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  • 7/27/2019 BROCHURE - Massage Therapy Final Brochure


    For more information or to schedule

    an appointment please contact:

    Center For Womens Health

    608-791-9891 or

    Toll Free 1-800-362-5454 ext 6240

    Let us help you heal your body, mind

    and sprit with massage therapy.

    Massage Therapy










    You out not to cure the eyes with-

    out the head, or the head without

    the body. So, neither ought you

    attempt to cure the body withoutthe soul and this is the reason

    why the cure of so many diseases

    is unknown to the physicians of

    Hellas, for the part can never

    be well unless the whole is well.


    Now recognized as an integral part

    of modern medicine, massage is one

    of the oldest of the Healing Arts used

    for thousands of years in many cul-tures to heal, soothe and relieve pain.

    Medical centers, hospitals and clin-

    ics are seeing an increasing demand

    for massage therapy and are offer-

    ing massage as part of their services.

    Franciscan Skemp Healthcare in-

    cludes massage therapy as part of its

    integrative therapy options. Our mas-

    sage therapists are well-trained pro-

    fessionals who have met high educa-

    tional standards and are Wisconsin

    certied in a variety of techniques.

    They have also received specialized

    certication in massage for pregnan-

    cy and labor support, infant massage

    instruction and massage for cancer.

    Massage As a Practice...

  • 7/27/2019 BROCHURE - Massage Therapy Final Brochure


    What is Massage Therapy?Massage Therapy is the use

    of skilled, hands-on techniques from

    a variety of disciplines with roots in

    both Eastern and Western cultures. It

    involves the practice of kneading ormanipulating muscles or soft tissue

    with the intent of increasing circulation,

    reducing physical and emotional stress

    and facilitating general wellness.

    Some Benets of Massage Therapy:

    Rids the body of harmful toxins

    Boosts the immune system

    Soothes aching musclesReduces pain and discomfort

    Increase circulation

    Relieves edema

    Increases body awareness

    Decreases stress and promotes


    Some Conditions for which

    Massage is helpful:


    Headaches, migraines


    Low back and neck pain

    Chronic pain and fatigue

    Anxiety, depression, insomnia


    Discomforts of pregnancy, labor

    and postpartum, PMS

    Pregnancy and Labor Support

    Massage is a great way to ease the dis-

    comforts that can be part of pregnancy

    as your body changes through each tri-

    mester. During labor and birth it can as-sist with relaxing between contractions,

    easing muscle tension and spasms and

    provides emotional support and nur-

    turance through the birth experience.

    In the weeks following delivery

    massage can help you deal with the

    many changes and transitions that

    come with welcoming a new member

    to your family. The massage thera-

    pists can also teach you how to mas-

    sage your baby. This can be a wonder-

    ful time of bonding with your newborn

    as well as the many benets your baby

    will receive from massage therapy.

    Franciscan Skemp Healthcare of-

    fers a number of specially priced

    packages for massage therapy ser-

    vices for pregnancy; labor sup-

    port and infant massage instruction.Gift certicates are also available.

    Specialty Massage Services Massage and CancerIf you are experiencing the

    challenges of a cancer diagnosis massage

    therapy can help. Research shows

    massage can reduce nausea, fatigue

    and insomnia during chemotherapy and

    speeds recovery of tissues affected bysurgery or radiation. While massage

    cannot cure cancer, it may offer much

    needed relief, enhance quality of life

    and assist in your recovery. As you

    focus on the pleasant sensation of

    caring touch, stress and anxiety loosen

    their grip allowing pain to recede into

    the background. Massage Therapy as

    an integrated part of cancer care can

    enhance healing of body, mind and spirit.

    Fees and Appointments:

    We offer 15-, 30-, 45-, and 60-

    minute sessions. Appointments areavailable for men, women and children

    under age 18 with consent of a parent

    or guardian, as well as non Franciscan

    Skemp patients. Please call for current

    fees and appointment availability.

    Payment for all massage appointments

    is due at time of service and can be

    made by cash, check or credit card. Gift

    certicates are available for purchase.

    Type of Massage We Offer:

    Swedish Deep Tissue Therapy

    Neuromuscular Joint Mobilization

    Trigger Point Release