dynamic AdjustmentBasicFAJ 122 429, Handover Power BoostGBFD-7101BTS power lift for handoverOptionalFAJ 122 438, High Speed Circuit Switched DataNot supportFAJ 122 909, Idle Channel MeasurementGBFD-10Radio Resource ManagementBasicFAJ 121 355, Increased SDCCH CapacityBasic functionFAJ 121 591, Instant Talk PerformancePlatform supportFAJ 122 083, Interference Rejection Combining (IRC)GBFD-5801ICCInterference Counteract CombineOptionalFAJ 122 290, Intra-Cell HandoverGBFD-0601Basic HandoverBasicFAJ 122 067, LAPD ConcentrationGBFD-1301LAPD Multiplexing at Abis InterfaceBasic64K links multiplexingFAJ 122 89, LAPD Multiplexing, RBS 2000GBFD-1301LAPD Multiplexing at Abis InterfaceBasic16K links multiplexingFAJ 122 639, Mobile Crosstalk Control (MCC)Basic functionBasicFAJ 121 595, MSC in Pool support in BSCGBFD-7401MSC PoolOptionalFAJ 121 052, Multi Band BSCGBFD-4401Multi-band Sharing one BSCOptionalFAJ 122 085, Multi Band CellGBFD-4501Co-BCCH CellOptionalFAJ 121 053, Multi Band ServicesGBFD-4401Multi-band Sharing one BSCOptionalFAJ 122 573, Multi Layered HCSGBFD-0605Layered and Hierarchical HandoverBasicFAJ 121 516, Multiple PLMN SupportBasic functionBasicMulti-MNC ConfigurationFAJ 121 359, Network Assisted Cell ChangeGBFD-6301Network Assisted Cell Change (NACC)OptionalFAJ 122 072, Operation and Maintenance TerminalGBFD-12O&M FunctionsBasicFAJ 121 604, Persistent SchedulingNot supportFAJ 121 32, Quality of Service (QoS) and SchedulingQoSReadyBSS8.0 Supports this functionFAJ 122 855, RBS 200 and 2000 in the same CellNANASame type BTS support co-cabinet and co-grounp, different BTS doesn't support co-cabinet and co-grounp.FAJ 122 854, RBS 2000 SynchronisationNANAFAJ 121 50, Real Time Event DataGBFD-12O&M FunctionsBasicReal time statisticFAJ 121 618, Remote OMT over IPGBFD-12O&M FunctionsBasicM2000 IP networking tppologyFAJ 122 345, Remote Operation and Maintenance TerminalGBFD-12O&M FunctionsBasicFAJ 121 356, Self Configuring Transcoder PoolsGBFD-1702TC Resources PoolBasicFAJ 121 607, Semi-Dedicated PDCHGBFD-3101PDCH Dynamic AdjustmentOptionalFAJ 122 284, SMS Cell BroadcastGBFD-3601Short Message Service Cell BroadcastOptionalFAJ 121 489, Software Power BoostGBFD-5902Transmit DiversityOptionalFAJ 121 590, Spatial Triggers PerformanceNot supportFAJ 122 583, Speech Quality SupervisionGBFD-6801Voice Quality Index (VQI)OptionalFAJ 122 399, Statistics based on Measurement ResultsGBFD-0801Processing of Measurement ReportBasicFAJ 121 360, StreamingStreaming QoS(GBR)ReadyBSS8.0 Supports this functionFAJ 122 435, Support of Remote BSCsGBFD-1213Remote Upgrade of the BSC&BTS SoftwareBasicFAJ 122 081, Synchronized Radio NetworksUm interface software synchronizationReadyBSS8.0 Supports this functionFAJ 121 813, Tight BCCH Frequency ReuseBCCH dense frequency multiplexingReadyBSS8.0 Supports this functionFAJ 122 344, Transmission Performance Supervision of T1 TrunksBasic hardware supportBasic hardwareBasic hardware function when configure T1FAJ 122 078, Transmitter Coherent Combining (TCC)GBFD-5901PBT(Power Boost Technology)OptionalAssignment to Other cellsGBFD-0607Directed RetryBasicImmidiate Assignment on TCHGBFD-10Radio Resource ManagementBasicIdle Mode BehavierClarifyWe are not quite sure the meaning of this function, could you please provide some detailed informationDouble BA ListsBasic functionBasicGPRS Dynamic Power ControlGBFD-4101GPRSOptionalGPRS Cell SelectionGBFD-4101GPRSOptionalMeasurement Result RecordingGBFD-0801Processing of Measurement ReportBasicNeighbouring Cell List Optimization ExpertGENEX toolsIntelligent Neighbour CellBasicHandover on SDCCHGBFD-0608SDCCH HandoverBasic

Nokia S11.5Nokia BSS11.5 features listBSS11.5BSS11.5Feature IDTitleBasic/OptOSW/ASWHuwei Function IDHUAWEI Function NameBasic/OptRemarks1Base Stations, BTS1.1BSS40000BTS Commissioning with SiteWizardbasicOSWGBFD-1202O&M of BTSBasic1.2BSS04531,BSS04532, BSS04533BTS TestingbasicOSWGBFD-1207BTS Test FunctionBasic1.3BSS05161, BSS05162, BSS06028, BSS06057, BSS07026, BSS07030, BSS08142,BSS8086BTS Loop TestsbasicOSWGBFD-1207BTS Test FunctionBasic1.4BSS40020Nokia EasyWizardbasicOSWNA1.5BSS40030TX Combining and DuplexingbasicOSWBasicHardware Function1.5.1BSS40040Duplexer with Combining BypassbasicOSWBasicHardware Function1.5.2BSS09030,BSS40050,BSS05820,BSS07399,BSS09007Duplexer with Wideband Combining (WBC)basicOSWBasicHardware Function1.5.3BSS40060Remote Tune Combining (RTC)basicOSWBasic1.6BSS40070TX Power AdjustmentbasicOSWGBFD-0701Static Power ControlBasic1.7BSS01073Receiver DiversityoptionalASWGBFD-59034-Way Receiver DiversityOptional1.8BSS40080Mast Head Amplifier (MHA)basicOSWBasicHardware Function,TMA1.9Interference Cancellation Methods1.9.1BSS40090Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC)basicOSWGBFD-1002Radio Link ManagementBasic1.9.2BSS40100Interference Rejection Combining (IRC)basicOSWGBFD-5801ICC(Interference Counteract Combine)Optional1.10BSS06139Six Sector SupportoptionalASWGBFD-4601Six-cell FunctionOptional1.11BSS11118, BSS10046Multi BCF Control and Common BCCH in BTSbasicOSWGBFD-4501Co-BCCH CellOptional1.12BSS09067, BSS40120BTS AlarmsbasicOSWGBFD-1206BTS AlarmBasic1.13BSS09001,BSS10063,BSS11131RX Antenna Supervision by RSSI ValueoptionalASWGBFD-1207BTS Test FunctionBasic1.14BSS40140SW Package Management and SW DownloadbasicOSWGBFD-1213Remote Upgrade of the BSC&BTS SoftwareBasic2Base Station Controller, BSC2.1Basic Functionality of BSC2.2General Functionalities2.2.1Management of Terrestrial ChannelsbasicOSWGBFD-1002Radio Link ManagementBasic2.2.2Management of Radio ChannelsbasicOSWGBFD-1003Radio Common Channel ManagementBasicGBFD-1004Radio Dedicated Channel ManagementBasic2.2.3Management of Frequency HoppingbasicOSWGBFD-3701Frequency Hopping (RF hopping, baseband hopping)Optional2.2.4BSS02703,BSS02707,BSS02713,BSS02715,BSS02801, BSS05210, BSS5070, BSS07075HandoversbasicOSWGBFD-0601Basic HandoverBasic2.2.5Management Signalling Channels, BSC-BTSsbasicOSWGBFD-1203O&M of BSCBasic2.2.6BSC MaintenancebasicOSWGBFD-1203O&M of BSCBasic2.2.7BSC OperationbasicOSWGBFD-1203O&M of BSCBasic2.2.8BSC User InterfacebasicOSWGBFD-1209GUI Graphic InterfaceBasic2.2.9Measurements and ObservationsbasicOSWGBFD-0801Processing of Measurement ReportBasic2.3BSS01029,BSS02501,BSS04020,BSS01082,BSS05840,BSS2509CipheringoptionalASWGBFD-3501A5/1 Ciphering AlgorithmOptionalGBFD-3502A5/2 Ciphering A