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  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    Weve collected many trivial things in our time. Briefcases, bags, bobbleheads, death cards, evenhuman skulls sit comfortably in our mental trophy room of Worthless Accomplishments. But

    none of these were so frustratingly hard to find as the BSAA emblems in Resident Evil 5. Someare dangling. Some are sticking to the roof. Some are slid horizontally into space only large

    enough for the exact dimensions of the emblem. In other words you need this guide.

    Above: Collect all 30 and Shevas tribal costume is all yours

    Grabbing all 30 gets you that lovely getup, plus something special for Chris and a number ofother trinkets (well let you discover those yourself). Now, on with the guide.

    For a complete guide to gameplay, including bosses and puzzles, go HERE

    Above: Every BSAA emblem in Chapter 1

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    Chapter 1-2: The first emblem lies just outside the boundary of the level (told you they were

    tricky), but its easy to spot from the balcony of this two-story building.

    Chapter 1-2: Youll come to a room with a wooden ladder and no roof. Take a look up and

    youll see BSAA number two resting on the water tower.

    Chapter 1-2: The last emblem of 1-2 is just before the exit, right after the metal briefcase filledwith pistol ammo. Look through the walls on the left to see it hovering along the back wall.

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    Above: Every BSAA emblem in Chapter 2

    Chapter 2-1: Located in the very room you start the level, hanging on the wall to the right of theexit. Miss this and you should put the controller down and consider a different hobby.

    Chapter 2-1: After stopping the runaway truck and crossing the bridge, turn around to face said

    bridge and find this emblem resting near one of the support columns.

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    Chapter 2-1: This cruelly placed emblem is in the area where you find the keys dangling from a

    body. Before entering the room with those keys, check this small structures crevice for a well-hidden collectible.

    Chapter 2-1: After using the keys and crossing the small boat, look for 2-1s fourth emblemhanging on a buildings balcony. Youll have to get higher up to see it do so by climbing the

    wooden ladder nearby.

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    Chapter 2-1: When you reach the assist jump, turn around and look to the upper right to find

    this emblem relaxing on the roof.

    Chapter 2-2: Theres a giant tower behind the star point walk out far enough, turn around and

    use a rifle to break BSAA emblem number nine.

    Chapter 2-2: When you cross the small underground bridge, look at the waterfall to your rightto spot the next target.

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    Chapter 2-2: Once outside, climb the really tall ladder and move to the left. Use a rifle to find

    this emblem sitting on top of the buildings you just left.

    Above: Every BSAA emblem in Chapter 3

    Chapter 3-1: There may be a better way to get this, but the only way we found was to use a riflefrom the starting point, pointed out towards the post in the lake. Youll see the emblem (just

    barely), and itll probably take a few shots to hit.

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    Chapter 3-1: The island near the middle of the lake contains the next emblem, this time tucked

    behind a hut. Stand just to the left of the landing spot and use either the pistol or rifle.

    Chapter 3-1: As you can see on the radar, this ones in the small village located in the upper left

    corner of the map. Its sitting in the rafters.

    Chapter 3-1: After collecting all the slates and opening the locked island door, youll find thelast 3-1 emblem underneath the checkpoint. Simply hop down and turn around.

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    Chapter 3-2: Youll eventually come to an area with TriCell tents walk behind them and

    youll find this emblem taking a siesta in between the two tents.

    Chapter 3-2: Irving will take off in his boat, prompting the oil refinery to explode. Before

    heading to the escape boat, kick in the nearby door to find this emblem kickin it on the wall inplain sight.

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    Chapter 3-3: Youll have to shoot fast to hit it on the ceiling just before entering the first gated

    area. If you miss, you can still tag it while flipping the switch to open the gate.

    Above: Every BSAA emblem in Chapter 4

    Chapter 4-1: In the caves, climb the first wooden ladder, walk out halfway and look to the right.You should see this emblem resting near the bottom.

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    Chapter 4-1: Located in the first super-sized room, Sheva says she had no idea this place

    existed. Hop down once, then before you hop down again, use the rifle to look left and youshould spot the next emblem way off in the distance. Check the video if you need more


    Chapter 4-1: The next area is a room with tons of stairs that rise and fall based upon which

    switches youve pulled. Before doing ANYTHING, simply walk right and make the small jump,then up the stairs, and look to the right. You should see a green statue. The emblem is located a

    bit above the statue.

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    Chapter 4-2: A stage this huge and only one emblem hidden? Truly evil. Luckily weve already

    found it on the last floor of the reflecting laser puzzle. Go to the northern room (with the guyimpaled by several spikes) and look above the doorway.

    Above: Every BSAA emblem in Chapter 5

    Chapter 5-1: Theres a small bridge in this circular room the one and only emblem of 5-1 isright underneath it.

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    Chapter 5-2: Another huge level with only one emblem. This ones in a dumpster after the

    conveyor belt filled with explosive canisters.

    Chapter 5-3: As you exit the room where you fought the boss, look behind the giant fan to the

    right. Youll see this emblem hiding behind the blades.

    Chapter 5-3: Very annoying, this one. As the platform spins upward, a soldier will come outand pull a lever that halts the ascension. The emblem is on the floor just behind the guy who

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    pulls the switch, but you cant hit it until you start rising again. Easiest way wait until thesecond switch is pulled, slowing the spin to a point where its not a pain in the ass to aim.

    Chapter 5-3: After the spinning room youll find yourself starting down another set of ruins.Theres an elevator to your left, but dont go up just yet walk behind it and snag the emblem

    located in the shaft.

    Above: Every BSAA emblem in Chapter 6

    Chapter 6-1: Right from the start, equip your rifle and look to the huge tower at the end of theship (thatd be to your right). The emblem is near the top, so far away youd assume you couldnthit it from this distance. But, as evidenced by the video, you sure can.

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide


    Chapter 6-1: One of the weirdest emblems to acquire. You cant shoot it directly, and the only

    way youd even know it was there is by the brief cutscene that shows the platform rise. So, withSheva still in the cage, toss a grenade into the northern open container to collect. There are

    dynamite Majini that spawn for a while, so theres a chance you could shoot one and its ownexplosion would count as hitting the emblem, but we havent tested that theory.

    Chapter 6-1: After the Excella cutscene, find the very last BSAA emblem in a shelf behindglass.

    Thats it! Any questions or clarifications, use the comments below or double check the videos.Once youve got them all, this snazzy duo is all yours:

  • 8/8/2019 BSAA Emblem Guide